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7 yıl önce

When a young person experiences a frightening break from reality, Western experts usually label it a "first-episode psychosis", while many psychologists and cultures define it as a “spiritual awakening.
Through beautiful imagery and storytelling, Phil Borges explores what indigenous, survivor-led approaches can teach us about treating mental illness.
For over 25 years Phil Borges has been visiting and documenting indigenous and tribal cultures around the world. His award-winning books have been published in four languages. In 2003 Phil was honored with the Lucie Humanitarian Award at the Annual International Photography Awards in Los Angeles as well as the Purpose Prize in 2007.
Phil teaches and lectures internationally and is co-founder of Blue Earth Alliance, a non-profit organization that sponsors photographic projects focusing on endangered cultures and threatened environments.
Phil’s recent project, CRAZYWISE, explores cultural differences with respect to consciousness, mental health and the relevance of Shamanic traditional practices and beliefs to those of us living in the modern world.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Base Cosm
Base Cosm 2 yıl önce
I was in a very similar situation. I had a mental break at age 17 (due to drug use) while in the psychiatric facility (still on said drugs btw) they falsely diagnosed me with bipolar/manic depressive disorder. They then put me on 2 different anti psychotic drugs, and I experienced some very rough abuse in the facility. Coming down from a very intense mystical experience and being restrained and drugged is terrifying. (I was not violent, just standing still singing) I have no memory of why i am in the facility. They will not tell me. Staff in these places often treat you like you dont exist or you are somehow sub human. It is terrifying. They will hold you down and sedate you for no reason, even while you beg them not to. It is a very dark place. I then got out fortunately and managed to get off my meds after awhile. I felt a lot better until my father found out and launched into a fit, he screamed at me for awhile and threatened violently to send me back to the mental facility. At this point I was 18 and clearly not displaying any symptoms. So he was aware he couldn't just throw me in an institution. I had to leave the house as the barrage from my father became more of an issue. I have spent a lot of time trying to heal and escape the prison of western "medicine". I have not displayed any manic or bipolar symptoms since. The cops were originally called due to me trying to give a hug to an elderly man. I was clearly in an emotionally distressed state, I was lost and the man had offered to give me a ride. In my confusion I was very greatful and thought a hug was an appropriate response. If you have children please dont force medication upon them. You will do much more harm then good.
Charlye'Charleston 2 yıl önce
I hope you fare well and will fare well! I wish you much strenght, compassion and that you may freely be your loving self. I know that that which you speak of is no joke and I hope that with this little response of good and supportive, uplifting intend and love I can inspire you to believe or start believing as much in yourself and your own great potential as I do for you! From your story I reckon that you've already showed immense strenght and power to will to demand and ensure your personal space for self-determination as you already at a young age had to learn the tough lesson that one can not ultimately depend upon others to ensure their well-being and then took that lesson to heart and applied the wisdom you gained from that to quickly after those horrid experiences make sure to command the opportunity to not be meddled with so that you could ensure the space needed for yourself to look after and caretake your own well-being without unwanted and disturbing external interferances. Keep on doing you and keep on going strong, chosing what's best for you!♡
alienkaraoke Yıl önce
Thank you so much for sharing this, this really lifted me up. I'm in a psychiatric hospital coming off meds (pretty exciting!) but I went through years of torture, your words really meant a lot to me.
Lily Hempt
Lily Hempt Yıl önce
How are you? I understand what you are saying! I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’d love to hear from you if you get this message and feel up to it. Sending healing thoughts.
Lily Hempt
Lily Hempt Yıl önce
Also have you heard /read about the work of Gabor Mate?
Nel Len
Nel Len 11 aylar önce
Hey brother i have alot of problems after LSD abuse ..what have you done to heal ...i feel i Will never get back to normal and Im scared ...Im sufering for Over a year..and i dont take any medications but Im despered 😔, i want to live a normal life but Im scared . What helped you heal ? Are you better 🙏 hope Soo .
JB 3 yıl önce
Great talk. Studied psychology myself and completely agree. We put way to much emphasis on the problem instead of focussing on how the people can use their own strength in order to find a solution to their experience of malfunctioning within society.
V H 9 aylar önce
Thank you, Phil, for your excellent talk and your ongoing work. One of the paradoxes I see is that while everyone has an inner healer it takes at least one other to listen deeply enough to bring that inner healer out in another. I also see healthy, supportive community as the foundation of mental health and is something we have lost over the last 60+ years due to multiple factors. Most of us feel like we are utterly on our own now. Francis Weller in his slim but powerful book, "The Wild Edge of Sorrow," discusses this and how we can bring healing to our communities. It's a great place to start the process of rebuilding our communities.
Lee 2 yıl önce
I'm not a young person - I'm 62, I've spent nearly my whole life trying to get the help and support that I need regarding my abusive childhood. I was recently referred to a 'consultant psychiatrist' here in the UK who is based in Bournemouth Dorset. I was referred to him for supposedly long term trauma therapy by the local psychiatrist at the CMHT in Weymouth who had already told me that in her opinion that medication doesn't 'work' for childhood trauma, (CPTSD). After 'speaking' with him a couple of times, he said that he would not even consider 'treating me' unless I was on a cocktail of toxic SSRI's - I refused the SSRI's, as in the past I've been put on these many times and they always made me ill, without any benefits to me - (they made me worse!) NOT ONE PSYCHIATRIST HAS EVER RECOGNISED THE EFFECTS CHILDHOOD ABUSE ON A PERSON!
Musty Underboob
Musty Underboob Yıl önce
How are you doing now?
DJ SUTURE Yıl önce
it's actual poison
Brian Grussing
Brian Grussing 6 aylar önce
We've got to understand how impossible it is for them to understand, much less treat. Were all on our own, without a net, & its actually quite beautiful
Sarah Szeszorak
Sarah Szeszorak 5 yıl önce
My mother told me about this film and told me it reminded her of me. I can definitely see why she did because I cam relate to this so much.
Gypsy Love
Gypsy Love Yıl önce
This documentary changed my entire perspective on mental illness. The system here in the Midwest is not good. A family member in crisis was told to go home and wait until Monday. What? How is this helpful? By the grace of God, 🙏🙏🌊
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins 5 yıl önce
Amazingly fortunate as an older person, when my later crisis came... by that time, I was myself..mid-late 50's... I had a steadfast group of friends. I had healed some major breaches with my parents, by that time long divorced, in their 70's and living on opposite ends of the US...I was married happily to a kind, supportive man. I had a pastor who was wise, hip and oh so caring. And, I got through those dark days.. In my 20's?? No such luck. All I got back then was patronized....given a list of referral phone numbers, a pat on the arm, sympathetic clucking and they helped me out the door...
Daric Desautel
Daric Desautel 5 yıl önce
If you liked this TED Talk I highly recommend R. D. Laing's book "The Politics of Experience." He writes from what was in his time a radical perspective, and the first 1/4 of the book might seem kind of heavy. It is a beautiful and profound book on the same theme as this talk, however, and it concludes with a very powerful first-hand account of what would be termed a psychotic break. Check it out if you can find it!
happy gucci
happy gucci 2 yıl önce
Thank you.
msjulicious 3 yıl önce
i just watched this documentary yesterday and it was amazing. I am so curious what my ancestors did to treat mental illness.
Troll Baggins, PhD
Troll Baggins, PhD 2 yıl önce
This is not the same thing as mental illness
Ray Bankes
Ray Bankes 7 yıl önce
im very onboard with this. my Autism, im 58 and just know of it for 3 yrs is like that. i have found a huge community of those who are tolking about their exeriances and i too am now helping others just starting in this jorney.
Justaname 4 yıl önce
Ray you are beautiful. Please keep helping. You are doing amazing things. This is a gift of love and compassion. Thank you
PainGoingCrazy Yıl önce
About halfway through this video, when he starts talking about the time when Adam confronted the relative, lost his job, became homeless. I'm hesitant to continue watching, because I sure as hope this man doesn't start dismissing Adam's childhood traumas. Dismissing peoples' childhood traumas is part of the problem and falls within the domain of psychiatry/the conventional system.
Troll Baggins, PhD
Troll Baggins, PhD 2 yıl önce
Hahaha! I freaked out when my awakening started. I even emailed Phil Borges. Hes a nice guy, he directed me to the spiritual crisis hotline
Riley Graham
Riley Graham 2 yıl önce
what is your understanding of this spiritual awakening? is it a trapped part of your brain that you need to create pathways to? connect 2 parts of yourself? i struggle to understand
freya Yıl önce
@Riley Graham that's a good way to start thinking of it, i really think. how are you doing now?
Lala123 8 aylar önce
What is the phone number?
Lala123 8 aylar önce
What is the number to the hotline?
yabour taipodia Tatin
yabour taipodia Tatin 4 yıl önce
In our tribal rule we have a ritual for these people we rejoice and welcome them. M from India the far northeast arunachal Pradesh
Katelyn Ingle
Katelyn Ingle 4 yıl önce
I had psychosis after a deep spiritual search I had a psychic experience and began seeing visions and auras.. I panicked because no one could understand what was going on with me. But I’m working hard on self love and living simply. Within a year I paid off all my debt and strengthen some relationships.. cut off a few people. I still have visions before sleep sometimes. I still have bad anxiety but I believe that it will in time improve too. Im eating more/healthier I lost a little too much weight. But living simply has been the main thing.. and love. Love heals. I do believe within the next year I will be in such a much better place even so. It was the turning point where I began to heal
Troll Baggins, PhD
Troll Baggins, PhD 2 yıl önce
@Katelyn Ingle i would like to recommend a book to you: Mysticism by Evelynn Underhill. It has helped me to make a lot of sense of my experiences. She's very grounded and logical and it is in every sense of the word an actual "study" on what people like us experience
The Londoners - Life is Art - Support Creativity
The Londoners - Life is Art - Support Creativity Yıl önce
Thank you
Lee 2 yıl önce
since this is all a waste of time I started looking into alternative approach to healing. I went to a shamanic healer. So far I have got a lot more from this than any so called 'expert'!
brett harris
brett harris Yıl önce
How has this not got millions of views
Aimee 3 aylar önce
Because society doesn’t want to listen
chrysalism shining a light on narcissism
chrysalism shining a light on narcissism 6 yıl önce
my heart broke with this.
BlahBlahblah Yıl önce
The guy with 8 of the 12 😂👍 for it be a true PD doesn't it have to be consistent over time in all senarios? Wow and he's got 8 of 12 busy dude. If he has multiple personality disorders. One of them must be multiple-personality-disorder. Thanks. I learned something. 👍
Dead Lust
Dead Lust 3 yıl önce
I consider myself a semi genius. Thank you very much =)
Lovingtunes 2 yıl önce
thank you so much Phil Borges
Charlye'Charleston 2 yıl önce
What year was this talk? ...I think it's great!
Tanja heß
Tanja heß 6 yıl önce
Trying to heal somebody with psychotropic drugs is like trying to repair a cobweb with a thread of wool.
Cindie Duncan
Cindie Duncan 3 yıl önce
Not always, I have known many people that have been helped and became active & responsible. When these people went off the meds they lost everything" homeless, prison, drugs " & either died at an early age or killed them selves. I do believe in miracles and have experienced them personally. My point is not one size fits all. I pray for my loved one to seek help & have a wonderful life. Yet she refuses even when several people tell her she isn't making any sense and "please" talk to a professional and or support group. I will never give up on her yet I must protect myself and the children, so after many years I must move away and allow her to find what she is looking for in her life. I can honestly say I have done all that I can without success. I must allow myself the burdens of guilt to be healed in my soul. I ask God through Jesus to help my family & we need a miracle for healing. God Bless us all.
Alicia Roubicek
Alicia Roubicek 2 yıl önce
So sad it´s not translated into spanish. Hope you traduce it to include other languages. Please.
rebecca Yıl önce
Personally, I think childhood trauma - such is its damaging effects , causes the changes of biochemistry in the brain and that is why medication can and is helpful in treating the condition of psychosis . However it is certainly not the whole story . If the person with the medical condition can explain how they think they came to be sick ( not sure if "sick " is the correct word ) - it could be a history of one or more abuses / trauma in childhood as explained in the talk OR they may not have experienced any of that - and there are people like that - nothing psycho social about it - as long as a Psychiatrist/ Psychologist is willing to listen and take on board WHY the person thinks they are sick ( the expert may not agree with it - it doesn't matter ) and the person has a say about how they think they could be helped - then you are half way there. I am a practicing Speech Pathologist interested in mental health. My job is to help people write their narrative if they have no idea. I have had 6 psychotic breakdowns in my life and have been stable for 15 years .I became stable when I worked out what caused it - childhood abuse and trauma. The person must have a story about HOW they got sick - even if not technically correct. My son who has Schizophrenia Simplex and has experienced no childhood traumas or abuses has a different cause - that is genetic. My husband + my son's father has the same condition but to a lesser degree . So my son's narrative/ story is different - but he has one. In this instance, long term medication is imperative. My advise is WRITE YOUR STORY
Troy Morley
Troy Morley 2 yıl önce
chinookvalley 3 yıl önce
There are comments from people who just don't hear the message. Please, listen. From beginning to end, just stop whatever else it is you are doing, and listen.
James Barlow
James Barlow 3 yıl önce
I can't help but wonder if "Adam" in these talks has been dis-served by being documented, not medicated. It really seems so. Perhaps Mr. Borges should be encouraging medication, not documenting an un-medicated person.
chinookvalley 3 yıl önce
I hope you haven't missed the point of this presentation.
James Barlow
James Barlow 3 yıl önce
@chinookvalley "I watched my research subject end up homeless, beaten up and missing teeth."
James Barlow
James Barlow 2 yıl önce
@soupey its ethical to medicate him, not interview him. I would be lost without my medication. I thought I was having a spiritual awakening and dragged out not getting treatment, and I just got into trouble.
James Barlow
James Barlow 2 yıl önce
@soupey The level of inflation of Adam is a concern. The grounds for interviewing him contribute.
And_ _Lam
And_ _Lam 2 yıl önce
@James Barlow No offence my man, but how is it ethical to force someone to take medication which made him worse, than just accept him for who he is and just listen to him. Great to hear meds worked for you, they don't for 60% of people. Adam like others working through trauma was homeless for exactly as long as he needed to be.
Angela Casein
Angela Casein 2 yıl önce
Mental illness can be genetic or it can happen due to psychological trauma
Aimee 3 aylar önce
But even a child with say a family member who has a mental illness is most likely going to be traumatised from or pick up the same behaviours copied from that person which means it ‘passes down’
Michael en el Mar
Michael en el Mar 4 yıl önce
Could you please public the web of the recovery movement?
Dee Leggett
Dee Leggett 2 yıl önce
The people who work on the DSM are involved in pharmaceutical industry.
Elver Chavez
Elver Chavez 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much i love you so much.
Om Sadasiva
Om Sadasiva 3 yıl önce
So we have no schizophrenia but we're shamans? I wish it's true. I have tried 8 Antipsychotics, but still have visions and voices. Lol
chinookvalley 3 yıl önce
Listen to this again.
Turquoise Afro
Turquoise Afro 2 yıl önce
Also EMDR, as you resolve your traumas, your symptoms resolve too.
Nel Len
Nel Len 11 aylar önce
Can someone heal from LSD damage without medications ? I need Help Soo much but if medications are bad what can i do ? Can someone Help ..? What about homeopátich medications?
Kat59 2 yıl önce
I guess the medical experts are drinking the Kool-aid...
paul haywood
paul haywood 2 yıl önce
Lou Llerena
Lou Llerena Yıl önce
Hmmm I thought Crazywise was the guy in the thumbnail's rap name or something
Gen A
Gen A 2 yıl önce
So what happened to Adam in the end.
precognation 5 yıl önce
People who need to be on meds are going to listen to this and stop taking their meds and be a danger to themselves or others.
chinookvalley 3 yıl önce
You missed the point. Please listen again. Listen this time.
El Leno
El Leno 2 yıl önce
@Steve303. 4 yıl önce
Dont read the the one under neath first start with the one 3rd down thanks.
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