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Inspirational Ideas

Inspirational Ideas

4 aylar önce

In this session, Simon Sinek, Leadership Expert and Author of “Start With Why" speaks about responsible leadership as a way for an infinite success, and he states that infinite players understand that the goal is not to win, but outlast competitors.
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Anna Rosso
Anna Rosso 3 aylar önce
This guy like put my feeling into words, now I see what’s the problem, before I just felt that there is the problem. But at the end I am more frustrated than before, because I can not change it, not even in my company. So I will continue to look for the company with the same values as mine! Thanks Simon!
Hubert Grealish
Hubert Grealish Aylar önce
And, some deeply held or rooted values are on to change as well. If you know they are taking you towards authentic self. Relates to letting go and evolving
Daniel M
Daniel M Aylar önce
Simon is spot on when talking about trusted teams, leadership and customer service/employee loyalty.
writer1986 Aylar önce
I love my current position because my supervisor (who has only been in the role for 3 years) and his higherups do not reign down on me with things to do; they trust that I will get my work done. They also do the work alongside me, so I know that they too are reliable and accountable. My team is also very supportive and fun. Co-workers who have been in our department for years say this is the calmest environment they've ever experienced, as previous supervisors were very nit-picky, invisible, and cold, making the environment a toxic place.... It's amazing how much one leader can change all that.
Awtar Alyafaee
Awtar Alyafaee Aylar önce
Absolutely 100% correct
learn with Binh
learn with Binh Aylar önce
I am in North Vietnam a year before the Việt Nam - America War ended. I'm a fan of democracy and don't like communism. As a layman, I can't say much about this war, but I suspect the people of Vietnam won this war, not only because they had good leadership, but because they were tired of being constantly crushed and their country constantly by some powerful ones strangers had been occupied. Americans fought in this war with only their soldiers, mostly men, and Vietnamese fought with the backing of their entire families, from toddlers to grandparents. The soldiers were provided not only with weapons, food but also with emotional and mental care, which was very crucial for the physical and psychological stability of every soldier on the front lines, That's why the Vietnamese soldiers survived the very long, hard fights. Unfortunately, only weapons alone and the intended superiority in terms of modern technology and weapons are not enough to win a war quickly (see Mogadishu and American special forces in 1993). It's hard to believe, but mental, emotional and psychological backbones are very important for soldiers, especially in war. A good leader works needs- and resource-oriented and with appreciation. If an employee, a member feels valued, then one is willing to do anything for the leader or for the company because one knows one's work contributes to the success of the company and that gives a great feeling and inner peace.
Connie Lye
Connie Lye 4 gün önce
Connie Lye
Connie Lye 4 gün önce
Connie Lye
Connie Lye 4 gün önce
Connie Lye
Connie Lye 4 gün önce
Ny4T Rn
Ny4T Rn Aylar önce
The reason the Communist “ won” the VN war not because having “ good leadership” or “ Vietnamese fought with backing of entries family” as your claim. Those Vietnamese soldier or Vietcong mostly were very poor and uneducated who were easy to be brainwash by the communist government . These VC got nothing to lose but they will get everything if they win. School teach children hatred toward Americans. Americans are evil who would kill innocent people including elders or children, burn houses or looting,ect. Even now, schools still teach students that Americans are bad people; but they can’t fool the young generation anymore because You never can find a Vietnamese who refuse to move to America if he/she gets a chance.
George Taylor
George Taylor 2 aylar önce
Simon, you are by far one of the best and most inspiring speakers I follow. I always go back to your talks to re-center and re-calibrate. I love this one and you are spot on we need to focus and be infinite players always looking and aspiring to be a better person and learn from our errors.
Inspirational Ideas
Inspirational Ideas 2 aylar önce
Thank you
ChangePerformanceCareerBusiness 29 gün önce
Important, ensure to develop your leadership skills and always be learning from others.
Žaneta Štefancová
Žaneta Štefancová 4 aylar önce
Keď niečo chceš tak si za tým musíš ísť a neodbočiť. Ale zodpovedne a nie cez mŕtvoly na úkor niekoho iného aby si na niečo dôležité nezabudol. Aj na tých ktorí ti v tom pomohli.
Don't Go Broke!
Don't Go Broke! Aylar önce
Thanks Simon! More words of wisdom :)
Level Up Outsourcing
Level Up Outsourcing 3 aylar önce
Never lose sight of the fact that positive attitude can make all the difference in your day.
Jeshrel 2 aylar önce
Chan Ricky
Chan Ricky 3 aylar önce
it's interesting to see people easily lost in the examples and losing track of the message Simon delivered
Stanley Collier
Stanley Collier 25 gün önce
So I will continue to look for the company with the same values as mine! Thanks Simon!
makeoversbyseep Aylar önce
Totally inspirational 🙏
D. Collins
D. Collins 3 aylar önce
The infinite game in 26 minutes...well almost. Well done Simon!
Matt Lanagan
Matt Lanagan Aylar önce
This is why I'm in favor of Democracy at Work. Gotta change the incentive structure of the system, not just rely on more competent individual managers.
Mike Price
Mike Price Aylar önce
This is great! It really resonated with me.
lee newton Rhodes
lee newton Rhodes 23 gün önce
Amazing speech. So many takeaways. A must share on LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing. You made my day better. I just hope that I can incorporate into my life just a few of the nuggets. Would love to connect with you.
AshleySaidItBest 2 aylar önce
"Competition is about winning. Rivalry is about advancing." 💎
Carlos Morataya
Carlos Morataya 2 aylar önce
TheFuckingsignups 2 aylar önce
you don't have one without the other and neither infers negativity.
Inspirational Ideas
Inspirational Ideas 2 aylar önce
Rightly put
I’m retired 3 years ago. My team member forwarded this to me with a comment ‘I remembered you’ and am happy 😊
Herbert Buhlmann
Herbert Buhlmann 26 gün önce
"Leadership is natures way of removing morons from the productive flow" The Dilbert principle Scott Adams.
Hong Quan Nguyen
Hong Quan Nguyen 3 aylar önce
infinite game or finite game? --> Give up? Exhaust resource 1. Cause: cause is a lighthouse 2. Trusting team: Create good environment for my team?, what thing i can help? allow mistakes and opinions for everybody? Leaders must trust members ? everybody is human has nature? 3. Worthy rival: see rival --> improve me 4: Capacity for existential flexibility: Adapt to flex environment 5. Courage to lead - much pressure
Comlan Apétsi EKLOU
Comlan Apétsi EKLOU 29 gün önce
Thanks for the summary..
bd C
bd C Aylar önce
Leadership development. What I have learned: 1. from a famous SF madam who arrived in SF without money, friends, a job or education. She cultivated listening and used that skill to win. 2. from a Kapo who survived the death vote, who lived in Germany after the war. In an evening spent with him, he never spoke of his life, his education, his employment. He listened to people and asked questions about their interests. 3. from a study of German tactics in WW1 which were changed in the face of logistical superiority of the allies on the western front. A mid level officer created an environment in which a small unit was given an objective and the lowest level enlisted men were invited to contribute to the development of the plan to achieve the objective - the first stormtroopers were developed. 4. from a study of Chinese military doctrine used in the Korean War. After an engagement, there would be a discussion, without threat of punishment, of what went right and what went wrong in an engagement.
Osaigbovo Ehigiegba
Osaigbovo Ehigiegba Aylar önce
Oh my God!!!!! This is sooo PROFOUND! THANK YOU
aniket sonavane
aniket sonavane 3 aylar önce
Thank you sir 🙏❤😃 great
STSK 4 aylar önce
Culture od the team shows the leader!
Karol Nguyen
Karol Nguyen 3 aylar önce
Leader develop the team with their chosen culture devote to the organization’s vision
Emilia Zainal
Emilia Zainal 2 aylar önce
Fantastic talk and really in awe thanks
Inspirational Ideas
Inspirational Ideas 2 aylar önce
Bernie Fynn
Bernie Fynn Aylar önce
You need a serving heart to be a leader.
Jim Kennedy
Jim Kennedy Aylar önce
I had to leave a company recently because for 6 months I felt as if I was going to lose my job any day. I got assurance I was not and then 3 weeks later I got a warning on getting fired - on something I thought I was doing right. I got a new job.
STSK 4 aylar önce
Team can be themselves, be their best makes a trusting team. Teams should be asked and provided whats needed rather than pointing them their mistakes and lackings and targets... like the while talk
Karol Nguyen
Karol Nguyen 3 aylar önce
@FooserX totally agree
FooserX 3 aylar önce
I’m not sure I agree with this. Most teams consist of a leader, and followers. In my experience, the followers do not know the best strategy or process to do things. If you let the followers make up their own rules to keep them happy… It can lead to pure chaos. Trust your experts… But don’t rule by committee if the team isn’t developed
Racacia Ruth
Racacia Ruth 2 aylar önce
You are truly an idealist. ♥
CatatonicBug 4 aylar önce
Reminds me of a Star Trek TNG episode where Data played the game of Strategema and "won" by aiming for a stalemate rather than victory.
Team Before Self
Team Before Self Aylar önce
You lose the war, because the individual battle spaces were not working toward a collective objective. We understand this to be simply sound tactics, but no understanding of the objectives that support the overall strategy.
Thong Dang Hong
Thong Dang Hong 2 aylar önce
amazing talk!
Inspirational Ideas
Inspirational Ideas 2 aylar önce
Glad that it helped you
Adam Anthony
Adam Anthony 11 gün önce
Is Mr Sinek...walking towards the light...or perhaps the light shines upon him as it does. Thank you.😌🕯️
ruth zepeda
ruth zepeda 3 aylar önce
Keep good attitude to yourself and towards other . No matter what?.
Du La
Du La 3 aylar önce
However, out of 3 million VN, there are 230000 troops in South VN army plus people they supposed to protect, and many thousand troops from allies, so American lost only 58000 due to sacrifices of our allies too don't forget that
Manoj Kumar P
Manoj Kumar P Aylar önce
Good talk Simon.
Azizul Haque
Azizul Haque 11 gün önce
It was really fantastic.
Graeme Craven
Graeme Craven 26 gün önce
Brilliant !
magnum0173 15 gün önce
Can anyone give me an example of when Simon led any team to accomplish anything?
DMM 2 gün önce
U cheeky monkeypoo
Creating Your Lifestyle
Creating Your Lifestyle 3 aylar önce
Great video
Youness ELIDRISSI 2 aylar önce
This works only in high-added value, not in any environment or in repititive work...
Rehan Ali Khan
Rehan Ali Khan 3 aylar önce
Nice 👍
Blake Outhavong
Blake Outhavong Aylar önce
Thank you 😊
lucas ben
lucas ben Aylar önce
Carrie Klemenhagen
Carrie Klemenhagen 2 aylar önce
Ha Giang
Ha Giang 3 aylar önce
I dont agree with your fist example about Vietnam war. The 1968 Tet Offensive and Uprising caused the US imperialists a "sudden shock", upsetting their layout and disrupting their intended battle plan; shaken not only the entire battlefield in South Vietnam but also shook the Pentagon as well as the entire United States. With that great significance, the 1968 Tet Offensive and Uprising was an important historical event and left a deep mark in the course of modern Vietnamese history.
Vinod Mandhare
Vinod Mandhare 8 gün önce
Thank you Simon
lee newton Rhodes
lee newton Rhodes 23 gün önce
Thanks for sharing.
Total Football Cast
Total Football Cast 3 aylar önce
Worth watching
Charles 2 aylar önce
*Thanks!!!* Amazing*!!!*
Let's Achieve Success.
Let's Achieve Success. 2 aylar önce
*We don't know each other and probably never will, but I wish the best of luck to everyone who reads this.*
W Tan
W Tan 3 aylar önce
Leaders look for naive followers. Believe in yourself and don't be conned.
Malone Kendrick
Malone Kendrick Aylar önce
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Helen Mike
Helen Mike Aylar önce
@Williams Calvary Interesting, how much profit do you make weekly or monthly
Williams Calvary
Williams Calvary Aylar önce
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Malone Kendrick
Malone Kendrick Aylar önce
Tell him I referred you
Malone Kendrick
Malone Kendrick Aylar önce
@Guarav Sharma ok
Malone Kendrick
Malone Kendrick Aylar önce
@Guarav Sharma bo
Jeanette Aylar önce
This man’s intelligence is SO attractive.
Esther Appah
Esther Appah Aylar önce
jason george
jason george 2 gün önce
Manoj M.C
Manoj M.C Aylar önce
I love you so much..but comparison of Vietnam and us doesn't make any sense at all. A small weak nation versus a mighty with technological advantage....what a comparison. Here it is nothing that can be termed as winning. Even, the Vietnam people protected their country with a very limited resources.
Kyle Fisher
Kyle Fisher 23 gün önce
Thank you
Kimbugwe Shafik
Kimbugwe Shafik Aylar önce
Great, tnx
KSHITIJ GUPTA 18 gün önce
Trust is the only formula in winning infinite games
Raoul Berret
Raoul Berret 2 aylar önce
15:08… Good idea, but very bad example. It’s not ‘just’ about Agency. It’s about trusting your employees to do the right thing .
Paul De Napoli
Paul De Napoli 22 gün önce
I wonder who Simon was talking about being His rival??... Hope he wasn't talking about Dr Jordan Peterson, who gives about the same type of lectures...the world needs both of these phenomenal people.
Rabbit hunter
Rabbit hunter Aylar önce
Ya America definitely has a management issue. Seems like everywhere you go shopping or just out to eat they got employees with no customer curtsy. At Walmart they run the other way if they think a customer is going to ask a question. At Macdonald’s you got the employee have no dress code and the employees are always snotty to the customer. You walk into Aldi’s you better read the expiration dates because they hardly ever rotate the products. I don’t know what thees business colleges are teaching thees Manager’s ? But clearly they don’t teach them respect towards the customer that pays there paychecks. Ya America definitely has a Management issue no doubt.
Adolfo Mota Navarro
Adolfo Mota Navarro 4 aylar önce
The video truly inspired me, then I watched the comments...
UCID Advertising
UCID Advertising Aylar önce
Rival flexible courage, just cause, good teams
Live Save
Live Save 3 aylar önce
MDMSSB wish everyone Happy New Year 2022.Lets work otogether to overcome the covid-19 trauma asap. Latest news sharing. J "We support human Work life balance"
Nai Robi
Nai Robi 3 aylar önce
I have the impression that governments work in... no term mindset...
M J 3 aylar önce
I love this comment - my view is governments work in both finite and infinite terms. Finite: To stay in power and set up the current government so that it’s harder for our opponents to win the next election. Infinite: The government workers (Civil Servants) who keep the country going and all the administration of social security, law, GDP and much more. The trouble is because the heads of these governments are playing finite games it causes huge bureaucracy when strategising an infinite game where we just need to stay alive. What’s your thoughts?
Mihaita Hustiu
Mihaita Hustiu 19 gün önce
I see you Top man 🔝 👨 🔝
Brian Tran
Brian Tran 3 aylar önce
The young generation of Vietnamese forgot the War with US, We both have a good corporation and the US market is the biggest export partner with Vietnam at this moment. The war should be a part of bad history it should be never repeated again.
Thibault Stroobandt
Thibault Stroobandt 24 gün önce
Can anyone give me the name of the one Simon saw as a competitor and later became friends with? Thanks in advance
jim allen
jim allen 27 gün önce
General Fabius defeated Hannibal - George Washington went Fabian as did Ho Chi Minh.
Patrcia Clemons
Patrcia Clemons 2 aylar önce
Pretty sure this guy is endorsed by Apple. Lol all his talks are like GO APPLE.
opoku collins
opoku collins 19 gün önce
If you don't blow up your own company, the market will blow it up for you ""
Productivity ACE
Productivity ACE 3 aylar önce
Check out some of Simon Sinek's best advice for #leadership right here - trshow.info/watch/N8tjj9wf9VI/video.html
Kozhin Rashid
Kozhin Rashid 3 aylar önce
Simon is so obsessed with apple that 1 out of 5 words he mentions apple products & systems
J Baker
J Baker 3 aylar önce
The company is relatable and recognized worldwide. Hence why he uses them as an example
Synapse MK
Synapse MK 3 aylar önce
So if Apple offers you job, you'll refuse?
Nai Yang
Nai Yang Aylar önce
Those who want to be a leader, should definitely not lead Drop your egos people; you aren't that great.
Adrian Bockian
Adrian Bockian 2 aylar önce
I said "a gang of vaginas" in my previous post, but it was not meant to be strictly literal, and it includes individuals who fit in with them in spirit or who have a cameo role of sorts.
Nico Moloi
Nico Moloi 3 aylar önce
The video doesn't make sense comparing war consequences with business leadership.
Yi Chen
Yi Chen 22 gün önce
Without the help from south Vietnam, could American have less than 60k losses? North Vietnam side had less troops than the south Vietnam side based on Wikipedia.
J Reinhart
J Reinhart Aylar önce
The "Zune" story .. first time you told this (5 years ago) it was Apple employee #12 lol
Blaze Aylar önce
He talks about "the Game" and now you all lost :)
johnblayer ngari
johnblayer ngari Aylar önce
A vision of the world that don't yet exist
Sonny Darvish
Sonny Darvish 4 gün önce
Guess the US hasn't learned from the Vietnam war and done the same in Afghanistan :)
Ali Ghaffary
Ali Ghaffary Aylar önce
good words but what is that united vision that will unite us, that is the MAIN question. defiantly not Neoliberalism and it's loyal dogs I'm sure of that.
Shahzaib Choudary
Shahzaib Choudary Aylar önce
Zeeshan Ul Hasan Usamni in Audience. At 17.07
David Macholl
David Macholl 2 aylar önce
Don't learn to lead. Yesdhau was a leader and they tried killing him.
arslan arshad
arslan arshad 3 aylar önce
DTM 27 gün önce
Did he really used Government as an example of institution that thinks long term? When he gave the example I swear I thought he was using as a short term thinker example... It is nonsense.
wei-bin zhang
wei-bin zhang 4 aylar önce
Jewish people are smart among others
Nandini Datta
Nandini Datta 2 aylar önce
Like chess.
Michael Woloszyk
Michael Woloszyk 2 aylar önce
Who was the person he hated? Tony Robbins?
Inspirational Ideas
Inspirational Ideas 2 aylar önce
Interesting 😅
hobohunter2316 Aylar önce
Who is the rival he is talking about?
Song 5 gün önce
Lol. Isn't Apple now the big brother....
Billbo Baggins
Billbo Baggins 9 gün önce
The ballet of atmospheric bulging natural and man made I need backblast annualized data transferred to my inner most self
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson Aylar önce
Can someone stop adding stupid background music to such videos?
Girish Sahni
Girish Sahni Aylar önce
pay to lead.
5kopiyok 2 aylar önce
Why America killed 3mln vietnameese?
XYZ V 22 gün önce
16:32 - 17:06 p**in's life in a nutshell
Ha Giang
Ha Giang 3 aylar önce
You said that America won? The whole battle? Please research more.
Chan Ricky
Chan Ricky 3 aylar önce
he said America won nearly every single battles but lose the war, which means Vietnam won. and he also explains it's because VN fought for their life as infinite player, while US fought only to win as finite player and had to withdraw since they ran out of resources. the core message from his talk is for encouraging people to be infinite player and have long term mindset.
George N
George N Aylar önce
why Vietnam ???????