50 Cooking Tips With Gordon Ramsay | Part One

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Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

8 aylar önce

Here are 50 cooking tips to help you become a better chef!

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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JP Eischen
JP Eischen 6 saatler önce
His teaching reminds of when harry potter finds the old book for potions. He has all these little notes on how to do things easier and more efficiently
ThunderPocky 7 saatler önce
I want to learn how to cook so bad.
josephine Gün önce
can't cook rice
Conner LaValley
Conner LaValley Gün önce
4:14 thats a fucking bread knife, not a carver of chef
Vadim K
Vadim K Gün önce
Second time I hear this nonsense: put olive oil in the water so the pasta doesn't stick together. The cooked pasta only sticks together when it's cold, and the olive oil in the water prevents pasta to absorb flavors of the sauce. So don't do it
Hebi No Kaji
Hebi No Kaji Gün önce
Gordon:you can add chilli to your fruit. Me as a mexican: is there any other way of eating it?
Aelyn :)
Aelyn :) Gün önce
I love how with the chicken he at no point said "breast" without the word "chicken" right before or after. "Two legs, two thighs, two wings, two breasts of chicken" 😂😂 just adorable
The last youtuber
The last youtuber Gün önce
Thanks Gordan
poetentate 2 gün önce
Is this a music video or a cooking video? WTF is wrong with the camera man?
Isiah Borrero
Isiah Borrero 2 gün önce
Chef Ramsey don’t know how to make rice😳
Joseph Valenti
Joseph Valenti 2 gün önce
This is so helpful!
Lisa Hinton
Lisa Hinton 2 gün önce
I was told by an Italian chef (from Italy, very high up the food chain as well), to not put olive oil in the water, or on the cooked pasta, because then the sauce cannot stick to the pasta. You end up with a plate of sauce after the meal because so much of it simply slides off the fork of pasta.
binkyboobosh1 3 gün önce
...the man has 16 Michelin stars...'nuff said....
Joelasaurus Rex!
Joelasaurus Rex! 3 gün önce
Dear video editor, 100 transitions with afx and electric guitar solo was so overboard
tbjas 3 gün önce
Good tips. The only thing he's got wrong as far as i know is the hot part of a chili is actually the pith, not the seeds.
Kringo Starr
Kringo Starr 4 gün önce
great voice....put i wouldn't trust his cooking advise after seeing this: trshow.info/watch/3IMItGHeOpE/video.html
haydeh abdolahian
haydeh abdolahian 4 gün önce
We Persian cook our rice 2 Ways ! One for cooking fast for kids and our lunch , like mr Gordon just did but no pepper in white rice , and for compony or our special dinner at home, we cook like noodles ! Add the rice to boiling water and salt and when is just rightly done dump the water and add flat bread or sliced potatoes on the bottom of pot and add the rice little oil and water on the bottom and steam cook the rice for 15-20 depending how much rice you got . If we like to have any thing added to the rice this is the time to do it , so steam cooks together. ( beans have to be cooked before adding ) We are famous for our rice 👍
Chaosmagican 4 gün önce
What donkey puts oil into pasta water? I never had an issue with pasta (spaghetti in particular) sticking while cooking. After draining you have an oil film on the pasta and it won't take the sauce as much. Also the oil is basically never in contact with the pasta while cooking. It makes no sense. What it does do is prevent the water from boiling or rather foaming over but a wooden spoon does the same thing. How can Gordon not know this?!? After cooking into the sauce or a bit of butter and they won't stick, enhances flavour and butter - whilst basically fat - does leave a way better structure for sauce to bind to as it is already an emulsion.
Autumn McCann
Autumn McCann 4 gün önce
Love Chef
harib Ballsack
harib Ballsack 4 gün önce
Jesus Christ died for you so live for him and live
Candace V
Candace V 5 gün önce
Your energy gives me anxiety 🙃🤯
Just a Broadway Baby
Just a Broadway Baby 5 gün önce
He seems high half the time.
John Adams
John Adams 6 gün önce
First one is a straightener not a sharpener
Shahd KhR
Shahd KhR 6 gün önce
I hope to be like you 🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️
Nazli Jowkar
Nazli Jowkar 6 gün önce
It has many pause.but it was usefull video.
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 6 gün önce
Gordon I love you mate
Brazil Chem
Brazil Chem 7 gün önce
2:56 he fell for it! Shame on you stupid repeater! These horizontal cuts are totally useless since the onion is layered! You just repeat stuff of others without thinking.
Nayyer A
Nayyer A 7 gün önce
Great! trshow.info/watch/SIrS9lqZZro/video.html
Paolo Pastrone
Paolo Pastrone 7 gün önce
You lost me when you put oil in the pasta water.
Dennis & Maggie
Dennis & Maggie 7 gün önce
“and remember, a good cook wastes nothing “ especially when she has chickens, goats, sheep and ducks to feed! 🤣
Mihai Vj
Mihai Vj 8 gün önce
Why does he keep moving around the counter like he desperately needs to pee? Can’t they pause the recording to give the man a break?
Garrett Black
Garrett Black 8 gün önce
Love this guy but what is “leftover wine”?
James Webb
James Webb 8 gün önce
I love to see Gordon recommend par boiling the potatos for crispy baked potatoes. Works great.
Daryl Grande
Daryl Grande 8 gün önce
Gordon: “That’s perfectly cooked riced.” Asians: uhmmmm……….
Just A Guy Who Comments
Just A Guy Who Comments 8 gün önce
Me whos never held a knife,I found this very helpful
Anna Ledain
Anna Ledain 8 gün önce
I didn’t know that the screw bit on top of the pepper mill changes how fine it grinds 🤦‍♀️ I do now!
Bashy Stylee
Bashy Stylee 9 gün önce
Sara Bernpaintner
Sara Bernpaintner 9 gün önce
Thanks for the great cooking tips! 🙂
PrayforMucas 9 gün önce
"a good cook wastes nothing" then he put olive oil on water to make pasta. Omegalol. All my Italian ancestors are crying
eNiGmA 10 gün önce
Keep the camera still please ! 🥺
Stefan Biber
Stefan Biber 10 gün önce
Did Gordon Ramsay really just put oil in the pasta cooking water??? What a f****** disgrace. That's what he would say.
Shura Valentine
Shura Valentine 10 gün önce
There's a filleting knife? :O for the last 10 years i keep using a cleaver to do almost everything since the feel is there. is it expensive guys?
KRISTOFFA 10 gün önce
Tyler Deshoun
Tyler Deshoun 10 gün önce
Imma go buy some salmon just to skin it and slam it on the board 😂 Love the tips man, I'm bout to start doing something to that stove
Spellmoon Patronus
Spellmoon Patronus 10 gün önce
Tyler Amazon PL
Tyler Amazon PL 10 gün önce
"sorry guys i cant go out, my dad is cooking dinner."
Lesevesel 10 gün önce
I love this. Thanks, Chef.
Julian 11 gün önce
Oil in the water and then cooking pasta 🙄 My lord. This man is everything But no chef 👨‍🍳 Now I know why English kitchen is horrible Greetings from Germany
Gregg Poppabich
Gregg Poppabich 11 gün önce
Man I like that video! I wanna try tha chilli seed tip & grow my own....✌🏽😁❤
Shakil Mian
Shakil Mian 11 gün önce
Dear cameraman, you're moving too much, its a recipe for a headache!
Impressing Gordon
Impressing Gordon 11 gün önce
Chef whats ure opinion on my meals?
Treckie 11 gün önce
Now im going to add *professionally trained chef* to my resume and when they ask who trained me i can say Chef Ramsay 😏😂
Jeremy S
Jeremy S 11 gün önce
Good video but too many ads. Every 2 mins lol
Angella Palmisano
Angella Palmisano 11 gün önce
I love his passion not only for cooking but also for children!!
The Frank
The Frank 12 gün önce
Gordy dances like he really needs to pee.
senor coconut
senor coconut 12 gün önce
first time i´m seeing a (serious) chef putting oil into pasta water
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 12 gün önce
I would think Ramsey would own very high end knives and not have to sharpen. Also a Japanese cypress wood chopping block keeps ur knives sharp.
Etienne Roussin
Etienne Roussin 12 gün önce
He sharpens the knife the wrong way!!
Dogecoin Collector
Dogecoin Collector 12 gün önce
I learn so much from Gordon.
SuZan McClain
SuZan McClain 13 gün önce
Who else had to rewind & watch again in like 30 parts?! 😅
SuZan McClain
SuZan McClain 13 gün önce
Cool way of getting chili seeds out- but I leave mine in!
ProcrastinaThor 13 gün önce
15:30 DID he just said FREEZE IT :D omg
Breathe Now
Breathe Now 13 gün önce
Great tips, many I've heard before but I wish someone had shared before I ruined many meals😊 Now, someone explain why Gordon always jumps around like he needs to go pee?
Barbara Davidian
Barbara Davidian 13 gün önce
If you wear contact lenses, then you'll Never! cry cutting an onion.
Martynas Aniunas
Martynas Aniunas 13 gün önce
His constant jumping reminds me that he's really want's to go to the toilet🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Kemp
Jessica Kemp 14 gün önce
As much as I'd be honored for Chef Ramsay yelling at me, I'm not trying to step on toes, just adding some extra info since he doesn't cover asides: -A honing steel doesn't actually sharpen a knife. It just straightens the little teeth on the blade. Don't want anyone in the comments getting it confused with an actual sharpener. -If you add olive oil to your pasta make sure you're making a sauce that involves oil, otherwise your sauce will slip right off the pasta. You can use butter instead while cooking your pasta if you're not doing an olive oil-based sauce. -I did not learn that olive oil trick with Tupperware in culinary school. That's fucking brilliant.
Kaviyan Eskandari
Kaviyan Eskandari 14 gün önce
Yes Yes f you Bloody hell BEEF WELLINGTON nice nice ALDENTE
Kaviyan Eskandari
Kaviyan Eskandari 14 gün önce
Why you not use Rice cooker? Hayyaaa Gordon Ramsay as bad as Jamie Oliver Wet like auntie Helen Hayaa
jesustookyourtacos 14 gün önce
I cant believe Gordon has the same peasant grater I do :)
Hotsauce7018 14 gün önce
Deseeding a chili 🌶 is sac religious.
karmani 15 gün önce
Love Gordon but I'd love to know if he's really on drugs or not and if so, which ones, lol.
Brittany DeWitt
Brittany DeWitt 15 gün önce
❤️ Chile infused oils are great for treating hair loss!
TheSuperSpeeder 15 gün önce
Started from the bottom now were here.
Ken Fletcher
Ken Fletcher 15 gün önce
Using a steel is not sharpening the knife. It's honing it. A very temporary solution. Ramsay does talk crap sometimes.
Ocular Pressure
Ocular Pressure 15 gün önce
Why does he rock back-and-forth like he’s going to run a race
2lotsill 15 gün önce
Come on , how to use a pepper grinder.
loupertech 15 gün önce
Did he need to go pee before cooking the rice? Sure was dancing around like he needed to.
Kat AO Dagáin
Kat AO Dagáin 16 gün önce
So much respect for you Gordon Ramsay, thankyou for sharing these master tips! It makes cookin a good dinner every night for my family a breeze! Saves us $ and time xxx
Marguerite Gallant
Marguerite Gallant 16 gün önce
As a young lady that grew up with a very large family, I appreciate all his tips on not wasting! I cannot abide food waste.
Jester Birch
Jester Birch 16 gün önce
I've been sharpening knives for over 2 decades. I made it 30 seconds into this video and had to quit. NO GORDON! NO! You don't "Sharpen" with a steel, you "Hone!" You don't smash the blade into the guard! You don't hold it at 45 degrees! There's no reason to slice towards yourself! You don't sharpen before you use your knives EVERY time or there will be nothing left! And you absolutely have to wash your knives after you sharpen or hone them before you touch food with them! As a culinary graduate I used to have a bit of respect for Gordon, but it's all gone now in 30 seconds... What a shame.
Yasmeen Shah
Yasmeen Shah 16 gün önce
Great… love to watch mater itself & sharing tip
Eben Proft
Eben Proft 16 gün önce
very interesting, horrible filming and editing though.
FoodTheWrongWay 16 gün önce
Ayo remember that grilled cheese sandwich Gordon?
cat dog
cat dog 17 gün önce
Fun fact, the seeds are not the part that hold the most spice within peppers, it's actually the white membrane aka the pith. Although the pith still transfers heat to the seeds, the seeds are not the main spicy culprits here.
Harbinger 17 gün önce
Olive oil in cooking water ,so that Pasta dont Stick 😂 so dumb oil float on top of water
shunzi Yan
shunzi Yan 17 gün önce
My Chinese dad would say that rice is too watery 😂😂 And also he says he doesn’t like basmati rice coz the rice is thin and long 😂😂
Dixie Whiskey
Dixie Whiskey 17 gün önce
Did he really just add oil to pasta water?!?
Berenice Davey
Berenice Davey 17 gün önce
Eric 18 gün önce
Karl Schwarben
Karl Schwarben 18 gün önce
10:56 Damn it Gordon quit giving this ridiculous myth life
brett staley
brett staley 18 gün önce
The seeds aren’t hot at all smh the pith is
John McGowan
John McGowan 18 gün önce
He lost me at "extra wine." I had no idea.
Helder Filipe
Helder Filipe 19 gün önce
thats is not for sharpening knifes. that is to make the line of the knife straight after sharpening
Jonathan Adami
Jonathan Adami 19 gün önce
I know nobody cares but a bit of chemistry would teach you that oil and water don't mix, stop wasting olive oil while cooking pasta, just stir them!
Mitchell Bard
Mitchell Bard 19 gün önce
Watching him is so soothing. His love for cooking, even after decades of it, even through all the terrible foods he's had to endure throughout his career, is truly watching an artist build a masterpiece, every time.
manic 19 gün önce
Left over wine.. what's that? Lol
chris leach
chris leach 20 gün önce
You really should listen to your body and go to the toilet Gordon
Siddharth 20 gün önce
How is he not obese
Алексей Чигирин
Алексей Чигирин 20 gün önce
Когда рис ставил, не учёл воду, которую рис впитал во время промывки - так и надо?
Łukasz Dariusz Drożdż
Łukasz Dariusz Drożdż 20 gün önce
Nurse: Doctor Ramsay, we have a patent with an open leg fracture!!! Dr. Ramsay: 17:14
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