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Hey, it's good to see you. This video is an open and sincere conversation about the state of the community, some issues I've seen within it, and my gratitude towards you all.

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Top10Speed 17 saatler önce
Cory, I've been here since day 1, You are a true warrior, you've done this job for years and years and years, you may take breaks, but you don't give up. You are the true Shogun, Cory.
eyeball kirby
eyeball kirby 16 saatler önce
@Jim Ju ignore them they are just trolls seeking attention
Non_Universe 16 saatler önce
What is these comments even?
Shadowzedi 16 saatler önce
@Edp cap
• ᴀxᴇʟ•
• ᴀxᴇʟ• 16 saatler önce
@ForgiveZharion tf…
Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller Saatler önce
It doesn’t necessarily matter how many times he comes back because every time he does, he’s always real and humble and funny and great as always. We love you Cory ❤⚔
F?СК МЕ. СНЕСК МY РR0FILЕ 36 dakika önce
tea Saatler önce
knowing cory can't even comprehend how much love he receives is so sad yet wholesome.
F?СК МЕ. СНЕСК МY РR0FILЕ 36 dakika önce
🌯 🌯
AFROSOMNIA 53 dakika önce
"Don't idolize me, don't obsess over me." More ppl (looking at you, dream stans..esp on twitter) need to learn this.
kukuh iman putra raharja
kukuh iman putra raharja 18 dakika önce
so true. overobsession on a person is a dangerous thing.
F?СК МЕ. СНЕСК МY РR0FILЕ 36 dakika önce
Ronnie Barlika
Ronnie Barlika 45 dakika önce
RAT KING Saatler önce
Cory, people idolize you because your a 1 in a billion that every one of us can experience. Thank you.
Schoolslapboxes 19 saatler önce
It dont matter how many times he goes on break, his comeback always makes me happy as heck. Thank you Cory for being here. Even if you not always here
Why do we need names
Why do we need names 6 dakika önce
@🌺 𝕋̴𝕊̧𝕌̈𝔹̸𝔸̊𝕂𝕝̶ 🌺 I translated it
Why do we need names
Why do we need names 11 dakika önce
@Хейтер Трендов stop trying to say your better
girl_gorl 12 dakika önce
Why is everyone saying they are better than Cory? That could be true, but don’t have on someone for loving Cory. And don’t hate on Cory for having supporting fans. It could be your opinion that you hate Cory, but us samurai, we have opinions aswell
esper_clouds 18 dakika önce
Harmony Wiggins
Harmony Wiggins 36 dakika önce
@Хейтер Трендов no ur not
Mebz Saatler önce
Hes absolutely right, as an 18 year old, ive been watching cory for nearly 8 years now and id like to believe other samurai around the age of 17+ especially those who grew up watching share the same mentality as he mentioned, not excessively complaining about his breaks and not spending time attacking others for slandering cory
DaBeingofDeath 33 dakika önce
Fr though I’ve been watching Cory for about 7 or 8 years aswell I find it crazy to see older videos that are like 3 years old or more and remember it just coming out it’s the same with other things aswell but it’s just insane how fast time goes I know that’s not what You where talking about but still I just find it insane
F?СК МЕ. СНЕСК МY РR0FILЕ 36 dakika önce
Erika Lopez
Erika Lopez Saatler önce
My 11 year old and my 9 year old love watching you. At first they will get sad not seeing Cory post. But I spoke to them that people have life's and they now wait patiently. Let me rephrase that WE wait patiently lol 🤣 I started watching you with my kids. Family time with Cory 🤣
WASIM FF Saatler önce
"""one of the best thing about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something .he always respect us , the audience and his team , and he is polite in all his videos .we congratulations ourselves on this achievement . more to come 💕💗
F?СК МЕ. СНЕСК МY РR0FILЕ 36 dakika önce
Poes kop
Poes kop Saatler önce
Yo Cory I totally get it, I just really missed u😭❤️ I’m really glad that you’re back but I still understand boundaries and that you are a person with a life too, I hope you enjoyed you’re time off it was totally deserved and I’m so happy for you that you had those 2 amazing experiences!❤️ welcome back
InternetCity 18 saatler önce
Lmfaooooooo you treating me like my father just in and out of my life. Enjoy life bro you deserve it man, we here for you whether gone or back bro. Do what you feel is best. Great to see you again though! Edit: My boy said dealing with opps 😂
GeorgeKey 2 saatler önce
KIlxd_Otsusuki 3 saatler önce
@ForgiveZharion boy wth 🤦🏽‍♂️
Silas Alfaro
Silas Alfaro 4 saatler önce
Ong when I miss him tho most he always comes back
Joshua Woodruff
Joshua Woodruff 10 saatler önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 dude thats not something to joke abt
𝔉𝔵𝔪𝔬𝔲𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔶 🎮💓
𝔉𝔵𝔪𝔬𝔲𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔶 🎮💓 10 saatler önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥you are a horrible person and you'll have to live with that for the rest of your life, kisses ❤
WildFox DontCopyMe
WildFox DontCopyMe 53 dakika önce
I don’t care how much this man takes breaks cause whenever he comes back I always get so hyped and no joke I be screaming and almost even crying telling my friends in all caps “CORY IS BACK” makes me happy to see him again, even if he be leaving I never once stopped being a samurai, love ya Cory and welcome back 🙏🏽😭❤️🎊
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy Saatler önce
"I don't need a battle for me" But we're samurai, we must battle for our shogun!
Melanie Pula
Melanie Pula 24 dakika önce
Samurai are loyal, and unproblematic. And this following base is inspired by God, if someone has an opinion about Cory, respect it. Respect everyone regardless of what they look like, or what they support or hate. I'm not all over Cory but all of us need to understand this.
Chelsy Fuller
Chelsy Fuller 47 dakika önce
“Raw me pause” Cory is the shogun because of talks like these! Lol. He keep it real and is still humble and grateful about it! 👏🏽 Kudos to yudos man!
Chelsy Fuller
Chelsy Fuller 54 dakika önce
Respect to you Cory. You have every right to live your life how you want! Lol People need to get their own lives so they don’t try to trap you on YT🙏🏽.
RobertIDK 15 saatler önce
Thanks for always keeping it real man. All the samurai appreciate that you make videos when you feel inspired to, and that's why this channel is still so special 🙏❤️
Some random person
Some random person 12 dakika önce
@ 😐
Masta skoywalker productions
Masta skoywalker productions 14 dakika önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 bro why do you have to ruin the moment man you’re content will never be better than Cory and that was really mean to call him that
GP Legend
GP Legend 34 dakika önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 reported lol
XXGacha FamilyXX
XXGacha FamilyXX 3 saatler önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 bro please sthu huh???
vinabby 53 dakika önce
cory could be gone for 6 years and come back nd he will still be my favourite 💀💀
Cheeseboi 10 dakika önce
Icyhot 29 dakika önce
lawrence Saatler önce
this man comes back the day my school starts, the timing is impeccable, cory man, you continuously make my day better
Arif Rahman
Arif Rahman 8 dakika önce
This legend could go away for 30 years and i would never forget him.
UI_M 174
UI_M 174 52 dakika önce
One of the good things about these comebacks is the hype you get when you see the notification of a video like this after a while, it's an amazing feeling.
King Venom
King Venom 19 saatler önce
The LEGEND HIMSELF HAS RETURNED! Let’s go! Missed you man
Alexplayz 9 dakika önce
@Bruh ⸜⁄ not you using mr beast's logo while saying that
Elijah Baker
Elijah Baker 7 saatler önce
@🌹itachi🌹 no🤡
koru 12 saatler önce
@🌹itachi🌹 average naruto fan 🤣🤣🤣
susy 12 saatler önce
@🌹itachi🌹 "cough'' 20 subs ''cough''
シtoxiqnowaste 14 saatler önce
@TheGreatBone you didn’t have to ask lol now i’m done talking to ya.
Oneshot_Xx Saatler önce
Take as many breaks you want,life outside is so way more important and all I have to say we will bring back the bonding samurai Community we always had before!
LadyTyger51ne 35 dakika önce
Welcome back, Cory. We have definitely missed you, but it's definitely okay that you take breaks. You can't fill up other people when your cup is empty. For us as the samurai, we've gotta remember that you're also a person too and if you need breaks, take 'em. In this world of wanting things instantly or wanting people to constantly give of themselves, we dehumanize people. Stay strong, dude. We've got your back.
EasyMoneyRad 22 dakika önce
I don’t treat cory like a god since i only have one, the almighty. I understand how annoying it can be for someone who’s so nice and humble and respectful get the backlash because your fan base started a war with another one or having kids literally look up to you as a deity even though you don’t want to be. It’s like receiving unnecessary attention that you don’t want. That gets annoying, he wants us to just chill with him not worship him. If he was an egotistical maniac then yeah he would love that but he’s not, he hates it and his og hates it. Especially when he has a few fans who are egotistical and toxic saying, you dont cxk, you’re lame. That’s not the meaning of being apart of the samurai. Gotta do better yall.
Miju 56 dakika önce
im glad your back cory, ive missed you hope you feel better so you can post now, i hope you enjoyed all the events that happened!
Jorje 18 saatler önce
I honestly never cared how long Cory would leave for, just knew he'd be back because he legitimately cares about all of this. It's that simple. Edit: The first reply my friends, is a bot. Report it and move on with your far more superior and meaningful lives.
•тяєу_ρʅαყʂαʅσɳҽ• 15 dakika önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 npc
Vincent Highsmith
Vincent Highsmith Saatler önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 damn bro you got the whole chat laughing 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
THEGHOST2121ツ Saatler önce
@-VivianGøtcha- your wasting your time did you not just watch the video? I have no reason to go to war with the people that disagree with me. It's just my opinion. Also pls read the rest of the stuff I have said pls? Read it all tho. Don't read fragments and then have this mentally to just white knight. In other comments I have explain myself enough
Mrs Reaper
Mrs Reaper 3 saatler önce
​​@THEGHOST2121ツ I just read the rest of your comments. I was a bit salty, yes I'll admit that LOL. I just dont understand why you think he owes us shit when he's the one who created his channel and fit it to suit HIM and not US. if he wanted our opinion, he would ask. it's just common sense.
VortextRJB 50 dakika önce
its nice to see that he has taken a break and just been positive thats the shogun
EasyMoneyRad 30 dakika önce
16:12-17:05 just made me almost cry, this is the main reason i look up to cory, I remember his college days and they were fun but wanting to do TRshow full time because he loved it. Im in college right now and I remember when he bought his parents a house, it made me super happy because i want to be able buy my mom somewhere to live permanently so she doesn’t have to work again. So he inspired to do TRshow but had to put it on pause and sad since my account got deleted. Besides that, seeing him bringing a smile to someones face was the most satisfying thing i have ever seen. That being family or friends, and i love him for that, pause 😂 jk. He may not see this but I hope to one day meet him to express the type of person he made me to be. My father isn’t the best role model but he was. Mr.beast, john cena, cxk, steph curry. Are my irl heroes that i look up to, who inspire me to make the world a better place, not for myself but others. My mom loves him just for the morals he instilled into me. Im just a humble dude who like to make others smile and days better.
Pink__Vixen 14 dakika önce
This is beautiful! You keep Pushing Rad and YOU change the world!!! Keep working on yourself being great for others! Let God get the glory and He will take care of you always! I will keep you in my prayers and keep you uplifted. College can challenging and you will always go through adversity, but learn to be excited about adversity and you will always come out a winner. You will be able to dream bigger and make those dreams come true! Your testimony is truly inspiring. That is coming from a 34 year old woman (samurai) lol that barely made it to the 10 million club. I started watching Cory while he was on sabbatical and didn't even know. I fell in love with his content and I couldn't stop watching. He too has also inspired me in sooo many ways to be great and do it being MYSELF. Like you I hope we both get to meet him one day and express to him how dope he is to us!! God bless you Rad.
ZachPizzaMan Saatler önce
Cory I just want to know that you are THE SAMAURI THE ANKLE BREAKER u can take all the time u need let nothing and no one in your way we love you
Unknown Roman
Unknown Roman Saatler önce
Grew up watching cory best thing I did in my life , just know he could have retired so him taking breaks is a relief better then leaving for good
: P
: P 19 saatler önce
Cory, we don’t care how long you leave, the samurai will be right here waiting for you when you get back❤️
iShowRage 🔥
iShowRage 🔥 31 dakika önce
No shit
K-K MIC 46 dakika önce
@JUk Dabuck dude if u dont agree simply move on
𝗥𝗼𝘅𝘅𝗮𝗻𝗲 𝗕𝗮𝘀𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆
𝗥𝗼𝘅𝘅𝗮𝗻𝗲 𝗕𝗮𝘀𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 2 saatler önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 NO JUST NO AND JUST CHILL FOR A DECADE OR SO (IF THAT EVEN MAKES SENSE) [but please, do be respectful to coryxkenshin even though he left his samurai community will still be waiting for him to come back.]
GeorgeKey 2 saatler önce
Big W
CrazyNicci Saatler önce
Cory, I’ve been here for a while, and I can firmly say as an OG, that we OG’s will accept your breaks, we love you, we will miss you as well, and we know that you have your own personal life, so whatever you do and decide with your life we will support you.
KnucklesChucklez 21 dakika önce
Cory, my brother, we will be always humble and grateful about what you do, what you make, and most importantly, who you are, no matter how rocky the times may get. Stay strong, Shogun and Samurai 💪
Francis Calix Madiclum
Francis Calix Madiclum 55 dakika önce
I see I love Cory so much when I saw the hate video of nicadoavocado or something I wanted to attack him so much like I wanted to end that poor man's miserable life but now I see Cory is the bigger man he doesn't get attacked by mental messeges and hate speech because he was always been a better man a bigger man...
Tatiana Sams
Tatiana Sams 52 dakika önce
cory😭 im been here since 2014 bro nd ive loved you so much since then. ngl ur one of the main reasons im still alive bro you're funny, creative, loving, loyal. you're literally soo amazing you've put so much into this channel over the years dont listen to the haters bro literally. take breaks if you want to YOU DESERVE IT.
Onomatopoeia 19 saatler önce
The fact that I see he hasn’t uploaded once in 3 months and go “that’s not that bad” shows how often this happens but every time he does come back I’m happier than the last time ☺️
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 4 saatler önce
Yes u r right
Sone the Hedgehog
Sone the Hedgehog 9 saatler önce
@🌹itachi🌹 he makes better content than itachivirus
Sone the Hedgehog
Sone the Hedgehog 9 saatler önce
@kavetion it's a dream
Oliver Saturno
Oliver Saturno Saatler önce
cory I have grown up since the age of 9 or 10 watching your videos, i am now 18 years of age and broski you absolutely kill it everytime you come back to give us content. I think you worded this video incredibly well and in a way that everyone at most ages should be able to understand. The awareness people should have that you, just like everyone else, have a whole other life aside from your work. I hope people take your words into account and can really see have hard you work. You the goat on god my g.
Demaudecia Taylor
Demaudecia Taylor 27 dakika önce
Y’all have to understand that one he is HUMAN and he literally has a job he does NOT need to clock in too if he doesn’t want to that’s the beauty of it all😂😂 it’s all just chill vibes let’s keep it that way
Lubna Mushtaq
Lubna Mushtaq 11 dakika önce
The legend is back and always makes me laugh out loud of the tiktoks of what we samurai sends.I MISS YOU CORY⚡️
EasyMoneyRad 46 dakika önce
Cory’s humility is the reason why i will never take him for granted, bro wears sweats to the store, love it, so do i
Rigor mortis
Rigor mortis 19 saatler önce
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 4 saatler önce
really missed you
GuiltlessDJO3 4 saatler önce
@🌺 𝕋̴𝕊̧𝕌̈𝔹̸𝔸̊𝕂𝕝̶ 🌺 c a p, BIG C A P
chevzz lol
chevzz lol 5 saatler önce
@🌺 𝕋̴𝕊̧𝕌̈𝔹̸𝔸̊𝕂𝕝̶ 🌺 guess I’m cused
Sticnob 24 dakika önce
I love Cory's videos. This man has improved his videos throughout the years. And whenever I watch his videos he never fails to make us laugh
Vanillashark 56 dakika önce
No matter how long your breaks are I’m just happy you always come back
Anastacia Mouien
Anastacia Mouien Saatler önce
Im just glad to be one of those who waits for you patiently everyday, and rewatch your videos while waiting. I'm really happy to see (or watch) you again
Anna Glavina
Anna Glavina Saatler önce
You have the right to take breaks whenever you need, we will wait for you anytime and we will cheer your return everytime! I am so happy to see you back
Poorboy 14 saatler önce
As a person who's been around since about 1MIL, this guy has taught me to be humble. To be kind to others. Though I do have slip-ups, I try my best to be like this man. Humble, kind, and a person to laugh with. I went from very annoying and toxic to what I am now, all because of this man Cory. He doesn't just make funny videos to make you laugh, he teaches you to BE BETTER. That's why I continue to watch his videos.
charlie 30 dakika önce
Technoblade is in hell because my content is better 🤣🤣
Leyzz 36 dakika önce
Same bro I've been with cory around 1 mil and he's taught me a lot in life
•Raseel• 8 saatler önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 Now thats racist.
Rebekah Funches
Rebekah Funches 14 saatler önce
Yeah!! 🤘🤟
Jaeper .s
Jaeper .s 51 dakika önce
I don't know if I'm a day 1 really can't remember how far I go back but I still love Cory and he just brings up the mood and talks most freely on his mind which I somewhat connect with, so no matter what I'll always come back to this channel no matter what.
Robo is a qt
Robo is a qt 14 dakika önce
Cory bro, I remember first finding your channel when I was pulling an all nighter back in 4th grade. I binged your little nightmares videos and was so happy to find a brother who didn’t swear at the time. While I was watching these videos you were taking your first big break, then after I watched all your videos up to the break I just rewatched them. Even to today I still can look back to those og videos and have the same amount of enjoyment as some of the recent ones. So take your time man, on behalf of all the samurai take as much time as possible to have some time to yourself, after all you’ve given us.
love3kenshin Saatler önce
CORY!! I love you so much take as much breaks as you want an I'll still love you your like my comfort TRshow your the true chosen one your the best never stop moving forward ♡
iJAAI XD 28 dakika önce
I like how he didn’t mention that people were trying to cancel him 😂 wee lovee uu coryyy
Slykage 15 saatler önce
Appreciate the honesty Cory. what you’ve been able to do and how honest you are with your community will never fail to amaze me. Glad to finally have you back tho 👑
drinkable vodka
drinkable vodka 15 saatler önce
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 bro just because mommy dont wanna pay any attention to you dont mean you should try to go to comments makin it our problem🙄
JustYami 15 saatler önce
葦牙Ashikabi Saatler önce
I been here since the 7th grade. I just graduated from high school. I'm so thankful and blessed to have grown with you cory and all of the samurai. this may never be seen but I'll never judge you for not making videos when you can't, we'll always be waiting. thank you
Shawntoriah Tuitt
Shawntoriah Tuitt Saatler önce
I- WE LOVE YOU Cory. We appreciate you always coming back and talking to us…really keeping us in the loop when you really don’t have too🥹! p.s you really know a lot of ppl who cares about your because your #1 trending. Everyone is so excited 🥹
Prime Pimini
Prime Pimini Saatler önce
I’ve gotta say I love this video and I haven’t been around for as long as some of my friends have because my first experience with watching your channel was at my friends house. Me and him were watching your Sprite Cranberry video and so far that was great. Thanks for taking time to talk to us we appreciate it.
ʚ Nicole Berlian ɞ
ʚ Nicole Berlian ɞ 6 dakika önce
Your The Best At EVERYTHING! Remember That Cory! Please! Your EVERYTHING To ME!
Keeng Munchie
Keeng Munchie 19 saatler önce
I’ve never clicked a vid so fast. I was literally just watching an old episode. It’s good to see you Cory! 😭😭♥️♥️
iShowRage 🔥
iShowRage 🔥 27 dakika önce
Bro, does it hurt your back that much to write an original comment
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 4 saatler önce
right me too
Daquavius kardashin
Daquavius kardashin 10 saatler önce
joyce collard
joyce collard 11 saatler önce
Everybody Cory's back I'm so happy
nickey. 38 dakika önce
i can't even describe how much i love him. this guy is truly an inspiration ❤
AvoidEli 54 dakika önce
It doesn’t necessarily matter how many times he comes back because every time he does, he’s always real and humble and funny and great as always. We love you Cory ❤⚔
Kaiju pals
Kaiju pals 2 dakika önce
Let's go idc when he goes on break he still makes people's hearts glow up we love you Cory.👍♥️
Doppelgänger Hero
Doppelgänger Hero 16 dakika önce
All the love goes to Cory i grew up watching his vids and he still make me happy to watch his videos until then you do you man❤️
Julian Morales
Julian Morales 15 saatler önce
Honestly Cory, you don’t just entertain us, you TEACH us, Your breaks are well deserved. You put your heart and soul into making people that you’ve never met happy, and that is exhausting. You remind me of Elvis Presley in the way the you put EVERYTHING into your performance. Your true friends and fans, the OGs, want you to live your life, because that what makes you so REAL even though we watch you through a screen. SAMURAI STAND UP!!
John Cena
John Cena 12 saatler önce
@Хейтер трендов What content?
Laila_ Dawson
Laila_ Dawson 15 saatler önce
@trissywissy🙊 Fr💀
Sam P
Sam P 15 saatler önce
Even when he leaves for months at a time and doesn’t tell his viewers anything
Lunariumzz 15 saatler önce
girl_gorl 14 dakika önce
Your so sweet Cory, I’m so glad your back! You make me so happy every time I see a video, me and one of my best friends love u, and we always mention you every time we call, it’s one of our bonds 😊
GUCCIRUG7 50 dakika önce
I love how Cory can just express how grateful and thankful he is for the community while still being funny about it. I wouldn't consider myself og but I wouldn't consider myself as new either. What I am basically trying to say is I missed you Cory I'm glad your back and doing okay and I can't wait to see what kind content you are going to bring us. Love ya and happy 14 million when it comes you honestly deserve it 💗❤🙏❤
Kurisuchan Saatler önce
CORYYY!! Welcome back! You have been my favorite TRshowr since I was at an age of 8 now I am 15, I really appreciate your videos and I rewatch videos cause it is an option to wait for an upload. But Cory, we, the Samurais care more for your life than your yt videos, please take care and know that you can take your time and relax after a video upload, When Cory uploads, he uploads. That is all there is.
Fqrubyy 20 dakika önce
I completely understand Cory and I will support your choices no one’s gonna force you to make videos every day we love you Cory❤️
Oscar Universe
Oscar Universe 19 saatler önce
The moment we all needed cory!!!
iShowRage 🔥
iShowRage 🔥 25 dakika önce
I can live without a Cory video bc I don’t obsess over an overrated youtuber and there are many other good TRshowrs
iamteddy 4 saatler önce
@•Jazzy•🍃 3 subscribers talking?
Leonardo Nunez
Leonardo Nunez 8 saatler önce
@Banana Boihe has 31.9
CubicalKatana25 34 dakika önce
One thing I love about Cory is how real he is. He's open honest and straightforward. I love him you guys love him he deserves our support. Live ya life man you deserve it
YOITSROVER 41 dakika önce
Cory, I don't think it's the fact that we don't know you have a life outside of TRshow. I think it's the consistency of broken promises that occur every so often. This video should have been one that was uploaded years ago. We understand you are human. Welcome back.
Zero Two
Zero Two 47 dakika önce
Hey Cory, we (or maybe just me) love watching you do youtube as you. That's the best part since it's really nice to watch you grow and improve throughout the years of youtube. Please don't ever feel as tho it's your responsibility to entertain us subscribers, you have a life and we understand that and we wish you the best since we all have lives to live and have different priorities, those who hate on you clearly are too full of themselves to think that you must always be with your subs and fans 24/7. I'd rather you take breaks so you can enjoy doing youtube and live your life at the same time rather that be suffocated by the overwhelming demand of your subscribers. I love you as one of my favorite youtubers and you've helped me grow to become a "better" person. Wishing you the best
Im Trash
Im Trash 4 dakika önce
I’ve been living great because of you Cory, recently had my first job and soon I’d be starting university and be able to connect with great people. you’ve helped me through highs and lows I’ve been watching since 2015 and you made a huge impact on me! I love you and love the samurais too
m1nty 17 saatler önce
It doesn’t necessarily matter how many times he comes back because every time he does, he’s always real and humble and funny and great as always. We love you Cory ❤️⚔️
BehindTheCookie 11 saatler önce
Three bots in a row? That’s a new record
@Владимир Путин ratio
@Bruh ⸜⁄ ratio
SkullWolf890 17 saatler önce
Damn bots.
Shrek boi
Shrek boi 17 saatler önce
@Владимир Путин you have 2 subscribers
Luna_is_niet_gay 3 dakika önce
When I saw this I screamed real hard: “ MOM CORY IS BACK!!! “ my mom was like: 👁 👄 👁
Kimberly Wells
Kimberly Wells 2 dakika önce
Cory can take as much time away as he needs, dude it legit one of the most hardest working and sincerest dudes on this platform. People need to realize that there is always a human being on the other end on the screen at the end of the day and we don't always want to be performing all the time. Love you Cory!
Boo 31 dakika önce
Dragoonaer V.nlzoro
Dragoonaer V.nlzoro 44 dakika önce
I always come back to watch, take your time I'm always overjoyed to see your passion filled content. Your commentary, edits & community is awesome 😎 Can't wait for you to share your joy with us after a next much deserved break.
ItzRecoilz 19 saatler önce
Alijin Salic
Alijin Salic 11 saatler önce
Aubrey Olvera
Aubrey Olvera 14 saatler önce
Klipz KBK
Klipz KBK 15 saatler önce
Same fr 😂
Shiftyy® 15 saatler önce
Just Krose
Just Krose 49 dakika önce
I don’t mind Cory taking breaks I love him either way his videos are funny either way we love you shogun ❤
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 51 dakika önce
Bro I’m telling you this man brightens up my days when he posts a new video 😃
Rain Mikamura
Rain Mikamura 3 dakika önce
Welcome back Corey! Been here for years and I understand it’s what you got to do. Love you man! And I feel ya on the broke thing…. Homie am still there even working as a cna had to do donothon to not go homeless but still here trying to make shit work and one day I can help my 10 year old sis go to college too ;w; I look up to ya man and watching your videos make my days easier. So it’s kinda hard to rewatch every video on the channel a 3rd time lmao sometimes days really do be like that! But am glad your back and thank you for caring enough to tell us ! Much love!
Mohamed Alibrahim
Mohamed Alibrahim 51 dakika önce
bro idc how much this man goes for breakes this man always puts a smile on my face
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