The Volcanic Winter Of 536 AD: When The Sun Disappeared | Catastrophe | Chronicle

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Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries

Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries

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From late 535 AD to 536, written records from across the world suggest a huge climate catastrophe. Dubbed the year "without a summer", the sun was completely dimmed and shadows were invisible even at noon. The cause of of the "worst year to be alive in history" has been long uncertain.
Was it a comet? An asteroid? A volcano? Archaeologist David Keys reveals the latter is to blame for the Dark Ages of famine and plague that shaped the world order of today. Episode 1 of 2.
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Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries
Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries Yıl önce
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David Kos
David Kos Yıl önce
I love this channel. I listen to it every night at bedtime. It puts me right out - and I do not mean that as an insult. I love these shows and they relax me. Each night I pick up where I left off.
Em Hunt
Em Hunt Yıl önce
I do the very same. Sleep well, fellow time traveler.
irTaeke Yıl önce
Me too. Until the loud adds come 'round.
Mary Chabot
Mary Chabot Yıl önce
I thought I was the only one that loved falling asleep to these.
Jesters_Thorny_Crown Yıl önce
I do the same but for mid day naps when I can afford them. They are the only thing that works.
Glass Door
Glass Door Yıl önce
You are not alone hehehe! The voice of the narrator is calming and we try to imagine what he says without looking at the video.
Michael Trevino
Michael Trevino Yıl önce
I am a descendant of the Maidu and Nisenan, native tribes. Our territory would be entirely arbitrary if it weren't for the fact that it was mentioned in this very documentary! My people are from the CA valley and Sierra Foothills/Gold country. Among our oral history is a story of what is loosely translated as: "eternal night and cold pain". It happened thousands of years ago... where the sun was afraid to be seen and turned the rivers to ice. We were a migratory tribe and traveled up and down the foothills. My people stayed in the valley that year. Lost hundreds of people in the winter that stayed too long. I've always been fascinated with that story as a child and now I find out that modern science has shed some more light on it! Proud to say that I have been born and raised here and this documentary gave me a huge connection to my native land.
Soluco Yıl önce
this is absolutely fascinating to hear
MOUSE (Mistrallymous)
MOUSE (Mistrallymous) Yıl önce
Winter is coming story.........
Koko Yıl önce
No one cares
Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing! that is a such a cool story
Potomac Yıl önce
The sierras like in lake isabella ca ? That's where I am from the piutes.
Lynda Anne
Lynda Anne Yıl önce
Incredible to think how lucky we all are that our ancestors survived this when so many did not. I would really like to know what factors contributed to who survived and who did not.
Lynda Anne
Lynda Anne Yıl önce
Also, this sheds so much light on superstition and religious zealotry. I noticed how precisely the events line up with 'end time' mythologies such as describes in Judeo-Christian Scriptures and Mesoamerican legends. Which came first the chicken or the egg? I think we can see were the legends of plagues and apocalypses originate.
Felicity Bywater
Felicity Bywater Yıl önce
I too want to know how my ancestors survived events so I can survive by doing what they did.
itstherecit17 Yıl önce
I would think that luck played a major part. Also, strength, health and access to food played a large part too. But then was little different than today. Wealth with all of it's benefits helped those who had it and those who they wished to help out.
fataxel Yıl önce
The ones that travelled and constantly evolved warfare ( and science ) were the ones that survived and thrived.
DEV ENV Bok Yıl önce
It's a huge event where the sun disappears. I wanted to cross-reference with documents in Ancient Korea in the year 536 AD. They also stated that there was a huge volcano. It lasted until year 550 AD. What they stated the last four years of this event, was horrific.
caio lucas
caio lucas Yıl önce
It's believed (based on ice spikes) that the second eruption (around 540-541 AD) was worse and the one in 536 so the volcanic winter was likely extended.
Lil Bit
Lil Bit Yıl önce
Why isn't anyone looking at the possibility that BOTH events happened, therefore creating an epic event that's to this catastrophic level?
Lil Bit
Lil Bit Yıl önce
Volcanic to asteroid theory
Trash Catte
Trash Catte Yıl önce
Oh hey I just wrote down a guess that says basically this. An Asianic volcano makes perfect sense as of 5 minutes in. Crazy how widespread such an event can be. Must have been absolutely scary.
Simpoolman Yıl önce
Can you imagine an event like this happening today? The death would be unlike anything ever written. So many people are out of touch with the basic principles of survival.
Friendly One
Friendly One Yıl önce
And would have to decide there is more to survival than carbon footprints.
Nick R.
Nick R. Yıl önce
Better believe people would realize quick how critical and important fossil fuels are... Bring on a warm earth.... The cold is what you should fear.
Friendly One
Friendly One Yıl önce
@Nick R. Plus, look up an 8 million history of the earth's temperature. The Eocene lasted about 5 million years, average several degrees warmer than now and was extremely stable -- lots of grasslands. Animals thrived. Then about 2.5 million years ago something, or a perfect storm of somethings. happened. We have yet to return to Eocene stability, or anywhere near that average warmth. Instead, we have zigzagged IN AND OUT OF ICE AGES ever since. The last couple centuries have been comparatively stable, but we are overdue for another ice age plunge. About that infamous hockey stick: An easy way to lie with statistics is a graph with an exaggerated scale; make a "blip" look like a mountain. Sad most "climate deniers" and "climate realists" both are so math illiterate or incapable of looking beyond a mere century and look at the last 5 million years. Those ice age drops have all been very abrupt and steep.
Organicrebecca Yıl önce
We are in the cycle again. It’s time.
christian heidt
christian heidt Yıl önce
Fascinating, thanks to all the hard work from everyone to helped make this deduction possible!
BillyAlabama Yıl önce
It’s amazing to think of how the people coped and survived. Fascinating video. Thank you!
kevin jachim
kevin jachim Yıl önce
I love how most documentaries always forget to mention that they rarely impact the ground.The old air burst is just as destructive.
alex lollar
alex lollar Yıl önce
An airburst likely wouldn't throw up enough debris to impact the global climate so severely.
Amethyst Yıl önce
@alex lollar can they do tests of how big an air burst can be? I’m gonna assume since the earth is so old there has been a lot of phenomena happening so it could of happened when people were not around
Amy Lattimore
Amy Lattimore Yıl önce
@AmethystI doubt that the trees would still be around to tell us that from that long ago ..
absz Yıl önce
If this bit of history interests you, I recommend reading the Fifth Season by NK Jemisin. It's a scifi afro-futurism novel that deals with similar themes, so much so that I think the author was inspired by this part of history
Henri Hunter
Henri Hunter Yıl önce
Krakatoa is not a mistery. It's a volcano that erupts violently every 200 years or so. Its explosion in 536 caused 2 years of blocking sun rays. That caused crops to fail worldwide, famine and black plague. Krakatoa still active today and will explode again like it always does.
Unrequited Yıl önce
We now know that there was a volcanic one-two punch, in the form of separate eruptions in 535 and again in 540. Krakatoa (yes, THAT Krakatoa) in Indonesia and Lake Ilopango in El Salvador both experienced massive, caldera forming VEI7 eruptions around that time. Each eruption, by itself, was large enough to alter the global climate.
Jason Yıl önce
Wonder if one caused the other.
Friendly One
Friendly One Yıl önce
@Jason Or if both had the same extra terrestrial trigger?
magnetmannenbannanen Yıl önce
them core of earth must have heated up, expanding , and causing these volcanic eruptions. what can cause the earths core to heat up?
Friendly One
Friendly One Yıl önce
@magnetmannenbannanen Critical mass radioactive elements, tidal friction, vibrational effects of massive meteorite bombardment, magnetic field fluctuations, massive solar flares enveloping the earth... unknowns...
wudangmtn Yıl önce
Excellent investigative journalism. I always enjoy reading, or hearing, about how different scientific disciplines work together to explain phenomena.
Steve Cadman #1
Steve Cadman #1 Yıl önce
Fascinating. I'm a horticulturist and amateur historian so this doco explains a lot about the world. Thanks.
NCG55 Yıl önce
Fascinating that science can tell of world wide occurrences with such accuracy. Love these types of programs. Really peeks your interest.
Wodz30 Yıl önce
There were two mega eruptions. The first occurred in 536AD, likely a VEI6. Radiocarbon dating has shown the eruption had a heavier impact in Europe, the northern hemisphere, and the arctic. This means the eruption happened somewhere very north. The exact volcano is still a mystery. I believe it was Katla in Iceland but there is currently not enough data to prove which volcano was responsible. The second eruption happened in 540AD at Krakatoa, Indonesia. This was a VEI7 eruption. These two events triggered the Dark Ages. The Ilopango VEI6 eruption in El Salvador happened in 431AD, unrelating to our story but having a direct impact on the mesoamerican cultures. This would have led to famine and Teotihuacan being abandoned. Another chart mentions a Kamchatka VEI6 eruption around 577 but I have not found any data to support this
Patricia Smethatsit
Patricia Smethatsit Yıl önce
Fantastic information. An Icelandic volcano? And no one has found it, hmm. Was there any evidence of an asteroid strike? You are saying no. If the asteriod landed in the ocean, did any country report any tsunamis? There has to be something, written somewhere.
v8veronica Yıl önce
@Patricia Smethatsit Theres a great Doco on YT from the TV Series "Perfect Storms". It talks about the Ilopango eruption at this time. The Episode is called Perfect Storms "Dark Age Volcano. Its terrible sound and not a full screen- I ran it through my TV- fine there.
Sheldon Wheaton
Sheldon Wheaton Yıl önce
I 's heard it was Iceland, perhaps more than one of it's monsters went off.
v8veronica Yıl önce
@Sheldon Wheaton Yes- it seems like that- Krakatoa, Ilopango and Iceland? I wonder if it has anything to do with the "wobbling plate" theory.
B uppy
B uppy Yıl önce
Maybe the Kamchatka date was off about 40 years...
beautifulcrazy Yıl önce
Amazing how nature records its history
Antemorpheus Yıl önce
The only question I have now is: what was it like the day the sun came back? How crazy must that have been... Did it just come back all of a sudden or was it slowly recovered over a few days or weeks or what? It's a really interesting topic I didn't know I was interested in til now
McGrew100 Yıl önce
It took 26 months to complete the necessary repairs.
Lynda Anne
Lynda Anne Yıl önce
Right? I was trying to imagine that too. There is so much more to know. How did people survive? What was it like those first few years of recovery?
James Brousseau
James Brousseau Yıl önce
@McGrew100 lol, yup hard to get the right parts
KeineAhnung Yıl önce
I can't even imagine such a catastrophe in our time with 8 billion starving people,back in the 6th century the world population was about 200 million.
Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson Yıl önce
@KeineAhnung true but the problems would actually have been worse then think of beat they didn’t have: energy production at high levels, refrigeration, transport at scale, knowledge of things such as quality insulation techniques and so on. Consider that at that time the dominant thinking of what was happening would be “the gods.” We are actually in a far better position to deal with it despite the increase.
Annunaki Hunter
Annunaki Hunter Yıl önce
This was unbelievably fascinating material, -and, frightening considering our current state, almost exactly 1500 years later. Could all the latest evidence suggest a more narrow cyclical pattern? Not unlike, the tree rings.
Walther Yıl önce
Volcanos dont follow any pattern.
Ears To Hear Eyes To See
Ears To Hear Eyes To See Yıl önce
@Walther …or do they?
Morningstar Yıl önce
Store food etc…
Jacqueline Seely
Jacqueline Seely Yıl önce
@OutRayJS pole shift is cyclical
Karen and Ed Smith
Karen and Ed Smith Yıl önce
Read David Keyes book 15 to 20 yrs ago. Catastrophe just enthralled me. His deductive reasoning and assumption at the time seemed so easy to comprehend. The cultures he mentioned then rekindled my interests in history. Constantinople, China (It is said that the chinese also recorded the eruption of Taupo in New Zealand approx zero ad to 130 yrs ad. Karakatoa apparently also has a polynesian connection. One interpretation of Karakatoa is 'Warriors or guadians of of the Karaka grove'. A tree some say that was transported by maori to N.Z Aotearoa for sustainance.Some debate whether it is actually native to N.Z. Taupo-nui-atea refers to the massive lake that took the place of the mountain that previously existed beforehand as 'The great cloak of a tia' I think possibly atea = sky projectile comet/meteor. The area was encloaked by hundreds of square kilometres of pumice. Charred remains of decimated native forests ash ,stumps existed until well after polynesian discovery circa 950 to 1350ad.
KC Yıl önce
I read it around the same time and I still think about it a lot. I tell all of my friends about it too. He did great work.
mfjdv2020 Yıl önce
The year 1816 is also known as the year without a summer. It was dreadfully cold. This was apparently due to a volcano eruption in what is now Indonesia.
caio lucas
caio lucas Yıl önce
Correct, Tambora erupted in Indonesia a year prior, it's the last VEI-7 eruption that happened (that we know of).
Vumba Yıl önce
When Mt Pinatubo erupted there some 30 years ago, it affected the weather in New Zealand, cold and wet with frosts in March which resulted in poor harvests. Interesting to have experienced it.
JMJ Yıl önce
That was the year that inspired Mary Shelley to write “Frankenstein”, with all its cold imagery.
Pablo Penovi
Pablo Penovi Yıl önce
@caio lucas I think we'd have noticed if another one had happened, judging by the consequences of the previous ones
Graves Clayton
Graves Clayton Yıl önce
I first read of Krakatoa in 1975, when I was 10 years old. Finding accounts and documentation at the time, partly due to my age & limited resources, was not anywhere as easy as it is today. Most academic adults I knew then had never ever heard of it, and those who had were historians of Eastern Culture. I did not know many, if any, geologists or vulcanologists myself. The 1883 Krakatoa eruption caused red skies across the globe for several years. Wasn't bad enough to wreck civilization globally, but still had undeniable global effects. I only learned later that was really the beginning of modern vulcanology. The rate at which Krakatoa has rebuilt itself since 1883 is astounding, to say the least! Watching the daily developments of Mt. St. Helen's as a 15 year old in 1980 was even more fascinating, if not frightening, as well!
justgivemethetruth Yıl önce
I have to think that the human race has been particularly lucky that it has not been destroyed several time, and that the one destruction that killed the dinosaurs was probably responsible for the rise of the mammals and humans both.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Yıl önce
there is no globe. you tube , " eric dubay level"
Felicity Bywater
Felicity Bywater Yıl önce
@justgivemethetruth The next big eruption would probably cause a significant reduction in the human population. Many in the developed world assume we are now immune to starvation due to global crop failures etc. I think they forget that the supermarket shelves are re-stocked each night & that food doesn't grow on trees & in fields covered in volcanic ash & dust. Food in tins lasts for years.
Felicity Bywater
Felicity Bywater Yıl önce
@justgivemethetruth There have been a number of bottlenecks in the global human population in the past. There is duck all to say it can't happen again, despite all our clever gadgets.
Andi’s Weather center
Andi’s Weather center Yıl önce
The sound of Krakatoa being a herd in China is definitely within the realm of possibility, as the eruption of Hunga-Tonga was heard all the way in Alaska, nearly twice the distance sound traveled in the 1883 eruption.
Myr Yıl önce
😲 oh wow, how powerful
nillehessy Yıl önce
yeh well i don´t believe it not for a milli-second maybe you can tell me something else
Cant BanMe
Cant BanMe Yıl önce
@nillehessy the sound traveled about 3100 miles. and its said that the sound wave traveled around the earth 7 times.
Cant BanMe
Cant BanMe Yıl önce
@nillehessy in fact, 3100 miles away, they said it sounded like a cannon from a nearby ship.
nillehessy Yıl önce
@Cant BanMe it's also said you're sowing poverty in fact about a minute ago
Movie Guy
Movie Guy Yıl önce
Great presentation of this intriguing incident and the needed detective work to make it happen. I was figuring Volcano once I heard about the Sulfur. Before that I thought probably not a meteor or asteroid strike, but maybe passing through a comet's gas cloud...
Kendra Lynn
Kendra Lynn Yıl önce
A decade!! Imagine being a kid born into that and dying young thinking that’s just what the sky looked like….
Screeching Creature
Screeching Creature Yıl önce
Pinstripe suit and heels
Pinstripe suit and heels Yıl önce
Maybe this is where Martin got his inspiration for the long winter in the A Song of Fire and Ice series?
mfjdv2020 Yıl önce
A decade? It says from late 535 to 536. But I haven't watched the actual documentary yet :-)
Kendra Lynn
Kendra Lynn Yıl önce
@mfjdv2020 Yeah, it says it was the better part of a decade.
Joanne Adah K
Joanne Adah K Yıl önce
Wow. That is quite a thought. That would have been awful.
Salty Creole
Salty Creole Yıl önce
I'm very interested in how this near catastrophe influenced the entire world history of man's endevours.
Roger Propes
Roger Propes Yıl önce
Anticlimactic, indeed.
Ann O'Halloran
Ann O'Halloran Yıl önce
Well you’re gonna love Randall Carlson and the YDB.
Kevin K
Kevin K Yıl önce
Civilization essentially restarted here. Islam was born from this, landscapes changed, the Turks fled central Asia.
ChickenMcThiccken Yıl önce
imagine the mysteries 5000 years before this
Lost Soul
Lost Soul Yıl önce
When I was in school I had a teacher that was interested in this as well and we used to discuss this topic and did a lot of work on it I remember passing that year with straight A's in science because I was interested. The next year I had a monotone depressing science teacher and that's where we lost a lot of good students from science. God bless you good teachers stay strong we need you! For those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it!!! I don't remember who first quoted that but they are a lot more intelligent than I and it still makes sense
Jaxn Yıl önce
There was a recent archaeological discovery in Denmark of a golden hoard Buried where a longhouse once stood and a rune stone that pleaded to the Gods to “take this offering of gold to bring back the sun” I’m paraphrasing a bit but the find was carbon dated to this period.
Jessica Yıl önce
Wow I cannot imagine how desperate people were 🥺 thank you for sharing
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Yıl önce
I TOTALLY got it. Thanks 4 the scoop
Christian Sommer
Christian Sommer Yıl önce
Be'om Link 😊💪😎🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
jennemeg Yıl önce
Interesting. Food is more valuable than gold.
Victoria Yıl önce
This is great to fall asleep to. It distracts me from all my awful thoughts at night, so I may rest. Thank you.
Jesus is God
Jesus is God Yıl önce
What are those thoughts?
William Morris
William Morris Yıl önce
Awesome work getting that data together. Crazy to think that you gathered 7500 yrs data and it is maybe a speck of mist compared to the earths history
The Punisher
The Punisher Yıl önce
Yes but yo mama
David Pontius
David Pontius Yıl önce
Wow, the technology they were using in the lab is ancient. That stuff hasn't been cutting edge for at least twenty years. If anybody wanted to make a better tool for those people, it would have to be tailored to their expectations, because software engineering has advanced so much since they learned how to use computers that even the symbols/icons they are used to interacting with are no longer in use.
Guðmundur Heimisson
Guðmundur Heimisson Yıl önce
I mean if you look at their haircuts and clothing this is clearly not a recent documentary.
All Them Witcheseses
All Them Witcheseses Yıl önce
This was one of the best videos I've ever watched on TRshow.. So much time is wasted on superfluous videos, when one could learn so much from history.. Subscribed 👌
Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries
Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
KC Yıl önce
Agreed. Amen. I also highly recommend reading David Keyes’s book. It’s astonishing good work.
Johnny Dogman
Johnny Dogman Yıl önce
Thank you Chronicle, great work, very informative & entertaining
Connor Yıl önce
It’s crazy to think that Krakatoa caused the Mongol empire by contributing to a massive die-off of cattle in Mongolia.
Rut71 Yıl önce
Fascinating. Love this stuff! Thank you and looking forward too much more!
Ken Nordin
Ken Nordin Yıl önce
Very interesting that it is possible to pinpoint historical events like this.
Colin McGee
Colin McGee Yıl önce
Great video thanks! I know they don't need this for evidence, but I did wonder if there might not be references to this in the myriad monastic records in Europe?
Ekam Sat
Ekam Sat Yıl önce
Interestingly, the Gupta empire, which started in the early 4th century CE and is credited with bringing about the Golden Age of Indian history, ended precisely during this particular time period.
RehaN AnSARi
RehaN AnSARi Yıl önce
Fake history
dinesh bugalia
dinesh bugalia Yıl önce
@RehaN AnSARi this is recorded you say this ii's fake story?
RehaN AnSARi
RehaN AnSARi Yıl önce
@dinesh bugalia Gupta's stay until Huns invention of India .... And nothing happens in south east country like India sub continent .... It's happens in Europe
Ekam Sat
Ekam Sat Yıl önce
As the recent pandemic reminded, the world of travel and trade is inter-connected in myriad ways. Given that Gupta India was a hub in the trade routes of the time, any major adverse event in Europe or China would have direct or indirect effects there, especially on a dynasty that was already weakened by Hun invasions, etc.
RehaN AnSARi
RehaN AnSARi Yıl önce
@Ekam Sat Huns got defeated by later Gupta's and yosodarman Verma dynasty of India in a 570s nothing happen in india !!! There was no Europe back than except Romans !!! Whole Europe was living in cave that time !!!! After Gupta's native pala dynasty were in power who were native rulers of India palas !!! Who got defeated by south indian chola dynasty !!!! Palas are people of Bihar jharkhand bangal and odia which come in magadhi prakriti language family Btw Huns are gujjar jaat rajput!!!! Central aisan people !!!! Who bring end of classical golden age of India
blu juju
blu juju Yıl önce
If Baille is wright about Lugh, perhaps this event occured in late July or early August of that year, as Lughnasadh is Aug 1 (although sometimes celebrated a few days prior). I first heard about this event from a children's book based on an old Mayan story of a hero who had to go and find the sun hiding under a rock.
Lucypetuniaggm Yıl önce
I was in Northern Wisconsin in mid Summer 1992, & remember having to wear a heavy jacket in the evenings. It was bizarre. I was later told it was a consequence of the 1991 eruption of Mt. Penatubo in the Philippines.
Mak Ndak Tv
Mak Ndak Tv Yıl önce
Volcanic ash reached my country Malaysia. In my state Perlis there was only a bit of dust. Else where volcanic ash as thick as one or 2 inches.
Joanne Adah K
Joanne Adah K Yıl önce
I remember that, we lived in Kansas and I remember teasing my mom for putting on long John's in june. The following year we had a hundred year flood.
QuitChangingMyName! Yıl önce
@Joanne Adah K I’ve been in Kansas my whole life. Never remembered a big flood back then. Might not have effected us in the central part that much. I had to look up what a hundred year flood meant. That’s a new one for me. More recently though, that did effect us, was in 2007 when multiple storms and tornadoes flooded the whole central part. I think it was the same year Greensburg got wiped off the map
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Yıl önce
Got ya yup 91 over seas bad bad yuks
Brian Yıl önce
I read Mr Keys’ book years ago. Fascinating. Was recommended to me in a different book by the great Simon Winchester.
onesilentarrow Yıl önce
The volcano was a giant mountain range that connected mount Lassen to mount shasta in Northern California. The entire center blew out and left behind two separate mountains. There’s scattered volcanic rock all over Northern California from the blast. Look at Roseville and Rocklin in placer county.
mark richards
mark richards Yıl önce
Paul Nyholm
Paul Nyholm Yıl önce
Mt. Konocti here in lake county CA previously erupted and sent ashes to New York city, there is also lots of volcanic rock and obsidian everywhere and boulders scattered across the hills for miles in all directions
Peaceman67 Yıl önce
Chris Maser wrote a book 30 years ago named "Forest Primeval" its about old growth forests of the Northwest USA, then matching the trees ages with Human Historical events..Great read if u are into the History and Ecology of the last 1000-1500 years or so..✌️
KaylaNoelle1 Yıl önce
As soon as they said “yellow dust you can scoop up with your hands.” I thought the yellow must be sulphur which means a volcano… and I realized how freaking terrifying they are. 🌋 I don’t think I could emotionally handle an entirely dark winter let alone a whole 18 months!!!
Edwig Carol
Edwig Carol Yıl önce
I would have loved to hear from the politic, social and economic turmoils caused by this event. As it had been done with the plague 1662 in London.. fascinating stuff. But this is another story and would mean a huge international historical research.. with fundings ..
Carol Barbieri
Carol Barbieri Yıl önce
Fabulous programming!! I love every episode! Bravo!!
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Yıl önce
The mass panic must have been so palpable and frightening when this event occurred. Can’t imagine how we would react to it now a days.
notpurrfect Yıl önce
Now we have science to explain it. They only had religion.
Amethyst Yıl önce
I would suspect some people might panic if they don’t trust science or it seems outside the realm of possibilities
Michael Szczys
Michael Szczys Yıl önce
There wouldn't be any toilet paper for 3 years.
Mmyr8ad O.
Mmyr8ad O. Yıl önce
@notpurrfect Science can only help to an extent, handling this type of situation in this day and age requires a collaborative effort, and for some religion is enough to make it so.
Justin Case
Justin Case Yıl önce
Oh it would be a flippin shitshow undoubtedly.
Scott Brandon
Scott Brandon Yıl önce
My guess was a volcano. When there is no summer that is a sign of volcanic activity. The 1815 volcano in Indonesia took about 8 months to be fully felt globally. The summer of 1816 had crop failures and no summer. Farmers experienced snow storms in the American mid west in June and July.
Ross A
Ross A Yıl önce
You guessed it right!!! That's what exaclty this documentary said. 🤣
Scott Brandon
Scott Brandon Yıl önce
@Ross A I took the guess in the first three minutes of the documentary.
Jessie Wolfe
Jessie Wolfe Yıl önce
What if the asteroid/comet hit / airbursted over/on the Sahara desert...?could the sand dunes hide a crater or can the airburst shockwave eject enough sand into the atmosphere to cause the perception of a dimming sun?
Potomac Yıl önce
It wasn't always a desert especially back then
Helmholtz Watson
Helmholtz Watson Yıl önce
There is a peculiar circular shape in the Sahara.
TheTrue Hustler
TheTrue Hustler Yıl önce
@Helmholtz Watson the circles are from oil exploration in the 50s/60s - they used dynamite in a line of patterned circles to determine if there was oil underground.
Helmholtz Watson
Helmholtz Watson Yıl önce
@TheTrue Hustler I've not heard this explanation until now but I do find it hard to believe considering the extreme don't distances and remoteness involved.
Steve Fitt
Steve Fitt Yıl önce
This is a rebroadcast of a much older Secrets of the Dead episode. Since then experts have suggested that Ilopango in El Salvador may be a better match for the volcano.[This is spelled ILOPANGO.] The dates match much better. But, it could also be both places. The ice cores have 2 sulfur layers, not one.
Tara Nullius
Tara Nullius Yıl önce
If they had a licence for it, it makes no sense to me why these sort of channels wouldn't advertise that it's a Tony Robinson episode from X series etc. etc. That's the biggest draw. No, the deception is to profit through obfuscation.
urabagofcells Yıl önce
? Can’t we tell by the film quality and their haircuts and glasses that this is older?
Iskander 23 gün önce
I enjoyed watching this to the fullest and it answered one of my fictional questions: Why does (George R.R Martins) Westeros have long winters? I first sought answers to the planets orbit around their star and solar activity but could not find an answer on their irregular summer/winter seasons The world where GoT plays out, may have a undiscovered highly active volcanic continent which causes massive eruptions and therefore long winters and 'the long night that lasted 6 generations' in their history. Since Arya Stark set sail to the West of Westeros, se may discover it or never return from it
Amazing Philippines
Amazing Philippines Yıl önce
Interesting documentary. I have been learning about the 11-13,000 year ago events, Younger Dryas event. Climate is not "normal" and with more science like this, catastrophic events including "nova" with our sun appear to be the culprit.
andrea troisi
andrea troisi Yıl önce
Is it possible that the chaos caused by the massive eruption would be worse in the immediate area of the eruption and lessen in concentric rings in the area farthest away from the eruption? Could the initial eruption set off a domino series of volcanic eruptions in other parts of the world creating a cumulative effect of the dust? Could the reason we do not see evidence of such eruptions is that the eruption consumed some of the volcanoes? Could enough snow and ice be generated in the last 1500 years to cover up craters and other evidence in the polar regions? If tsunamis occurred in largely uninhabited area or areas that were completely wiped out, there would be few references to such an occurrence. If changes in the coastline occurred, wouldn't the evidence be on the ocean floor? Is there any coastal population centers that exist now but did not exist before 532? What about evidence in human DNA? A sufficiently large eruption could wipe out an entire civilization with the result that the DNA that cannot be identified in the modern people is the only remnant of the lost civilization? Could a massive eruption explain why places such the Australia and the Galápagos Island have flora and fauna that is not seen anywhere else? Some writers suggest that Polynesian people reached the coast of South America to intermingle with the indigenous population? Is it possible that people fleeing the devastation of a massive eruption ended up in South America?
Salty Creole
Salty Creole Yıl önce
So many questions and ideas! Well done! Stay curious my friend. (I'm very old to you so I love to see younglings so fresh with elan)
Soluco Yıl önce
I think this is, at least, partially true... I don't know if the volcanic eruption was the culprit behind it, but less than a decade later, a big eruption at the Ilopango volcanic complex happened... and those two were some of the biggest eruptions on the last 10.000 years... just 4 or 5 years apart About the ice, the polar caps are a result of colder climates and higher oxygen concentration in the air around 35m years ago that marked the beginning of the Oligocene About the dna... there's no way we could know, given that dna molecules are highly unstable and degrade very quickly
Felicity Bywater
Felicity Bywater Yıl önce
The breaking up of the supercontinent Pangea & subsequent break-up of smaller ancient continents has a lot to do w some flora & fauna being a lot different from one area of the globe to another. Australia, my country, is a very good example of that.
Erl Roe
Erl Roe Yıl önce
In 86 AD lake Taupo experienced a volcanic eruption that threw out massive rocks and trees were blown over and many were covered in water I have seen both. The atmosphere was filled with ash that was spread on to may parts of New Zealand . The date of the sound of the eruption was heard & recorded in China at that time. It would have impacted the weather in NZ but elsewhere I do not know
Aron 13
Aron 13 Yıl önce
Where did you get the information that Taupo erupted in 86AD? The dates proposed for it are 180 and 233AD, not 86AD. The signal is strong in Greenland but there is no signal in Antarctica in 86/87AD. It is therefore not possible Taupo erupted in 86 AD
Erl Roe
Erl Roe Yıl önce
@Aron 13 Taupo is a ‘supervolcano’ and one of the most frequently active and productive rhyolite caldera in the world. The huge caldera (collapse crater) has been partly filled by New Zealand’s largest lake, Lake Taupo. The caldera is created by subsidence of the ground surface due to emptying of the magma chamber in huge eruptions. The present magma chamber is between 6 and 8 km below the lake. Although Taupo Volcano has much more violent eruptions than cone volcanoes, they are fortunately less frequent. It began erupting about 300,000 years ago and the present day caldera was created by an eruption 27,000 years ago called the Oruanui Eruption. Between this and the ‘Taupo Eruption’ (1800 years ago) there were at least 26 much smaller eruptions which formed lava domes and spread pumice and ash over nearby areas.
Aron 13
Aron 13 Yıl önce
@Erl Roe you did not answer my question on where did you get Taupo erupted in 86AD when evidence suggest otherwise
Erl Roe
Erl Roe Yıl önce
@Aron 13 As New Zealand is called the shaky Islands we here in New Zealand are required to not just research our volcanic past but employ volcanologists for the purpose of looking after the welfare of its citizens. In recent times going back to 1886 when the Tarawera eruption took place there was loss of life. The Museum of New Zealand put out information on the event and much more information on New Zealand volcanic eruptions. Where they themselves gained the information I can not say.
Aron 13
Aron 13 Yıl önce
@Erl Roe They are *not saying* it erupted in 86 AD. They are saying it is in 180 or 233AD.
John Edwards
John Edwards Yıl önce
The year April 1815 -- Mt. Tamboro exploded and caused a year without summer (in 1816) around the world -- Two months earlier, Feb, Napoleon escaped Elba and returned to France with an Army.
PBAC Yıl önce
I love how this same story keeps showing up all over the place now as if to make everyone feel better about the present
Virgil Huston
Virgil Huston Yıl önce
There is nothing that can improve our outlook right now especially with all the volcano's erupting for the last few years. Sun spots, solar storms, volcanoes erupting, put together the threat of WW3 and radioactive fallout from nuclear half of this occurs we are still screwed ! I believe we are in the beginning stages of all of this.
Pablo Penovi
Pablo Penovi Yıl önce
@Virgil Huston With the exception of WW3, the threat of all that you mention has always been dangling above our heads. The only difference is that now we realize it. So chill bro
Peter Baker
Peter Baker Yıl önce
I note on Wikipedia that other scientists have suggested a major eruption of the El Salvador volcano Ilopango could also be the culprit behind the AD536 climate catastrophe, but I have not seen anyone point out that Ilopango and Krakatoa are roughly antipodal, and that it is well known that antipodal lensing can trigger seismic events on the opposite side of the globe - so what if there were two eruptions, one in Krakatoa and one in Ilopango a few years apart... the second eruption triggered by the first explosive one?
Jupiter Rising
Jupiter Rising Yıl önce
It's nice to see someone using the historically accurate Anno Domini for once.
Quantum Fine Arts And Fossils
Quantum Fine Arts And Fossils Yıl önce
I cant believe this is new but its so new at the same time you make absolutely brilliant documentaries you answered my prayers wow!!!
Family Indonesia Volcano
Family Indonesia Volcano Yıl önce
It is unimaginable that all the volcanoes in Indonesia are located in Europe/America/Africa, maybe at that time there were many casualties due to natural disasters and some of the land became islands. Because we know that more than 10 dangerous volcanoes in the world are also in Indonesia. Just look at the geography of Indonesia, which was torn apart by the devastating natural disasters there. Initially mainland Indonesia was joined by Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Natural disasters in Indonesia often cause many victims
W Aw
W Aw Yıl önce
Not a mystery if you read about something called "recurrent nova", an event during which an "external layer" (this is extremely simplified) is blown out of the sun like a nova (technically more like a corona ejection but all around the Sun). The build up to the event is a decrease in Sun brightness as the density on the outer layer increases (down to the brightness of the Moon, hence the stories of dark sun and the two moons). During the eruption, the solar system is full of "dust" resulting the apparent disappearance of all other stars (hence the stories of falling stars and dark skies). Of corse, such and eruption cause panic and severe climate changes. There is also increasing evidence that this is all related to Cimate Cycles and Magnetic Excursion cycles (with lengths of 12000, 6000, 3000, 1500, 750 and 375 years long). Below some examples (note that the shorter the cycle the weaker it is, and the further we look the harder it is to notice smaller cycles): ±375 years ago years ago (375-Year Cycle): Maunders Minimum mini-ice age (1645 to 1715), the 30 years of war (1650-1680). The Ming Dynasty collapse (1644, severe drought) ±750 years ago (750-year cycle): Volcanic event (1315-1320) caused damaged crops and mass cattle death, resulting in the Great Famine (1315-1322), resulting in mass death and malnourished/weakened people, resulting in the spread of the Plague (1331-1353) which was a bubonic plague, resulting in the weakening of empires, resulting in wars like the 100 year war (1337-1453) ±1125 years ago (375-Year Cycle): Medieval Warm Period (900-1300) made climate wet in Europe, arid in North America, may have depopulated the Great Plains of North America, then The Crusades (1095-1291), The Khmer Civilization collapse (1000-1200, experts don’t know why), The Maya Civilization collapse (900, severe drought killed millions of Maya people due to famine and lack of water), The Tang Dynasty collapse (907, crop failure and famine associated with drought), The Tiwanaku Empire (1000, drought, 10-meter drop in lake level at this time), Anasazi Collapse (1150, North America experienced a 300-year drought called the Great Drought) ±1500 years ago (1500-Year Cycle): "The worst year to be alive" (536): A volcanic eruption caused climate cooling, resulting in crop failures, then famine (weakening people), then the Plague of Justinian (541-549) which was a bubonic plague. ±3000 years ago (3000-Year Cycle): Sterno Etrussia Excursion. Late Bronze Age collapse (Hittites in 1178 BC, Mycenaean Greece in 1050 BC, the collapse affected a large area covering much of Southeast Europe, West Asia and North Africa, 300-year drought event), Indus Civilization collapse (1000 BC, experts don’t know why but think it was climate change and famine) ±6000 years ago (6000-Year Cycle): Solovki/Noah/Sumerian Excursion: Nothing to do with religion, instead massive floods all over the world. Çatalhöyük Civilization collapse (flourished 9000-7000 years ago then suddenly vanished, experts don’t know why), surviving Sumerians came to Mesopotamia (5,300 years ago), first city states (5,000 years ago), Prehistoric Egypt (5000 years ago), massive advances in agriculture like irrigation, all known domestication of animals and plants (4,500 years ago). Note that this event was so brutal that barely anything was left from previous civilizations. ±12,000 years ago (12,000-Year Cycle: Gothenburg/Younger Dryas Excursion: Global Mega-Faunal Extinction (remember the frozen Mammoths?) ±18,000 years ago (6000-Year Cycle): Hilina Pali/Lake Biwa/Lake Imuruk Excursion. Unknown effects. ±24,000 years ago (12,000-Year Cycle): Lake Mungo/Last Glacial Max Excursion: Mega-Faunal Extinction mainly in Australia/Eurasia/Africa ±36,000 years ago (12,000-Year Cycle): Mono Excursion: Mega-Faunal Extinction mainly in North America ±48,000 years ago (12,000-Year Cycle): Leschamp/Napoli Excursion: Global Mega-Faunal Extinction. ±60,000 years ago (12,000-Year Cycle): Norwegian Greenland Sea/Gaotai Excursion. Unknown effects. ±72,000 years ago (12,000-Year Cycle): Toba Excursion, known as the greatest bottleneck in human history. Caused 1,000 years of volcanic winter. It is estimated that less than 10,000 people survived on the entire planet. Note: Remember the 12000-Year Mayan Calendar? Well, now it makes sense.
W Aw
W Aw Yıl önce
@David Brazzeal xD
rachel dove
rachel dove Yıl önce
Wow- you tied it all together here, my goodness. Thank you!!
Heather Bey D.B.A
Heather Bey D.B.A Yıl önce
Thank You 💖
Roberta Hubert
Roberta Hubert Yıl önce
Nice voice for listening to.. I am very much interested in history here on you tube. To bad we didn’t have you tube to teach us about history back in the day. Just found this channel and subscribed . Thanks for these videos
Kris Aaron
Kris Aaron Yıl önce
Just terrifying but interesting too. Is this what would happen in the case of nuclear winter, or would it be worse.
MsSqrlGrl Yıl önce
I love the content! Just wish the volume was a bit higher.
Mr. Christopher
Mr. Christopher Yıl önce
Loooove your work -- keep it up!
Loretta Gallegos
Loretta Gallegos Yıl önce
Tonight I discovered this channel and I love it. I love this subject and love to read everything about our world. It's 3am and I'm looking at this video. Thank You.
Philip Boardman
Philip Boardman Yıl önce
That was fascinating...I listen to these at work in my headphones as I'm welding and when I'm chilling on the weekends..great work thank you
V-G C Yıl önce
Very impressive. The sun is so powerful. Wow
Samson Dugger
Samson Dugger Yıl önce
It bothers me that they claimed to hear a loud bang in china but the people were like, it’s possible to detect rumbling as if hearing thunder a long distance away after the initial shockwave dissipates, which to my very limited perspective indicates that they wouldn’t have heard a bang in china so much as it would have been a rumbling and yet the narrator was like, yep they said it’s possible.
Perktube1 Yıl önce
I wonder if Yellowstone has the potential to have such an impact on the world.
DavidFMayerPhD Yıl önce
Temperature reduction of 2 or 3 degrees C would not have been nearly enough to alter climate so drastically. It had to be more like 10 to 15 degrees.
Mikala Baker
Mikala Baker Yıl önce
Was the a massive volcanic eruption around that time? That could definitely explain it.
Butch Huebsch
Butch Huebsch Yıl önce
I'd like to understand the formation of the incredibly hard Quartsite formations in eastern SD. How/why did they form? And how can such soft rock pipe stone, exist only miles away? Are these formations connected?
Daniel M
Daniel M Yıl önce
Are you referring to eastern South Dakota? Sioux Quartzite?
Butch Huebsch
Butch Huebsch Yıl önce
@Daniel M from Spencer Quarry and south of Mitchell Fischer's . Extremely hard. Sioux Falls and Dell Rapids a little less so. East to Pipestone Mn its soft enough to carve. How??
Giavani 2016
Giavani 2016 Yıl önce
Fascinating. This could happen at any time. We have been lucky.
DANSE macabre
DANSE macabre Yıl önce
I love what you do!! Keep em coming.,❤️❤️❤️
Ducan Trever
Ducan Trever Yıl önce
Even from the beginning I can tell they're describing a major volcanic eruption that affected the climate of the world.
Lynn Mitzy
Lynn Mitzy Yıl önce
If we know *this* happened in 536AD , I cannot imagine what it was like when the fountains of the deep opened up and asteroids rained down.
What asteroids?
Disabled Chat Zen
Disabled Chat Zen Yıl önce
the fountains of the deep opening up is the story of how the oceans formed. Man lived through this and can't fathom it today. The world was not Pangea + Large Ocean. It was an Oceanless Pangea and the crust fractured. The continents tore apart and the earth stretched and grew and expanded, with water trapped in the crystal lattices of ringwoodite deep within the mantle springing to the surface, rising into the atmosphere and raining down everywhere. The water settled into what we now recognize today as the oceans.
TheMrgoodtool Yıl önce
Exceptional cgi, and the most likely reality. Very good job!!
Fuzzy Logics
Fuzzy Logics Yıl önce
Thank you for uploading this super interesting documentary 🌝
black bird
black bird Yıl önce
I have read one particular footnote about human biology suggesting that because human beings can eat and draw nourishment from rotting fruit and vegetables, which also hints at the origins of alcohol as a drug, the species may have endured such catastrophes as a two year long winter when crops would have failed and fruits on the vine gone bad. We can eat bad fruit, or distill it and get drunk, and sit back and wait till the sun comes out again.
black bird
black bird Yıl önce
@Lexi Bat Not at all, the human species can eat rotten fruits and veggies and most likely survived more than one mass extinction because of it. Not farming but foraging.
Sislertx Yıl önce
@black bird we know now they made bread 20k years ago...which means they grew several types of grains because most would fail due to CONSTANT climate swings...only the last 5k have ever been somewhat stable in the long history of earth..swinging from ice to heat....
Amethyst Yıl önce
Wine or alcohol was safer to drink than plain water as the process help sanitize the wine and people could survive on that. How much water did they get from wine? I’m not sure, isn’t alcohol a dehydrator? Then again i believe wine wasn’t as strong but getting drunk was possible
Helmholtz Watson
Helmholtz Watson Yıl önce
Would be an interesting year if all we had to eat for meals was beer and wine!
June Allan
June Allan Yıl önce
To find a piece of wood from over a thousand years ago,is a miracle in its self.🌳
Here Be Subtitles
Here Be Subtitles Yıl önce
In the 60s a guy chopped down a Bristlecone Pine to determine its age....turns out it was the oldest known living tree (or any other living organism) in existence, like 5000 years old 😱
Gene Peterson
Gene Peterson Yıl önce
Sounds like the week we had smoke from forest fires over our area. If you've never experienced the sun being red then a little light dot in the dark sky and ash falling everywhere, then get ready... Well be in for another round of it soon enough.
Myfirst Mylast
Myfirst Mylast Yıl önce
What a fascinating documentary!
Lorrie Lerette
Lorrie Lerette Yıl önce
The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is easily the most written about astrological phenomenon in history. Called the Great Conjunction or the Chronocrator - as in time-keeper - it occurs every 19.85 years. But the alignments form far greater cycles of 60 years, 180 years, and so on. There was a conjunction in 531. This may explain the darkening of the Sun in 536 AD -- the darkening probably was multiple solar flares directly affecting weather on the Earth. Massive sunspots along the surface of the Sun will be a precursor to eminent Coronal Mass Ejections.
Myr Yıl önce
I guess those alignments have some kind of influence on our planet, like the pulling of the earths crust because of the forces of gravity, I don't know, just my imagination
Joseph Ang
Joseph Ang Yıl önce
If true it is a very weird coincidence. Also Jung explained the Piscis age like this.
gopalarao dasari
gopalarao dasari Yıl önce
Is this over and bypassing the asteriod belt. Is that because of the combined mass of these two planets . So every 19.8 years we should have some event of significance on earth to coincide?
RadDadRay Yıl önce
I like this documentary and appreciate the knowledge of this.Much thanks.
GTA Blurt
GTA Blurt Yıl önce
Amazing, for years the effects lingered wow.
theresa04 Yıl önce
I remember when a volcano erupted, I believe it was Mt. St. Helens in the Northwest of America. My boys were young, so it was possibly around 1986 or there abouts. (I wish I could remember the exact year, but maybe someone can?) Anyway, for near 2 years on the west coast of America there was no summer here or much sun at all! Here in 'sunny' California of all places!I I wonder if I imagined it or did it really happen, does anyone recall this?
Holly Opperman
Holly Opperman Yıl önce
Mt. St. Helen's is in Washington state and happened in 1980
Melissa Hendricks
Melissa Hendricks Yıl önce
I'm from Washington State and lived by there. It was so crazy, deep ash for hundreds of miles. On your way up the mountain it is lush and beautiful and then you turn a corner and it looks like you just entered Hell. Everything is black and huge trees upside down sticking out of the Earth. People from all over the world visit this place, it's so interesting.
Janna Jacob
Janna Jacob Yıl önce
It was in 1980 and here in Michigan we had basically no summer at all. It was cold and wet; the crops were terrible, but the sunsets were spectacular.
Andrew Goldman
Andrew Goldman Yıl önce
It was in 1980, I was a young police officer in St. Louis, and it made the sky red for weeks. A fine red dust kept coming down from the sky, and it peeled the paint off of my very first brand new police car, even though I washed it every day religiously. Everyone was coughing for weeks.
Kina Wood
Kina Wood Yıl önce
1987, I'm not sure which volcano it was but I remember it well, as I had just graduated HS.
IAN m Yıl önce
This has happened even more recently. Look up the Little Ice Age that lasted from 1300 -1850 .
Cassandra Brisbane
Cassandra Brisbane Yıl önce
I could listen to the Sigurtsen professor talk for hours. His voice has a melodic cadence that’s very relaxing.
Nerdchick69 Yıl önce
Whats crazy that if this happened now, we would know why, but would still suffer the same as those in 536.
Sailor376also Yıl önce
536 is not the most recent. 1815 and 1816 in particular. 1816 is 'the year without summer'. Attributable to Mt. Tambor.
Gohanangered Yıl önce
I think it was more this event was even worse than 1816 event. Since this lasted 2 years and most of that time was because of the sun being blocked out. Which would lead to even worse conditions than the 1816 event.
billbucktube Yıl önce
I really enjoy fact based shows. With "truth" being facts reported through a biased lens it is refreshing to find the evidence and facts put on display.
david Yıl önce
my intuition: it was the sun, and the dust came from the sun, also. the dust would have been understood by the writers. they all specified: the sun was dark, not that the sky was obscured. we’re due for another mini nova event very soon. 👑 love, david
Aron 13
Aron 13 Yıl önce
Doesnt explain why there is sulfur spike in Greenland
Nerdchick69 Yıl önce
The humans living during this time had to be terrified. The Sun disappeared and they had no reason to think it would ever return.
Sean Harris
Sean Harris Yıl önce
14 to 15 century but it was not just Krakatoa that event was caused by another more incredible event that made the Krakatoa event much less destructive then it would have been on it own I think this other event cause a great number of volcanoes to erupt simultaneously but then kind of muffled them out and washed away much of the evidence
Eric Wolf
Eric Wolf Yıl önce
when the Parent of Krakatoa blew up. black tectites all over SE Asia. Creating the Islands of Java and Sumatra were no longer connected. Dendrochronology of peat bogs in Ireland showed the event. I'm glad it's being shown as another documentary..
Here Be Subtitles
Here Be Subtitles Yıl önce
This was probably what it was like when Thera erupted too. I am constantly haunted by that particular eruption for some reason :c
Tx jellybean
Tx jellybean Yıl önce
So weird you wrote that! I have been interested in Thera for years! I truly believe God used it to cause the plagues of Egypt.
tashuntka Yıl önce
Is that your picture, or avatar ?
Erl Roe
Erl Roe Yıl önce
The lake Taupo volcanic eruption was determined by Colin J.N. Wilson the Professor of Vocanology of Victoria University and others in the year of 180 AD to correct my previous statement that the date was 86 AD
Abelyn De jesus
Abelyn De jesus Yıl önce
This is my new best channel. Love documentaries. Best ones here. Thank You 😊
Michigan Native
Michigan Native Yıl önce
Great video thanks for sharing this information.
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