Retail Arbitrage 101: How to source, pack, and ship Amazon FBA Shipments

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Nikki Kirk

Yıl önce

Join me as I source Walmart and show you how to list and prep Amazon FBA shipments for Retail Arbitrage. Plus $50 in just 15 Minutes with FBM!

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Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk Yıl önce
Grab my ungating guides at
Faith Lopez
Faith Lopez 9 aylar önce
Which ungating guide includes Lego? Thank you.
Omar Herrera
Omar Herrera Yıl önce
Awesome just got your guides bundle. Awesome job with your videos.
K Pratt
K Pratt Saatler önce
Thank You!! You explain everything so clearly.
Rebeca Freites
Rebeca Freites 14 gün önce
Hi Nikki, very good video, I'm a new subscriber, and please I have question about the labels. Do you need labels for the box that contain all the items that you buy? If it's so, what kind of sticker paper do you need for those labels? Because I know that the stickers you showed on this video are for each item that will go inside the box. Regards and thanks!
DOMINICAN POWER305 15 gün önce
Just heard about this type of income so I’m still researching. What’s ungated?
Eric Oertell
Eric Oertell 19 gün önce
New to this. But your cost was $320 and profit was $266. How is this profitable?
Eric Oertell
Eric Oertell 18 gün önce
@Nikki Kirk thank you for replying. Like I said I am still new to this. Love your channel
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 19 gün önce
Hey Eric, because profit is PROFIT. It’s the money you make after you pay all the fees to Amazon and make your cost of goods back. So I sold it all made back the $320 and after the fees to Amazon and shipping made $266
IAmCandaceStrong 22 gün önce
The cats LOL LOL
Big Dwarf
Big Dwarf 23 gün önce
What part of Indiana was this done in? I'm near Louisville, Ky
Katy Griffith
Katy Griffith 26 gün önce
Totally helpful information.
S B Aylar önce
Thank you for all of the information! I’ve been working in retail management for 3 decades and now looking into Retail Arbitrage. If you ever visit California, watch your belongings closely. I hold my handbag a certain way here. Unfortunately the Democrat “leadership” in California hate anyone law abiding and encourage people to cheat&steal.
How to get shipping cost?
Heather Powell
Heather Powell Aylar önce
Do you only have to put the one barcode? I had started last year and was stuck on the barcodes. Also, are you shipping these directly to amazon? If so, do you have a video that goes through that? THanks!
IC IC Aylar önce
Where is the free version of jungle scout. It shows that I have to pay for it
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
This is very "bottom feeder" and Amazon FBA is too high of capital needed to start. I'm looking for something in between and can't find the right niche.
Christina Hendsey
Christina Hendsey Aylar önce
I’m so confused 😭 you spent more of what you’re profiting, so are you really profiting?
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk Aylar önce
Sorry you’re confused. So profit is AFTER all the costs to buy and sell it. I’m showing you cost I paid and profit after fees. Yes I am profiting
April Myers
April Myers Aylar önce
What does gated and ungated mean?
KushTomize™ 2 aylar önce
wow love your truck class! subscribed n will be watching you some good detail and info hope i can start something like this id love a beasty truck like that lol cheers
s m
s m 2 aylar önce
Can you find clearance product on Walmart’s website? The reason i’m asking it is because wouldn’t it save me time if I can find product online and research the product at home on all the softwares you use; and then head to the store? Another question I have is; do you ever talk to an associate or a manager to find out what could be hot in the toy section?
boogywoogy 2 aylar önce
Wouldnt we want to put sales tax cost too when calculating profit margins?
Maalik Rahim Promo
Maalik Rahim Promo 2 aylar önce
Can you list the item without buying it. Especially if theirs alot of them, they rank etc. And wait til they sell?
Gigi Diaz
Gigi Diaz 2 aylar önce
can u do this as an individual seller?
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 2 aylar önce
You can but I wouldn’t long term, just when you’re starting because the individual isn’t eligible for buy box. Plus the more you sell you’ll probably start to pay more in fees
Rodrigo Amaro
Rodrigo Amaro 2 aylar önce
Arent these toys restricted to sell in amazon?
Randy Bruno
Randy Bruno 2 aylar önce
Pure Romance by Leilani
Pure Romance by Leilani 2 aylar önce
What is ungated?
M M 3 aylar önce
Fuck you for “not wanting to show [us]” what you’re selling relax there’s plenty of money for everyone 🙄
TheArtist nyc
TheArtist nyc 3 aylar önce
G Muns
G Muns 3 aylar önce
Love this video! You explain very clear 🤗🤗 waiting to have clearance from Amazon to begin this new adventure 🥰
Jar Nails & Fantasy
Jar Nails & Fantasy 3 aylar önce
This what you doing is FBM (MFN) not FBA, FBA is if you send for Amazon warehouse.
hulahaqq 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the video. Can you explain what "gated" and "un-gated" means... Thanks
cool mom
cool mom 3 aylar önce
What do you mean by gated ?
Naveed Relaxation
Naveed Relaxation 3 aylar önce
Thank you so much for your great work... i wanna start this but i am confused... what kind of we should buy? how you know which product is good or bad??? it depends on sales rank?? if yes then what are the good or bad ranking products? Thank you
ali defelice
ali defelice 3 aylar önce
Do you do this full time?
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 3 aylar önce
I do it part time, one sourcing day and shipment a week
OGKatieP Perry
OGKatieP Perry 3 aylar önce
What does it mean to be gated?
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack 3 aylar önce
This is amazing thank you so much for the video I'm from the UK and will be starting soon, just really want to know more about the Tax if amazon will do it automatically or if I need to do it and tell the government.
Hayat Hussain
Hayat Hussain 3 aylar önce
Cute thank you girl 🙋🏽‍♀️
Sam 3 aylar önce
use "brickseek" , its free, and look for items locally or online , don't pay to people like her to teach you how to do it , it's really easy.
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 3 aylar önce
@Sam thanks! It does work for me. Quite well.
Sam 3 aylar önce
@Nikki Kirk going to a shop and wasting your time scanning each item is a waste of time but I guess it works for you so good luck.
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 3 aylar önce
Actually brickseek is garbage and most people know that. No one should pay for anything they don’t need in their business…that should be obvious. This video is free by the way, not sure if you understood that what you were watching is free content. Thanks for your comment anyways.
Victoria Reynolds
Victoria Reynolds 3 aylar önce
Love watching your videos, have not pulled the trigger yet lol. wanted to ask can you get the Amazon seller app to check before you sign up on Amazon ?
Ray Buddy
Ray Buddy 3 aylar önce
Luke Hobbs
Luke Hobbs 3 aylar önce
What does she mean by gated?
Angi´s world
Angi´s world 4 aylar önce
This is a waist of time - this is only for losers ! If you compare the time you spend finding the times to the profit you can make its worthless after taxes !!!
jw200 Aylar önce
Tammy, Island Sewing Tutor and Designer Wong
Tammy, Island Sewing Tutor and Designer Wong 4 aylar önce
What type of invoice and from where? Enjoyed watching your video.
JLogefeil 4 aylar önce
Slow down!!!!
chandrashekar HS
chandrashekar HS 4 aylar önce
Hi nikki.. i tried to scan but it says i need approval see such items.. do i need to buy 10 or more and produce a receipt in order to get approval to resell?? Pls advise Thank yu
Family Life Stiles
Family Life Stiles 3 aylar önce
You need to purchased 10+ items from an approved wholesaler and submit the invoice to amazon for approval.
Samantha Egan
Samantha Egan 4 aylar önce
Im a new seller and can’t find anything that says I can sell it, everything says I need approval. Hair products lotions and toys!
Mitzi Young
Mitzi Young 4 aylar önce
What does gated mean?!
patsy pryor
patsy pryor 4 aylar önce
thnx for the info,but " ungated " is a term a real green person does not know.
gurayoan rivera ortiz
gurayoan rivera ortiz 4 aylar önce
Where do you get the amazon ranking from. Also, to obtain the calculator you were using, do you have to already have an amazon selling account?
Stefanie Lang
Stefanie Lang 4 aylar önce
do you have a reseller license? I have my first shippment ready to ship but got scared now as I read something about having a sellers and a reseller license! I didn't ship my shipment after all... I couldn't fine any proper information online. I live in CA.
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 4 aylar önce
To sell on Amazon, no you do not
Truly Tavi Tv
Truly Tavi Tv 4 aylar önce
Hi I’m just getting started great content!!
David Slawinski
David Slawinski 5 aylar önce
Jane Bob
Jane Bob 5 aylar önce
*Adrinalamo* on !!nstagra was able to successfully reactivate my account and also increases my shifts monthly
Jane Bob
Jane Bob 5 aylar önce
*Adrinalamo* on !!nstagra was able to successfully reactivate my account and also increases my shifts monthly
James Steel
James Steel 5 aylar önce
After *Adrinalamo* increased my shifts monthly and placing a protective lock against deactivated I also returned the favor by referring *Adrinalamo* on !!nstag he successfully reactivated his account
James Steel
James Steel 5 aylar önce
After *Adrinalamo* increased my shifts monthly and placing a protective lock against deactivated I also returned the favor by referring *Adrinalamo* on !!nstag he successfully reactivated his account
Charlotte West
Charlotte West 5 aylar önce
You are very over-priced on book to teach ungated stuff, I could probably learn on my own!
Charlotte West
Charlotte West 5 aylar önce
How are you figuring profit? Does the Walmart app show what the normal price is on the app and the shelf price a lower price? Is the regular price what you sell it for? Do you also sell worldwide? Do you ever have to pay for shipping and if so, how do you do that for amazon?
Charlotte West
Charlotte West 5 aylar önce
I thought that if you sell on amazon, you have to ship items to amazon warehouses, not the post office.
Pure Romance by Leilani
Pure Romance by Leilani 2 aylar önce
FBM - Fill by Merchant (you send the items via post office FBA - Fill by Amazon: (you send it to Amazon and they do everything for you)
Charlotte West
Charlotte West 5 aylar önce
Can you do video on what toys and kitchen stuff sell well and just what sells well in general for newbies at this arbitrage thing?
Charlotte West
Charlotte West 5 aylar önce
What do you mean invoice to get ungated? Walmart gives receipts, not invoices, so that is why I'm confused!
Muzik Lab
Muzik Lab 5 aylar önce
Is amazon goin to give you your own personal barcode, shipping labels?
Charlie Q
Charlie Q 5 aylar önce
So you want the rank to be low? Why? What do you mean by get ungated? What does it mean when your gated? How do I get ungated from certain categories? How much is your BOLO group? Do you take the picture to scan it on the barcode or the front of the box? What is your number for how much money you make before tax?
Muhammad Aun
Muhammad Aun 5 aylar önce
Cost u 320 n u got 286 in return. Kinda confused
Harley Bowen
Harley Bowen 5 aylar önce
what does gated mean
DiggingforDeals 5 aylar önce
I rarely sell toys. Board games I defiantly grab but that's because if they don't sell I can play them
Tim OBrien
Tim OBrien 5 aylar önce
does walmart accept a resale certificate for tax exempt?
C150pilot 5 aylar önce
Vary informative
Jay Doe
Jay Doe 5 aylar önce
I have never looked into selling on Amazon in anyway before but after watching this video I realized that I have to give it a try because I just found out that I'm going to be a first time father... I have less than 9 months to figure something out and look forward to checking out all the videos on here.
Pure Romance by Leilani
Pure Romance by Leilani 2 aylar önce
Dreadful Jora
Dreadful Jora 5 aylar önce
Good luck man! You’ll do great in life
A PropertyGuys' Space
A PropertyGuys' Space 5 aylar önce
Do you pick up single items? Or just multiple items of the same?
Jon Mendez
Jon Mendez 5 aylar önce
I never understood this, if there’s already a barcode why do you have to print another barcode and put it over the original. I’m so confused on why that needs to be done. Please explain to me, thank you!
Clipand Share
Clipand Share 4 aylar önce
You don't HAVE to for most items, BUT your inventory will be co-mingled with other sellers. If that's okay, then don't create another barcode.
Juan Ozuna
Juan Ozuna 5 aylar önce
What app do you use to scan?
Andrew Greenawalt
Andrew Greenawalt 5 aylar önce
Amazon seller
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 5 aylar önce
Really amazing video, very well explained!! Thanks
Amarquk Amrquk
Amarquk Amrquk 5 aylar önce
Where is your mask ?
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 5 aylar önce
On my face or in my purse, where’s yours?
Princess 👸🏻
Princess 👸🏻 5 aylar önce
Do you pay a lot to ship these items to Amazon?
Family Life Stiles
Family Life Stiles 3 aylar önce
No, shipping to amazon is very discounted. Around $9 for a 45 pound box.
Michelle Morales
Michelle Morales 6 aylar önce
I need to know more!!! U r amazing!!!
Gerinja 6 aylar önce
Thumbs up for your playful kitties :)
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 6 aylar önce
24:30 Why was she talking about shipping it first class in a padded envelope if it's FBA? Is she shipping to the customer directly or is it an FBA shipped from Amazon? I'm new so I'm learning. Thanks
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 6 aylar önce
@Nikki Kirk Thanks, I was getting confused but glad you confirmed it.
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 6 aylar önce
Hey Michael, you can talk to me here ;) if I was talking about a padded envelope first class I was talking about FBM. I do both but more FBA
Marylou Chanel
Marylou Chanel 6 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing
Kam Huang
Kam Huang 6 aylar önce
Wow! you did Amazon RA in a RV, that's more impressive than me starting my Amazon Business in my basement haha.
Spring bloom
Spring bloom 6 aylar önce
Looks like very tedious work to male a few bucks per item.
William McDaniel
William McDaniel 6 aylar önce
Good Info. First video tonight I've watched all the way thru! Bubba was the star.
Dulce Ruiz
Dulce Ruiz 6 aylar önce
Hi I’m starting my business I had watched so many videos 99% of them confusing, but bump into your video and omg you are so good at explaining, thank you so much for helping others with your videos.. now I have some questions hope you can answer, I have some products to ship to amazon can I use those white color shipping bags, (same as the ones you’re packing your items but white) put the label outside of the bag? Is there any problem with amazon if the item is not visible but ready for them to ship in case it sales? TIA
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 6 aylar önce
Thank you! No you cant, the polybags have to be clear unless it’s an adult product then they can be black or solid color
Nick Paine
Nick Paine 6 aylar önce
What about restrictions on selling certain items
Tami Seckin
Tami Seckin 6 aylar önce
How to you keep track of all your items? Do you have a sample template?
Audrey Thiault
Audrey Thiault 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much, Nikki. Very helpful!!
Charles Wanderi
Charles Wanderi 6 aylar önce
What is the name of the app you mention in your video at 15:18...
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 6 aylar önce
RevSeller! You can save $20 with code NK20:
Alexandra Lopez
Alexandra Lopez 6 aylar önce
Can you please explain how to be unrestricted products or how to contact the manufacturer
Nix streams
Nix streams 6 aylar önce
Nicole R.
Nicole R. 6 aylar önce
This is all so fascinating/new to me...I can't believe I'm just learning about this! I've been a full-time rv'er for three years now always struggling with ways to make money on the road. This seems perfect! I love to shop and hit the clearance aisles when I'm on the road. I've found awesome deals and often thought how I could make money on them if I knew how/where to resell them. Thank you for all the information! I will likely be joining your Bohol group once I go through the selling family training. 😀
Irondog Allen
Irondog Allen 6 aylar önce
Can you make a video on how to wear a mask in public?
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 6 aylar önce
You seem like the type that probably has that covered but the algorithm thanks you for your comment anyways!
thatlovelydancer Lao
thatlovelydancer Lao 6 aylar önce
This was very thorough. Much appreciated. Great vid and the bonus was the 2 cats...... lol🤣🤣😻🐈🐈 oh boy.. it's so nice ta meet ya
OneRedBull HotshotTruckin'
OneRedBull HotshotTruckin' 6 aylar önce
How did you resell Walmart items on Amazon if you bought items with a Walmart receipt?? You need an INVOICE Viewers: receipts and invoices ARE NOT THE SAME THING. This lady is getting WM receipts, I HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE, YOU WILL GET BANNED!!
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 6 aylar önce
Hey there, you don’t need invoice unless you’re getting ungated. Yes, I buy from Walmart, tj Maxx, Ross, Tuesday morning just to name a few. Thanks for your comment anyways.
Evan Hares
Evan Hares 6 aylar önce
Just curious, if you find a product you like and its selling well will you buy all of the stock from the store? And would it be better to do FBM if you're not buying in bulk?(Less than say 25 units of the same product) Also how are you getting your product to sell with no reviews on amazon or anything
Johanna 6 aylar önce
Just starting out. Since I am gated figured I would start with baby clothing and/or home. In terms of clothing, do I need to pack each item individually? If I have 10 baby outfits does each one need to have its own individual packaging and bar code?
Johanna 6 aylar önce
@Nikki Kirk thank you so much foe your prompt response. I’ve been binge watching your videos and they are so helpful. Keep up the great work
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 6 aylar önce
Hey Johanna! Yes, each one needs its own bag and label unless you’re selling it as a 10 pack (I’m assuming not) amazon will send the item to the customer as you send it in so it needs to be packed and ready for customers
Rajat Bhalla
Rajat Bhalla 6 aylar önce
Hey,I’m from India.As there aren’t any Walmart stores here,where can I find commodities to sell by Fba??
Junk Bros
Junk Bros 6 aylar önce
Nice video
kokeb mitiku
kokeb mitiku 6 aylar önce
I am so eager to start now. I don't know how
Suzette Denny
Suzette Denny 6 aylar önce
Can I see covergirl
M. P.
M. P. 6 aylar önce
ABSOLUTELY Impressive with how you simplified this process. I'll be watching all of your other ones. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Fazla Rabby
Fazla Rabby 6 aylar önce
So you basically don’t get paid until your products sell because I’ve been seeing lots of video on TickTock people saying you just go to the store and scan the product and ship it to the Amazon warehouse I thought that was it. and you get paid as soon as you ship it to the warehouse so I just want to get clear when you get actually paid?
Nikki Kirk
Nikki Kirk 6 aylar önce
No, the product has to sell and then you get paid after the customer receives it
niko prokos
niko prokos 6 aylar önce
Just to clarify you get paid when a customer purchases it through amazon not when you ship it to amazon right?
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