Minecraft Mob Vote: Potential Lore? | Shallow Dive

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We can't do a deep dive on mobs that aren't released...so let's do a shallow dive instead!


SickLettuce Gün önce
I think the allay was used by Villagers and when the Pillagers started they learned to control allays and put them in for examples totems. When summoned they hunt xp which the pillagers use (like u mentioned in a other vid) to make their magic work. After some time the allays got mad at the villagers and dissappeared to be forgotten. In the new update they will return to see if things have changed much. The Vexes dont have a choice they are stuck in the totems to be only let loose at a raid and get tp into the totem if they arent needed anymore.
Si-Fi On Wi-Fi
Si-Fi On Wi-Fi 4 gün önce
glare be usless
Alyssa Buchina
Alyssa Buchina 4 gün önce
The allay won, I wonder if the glare won you could get shears and shear off the moss/leaves. The texture looks like moss but it could be leaves. if the copper golem won it would be cool if you could place a bunch of copper and add lighting rods and then place a button and then press one and then the copper golem would press the buttons and create a copper golem army! I think if the copper golem won the way you made it was 1. placing a copper block 2. add a lightning rod on top 3. add a button (any button) 4. press the button, and then the copper golem would come alive :)
bricks, blocks and life
bricks, blocks and life 4 gün önce
Me who builds a zoo: copper golem monkey?glare jellyfish?allay bird?
Murderer Thompson
Murderer Thompson 5 gün önce
Sadly, the allay won…
FrenemeiC 7 gün önce
Floriano Tarrantino
Floriano Tarrantino 9 gün önce
experiece + soul energy = life
M T R 13 gün önce
For the glare I thought it was like a baby Ghast
raptir red angel👼
raptir red angel👼 14 gün önce
Dr Kenoli
Dr Kenoli 15 gün önce
man i hate mob votes, just add them all lol
BLVDES 15 gün önce
lol why is the glare even an option there's no way THAT'S the next best thing they came up with besides the allay and golem
Benjamin Kohanoff
Benjamin Kohanoff 17 gün önce
What happened your name or at least name TRshow name used to be deep dive but now it is Retrogaming
Filip Hayek
Filip Hayek 19 gün önce
If you have played Minecraft dungeons you would know that vexes can be summoned using soul power and a magical scroll, so yeha that's canon.
DovahSpy 19 gün önce
It sucks we can only get one, I really like the allay and the copper golem
Jake Pierson
Jake Pierson 20 gün önce
My idea is that the glare is a plant.
Quartzt0n PH
Quartzt0n PH 22 gün önce
sooo uh Other ancient builders dug straight down Deeper And Deeper And now, they are now safer made a civilization, they made protection-iron golem that never seen the sun light, only goal is to protect and defend the last builder's realizing they are running out of food, they died one by one, the golems dosent know what to do Alone, in the darkness,only objective now, is to protect the last treasure of the builders but, time goes bye's, the dead body of the builders rot, iron golem stepping on thier dead rotting body's, adopting to the new environment, golems becomes flesh eating monster with one goal, to protect the treasure, if copper golem won, there's a chance of rusting copper golems, used this copper golems to work, explains the advance tech that this ancient builders has, those skulks are made out of the flesh of the ancient builders. Well I can say that this theory of mine is dark 😉 wdyt? I hope my thoery is something
Lulsliiim 23 gün önce
how do we vote? where do we go to do so?
out of the trash Ben 2
out of the trash Ben 2 24 gün önce
Let's hope that with the new wild update, slimes and whitches/ witch huts will be considered by mojang
Cmp7D 25 gün önce
Dude, I know I am watching this late but I just a acted to say that I wanted the allay to win, but I honestly kinda wish the glare won just for the lore to it, still happy with the results.😁
Fernly 25 gün önce
The glare is cute vote for it
Aevis Prime DRG
Aevis Prime DRG 25 gün önce
Mentleif 26 gün önce
I just thought of this question yesterday, but why can’t Evokers use the Totem of Undying? They are a source of them, so why do they never use them to save themselves?
Argy Kastoria
Argy Kastoria 27 gün önce
seriously?youre gonna vote for a weird trash can thing just because of lore?
Lizzie ✨Taylor‘s version✨
Lizzie ✨Taylor‘s version✨ 28 gün önce
I want those dirty pigs and flowers cows still (their so cute! And it’s be amazing for buildings) still!!!
Henry Restine
Henry Restine 28 gün önce
Not related, but Imagine if the Aether was added to Vanilla.
Frances Williams
Frances Williams 28 gün önce
gamerboy_7890 Aylar önce
Im kinda curious about the Top Secret and the bee armor.
Marvinho Aylar önce
Can you solve the mystery of the Disappearance of MrCubey he left a post 7 months ago please go check him out
him me
him me Aylar önce
Rip copper golem😭😭
TheWeird guy
TheWeird guy Aylar önce
could the glare be a ancient buider who has magic
Classic Britain
Classic Britain Aylar önce
You probably won't see this but the texture of enchant debris and shikar boxes is the same underneath could it be a connection?
GreenTea💚 Aylar önce
One new mob per years...
GreenTea💚 Aylar önce
All the possibilities... That we know Mojang can't deliver. The most lukewarm slow development cycle to grace MC.
Devin Allen
Devin Allen Aylar önce
2021 mob vote is basically which mob you want as a partner in crime or a little buddy. Their also just tool mobs, doing the player’s bidding.
64766377 1235
64766377 1235 Aylar önce
Glare:Gania Allay:Eros and Copper Golem:Tartarus
Isaac Vision209
Isaac Vision209 Aylar önce
fun fact i was the first person to vote and i voted glare rip
sansfancomic TV
sansfancomic TV Aylar önce
hey retro you should check this link is a new video from old root see if you find more clues trshow.info/watch/5wfC5kzuyNk/video.html
Tainted Azazel
Tainted Azazel Aylar önce
Glare looks like a mob that would spawn in lush caves
Gold_Block Aylar önce
Do with Ghast about i will sent gold😎
Toxiakee Aylar önce
Glares are underated.
Mubby Muz
Mubby Muz Aylar önce
Minecraft pumpkins have magical power how lese would you create a golem
Lee Podewels
Lee Podewels Aylar önce
Maybe we could wax the copper golem
Surprise dick grab
Surprise dick grab Aylar önce
Man, you're gonna have a field day theorizing on the deep dark cities. The easiest solution would be saying that the ancient builders engineered some kind of soul plague, but what if there was more to it?
Rathnir Dwarves
Rathnir Dwarves Aylar önce
I think that Glares, Allays, Vexes, Fangs and Guardian Vexes are from a place similar to the fey realm from D&D, and can be summon to the Overworld or can travel over themselfs.
petite loup-garou
petite loup-garou Aylar önce
glare was robbed smh
Sandhya Singh
Sandhya Singh Aylar önce
The warden’s connection to the two bosses of Minecraft: Looks all “endy”. Souls in its heart Health of wither + ender dragon (500 hp)
Jayden Boe
Jayden Boe Aylar önce
VeteranVulture Aylar önce
What if? "After the plaque that destroyed the the society and the people, after the ancient builders were gone, the spirit and the memory of them still lingers in the dark, for when you aren't watching as normal, your memories of the past become true once more" What i mean, is if the okayed would be a direct assented of the ancient builders, he / she could have some knowledge, or maybe some memories of the past, or the player could be an ancient builder, just one who got the plaque but didn't die of it, just froze in time, and that's why they can enchant stuff so easily, know how to build etc.
Iza Faradiba Mohd Patel
Iza Faradiba Mohd Patel Aylar önce
The wild update theory idea: what if the warden is actually a guard of some sort of the new underground city that had plague with the skulk things and infected the warden just like matpat said a warden or it's just a protector of the city and the city was wiped out because of the zombie extinction thing and maybe the warden is also agolem when the thing of soul experiment was happening I hope you see this comment. And if you see this comment don't say my name
I was rooting for the copper golem, but the allay won
Jep Stein
Jep Stein Aylar önce
You mentioned the snow golem in this video, I don't know why but I really want to see a lore video on the snow golem and what place it took in the lore of Minecraft
sanwal malik
sanwal malik Aylar önce
i vote for allay its easy for us to get the resources we need and it will be much faster and easier for us
Glare Aylar önce
Do you know why? I AM CREEPER’S COUSIN
Omnitrickster Aylar önce
Hi first off I love you deep dive videos and they have really made me rethink Minecraft, say that I noticed something, the wither skeletons are taller then average skeletons and according to your videos the average skeletons are the reminisce of the ancient builders why are the wither skeletons taller
The Soviet Union
The Soviet Union Aylar önce
Do you want me in your house. I’m going to miss you
CreeperBoyGaming Aylar önce
The deep dark cities is just more proof that the ancient builders were a thing.
ComicSquare1434 Aylar önce
another manifestation of soul energy is my go to!
Joshua Baughn
Joshua Baughn Aylar önce
Allay actually means to put down or to disprove something. Also it would be fascinating to see some lore on the Deep Dark Cities. Perhaps the Ancient Builders sought to escape underground as a last attempt to escape the destruction of the zombie plague.
Lancelot Gornet
Lancelot Gornet Aylar önce
They should just add them all instead of discarding 2 of them into the void after the winner is declared. Voting for mobs just feels wrong when they should just add as many as they can especially when they are thought out this extensively.
Satyapal Goyal
Satyapal Goyal Aylar önce
I think the alley is like a vex for the player
Ramenixsan Aylar önce
I heard that the golem could be found in the archeology feature thing which is still have not been added where you brush (?? I'msorryidon'tknowwhatyoucallthethingwhereyoubrushstufffromtheartifact) and you can find a golem there. But oh well, guess the allay won.
D3v $Oham 2.0
D3v $Oham 2.0 Aylar önce
RGN will get a lot of ideas after the deep dark-- special the deep dark cities.
Mocha Lavender93
Mocha Lavender93 Aylar önce
Man I'm really hoping for the copper golem, but the allay is a close second.
Pointless_animation Aylar önce
Mob vote: exists This guy: i can milk you
faker then your Mama's ravioli
faker then your Mama's ravioli Aylar önce
Maybe the glare comes from the lush caves. Either its plants that came to life or its something being covered by plants
shadow105720 Aylar önce
I love all 3 of them from a functionality standpoint and I wish all 3 features made it into the game but the alley makes the most sense as a mob. Its alive and it picks things up. The glare functionality of seeing what is and isn't spawnable should be in the game (not just f3 on pc) maybe as a handheld item like clocks and campuses. The copper golem is awesome too but could realistically be a single block redstone clock with the same oxidizing/timing features. From the personality side i like the copper golem a little more than the alley. Maybe just take the golem model and make it into a single block, use a lightning rod in the crafting recipe.
Copper Golem
Copper Golem Aylar önce
I should have won... OH NO IM FADING AWAY
Someone Aylar önce
I would like to know why do mobs spawn in dark but In acctual usuabilty allay
MythicL Aylar önce
1:40 so your saying that the allay is a jojo reference
elise maendel
elise maendel Aylar önce
I wanted the copper golem ☹ but the alley is cool!
TheKingPotato 3
TheKingPotato 3 Aylar önce
Sadly the copper golem oxidized for the last time
Mpho Matshili
Mpho Matshili Aylar önce
Well I don't two of them will be gone but maybe the copper golem will be added in 2 years time it's not nessasarly gone it could come back like the swamp update. Although I voted allay there is no denying copper golem is one great mob
Lemuel, The Aided One
Lemuel, The Aided One Aylar önce
The Glare's leafy hood looks like a Maw
Lemuel, The Aided One
Lemuel, The Aided One Aylar önce
It's pretty much revealed that the ancient ones lived underground.
Robloxian_678 Aylar önce
The allay wins now MAKE A DEEP DIVE
jayvhon calma
jayvhon calma Aylar önce
Evokers are very efficient summoners
easy art and craft
easy art and craft Aylar önce
i am votaing alla if i gave it one dimand i will get 10 dimands
gamer on
gamer on Aylar önce
This guy is such a good youtuber
Amulya T
Amulya T Aylar önce
as this is ur new video, i want to say a idea i got.In a video of yours u said that the builders lived in underground cities. maybe those cities were deep dark cities coming in 1:19?
Quentin Araujo
Quentin Araujo Aylar önce
I really wanted to hear more about the iceologer. So much thematic potential. Maybe we can look at the other losers.
Pokemon Champion Cynthia
Pokemon Champion Cynthia Aylar önce
The Alley won due to cute factors and greed.
☆ aidan ☆
☆ aidan ☆ Aylar önce
Thoughts before video: Allay is a nice vex
Ok let you make fan made lore
Da CatDuckMan
Da CatDuckMan Aylar önce
I come from the Future, The Allay won.
Talos Garra
Talos Garra Aylar önce
I just noticed how similar the warden and Iron golem are in shape, I could be entirely wrong, I'd say 60% chance of being wrong, but the skulk takes over stone type materials, like a fungus decaying a dead animal/plant, so, iron golem + skulk = warden??
LordDante Aylar önce
Hold on there. There IS a confirmed case of a naturally spawned snow golem in minecraft trshow.info/watch/b_dIWIdlU1U/video.html
Derpy Dog
Derpy Dog Aylar önce
will the allay attack the voulchers?
DirtBlockGod Aylar önce
Maybe a new deep dive in the future about the warden when 1.19 comes out or at least snapshots of it
Papa🅱️iscuit Aylar önce
I like all of them. Why do we have to choose? Can't they just add all three in an update?
Jeremiah Jig
Jeremiah Jig Aylar önce
I love both Alley and Copper Golem
Gravit Wry
Gravit Wry Aylar önce
I know that the Allay already won but.. I've always wandered what would happen if the Copper Golem were to be hit by a Lightning.
Jose Guevara
Jose Guevara Aylar önce
I will miss the glare, it was so cute :'(
William Gordon
William Gordon Aylar önce
Frozen copper golems could of been added to the deep cities in 1.19
Godinate Aylar önce
I think the glare was an allay but it was an outcast because it was scared of the dark and he left and leaves fell on it. That’s my lore for the glare.
Do a possible lore on the underground cities and warden
letoriousCollin Aylar önce
alay won!
Crazy Dude
Crazy Dude Aylar önce
the allay is my fav
Big Axolotl
Big Axolotl Aylar önce
1:48 guardian vex: am I a joke to you
audrey Aylar önce
when i saw these i screamed lore more and more the more i learned of each.
Burning Kitsune Mask
Burning Kitsune Mask Aylar önce
these are the 3 most useless mobs ever. I mean the glow squid seems like a broken game changer compared to them. I voted for the allay because it is just one step above useless. still complete garbage but at least there MIGHT be some use for it like if an item is out of reach?
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