How to easy graffiti letter “A”

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How to easy graffiti throwup letter A. #graffititutorial #howtodraw #howtograffiti #graffiti #tutorial #shorts #tutorialyoutube #howtodrawgraffiti #a
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@SahilSingh-zz8hk 2 aylar önce
I was waiting for the police and his dog running after you 💀💀
@emanuele2150 2 aylar önce
The comment I was looking for
@eddieactivesky 2 aylar önce
@raphaelmisona 2 aylar önce
@@emanuele2150 same
@AAAdapro 2 aylar önce
@sravansaidynamic1296 2 aylar önce
Haha lol
@pistachioalmond8425 3 gün önce
“HEY UGH” **whistle** “WOOF” “AHHHHHHH” “BAM” “bumbodbumbumbum”
@themoviegod69420 3 gün önce
W comment
@Josecarillo23 Gün önce
@aumj3187 Gün önce
Subway surfers
@dandyboy0325 Gün önce
@TAYLOR_QUEEN13 Gün önce
@emilybuitran9614 3 gün önce
@Blippiboy 17 saatler önce
I would recognize that any well it’s Jeffy
@cadehenderson8916 8 gün önce
“Hey!” *bark* 🎵do do do, do do da do 🎵
@iselatorres2347 2 gün önce
@user-wk8jc3oh8p 2 gün önce
@just_call_me_leo 2 gün önce
you forgot the whistle
@Josecarillo23 Gün önce
Wow so funy 💀
@DemonNano Gün önce
@@just_call_me_leohey! *Bark* *whistle* do do do do do do do do do do do *ding ding ding*
@Ridd111 7 gün önce
For some reason I started thinking of subway surfers thinking the police will come any sec -
@chumpie 4 gün önce
lol fr
@ElOso1111 6 gün önce
We got truly an "a" moment
@Howler__ 10 gün önce
graffiti artists have the most precise hand movements known to mankind, fr looking like a robot 😭
@cheesecheese8548 9 gün önce
true facts
@pataponnabil 9 gün önce
Hands moving like it's a 3d printer nozzle
@schqrr 8 gün önce
Fr bruh
@Rafael-kt2lp 8 gün önce
Because you don't know the real artists, from pre-modernism
@user-zl9im6uy9b 8 gün önce
Это ужас и бракованное "художество", ни чего оригинального, чистый холст был лучше 😊
@LastJoint-fg8si 2 gün önce
Bro in consruct from gmod💀
@waterjr4393 18 saatler önce
@LastJoint-fg8si 17 saatler önce
@@waterjr4393 lol your welcome
@LastJoint-fg8si 17 saatler önce
​@@waterjr4393honestly I was expecting a combine to make a special guest appearance
@waterjr4393 17 saatler önce
@@LastJoint-fg8si XD
@waterjr4393 17 saatler önce
@@LastJoint-fg8si at first, looked like a grafitti addon
@dipanshu_81 7 gün önce
Let's vote for face reveal 😅 👇
@kimarikato3791 15 saatler önce
@MIKIMAHI_Ltd. Saatler önce
open subway surfers thats the guy
@j_zzz 18 gün önce
imagine walking down a sidewalk and seeing graffiti of just "a"
@d-g81 16 gün önce
Lol, that's true
@TthatsHim_Time 16 gün önce
@ismart733 16 gün önce
I would go up to it and draw “B” 💀
@bluekitgaming6715 16 gün önce
I’d make an e in front of it and then make a bunch of dollar bills around it
@I.Ns.hair143 16 gün önce
I would ad “big” and then after the a is “ss” “BIG ASS ❤”😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@xtor5497 7 gün önce
The subway surface music living in my brain rent free rn
@swaggyplayz1319 6 gün önce
at age five i was looking at all the graffiti art on walls at the traffic lights trying to figure out what one looks the prettiest
@Lady_Leo Aylar önce
Fat policeman far away: "HEY! URGH!" *Whistle* Dog: "WOOF" *Subway Surfers original theme song starts to play*
@lost-in-a-strange-shity Aylar önce
@Best-FunFacts Aylar önce
accurate 😂
@Maymaverick2000 Aylar önce
@xxevnxxe 4 gün önce
*shaking 10 second later "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas"
@CatzZ1lla 6 gün önce
why is no-one talking about that little spec in the shadow that he missed…
@Bethapiece 19 gün önce
Subway surfers before the cop arrives: Edit: MOM IM FAMOUS
@laurenz9653 16 gün önce
Bro I love subway surfers 😂
@dksquad2045 15 gün önce
cringe pfp 🤡
@MITSURI.OBANAI 15 gün önce
@@dksquad2045 says u.
@giandalman4439 15 gün önce
​@@dksquad2045bros the type of guy to write a 3 page essay of skibidi toilet lore on his presentation than ask why everyone is laughing at him
@chrissymoltisanti594 14 gün önce
⁠@@dksquad2045wtf is ur pfp lol. your username is literally donkey kong squad, you have no right to call anyone else cringe
@99zxk 7 gün önce
That tag letter was actually a great shape in itself.
@pollianaoliveira1257 7 gün önce
You make it look so easy. A true artist. ✨️
@roseybloom1008 25 gün önce
subway surfers in real life: 💀
@LittlePlushie143 22 gün önce
There's this house in my city that has spray painting all over the side like I feel sorry for the people who live there
@user-si7iw3py6j 20 gün önce
not the copy paste
@-1Solaris1- 20 gün önce
@@LittlePlushie143What if they spray painted it themselves? They would’ve washed it off if it wasn’t done purposely
@urfavshayyy 7 gün önce
i didn’t know graffiti writing could be more near than my social studies project💀
@nourkhaled2337 6 gün önce
That outline is smooth as fuck
@DannaSim-bd3fw 14 gün önce
"Wait...where's the trains and police?" "Oh no....I need my hoverboard!" 💀💀💀
@octolotl 13 gün önce
@amalal-jahmi2748 12 gün önce
he is licensed
@playgameswithnicky 12 gün önce
Subway surfers lol
@murdererducky 12 gün önce
*hears the subway surfers song in the backround*
@PGeWSoD_cBCM_cLFSF 12 gün önce
hello fellow splatoon lover
@TheOptimisticMelon 6 gün önce
Imagine doing graffiti and you hear a dog barking and a "hey!"
@shiikahh 5 gün önce
Imagine randomly hearing someone call out from behind you 😭
@Vo3d_ Aylar önce
Bro is giving us a tutorial of how to get arrested 💀
@tcphll Aylar önce
No he's not. That wall looks partially demolished. Nobody is going to give a damn about a little paint on that.
@majorfender6054 Aylar önce
what is bro doing in gm_construct 💀
@Lam550 Aylar önce
@ImmaSquirrel Aylar önce
@MissRaidenshougun. Aylar önce
@CapybaraVen 3 gün önce
@mariathimo3873 3 gün önce
Tell me you are an artist without telling me you are an artist
@Happyonesfam 25 gün önce
I thought this was subway surfers 💀
@ayeshaarshadwani2711 21 gün önce
Same fr
@jafarhosini7188 20 gün önce
@carlosjahirmunoz 20 gün önce
Me too
@jairno6740 20 gün önce
Now u know 💀
@ridingwithfiona3246 20 gün önce
@gavinburke1003 5 gün önce
Bro is about to turn in to subway surfers with them cops on him 😂
@Querzel 7 gün önce
How to get arrested speedrun💀💀
@TheWeeWooMan Aylar önce
I think you are the only graffiti artist I've seen that makes their letters readable
@Valky461 Aylar önce
artist 💀
@TheMercWithAMouthDeadpool Aylar önce
@@Valky461Well it’s art so that makes them artist
@somerobloxplayer7672 Aylar önce
@@mimilopmemes7915 they probably got permission to do it
@mimilopmemes7915 Aylar önce
@@somerobloxplayer7672 hopefully but i wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if they were committing a crime with the 'youtubers' these days.
@H1br1dC1n3m4 4 gün önce
even my drawing teacher would be envious.
@ItsHarry-xb7em 7 gün önce
Personally, I think there should be things designated to graffiti like a container or a wall I'm every park to spray paint in.
@eatdoenut 2 aylar önce
Instructions unclear, I’m now arrested for vandalism.
@lambdaboy9999 2 aylar önce
"How to go to jail with little knowledge"
@ilovejapan717 2 aylar önce
@redleaves7055 2 aylar önce
@@ilovejapan717bro doesn’t get the joke💀
@gwenchanagwenchana6675 2 aylar önce
​@@redleaves7055whats the joke
@HullVlog 2 aylar önce
Just say no
@GORILA791 5 gün önce
Imagine he hears “ URGH” whistle then a dog chasing him
@adibazahed2964 7 gün önce
Imagine the owner of the house standing behind him 😂
@Gahnxo 15 gün önce
I'm always impressed by the level of control graffiti artists have over their arms.
@Natsuki_Cover 14 gün önce
Their arms move smoothly like a printer
@wilfriedvomacka1783 13 gün önce
If it was my wall, this vandal would ended up with zero control over his broken arms.
@chimaobimgbaja 14 saatler önce
Subway surfers music plays from a far while a police with a dog is running towards you
@khonojeya01 6 gün önce
Who else totally forgot to pay attention to the captions and was just watching the dude spray 😂
@kaicoulstring6382 2 aylar önce
Bro is giving us a tutorial on how to get arrested. Edit: O no I started a war (also thanks for the likes)
@RESK12 2 aylar önce
Abandoned spot man
@Auk. 2 aylar önce
@TheCodester_2.0 2 aylar önce
Not necessarily, if you have a spot at home or at a friend's house
@Vgk6977 2 aylar önce
@@RESK12still illegal
@MoonSpaceBlue21 5 gün önce
Imagine a cop and a dog start chasing you after this 😂
@user-mj7cb7lf2u 6 gün önce
Where subway surfers trained from😂
@xThePHINIXx 2 aylar önce
Bro is playing Subway surfer irl
@SilverSpike_Gaming 2 aylar önce
I was just thinking that
@DrawCrazy760 2 aylar önce
@talexha76anos76 2 aylar önce
He's afk
@gokulk781 7 saatler önce
I read it as "Giraffe" and still waiting for that😂😂😂...but nice work
@WIERDNWACKY-jk2cc Aylar önce
Bro needs a Oscar for his hand consistency 💀
@hhiqoskar2616 Aylar önce
you clearly dont know what an oscar is
@joy363 Aylar önce
you could’ve just said his hand consistency is good 💀
@Strawberry_861 Aylar önce
You don’t know what an oscar is. plus that joke isn’t funny i don’t even know why people still say that
@iamafool Aylar önce
maybe oscar means acting, then acting means fake???? idk the joke man
@Strawberry_861 Aylar önce
@@iamafool it’s just when someone does something really well and say “they need an oscar” when oscar’s are for acting. so the joke doesn’t even make sense to begin with
@fahmiansyah 3 gün önce
Same thing with spongebob writing a "THE"
@novathecollector999 6 gün önce
man i can’t make art like this in daylight so im putting my tag as fast as i can and fucking running
@nixondelacruz2095 2 aylar önce
Felt bad for the guy who painted the wall white before this
@jamworthy14 2 aylar önce
For what? This wall looks way better
@srguilbi2879 2 aylar önce
​@@jamworthy14If you want to do some graffiti to make the wall better, ask to the owner first. If not, you are only a tagger, and anybody likes taggers
@jamworthy14 2 aylar önce
@@srguilbi2879 owner of a wall. Most likely they do otherwise it won't be online
@srguilbi2879 2 aylar önce
@@jamworthy14 if its true its OK:D
@hhnjipyong 2 aylar önce
Don't judge something you don't even know about it, the wall it can be belongs to the drawing graffiti.
@ritendrasinghtomar8008 7 gün önce
Bro draw better on wall than my face 💀
@valmundurcezmisson4655 22 saatler önce
Bro was doing the screwdriver thing with a can 😂😂😂
@388C4CGREEN 2 aylar önce
Imagine walking down the street and seeing a blue letter A on an otherwise perfectly unmarked wall
@phoenix7037 2 aylar önce
@anaayakhan1521 2 aylar önce
it's green😭
@yutahkotomi1195 2 aylar önce
​@@anaayakhan1521 No, it's cyan 💀
@Stumme-40203 2 aylar önce
@@anaayakhan1521Bro. It’s literally Turquoise. 😭
@gigachadfr 6 gün önce
Next thing he's gonna teach us how to draw gang in graffiti
@lvrniae 7 gün önce
Bro is in the subway surfers mode😞
@TheKiwiLegend27 18 gün önce
“HEY” *blows whistle* 💀💀💀💀💀
@nothollylol 15 gün önce
*annoying music starts* 😂
@muminyusuf1601 15 gün önce
@@nothollylolanoyying that is nostalgic lovelymusic
@chasitywilliams157 15 gün önce
*subway surfers music intensifies*
@gamecho- 2 gün önce
Guard: "hey!" Dog: *Barks* Jake: *Runs*
@Shaddoxis 5 gün önce
I will probably be shaking my hand so badly while doing this
@lucktasticbros4646 2 aylar önce
*Instructions unclear, I am now being chased by a Police officer with his dog*
@Sajid009 2 aylar önce
Run through the subway 😂
@ThatOneKid64920 2 aylar önce
this is so funny with the top comment
@Wait_what_huh 2 aylar önce
"Hey!" "Ahhh!!!"
@NiebieskaPanda1 Aylar önce
* Subway Surfer music start playing *
@MIKIMAHI_Ltd. Saatler önce
this guy definitely runs through train rails and cities while fleeing from a cop and his dog
@yukkilorenzo1451 7 gün önce
I was annoyed for a second 😊 but then he filled it in
@zainebhidoussi1498 28 gün önce
everyone is talking about him not getting arrested while i'm in awe in how stable his hand movement is while drawing
@miniforlife6223 27 gün önce
Right?! He moves his hand like a robot!! He has some serious skill!
@SanFranciscoSacramento4 26 gün önce
where's the policeman!
@user-rw5qn9mx9z 25 gün önce
for real-
@toko_olive3639 24 gün önce
Right? And how does he perfectly match the movement with the camera hand and the drawing hand?
@str5ng3____ 24 gün önce
Hand printer
@user-yv9fr6bf6r 5 gün önce
the man who just painted over the walls from the gra
@JamieValdez-vc2pl 6 gün önce
That. One game the dog and the police running after you after running on top of the trains 😂😂💀
@Rando.Editz23 Aylar önce
Bro's boutta make subway surfers irl💀
@randomuser1501 Aylar önce
@OogieBoogieyumski Aylar önce
your gonna make me cry rnnnnnnn
@rajikurup9470 6 gün önce
bros hand is like a printer 💀
@levipeloza9558 15 saatler önce
The sound sounds like either nails on a chalk board or a sharpie or a marker
@MasonTheFurryCat Aylar önce
Bros lines are smoother than my life 💀
@Tory____art Aylar önce
😂💔 WTF
@MakonuMusic Aylar önce
Fr llol Edit: Bro how blind am I? We got da same name let's go boi 😂
@ameliablack2922 Aylar önce
So true though.
@shimrarin2660 Aylar önce
Not the most "make sense" type of comparison but ok
@user-fm7os3ev8x Gün önce
If this guy taught in arts it would be like this : "Okay class! Get ready for crime and vandalism 101!"
@flowersforyou6694 5 gün önce
He should make the subaway surfers logo and then there should be a dog, a cop, a skateboard and the music.
@IAMXIRSI Aylar önce
Bro's Subway Surfers without the subway 💀
@prions_arent_cool_man 29 gün önce
Graffiti Surfers
@nickyYTonTop 29 gün önce
but there is no surfing
@prions_arent_cool_man 28 gün önce
@@nickyYTonTop graffiti runners That sounds like an off brand Subway Surfers for some reason-
@jorge7001 2 saatler önce
the most family friendly graffiti i hace ever seen😂
@RVNT9OE 7 gün önce
The control is crazy.
@user-pf9px1tv9g Aylar önce
"hears subway surfers music" Him: "starts running"
@SanFranciscoSacramento4 26 gün önce
where's the policeman!
@n3kohime_20 25 gün önce
@Moocowthegreat Gün önce
Thanks for teaching me this, all the train cars in my area are starting to look a little too nice
@unheatedbanana5740 Saatler önce
Bro was literally filming himself do something illegal 💀
@bffsghgh 11 gün önce
bro got the realistic mods in gmod 💀
@smokypiggamez6960 10 gün önce
i thought i was the only one lol
@Incognito4 10 gün önce
@removeyoutubehandles 8 gün önce
no mate it's called real life
@pwr4 8 gün önce
​@@removeyoutubehandlesIts called a joke 😗
@Korneu566 3 gün önce
Bro is teaching us how to be a subway surfer
@DaOshorts26 3 gün önce
The sound of the spray is so satisfy
@LionWird 13 gün önce
The police watching him in the background be like. 👁️👄👁️
@Roxyrobx 9 gün önce
What police dog
@mildjellisc 17 saatler önce
That tiny sliver of white in the shadow has ruined my fragile day
@waywardautumn7767 5 gün önce
My toxic trait is that i think i can pull this off
@jaguarcap6494 2 aylar önce
This tutorial needs a tutorial.
@alexisonfire2076 2 aylar önce
This was funny 😅
@hellomrjelloyay 2 aylar önce
@plaaxys 2 aylar önce
what tutorial? a tutorial on how to read?
@jaguarcap6494 2 aylar önce
@@plaaxys you need a tutorial on how to take a joke...
@plaaxys 2 aylar önce
@@jaguarcap6494 joke? yall be spamming this shit like an npc with limited dialogue. It wouldve been fine if the tutorial was actually shit.
@oddjobsjin1006 Gün önce
I thought bro was on gm_construct for a second 💀
@ponloponlo 6 gün önce
I thought you were in GMod Construct for a minute there.😂
@alexanderhernandez5226 Aylar önce
This dude is a human printer with those perfect strokes
@remyretro13 Aylar önce
"Perfect strokes."
@iris_purple Aylar önce
with those WHAT
@tristanmanalo6252 Aylar önce
@thatjoshwright5577 Aylar önce
I could use some of those
@badnameless5407 Aylar önce
English is not my native language, what is wrong with that sentence?
@DanielleMelville-fh9bx 6 gün önce
Some kids recently sprayed “Turbo 23” in an alley and a few steps further along was “Tru” with a big X in the same spray as the other one.
@lauramaria6704 7 gün önce
Why does thid give me nostalgia 😭😭
@michaelgieser980 Aylar önce
Bro needs a Oscar for getting away with all this without getting arrested. 💀💀💀
@johnreyescobar6670 29 gün önce
j hujnbhuijji
@iamnataly 28 gün önce
wdym? it’s probably a puclic place..?
@Nomilkfromdad 28 gün önce
@@iamnataly r/whooosh
@zainebhidoussi1498 28 gün önce
@@iamnataly subway surfers reference
@Telberi 28 gün önce
@@iamnataly have you heard nothing about graffiti? it doesn't matter if its public. its vandalism he could get arrested.
@thecoolgenius5582 6 gün önce
Me waiting for him to surf the subway
@BIFADox 2 gün önce
bro is recording in gm_construct
@phoautobia 2 aylar önce
Instructions unclear: I am now running on a train from a police officer and his dog
@i_love_my_pets8659 2 aylar önce
@ronalpalma143 2 aylar önce
How is bro running on a train and not the tracks ☠️💀
@chidoalex0742 2 aylar önce
​@ronalpalma143 there was a ramp obviously, that or he found some bouncy shoes around
@jackfakename4851 2 aylar önce
I feel like that means you followed the instructions perfectly.
@U-400-INTERMINABLE-ROOMS 2 aylar önce
Tbh,why would i change the 911 likes?
@radhaabdoelbhaggan4598 Gün önce
Good job, you are very good in this ❤
@ilovepizza530 5 gün önce
Bro is spray painting in gm_Contruct💀
@sairentokir5060 Aylar önce
@juliussnijders1032 Aylar önce
That's what I am saying!
@astronautinthestars327 Aylar önce
Bruhh I was thinking that too 💀
@BigSoap_Man Aylar önce
I’m glad people think alike
@gagebusby2203 Aylar önce
@coldfire-blitz3122 7 saatler önce
Thought you were making Luke Skywalkers house for a second there
@lenzi5119 6 gün önce
Bros tagging the gm_construct walls.
@Maymaverick2000 Aylar önce
You'll know you messed up when the subway surfers theme plays 💀💀💀
@TheKingsPearl 6 gün önce
When I saw that color I though he was gonna draw Perry the platypus
@user-fn6xj1ev7t 2 gün önce
Me who’s like “I’m watching laws be broken”
@nawidayobi Aylar önce
Ngl businesses should hite graffiti artists to put things on their walls that they actually want. These folks are talented
@heathernatyl7260 Aylar önce
They do
@_rouella.kamuii_ Aylar önce
It’s a job for many people.
@sparco956 Aylar önce
They do
@vanancio977 Aylar önce
The do in a lot of places, I've seen a lot when I lived in Cali
@scousiered3124 Aylar önce
But they don't, so this is vandalism. So when someone catches them and breaks their arm and hand, they then face prosecution, while the graffiti cu** gets off scott free.
@ArmyOfThree1000 3 gün önce
Man turns into a printer
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