Catch and Cook Yabbies in Murray River flood waters

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Get Up Adventures

Get Up Adventures

10 aylar önce

We head out into the flood water of the Murray River to catch a feed of yabbies

@aussieanimalsandadventures1557 10 aylar önce
Awesome work mate, thanks for bringing us along 👍🇦🇺
@GetUpAdventures 10 aylar önce
No worries, glad you enjoyed it!
@non-stopfishing7426 10 aylar önce
Ripper episode mate!! I’ve just finished filming a trip up Kingston way and the yabbies are crazy!! Keep up the good work👌
@GetUpAdventures 10 aylar önce
Thanks for that! Certainly enjoyed getting a feed of yabbies again
@jamiebaynes9488 9 aylar önce
Hello, from new subscriber from the US. This was a great video and I think it's time for another like this one. I love yabby videos. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. (Fishing videos are not as exciting for me). Take care.
@GetUpAdventures 9 aylar önce
Thanks so much! Hope to get out again in the next couple weeks🤞
@michaelcarlson8622 8 aylar önce
It's interesting that you call them Yabbies they have about 5-6 names in the state of Louisiana.
@GetUpAdventures 6 aylar önce
We have different names for them in other States of Australia, but they are all slightly different species too which is pretty cool!
@stevegerrd6688 9 aylar önce
Love watching this video. Try steaming them with ginger next time. More flavourful I’ll bet you 😅
@GetUpAdventures 9 aylar önce
Thanks! Will definitely give steaming them a try
@michaelfreeman5057 9 aylar önce
Awesome work mate !!!
@GetUpAdventures 9 aylar önce
Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it
@stringbean1010 9 aylar önce
Just a couple of questions when yabbying in new flood water areas are you putting them in flowing areas? What sort of depth?
@GetUpAdventures 9 aylar önce
To be honest I just got to any water I could. With so many roads closed still I didn't have much choice on where to set a net. Water when I waded out was just over knee deep, so with a good throw maybe 1m deep.
@stringbean1010 9 aylar önce
@GetUpAdventures interesting thanks! Have you found any best baits since the floods ?
@GetUpAdventures 9 aylar önce
@@stringbean1010 these were all caught on chicken or carp
@Tony-ns4rn 9 aylar önce
Next chilli garlic yabbie you guys are a great team
@GetUpAdventures 9 aylar önce
Thanks, sounds delicious!
@rebeccajarsmonkselway 7 aylar önce
Good shit mate. Looks like you had an awesome time 🎉
@GetUpAdventures 7 aylar önce
Cheers for that. Love catching a feed!
@martindavoine7500 10 aylar önce
Awesome viewing 🇦🇺
@GetUpAdventures 10 aylar önce
Thanks, glad you enjoyed the vid!
@michaelroberts504 8 aylar önce
Never seen it done that way
@GetUpAdventures 8 aylar önce
Never seen the catching part or cooking?
@Justthemow 10 aylar önce
Are those crawfish if they are they absolutely love chicken livers you can freeze them and bait your net with them and they will flock to them
@GetUpAdventures 10 aylar önce
We call them Yabbies here in South Australia. We do have a few different varieties like Marron, Red claw etc, but they are all a freshwater crustacean. If you put a yabby in a clear water aquarium they turn neon blue!!
@megamindtvsydney3967 5 aylar önce
Use a red or amber colour light less bugs
@GetUpAdventures 5 aylar önce
Yes, I have been told that before!! My headlight is like a spotlight which I love, I’m assuming the red or amber lenses aren’t as good for distance though??
@Justthemow 10 aylar önce
Oh geeze so u wanna make those things absolutely delicious you need to season the water 1# salt 1/2 cup black pepper 1/2 cup white pepper 1/2 cup cayenne pepper 12 Oz Lemmon juice 12 Oz Louisiana hot sauce in a 15 gallon pot bring to boil add crawfish bring back to boil add whole button cap mushrooms let boil 5 minutes turn off add frozen corn on cob to cool down water and sausage chunks let sit for 30-45 minutes serve with American beer
@GetUpAdventures 10 aylar önce
They are pretty good just as they are!! Sweet and juicy, just crack open the shell, dip in some vinegar and enjoy... with some ozzie beer haha!!!
@Justthemow 10 aylar önce
@@GetUpAdventures look up louisiana style crawfish boil we boil tons of them here in the south
@GetUpAdventures 10 aylar önce
Ill have a look, Thanks!
@waenmanson3489 10 aylar önce
Hi. Well done putting the yabbies to sleep before cooking them!! Fantastic video!!
@GetUpAdventures 10 aylar önce
Thanks, it's the most humane way of cooking them
@paulsoutbackgardenaustrali7674 9 aylar önce
Seriously Bro...😁😎🇦🇺
@GetUpAdventures 9 aylar önce
Bro, Serious… 🍺🦘🇦🇺
@liamcorbett6019 4 aylar önce
but you just did :)
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