Why Chairman Mao Is Responsible For More Than 45 Million Deaths | Mao's Great Famine | Timeline

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Timeline - World History Documentaries

Timeline - World History Documentaries

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Based on previously unheard testimony by survivors, archive footage, secret documents and interviews, this landmark film provides insight into the folly of the 1958-1962 Great Leap Forward. It examines the decisions that led to possibly the worst famine in modern history under Mao in China.
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@ZhangtheGreat Yıl önce
Both my parents lived through this era, and both have consistently summed it up in one simple sentence: "everyone who survived knew at least one person who died."
@jumpingsloth3963 Yıl önce
"One person who died directly as a result of the famine". Everybody knows someone who has passed
@uglymolly2138 Yıl önce
that gave me chills
@MetalsirenIXI Yıl önce
@@jumpingsloth3963 Context clues were enough to explain what he meant as he mentioned the era brought up in the video.
@nicolasrose3064 Yıl önce
So what.
@nicolasrose3064 Yıl önce
So what.
@changliu2239 Yıl önce
I was born in China, 2000, and from my experience growing up and hearing all kinds of stories about the great famine, I got a sense that everybody around me knew what happened, but nobody talked about it in public. Just like the Tiananmen Square Massacre, everybody knew it (and are quite open to private discussions, you will be AMAZED how much they actually know about the event), it was just that nobody talked about it openly.
@MarkMark-xz4ff Yıl önce
Interesting. I always wonder if they talked in private with people they trusted.
@gabrielgaranas Yıl önce
@Chang Liu how do u know who to trust with these matters?
@MarkMark-xz4ff Yıl önce
@@gabrielgaranas very true. But I would think you could discuss it with other friends that complain or grumble about the regime. I know it’s sensitive. I taught a class to a Chinese kid and talked about my life in Taiwan for 15 years. He couldn’t handle facts like they had their own passports, military, currency, democracy, and that he would need a visa if he wanted to visit. He was almost an adult. Dad refused to pay for the lesson. Great country and people being made stupid by terrible leaders.
@gabrielgaranas Yıl önce
@@MarkMark-xz4ff puts into perspective how much the govt controls their people. In the USSR its been said that 1 in 3 people were informants. I imagine it would be much worse in China as its both people and technology looking at you. If stories were told it would be in hushed tones, very private, and with only those you trust the most.
@MarkMark-xz4ff Yıl önce
@@gabrielgaranas Yes. And China was modeled on this. You are right. Mao loved Stalin. Even Stalin told him to cool it and not go so aggressive with reforms but he didn’t listen.
@NeoAutodroid 4 aylar önce
I cried towards the end, I cried for all those people and the horrors they endured the scale of which is difficult even to imagine. I cried knowing our species can be so incredibly cruel. I cried knowing the victims were never even officially recognized or given a proper memorial.
@primostracciatella7618 3 aylar önce
They weren't even given a proper burial.
@blazejames47 2 aylar önce
Never mind the dozens of millions who died directly before this point as well, in brutal events such as the Taipeng rebellion. It is sad to consider the unfortunately exceptional brutality of China’s history in the last two hundred years alone. It’s a concept beyond western conception.
@yvandong7237 4 aylar önce
My grandparents grew up in this era. Grandmother is incredibly short because of it and some of her younger brothers have stomach issues for life because of it. Its as if the starvation never ended for them. Most of my family hordes food now in chest freezers and dry storage because it is now a habit developed out of starvation trauma. Let the younger generation learn from the old...
@ExOratioLiberumLibertasOmnius 2 aylar önce
How many kids in the family? Probably a bunch. Don't have so many kids, won't have a problem.
@yvandong7237 2 aylar önce
@@ExOratioLiberumLibertasOmnius very ignorant of you to say. Mao was encouraging for large families at that time as this was after the 2nd World War and a continent spanning civil war. He promised that we would all have enough to eat and enough land to farm unlike under the Qing or the Nationalists. Are you going to blame my great grandparents for not having enough foresight to see bad times ahead under a leader who promised us that we would all at least not starve under his rule?
@jeteroheller4811 Yıl önce
Heartbreaking but critical to understand. Thanks to everyone who produced this doc!
@magnetsoldiercephas331 2 aylar önce
Yep. We have to know all the dirty details so we can avoid it in the future. Learn about and from it and you will know signs when things start going bad.
@baptizednblood6813 24 gün önce
Is this a bit comment? There’s another just like this from a different user
@jeteroheller4811 24 gün önce
@@baptizednblood6813 I’m not a bit.
@izziestrk 3 aylar önce
my mom worked with a guy who grew up during the famine and the stories he told her left her in tears in the middle of work. he and his family resorted at times to eating straw, insects, and dirt, and his parents often went days with no food at all just so the kids could have whatever meagre scraps they could find. there was this one specific food (i can't remember which) that was often all they had to eat for months on end that he couldn't even stand the sight or smell of as an adult bc he was so traumatized. it was horrendous to even hear about, so i can't even begin to imagine what these people suffered.
@richardcranium3579 Aylar önce
It’s becoming popular again…..eat ze bugs says Herr Klaus Schwab.
@danieljakubik3428 Yıl önce
Powerful documentary. Don't forget or excuse the mistakes of history.
@Celisar1 Yıl önce
Mass murder is not a mistake.
@Amador253 Yıl önce
@@Celisar1 I think he means him coming to power was
@slavish_superiority Yıl önce
already happened again...It even affected the marines at the US consulate in Shanghai. They had no fresh food to eat and had to evacuate immediately. This is the first time Americans have experienced totalitarian style famine
@SonOfNone Yıl önce
I lived in a food insecure family as a child, and it greatly affected me (and still does). To learn of this, and witness the testimony and videos of these people and their plight hurts my soul. Whether I agree or not with whatever ideology is irrelevant- human suffering is human suffering. May those affected find better times, and may those no longer with us find peace.
@johnanderson3022 Yıl önce
same. couldn't agree more.
@jesusisgodofall6407 Yıl önce
whether you agree with whatever ideology is 100% relevant.
@stillcantbesilenced6647 Yıl önce
@@jesusisgodofall6407 that's THEIR way of excusing the socialists, and maintaining their adherence to their sick ethos. Otherwise, why even mention it?
@@jesusisgodofall6407 sure if you're talking about the leadership. It's definitely relevant yes. But if you're considering the suffering of the people, it is not. They were lied to and misled. All with the intentions of sacrificing their present for a better future for their children.
@currentbatches6205 11 aylar önce
"Whether I agree or not with whatever ideology is irrelevant- human suffering is human suffering..." Unless, as in this case, the ideology is the direct cause of the suffering.
@victoriaman117 Yıl önce
That term "indescribable madness" is the best description of this period. Before 2020 I could have never understood how this could happen, but I saw a small glimpse and its terrifying to think this is where you can end up because of a small group of megalomaniacs
@magicnier211 Yıl önce
Yes .. it can happen anywhere .. with the dominant narrative influencing my views I thought the Eastern and the less develope nation of the world commit this act until I witness Trump
@Cobaltryno Yıl önce
@@magicnier211 wtf are you talking about?
@comment3711 Yıl önce
@@jayjanuary4754 How is that even remotely valid? Communast logic 🤡
@plumeria66 7 aylar önce
I am so thankful my grandfather had the courage to abandon China and send his wife and my 13 year old dad and his little siblings on a ship to Taiwan, and then later join them. They left all their possessions behind and just had the clothes on their back. Because of their bravery, I am freer.
@chenjia1964 Yıl önce
most of my family grew up in this era. they told me I was lucky not to grow up in the "starving time" and had to steal or eat bark, but mao was still a good leader. this family of mine contradicts itself on so many levels considering my deceased grandfather was a principal and one of his sons in laws was a red guard in a system designed to reward beating up his colleagues. it was a bizarre time for me to try to process how china screwed them so badly in the head
@raimondsstokmanis1892 Yıl önce
Oh yeah, the contradictions. Slightly reminds me of my mother who lived during soviet times in Eastern Europe. She would sometimes say, how much better certain things were , that with such little cash you could buy so much, but then she says you had to wait in long lines to buy stuff, and you could only get certain stuff like let's say a well made, with connections to certain people.
@jianqiaocao2446 Yıl önce
compare India and Africa with China ,maybe you will understand why your family said “ Mao was still a good leader”
@reecemorton4786 Yıl önce
@@jianqiaocao2446 China is a 5,000 year old cultural powerhouse, not sub Saharan Africa. They should’ve never had any “starving times”
@jianqiaocao2446 Yıl önce
@@reecemorton4786 Between 108 BC and 1911 AD, there were at least 1828 famines in China. Famines occur almost every year in at least one province, but the severity varies widely.
@reecemorton4786 Yıl önce
@@jianqiaocao2446 how many times has 1/10th of the entire population starved?
@jobbvir1 Yıl önce
I watched with tears in my eyes and horrified when realizing this terrible tragedy may happen again to humans under dictator’s oppression.
@eremstemero8823 9 aylar önce
It can indeed happen any time and everywhere. The the only precondition is we give too much power to one person, above all the ultimate power to unilaterally decide what is right and what is wrong. It always ended in a disaster.
@bandito_burrito 9 aylar önce
If u live in an almost entirely agrarian, third-world country with little to no literacy, then you should be worried.
@mathewr6206 9 aylar önce
The faster, the better as that regime must fall again. AT ANY COST
@66xXDeathIsNearXx66 7 aylar önce
It is happening to Uighurs
@mingxuanfan Yıl önce
My father grew up in that era, he said a lot of people died, they didn’t have anything to eat and sometimes they ate wild grass, and got food poisoning and there’s no treatment, everyone was so malnourished, and he would immediately tell me that I can’t mention this to anyone in school.
@redfo3009 Yıl önce
Wow he was protecting you but letting you know the truth. Good for him 🙏
@duncancurtis1758 Yıl önce
Dikotter writes peasants ate mud when all the grass ran out.
@mingxuanfan Yıl önce
@@duncancurtis1758 Geography matters, we are in the northeast region, where the Japanese originally occupied, then Russia invaded, they all wanted that piece of land, the soil is extremely fertile, we were famous for coal mines, there are mountains and rivers the people were living off. Even when I was little, I often went fishing…foraging with my friends for fun, but even we had all of those resources, so many people died. People up north and down south were pretty self-sufficient before the famine so not as much suffering. But people in the mid-China region where these documentaries talk about had the worst case.
@Q_QQ_Q Yıl önce
@mingxuan fan are you manchurian ?
@cwg9238 Yıl önce
@@hennagaijin7856 "only of the good side of communism" aint seen one yet.
@tywanjacob2910 Yıl önce
My fiancé’s parents lived through that time, and she told me that they were still shaken up by what they’ve seen and experienced during the “Great Famine” until the day they died!
@MA-gv3wg 6 aylar önce
The elders that survived the famine ate many dead people to SURVIVE.
@davidz7858 4 aylar önce
My father in law was a teenager that time, he was so close to die of starvation. He told us he saw someone came from opposite direction and collapsed in front of him and died. Even today he visit us, when we do shopping, he always insists to buy a new bag of rice even though we still have more than half of bag rice at home.
@christopherfleming7505 Yıl önce
Let me get this straight. One man had absolute power over a country of 650 million people. He made dissidence a crime punishable by death. He took away all individual rights, including private property, so that "the individual was no more than a cog in a great machine". What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
@PopeMetallicus Yıl önce
The PRC makes the Imperium of Man look humane and caring by comparison. The Imperium at least TRIES to feed its people
@ankailiu3365 Yıl önce
You should not take a history event out of the context. 1) China was poor at that time under strong influence from the west. 2) savour union was the only successful model available at that time. So is it a bad attend? Absolutely. Was Mao did it just for personal power? I highly doubt it.
@alphaomega7112 Yıl önce
@@ankailiu3365 yes
@PungiFungi Yıl önce
@@ankailiu3365 like the high ups of the Party, he sure didn’t suffer the consequences of his policies, or did what he told the people to: I didn’t see him rushing to live in a commune.
@iironhide6209 Yıl önce
@@ankailiu3365 the west was a successful model at the time too. And what about say aging Kong
@bobl4275 4 aylar önce
Just cannot help getting teary and emotional again and again watching this ... Heavens, why so much suffering for Chinese people, my country, my race?! I'm so sad because I know it's all true - my own grandmother on my mother's side died of starvation then! following her husband who as the head of the village in the government hang himself when communist's "Chinese liberation army" came.
@user-se2vl1zx6o 2 aylar önce
Hello, I'm from Sichuan. It was really a great tragedy to think about that year. All this can only be blamed on the incompetence of the national government, which made them win.,Alas, it's all fate.
@Sweatcheck69 Yıl önce
“Did you ever hear the Tragedy of the Great Leap Forward?” “No.” “It’s not a story the Chinese government would tell you.”
@EaizePeazy Yıl önce
3 replies are not shown. Guess the Chinese government didn't like your comment. and where spreading dis-information?
@sitizenkanemusic Yıl önce
People visiting from the CCP can just talk to people from Taiwan. They'll tell them the truth.
@modmotherjena1536 7 aylar önce
American, mid-30s. I’ve never heard of this. It truly astounds me what we were and weren’t taught about history. My son once asked if the Hunger Games could actually happen. I said it probably already did. Well, minus the high-tech arena, here it is. Just horrific.
@billv7356 Yıl önce
wow. this woman is what a true journalist is. i wish this could reach more people. thank you for this ill always regret not asking my grandpa for the full story of his experience in the USSR, WW2, german POW camp, and the gulag.
@albatross5466 Yıl önce
This woman is a reader. She did not investigate or write any of this. At 14:40 she mispronounces "proliferated". Only a reader would make that mistake. Edit; I just realized you were talking about the investigator featured in the film. She is not the person narrating. You are correct about the investigator. My apologies.
@alejogarciajr022 Yıl önce
Chinese became united during d times of genesis khan who united d wholes of china
@albatross5466 Yıl önce
@@alejogarciajr022 Yes, while he committed genocidal atrocities.
@sauron6031 Yıl önce
This is the most terrifying and quite frankly most depressing event in history I’ve ever learnt about by far, how so few people in power could spell death for the millions feeding them nothing but lies as they starved their own people to death. Rest in peace to those who died in the struggle to survive we will never forget
@cindyhuang7021 Yıl önce
says the person in amarica who is acctully doing the same thing to the first gen chinase studants there
@sauron6031 Yıl önce
@@cindyhuang7021 I’m English we love Chinese students here because our universities would be half empty without them and many of our local businesses would’ve shut down a long time ago especially where I live
@vintce6019 11 aylar önce
​@@cindyhuang7021 says the one who can't spell and doesn't live in america.
@dave9351 9 aylar önce
Time to learn about North Korea ! If there ever was an example of the disparities between a Democratic society and an Autocratic society one need only look at at North & South Korea. Democracies are not perfect; only representative of any societies attempt to better themselves and their families.
@mardukevii9180 Aylar önce
Thank you so much for this video. For making easy education and brining light to such a topic. Love the people who interviewed and the interviewers. Thank you for this video c:
@nickbree1959 Yıl önce
This is so eye opening. I’ve never heard this story. Some of us get so caught up in such trivial matters we’re ignorant of the realities of this world.
@user-dd5qb7uc8v 2 aylar önce
Heartbreaking but critical to understand. Thanks to everyone who produced this doc!. Powerful documentary. Don't forget or excuse the mistakes of history..
@OceanicPearlz1 2 aylar önce
Yes very heartbreaking, im having a heavy heart rn as im thinking my own love/loved ones….. who suffered under Mao…. There is that part empty part of me that just feels like I missed an opportunity to get the elderly primary sources of my own family’s ancestry….cause ALL of my great grandparents already met their destiny…….
@maestrovso Yıl önce
Mao's rise, the forming of the Communist Party, the great leap forward, and the culture revolution can be made into a long documentary series. This is an excellent documentary and one very accurate one. All of it reminds me what our parents and grandma told us, and news we read. I am very impressed with the filmed footages at the time. Of course we don't get to see the darkest human suffering and deaths. I gather from the clothing this documentary was made around 5 to 10 years ago. Definitely before the shut down of free speech in Hong Kong.,
@johnathand6211 Yıl önce
There are several series in mao
@youtubehatestruthtellers8065 Yıl önce
Biden building back better
@davidwelch2791 Yıl önce
@@youtubehatestruthtellers8065 Let's go Brandon!!! 🤣 Be safe and be 😎
@serdavosseaworth6115 Yıl önce
It’s really heartbreaking that the people of China especially the younger generations are completely left in the dark about this, while mao is everywhere even on their currency.
@kiwitrainguy Yıl önce
According to other posts in these comments, it is passed on by word of mouth in private.
@serdavosseaworth6115 Yıl önce
Benjamin Franklin didn’t force 60 million people into starvation dude, sure the west has its problems but a history of murderous communism isn’t one of them.
@user-jn3ox3nr9b 9 aylar önce
@josephde-zordi7324 Yıl önce
Terrifying, how one psychopath can mobolize the mobs ( mostly proud youths), and even turn them to hate their own parents, teachers, and literally devour one another. The price of killing sparrows
@HenryBenedictUSA 11 aylar önce
Literally what’s happening in the u.s today…
@HenryBenedictUSA 11 aylar önce
Literally what’s happening in the u.s today…
@ulfingvar1 7 aylar önce
Happened in Germany, happened in Russia..
@OceanicPearlz1 2 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this. As I lost My great grandfather due to the ccp UNDER MAO ZE TSONG and could have lost all my great grandparents if not the rest fleed to Taiwan… I appreciate this. More people need to hear and know this and not be so ignorant about the great evils… I heard my great grandparents through my father & grandma, & grandparents and dad’s stories. For when the last time I talked with my great grandma the very one who lost her husband (my great grandfather ) to the communist party of China under Mao…. Never talked about it with me…. Must have impacted her deeply… at least she’s reunited with him for almost 9 years now….. not even my grandpa talks about it… why?…. cause that was *HIS* father……
@jimbo3891 Yıl önce
Met a guy who was a boy at the time of the famine, used to eat the plaster from the walls so he hunger pains wouldn’t keep him awake at night. The local village put guards on the small cemetery so people wouldn’t dig up the dead to eat them. First case of cannibalism he was aware of when a person from a neighboring village collapsed and died as he walked through the village - some people took his body that night and used it as food.
@Webedunn 8 aylar önce
@johnilyemson Yıl önce
I watch this video a few times a week, and I always cry at the part where the father had to bury his son alive. I cannot fathom the pain he must have felt. And that is just one of the many horror stories that came out of this period of history.
@prabhugautham Yıl önce
The world and younger generations should never forget their older generations who went through such horrific and horrendous days.
@MrTaxiRob Yıl önce
they should remember that older generations did these things to one another
@ExOratioLiberumLibertasOmnius Yıl önce
@@MrTaxiRob truth
@oarheadeoye9328 Yıl önce
@@MrTaxiRob is l
@sleepintheirashes Yıl önce
Thank you for making this a documentary. Very enlightening.
@amarissimus29 Yıl önce
Dikotter's trilogy about the tragedy of China is fantastic. It was nice to see him here. I highly recommend checking his works out. The scale of murder and misery in China since Mao is so far beyond anything else in human history that it's almost laughable. And the Marxists shrug it off.
@mofo1853 9 aylar önce
It’s worth mentioning that the ideas used for collectivization of agriculture were based on Trofim Lysenko’s “Lysenkoism”, which posited that plants would grow better in a communistic type set up, all together in bunches, to support eachother. All the traditional farmers had already been killed, and lysenokism lead to massive starvation there as well.
@arthas640 4 aylar önce
It never ceases to amaze me how many times collectivized farming got proven to be a bad idea yet every communist country made it one of their first priorities. Most of the time it ended in famine yet they just kept trying it again and again with each leader thinking "well I know better than they did" and seeing the same results. They were often made worse since often the new collectiivized farms were run by people without much knowledge of farming or the locals so they often made terrible mistakes.
@13minutestomidnight Yıl önce
None of the great dystopian novels of the 20th century can compare to the real physical and psychological horror that so many countries and societies experienced at the hands of left-wing and right-wing extremists in that century (it's telling that all these extremist dictators were incredibly similar and treated people very similarly). Of all the countries where the government enslaved a large population (often their own people) and committed genocide (whether intentional massacre or simply not caring that millions of their own people were dying), China probably suffered the worst - especially with such a huge population. Just like with the French revolution, when the extremists took control, ideals of freedom and equality were twisted and a new elite ruling class replaced the old on a wave of blood.
@cindyhuang7021 Yıl önce
your..........not wrong
@notanymore9471 4 aylar önce
Name one right wing extremist.
@onecookieboy 4 aylar önce
I was married to a Chinese born and bred woman for 10 years until 2020. She struggled to come to terms with the amount of people who died in the famine, and was in denial about the Tiananmen Square massacre, both of which are taboo subjects in her native country. The CCP closely regulates what is taught in schools and neither of those topics are permitted along with several other topics which paint the CCP in a bad light, it won't be long until no one from those times will still be alive to tell what really happened and then it will be completely forgotten about.
@deborahwatson3918 Yıl önce
I’ve always called it the Great LIE forward. The saddest part is just how little he thought of the PEOPLE in his supposed Peoples movement. The comment made by the writer sticks with me “A country that cannot face its past has no future.”
@person3070 Yıl önce
@generalmartok3990 Yıl önce
I lived in China for several years. I eventually got to learn the stories of my friends' relatives during this time. A lot of them referred to it as "the Great Leap Backward".
@Gorboduc Yıl önce
Jim Jones' Peoples Temple didn't care much about "the people" either.
@xxfrosty609xx3 Yıl önce
@@Gorboduc at some point you get some megalomaniac who believes their “method” will bring prosperity to all to the detriment of all.
@etloing5016 Yıl önce
What a heart breaking documentary...just simply wild.
@elwoodziggurat Yıl önce
Absolutely nightmarish. This needs to be thoroughly taught in every school so people stop believing communism is the answer to our problems.
@OnimeDoobs 11 aylar önce
Seeing the poor children suffering makes me tear up
@lou1958 Yıl önce
We all should know by now the wisdom in remembering and preserving our history, lest we are doomed to make the same mistakes. More often today I am shocked how much we seem to have forgotten any lessons from our past. Of course, he who controls history also controls the future, which serves to highlight the value of that knowledge.
@lirenxin5472 9 aylar önce
Good old 1984.
@antibull4869 5 aylar önce
Why do you think this history is not taught in American schools? The teacher’s unions.
@emilhuseynov6121 Yıl önce
As an avid Chinese Communist history reader it would be great to see a documentary with regards to the power struggle which occurred in the party from Mao getting sidelined due to the failure of the GLP to him regaining his footing as a result of the Cultural revolution to him politically fighting with his anointed successor Lin Biao to finally seeing him trying to reach an equilibrium between the radical leftist faction and the old guard.
@dkeith45 Yıl önce
I attended a gathering at a friend of my GF's house a couple of years ago. The host, an American white guy around age 70 at one point was talking about how marvelous modern day China was and how wonderful the Communist revolution was. How the people of China were so lucky to have been brought into the modern world by Mao. I replied, sure, if you can overlook the 50 million who died in the famines. He gave me a dirty look and said nothing more.
@jacobengle5567 Yıl önce
@marshal6540 Yıl önce
50 million is absurd,why you exaggerate the figure ?
@humanchannel7825 Yıl önce
@@marshal6540 because that is the exact number that died
@marshal6540 Yıl önce
@@humanchannel7825 how do you konw genius?
@SofaMuncher 9 aylar önce
One word of advice: if your authorities ever try to take away property rights, do everything you can to prevent it. Even if you are almost assured to die doing so. Because if they do, the result will be far worse than death.
@Jeffthedude15 6 aylar önce
Have we really learned from History or are we destined to repeat it? When lessons like this haven't been passed down I fear that we are.
@hanhanz1821 Yıl önce
The hunger continued in rural area til 1980s ( Not as severe as those 3 years but impressive for those who lived through). It was just covered by the bigger case of cultural revolution. Farmers suffer the most. Same story repeats...
@sausidethtran4518 Yıl önce
I was also in the Pol Pot EuroChinese communist facilities for 6 months and my parents and Me siblings suffered exchanging our gold for food and lastly, we returned to Vietnam by the Soviet Vietnamese small Viking ship. Thank God, we survived to be in The USA.
@johnmcfarlane1580 2 aylar önce
All schools and universities in the UK should make this mandatory for pupils to see and be shown on the education curriculum, for this is what the powers in charge would be doing to us if they could 😢
@rogerlee1941 Yıl önce
My grandfather lived through that era. He used to tell us stories about that time, in the disappointment with the government, how his family had little to eat and had to eat dead fishes he can found in the village river just so that the family could survive. On top of that, he needed to worry about getting falsely accused by the red guard, even though he was just a minor account for the village official but not a party member. Although he still supports the government, he condemns the great leap forward movement, the red guard, especially the so-called "Gang of Four."
@squizzyicetea Yıl önce
It's mind-blowing to me to see how many young people actually think communism or socialism is a good idea. They think that it is some paradise idea and actively fight to be able to vote for it. It makes me sad
@stillcantbesilenced6647 Yıl önce
"although he still supports the government" ahhhh so he's senile too. Or just too proud to admit he got duped.
@user-vn1zj6px7g 9 aylar önce
@@squizzyicetea You are so one-sided. Look at how strong China is now. How fast China develop. You only look at the mistake we made so you negate the communism.
@mariyavolnic9187 Yıl önce
my grandgrandparents also experienced hunger (not in China, but in other country, i won't tell you). when hunger has started they were wealthy but they were forced to give their food and cows and everything to government as everyone in the village. most of villagers had died and my grandgrandparents were eating even tree bark. their children and parents died, but they survived. it's sad
@EveofPyrite 5 aylar önce
That's very sad. I can't believe that some governments would do stuff like this to their people
@christopherjannette5863 9 aylar önce
The line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.
@Redzen.No.0488 8 aylar önce
The Great Leap Forward was a catastrophe followed by another catastrophe a few years later, the Cultural Revolution. Mao really knew how impose economic hardship and turmoil.
@darev6780 8 aylar önce
Anyone who survives living in this regime always has a horror story to share.
@jonathonyoung3117 Yıl önce
yeah both sides of my family suffered from this, dads side went to hong kong, mums side had to renounce all their assets and lay low to avoid prosecution. Basically lost all their land, business & wealth. Mums side managed to stow away some minor wealth comprising antiques, precious metals, paintings, all now remain in china. Some of the arts and antiques were later donated to museums in china. The great leap forward was a brutally simple extermination of the upper classes and class divide but also had far reaching consequences with erasure of chinese culture, literature, intellect, innovation & human development.
@asytippyy352 Yıl önce
Xun was one of my lecturers at the Uni of Essex. I always remember how her eyes used to light up when someone engaged in the topic. She really gave off the impression of being a tremendously driven and competent scholar in this field. (She's also a notoriously strict marker, which goes to show how far her commitment to good academic practice goes - it often felt like my undergrad papers were being graded against an MA standard :P)
@PacificFrontUntold Yıl önce
I still remember my History teacher saying "Great Leap Forward, more like a giant step back." He was right.
@Sweatcheck69 Yıl önce
fun fact: Mao Zedong had green teeth because every morning he used to wash his teeth with tea and then chew tea leaves. His personal doctor was worried he might get dental issues but Mao told him "Tigers never brush their teeth" 🤦🏻‍♂️
@Rohit-nn9ky Yıl önce
lol cracked me up
@josephyuen1947 Yıl önce
@ Ying Yang . True . Mentioned by his personal physician .
@rainmain1530 Yıl önce
@capricorn839 Yıl önce
@@desortinyrodmann3702 They found out during the embalming process
@ANBTdebayan2607 Yıl önce
A very good well documented well researched story .
@petelosuaniu Yıl önce
There are plenty of things that go wrong in democracies but there is no way that democracies give humans worse outcomes and such utter lack of accountability for injustice than totalitarian regimes. There is always hope in democracies; there is never any hope in totalitarianism - there is just acceptance and surrendering one's humanity to the state.
@Erin-rg3dw Yıl önce
In case anyone is interested in a fictional story about this timeframe, I highly recommend "Dreams of Joy," by Lisa See. It's a fictional story told from the perspective of survivors of the Great Leap Forward.
@conanthegreat4418 9 aylar önce
Just what we need: a fictional account of an actual Chinese Holocaust.
@black-uh1df 4 aylar önce
​@@conanthegreat4418historical fiction. Fake people, real event. Quite an established trope that you can do a lot with.
@kandastrike Yıl önce
This is surprisingly, shockingly accurate. Often documentaries embellish or misconstrue- this didn’t.
@bobs_toys Yıl önce
It's like the September 18th museum in Shenyang for the Mukden incident. Some things are so damning they don't need exaggeration.
@flounder2129 Yıl önce
How do you know?
@kandastrike Yıl önce
@@flounder2129 I’ve read and I recommend the works of Jung Chang. I have other sources if you’re interested.
@flounder2129 Yıl önce
@@kandastrike thank you, not necessary. This is the first I’ve delved into this time. Horrible
@kandastrike Yıl önce
素食吉祥净心净土 Yes, I am not denying that, but Mao’s crimes were real too.
@oldgordo61 Yıl önce
This should be compulsury history courses to take in every public high school and campus. A lesson on the failures of state controlled economies and the tragic human cost.
@fs5775 7 aylar önce
a lesson on the failures of authoritarianism and blind obedience
@JiggidyJives 9 aylar önce
My friend’s family lived through that famine and ate cakes made of mud to fill their bellies. They were severely constipated from the mud that they had to pick help each other pass the mud by picking it out. He was born after the famine in 1966.
@simeon-1383 Yıl önce
Thank you for opening my eyes to such a tragedy.
@christhomas88 Yıl önce
A lot of respect for Timeline putting this out today. People need to know the history and truth about tyranny, communism, & socialism.
@rasangille 9 aylar önce
it’s not just communism or socialism it’s authoritarianism
@mefirst5427 10 aylar önce
My parents lived in the city during those years, they still vividly remember the bizarre things they were told to do, beat drums and things so sparrows have no places to land or perch, give up any old metal objects so they can be melted to "make steel"; they still refer to that period "the three year of natural disaster"; my father side has large family with a single mother, with food ration coupons, grandmother would go hungry so the kids can use the coupons. My college friend's father was in very rural village in Fujian, things were much much worse for them during those years.
@aliblu Yıl önce
The world needs to hear this over and over again!
@tinytattoomike7943 Yıl önce
We’re about to relive it
@user-qh3ef1tp5k Yıl önce
No need. We already know it. The revolution of society often comes with sweat and blood.
@geoms6263 Yıl önce
why? we never learn. We tend to repet.... its inevitable
@maimajewski7775 Yıl önce
Incredible that this is never mentioned in college level history classes.
@exchequerguy4037 3 aylar önce
Around 1980, National Geographic showed a graph of world population in the previous few centuries. As is the case with geometric growth, the curve starts flat and then shoots upward to the present day. But there is a kink in the curve where it suddenly goes flat (first derivative zero in calculus) and then shoots up again. Not during either of the World Wars, but rather the Great Leap Forward.
@johnwright9372 2 aylar önce
These horrors illustrate the abuse of humans at its worst. The trivial complaints of so many self interest groups in today's wealthy societies are put into harsh perspective.
@AnthonySenpaikun Yıl önce
I think this is where China's exotic cuisine culture came from. Being forced to eat anything from insects to dogs, cats, lizards, etc. for years, convinced many that anything is good to eat.
@arleneparris3446 10 aylar önce
@ulfingvar1 7 aylar önce
Exotic? Evil and psychotic is what it is..
@newworldbro 5 aylar önce
@@ulfingvar1not evil if you’re going through starvation you’ll find something to eat.
@theatlantafisherman6913 Yıl önce
This should be MANDATORY for every single American college student.
@bluegregory6239 11 aylar önce
Couldn't agree more, given the ahistorical 'wokeism' of academia these days.
@chrps0at0cops 9 aylar önce
@@bluegregory6239 I do agree that we should study this event and learn from the mistakes. I think there are many takeaways from the failures of communist China and Russia. I would not want to be hasty though and completely rule out all aspects of socialism or communism due to these failures. It would be just as folly to condemn all aspects of capitalism due to the failure of the Hitler's Germany or the multitude of capitalist third world countries. I hope we can find the perfect balance one day but studying the mistakes of our ancestors
@freshtendrills5969 Yıl önce
The loss wasn't only in lives. It was also in Chinese culture. A great and ancient culture that has been mostly blown up or burned down.
@chriswhited Yıl önce
One of the, if not top, top aims of any communist revolution. Thanos explained it in the avengers (basic example). Erase everything so there is nothing that you forgot. Hand in hand with "make the individual impossible" along with eradicating competition in any normal state.
@lawyerup2280 Yıl önce
The remnants of that great culture survive today in the independent country of Taiwan. May they one day see the end of the CCP, and a revival of all that once made mainland China a cradle of human civilization.
@CrisisMoon7 6 aylar önce
This documentary was able to captivate my attention the whole way through
@jteach9124 8 aylar önce
This is one of the best if not the best documentary this channel made. Sooooo good
@abdirahmanidris290 5 aylar önce
Taking teachers to a labour camp and labelling it a "re-education camp". They really don't realise the irony.
@sstarklite2181 Yıl önce
It was wrong to separate families. Since most people had to be moved from old homes to new areas, they should have built every family their own little shack so families were still living together. Today we might think of tiny houses, yurts, Quonset huts, or other things. It’s too bad they didn’t start building Tower cities (later to be connected to maglev Trains) next to fields growing food. So needed to think of getting running water/toilet facilities for the communities. And start catching all rainwater. Or maybe in places they should have built desalination plants, if they knew of it, which they probably didn’t. They definitely didn’t have a perfect Plan. Too bad.
@josemariomonzon Aylar önce
made me cry, what brutal story
@kellywalsh9373 Yıl önce
We should all learn the lesson of unquestioned compliance and how dangerous it is to our society.
@stephentucker6548 Yıl önce
We should all learn the lesson that there is no such thing as a socialist paradise.
@studywitherisa Yıl önce
@@stephentucker6548 If people use brute force to get their way we won't live long enough to know if the world can be heavenly
@josephlogel7158 Yıl önce
Unquestioned compliance as in the way trumps following does whatever he tells them to?
@freegeorgia4808 Yıl önce
The world is on its way to a global one. Klaus Schwabbs words say it all.
@marionmarcetic7287 2 aylar önce
YOU'VE GOT THAT RIGHT SISTER!!!🌺🌺🌺🙏🙏🙏🇨🇦🇮🇱♾️🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🦅🗽‼️
@tagtag123 Yıl önce
That old lady is so expressive, just her mannerisms are inspiring let alone her story.
@Henry-teach-Chinese-in-jokes 6 aylar önce
In case somebody wants to learn Chinese. I teach Chinese in humorous way and with cute pictures. Chinese characters still retain their pictographic origins. Knowing what the characters look like originally can help remember them. I’ve spent about 100,000 hours studying English humor and Western culture, and many years studying Chinese culture and jokes. My native language is Chinese.
@jeffjones9792 Yıl önce
Prior to the pandemic lived for four years in P.R.China, the far end, close to North Korea. People buy gold frames to sit in the living rooms showing pictures of family. More often than not in the centre is a frame with Chairman Mao in it. They won't have a word said against him. Very sad.
@LaddDentalGroup 4 aylar önce
Patterns repeat… Thanks so much for spreading this content and awareness
@eehkoh7935 Yıl önce
'A country that can't face up to its history has no future'. Well said. We are seeing it repeating itself, again, in 2022.
@intrigued16 Yıl önce
In what why are we seeing it? I'm not being condescending. I'm just wondering where your point of view is coming from.
@simon7585 Yıl önce
@@intrigued16 the zero covid policy is a repeat of zero sparrow policy,right?
@lordraydens Yıl önce
one death is a tragedy. a million is a statistic. 50 million is a great leap forward
@theknifedude1881 Yıl önce
I was in Beijing and bought a Mao “T” shirt, I slipped it on and the attitude of the people totally changed. What had been friendly,”can I help you?” became glares, people spitting on the ground, the finger from drivers. A guy running a restaurant suggested I lose the shirt and I was an interesting curiosity again.
@peepindis 10 aylar önce
Oof. Sharp lesson. The restaurant owner did you a solid, though. Do you think he realized you simply didn't understand?
@thecamocampaindude5167 9 aylar önce
Atleast the people now understand
@cantsay2205 9 aylar önce
But why would you even do that?
@theknifedude1881 9 aylar önce
@@cantsay2205 Do what? Wear the shirt? Or take it off? Or be in China?
@mihailrangelov8343 Yıl önce
I've always been horrified when I've read something about the Great Leap Forward. However, seeing actual video footage makes it even worse to comprehend.
@conanthegreat4418 9 aylar önce
It's happening RIGHT THIS MINUTE in North Korea, and NOTHING is being done!
@suckitalphabet8736 Yıl önce
What incredibly brave Chinese people that made this documentary!
@monto39 10 aylar önce
How insane had things become, when they would go to lengths to make it seem like 90K people died of hunger in an area rather than the actual 120K? How would 'just' 90K be acceptable?
@lanewilliams1556 Yıl önce
Truly one of the most tragic incidents in human history. 😢
@GF-mf7ml Yıl önce
Worst than German
@mateuszwrobel1919 9 aylar önce
It was not an incident
@ulfingvar1 7 aylar önce
@@GF-mf7ml About the same, dude..
@chipe420 7 aylar önce
"Between 1950 and 1980, China experienced the most rapid sustained increase in life expectancy of any population in documented global history." - Babiarz KS, Eggleston K, Miller G, Zhang Q. An exploration of China's mortality decline under Mao: A provincial analysis, 1950-80. Popul Stud (Camb). 2015;69(1):39-56. doi: 10.1080/00324728.2014.972432. Epub 2014 Dec 13. PMID: 25495509; PMCID: PMC4331212.
@clifford4393 2 aylar önce
@@chipe420 The Great leap forward is a relatively short period of time compared to 50-80. So is it necessary for tens of millions of people to be persecuted unnessarily/wrongly worse than pigs in order that "under some circumstances, general education of the population may amplify the effectiveness of public health interventions."?
@MsJezebel2012 Yıl önce
Very sad story of the Chinese people. Let's hope they can find more ways to commemorate the poor victims of this tragic crime.
@jmehn203 Yıl önce
And people now say that Mao was a true democrat and really cared about his people and that those 40 million people that died didn’t die from starvation but because they wanted to die… Unbelievable
@samanthaeduardamoreira1630 2 aylar önce
An excellent documentary although I am left angry and disgusted by Mao Tse-Tung and the painstaking horrors people went through. Why do you need a war when you have a narcissistic maniac in power. It is too bad this evil man died so late in the game. One life for 40 million.
@bienvenidomacario1193 Yıl önce
Whether it's totalitarian left or right regimes or countries with corrupt governments, the lack of accountability and leaders' refusal to accept responsibility are the main problems.
@augustopinochet1670 9 aylar önce
I fixed my country, and when the time was right, relinquished power and restored democracy. Today Chile has the lowest amount of narco terrorism, lowest rates of corruption, the highest GDP and standard of living in south America, not a coincidence.
@silvermainecoons3269 Aylar önce
@@augustopinochet1670 Sure you did. 😂😆🤣
@gjmbarusha6999 8 aylar önce
Man, I hope their descendants are in much better places. Beyond blessed and Forever grateful for America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
@OceanicPearlz1 2 aylar önce
Absolutely yes. I am a descendant since I still share 12.5% dna with my great grandparents.
@montrelouisebohon-harris7023 Yıl önce
This was absolutely heartbreaking and devastating... Mao Zedong showed no remorse for a loss of life.!!!! He had none.. he wouldn't even accept any kind of responsibility for not having nearly enough people planning crops during that greatly forward plan to industrialize China, what you love to somewhere around 38 to 40 plus million people starving to death...
@thecanadian8206 Yıl önce
ye p
@daleyfun2247 Yıl önce
Great leap forward
@danielloh2166 Yıl önce
China was a country developed under very low foundation not like western rich country, Pre modern China facing Opium war, 8 western nation war, British invasion, Japan invasion ,Civil war, Famine, China was the most populated country in the world, China was reformed by Deng Xiaoping it take about 30yrs to archive today status. China Development wasn't a charity but the struggle of our generation.
@kiwibob223 Yıl önce
@@danielloh2166 what on earth do you mean for us to understand ? Can't you just say " yes Mao was out of his depth and couldn't care less about the Chinese people"?
@daleyfun2247 Yıl önce
@@danielloh2166 so you think it was worth 10s of millions starving to death?
@baboje91 Yıl önce
I know there was indoctrination and fear throughout all of this, but I will never understand why people never take it upon themselves to take out the cause of their plight before it got worse.
@joececcacci4879 Yıl önce
Documentaries like this this make me feel so grateful
@crackerslim2469 Yıl önce
I went a barnes an noble in virginia a few years back, no books or history of any of the crimes of communism, but they had endless copies of karl marx'es communist manifestoon display like a new harry potter book. Fine line between fantasy and fiction, seems we will keep learning that lesson until even more millions of souls have died.
@gizelop8481 Yıl önce
Excellent that truth is being told, the book of this horror should be published worldwide to prevent other nations from this genocide
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