SAMPLING MISTAKES 71% of producers make & How to Fix them

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Navie D

Navie D

Yıl önce

SAMPLING MISTAKES 71% of producers make & How to Fix them | There are some very common mistakes that producers make when they first try to get into sampling. They have some misconceptions on how to approach sampling in the best way possible, and so when they make a beat, things end up going awry.
In today's tutorial video, I want to show some pointers on how to sample better, and what mistakes you want to avoid when using samples.
Even though this video was made using FL Studio, this can still apply if you are using Ableton, Logic, Garageband, Maschine, or any other DAW!
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The kattemax
The kattemax Yıl önce
guilty as charged, except for the sacred sample thing, I feel guilty just using it as it is lol. the stuff I made first were just straight up my drums slapped on a sample, now, in my unreleased trap beats, I go in to take the flavourful stuff that feel good alone and manipulate that a lot to a point where it sounds nothing like what I initially liked. and that's why my wife left me.
Beats by Big Joe
Beats by Big Joe Yıl önce
Anyone upset about pulling apart samples, modifying and adding effects etc needs to see how Havoc flipped the sample for Survival of the Fittest. As a wise man once said ....You Must Learn!!!!!
Kadenxe Yıl önce
Sampling made sense to me the moment i started making chops on the chord changes, at the end of the day whether you sample or use vsts you're still trying to make a coherent melody.
Noir Yıl önce
The second one is a common problem I have when making beats. I would try to mash a bunch of sample chops together hoping it'll make a melody, but it'll end up being a monotonous loop
Mic Familiar
Mic Familiar Yıl önce
though I don't use FL studio I feel like I was able to benefit from watching these to apply some of the techniques in Logic. Really broke down for me how to effetely capture what I hear when creating as well as not becoming so complex that the idea becomes lost in the noise. much love.
GodSpeed Yıl önce
I feel like Bassline variety (for lofi) and sampling have always been my most difficult points to improve. So Thanks for the Advice on this. 👌🏼💥
IceyOnDaOnes Yıl önce
Really helpful video. I actually EQ certain sounds in my beat like in mixing down vocals (cause ive been learning to engineer too thx to TRshow University). Ill use 2 EQs and use the first one to sweep and cut out nastiness like that too. Hopefully that's a good way of doing it.
Sparrow Kayuni
Sparrow Kayuni Yıl önce
I'd like you to do a video on the obstacles you faced with samples and copyrights from your own experiences and how you overcame them
Gershwyn Daniels
Gershwyn Daniels Yıl önce
Noir Yıl önce
This is probably a strange suggestion, but you should make a vaporwave tutorial, but also how to be creative with arranging chopped and screwed samples. That genre can be pretty lazy and repetitive, but they're obviously great vaporwave producers like Saint Pepsi who are a lot more creative. Or you could do a deep house/french house tutorial. That'll be cool too.
Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals
Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals Yıl önce
I used to cut all my melodies up to 140 by habit. Bad idea. Sometimes you need to. Other times leaving it in actually adds character to the bass. At the end of the day if it sounds good leave it alone. No need to fix what ain't broken by cutting things by habit at a given frequency. Only take out what needs to be taken out and leave the rest alone. It will sound a lot more full and make the bass of your beat sound more unique. Lately I've been trying to not do any EQ work on the low end until I at least add the bass and kick. Then I'll go in and cut what needs to be cut, if anything. Occasionally you get lucky and all the sounds you pick work perfectly together and very little needs done at the end. If only it worked out that way every time. Lol
Krzysztof Cichocki
Krzysztof Cichocki Yıl önce
Your videos help me so much. Thank you very much Navie D. You are my favorite tutorial maker
nicodemo lalli
nicodemo lalli
you could also automate the eq to dip at the time of the unwanted freq then bounce & delete the automation lanes after for clutter free project.
Zach O'Brien
Zach O'Brien Yıl önce
Thanks bro - good topic.
MVN STN Yıl önce
You're speaking directly into my soul, Navie!!
Angel B Live
Angel B Live Yıl önce
Just started trying to learn how to sample on my Mpc live and got frustrated trying all these techniques glad I found this channel
I used to commit all these sins. But since Navie preached the good sampling word for me, I'm now a clean man🙏😇. And also just to ask is it a sin to use loops🤔
IceyOnDaOnes Yıl önce
"So please dont give me records I cant sample" -- Kanye West
interpose production
interpose production
You are a best Teacher of fl studio . Very Good Work
streetough Yıl önce
I feel like pulling apart samples and tweaking them to make something new is the whole point of sampling
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