27 Times Ja Morant Went Off This Season..

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U Can't Handle The Truth
U Can't Handle The Truth 2 aylar önce
I must admit that I stopped watching the NBA because it became boring to me, but this kid, Ja will be the reason I tune in again. Ja's game has a smidgen of Dr. J, Magic, M.J., Kobe, Steph C. and a few others stuffed into his body and it explodes once he steps on the court. Ja doesn't just play ball "He's Got Game" no doubt! 💯🔥✌🏾❤️
AllAroundTrio 16 gün önce
@homework kid, this is a basketball comment
homework Aylar önce
No pausee??????
Mike Pawlick
Mike Pawlick Aylar önce
I started watching every Memphis grizzlies game because of this guy. Ja is truly a generational talent thus far and I am completely immersed in the NBA again because of him
Woody Meadows
Woody Meadows 2 aylar önce
I liked his game after I heard about him in college. I really loved the story of how NO ONE (college) was looking at this guy, but the college he went to saw him and said we want this guy. And he was so under the radar at the time. outstanding. That's one of the beauties of the college tournaments; seeing teams/players you never hear of and players coming out of "nowhere."
Woody Meadows
Woody Meadows 2 aylar önce
@Luxury Beats And? Your comment might have some weight if Ja was a bust. But he is not a bust. So..... what's your point? Your comment is a good thing because that means that the young man has/had a dad in his life who is proud of him. And actually, after Ja was seen in the college tournament, nothing else was needed. Just exposure.
Luxury Beats
Luxury Beats 2 aylar önce
right, except for his Dad's connections and $$$
Nick A Segura
Nick A Segura 2 aylar önce
Watching these highlights reminds me a lot of the old micheal jordan Sports illustrated Come Fly With Me VHS tape from before Ja was even born. He seems to be a step ahead of everyone not just physically but mentally as well. This dude is scary good.
ShAhid 2 aylar önce
He has so much highlight tape that there is stuff you miss or leave out because his tape is so deep. Dude is incredible.
Thomas Bridges
Thomas Bridges 2 aylar önce
Yea he studied very well on handling the ball its great to see a few old school moves switch hands and lay the ball in the hoop and get fouled too and go to the line and make the shots and his defense block shots eyes in the ball as its pasted around the court he's on point and he do look for the open man as well
Nicklaus Christofono
Nicklaus Christofono 2 aylar önce
That's just basketball nothing old school about it
Leroy Blaine
Leroy Blaine 2 aylar önce
Mike was the only player as a child that I’d miss the opportunity to go hoop myself to watch play. Heck I would miss dinner to see Mike in rare form. Ja is the next best thing in my humble opinion. The fact that he plays for my city in my city gives me the chance to do what I couldn’t do w Mike as a child and that’s see him in person! Dude has that swag and heart we display in the city. Couldn’t have asked for much more if you from the city. Salute South Cacky too for raising a thoroughbred. Love me some Ja and Memphis fam💯
Ivin 2 aylar önce
Ja's dunks are legit 100 times better then the dunk contest 😂.
Darren Hinmon
Darren Hinmon 16 gün önce
You can tell he's gunning to be the best.
Xeeesh ⭐
Xeeesh ⭐ 14 gün önce
EIRE 3 aylar önce
Dime never disappoints 🙌
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming 2 aylar önce
I feel like it just replaced rebounds
SkipperGamingYT and Orange
SkipperGamingYT and Orange 3 aylar önce
Thank you for this video merry Christmas Dime and hope your channel can keep going ❤
Jelimark Alvarez
Jelimark Alvarez 21 gün önce
Admire the confidence from Ja at a young stage in his career!
2007NICK2007nick 2 aylar önce
This is insane... He and Luka Doncic are real magicians of the game.
House of Sport
House of Sport 3 aylar önce
Thank you for the video just before Christmas! The perfect present 😂 Merry Christmas to everyone, including Dime!
Bucketzz 3 aylar önce
Love your videos dime they make my day a bit better because I am sick keep up the work❤️😊
LeBeautiful 2 aylar önce
Morant has to be the most exciting point guard, with his playstyle in a looong time.
Jaumbz 2 aylar önce
He could win the Skill and Dunk Challenges in the same night.
ABearNamedBurnie 2 aylar önce
I swear his dunks get all the attention (rightfully so) but some of his layups are more difficult to pull off
Rodrigo Moraes
Rodrigo Moraes 2 aylar önce
Never saw anything like Ja playing My favorite player to watch today
Rodrigo Moraes
Rodrigo Moraes 2 aylar önce
@Nick Beaver Both, Westbrook and Prime D. Rose were incredible, have explosiveness, atlethcism, etc... But bro, look at the handles, the blocks, circus shots. I'm not saying he's the best PG ever, or HoF, I'm saying I am really impressed of what I seeing.
Nick Beaver
Nick Beaver 2 aylar önce
D. Rose?
Nick Beaver
Nick Beaver 2 aylar önce
Oli Hoops
Oli Hoops 2 aylar önce
‘Ja almost sent him back to Australia 😂 💀
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams 2 aylar önce
Imma say it again, Memphis is proud of dude. We ain't seen nothing like him since d.rose played for the tigers. Other then penny and perry
TIMODDU 2 aylar önce
This tape has more highlights than most other players get during their entire career
Bizz Erz
Bizz Erz 2 aylar önce
Let’s just ignore his free throw % 😂😂
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson 2 aylar önce
Ja is basically what D arose would be if he hadn’t got hurt.
Fontanek drip
Fontanek drip 2 aylar önce
imagine ja having like 2-3 more inches to his height, that dude would be totally unstoppable
Charles frost ford
Charles frost ford 6 gün önce
Bro swear Ja sold his soul for incredible skills.
WILL GEE 2 aylar önce
Clearly the new and probably improved Michael Jordan, now all he needs is the rings
Dan Jones
Dan Jones 2 aylar önce
He is a great entertainer..
DavidCarter Davis
DavidCarter Davis 3 aylar önce
4:50 bro almost jumped from free-throw line
teufel379 2 aylar önce
it was like 5 feet away from the ft line
playywitseann 2 aylar önce
before he did that i thought ja could only jump high off two feet, i was wrong as hell
Martin B
Martin B 2 aylar önce
I luv the game Murray State vs Alabama, Ja jumps completely over a Bama player for the dunk. The crowd went wild, an ESPN highlight.
AniCav 3 aylar önce
Honestly Brandon Clarke is one of the most underrated guys in thr league
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 2 aylar önce
Kleminho 2 aylar önce
2:03 Best Move🔥🔥
Jonah Reels
Jonah Reels 2 aylar önce
Agreed he’s ridiculous
will g
will g 3 aylar önce
He is incredible
Jason Effler
Jason Effler 2 aylar önce
He reminds me a lot of A.I. with his quickness and ball handling.
John Borgards
John Borgards 2 aylar önce
Ja is just too good who thinks ja will be top 5 at the end of his career
Woody Meadows
Woody Meadows 2 aylar önce
The fact that all the top schools ignored him is proof he will be one of the greats.
GameBlockz 2 aylar önce
Fun fact about Morant: y’all know Jaden Ivey, right? Have you noticed that Morant and Ivey play almost the same way? Jaden Ivey’s mom actually trained both of them, and Ivey is Morant’s agent. Cool, right?
Synth_PlayZ 2 aylar önce
He was against the wizards but he became the wizard
Dwight Means
Dwight Means 2 aylar önce
He's a #TrueBaller....should be the face of the NBA
Mr. Goofy
Mr. Goofy 2 aylar önce
Ja is lucky his head hasn’t hit the backboard 💀
Melvin Powell Jr.
Melvin Powell Jr. 3 aylar önce
Ja & Zion gonna end up being the prototypes for super young load management athletes that are to box-office to play every game anymore regardless if there injured or not.......
Melvin Powell Jr.
Melvin Powell Jr. 2 aylar önce
Lamelo is a different breed though he got that old school Kobe mentality when healthy he gonna play as much as possible 🚫🎓
the final countdown
the final countdown 16 gün önce
6:32 ... We should call him "CLARKE WENT" after that travel! 😂....
D. Lewis
D. Lewis 2 aylar önce
We have the same athleticism style when it comes to bball, he’s just taller than me
BRIAN JOHNSON 3 aylar önce
Nice video ja is a goat
Aiden Golden
Aiden Golden 2 aylar önce
They should be calling a carry every time he touches the ball mans is the carrying god
Sid 2 aylar önce
one thing this man couldn’t do last season was make a layup and he ended up loosing in the tournament
Jjesus Christ
Jjesus Christ 2 aylar önce
7:51 "ja sucked the life out of the pistons" bro pause ⏸️ 👀
WarriorPleb 2 aylar önce
my favourite player, the guy is nuts.
Jay Bangerang
Jay Bangerang 2 aylar önce
Not even Shawn Kemp Tomahawked The Ball Like That...
DOOM 2 aylar önce
Ja made Memphis into a legit threat and and champion contention team in a few short years.
TornadoHunterJaCarri Rblx,Wx and More
TornadoHunterJaCarri Rblx,Wx and More 2 aylar önce
Ja Morant never ceases to amaze us. What is there that he cannot do
playywitseann 2 aylar önce
@muhamm38 also his defense has improved he reads the lanes which results in alot of fastbreak chances for the grizzlies
playywitseann 2 aylar önce
@muhamm38 also he usually shoots 1/3-1/2 from three or sometimes even 3/5 that isnt bad shooting he just dont shoot alotta threes
playywitseann 2 aylar önce
@muhamm38 oh he cant get rebounds yet, he seems to almost get a triple double every game 😂
muhamm38 2 aylar önce
Shoot, play defense, get rebounds
Quandaledingle 3 aylar önce
Hey love the content keep up the good work
mre1995 2 aylar önce
You're gonna need a part 2 of this soon with how he's playing.
Bulldog de oro Pagong
Bulldog de oro Pagong 2 aylar önce
allen Iverson,Ja Morant,Kyrie irving🔥
lukas35 jakob
lukas35 jakob 2 aylar önce
Every few decades an athlete is born, who notably stands out from the rest. No matter what sport it is. Once we had Michael Jordan (MJ), and now it is the era of Ja Morant (JM).
Epictronologs 2 aylar önce
this aint ja's era man be fr
FARID zakwan
FARID zakwan 2 aylar önce
love this channel ❤️
Oli Hoops
Oli Hoops 2 aylar önce
WWWWWWW dime is the goat 🐐 🔥
heltinz 2 aylar önce
This shit got me chills
Sparxs-_- 11 gün önce
"what can't this guy do", he cant stop beating up 17 year old's
Jaylen Palmer
Jaylen Palmer 2 aylar önce
The commentary makes the video so much more interesting
Terrance Washington
Terrance Washington 2 aylar önce
Bless up🙏🏾
Julian Figueroa
Julian Figueroa 28 gün önce
Ja is a monster
ZESTY VESHREMY 2 aylar önce
Bro is deadly with finger rolls
Easton Franks
Easton Franks 2 aylar önce
He needs mvp
Heemer_YT 23 gün önce
4:26 Nah Daddy ja is crazyyyyy 😂
NFA ghosty
NFA ghosty 18 gün önce
Aj Hyperjet
Aj Hyperjet 2 aylar önce
Good thumbnail but the Celtics have 2 timeouts so they would have called and got the 🏀
the best ever
the best ever 2 aylar önce
He's what Allen Iverson was supposed to be!!! 🤔😬🤫
werkannderwird 2 aylar önce
Top3 of the best at most spectacular 1 to 3s I ever seen. And I am watching bball since 1988. Even though he is 6.2 he isn´t really a point guard. Imaganie Ja Morant in a 6.6 body like MJ. Ohhhh weeeeeee.
Moye’s daddy
Moye’s daddy 2 aylar önce
Ja is him 💯 🔥
Moye’s daddy
Moye’s daddy 2 aylar önce
The fact that his passes are basically street ball is unreal
ur mom
ur mom 20 gün önce
Ja is crazy good he got jumps to
simocana_ 2 aylar önce
Please Ja don't destroy your body like Derrick Rose did... the show is important but your healt and career even more, don't dunk evey time, do not land on a single leg evey 2 meter jump please. ..I want to see you for the next 20 years !!
Ro Ra
Ro Ra 2 aylar önce
good commentary brother..... fire
ReallyGakmeo 2 aylar önce
6:57 this is why I say morant might be the next Jordan look at how good he times that steal especially when he is not looking gawd have mercy
Epictronologs 2 aylar önce
@ReallyGakmeo bros coming about my old ass roblox youtube channel simply cause i called him out on his bizarre and delusional take about Ja 💀crazy world we live in fr
ReallyGakmeo 2 aylar önce
@Epictronologs your not the next big Roblox TRshowr ☠️☠️
Epictronologs 2 aylar önce
he aint the next jordan bro 💀
Jump Morant
Jump Morant 3 aylar önce
image being pined by dime, couldn’t be me. Love your content ❤.
Senxi 2 aylar önce
I love the mini jokes in the vid lmao
epicmatt27 3 aylar önce
Dime with all these great videos. Dime >Rebound Ja morant next d rose
Erick Garcia
Erick Garcia 2 aylar önce
0:35 hold on didn’t Draymond green, Rudy Gobert, even Stephen Curry block you when you were trying to dunk on him
GoatedGoose 3 aylar önce
lol in Australia we can drink alcohol at 18, except I'm almost 15, so have to wait another 3 and a quarter years.
Vin Random
Vin Random 2 aylar önce
They say ja sometimes do lifting when he drib, but the refs didnt see it coz he is so fast
Killaworld48 2 aylar önce
Future MVP
lilrobezy15 2 aylar önce
27 times Ja carried tf out of the ball
Mochathekid 19 gün önce
JA makes me not want to make it into the NBA like bro is like the future MJ
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson 2 aylar önce
I'm a big Ja fan. The dude is fun to watch. That one against Simmons was a travel though :)
Nade Cha
Nade Cha 2 aylar önce
There’s alot of plays that should have made #1 than the one selected
Basketball Clips
Basketball Clips 2 aylar önce
"I bet some of you can't even dribble with youre left hand" Me being a leftie:
Bentley Mobley
Bentley Mobley 2 aylar önce
I think we need to give Ja the rights to the Pelicans but IDK
HyundaiCivic 2 aylar önce
I mean ja traveled on that Ben Simmons play
ClutchBaller30 2 aylar önce
bro what a goaltend the refs missed on brundson that should have been the easiest call of all time.
Anshul op king
Anshul op king 3 aylar önce
kidronnie 3 aylar önce
please do this with trae
Illest 2 aylar önce
this woman plays very good
Christopher Buta
Christopher Buta 3 aylar önce
Anyone know the name of the beat in the clip where he blocked jalen green?
HxC Aylar önce
*Palms the ball*, hesitation, *Palms again*, crossover *Carries*, hesitation *palming again*, crosses-over again *hand underneath the ball*, gathers and lays it up. YOU CANT GARD ME .... even refs can't guard you bro. funny how refs called all the traveling/carries for a week and then went like... NAH **Dont get me wrong, this guy can ball, we just need to aknowledge and apply the rules to all the players**.
Noreen Formentera
Noreen Formentera 2 aylar önce
What if JA Morant meets the prime Derick Rose who is the best?
Jean M Michel
Jean M Michel 2 aylar önce
Ja should be in EVERY dunk contest 😒 😤 🙄 😑
Justin Landgrebe
Justin Landgrebe 2 aylar önce
Memphis da best!
Louisss Xgh
Louisss Xgh 10 gün önce
he went out in the club
RTBoogie 2 aylar önce
Notice how there is no Warriors clips and that is because Curry is Ja’s Daddy
Dutch does
Dutch does 2 aylar önce
The way this dude talks about Ja makes him sound like he’s never heard of any other good players. ( he’s reinventing the game ) proceeds to show a behind the back pass that’s Ben done since basketball begun
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