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Kids Meet a School Shooting Survivor | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids

YORUMLAR: 32 973
Kylee Caldeira
Kylee Caldeira 6 saatler önce
Hide with scissors ✂️
Alifasaurus 8 saatler önce
In 2022, I'm going to USA due to a student exchange program....and I feel so scared because of this....
🐀 rinaxia 🐁
🐀 rinaxia 🐁 18 saatler önce
That was so kind of her to ask if she was aloud to laugh, super respectful
Quinne Davis
Quinne Davis 20 saatler önce
My history teacher would never let us answer the door so if it was ever a school shooter knocking, he would get shot first.
Papa Romano
Papa Romano 22 saatler önce
I know I’m late but I go to a school near where there was a shooting at Oxford high (I go to a middle school about 15 minutes away) but a lot if kids I know knew two people that were shot (the couple) there ok btw. I know this may be out of place but I can SEMI feel for you since I didn’t exactly experience it myself but yeah it was scary
døłłÿ Gün önce
I just wanna say when you get shot you don’t feel the pain for a little well that’s what happened with my mom cause When my mom got shot it took her 10 mins to feel the pain cause of the adrenaline
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez 2 gün önce
4:22 when the guy asks if the woman is telling the little girl, “so you’re saying she shouldn’t listen to her teacher” kinda annoyed me because I’m sure the woman who went through it would know better than someone who hasn’t gone through that.
Lindsay Jackson
Lindsay Jackson 2 gün önce
I'm a teacher and it varies by age. We baracade, older ones are taught to fight, and look for a safe way out. We have designated safe points but they are told to just run, the cops will find them after it is secure. But my youngest is in Kindergarten and they baracade because it would be so hard to fight and flee with 20 5-6 year olds. This is my biggest fear honestly.
Adorbxemi #NO MEANS NO
Adorbxemi #NO MEANS NO 3 gün önce
My school had a fire and 3 people died. My class was right next to where the fire was. I was 8 years old. I can’t help but think if I could have died instead of them. It’s not fair no matter what. Someone deliberately set it on fire for fame and popularity.
Jacob Medlin
Jacob Medlin 3 gün önce
Wait can we please see some photos about your back?
Chargrande 3 gün önce
In Australia its lockdown if kangaroos come inside of rhe school
None  Ya
None Ya 3 gün önce
I'm 11 and guns were threatened at my school and school wasn't closed
Pika Yu games
Pika Yu games 3 gün önce
Everyone gangsta until the survivor says "It was fun until I got caught."
Eternalking 8
Eternalking 8 3 gün önce
Throw ur shcool supplies at them Ato far femnat a teknikes:e kom prit qit dit
^txy^ 4 gün önce
When I was in yr3 a dog was on the playground, we had to turn off the lights and all 30 of us had to huddle in a tiny corner for around 10 minutes. Turns out there was no dog we did that for no reason. 😃👍
Fallen Boi
Fallen Boi 4 gün önce
I’m not going to lie, even if it’s just a drill, I grab my purse and a pair of scissors. My purse because I have pens and sharpened pencils.
BlxxdStxne Edits
BlxxdStxne Edits 4 gün önce
Who else is here for advice after oxford shooting?
kolbyolson 4 gün önce
Adam Lunnen
Adam Lunnen 4 gün önce
In my opinion I think teachers should have guns to protect us.
K-pop is Life
K-pop is Life 6 gün önce
“Be grateful for annoyances” Me: 😲🥺😭
Cathalia Loth
Cathalia Loth 6 gün önce
People used to joke that killing Republicans are a legitimate form of self-defense. Sadly Its not a joke anymore :(
Rohey Sallah
Rohey Sallah 6 gün önce
If I was you and the door was locked I will jump out the window then run back home because I live next my school
•Fłôrâł• 7 gün önce
1:46 can we just talk about HOW NICELY DONE HER MAKEUP IS im obsessed with that style so it made me really happy
Abyss 7 gün önce
I’m afraid of going to school now
Captain Yolo Waffle
Captain Yolo Waffle 6 gün önce
you shouldn't
steelcityhc 7 gün önce
Honestly im dipping even if my teachers say stay here 😔
death clicker
death clicker 7 gün önce
A dude came in my school with a ak
Dom. Rock chalk jayhawk.
Dom. Rock chalk jayhawk. 2 gün önce
A freshman brought a pistol to my school
Super League Footy
Super League Footy 8 gün önce
I live in Australian but I am always on edge during these times when gun violence is rising , and I always get scared of a loud bang
Chocky milk vibes
Chocky milk vibes 9 gün önce
I would just jump outta the window!
hanin _gurl
hanin _gurl 9 gün önce
"We are told to just throw our stuff at the intruder" *Me who has a metalic water bottle which is filled with water* "Let me introduce myself, The water in my bottle with this strong, cold and hard surface of my bottle creates enough strength to knock someone out and give them bruises. So instead of throwing it at you and waste such great potential, i will use it as my weapon of choice and wack you with it till you're knocked out and break your gun aswell. Basically, it is stronger and has more momentum than a bat and a hammer. Now then, let's get started. Also i am not paying for your medical bills, it is your own fault that you chose to be the intruder. You bear the weight of your own choice, which is the pain you will feel with each hard wack i'm about to give." tbh i'd probably still get shot. But as long as i knock the intruder out, i'd be happy.
Katelyn Knutson
Katelyn Knutson 9 gün önce
It won’t happen here are the words that are possibly the biggest lie someone can tell
vaz 11 gün önce
every day where ever I go my anxiety always prepares me to die 😭
Kenna 12 gün önce
Once a lockdown drill lasted for 20 minutes it was a fake test but it was longer than usual and it scared me.
j487 12 gün önce
next episode: kids meet a school shooter
SiimplyBubblesYoutube 13 gün önce
When I was in 3rd grade at probably 10:30am at school,the principal called :lockdown lockdown! "And no teachers or students were informed abt this.if they were it would be a drill. Apparently a homeless guy broke into our gym and tried to take stuff. And a few months later we had another lockdown because there was a shooting right outside the school boarders. I'm just glad they didn't actually GO IN. If they did lots of students including me would be dead by now.
M S 14 gün önce
No disrespect but still 19 it's easier to cope than at say 12 but then again being too young can bring ignorance from logic . Though if some of the teachers were armed it would be safer.
Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett 14 gün önce
if I was in a school shooting I would grab my friends and climb up to like a cost up to the top and use my teachers cote to hide us*galup*
Tactical Turtles
Tactical Turtles 14 gün önce
At first I read the title as "Kids meet a School Shooter" and was like "why are they so calm about talking with a school shooter, and why is the shooter so well mannered"
beeto45 15 gün önce
school shootings never happen in some countries where guns are illegal
Robert Wolff
Robert Wolff 15 gün önce
Would they bust balls for it !
Burgerandchick 15 gün önce
I was laughing the whole entire time. Im so going to hell.
Olivia Bowey
Olivia Bowey 15 gün önce
I realized that they didn't have any younger kids because it was not appropriate for younger children to learn about shooting and killing
WGF 16 gün önce
It's stupid that in the US they are allowed guns but thank God in the UK there's no guns
Cohen GamerTV10
Cohen GamerTV10 16 gün önce
When a school shooter comes in: starts shooting Me and the boy: TENNO HEIKIA BANZAI FOR THE SCHOOL *PULLS OUT SCISSORS
Amadeus 16 gün önce
Someone came to school with a gun once, with the intention of killing people. Nobody got hurt thanks to the school security, and we all got to go home early after a ton of police showed up. The weirdest and kind of scary thing was that not that many people were freaked out by it and everyone was joking about it the day after.
Nina 14 gün önce
Thank god
☞︎𝙿𝚛𝚘 𝙷𝚎𝚛𝚘☜︎
☞︎𝙿𝚛𝚘 𝙷𝚎𝚛𝚘☜︎ 17 gün önce
it’s sad that in some schools the aren’t concerned like mine, i’m 14 and i got to a small private school and we have never talked about or had lockdown drills. if we talk or ask about it we get in lots of trouble and sometimes get lunch detention. it’s really upsetting and troubling and we don’t even have a police on or near our campus
¥•Cringe monsters•¥
¥•Cringe monsters•¥ 17 gün önce
We have to go into a different class thats away from the thing
anne 18 gün önce
JPH 2020
JPH 2020 18 gün önce
In my school kids like blow up the milk carton like those little ones and it happens so often, they fill them with air and then jump on them so that it busts the back making a gunshot sound, if there ever was a school shooting nobody would notice until it was too late, we don't do drills and the milk pack shenanigans and their sound have been normalized so if there was one id be fucked
M L 19 gün önce
Fear and the real possibility of this happening to anyone - especially a child in this country - is such a real trauma for the Gen Z kids. This is activating my fight or flight response for sure.
MR. GAMER DUDE 19 gün önce
I hear if u are shoot u feel no pain at first. And the reason why it was hot is because the bullet is over 100 degrees
speed netz
speed netz 20 gün önce
0:00 Why she look like a npc in gta5 tho
Violet Marquez
Violet Marquez 21 gün önce
I feel so bad for Christina
Flipping Flop
Flipping Flop 23 gün önce
Incase of a school shooting and you do not know what to do: Turn of lights in classroom. Cover the windows with the curtains. Turn off all phone sound and lower the light on your phone if you have to use it. If your door has a glass opening, cover it with anything (example: tape the paper or use a random cover or book covering and use duck tape or normal tape) Block classroom doors with chairs and desks. Keep quiet and sit in a corner farthest away from the door. Reminder: Some school shooters turn on the fire alarm so that students and teachers get out of the classroom and turn up outside of the school then the school shooter will eventually see everybody and start shooting everywhere. All you can do is just run and dont stop. Run in zig zags but if your unable to do that then the only thing you can do is try to duck down while running or covering your head with your hands. If your in the bathroom while theres a shooter, stand on the toilet (if your to tall duck down) and if your sitting in a classroom with windows that are NOT high above the ground you can jump out. Just make sure the shooter is not outside. Grab anything in the classroom you can throw at the shooter that is heavy (book, bottle, backpack, and any type of glass vases)
Kidz Bop karen
Kidz Bop karen 23 gün önce
Remember kids, aim for the neck if the nonos aren’t an option
Anime Elmo
Anime Elmo 24 gün önce
Attack the shooter with school supplies. Me pictures me stabbing he shooter with sisscors
Frēnčh_Cøffee•_• 24 gün önce
Pick me be like: stop Jake I know this isn't you!
Timmy bro
Timmy bro 25 gün önce
Man it's good I don't live USA land of free.
Rizer The Demon Of The Void
Rizer The Demon Of The Void 25 gün önce
Next video: Teachers meet school shooter
FUSION_MK 25 gün önce
at our school our pe teacher said if it ever happends we have to grab the shot puts and yeet them at the shooter
Alisson Velasquez
Alisson Velasquez 26 gün önce
"were supposed to throw school supplies at the shooter" *half my class having good aim and metal water bottes* "i'll be fine"
Zooted Sosa
Zooted Sosa 26 gün önce
I’m always curious if anyone can tell that something is gonna happen that day, like when you can just tell something is off. My condolences to all the victims
Zooted Sosa
Zooted Sosa 26 gün önce
Throwing school supplies at the shooter... wow. Just like, wow. Baffling.
Galaxy Gaming and Music
Galaxy Gaming and Music 27 gün önce
Bro… just become the bullet 🌝
? r i l e y ¿
? r i l e y ¿ 28 gün önce
my school stopped doing lockdown drills and everything because 9 times out of 10 the shooter is a past student and already knows the protocols.
Samaa Saleh
Samaa Saleh 29 gün önce
I think that all guns must be banned
kaykay the krew fam
kaykay the krew fam Aylar önce
Off topic, but IM SO GLAD THAT WHEN YOU GET SHOT IT JUST FEELS HOT OH MY LORD Is it weird that I had a nightmare about a school shooting at my school, *in America, in one of the most kind of populated schools in Katy, and with instant dying* .
My strange animations
My strange animations Aylar önce
The one girl is like 12 and she said she has done shooter lockdown drills kids that age should not have to worry about getting killed wile in school
Mekofluffy Aylar önce
“Just throw school supplies at them” yes, because books and pencils can disarm a gunman
austinwashere Aylar önce
Bro I would’ve thrown a desk
Mintefox Aylar önce
I feel like I’d A. Barricade the door B. Jump out the window C. Call my dad then mom Bam I survive! I’d I can’t escape I’ll stab them with scissors ✂️
Steve Harrington
Steve Harrington Aylar önce
My English teacher went to VT while it happened
yxVanny_ Aylar önce
My dad went to Virginia tech, but he wasn’t there the day of the shooting. It was due to him getting married or something. The teacher got shot, I know that. I’m curious if you guys may have interacted 😦
xL¡ttl3_Gh0$tx Aylar önce
Ok, i don't know why this happens to me but i kinda feel interested in the "school shooting" theme, and please don't misunderstand, i would never be able of doing something like that but, since i've met the game "Pico's School" i think i'm more interested on school shootings and hearing the experience of a survivor feels, idk, it's awesome but at the same time i feel bad for her, i even joke about school shootings with my friends, luckily in my country these kind of things aren't really common but, sbdkjf it's weird because here we never had nothing like a lockdown practice or something, nobody talks about that here, it's like if it didn't happened anywhere and that makes me kinda uncomfortable bc, if it happens someday, we wouldn't have anything to do. Actually, at the start of the year, when the class was divided in 2, a girl from my class took a knife to the school and she followed our teacher all the hallway until direction could stop her. Luckily, nobody ended hurt but my teacher got traumatized, she didn't assisted to school in 1 week, and all of this happened in the week i was in my home, but my best friend was there in another class room, she told me everyone was panicking, they heard the screams of the teacher and she even started to cry, it was horrible for them so yea, thanks for reading my poorly explained feelings about this, bye;)
Mekofluffy Aylar önce
oh god I really hope that teacher is doing okay now, but I know what you mean! Im kinda on and off with school shootings. I never want shootings too happen but im wayyy too intrested in the ones that do happen, I get it where you feel like people might think you would do such a thing just for being interested but for the most part you gotta think about your morals. Like would you actually take a life? especially others who have dreams of becoming something, would you take that away? For me, no I dont even have the guts to hurt someone like that, so for the most part having an interested in dark topics like school shooting isnt a bad thing as long as you have morals
Nishtha Kapoor
Nishtha Kapoor Aylar önce
I am 11 years old and I am scared after seeing this video... but still it was really nice and informative
ynw Barrow
ynw Barrow Aylar önce
Mekofluffy Aylar önce
people with no morals, trust me some people are just monsters who dont give a crap about others
stykexel Aylar önce
“We through our school supplies at them” me who has a metal bottle: *BONK*
Lucas Vermeire
Lucas Vermeire Aylar önce
These are the times when I'm so glad that I live in Europe where these things are much rarer To anyone who isn't in these safer places stay safe
Swara the great
Swara the great Aylar önce
wat kind of crazy shoots at CHILDREN
Mekofluffy Aylar önce
evil people man
Dragon Aylar önce
My school went hardcore and made us think there was a actual shooting and put screams over videos around class rooms like bruh…
It’s Heidi
It’s Heidi Aylar önce
Supposedly there’s a shooting gonna happen at my school. If I die love you all
M'aiq The Liar
M'aiq The Liar Aylar önce
Skullzomb1e Aylar önce
1:35 this person seemed rlly cool :,)
Michael Griffey
Michael Griffey Aylar önce
I was in a school shooting once I was in 1st Grade PE and then it came on the intercom and I remember a gunshot but luckily we have this big lock on our PE doors like a big metal chain he banged on the doors and try to shoot at all but he was using a 22 caliber soon got caught by the police in 2012
Margaret bosenbark
Margaret bosenbark Aylar önce
It’s possible anywhere a house,school,store Anywhere
Margaret bosenbark
Margaret bosenbark Aylar önce
If you here a pop or multiple that’s probably a gun from a long distance
Generic Human
Generic Human Aylar önce
lol I remember there was a lockdown because supposedly someone had a gun and we sat there for like 4 hours waiting to see if it was real or not (fortunately it wasn't real) but I had a whole copy of the entire US constitution in a book from the library and if it came to the time where I had to through the constitution at a shooter, so be it
HorsegirlE Aylar önce
I wasn’t even alive when this happened
Mekofluffy Aylar önce
I was 1 when it happened
HealhoeGaming Aylar önce
you can tell she still has a lot of remorse for not calling her parents when it happened, someone needs to tell her its alright that not everyone thinks clearly in those type of situations and at the end of the day call or not your parents know how much you love them and would never think you dont care because you didnt call.
Bret The WWE Champion
Bret The WWE Champion Aylar önce
i aint gonna trow school supplies at the shooter i gonna throw wwe f5 on the table
Anna Blyth
Anna Blyth Aylar önce
I recently wrote a paper about a school shooting (Columbine) and while I was writing the draft I realized that no town is ever completely safe from the possibility of a shooting and I wish I knew that sooner I grew up in a very small and quiet town that I still live in and I never thought about that possibility I just knew that this was something we had to do in school but I never realized that even a town as small as ours could be at risk
Kathlyn Kirkland
Kathlyn Kirkland Aylar önce
The wry squirrel mechanistically lie because whale decisively test pace a knotty buffet. chunky, coherent chimpanzee
ur toast
ur toast Aylar önce
“Just throw school supplies at them” *Does a bookshelf count as school supplies?*
Makenzie Beatty
Makenzie Beatty Aylar önce
HannahEliza ;)
HannahEliza ;) Aylar önce
im lucky my teachers have guns in their purses lol for protection but als there was a siren outside going off to signal the lockdown drill and the thing said "lockdown this is not a drill" and that really scared me so i ran and i relized that my friend is a bit slower than me so i ran back to her and dragged her with me so she wouldnt get hurt anyways it ended up being a drill and my PE teacher told us after the fact
GoodViibez Gaming
GoodViibez Gaming Aylar önce
My teacher said we are gonna test what you would you do if there was a fire and I asked but what if there is a fire and she said it’s never gonna happen and 2 months after the school was on fire
Patricia white
Patricia white Aylar önce
if you pay close attention it seems like more school shootings happen in america to fulfil an agenda. like how convenient are these school shooting at times when politicians are pushing hard to take our gun rights away. i'm just saying anybody can get to a mentally unstable person and have them do anything.
molly Aylar önce
I was like oh i’m just going to the local shop i don’t need seatbelts. one day i was going on a trip with my family (with seatbelts on) and we had an accident, i couldn’t walk for 1 month. if i’m not wearing my seatbelt im dying for sure. wear your seatbelts, even when you think “oh it’s not gonna happen.”
Certified Mothman
Certified Mothman Aylar önce
american dream my *** it really sucks here sometimes
Nothingbutmetu Aylar önce
To be honest sometimes disobeying people and following instructions isn't the best way to go
mark kinakin
mark kinakin Aylar önce
I'm so confused why they teach us lock down stuff INSIDE and what to do, but not OUTSIDE stuff and what to do, since I'm still at school and learning, I'm probably going to ask why they don't teach us that stuff, because what if there's a shooter inside and you're outside do you go off school grounds, like... go some where safe and YOU know it's safe or, like... what are we supposed to do?
katieair Aylar önce
my brothers friend was in a school shooting and since I've heard that story I've had just a small pocket knife I carry around and I've got a form for carrying it so I can take it anywhere, and the teachers at my school cause our school is open plan so like no walls on the inside just stairs, they tell us to lay down on the ground and just pray that were gonna be alright ( my school isn't catholic. and at that moment if it did ever happen I would run and disobey the teacher
Noob Slayer
Noob Slayer Aylar önce
Can we allow children to bring guns to school to prevent this?
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