4 Pro Tips If You Struggle With SAMPLING

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Navie D

Navie D

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Sampling can be a struggle when you first start out. In this tutorial, I explain the differences between a new producer who is trying to sample, and an experienced one.
Wave Candy: • THIS will show AL...
How To Sample: • Learn How To Samp...
How To Use SliceX: • 21 ESSENTIAL Slic...
Iris, the Powerful Sampling Tool: • Here's a sampling...
A great place to find samples: / channel
0:00 Intro
0:17 Mistake 1
4:15 Mistake 2
6:43 Mistake 3
9:16 Mistake 4
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Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
Show of hands, do you prefer sampling or making beats from scratch?
Derrick Wayne
Derrick Wayne 5 aylar önce
i always made beats from scratch, i even create most of my instruments from sounds i find out in the world, it may take way longer to learn but it is so much more fun to me, but now i want to try sampling after 3 years 😂
O G Gamer
O G Gamer 5 aylar önce
I have a love for sampling, but I love doing it from scratch as well. All I need is one note then I let imagination and creativity take over.
JEFFY_MADE_IT 5 aylar önce
Both 🤷🏻‍♂️ depends on the day
JJ808s 5 aylar önce
Scratch is more fun tbh
WayLude 5 aylar önce
Lil Yuri
Lil Yuri 2 aylar önce
As a novice composer/beatmaker, this is incredibly helpful. I've been inspired by artists like Jinsang and 90sflav who use a lot of samples very well, but I'm still (oddly) much worse at making a sampled beat (or beat, period) than an original keyboard piece. Excellent explanation!
Prajiturel Aylar önce
im exactly in the same boat! I'm currently trying to learn composing and making my own stuff but i've been heavily inspired to sample by MF DOOM but I actually found it harder than my own melodies xdd. Just gotta keep practicting im sure
Yung Esco
Yung Esco 6 aylar önce
The pickle analogy made me a better producer thanks Navie D ❤️
Yung Esco
Yung Esco Aylar önce
@ZlepNo Music it tickled something 😉
ZlepNo Music
ZlepNo Music Aylar önce
So it tickled your pickle then? 👊😂
SEMAPHORE 2 aylar önce
Also made me scared of bathing in pickles
gitsurfer27 5 aylar önce
Funniest beat i ever heard
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
Make pickle-type beats
r 5 aylar önce
Hey Navie, love your content! I wondered if you maybe could do a video on recording vocals/ mixing them.^ Would've been awesome to see your thoughts on panning/ harmonies / adlibs / effects, etc and arragement as well. (arrangement of vocals ex having 1 lead rec on verses and three on the hook (left, center, right panning) for a bigger feel and stuff like that
Bas Scharroo
Bas Scharroo Aylar önce
AchillesLast$ 6 aylar önce
I swear I was just struggling in the past two days with creating a cool sample-based beat, sure helped me figure it out more, thanks:)
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
I hope it helps my friend!
BovineBloodline 6 aylar önce
You always got the most relatable examples ❤️❤️
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
Karasama Beats
Karasama Beats 6 aylar önce
This is a dope video man !!! I could see all my sampling mistakes I was literally doing before. 😅 That hurt though hahaha. But man new prods who are into sampling gonna really really benefit from this video !
Karasama Beats
Karasama Beats 6 aylar önce
@Navie D that point that u mentioned “good songs doesnt mean a good sample” that realization alone took me like 4 months of trial and error to finally realize it damn 😔
Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
I hope so my friend!
HYDEHEART Aylar önce
are there any tools that I can use to manipulate the sample even further after I've chopped them up? Like adding effects to samples easily?
Steven Shaneyfelt
Steven Shaneyfelt Aylar önce
Ah man I was using a sample of a certain Whitney Houston song and your description of working with compressed tracks made me reconsider and use RX7 to get the pieces (vocals separated)
Nate Giddens
Nate Giddens 5 aylar önce
Bro, you just get funnier. I love how you sprinkle in clues of how to get better with beats too.
Xerxes 6 aylar önce
Always love your videos! Keep going
Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
Thank you man. Xerxes is a badass name btw
FullTrip 6 aylar önce
Thanks man, great video, you touched on a lot of things
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
Thank you for watching FT
Ducer The Producer
Ducer The Producer 5 aylar önce
i dont even started the video and its already amazing how much enfort you put on sampling techniqs man, you re unique Mate ty a lot
Seth Davis
Seth Davis 5 aylar önce
Seriously appreciate these videos, Navie.
plugexpert 5 aylar önce
About sample intention; playing around with sounds can sometimes lead to interesting results. So intention / more focused ideas can arise out of initial play. I think play (without intention) is a very important aspect of the creative process, to not get writers locked into 4-8 pattern loops and just start, but having the ears to eventually hear what works and be able to focus is just as important imo.
Ethan Rodgers Vargo
Ethan Rodgers Vargo 5 aylar önce
Serato sampler seems to be a go to. Gotta check it out
Nikolas Devicente
Nikolas Devicente 2 aylar önce
Can you make a video for those who are good with samples but not so good with making beats from scratch ?
RouteNote Create
RouteNote Create 5 aylar önce
Great tips and examples!
Калачев Николай
Калачев Николай 5 aylar önce
Подскажите пожайлуста а у вас есть видео как обрабатывать семплы нарезаные с виниловой пластинки . И вот такой вопрос есть смысл обрабатывать семплы барабанов нарезаные с виниловой пластинки по отдельности по типа отдельно kick, snare если они с одной компазиции ?
Intrakit Productions
Intrakit Productions 5 aylar önce
Do you think you would ever make a video showing how you edit your videos ? I love making beats but just struggle to get motivated to make videos
Devel 5 aylar önce
your pickle juice example went a completely different direction than where i thought it was going. i thought you were going to say something along the lines of “imagine pickle juice, it’s good for cucumbers and sunflower seeds. it could maybe work with steak if used tastefully, but it’s never going to go good with chocolate cake…” but no, you started talking about drinking it, bathing in it and giants eating me 😂
Vecrisv 6 aylar önce
I mean, I've used heavy metal songs as samples... It's definitely harder, but sidechain and eq makes the difference lol
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
Yeah, it's still possible. Just much harder
WeThemProduction 5 aylar önce
7:09 , that mild burn with sampling skill flex lmao
luaks pudaus
luaks pudaus 5 aylar önce
thank u, thank u... I've been improving my skills noticeably, giant-stepping improvements
Omar O
Omar O 5 aylar önce
Awesome video, thank you!
John Tee
John Tee 5 aylar önce
I like making my own melodies just more original
k.avebeats 5 aylar önce
yooo iris 2 is now only $10 on pluginboutique. Thank you for reminding me of this vst in the right time
HoneyWheat 6 aylar önce
Thank you soooo much!
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
You're welcomeeeeeee
Jake De'ath
Jake De'ath 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the great tips DJ Benzema
RADIO MOOK 5 aylar önce
I have a ? About a specific sample how do I send it to you for your opinion?
Dk rp
Dk rp 5 aylar önce
channel, I want that soft to be the sa in other desired channels without having to go there and doing manually.
Caleb Scalzo
Caleb Scalzo 6 aylar önce
You spilling too many beans Navie you gotta chill lol
TheKakes357 5 aylar önce
This is all much appreciated to the fullest
Ya Boi Avery
Ya Boi Avery 5 aylar önce
bob jam :)
Ya Boi Avery
Ya Boi Avery 5 aylar önce
bob jam xactly
Franck H. Beugre
Franck H. Beugre 5 aylar önce
Is it Taco Tuesday ? Xd
Ya Boi Avery
Ya Boi Avery 5 aylar önce
No Navie don't chill : (
TRILLA G 5 aylar önce
Question I’m trying to find out what the name of a rattling bass is called it’s like a bass hitting kinda sounding like it tweets in the background
GoodxJ 2 aylar önce
Serato Sample for the win!!!! 👍🏼
Joey Staleto TV
Joey Staleto TV 5 aylar önce
Dope video.. but that first sample all you have to do is add a filter, trap drums, send it to 21 savage and have Drake feature on it 😂🔥🔥
StoshGalumpke 5 aylar önce
Just what the Doctor ordered! Very good ...
estarte Aylar önce
C'mon Navi Pickles, choose a better Sample/Analogy. Lmao 🤣 good ish, your videos help.
Flankz 5 aylar önce
Hey Man U really helped me with phonk tut please do a playboy carti type beat tutorial please 🙏 thanks sir
XxXincomXxX pa weł
XxXincomXxX pa weł 6 aylar önce
just added a bout 90 songs to sample so right on time
shizzle123pl 5 aylar önce
shizzle # 7920, cos komentarza dodac nie moglem nie wiem czemu
XxXincomXxX pa weł
XxXincomXxX pa weł 5 aylar önce
@shizzle123pl masz może discord?
shizzle123pl 5 aylar önce
@XxXincomXxX pa weł spoko chętnie się podzielę tym co wiem i coś doradze jak będę mógł.daj jakiś namiar jak się skontaktować z toba
XxXincomXxX pa weł
XxXincomXxX pa weł 5 aylar önce
@shizzle123pl a chciałbyś może pomóc, dac jakieś rady bo nie mam nikogo wokół kto zajmuje się muzyka a sam zacząłem 2 miesiące temu
shizzle123pl 5 aylar önce
@XxXincomXxX pa weł tak:)
elena bautista
elena bautista 5 aylar önce
I swear my brain is to small to understand anytNice tutorialng he’s doing.
manatee_flips 5 aylar önce
As a life long sampler, my intention is to reproduce and add (like a member of the band), not destroy unrecognizable with plug-ins and effects. I'm paying homage to the band.
Wade Williams
Wade Williams 2 aylar önce
Great video
g7thebeatmaker 5 aylar önce
my favorite song to sample is genius of love and ready or not
Shayan 26 gün önce
Never thought I was gonna get some sampling tips from Karim Benzema!
Aryeh 5 aylar önce
Ngl that road rage sample kinda hits
Cact 2 aylar önce
"if you're lucky" is crazy
LEO_ GTA5 6 aylar önce
Yoooo, thank you, Navid D)
Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
You're welcome Leo!
O G Gamer
O G Gamer 5 aylar önce
Great video.
N1netyfirst 6 aylar önce
I’ve been pickle sandwiched more times than I dare to admit
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
It happens to the best of us
100% Zombie
100% Zombie 5 aylar önce
In The setup yup that was my problem thanks a lot
Harrypotatis 29 gün önce
The first somg you talk about ”master” by guitar red Doesnt exist, not on tracklib not anywhere, when I look up the album it says that the song Doesnt exist on the album either
Impeka 5 aylar önce
The pickle example tho lmao
KALYAN PROD 2 aylar önce
If Karim Benzema were a producer
g7thebeatmaker 5 aylar önce
making beats from scratch and then sampling them
Rose Wurkz
Rose Wurkz 2 aylar önce
The pickle story 😂 💕
Andre Iadipaolo
Andre Iadipaolo 6 aylar önce
Okay Navie, I'll get Serato Sampler geez
Andre Iadipaolo
Andre Iadipaolo 5 aylar önce
@Navie D it looks awesome! you explain the difference well.
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
Hahah I must admit, it is much better than the alternatives
Whize_7 5 aylar önce
Thank you sir
AtlasBeats 6 aylar önce
First haha I love your sample tuts the most time to get the popcornnn🍿
Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
We eatin that buttery popcorn
Snezy Colins
Snezy Colins 6 aylar önce
I've started because of Kill Jay-Z, produced by No I.D.
Snezy Colins
Snezy Colins 6 aylar önce
@Navie D I was always fascinated with songs with samples in it. But when I heard that song I really wanted to know how it's done and wanting to be better than him.
Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
That made you wanna make beats?
Highz 5 aylar önce
ide rather use full samples from sites like drum broker instead of one shots.
Rachid Photograph
Rachid Photograph 5 aylar önce
Finally Mins later cos out with the soft
Tyler Sherman
Tyler Sherman 6 aylar önce
I looked down for a sec, looked back up and Navie's green and pickle dipped. Took a while to return to context. I was... concerned.
ireadysucks 5 aylar önce
That’s just how it goes. You like pickles a bit too much and then you end up in a giant’s ham sandwich.
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
It happens that fast
yesno 5 aylar önce
Your tag should be “Benzema on the beat”
Rifumo Mathye
Rifumo Mathye Aylar önce
yoo Navie wat happened to ur J Dee wall paper you usually have in ur studio
SKYE LOOPS 5 aylar önce
ur a god amongst humans
Viktor Onopko
Viktor Onopko 19 gün önce
So Tell me when Karim Benzema started making sampling tutorial videos on TRshow? 🤔
ClayDidthatShhhBoy 5 aylar önce
I liked 👆🏼
Leeroy Free
Leeroy Free 2 aylar önce
u could just j dilla and sample the drums
petermaffya 5 aylar önce
his first sentence sounds like "if you´re a nudist sampling", lol...
DK Producer
DK Producer 6 aylar önce
Faringa didn’t want to see you win.
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
He was plotting my downfall
Saad Ur Rehman
Saad Ur Rehman 5 aylar önce
The Greater Muta
The Greater Muta Aylar önce
Thank you Benzema
Ammar Alhaves
Ammar Alhaves 5 aylar önce
You’re look like Karim benzema with the fresh hair cut
Derrick Wayne
Derrick Wayne 5 aylar önce
the "if you're lucky" line gave me ptsd
Kevin Plessen
Kevin Plessen 5 gün önce
benzema in his free time
MeekManuel 2 aylar önce
Badlands Chugs!!!!
g7thebeatmaker 5 aylar önce
great pickle juice sampling chubby d
Harpsea 5 aylar önce
facts, at the end of the day even if you use a complex sample but your beats trash then sorry but it aint it bud.
Tony Titan
Tony Titan 5 aylar önce
Pickle juice is disgusting, but healthy
🌽corn🌽 6 aylar önce
Fresh trim
🌽corn🌽 5 aylar önce
@Navie D good food
Navie D
Navie D 5 aylar önce
Why the obsession with corn
Arend 5 aylar önce
Good content but please dude bring the shirts up a size or two. We know you're jacked. Don't need to be popping out. A looser fit'd probably look tight!
KyngSect 5 aylar önce
Karim Benzema!
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 3 aylar önce
man why did u cut your hair!! u were handsome:(
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 3 aylar önce
now you look like a goodboy:(
GoodxJ 2 aylar önce
KRK's! 👍🏼😁✌🏼
Dangerfartboy!!! 4 aylar önce
I like pickle juice, but it dehydrates the fuck out of you
Rob 5 aylar önce
The ol’ pickle cliche been happening to too many young mc’s…it’s tragic man. Giant on green violence is a problem. N keep that “cucumber lives matter” anti-protesting to yourself.
The kattemax
The kattemax 5 aylar önce
is the giant a woman or???
hip hop child
hip hop child 6 aylar önce
still the guy doesn't about the channel cut group in FL..
hip hop child
hip hop child 6 aylar önce
@Navie D just trollin' can't help myself😉
hip hop child
hip hop child 6 aylar önce
@Drinkinouttacups using envelopes for closed hihats and open hihats cuts? what flexibility is needed here ? while you'll still be fucking with envelopes on drum sounds I will have already put up 3 variation of my drum parts..
Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
How is that germane to what I talked about in the video?
Drinkinouttacups 6 aylar önce
More control and flexibility with envelopes
IHABFAT 🎶 Aylar önce
karim benzema?
Hugo Bernard
Hugo Bernard 6 aylar önce
Hugo Bernard
Hugo Bernard 6 aylar önce
@Navie D for the algorythm broski 😘
Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
God bless you Hugo
Kellzmosis Aylar önce
thank you bro
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