Grizzly Country - The Heart of Yellowstone National Park | Free Documentary Nature

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Free Documentary - Nature

Free Documentary - Nature

2 aylar önce

Grizzly Country - The Heart of Yellowstone National Park | Wildlife Documentary
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Grizzly bears have a secret life not easily visible to the casual visitor or observer. This documentary reveals some of the most astonishing behaviors of these great bears, recorded over a ten year period in Yellowstone National Park, allowing us to recognize some of the bears individually, such as Scarface, Swimmer and Quad Mom. Once, they were somewhat rare in the American west, and were listed as a ‘threatened’ species. The grizzly populations have recovered today and are now beginning to stabilize.
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Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature 2 aylar önce
Quick facts on Yellowstone: Yellowstone National Park is an American national park located in the western United States, largely in the northwest corner of Wyoming and extending into Montana and Idaho. It was established by the 42nd U.S. Congress with the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on March 1, 1872. Yellowstone was the first national park in the U.S. and is also widely held to be the first national park in the world. The park is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, especially the Old Faithful geyser, one of its most popular. While it represents many types of biomes, the subalpine forest is the most abundant. It is part of the South Central Rockies forests ecoregion. Anyone ever been? It’s on my list for sure!
Gabriel Ford
Gabriel Ford 16 gün önce
@Sue Taylor Early September is no longer very quiet in the park, unfortunately. October is a bit better.
Valenitini Aholelei
Valenitini Aholelei Aylar önce
@Sue Taylor o ioooooooooooooo⁹
Sue Taylor
Sue Taylor 2 aylar önce
Oh my, Yes! I'd recommend visiting in June or early September; Less visitors. We can enjoy EVERYTHING in the PARK. We have so much respect for the bison, who HAVE THE RIGHT- OF-WAY, and walk next to the car, allowing BEAUTIFUL pictures to be taken. So much Wildlife! Staying at the Lodge, Old Faithful, taking walks, discovering the BEAUTY of this, our First National PARK! I sure hope this rate's as #1 on your BUCKET LIST! MOTHER EARTH, AT HER BEST AT HER FINEST! 🥰❤
Mike Rathgeber
Mike Rathgeber 23 gün önce
Beyond words. A masterpeice on every level especially the photography and the most realistic portrayal of grizzly life. This doc should be compulsory and categorized as a time out fun activity and have a discussion on what the kids saw and their reactions as for many, very few have had the opportunity to visit such exquisite untamed wilderness at its finest and many I fear do not know such a place exists. Before watching this I didn't either. The other thing I would like to mention is that the doc has a very calming effect from the narrators' voice and the music chosen. A match made in heaven. So I encourage the educators out there to consider this to show this to your classes.....everyone will benefit from watching this.
Millie Banks
Millie Banks Aylar önce
This documentary is amazing! Thank you!
ReTardigrade Aylar önce
One of my favorite documentaries! 💖
Monica Enriquez
Monica Enriquez 17 gün önce
Lovely video and excellent narrative! Thank you!
Seashore Girl
Seashore Girl Aylar önce
I've always wondered why bears never try to attack the many birds, including seagulls, that often surround them. I mean, if they're hungry a few of these larger birds would make a good meal! But I have never seen videos showing this to happen, except for that small duck that was briefly chased in this video.
Tyler Kinyaa'áanii Clark
Tyler Kinyaa'áanii Clark 14 gün önce
@Dixon Peer which are members of a large family of seabirds. Seagulls, or Gulls.. basically the same thing.
Mister Master
Mister Master 24 gün önce
They prefer their birds cooked but it's hard to pluck their feathers without opposing thumbs.
Justin Sindorf
Justin Sindorf Aylar önce
I mean....birds don't just sit there. A large lumbering bear could hardly rely on agile and fast birds to keep the bear going. Same thing happens a lot with sharks, even white sharks that ignore, mostly, shearwaters and other sea going birds. I won't say "seagull." And whatever you do, don't let a birder hear you say 'Canadian goose.' Haha
Dixon Peer
Dixon Peer Aylar önce
They are called gulls, not seagulls.
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
it doesn't appear that we are so civilized these guys have the best views and are so in moment carefree
Black hole Sun
Black hole Sun 2 aylar önce
Everything is what's for dinner for a bear!😂
leekazoid Aylar önce
Everything but the porcupine
Sulim Maribin
Sulim Maribin Aylar önce
Woww,, The Homeland of Grizzly 😁,, also a great documentary sir,, enjoyid to watching 👍👍👍👏
Wykeisha Craft
Wykeisha Craft 2 aylar önce
Incredible Documentary😍😍As Always I Enjoy Watching And Learning Different Things Of Nature😍Cute🐻🐻and great narrator. Thanks for sharing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year😍😍🎅
George Marc
George Marc Aylar önce
pitbull mom
pitbull mom 2 aylar önce
Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature 2 aylar önce
Our pleasure! Many thanks for stopping by to watch and leave such a nice comment
Tommy Simmons
Tommy Simmons 2 aylar önce
Wonder how many miles Scarface has traveled?
Other Worldly97
Other Worldly97 Aylar önce
If they didn’t pretend to have the bears mic’d up this woulda been perfect
Kemuri 2 aylar önce
That one same bird call that kept being reused so obnoxiously kept standing out to me so much. I wish they didn't randomly play pre-recorded audio files of the same bird chirp over the documentary.
Kemuri 2 aylar önce
@B. Washington I think you need to watch the video over again.
B. Washington
B. Washington 2 aylar önce
It was probably just a common bird for the area, not an audio file.
ButterCookie Aylar önce
Ill be there in May!
Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature Aylar önce
woohoo 🥳
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
beautifully done
peeterslaurine609 Aylar önce
Awesome thank you
d.j imaoize
d.j imaoize 2 aylar önce
19:00 then totally out of context you get a super good 8bit song that we all wana do the happy jam on
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
great voice
Joseph 2 aylar önce
Bears are cool
drive careful,,cos I'm walkin (#sasquatchlives)
drive careful,,cos I'm walkin (#sasquatchlives) 7 gün önce
That's where Bigfoot lives.. & dogman 😎
James Morris
James Morris 18 gün önce
Who else watches this stuff before bed?
S33animallover Aylar önce
Ștefan - István - Steven Adam
Ștefan - István - Steven Adam 2 aylar önce
Frank Henderson
Frank Henderson Aylar önce
People don't go to Yellowstone save you your life. They are big.
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
i don't think we were supposed to eat each other something might be off
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
@The Banned you're banned too?!
The Banned
The Banned 2 aylar önce
Naw, bear taste fire af bruh.
DildoSnuggie 2 aylar önce
Did this doc just open with a COMIC SANS title?
Carlo Lago
Carlo Lago 2 aylar önce
grizzly country is dangerous 🐻
Lydia Hernandez
Lydia Hernandez Aylar önce
That's why I watch from home.
G cow
G cow 2 aylar önce
@Practical Philosophy most of the time you wouldn't have time to let out fear stink, you're attacked before you know it
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
@Budzilla what if I stand very still like a statue. Regardless allegedly the monks don't let out out the fear stink and everyone gets along.
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
@Budzilla you are funny. I like you. Yes I can dream like in the the days of old. Very funny. I suppose I don't even run fast enough to get away from the petting days.
Budzilla 2 aylar önce
@Practical Philosophy no, they will let you pet them 😂
MELLO321 2 aylar önce
Rick Robitaille
Rick Robitaille 21 gün önce
Realizing you forgot your bank card🤢🇨🇦
MR CRAZY 2 aylar önce
Love from India
Alan Wann
Alan Wann 2 aylar önce
Its good
Frankie Ross
Frankie Ross 2 aylar önce
Come on hurry up 🥰🥰
Mister Master
Mister Master 24 gün önce
Do Sumo wrestlers bite?
c m
c m 28 gün önce
That's baloney. Bears that are monitored that much and noone helps with the porcupine quills?
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
whats a byson pie is it bison poopy cake or something?
Lydia Hernandez
Lydia Hernandez Aylar önce
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 aylar önce
I call them bison patty.
Practical Philosophy
Practical Philosophy 2 aylar önce
@Free Documentary - Nature ah thank you.
Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature 2 aylar önce
yes. Poop.
speed freak
speed freak Aylar önce
D.W Washburn....... The Monkeys 🐒
Tyler Kinyaa'áanii Clark
Tyler Kinyaa'áanii Clark 14 gün önce
"the trees are being killed by two decades of global warming"... Not even going to mention the Pine Bark beetle? Or deforestation? Global warming is the only culprit?! 🤣🤦🏽
JJ Aylar önce
Joe rogan, I know you are here
ZELLIS 2 aylar önce
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