If your neck, shoulder or head hurts? Two Points - Health with Mu Yuchun.

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Zhen Gongfu

Zhen Gongfu

2 yıl önce

Does your neck hurt too? Well, the whole neck in general. The secret key is here. This point is responsible for the shoulder. This point is responsible for the head. When your head hurts. Health with Mu Yuchun. 2019. In this video, master Mu Yuchun shows two points that must be pressed if the neck, head, shoulder hurts and speaks of health. Video recorded at a special lesson of the Health seminar with Mu Yuchun in Lviv, Ukraine, 2019.
Always check with your healthcare professional.
We use automatic translation. If you find errors in the subtitles, write to us in the comments. After a while we will translate this video more correctly.
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China Tradition and Culture Association.
Mu Yuchun is its founder, a master of traditional wushu - indoor styles. Lives in Ukraine for over 28 years. During this time, a large number of seminars, master classes in Wushu, Kung Fu and Calligraphy, as well as festivals and other events were held, hundreds of students were brought up.
Mu Yuchun - often sought after as a master from China Mu Yuchun, Chinese master Muyuchun, martial arts master Mu Yu Chun, Mu Yuchun zhengongfu muyuchun in Chinese 穆玉春 Master Mu, Master Mu
Yesterday we talked about the neck. Whoever had a pain in the neck, I have already forgotten. You have a neck. You also have a neck. Another neck. Good. Generally the neck.
Does your neck hurt now or not? It hurts. Good. :). The neck hurts well ... :). In China, it is interesting to say ... yes, yes. Do you want to eat? Good, yes. See, the point is in this place. Girl come to me. Don't bother :) Girl. You go away, you are not a girl. This is a joke. Look. Your hand is already better. The vessels will slowly open. Like a door. See, the point is in this place. In this place. Tendon. Tendon. Good. Does the point hurt? I press very weakly, practically do not press. Guys look, I'll check it out. My knee hurts. Sit down. Give her a chair. No, this is not necessary. Your knee hurts. Get up and sit down. Sit down, sit down. Relax. Sit loosely.
Look, this place is on the arm. I'll check it out now. Look. Where does your arm hurt more? On the left. The left arm hurts more. Good. Now I will push even harder. Which hand hurts more now? Also on the left? It is immediately clear that the neck has a problem on the left side. The right side is better. Why is that? On the right is less of a problem. This point is the key to this door. The lock on this door is not good. He does not work well, his work feels unpleasant. Roll your head, look for where the neck hurts. How does it feel? The neck doesn't hurt. Here, on the hand, it hurts more. Yes it is clear? The neck hurts less. But here the hand hurts only now. Then I will stop doing massage and my neck will go away and my arm will not hurt. Clear? The neck hurts less. The secret key is here. You came home, forgot where the key is and you cannot open the door. Then, when they found him, they immediately easily opened the door. Doing this massage yourself is very easy to heal yourself. It hurts much less. At first, I broke into a sweat. Sweat already? I didn't press hard. Did the point hurt? Yes very much. She's already sweating. Then there will be not only sweat, it will also be cold in the fingers. The other fingers will be warm, it will be cold. Why poisonous? You do it yourself, then there will be sweat, then ... look at her face. The eyes have already opened. Already big steel. What does it mean? This is responsible for the head. Inside my head, I open a window or door to let the trouble go away. Wait a bit, I'll show everyone later. Then the eyes will be clear. One woman had a headache. I helped her. She said no better. I saw that her eyes had already opened. I tell her that you are cheating. I saw that almost one hundred percent of the headache was gone. She says how did you know that? I say look into her eyes. When her head ached, her eyes were clouded like a sick person's. Then, when the pain was gone, her eyes opened.

Zhen Gongfu
Zhen Gongfu 2 yıl önce
Мы решили делать так... Выкладываем видео - оригинал, где есть только субтитры. Потом, через время, делаем его озвучивание и выкладываем с озвучкой. Включите субтитры.
Олег Боханцев
Олег Боханцев 2 yıl önce
Спасибо сердечное мастеру и всем кто участвует в выпуске роликов!
Krzysztof Kd
Krzysztof Kd
Co za wspaniały człowiek. Mistrzu wielki szacunek za to co robisz,kim jesteś .
Виктория Лищенко
Виктория Лищенко
Очень благодарна Мастеру за его знания, его уроки помогают мне восстановить организм. Спасибо!
Антуан Картон
Антуан Картон
Vladimir Rodríguez Castro
Vladimir Rodríguez Castro
Muy bueno, después de muchos años de dolor e inflamación de mi hombro, he tenido un gran cambio y estoy casi sin dolor, gracias maestro Mu Yuchun.
Людмила Гоман
Людмила Гоман Yıl önce
Здоровья и долголетия мастеру.Спасибо,что делитесь своими знаниями.
Доброго Здоровья!
Доброго Здоровья! 2 yıl önce
Супер! Спасибо Мастеру и всем вам - организаторам канала, за то, что несёте людям Добро! Абсолютно бесплатно делитесь этой безценной информацией!!! Спасибо! Дай Бог всем вам здоровья!
Ana Márcia De souza Santos
Ana Márcia De souza Santos Yıl önce
Meu DEUS, tenho muita dor nos meus ombros, pescoço e na minha nuca, quando massageio da uma aliviada, incrível fiz essa massagem nas mãos e no braço, que dor. Achei incrível...Obrigada
Elle Bee
Elle Bee Yıl önce
It must be such an interesting, enjoyable experience being taught by Mu Yuchun. What an honour. (From Scotland). Thank you for showing these lovely sessions. ☺️
Альбина Войтович
Альбина Войтович Yıl önce
Огромная благодарность! После точечного массажа моментальное улучшение в плечевом суставе! Это чудо!
Mar Ya
Mar Ya Yıl önce
по болевому синдрому точки легко находятся, спасибо Мастеру и долгих и счастливых всем лет жизни :)
Muchas gracias por los subtítulos en Español. El maestro es excelente.
Leonardo Damázio de Jesus
Leonardo Damázio de Jesus Yıl önce
Fiz essa massagem na mão; a dor no ombro e braço passaram; que maravilha
Antonio Gimenes
Antonio Gimenes Yıl önce
Gratidão por seu trabalho Mestre Mu Yuchun. me solidarizo com os Chineses neste momento de transtorno ambiental. Com fé tudo há de passar.
Perla Sierra
Perla Sierra
Lo hice en mi mano izquierda y después encontré el punto doloroso entre codo y hombro ✨se me quitó el dolor de cuello 😍
Любовь Николенко
Любовь Николенко Yıl önce
Благодаря этому массажу я избавилась от боли в плече , которая длилась почти год. Спасибо большое Мастеру!
Зоя Пронина
Зоя Пронина Yıl önce
На самом деле,это так здорово знать об этом,даже и слова не нужны,все понятно.
Bronislawa Kubacka
Bronislawa Kubacka
Dzieki WIELKIE..boli nad łopatka wzdłuż ramienia...już masuje tak,jak Ty mówisz Mistrzuuu
Мирра Зикирия
Мирра Зикирия Yıl önce
Большое СПАСИБО за эт и уроки с Му Юйчунем - желаю всем Здоровья от всего сердца!!!
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