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So in this video I'm going to get Alpha's exclusive recall effect using this event where you can get free draws

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Makel Rtz
Makel Rtz 24 gün önce
I got it but different vfx.. can somebody explain why.?
jayr macabenta
jayr macabenta Aylar önce
Idol diko na exchange yung badges ko kanina. Kasi nag end na event kanina. Makukuha ka paba din badges ko next HERO??? PLS REPLYY HUHUHU
Moavia Mumtaz
Moavia Mumtaz Aylar önce
Got this for free hahahahahah Second draw i got the spawn effect xD
Robin Alison Pangilinan
Robin Alison Pangilinan Aylar önce
In my 20 spins I got the Spawn, Recall, Emote, Sacred Statue and luckily I got also 100 badges so I have a chance to get the Avatar Boarder.
FireJackfruit Aylar önce
I noticed that it's way Rare than the Firebolt Recall
boss tractor
boss tractor Aylar önce
out of all three draws i only got badges
Benedict Bustarde
Benedict Bustarde Aylar önce
Not 10 draw
Benedict Bustarde
Benedict Bustarde Aylar önce
Do it 1by1
Benedict Bustarde
Benedict Bustarde Aylar önce
50 lang nirecharge ko yung mga nakuha ko yung recall spawn effect emote tapos yung border
KK KK Aylar önce
I got the avatar border on the first draw :)
Jerry Galan
Jerry Galan Aylar önce
I got everything by spending only 500 dias
surchand Lisham moirangcha
surchand Lisham moirangcha Aylar önce
I'm not lucky bastards
GamingHabits Aylar önce
I got spawn effect
Lusky Aylar önce
I got everything for 100 dias except skin
J A K A ツ
J A K A ツ Aylar önce
Sir, please make an alpha abyss recall data file 😁
Bambs Aylar önce
Actually I only got two free tickets and two of them got recall draw ❤️
I've got the recall in first try
Samnanda Phuritz 123
Samnanda Phuritz 123 Aylar önce
I got on free 2nd draw 😅😅
buttman robin
buttman robin Aylar önce
Hehe. Got it free.
Gigai Aylar önce
I spent 0 diamonds for recall.
Lgns Aylar önce
I got recall and border for free insane luck i got
chochon lhungdim
chochon lhungdim Aylar önce
it says parminent skin after the first 10th draw i spin 41 times and i dnt get the alpha skin and i get that spawn effect and emote 💔 i spend 645 diamond 💔they scam me
Clark jeremy G. Nolasco
Clark jeremy G. Nolasco Aylar önce
Tp ghadz, show your recall
Tongpen Konyak
Tongpen Konyak Aylar önce
I got emote and I saw some people getting recall with tickets becoz the were epic
sam_ls Aylar önce
I think I spent about 300 diamonds for the draws (+recharge tickets) only I didn’t get the kills abyssal animation..
Yanuchin Files
Yanuchin Files Aylar önce
I got all the effects with 500 diamonds
9-5 TV
9-5 TV Aylar önce
Isn't it free?
ahteerann theerann
ahteerann theerann Aylar önce
I got it on my second lol
Haruka Kamado
Haruka Kamado Aylar önce
I got all of them except the elimination effect so am I one of the lucky ones?😅😅😅
[] Master RRavven []
[] Master RRavven [] Aylar önce
i got the avatar border the emote annd the skin btw alpha is my main im lucky :D
Lingeeswaraan JeevanJhothi
Lingeeswaraan JeevanJhothi Aylar önce
Me too after 25 try I get the recall It's tooo hard Please fix this moonton
Zhong Xina
Zhong Xina Aylar önce
The only thing I don't have are the elimination effect and the skin itself (oh well, it's too expensive) I guess I'm lucky enough to get everything except these 2 without spending more than 500 dias (I've only spent 500 to get all the tickets)
Razyl Ganzon
Razyl Ganzon Aylar önce
i got it in first try lol
Japz Tzy
Japz Tzy Aylar önce
50 pesos lang idol natsambahan sa spin hahaha
Alvin Balatero
Alvin Balatero Aylar önce
Well I'm one of that lucky bastard who got it on the 2nd try 😂.
Jeffrey Bucag
Jeffrey Bucag Aylar önce
i got the three for 100 pesos top up
Ryndon Garcia
Ryndon Garcia Aylar önce
I only got the border
A JAY Aylar önce
I got the recall effect just by using the 50 dias, in a single draw btw hehe
Daniel Roy Ferrera
Daniel Roy Ferrera Aylar önce
I had mixed emotions while drawing on that event, I only got the sacred statue 2 times and alpha's emote.
DRAMA苦 Aylar önce
oh i got that recall at my first draw
Jay-ar Cababat
Jay-ar Cababat Aylar önce
I got the recall, spawn, statue and boarder in the first free draw
L2 Leanard S. Camangon
L2 Leanard S. Camangon Aylar önce
Me getting it in my first draw and then got a avatar border in second and seeing this video:I am inevitable
Night? Aylar önce
I only got badges..
mark alcazar
mark alcazar Aylar önce
I got it in the first time
hakimi yusri
hakimi yusri Aylar önce
I only use 10 tickets for the recall tho
it_zack2008 Aylar önce
I got it sec try 🗿
Lloyd Benedict Tomambo
Lloyd Benedict Tomambo Aylar önce
i guess moonton love me for getting it for my 5th draw i recharge 100p though 😆
Night Guy
Night Guy Aylar önce
I am selling for 80e Mythical Mobile Legends Account | 124 Skins | 78 Heroes | Main Global Yu Zhong 458 matchs 70% wr
Ju Nel
Ju Nel Aylar önce
I got the recall, avatar boarder and spawn on first draw xD
Dwist_blop Aylar önce
yes elgin im one of the lucky bastards
dislike Aylar önce
I got it free on my 2nd draw
Koby Hunnicutt
Koby Hunnicutt Aylar önce
I have everything via draws and only have 600 badges 😭 I'll never make the 1500 for the damn skin.
Sy and yk Tan
Sy and yk Tan Aylar önce
I got it for free
Stephen Sambalilo
Stephen Sambalilo Aylar önce
Me in one draw I got this recall
Русский ребенок
Русский ребенок Aylar önce
I've already got it loool..
Ereh Yeager
Ereh Yeager Aylar önce
I guess I was lucky enough to get most of all in the first 10x draw (except only skin)
Mark Leonel Misola
Mark Leonel Misola Aylar önce
The 1st music is very familiar, I wonder if its from the tapping for coins game
Jojo Lagrimas
Jojo Lagrimas Aylar önce
I got respawn and recall from 10 spin
Eh??? Aylar önce
I got recall and emote in my 3 free draws:>
ComputerHead Aylar önce
Me: gets it with one draw.
Joshua David
Joshua David Aylar önce
I got all that elgin got for only 50 dias
Joshua David
Joshua David Aylar önce
50 dias
Mokunius Aylar önce
I got the recall on my second try
L Near
L Near Aylar önce
In my 10x spin I got the border , recall & spawn effect + tokkens and exchange it for emote ..I feel blessed with it 🤣
no bro
no bro Aylar önce
It is free
Delacruz Aylar önce
I just got the recall for only 3 spins not lying thank you moonton
Morpheus Aylar önce
My friend is not that lucky bastard but 'THE'lucky BASTARD who got general void on the first free 10 draws
Kennydith Balolong
Kennydith Balolong Aylar önce
im one of the lucky bastards who got the recall effect on the second draw😎😝🤪🤭
Bz Ralte
Bz Ralte Aylar önce
i got the recall in 3th draw
xd xd
xd xd Aylar önce
got it for free
shan luna
shan luna Aylar önce
The emoji the arrival and recall Just 50 pesos Ez hahaahh
Jullienne Ashley Dela Cruz
Jullienne Ashley Dela Cruz Aylar önce
50 pesos for recall spawn and emote 12 free draws XD
Shane Fernandez
Shane Fernandez Aylar önce
I got it in my second free draw hahahah
Justin Gamer
Justin Gamer Aylar önce
I got the recall first try using ticket
HunterTzy Aylar önce
I draw 3 of my tokens and got 2 badges 3 times....
CTRL Aylar önce
I spend 1.30$ and everything
Tridip Handique
Tridip Handique Aylar önce
Lol I got it free 🤣
ShennyGameplays Aylar önce
I got this one for free
Conrad25 Aylar önce
I codashop 50 dias and just got the emote and 3 times of that FRICKIN SPAWN EFFECT :( moon skem me
tsuki Aylar önce
1 turn nkuha ko recall dyan only 50 dias lng
CaMPeR Aylar önce
I got recall twice in my 2nd and 3rd draw🤣
Zetsa Ch.
Zetsa Ch. Aylar önce
I got it in the 10 draws
Capt. Mc Devil
Capt. Mc Devil Aylar önce
"there is small change to get recall draw" Me who got it in the first draw: wait what?! Wtf?! Edit: Also me using a villain recall and hero for spawning: *wicked sick!*
Art Art
Art Art Aylar önce
Nag recharge lng ako ng 100 diamonds. Border at statue lang nakuha ko sa 20 draws. Gusto ko sana kunin ang recall pero wag na lang baka masayang diamonds ko. Wait na lang ako sa epic skin ni Hylos.
Eddie Magallanes
Eddie Magallanes Aylar önce
Yes i got it in my first draw lucky me lol 😂
Fritz gerald Machete
Fritz gerald Machete Aylar önce
I dont even have any diamond😥but i got the recaal for the two free draws
Fritz gerald Machete
Fritz gerald Machete Aylar önce
I got that recall for 2 free draws
Calcium Blue
Calcium Blue Aylar önce
Ain't I lucky to get the avatar border n then recall effect in just 3 draws?
suzuka pero di susuko
suzuka pero di susuko Aylar önce
im one of the lucky bastards 🤪
KeinTzy Aylar önce
Ive Got it on my Last Draw
Code x 00
Code x 00 Aylar önce
Lol I got it for free
Tauseef Alam
Tauseef Alam Aylar önce
i already hv best recall of hero series, bruno's recall no need this purple shut
Bg Jimy
Bg Jimy Aylar önce
The spawn effect was free for me + emote. That’s it lol.
Ling's cute skirt
Ling's cute skirt Aylar önce
I actually wasnt aiming to getthe recall since i liked the Bruno hero recall better, but i got this recall in my third draw. 🙁Moonton gives u stuff when u dont desparately want them
Dark Wolfie Gaming
Dark Wolfie Gaming Aylar önce
I got it on third or second draw with the free draws
djjepoyski1026 Aylar önce
I got Alpha’s Villain Skin on the first draw of 10x. I was just taking advantage of the extra tickets but got blessed with the skin and the statue. I guess October (birth month) is indeed lucky for me. I got the recall using the first 10 tickets. now i’m just waiting to earn 30 badges to get the elimination effect and border. 😎
Jasper Boragay
Jasper Boragay Aylar önce
I just draw 1 ticket and i get the recall
PáràDøX Aylar önce
im one of the lucky bastard who got it in just one free ticket draw 🤣
Venuz dnor.
Venuz dnor. Aylar önce
1 draw abyss recall 🤣
Rιmύrύクザ Aylar önce
Well i get on first free ten tickets🗿
Rιmύrύクザ Aylar önce
In a cost with i didnt get the spawn effect although 50 spins🗿
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