Colorado Avalanche 2022 FULL Stanley Cup Presentation Ceremony

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Yıl önce

Watch the entire ceremony in which the Colorado Avalanche were given the Stanley Cup after winning Game 6 of the 2022 Finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning.
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@1981RALavoie Yıl önce
I'm a Bruins fan. But if you Love Hockey it honestly doesn't matter who lifts the cup. It is Amazing to see the hard work these boys have put into winning this trophy. CONGRATULATIONS COLORADO!!!!!
@buffalonickel7323 Yıl önce
I love you Bruin fans! So much love tonight!! Much respect!!!
@inhaleanthrax1333 Yıl önce
it only matters if Montreal hoists it 🤮
@FN_Davey Yıl önce
I’m right there with ya! I’m a Penguin fan and while I’ve loved seeing them succeed in past years! Seeing Ovechkin and numerous vets get that cup is an awesome feeling for anyone! Love seeing others teams / underdogs bring the cup home!
@assistanttotheregionalmana5810 Yıl önce
Canucks fan. I’ll still remember 2011, but yes I agree with you. The work is incredible and the best players in the world deserve to be celebrated
@bobbyr.7578 Yıl önce
The Boston Booins
@busterhymen6331 Yıl önce
Priceless comment from Kadri. “For all those people that said I was a liability in the playoffs, you can kiss my ass.”
@michaelcoloradogambler1171 Yıl önce
I would say that when he stays on the ice and doesn't get suspended during the postseason, of course he's not a liability! 🤣🤣
@molonlave2193 Yıl önce
He is of Lebanese decent, he's got that fire in his personality.
@loganmoy5093 Yıl önce
Dubas is getting all worked up replaying this over and over again. He finally goes into his liquor cabinet and wasted. He stumbles into the kitchen and savagely beats his wife while calling her Kadri.
@davidsonkereliuk 7 aylar önce
How is kadri now
@patton303 Yıl önce
I love you Joe Sakic. I don’t care who knows it. You were a beast of a hockey player and now you’re a beast of a GM. #19 forever.
@layne_aic Yıl önce
I remember being at a game when Joe Sakic scored a hat-trick at home. It was something I'll never forget! I'm so happy for him! 🏆🏒
@RoscoMontana21 5 aylar önce
Seriously, where would the Avs be without him?
@SuperbiainProelioCitizen Yıl önce
I’m surprised that many Tampa fans stuck around for the Ceremony. Also, I’m very happy for Nazem Kadri, he was not too happy about the trade that saw him leave Toronto, but I’m sure now he’s a very happy lad! Congrats Avalanche!
@GenghisTam Yıl önce
I'm a firm believer that if you're at the game where the cup is awarded, you stay to watch the ceremony even if the team you cheer for doesnt win. Not many people get to see it happen in person
@Wrestlingstoners Yıl önce
@@AlphaPlus9 also a lot of French Canadian hockey fans here considering both teams have huge fanbase from it.
@Wayf4rer Yıl önce
@@AlphaPlus9 I wouldn't say I'm happy, moreso it's just a rare experience to see it happen and I think the team who won it, as well the the tradition/moment deserve the respect. No matter who wins at the end of the series, they deserve that cup. Happy it was here in Tampa for as long as it was.
@sandwedge Yıl önce
oh he's pretty happy if you see his post-game interview lol
@anthonypastore8378 Yıl önce
Shows the fans of hockey Tampa are ive seen plenty of cup wins on the road and the home teams fans usually don’t stick around but a lot of Tampa fans did
@JRodizAwesome Yıl önce
Seeing Landy and Johnson hoist the cup brought tears to my eyes. I love this team so much, those two have been through a lot with this team. Congrats Avs!
@TyyTheFlyGuy Yıl önce
Same. Been waiting so long to see another deep cup run. Such a sweet moment.
@planetcaravan2925 Yıl önce
Hi gabe
@AlexB-zw4bs Yıl önce
Blues fan Love seeing Johnson hoist that. cup. So glad he was able to become a franchise player and take the team to the promised land.
@infernosgaming8942 Yıl önce
Reminds me of Joe handing it off to Ray back in 01, always brings a tear to my eye
@sauce6997 Yıl önce
Been waiting years for this moment man, so happy for guys like Landy and EJ who have been here for a long time and finally achieved the cup. GO AVS GO
@stephenbailinC7GS Yıl önce
This 22 Avalanche team should go down as one of the top teams to have been assembled. Consistency, speed, and power make this team an absolute unit!
@notlocjones6081 Yıl önce
Go to 3 Stanley cup finals in a row and then we'll talk lol
@davidcooper3844 Yıl önce
And how fast Sakic put that team together is insane
@davidcooper3844 Yıl önce
Every since the playoffs against Calgary and Makar joining it has been a rocket ship
@Thingpng Yıl önce
@@notlocjones6081 salty Tampa fan still crying over losing
@danabakol6941 Yıl önce
As a tampa fan, this was the matchup of my dreams. Congratulations colorado, a worthy opponent and a beautiful series! Extremely proud of our lightning for everything, bringing us to the 3rd sc finals appearance. Nothing like nhl playoffs 🤍
@dutchovenderlinde2407 Yıl önce
I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY!! Our Avs did it, first time in 21 years and third time ever!!! The fact that my favorite player of all time, Joe Sakic has been a huge part of all three is just incredible. Way to go Avs!!!!!!!
@scotthopkins9458 Yıl önce
Well said. Let’s Go Avs!!!
@1981RALavoie Yıl önce
I'm a Die Hard Bruins fan. But I am so happy to see Colorado raise the cup. Well deserved Boys!!! Nothing But Love for you All. CHAMPS BABY!!!!
@jaggedskar3890 Yıl önce
As an Avs fan we'll always be indebted to the Bruins for Ray Bourque. Thanks, Bruins!
@Hayyden Yıl önce
Joe Sakic The King Of Colorado Responsible for the 3 Stanley Cups What a legend.
@MegaSmarterthanyou Yıl önce
Thank god you didnt say GOAT
@ericdouglas7039 Yıl önce
John Elway has entered the chat
@molonlave2193 Yıl önce
Denver still waiting for Nuggets and Rockies to win pro titles.
@stephanea5364 Yıl önce
@@ericdouglas7039 John Elway lost 4 times in SB's.
@RoscoMontana21 Yıl önce
@@MegaSmarterthanyou Yeah he’s not Gretzky obviously, but name me another guy that played and won, and stayed loyal to the same team and won one as an executive? I’m sure there’s some, but it’s rare.
@James-01 Yıl önce
Congratulation Avalanche and Avs fans. You guys deserve this. This series was a hard and intense battle. It was fun having the cup for 2 straight years. Enjoy this time with the cup and congratulations again. Sincerely, Lightning fan
@alohajoe98 Yıl önce
@ShinyMew76 Yıl önce
Thanks. Much respect to your team, they put up one heck of a fight. This year the former Nordiques, and now avalanche win the cup!
@CowboySnorlaxLeader Yıl önce
@RomanMestas Yıl önce
Thank you, respect. *extends end of game handshake 🤝 Sincerely, Lifelong Avs fan
@CatieCass Yıl önce
You sir are one class act. ❤️❤️❤️
@arslors Yıl önce
As a finn couldn't be more proud of Lehkonen and Rantanen, so happy for them
@SF-op5ix Yıl önce
We love having them so much!!! Great country, great people, and great players!! So much talent and heart
@Winland88 Yıl önce
But at the same time i am kinda sad for Donskoi who played probably his best season with Avs before trade to Kraken :(
@SF-op5ix Yıl önce
@@Winland88 we were heartbroken. So many tough trades
@mathieudrouin2573 Yıl önce
As a Montréal Canadiens fan, I can't be happier for Lehkonen. He was such an underrated player in Montreal, and the Avs really tapped in his versatility. One of the best defensive player in the game. And he got the GWG, again!
@bigboiraisin6540 Yıl önce
21 years it’s been so long I couldn’t stop crying when we won it it’s like after all the hard work these guys put in finally the trophy is home again
@TriforcePunk Yıl önce
New York Rangers fan here wanting to congratulate the Colorado Avalanche on winning the Cup; beyond thrilled for the team and their fans! What a hell of a team, run and final!
@noelwilliams2165 Yıl önce
I feel the same way panthers fan proud of Colorado for defeating cocky ass Tampa Bay.
@The1DeadlyGamer Yıl önce
@@noelwilliams2165 🧂 no finals for you since 1996 and first time in round 2 since? Sounds like it. Tampa for 3 straight years in the finals and have a cup from 2004. If anything, panthers fans were the most cockiest of them all this year. Oh it’s okay tho, they’re a very good regular season team 😊
@noelwilliams2165 Yıl önce
@@The1DeadlyGamer that’s what happens when u clowns get cocky you lost badly we and are time will come soon to win the cup.
@The1DeadlyGamer Yıl önce
@@noelwilliams2165 oh I couldn’t here what you said, because I have my cup rings plugging me ear. Ya, I think we just won? Oh ya, we beat you in 96 right?
@andrew67sp85 Yıl önce
Заслуженно, красавцы Колорадо!!! 👍
@BlueshirtFan4Ever Yıl önce
As a Rangers fan... Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche on winning their 3rd Stanley Cup in franchise history (1996, 2001 & 2022). It's been a long dreadful 21 years since they've reached the top of the Stanley Cup mountain. I'm so glad to have finally see Tampa Bay lose. There's not going to be a 3-peat nor a dynasty. It's time for a new team to reach for the top. Enjoy it Avs Nation... Again, congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche, 2022 Stanley Cup Champions. P.S. F*ck the Bolts. Tampa can kiss my ass. 🤣🤣🤣
@archangelmichael7 Yıl önce
As a Capitals fan, I'm happy to see Andre Burakovsky for winning his 2nd Cup
@SF-op5ix Yıl önce
Loved burky with the caps and was so thrilled to have him here!! He’s such a gem, every team would be lucky to have him!
@biffdanielson2820 Yıl önce
I became an Ovechkin fan when the Avalanche were losing. I was so happy to see him win a few years ago. Now it my Avs turn 😁.
@siilph Yıl önce
seeing players who didnt really get to play all that much in the playoffs hoist the cup is such a gem, they worked hard all season for this moment, even though they didnt have much playing time of recent, they came out here knowing all their hard work pay off from the regular season, number 56 LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
@Cedisdead Yıl önce
So proud of my man Gabriel Landeskog, not easy to become a nhl captain as a 19 year old Swede but he proved us he could. What an amazing playoff in general by the Av's. Thanks yall for a great season see you next year!
@ll7868 Yıl önce
Joe Sakic is 100% class, last time they won he didn't take the first lap with the Cup as Captain, instead passed it straight to Ray Bourque. Can't believe it been over two decades. Congrats Avs.
@yerdaselzavon7024 Yıl önce
21 years of hurt ended! Congratulations Colorado! You guys deserve it.
@Goransky Yıl önce
Колорадо, от души поздравляю. Болел за Тампу, но вы достойно победили и взяли этот кубок. Поклон вам, за вашу игру!
@user-noname321 Yıl önce
И Никита с Андреем были достойны третьего кубка, и Валера взял первый трофей заслуженно. Особенно приятно что наш очередной челябинский обладатель Кубка Стэнли. Вытерпел, всё преодолел и победил.
@NaumovAndy Yıl önce
Чёт когда Ничушкин кубок брал - не особо радовался
@KingPaimon666 Yıl önce
Massive respect to the Avalanche from an LA Kings fan, you deserved it!
@sher1wood238 Yıl önce
If we had Doughty and Arvidsson we’d have won the cup😂
@rasheedjeffries5754 Yıl önce
Lol funny
@michaeljimenez5756 Yıl önce
@@sher1wood238 Excuses Tampa fans are mad🤣🤣🤣
@michaeljimenez5756 Yıl önce
@@sher1wood238 we had a better team we beat yall fair and square🤷🏽‍♂️
@JOJO-gl6tx Yıl önce
Glad to see most Tampa fans stay and watch the ceremony and cheer for the avs. Warms me heart how tight we can be as fans when it's all said and done.
@dirty.dan37 Yıl önce
It’s not even class honestly they just stayed because they’re never gonna see the trophy in person again
@americanloyalist4599 Yıl önce
@@dirty.dan37 tampa is still a contender
@punasher Yıl önce
Wow! It's been a long time since we've seen a stanley cup champion team that made two sweeps in the playoffs. This is an incredible hard working team and they deserve this win. The moment they swept the oilers, I knew that they just had to win. Go Avs go!
@vincentrochette3907 Yıl önce
I’m from Montreal and I’m a die hard fan of the mtl canadiens. I’m just so happy to see the lightings finally loose. Congrats to Colorado.
@PudubatPudubat Yıl önce
And the winner goal from lekhonen
@sandwedge Yıl önce
@@PudubatPudubat stanley cup 2: lekhonen's revenge
@Suelo_the_child Yıl önce
Hopefully Martin St. Louis will finally end the drought in Montreal (and all of Canada)
@ThisHandleFeatureIsStupid Yıl önce
Bitter, petty and spiteful...classic Montrealer. 👍
@tamman994 Yıl önce
@@ThisHandleFeatureIsStupid L
@colingram8785 Yıl önce
First of all, commiserations to the Lightning - what an outstanding achievement to make 3 successive S/C Final appearances, they should be commended and feel very proud, fought a very tough series, especially after the 7-0 loss. As an Avs fan, I remember getting up REAL early in the UK to watch game 7, 2001. I was recording it and lived in hope, I even did affirmations the night before writing up "Colorado Avs to win the Stanley Cup" 15 times! I got up with a startle that morning and just felt compelled to get up and watch it, had to be real quiet as my folks were still asleep etc. I watched on with awe as one Mr. Ray Borque lifted the cup and the immense feelings of emotion/elation in that was so incredible - the whole gravitas of it and what it meant to Ray etc, it was so profound, even from afar and never having been to a hockey game and lived the true feel of it all. But nonetheless I basked in the glow of the glory that day and 21 years later, I'm reminded just how good it all feels again. Congrats Colorado - we share the same 'abbreviated' name, and that's how my love for this hockey club was born, back in 1997 and a Playstation game called "NHL 98" by EA Sports, just by sheer coincidence or maybe not (!), having known very little about pro Ice Hockey before that. And here we are, some 25 years on and my love for the organization is still as apparent. Now I live as a Citizen of Australia, my adored and adopted country of non-birth and we get to witness this moment, albeit in differing circumstances...but I'm reminded of THOSE feelings all over again, and how much joy these triumphs can bring. Well done Champs, so very well done, from the billabonging depths of Australia, we say "thanks" and "bravo", enjoy bringing the cup back to Denver! You did it...woooooooooooooo!!! :D
@sloburnjo Yıl önce
Jeezus, post on yer fb page.
@havenwisner6776 Yıl önce
This is super cool to read. I was born and raised in Boulder Colorado but started following the avs 4-5 years ago. Im in my first year of College in Oregon but coming back to watch them win has been awesome. Super cool to see old fans like you!
@alanbrunch8338 Yıl önce
That's a great story, cheers!!
@peterpike Yıl önce
The call still gives me chills: "And after twenty-two years...RAYMOND BOURQUE!!!"
@justinlast2lastharder749 Yıl önce
The original Avs made me a Bangwagoner. 25 years later, haven't fallen off the wagon yet.
@conyo1942 Yıl önce
It's nice to see Nazem Kadri win the cup. Never could have done it with the Leafs.
@1981RALavoie Yıl önce
@robshook8866 Yıl önce
Two premier teams battled with everything they had. Colorado’s speed and zone dominance was a level above anything the Lightning had faced. Tampa has nothing to be ashamed of. True warriors with the legacy to prove it. Congrats to the entire Avs organization!
@natedogg8603 12 gün önce
Over a year later and I still get the absolute chills when Landy lifts the cup! What a magical run by the boys!
@MrRunYimmy Yıl önce
Congratulations Avalanche! You guys deserve it!
@Pete-th9oq Yıl önce
No matter what team you cheer for, when a player lifts the Cup in victory, your heart goes out to them. To those who love hockey, this is the dream! Congrats Avs! Dream come true!
@MrJordwalk Yıl önce
I pulled for the Lightning to threepeat, but Kadri gave me a good laugh when he said: "Anyone who thought I was a liability in the Playoffs can kiss my ass!". The Cup went to the team that deserved it!
@danno45100 Yıl önce
Congrats to Colorado. They deserved this cup. From Mack daddies press conference last year to this cup win, it was an absolute warpath. To Kadri having a dominant season and hoisting a cup and big congrats to Eric Johnston, what he’s been through it’s admirable. Congrats Colorado.
@rathaloshunter1794 Yıl önce
Congratulations to the avalanche. They brought it 100% throughout the season and playoffs. Well earned winners 🎉🎉🎉
@kelticach4999 Yıl önce
Congratulations to the Avalanches, Joe Sakic and others. You earned it. From a former Quebec City fan.
@stjepanbarnjak5655 Yıl önce
I’m a Rangers fan, but I am SO happy about this! They deserved it! I watched it on TV, and I thought it was a really BIG ceremony. #LetsGoRangers and also #LetsGoAvs
@tsw87 Yıl önce
What a season, what a playoffs and what finals, props to the lighting and their organization. But most importantly congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche organization for providing us with one of the most exciting seasons/post-season since their last cup run. From game one to the end of the playoffs, I always believed and knew you guys could FIND A WAY
@Jacob-du5if Yıl önce
kadri's first raise of the cup was synced so perfectly to the music 4:53 like the music literally sounds like it's score for a biopic about naz's life
To all the Tampa Fans cheering. 👌👌 That's what hockey is all about! All the guys played their hearts out and what a playoffs! Can't wait to see Tamp bounce back next year. Coming from an Avs/Habs fan. I know I'm not the only one lol
@tylergroves9049 Yıl önce
Seeing them bring it out and knowing the history behind it gives me chills
@cskvision Yıl önce
Congratulations Avs! 21 years of peaks and valleys but you boys reached the summit. Well done! - Oilers fan
@melodrama896 Yıl önce
Очень рад за Валеру Всем, все доказал, внес огромный вклад в победу! Молодчик!
@user-rx6fi8sj9x Yıl önce
Безусловно заслужили
@Bline-ip6et Yıl önce
@biffdanielson2820 Yıl önce
Hockey brings countries together. Love to you from Colorado.
@planetcaravan2925 Yıl önce
Hi andrei
@user-qo7wx1xc7d Yıl önce
А там не маму ли его показывали,когда он с кубком ехал?
@snapjackal Yıl önce
Thank you for everything, boys. I lost my dad last year, who was a diehard Lightning fan. Among all of the things he taught me, the lesson that is most prevalent to me, tonight, was how to love this game. This Avalanche fan is sobbing tonight. This series means everything to me. This moment is something I'll forever hold dearly. Congratulations, Colorado. Congrats to my fellow fans. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS
@northernkushreviews7335 Yıl önce
Does anyone else get goose bumps whenever the Cup is hoisted, regardless of the winning team?
@wordsisnukes Yıl önce
It is a special moment, especially for the #2 and #3 guys who are recognized by their team as deserving it most.
@snakeeyes9246 Yıl önce
I did when I watched it live. Every year, I do, no matter who the captain/team is.
@stanislavshugurov1351 Yıl önce
Валера!!! Ты смог!!! Удачи тебе и в дальнейшей карьере. Сбитый лётчик всех не сбитых СБИЛ!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@user-qo7wx1xc7d Yıl önce
Классный тренер сколотил такую же команду. И просто поверил в Валеру. Ну а Валерий взял да и не подвёл коуча. Все играли мощно.Неожиданно для лавин,которая постоянно даже в плей-офф не попадала. И от этого всё выглядит очень круто.
@filop4367 Yıl önce
They set out at the start of the season to win it all, they believed they could, and nothing was gonna stop em, not even the 3 time Stanley cup finalists and repeat champions. Very impressive season start to finish by Colorado. Congrats! Also, very impressive run by Tampa. What’s that, like 4 conference finals in last 6 years, and winning a few times? Hats off to em
@killergoon2009 Yıl önce
Let’s go boys, it’s great to see you guys get what you deserve. You guys played a hell of a series
@nymike06 Yıl önce
Longtime NY Rangers fan here but Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Stanley Cup Champions, Colorado Avalanche. Well-Deserved. Best team in Hockey the entire year and played very impressive throughout the playoffs. Great job, guys!
@johnmccoy8540 Yıl önce
Love Colorado and all our teams , congrats to our Avs you gotta beat the best to be the best.
@molatable Yıl önce
Congrats to Kadri, COL veterans who won the cup for the first time and congrats Avs!
@molonlave2193 Yıl önce
Honestly, we miss him in Toronto. I am proud of him getting his long waited cup.
@planetcaravan2925 Yıl önce
@@molonlave2193 leafs out in 7
@ILoveMetin-ie5ce Yıl önce
@@molonlave2193 Why did you replace it? AVS they are building what they have since 2016: D honestly two years ago, or even a year ago, AVS should win the Cup but a coincidence of strange events eliminated them in the 2nd round. Avs they build a team thoughtfully, not like TML who got Tavares who didn't bring anything to the team anyway. Swapping Kadri for Tyson Barrie, Alex Kerfoot was perhaps the stupidest in club history since summer: D. All the best about AVS is either draft players like Mackinnon, Rantanen, Makar, Byram, Landeskog or nowhere wanted Kadri, Burky, Nichushkin + some minor trades like Lehkonen, Toews and they made a team
@Chemical_Argentum Yıl önce
Rangers fan here. Big congratz Avs! You did an outstanding job! Well deserved! It's just sad you didn't get to accept the cup back home in Denver. Would be so awesome to see the Avs fan cheering for you during the cermony.
@JKD6991 Yıl önce
The most beautiful trophy in all sports! Congratulations Avalanche!
@MrPaglissi Yıl önce
There was a lot of great sportsmanship tonight after the game. Fans and players.
@kosdumodjin Yıl önce
The Colorado Avalanche are the only active NHL team to have competed in the Stanley Cup final, and never lost.
@rasheedjeffries5754 Yıl önce
I think you mean in franchise history
@Rama-gv4wn Yıl önce
Очень рад за Валеру ! 🔥🤝
@1987984 Yıl önce
Он молоток!!! Много вложил в эту победу!!!!
@Rama-gv4wn Yıl önce
@@1987984 он столько лет шёл к этому
@1987984 Yıl önce
@@Rama-gv4wn Согласен!!!))) Очень рад за него. Через терни прошел этот путь!!!
@GGMattt Yıl önce
WOOHOO! Congrats to Colorado :) what a team they have right now! They've fought hard the past few years and shown a lot of heart, it must feel incredible to be the ones to bring back Stanley to Colorado for the first time in 20 years. The first cup lift always brings a tear to my eye, so happy for them :) I'm a Hawks fan(we've fallen a long way sadly) but I've really enjoyed watching the Aves as one of my alternate teams to root for over the past two years, happy to see them take the cup!
@mm700 Yıl önce
A fan from the very beginning. The hood and the bad. And Sakic made a strong team. Way to go boys!!!!!!
@brettkenschaft4239 Yıl önce
I'm a grown man crying as I'm watching this!! So cool!! Amazing to see all the guys holding it, especially Joe for the 3rd time!! This team could be really good for a while!
@ObiWanBidoofy Yıl önce
21 years ago i saw joe lift the cup, now i got to see him do it again. Its been a long time, but it was well worth it.
@bloodlegion4874 Yıl önce
As an Islanders fan I’m glad the Lightning were finally defeated! No 4 cups in a row for them! Not even 3 cups in a row! Congratulations Avalanche! 🏆…. And….. I love that they won IN Tampa against the FORMER champs. That makes it sweeter for them!
@user-ur6pp2uq8v Yıl önce
Поздравляю с заслуженной победой!
@DethOfDrgnz Yıl önce
Congrads to the Colorado Avalanche and all their fans on winning the cup. They were the team I was cheering for in the finals!
@kingpenguin2252 Yıl önce
I maybe be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan but I'm really fortunate enough to see the Avs win the Stanley Cup and to be honest there defense was just as good as there offense was overall congratulations Colorado Avalanche.
@SoberFix Yıl önce
I’m happy for Johnson n Johnson. Erik played on some awful Avs teams and never demanded a trade and finally gets rewarded. And Jack, after what his own parents put him through, I’m glad he (maybe) retires a Stanley Cup Champion.
@tgs2141 Yıl önce
He also had some bad luck of Teams winning championships after he left
@johnny1123 Yıl önce
Agreed! The Johnsons went through the most adversity! For Jack, this must be the best feeling of his career after getting traded away from LA, who went on to win a Cup, and getting gutted financially by his parents. Dude deserves this!
@anonymousrex5207 Yıl önce
I was lucky enough a few years back to be in Vegas on vacation and decided to go to Vegas vs. Washington on a whim to see a finals game. Got to watch the cup skated for the first time in-person as a life long hockey fan and it was one of the coolest things ever... despite not being a fan of either team playing. I think any fan of the game has to appreciate moments like this, even when your team doesn't win.
@ApocalypticRadish Yıl önce
I've been a fan of this team my entire life. This was the first cup I got to experience as an adult and I couldn't be happier. Go Avs!
@wesmatthews5532 Yıl önce
Canes fan but I get goose bumps every year seeing this no matter who wins. Greatest and hardest to win trophy in team sports. Tampa fans were total class. Congratulations Avs!
@MonsterTrucksQuebec Yıl önce
Congrats to the Colorado Avalanche ! Definitely a really fast team with outstanding team plays. They are clutch when it's time and were putting pure domination. To add to that, as a Habs fan, I'm really happy to see Lehky get that cup and get the GWG.
@shadowcross7248 Yıl önce
Congratulations to the Colorado Avs!!! Well fought victory for the team. As a Pens fan we will see you next season. Be ready…
@moharikram1687 Yıl önce
Congrats to Avs! Nice story ending for Johnson and Johnson! Great job for all the members especially MacK, Landy and Makar! P.S: Hope Avs petitioned Murray's name on the cup since he didn't play 50% of the season or a game in SCF.
@Alex-tj2tg Yıl önce
Why he didn’t play🙄
@thesmollboi4479 Yıl önce
Congratulations Colorado! Loved watching Vasilevsky throw a helmet down the tunnel
@SevastianDonahue Yıl önce
cmon man show some respect he is frustrated anyone who loves the bolts would be but congrats on the win
@kyerannisbet8895 Yıl önce
@@SevastianDonahue Bruh he won 2 cups in a row. He can remember that and not be such a salty spaz about losing
@markrybeckpropertiesllc9866 Yıl önce
He is CRYING cause he is NOT good
@SevastianDonahue Yıl önce
@@kyerannisbet8895 he is still frusturated as a goalie ik how it feels he is mad at himself because he feels like he didnt play 2 his full potential but he is the best goalie in the world and i feel for him
@SevastianDonahue Yıl önce
@@markrybeckpropertiesllc9866 he is the best goalie in the world
@screenheads3812 Yıl önce
From a Kings fan, happy to see Jack Johnson lift the cup. Congratulations AVS
@josepha.spcledtnta5292 Yıl önce
I'm an AVS Fan living in Boston... So happy that the Avs won, I so wished that they did it Friday night in front of their own fans but hey a win is a win !! CONGRATULATIONS AVALANCHE !!!
@Mrvwcc11 Yıl önce
I knew they could do it. Congratulations Colorado you truly deserve it. I’m a Buffalo fan but I wanted my friend Melody Martin to be happy and I’m sure she is excited about this. Also After the fact they shut out the lightning ⚡️ earlier in the series 7 to 0. To me the lightning definitely didn’t deserve to win after that. Well done Colorado. Congratulations after 21 years. You’re back on top of the mountain 🏔 once again.
@4lyfeDruid Yıl önce
As a Star's fan I'm happy to see Colorado hoist the cup, especially over Tampa, but also because of Cogs and Nichushkin. I can appreciate watching players like MacKinnon and Makar also. Congrats.
@4umaxod367 Yıl önce
Больше всего рад за Валеру, он стал 13 номером для Тампы в этой серии и был главным творцом побед с ними! =)))
@blader3 Yıl önce
I'm a leafs fan but seeing any team lift the cup always give me chills
@DonnieTHORMacLEOD Yıl önce
So happy for Gogliano. He must be one very happy camper today. He never gives up & has remained a hard working quality guy.
@1000CalorieSnackPack Yıl önce
The 3rd period was happening while I was on a southwest flight coming back home to Denver. Everyone was anticipating watching the game with the on-board WiFi but just our was down and none of us could keep updated. As we were approaching into Denver, we started noticing fireworks going off...that was our confirmation that we won! Super cool moment for all of us on that flight.
@ejohnson880 Yıl önce
avs fan here, hats off to Tampa for an incredible series...highest level of hockey I've ever seen
@hideyourgf8502 Yıl önce
I was cheering for tampa in scf, but seeing Johnson and Landeskog raise the cups is heartwarming
@lynn-marieflechner5406 Yıl önce
Landeskog made me cry. I’ve followed him since he was playing Junior A in Kitchener and captained the Rangers. Felt good dude felt good.
@paketa_tipc07 Yıl önce
Поздравляю Колорадо! Очень хорошую серию выдали. Конечно я болел за молний! Но Лавины были сильны. Поздравляю всех болельщиков с победой Колорадо Эвеланш!)
@davidpaz9389 Yıl önce
The Cup presentation has to be the best and funnest championship celebration. It's always awesome seeing each player hoist the cup while taking a lap on the ice.
@ccodemaker Yıl önce
До мурашек! Пацаны всю жизнь к этом шли..
@vixenlover2369 Yıl önce
I'm happy to see someone who shares my first name hoist the cup. Well done Byram! And well done to you too Colorado!
@Dav3Campb3ll Yıl önce
Amazing! Congratulations to Colorado 💥 🏆
@LE-ch3oz Yıl önce
Congratulations Colorado! With love from Russia !
@drshallow69 Yıl önce
No Ukrainie?
@LE-ch3oz Yıl önce
@@drshallow69 What is Ukraine ?
@luboss822 Yıl önce
Absolutely deserved. It´s absolutely remarkable feeling being Avs fan for almost 25 years and see them winning. Remaining only team in nhl who has more than 1 stanley cup and never loss in finals.
@noahturner5038 10 aylar önce
Let’s go Avalanche 2022 Stanley cup champions 🎉 Congratulations Avalanche
@dragroch5536 Yıl önce
So happy for the Avs, absolutely deserved!
@zanemarte9877 Yıl önce
San Jose Fan here, Still upset Tampa took out Florida and Jumbo Joe Thornton, but seeing Colorado and Andrew Cogliano get their Stanley Cup in front of the Tampa crowd makes me feel better.
@uglybassman Yıl önce
Same, they way the team reacted to him lifting the cup was great
@RoscoMontana21 Yıl önce
If it makes you feel better, Avs would’ve washed Florida or any team in the east. They were an absolute wagon this year. Was hoping for a 96 finals rematch though!
@loyolla5408 Yıl önce
Ну что Вэл, ты теперь не чувак из мема, а обладатель кубка Стэнли!!! Поздравляю с победой!!!
@HMSvince77 Yıl önce
Happy for Colorado !! Im from montreal happy to see the new nordics lifting the cup.
@electric2262 Yıl önce
Достойная команда 👍👍👍
@kirkcousins9494 Yıl önce
congrats to colorado!! you really deserve! and also congrats to the lightning for even making it here!
@realphenom Yıl önce
What a great team. Congratulations its well deserved
@givethanks9850 Yıl önce
4:54 is my favourite moment
@Sleepy4life Yıl önce
Can remember seeing this in 2001 , hard to believe 21 years in the making they win it again! Congrats ! #goaves
@shamemiller Yıl önce
Feels amazing to be the champions
@Phantomx-ut1fi Yıl önce
Congrats!! 🎉
@ShinyMew76 Yıl önce
It certainly does as an avs fan, and I’m happy the rangers got to the conference finals too!
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