The other end of a black hole - with James Beacham

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The Royal Institution

The Royal Institution

5 aylar önce

What would happen if you fell into a black hole? Join James Beacham, particle physicist at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, as he explores what happens when the fabric of reality - physical or societal - gets twisted beyond recognition.
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James Beacham searches for answers to the biggest open questions of physics using the largest experiment ever, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. He hunts for dark matter, gravitons, quantum black holes, and dark photons as a member of the ATLAS collaboration, one of the teams that discovered the Higgs boson in 2012.
In addition to his research, he is a frequent keynote speaker about science, innovation, the future of technology, and art at events and venues around the world, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Royal Institution, SXSW, and the BBC, as well as private events for companies and corporations, including KPMG, Bain, Dept Agency, and many others.
This talk was recorded at the Royal Institution on 28 October 2021.
1:11 What causes gravity?
4:19 What is space?
7:55 The flow and mobility of space causing black holes
14:33 How do we know black holes really exist?
19:58 How to make a black hole
26:08 Could we be living in a giant black hole?
31:26 The universe-in-a-black-hole idea
36:44 Why the large hadron collider could only make a miniature black hole
45:04 Building a big bang machine in space
47:25 Journey into a black hole
52:41 Our societal black hole
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tobeornottobe 4 aylar önce
The lecture was very interesting and full of brilliant ideas, Delivery was powerful with enormous courage, passion and skill on display. Very much appreciated.
RacerX Aylar önce
it was great until the end when he went full on climate change liberal nut-job
Zany J. International Pictures
Zany J. International Pictures Aylar önce
The Man loves his work!
Curbozer Boomer
Curbozer Boomer Aylar önce
The brilliant ideas part of the lecture is fascinating...but his final, extremely wishful commentary smacks of a political/social leaning, that is going to turn a lot of people off....our problem now, as a species, is that very few of us have the intelligence to even contemplate such thoughts...on the scale of human evolution, it is clear, that we only recently came down from the trees.
h00k Aylar önce
I agree. I loved lectures like these in college. Truely masterful.
zysis 2 gün önce
It makes total sense to me, folding upon itself, from itself. Like the mendlebrot set. Like cellular growth, the universe expanding... all interfolded and we'd be like a petal of a flower, each petal expressions of each other but also the plant. I'd say it's our perception also as quantum mechanics describes, we can't decide what petal we are, so to speak. Which describes tunneling very well.
Zacorin 2 gün önce
I tried falling asleep listening to this and 57 minutes later I was shocked that it was over already. Lol this was incredibly engaging
David Drew
David Drew 3 gün önce
Newton had a mathematical description for gravity. Einstein replaced it with a mathematical abstraction. We now live in an age of mathmagics, where theoretical physics have no reference to reality.
A. A.
A. A. 4 aylar önce
I love the way some of these present day physicists are incredibly good presenters, and explain it so well to us laypeople
knorkeize 19 gün önce
@A. A. which laws have they discovered?
A. A.
A. A. 19 gün önce
Actually they have discovered A LOT in the last 4 decades It’s incredible
knorkeize 28 gün önce
The less new physicals laws they discover (none in the last decades?), the better their marketing gets
PoO BoOZki
PoO BoOZki Aylar önce
this nerd has lost his mind! he is SO WRONG about SO much!
1972martind28 Aylar önce
No evidence of Black holes just made up garbage
Adam Sliger
Adam Sliger 3 aylar önce
this was a very interesting presentation. So many questions that still have no answer . Dr. James is amazing. I'm just now getting into the science of our universe. Every video I watch and every book I read it leaves me wanting more and more every time!
Kibanu 20 gün önce
Actually, the answers to these have been found in more recent Quantum research. Check out Dr Nassim Haramein.
Michael Flanagan
Michael Flanagan Aylar önce
Well said!
dannooooooo 4 aylar önce
the whole idea of another universe being within a blackhole is something I've thought about many times, and I've heard pondered by others as well, but just a thought experiment. The fact that some mathematics points to that being a possibility is pretty nuts. But I have thought about how a black hole appears in an instant and how similar it is to a black hole. And I think I've even heard physicist's say that the same thing that kills black holes would kill the universe, which is essentially the cold. The very very very very cold, which causes everything to slowly lose energy.
SuperTuesday 2 aylar önce
2 things definitely same about the black hole and the edge of the universe is that: Once you fall into a blackhole you can never come back; Once you go beyond the edge of the universe, you also can never come back because the edge of the universe is moving away faster than the speed of light and nothing beyond it can be seen, just like inside of a blackhole. Time ends at these 2 places.
Ian Maxwell
Ian Maxwell 3 aylar önce
@John Doe same thing in practice. Yes the expansion is occurring across the entire continium rather than just from the edges but a. I realise that and b. It has no bearing on what I said.
John Doe
John Doe 3 aylar önce
@Ian Maxwell As he explained the universe is Not expanding in the Normal sense, but rather Space is expanding!!
Ian Maxwell
Ian Maxwell 3 aylar önce
But if the universe is expanding, doesn't that mean it is eating matter in the surrounding universe? And the event horizon would be glowing and the universe should be brilliant and hot. Except that it expands faster than the speed of light so the light never reaches us? That is my take away and the implication is that if it stops expanding, the universe becomes brilliant and prone to heat death
Miguel Rocha
Miguel Rocha 2 aylar önce
Being a lay person, I have no way of wrapping my head around some of these ideas or concepts. But I do have a question: What if we sent an object that was entangled with another object? Would the second entangled object react to what the one traveling into the black hole is experiencing?
Cyrille Boucher
Cyrille Boucher 25 gün önce
What is intricated in the spagetti sauce? A tomato scream.
Sarah Pappalardo
Sarah Pappalardo 4 aylar önce
The thing that makes me feel extra insignificant right now is like...what if we're only on a very tiny, thin little circle inside the event horizon where our laws of physics remain stable? What if the event horizon is so huge that even a blip of falling into it is the entire lifespan of our stable-ish observable universe? I am high
Kush chopra
Kush chopra 14 gün önce
But aren't we falling to the black hole as we get attracted towards it , so don't we make that blip like every year or so
but home is nowhere___
but home is nowhere___ 2 aylar önce
@SuperTuesday true! We really were born at the perfect time to observe the universe, as well
SuperTuesday 2 aylar önce
Why do you need to feel 'insignificant'? You should feel Grand, to know that we exist in a world that is Grand and is trying to teach us amazing things about everything everyday. We should be proud to even exist and can explore and learn, and to enjoy the process of learning about the Universe and beyond.
Rob T
Rob T 4 aylar önce
Once you let go of ego you no longer feel insignificant
but home is nowhere___
but home is nowhere___ 4 aylar önce
me too and whoa, that would be sickkkkk
Cmd Draven
Cmd Draven 4 aylar önce
The prospect of each Black Hole containing it's own Universe is something I've believed since high school. The way I saw it, Time, Energy and Matter get pulled in- but Time, Energy and Matter don't just disappear; they have to go somewhere, so the existence of multiple universes (and of White Holes) has been something I have suspected for the better part of 17/18 years. I'm feeling a mixture of vindication, that my theory is shared by minds in the scientific community, and regret that I was never good enough with mathematics to actually JOIN that community and contribute from within.
Jacob Bosley
Jacob Bosley 4 aylar önce
The illustris simulation was a sphere and I've seen other simulations with a cube as the container. I recommend making a helix shaped container with a sphere at the center where the singularity starts. It would look like the symbol for infinity from a side view.
roxanna Mason
roxanna Mason 4 aylar önce
How can gravity be considered so weak when, it's stronger than all of the other 3 forces, sounds like a black hole is the universal equalizer right? Great presentation, Ken
Dr10Jeeps 4 aylar önce
Another home run by the RI! Thank you Dr. Beacham for a fascinating and powerful lecture.
1972martind28 Aylar önce
Ha Ha powerful make believe and it worked on you
Martha Real
Martha Real Aylar önce
Very inspirational and quite possible, I believe. We are currently very, very out of balance. Thank you for your time, effort and passion. Great rising to you!
1972martind28 Aylar önce
Getting even more out of balance with fairytales from Quackedemics like this one.
Brian Knox McGugan
Brian Knox McGugan 2 aylar önce
I love James's lively sense of humour, pauses, connection with the audience and even the ‘apple’ as a black hole... an excellent example of great public speaking... and amazing idea with his connection with our societal 'Black Hole'... Outstanding! 🙏 BKM 🎭
Eyemazed 3 aylar önce
What happens to entangled electrons if we send one of them into event horizon and we change the spin of the other one outside the black hole. Does the spin of the "black hole electron" change? Does quantum entanglement work even in this scenario?
SuperTuesday 2 aylar önce
1) Once u forced-change to the spin of an entangled particle, the entanglement breaks down, and the other particle's spin will be random (50/50). So it's not possible. 2) You will also never know the state of the other entangled particle that went inside the blackhole, because any information about it can never be observed by those outside the black hole.
M3rover Aylar önce
Interesting! I couldn't help but wonder if any spagettification would happen past the horizon due to the faster than speed of light issue... doesn't that mean one would turn to energy?
raj samuel
raj samuel 3 gün önce
Energy , yes i believe so, ultimate conciousness
Venerable Arcanum
Venerable Arcanum 5 aylar önce
This is, in part, Lee Smolin's idea about universes reproducing through black holes. The "fecund universes" hypothesis might be untestable, but it explains so many phenomena at the same time. It is elegant, in other words, and parsimonious. For example, the same fundamental constants for life and for black holes are identical, so this would mean that cosmological evolution explains the anthropic coincidences perfectly (universes that are good at making black holes--i.e., good at reproducing--are also good at making life). And the math works (I'm told--I can't math to save my life).
Larry Brown
Larry Brown 2 aylar önce
What struck me is presenting the notion that the visible universe is just that, and there's stuff beyond that which we know must be there, and as it crosses over an event horizon and enters into our visible universe it expands our knowledge that much more and now becomes visible to us, but like a black hole we can never see beyond the event horizon. Just like being in a black hole. Absolutely mesmerizing. Bravo.
Robert Ogden
Robert Ogden Aylar önce
Me, too!
jjbinderr 4 aylar önce
If we are in a black hole, might the reason the center looks black is because we can’t look out? Perhaps the event horizon works both ways. We can’t see light inside or is it that we can’t see light outside the black hole. Also, I was wondering that since radiation jets come out of a black hole, is it possible that anyone who goes in… could somehow manipulate those radiation-jets? Would it be possible, perhaps some kind of pulses could be passed to the outside/inside…like a morse code?
Ashish Bairwa
Ashish Bairwa Aylar önce
As Dr. Beckham said, moon doesn't belong to those dozens of individuals. It belongs to us. This idea indeed is very important to open research for every single individual on this earth. That idea of distributed wealth lead us to no where and we keep on sinking into destruction of humanity. Thanks RI for bringing the ideas of such a gentleman to us! ❣️
Arunav Rajkhowa
Arunav Rajkhowa 3 aylar önce
Everything was ok until he said when all the mass of our observable universe adds up , then the size of the black hole will be larger than our observable universe....we might be inside a blackholr....really interesting and things like this makes my love for physics grow
Muaz Arooj
Muaz Arooj 5 aylar önce
This is quite possibly the best explanation that I have ever come across. Kudos to you man!
Aillean Anaithnid
Aillean Anaithnid 3 aylar önce
@Thoticcus Prime The OP said: “This is quite possibly the best explanation I have ever come across.” Your reply, “nah.” How is anyone but the OP in a position to disagree with the OP’s personal opinion? Do you live in his/her head? Have access to OP’s personal experiences? 🙄🙄🙄
Jim Nutter
Jim Nutter 4 aylar önce
This cat is bringing it all back home 🌹j.
Thoticcus Prime
Thoticcus Prime 4 aylar önce
RoadRageTV 2 aylar önce
This is the first time the concepts of dark matter and dark energy have made sense to me
Chrissi Pinder
Chrissi Pinder 3 gün önce
30 minute mark ... could this mean we don't need dark matter/dark energy to explain the acceleration of the expansion of the universe? I'll keep reading ;)
IceFalken Ace
IceFalken Ace 4 aylar önce
The idea that our universe expanding faster than it should be lead to the idea of dark matter/dark energy. Could be the black hole feeding and physically expanding as it adds mass to itself. This moves points along just like the rubber stretching points you'd explained. As black holes can eventually evaporate at the end of their lives, points would get closer together and possibly crash into an impossibly small point. Sounds like expansion/compression theories and the big bang. Crazy how similar they could function!
Doffy 2 aylar önce
It's just an incredibly huge mass in a small space, with such a strong gravitational pull because of that mass in that confined space that it absorbs/ bends light. There is no 'other side', unless you mean the other side of the event horizon where anything passing is ripped to shreds by extreme gravitational forces.
Doffy 2 aylar önce
Anything else is just a combination of wishful thinking and science fiction.
Wes B
Wes B 3 aylar önce
It was mentioned during the lecture the weakness of gravity compared to the other 3 quantum forces is unexplained. Earlier you provided a description of black holes as possibly a connection to other universes. Why isn't the gravity weakness explained by "leaking" gravity to other universes via black holes? If Occam's Razor, the notion that most often the best explanation is the most suitable, is a valid tenet of the scientific method, why not look to that as a solution to the general relativity and quantum paradox?
dennis gunn
dennis gunn 4 aylar önce
I really appreciated this. I listen to a lot of these talks hoping to get a little more each time and I because I have heard so many I feel I may be either be reaching the point of diminishing returns or finally as in this case getting a little lift up off of my current plateau. I am thankful to Mr Beacham for that. I have to say I disagree with the thrust of his political summary though. Right now we are enjoying a technical renaissance that I am quite sure will benefit the field of astronomy as well as help finally wean the human race off of it's addiction to fossil energy and that has not happened because politicians legislated their way to it any more than politicians could legislate their way to Mr Beacham's genius. It is because some companies have found ways to make alternative energy technologies and space exploration technologies economically viable. That was never going to happen if we were going to have to keep on relying on the US congress to fund the projects we need. That said, I really love Mr Beacham's work and considering his youth I am sure I will be enjoying watching his career grow and flourish till I die.
Joao M
Joao M 4 aylar önce
I have the idea since kid that, black holes inside are just other universes "like ours". The more I learn physics the more I believe this!
Brown 4 aylar önce
Love this presentation. I always heard that mass increases as you approach the speed of light. If you are traveling into a black hole shouldn’t your mass increase as you enter? Shouldn’t you get larger the faster you are moving towards the singularity.
Brown 4 aylar önce
@Scott T Thank you for that reply. I wished more people would explain these kind of things more completely. Hopefully fellas like yourself will be around when more information about black holes starts making the rounds. JWST and beyond.
Scott T
Scott T 4 aylar önce
More massive does not mean larger. The common E=mc^2 is actually only part of E's famous SToR equation - and the fact that the other half of the equation too often gets lopped off often leads to some confusion. The full equation accounts for relativistic mass - whereas the E=mc^2 part is for stuff that is not moving - better, moving slowly compared to the speed of light. Think of that as the additional 'mass' something picks up as it gets close to the speed of light. That's why mass asymptotically tracks towards infinity as something approaches the speed of light - and also why anything with mass cannot be accelerated to that speed.
Macy Sondheim
Macy Sondheim 4 aylar önce
Nick T.
Nick T. 5 aylar önce
This guy is fantastic at making big concepts very understandable.
ریحان ارشد
ریحان ارشد 2 aylar önce
Absolutely brilliant. Goodness gracious, I didn't learn this much in all my school years than what I learned in this 1-hour. Ah ! Wish I could go back in time and do better at Physics and Math.
x 3 aylar önce
Quite possibly the best black hole presentation I have ever seen 👏🙏👌👍
SAVAGEX Gamer 4 aylar önce
I like the idea of extra dimensions...would explain why some quantum particles come in and out of existence.
SuperTuesday 2 aylar önce
Extra dimensions definitely exist. The problem is, it is very hard to understand or learn about it, also very hard to obverse or experiment with them. Because they simply are beyond our normal 3D spatial dimension + Time. But you can be sure they exist, because quantum physics is the biggest clue.
Jutta Brassil
Jutta Brassil 4 aylar önce
Excellent presentation, JB is spot on at 55 min in. I like his explorer mind 👌
RWBHere 5 aylar önce
I've been saying this since the 1970's, when I was studying for my HND, and beyond, but every time I state it, even 'experts' say I'm wrong; it cannot happen. But this guy is saying it, and people are agreeing with him. So glad that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. The concept is simple, explains the way a universe can appear to be infinite to internal observers, explains microwave background radiation, resolves the cosmology crisis which people try to explain by 'dark matter' and 'dark energy', allows for universes within universes, and doesn't require an 'outside' in the way we normally consider it. The whole of creation is a cascading web of interconnected black holes. There is also no need for a 'beginning' or 'edge' that we could imagine easily. It doesn't actually matter; there is nothing we could experience directly from outside of our universe. Our 'Big Bang' was the point in spacetime when a black hole was formed, and since you could never accelerate towards the 'skin', which is the inside of an event horizon, that horizon appears to be an infinite distance away. For an 'outside' observer, they would experience the accretion disk and near-event horizon of a black hole within their universe. Infinity is a complex concept, unless you accept this theory. Once you do, some aspects of it become very simple to appreciate.
hyunmi vinyl
hyunmi vinyl 3 aylar önce
@That Guy - Art do you not know what a hypothesis is? calm down.
John Doe
John Doe 4 aylar önce
V mm
That Guy - Art
That Guy - Art 4 aylar önce
dannooooooo 4 aylar önce
could also explain why everything has parts of a dead star in it, would it not? since the black hole formed (most likely) from a dying star.. but maybe the universe doesn't need to be a black hole for that to happen, but it was a thought. I also wonder, how then does a universe within a black hole accept new matter falling into the black hole, would it just appear somewhere within the universe, come out of some kinda of opening we cant see, or sprinkle out the particles of whatever the thing was made of across the universe? And, what if the space our black hole universe is in becomes to cold to support the black hole? or what if its swallowed into a larger black hole? So many questions
𝓕𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝓢𝓽𝓲𝓯𝓯
𝓕𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝓢𝓽𝓲𝓯𝓯 4 aylar önce
@weareallanimals Me and my friend Leonardo used to talk about this as far back as the early 1500s.
paul41to45 4 aylar önce
Dr. Beacham, your delivery and content is not unlike your subject matter, once you started your lecture (the event horizon), I could not escape until I was on the other side (the end of your lecture).
Aidan .C
Aidan .C 2 aylar önce
He's a really good story teller
Nasser Ahmadi
Nasser Ahmadi 4 aylar önce
Thank you, Dr. Beacham for such a fantastic presentation about such amazing piece of the science behind black holes and the manmade problems on our beautiful Earth.
Jason Plumbley
Jason Plumbley 3 aylar önce
@John Bluehouse The "liberal speak" did feel like it was a quick and unexpected turn away from the lecture. But, I think he was fairly clear about what the "Societal Black Hole" he was referring to... The growing inequalities of society, specifically the wealth inequalities where a smaller and smaller portion of the population is gaining a larger and larger portion of the wealth. And that wealth is used to concentrate more power to that central, wealthy minority through exploitive behaviors. Very much like a black hole, this central, wealthy minority only consumes and exploits everything around it, be it physical resources, monetary resources, or human resources. And he is simply saying, these are human made issues and we could change our societal rules so that these exploitive behaviors did not incentivize a centralization of the power and wealth of the world.
John Bluehouse
John Bluehouse 3 aylar önce
I could have done without his liberal speak there toward the end... "Societal Black Hole?" What is he referring to? Covid?
Akswan 1331
Akswan 1331 3 aylar önce
How much pollution would it take to build a fraqtion of that solution of yours you really should focus at tings in interest of the populus ..
TruthHurts 3 aylar önce
The visible universe | black hole idea is exciting, I wonder if a string of probes/ships were sent over the event horizon, would their 'event horizon' from their perspective be different from the outside observers but relative to each other, if so (and presuming you have enough of them at a suitable distance from each other) their Venn relationship would allow them to maintain communication with one another all the way back to probes/ships outside the black hole's influence ?
SuperTuesday 2 aylar önce
Once you go over the event horizon, you lost communication with the outside. From inside perspective, you might feel normal, but you can never get any signal from outside because you are 'moving' faster than light or any signal that can reach you, because the spacetime is so curved towards the center of the blackhole. Also, for the same reason, nothing or any signal can travel out of the event horizon. So no matter how many probes you string together through the event horizon, communication will definitely be lost at the event horizon.
Duncan Spiers
Duncan Spiers 2 aylar önce
Absolutely fascinating until 53:00 when the lecturer started to give his rather odd views about society. I wish people would not attempt to dabble in areas that are so clearly outside of their skill and knowledge domains.
Duncan Spiers
Duncan Spiers 2 aylar önce
@Stay Clean Let's just say that I would not ask my bank manager to carry out life saving surgery.
Stay Clean
Stay Clean 2 aylar önce
Fortunately for us all, you apparently have it covered.
Leah Harlow
Leah Harlow 3 aylar önce
Absolutely brilliant lecture so well delivered I got a bit disappointed near the end when he burst into into a political supanova, the universal utopia where the poor and middle classes will be forever on the rich mans leash as like gravity holding the Moon in forever bondage, no escaping as my tides needs to be tamed. Love this lecture I need to see more but I hate politics
Nahum Gat
Nahum Gat Aylar önce
Dr. Beacham -- brilliant experimental physicist and superb speaker. I love the lecture! Having said that, here is another example why scientists should not get into politics. He is essentially speaking against the future (or contemporary) Christopher Columbus of our society, that will lead us to new worlds, and new opportunities. Columbus had to go from one king to another to raise money for his dream; and the wealth of his discovery is projected and impressed on our social, economic, intellectual fabric as humans. The Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and the like of our time, will lead humans to the next adventure that will have even greater impact on society. America was not discovered by the peasants nor the knights, nor the kings of the middle ages, but by the dreamers who risked it all. Sure, Columbus brought misery on the natives of America -- but misery existed in Europe too. Unfortunately not everyone along the way shares the richness of new discoveries.... some fall victim (and this is truly unfortunate). The richness from mining the Moon or the asteroids, or from permanent habitation of the Moon or Mars, will benefit humanity. There will be some who will fall along the way. But progress has a price. Dr. Beacham has a distorted view of the social world.
jason clarke
jason clarke 4 aylar önce
Thank you! Wonderful presentation.
Russman Aylar önce
What I want to know is, what force makes the thing fall into the augmented fabric of space time? Could it be known as space gravity?
Yeda Bocaletto
Yeda Bocaletto 4 aylar önce
What a storyteller you are!!!
Bobbie Gentilquore
Bobbie Gentilquore 4 aylar önce
Excellent - the best yet - very truthful and pointed
Will Hemmer
Will Hemmer 4 aylar önce
Love this guy! About as clear as obscure subjects can be made.
Just-a-fella 4 aylar önce
I enjoyed it until towards the end when he went all woke/lefty/social equality.
Sir Oswald Fortitude
Sir Oswald Fortitude 5 aylar önce
Question for those with superior intelligence to me: Although its likely that entering a black hole can destroy all life, Is it possible that life can begin again over time, inside the black hole using all the material and matter that had been sucked into it previously?
robert Poor
robert Poor Aylar önce
Depending on the size
Sir Oswald Fortitude
Sir Oswald Fortitude 2 aylar önce
@خضر علی خان (Khizar Ali Khan) thank you
خضر علی خان (Khizar Ali Khan)
خضر علی خان (Khizar Ali Khan) 2 aylar önce
There's a video on a channel named Kurgezagt regarding the question you asked. Check it out
Bernie Haberberger
Bernie Haberberger 4 aylar önce
I do believe that is the point.
Blue 8961
Blue 8961 4 aylar önce
Hawking radiation
tcf70 TyrannoSapiensBonsai
tcf70 TyrannoSapiensBonsai 4 aylar önce
Thank you for the twist. I'm a little fead up watching physicists talking about black holes the same way as one voice without any doubts in their belief, as much that i wonder why there are more than three scientists needed beyond Einstein to build such a Theory.
Laura Tabachik
Laura Tabachik 3 aylar önce
But it’s not just one voice that is talking about their past beliefs. If you pay attention carefully you may only hear one voice talking about their past beliefs at a time. But if you talk to multiple people you will see that multiple people have the same past belief. Such as Chick-fil-A used to not have A c I remember at Chic-fil-A. Many other people remember it the same way as well. Maybe it is just a coincidence that we all remember it wrong. More than likely we have big egos. It must be our egos. There is no other explanation not even from watching this video should I get that explanation. Unless possibly this particle collider is pulling threads out of space and time and reversing space and time for just a couple of people.
Baleur 3 aylar önce
Love that he begins by saying "we dont understand what happens at the smallest scales below the planc length, nor what the properties would be of the extra dimensional pockets that gravity resides in, but dont worry, if we produce a black hole at the LHC it will instantly evaporate and be no problem". He's 100% unsure about how the fundamental deepest layers of the universe works (naturally). But when talking about potential planc-length black holes, he's suddenly 100% confident about the outcomes. lol
bardistass Aylar önce
When I was on acid in my 20s, a talking statue told me that we’re already inside a black hole… … made sense then even though, yes I was completely baked. Moral of the story, mathematician and scientists who are far cleverer than me need to do more acid.
Black View
Black View 2 aylar önce
I'm curious how it warps in all directions, with perfectly equivalent impact, simultaneously 🤔
Yowin P
Yowin P 3 aylar önce
Amazing lecture 💥
Odal Aylar önce
Somebody once said: what I like most in science is science-fiction.
Pog Tuber
Pog Tuber 4 aylar önce
25:00 is the start of an awe-inspiring moment that should leave any of us TRshow physicists with our jaws on the floor. What a brilliant way to bring in the concept of our universe being a black hole.
AJ Prasad
AJ Prasad 4 aylar önce
Jaw on ground confirmed...did the maths
MushyPeas 2 aylar önce
Good lecture. Thank you for uploading. p.s. To any fellow watchers with an ounce of optimism for the human race left, don't read the comments.
Richard Hawkins
Richard Hawkins 5 aylar önce
James has a knack for explaining physics perfectly, then adding a layer of comedy which had me smiling and I even lol'd and I don't lol that often. Especially the 'can we make a black hole out of...' and rush hour in London. An excellent presentation.
Robert Ogden
Robert Ogden Aylar önce
3.6k wannabe physicists, and one dodgy political polemicist.
Robert Ogden
Robert Ogden Aylar önce
Wait...thirty days BEFORE the RI presentation? Fasicm, no wait communism, oh, I remember: USA - almost a democratic republic, until the conservative Repugnican party are itself, and washed it down with it's bathwater. Ugh.😮reality bites!😂🎉😅😢😊😮
Robert Ogden
Robert Ogden Aylar önce
Physics is and has been, woefully short on laughter and James Beacham is correcting that and tens of thousands of us are laughing 😅 or at the very least, smiling broadly.
Geoplanet Jane
Geoplanet Jane 4 aylar önce
@Daniel Arant I think she did.
Geoplanet Jane
Geoplanet Jane 4 aylar önce
@Johanna Geisel problem is they think they’re better than the rest of us and if we are poor, that we’re poor because we enjoy being poor.
Kunal Suri
Kunal Suri 4 aylar önce
Man i love this guy brilliant work!!!!
animal lover
animal lover Aylar önce
Maybe he will show you his black hole and a brown dwarf at the event horizon. Lol
Im Deadly
Im Deadly 4 aylar önce
Gravity is a consequence of the interactions between the higgs field and the soup of spacetime itself. Spacetime is actually more dense than matter thats why matter tends to clump together. The push of the week nuclear force within atoms weakening or wobbling spacetim around the given object softens space and makes the spacetime near the object less dense than spacetime further away from an object. pull of the magnetic attraction of particles within the higgs field and the density of spacetime all combine to create the illusion of gravity. Thats why two flat objects in space will weld together. The space in between is weakened by the nuclear forces of the objects and the density difference causes a shift in forces making the objects drift together as spacetime in between flows out and is replaced by the less dense objects made of matter.
Brown 3 aylar önce
never heard it described that way. Is that an actual thing, like can you link a video?
Vinka Zoric
Vinka Zoric 4 aylar önce
Slušajući ovog naučnika u isto vreme placem i imam osmijeh na licu. Osjecam zabrinutost i sreću u isto vrijeme! Potrebu da podržim nauku . Da vičem glasno da me Planeta čuje. Nemam doboljno znanja ali uživam da slusam i pratim godinama naučna dostignuća . Hvala na ovom divnom iskustvu! Hvala sto si me odveo do neslućenih daljina i vratio nazad na nasu divnu Planetu.
Baleur 3 aylar önce
8:00 im 37 years old and been following astrophysics all my life. Just by choosing the word "flow" instead of "bend", you completely change the concept. And i've never before heard anyone else describe this with the addition of spacetime "flowing" like a river or whirlpool. This makes a lot of sense, if that effect is prominent enough, couldnt that explain why galaxies are kept together despite the static gravity of the accumulated mass not being enough to prevent stuff spiraling out? If the accumulated matter moving in the same direction also results in spacetime itself "flowing" like a river, adding some traction to let stars move along with the underlying framework, wouldnt that explain, in part, how the galaxies are kept "sticky"? Is dark matter really needed, or is our understanding of gravity just incomplete in this kind of concept?
steveba50 3 aylar önce
Brilliant lecturer!
rakov1 22 gün önce
Brilliant presentation. Lost me for a bit when he wandered off at the end, burst that story bubble.
Frank Pettersen
Frank Pettersen 4 aylar önce
I got an idea, have some one explored the the possibility that a dense object in space can have a mass that is just the right one that it emits light waves that comes out right before it becomes a black hole .
Brian Fleming
Brian Fleming 2 aylar önce
I've thought this way for years. It just always made sense to me. Just like facing two mirrors together and they have infinite reflections.
Saad Ali
Saad Ali 5 aylar önce
This is the easiest-to-understand description of black hole I have ever listened to... at the same time, I learned many new things around this topic... loved it
Joey Aylar önce
@Kathy B Hi grandma
Kathy B
Kathy B 5 aylar önce
Heard it b4 in high school 50 years ago! What goes around comes around.
Dr D
Dr D Aylar önce
I love this presentation and was floored at the idea we may exist inside of a black hole. It would explain why space is expanding faster than the speed of light as the event horizon grows. One contention I have with one theory is.....claiming there is actually no such thing as gravity/gravitational force. All the while using G (the gravitational constant) to calculate the Swartzhild radius To me this is the equivalent of suddenly saying there is actually no such thing as an invisible force called magnetism, yet still using Gauss as a measure of Magnetism.
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin 4 aylar önce
This mind boggling! So the Great Attractor, or a larger mass beyond, could be the singularity, which is what we & all local galaxy clusters are flowing too! Plus, if we are in a black hole, it does make it more feasible there are more universes within black holes?
Marc Draco
Marc Draco Aylar önce
James is amazing. His conclusion was so emotive and moving.
Donna Haynes
Donna Haynes 2 aylar önce
I get what you and others have said about the event horizon (EH) and the inability to communicate across the EH. how about this thought experiment, As one, a person, drone or robot, falls into the black hole past the EH, suppose they are followed by transceivers one of which stays at the edge of the event horizon. could the one that falls into the black hole communicate, stage by stage, to the transceiver that is just at the EH which can then communicate, however slowly, outside of the EH? might be a twisted idea but maybe???
SuperTuesday 2 aylar önce
Then you have failed to understand the meaning of Event Horizon - which is the absolute boundary that nothing can ever escape out from the EH, not even light or any signal. No matter how close you position 2 transmitters (1 outside 1 inside), once 1 of it falls inside the EH, communication between the 2 is lost forever.
Robert Lenk
Robert Lenk Aylar önce
Thoroughly enjoyed it, but I have one question. I'm curious how we're going to build this lunar collider without extraction, exploitation and profit? To build the LHC consumed enormous treasure, not to mention tonnes and tonnes of materials and energy. These resources were only available because the economy was strong enough to support it.
yanamar 26 gün önce
This way of looking at black holes is very interesting. Seems to me we always imagine BH like regions of space with something at the center. But the universe isn't supposed to have a center. So if there's an universe inside a BH, we cannot think of the interior of a BH as a finite region of space. Also quick question: if space-time flows inside high gravity regions as in a sink, is this space-time "lost"? Does it flows "from" somewhere? Other question: Mr Beacham says that with the passing of time, new distant things will enter the sphere of our observable universe. I thought it would be the contrary, that because of the expansion distant objects are getting away ever faster, and will after some time be lost to our view. Is that wrong then ?
AppNasty 4 aylar önce
45:00 "Maybe quantum gravity is waiting for us....on the moon." Suddenly the movie The Time Machine (newest vrs) popped into my mind lol.
ImperturbableLight 4 aylar önce
Great talk! Very elucidating.
Legacy 3010
Legacy 3010 14 gün önce
I figured this out years ago when they started talking about them being at the centre of galaxies. It's obvious our universe is just a black hole inside another universe and so on for eternity. It will explain dark matter too when they study what happens to matter once it enters black hole.
DG 1
DG 1 4 aylar önce
I've always wondered where did all of the energy go when it is drawn into a blackhole? The energy has to have gone somewhere.
DG 1
DG 1 4 aylar önce
@Steve Fistell - But everything (energy) goes into a black hole. Nothing comes out. Where did the energy go?
Steve Fistell
Steve Fistell 4 aylar önce
Maybe back into our universe
theeRamblinGamblinMan 3 aylar önce
I love this guy!!!!!! Need more
rawdawg505 Aylar önce
I came up with the same conclusion I've always wondered if we're a black hole within a black hole in yet another black hole or do universes touching like two balls at a point and as the merge the point of contact is getting bigger cousins what we xall black holes.. (is all the we see or seem to be no more than a dream within a dream?)
VivekSV 5 aylar önce
I wish my teachers were so engaging. Not for a second did I look away or felt bored. Very engaging and informative!!
E C Aylar önce
I liked the talk. Very informative and engaging. What I cannot understand is how a smart person like James can believe in a non-scientific concept like anthropogenic climate change. I ask him, where is the smoking gun evidence? All we have is some simulations that are woefully inadequate in predicting climate behaviour.
ERB 4 aylar önce
Could quantum entanglement work across the event horizon?
Seth Brooks
Seth Brooks 3 aylar önce
Yes 100%
ciscoponch67 3 aylar önce
Thank you, Dr. Beacham and The Royal Institute. Amazing and exciting!!! The human adventure is just beginning!!!
Billy Aylar önce
He really engaged me well and was completely spot on when he talked about the Facist Biden regime and how they mismanaged the pandemic.
Jack Parker
Jack Parker 4 aylar önce
What magnetic gravitational phenomenon allows the molecules of our body to remain blocked in there position however the coordinates are allocated?
Tim Halstead
Tim Halstead 4 aylar önce
Shame such an interesting lecture went off the deep end into climate and societal nonsense
Kelly Mantei
Kelly Mantei 4 aylar önce
Imagine that a neutron star has to much gravity for matter to exist in three dimensions, the matter aligns into a polarized magnetic pole, that displaces space-time on two poles.
Catharina Hollander
Catharina Hollander 4 aylar önce
Nothing ever captured my attention so enormously until the very end! Thank you so very much 🙏🏼
binaryalgorithm 4 aylar önce
"regular impossible is only impossible right up until the moment where someone makes it possible"
Mohammed Muzakkir
Mohammed Muzakkir 4 aylar önce
The lecture was very interesting and he delivered with such passion but what impressed me is his last few words of this session about the human kind, if we want the space travel and everything, first we want humans to behave as a society looking out for one another or else forget Interstellar travel humans would barely be able to walk the moon with such evil and egoistic minds. His lecture on the black hole being a containment of another universe just blows my mind, it seems so amazing though only God knows best. But I really appreciate this, thanks Prof., may Allah bless you.
Wade Taber
Wade Taber 4 aylar önce
So, if we assume the density of mass that the universe is expanding into (the unknown stuff outside the universe) is equal to the density of stuff in our observable universe (meaning we have an estimate for both the mass and size, or volume, of the universe), does that increase in mass within a calculable change in "event horizon" radius of the observable universe come close to the rate of expansion that we calculate for the universe? This would potentially validate the notion that our observable universe is inside a black hole.
A J 4 aylar önce
Amazing talk. I am glad he is for human rights!
Google is Skynet
Google is Skynet 3 aylar önce
For me, the final bit ruined the entire speech. Injecting his leftist political dogma into a conversation about black holes was unbelievably tactless and utterly cringeworthy. That is how you turn people off who would have otherwise been very interested and supportive.
Roland M
Roland M 4 aylar önce
Or maybe he was taking a stab at Socialism and all the brainwashing going on in the schools
the doge
the doge 3 aylar önce
Amazing presentation 👍
Avabeth McGhee
Avabeth McGhee 3 aylar önce
Dr. Beacham, you make me want to sneak into one of your lectures. Except I don't have to thanks to TRshow!
Elaine Oddsoxxx
Elaine Oddsoxxx Aylar önce
BRILLIANT! Thank you!!!
Nick Janse
Nick Janse 2 gün önce
This is always what i thought 30:00
William 5 aylar önce
Feel like I have been asking if “our universe was in a black hole” for some time now. Glad to see there’s physicist asking these questions in the lime light finally
Macy Sondheim
Macy Sondheim 4 aylar önce
Great u can keep asking all u want, that don’t mean nothing, asking ain’t gettin things done, that’s y they call it asking..means ur just runnin ur lips pal 🏃
tagradh 5 aylar önce
@Elvis Needs Boats You've made it this far in your life without coming across the concept of hypocrisy? And you think calling out self aggrandizing nonsense is worse than said nonsense? Good for you, buddy.
Elvis Needs Boats
Elvis Needs Boats 5 aylar önce
@tagradh Really? You’ve got nothing better to do but make snotty comments on a stranger’s post? Grow up.
tagradh 5 aylar önce
You mean asking questions that plenty of scientists have publicly asked for many years?
Terra Lopez
Terra Lopez 5 aylar önce
@Elvis Needs Boats Yeah, me too! Thanks so much for your helpful explanation.
Romulo Pontual
Romulo Pontual Aylar önce
Fascinating presentation. Congratulations.
tex 4 aylar önce
The problem with phisics is, you keep watching new and new presentations but the story is the same. I think pbs spacetime is the best, they still can keep the topic interesting for veterans to.
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