A dream come true... [S4 - Eps. 3]

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Itchy Boots

2 aylar önce

This day, a real Ducati dream came true when Ducati Zaltbommel lent me 3 bikes to ride for the day. Starting out with the Streetfighter 848, followed by the Monster 1200 S and finally the Panigale V2 from this year. What a fantastic day!!
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Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 29 dakika önce
When Riding a Panigale V2, you need to lay on the tank with your stomach. This will help you reduce the pressure on your wrists. In the City get your stomach closer to the tank and get your hands inwards - closer together on the grips. When going faster ( Highway / Autobahn ) slide yourself away from the tank towards the back of the seat, and probably use a wider hand grip. My first Motorcycle was a 2001 Suzuki SV 650 S which was blue. My current Motorcycle is a 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa also Blue with Gold rims. With Ducati's you can probably go up a gear to help get better gas mileage. A great benefit of V Twins is lower Torque numbers. A good book to read about riding which also covers some of the mechanical issues. Total Control High Performance Street Riding Techniques by Lee Parks. How to set up your bike the best way for your body. How to ride double. Lee Parks on a track with his favorite passenger can go faster than most people who think they are such wonderful riders. It took them 2 Laps to get the speed up to scraping in the Turns!
Adventure Tomek
Adventure Tomek 23 saatler önce
Gorgeous bike
Faraz farkoosh
Faraz farkoosh Gün önce
سلام.خواهش میکنم زیرنویس فارسی هم بزار.خیلی دوست دارم از دنبال کننده هات باشم.ولی بدونه زیرنویس فارسی متوجه نمیشم.لطفا بزار.
yedi manuhutu
yedi manuhutu Gün önce
Aye thats my hometown u driving in the beginning
Geremsha Ramchiary
Geremsha Ramchiary Gün önce
What a beautiful place . Love from India 🇮🇳👍👌
Byron Daniel
Byron Daniel 2 gün önce
Some motorcycle brand should hook you up with a bike great brand ambassador
TriviumArts 3 gün önce
Of course she can buy only from youtube ;)
Heiner Ußner
Heiner Ußner 4 gün önce
Love showing your Videos, like how you say hohoho..... but the streets you Drive are so Boring. Maybe you should Drive More in germany. We have mich better roads for bikes.....
sir knaagdier
sir knaagdier 5 gün önce
leuk!!!!! ik woon in haaften dat is net aan de overkant bij Zaltbommel, ik heb mijn rijbewijs nog niet zo heel lang maar ben totaal verslaafd aan motoren 😍 ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Ducati Zaltbommel maar had te weinig ervaring met motoren... helaas.. 😢
HerzlosXL 5 gün önce
Panigale are build for Geman Autobahn.... ^^
Pokerovacha Pokerov
Pokerovacha Pokerov 5 gün önce
You just had a great day 😁
adam pratt
adam pratt 5 gün önce
Your such a sexy biker chick 👌 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Your videos are awesome
Makhri M.almakhri
Makhri M.almakhri 5 gün önce
7:39 now the highest streetfighter is the streetfighter v4, that's the bike in minutes 3:27
arif munandar
arif munandar 5 gün önce
Nice Bike.. but how fast can you ride your Ducati in Holland..? couse i seen so many camera in the every corner is'nt it?
TGITBIB 6 gün önce
Ik vraag me af of de politie geen bekeuringen uitdeelt als ze overtredingen zien via een video hahaha.
Michael Wills
Michael Wills 7 gün önce
It's been a enjoyable journey going along with u test riding the Ducati's., it's great to experience commentators enthusiasm and there knowledge.. Good going girl..🙏💪👍
SHA 8 gün önce
The V2 is a looker but to put a screen bubble like that on it is criminal !
Scottish Bike Squad
Scottish Bike Squad 8 gün önce
I really love your videos. I've subscribed, and would really appreciate if you could subscribe to my channel also. Stay safe, Mark X
Gerardo Barreto
Gerardo Barreto 8 gün önce
Saludos desde mi Ecuador
Christina Muller
Christina Muller 8 gün önce
Com’ on Ducati Dealership. Do something special to sponsor this girl. She an inspiration to other girl riders. AND THERE ARE A LOT!!! 👍🏼
РукаМосквы 9 gün önce
супер,очень акуратно ездит,я бы не выдержал и втопил,потом наверно разбился бы)
Seamen Pauwels
Seamen Pauwels 9 gün önce
Je zou echt eens moeten gaan cruisen met enzoknol
Hello Aoyan
Hello Aoyan 9 gün önce
Love from Bangladesh dear 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
SUPER !!!!!!!
Docfirefox Reggie
Docfirefox Reggie 9 gün önce
Love it!
anthony dawes
anthony dawes 9 gün önce
not quite the same league as the Ducati - but try a Yamaha Mt07 or Mt09 for a spin. The Triple on the Mt09 is awesome.
Pee Wee
Pee Wee 10 gün önce
So fresh, charming, always with the right sense of humour & nice infos about the landscape, history & food. Will definitely try one of these Bossche bols next time in the Netherlands 👍🏻✨😍 Just such a powerful person - wow 🤩- and today on three wonderful Italian bikes, what a combination. And on top this 35 k € SB & the Multistrada. You just made my day ✨ Stay healthy, we love you 😃👍🏻👍🏻
Andrew White
Andrew White 10 gün önce
Super video like very much love you're riding
Steve Foley
Steve Foley 10 gün önce
Love your riding,wishing you luck steve,California long bch
Steve B
Steve B 11 gün önce
Great channel! Just discovered it
Mauricio Barrera
Mauricio Barrera 11 gün önce
Hola, si algún día vienes a sudamerica, ojalá pases por Arica -Chile. Me gusta tu canal y eres muy simpática, espero conocerte algún día. Tengo un moto F650 BMW y un DRZ400 SUZUKI. Un abrazo enorme
Gord Gdga
Gord Gdga 12 gün önce
Для таких поездок скутер 50сс более чем практичен))
Ira Weiss
Ira Weiss 12 gün önce
I may have had as much fun watching this video as you did riding the Ducati "dreambikes." Great video, great rides, great host!!
Zaiedishaq I
Zaiedishaq I 12 gün önce
I would love to ride a Diavel..
Александр Путилов
Александр Путилов 12 gün önce
Ronin is really quiet
Zauru 12 gün önce
The girl waving at 22:55 made me laugh a bit
Pamela Totanes
Pamela Totanes 12 gün önce
Hello new friend here nice bike i like the color I like your suit too so smart beautiful
stefaan A.
stefaan A. 13 gün önce
your bike sounds more reliable than any Ducati and ktm. i can imagine, 35000 for such a metal mill engine.
Wesley Damian Woolfall
Wesley Damian Woolfall 13 gün önce
U look good 👍 on this motorbikes 🏍 love ❤️
Max Jansen
Max Jansen 13 gün önce
Heb je toevallig een link van de Ducati helm😁?
The Rocket 147
The Rocket 147 14 gün önce
Your videos are so relaxing to watch.well done
Jens Schouwenaars
Jens Schouwenaars 14 gün önce
Blurred your speed, says enough 😂😂 But it looks like you may have driven too fast, but in a place where it was safe and without risk for others, so that's fine 👍🏻😄
Maddutchy 14 gün önce
Juistem alleen Jan de groot maakte de echte bossche!
Sindrom TheOne's
Sindrom TheOne's 14 gün önce
Motorcycles from Ducati were and will remain pieces of art.
half hour in games نیم ساعت دربازی ها
half hour in games نیم ساعت دربازی ها 14 gün önce
یک گاز با این موتورا نداد . اینجوری این رانندگی میکرد 125 تا 1000هیچ فرقی نمی کرد نه کاتافی . تست شتابی. برنامه اب و هوا و تبلیغ شهر راه انداخته
raihan alif fianto
raihan alif fianto 14 gün önce
do you know voc?
Rose b
Rose b 15 gün önce
No more travelling ?
iLLwILL82 15 gün önce
From the Philippines here... I get so relaxed watching the content, And add the fantastic background scenery.
William Travis
William Travis 15 gün önce
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Fernando Oliveira
Fernando Oliveira 16 gün önce
This is the best way to present a bike...3 bikes.
marco b
marco b 16 gün önce
the old street fighter was an excellent bike 😍
Luke Kolarsky
Luke Kolarsky 16 gün önce
What backpack are you wearing in this video?
Anita Huber
Anita Huber 16 gün önce
Im way out in california just came across your videos love the scenery and even though its hard to read I have become a fan, a fellow bike rider also and now a subscriber. Look forward to more of your videos
Geir Belsvik
Geir Belsvik 16 gün önce
Hello. Have seen most of your videos. Funny that you test these three bikes, but have you ever tested real bikes and not just this plastic?
SAV REGLOPLAS 16 gün önce
question about your ARAI helmet, I'm thinking about buying one but the price is hell ! what is you feeling about it compared to " normal " helmet ?
сава петров
сава петров 16 gün önce
Сумашедшая баба! Просто огонь!
saultube44 17 gün önce
Such a beautiful town, I could live there, small, ordered, I like it a lot
Sebas987 17 gün önce
Just discovered this channel and subscribed: nothing better than a beautiful woman on beautiful motorcycles!
Marc Slootweg
Marc Slootweg 17 gün önce
Je bent echt super cool ! Als je deze zomer gaat rijden , bel me 😉
Firstchoice Lastchoice
Firstchoice Lastchoice 17 gün önce
Great video - - I am happy you did not fill it with stupid loud music. 25:25 the twin sounds like an old truck.
Phil Pietersen
Phil Pietersen 18 gün önce
Never mind we were smiling with you. How long can you keep the Panigale before the shop send out the tracker dogs after you?
john court
john court 18 gün önce
Hi Noraly, I enjoyed these three great rides with you today on these amazing monster bikes, through the most beautiful scenery, and what great opportunities your channel has opened up for you, and for all of us to enjoy along with you!
Ralph Valkenhoff
Ralph Valkenhoff 18 gün önce
Used to live in Delft back in 77. Rode all over the place and loved it. Seeing it again makes we want to go back again for herring and stroop waffles. ❤️ Can you show us your home? Do you live in Utrecht? We now live in northern Colorado and moved from Holland back in 83
Ronald de Bruin
Ronald de Bruin 18 gün önce
Nu de Kawasaki ZZR1400 proberen. Kijken hoe je dit vindt rijden. Dit is meer een sporttour als een sportfiets, dus je houding is vele malen beter. (English:)Now try the Kawasaki ZZR1400. See how you like that. It's more a sport tourer than a sport so your riding position is better.
John Wood
John Wood 18 gün önce
Omg, I just found your channel! I love it! Can’t wait to see all your vids.
Wood Bridge
Wood Bridge 18 gün önce
All this motorcycle riding you must have a sore ass and also you could get vertigo by wearing that helmet covering your ears for long time ....however you are fun to watch ...journey well
J.R. van Vlier
J.R. van Vlier 18 gün önce
Ik geniet van jouw ik rij zelf ook motor en geniet er nog altijd van groet Reinier.
Niekmeister kawa
Niekmeister kawa 18 gün önce
Heey leuke avonturen beleef je zo. Maar ff een tip ook al moet je 30 ga dan wel naar de 2 alleen al omdat de motor dan rustiger is en beter voor de versnellingsbak. Voor de rest zal ik zeker de video's blijven volgen en succes. Miss komen we elkaar nog eens tegen op de weg. Gr niek
Awety1 19 gün önce
What a great ride in the Zaltbommel area. Thanks for posting. Drove a BMW M4 on those same dijks. Can also imagine what it would be like to drive a Ducati on them.
Marco Debart
Marco Debart 19 gün önce
Die monster vind ik de leukste van de 3
Brenton Hobson
Brenton Hobson 20 gün önce
So lucky!! It would be so cool if they let you ride the diavel 1260s one day. I heard it's fast and very comfortable.
Marc H
Marc H 20 gün önce
Waaouw merci... magnifique moto, magnifique pays... J'y vais souvent pour la photographie animalières... J'ai adoré le petit arrêt à la boulangerie... Merci et soyez prudente
Thomas Ackermann
Thomas Ackermann 20 gün önce
Dear Itchy Boots, thank you for this wonderful video, with my loved make of motorcycle, apart from my, now, 65 year old German Oldtimer! If you want to show, how good a rider you are, come here to the Black Forest of Germany, but beware of the other idiots here! It is really like a dream, if you always remember, that the TWISTGRIP works both ways....!
wastedscal 20 gün önce
Streetfighter 848 still available ?!?
Kawazett 20 gün önce
Which one would of the 3 would you buy if they had the same price? ;)
Azersfqtzfd 20 gün önce
"What a day!" Are the good words!!!
Brian Carr
Brian Carr 21 gün önce
Italian bikes look the part but give me Honda anytime believe me I'm speaking from experience
Brian Perry
Brian Perry 21 gün önce
The largest problem with enjoying a 'ride on the bike' are all the damn Cagers getting in the way...
Josué Áragon
Josué Áragon 21 gün önce
Please return to Argentina!! Por favor, volvé a Argentina!!
Karen Rattray
Karen Rattray 22 gün önce
Respect from Canada. You are a beautiful woman and a inspiration to riders everywhere. Ride safe.🇨🇦🥰
Robert Castle
Robert Castle 22 gün önce
The Panigale is something else isn't it Norali.
Guido Ramke
Guido Ramke 22 gün önce
Had a Ducati Monster 1200s some years ago. It can be a beast, but you can ride it very calm and relaxed too..great bike. But no chance that no one will recognize you 1km before, due to the sound😂
Darko Redbull
Darko Redbull 22 gün önce
Ronald bernabe Barga
Ronald bernabe Barga 22 gün önce
Nice bike...
Rajati Mohamed
Rajati Mohamed 22 gün önce
Good luck 🤞 and more sucssefull
Niall O
Niall O 23 gün önce
great upload love the reviews , been about 15 years since i had bikes , i do prefer Honda doe ,new to your channel love your channel so far 👍
Basic Ge
Basic Ge 23 gün önce
Next time please give more speed to Ducati, do not leave it without "smoothing" .....
Lindsay Rowlands
Lindsay Rowlands 23 gün önce
Grip the tank with your thighs and engage your core. That will take the load off your wrists. Also, hold the bars loosely - some of the discomfort comes from hanging on too tightly.
Kyle Sulaiman
Kyle Sulaiman 24 gün önce
Lovely smiile..and full of life..🥰
Dickie Rascal
Dickie Rascal 24 gün önce
wish i can sell my house and travel the world it looks so amazing need company ?
Free World
Free World 24 gün önce
@UzfI bike race america wow
LoriCabrera 24 gün önce
Buenos días desde New York! Sé que Noraly nunca me responderá pero me gustaría decirle que es una gran inspiración para mis alumnos!! Increíbles motos pero la que más nos gusta es la de ella. 👍
Jayaram S
Jayaram S 24 gün önce
Thanks for sharing the big riding experience, you made it very easy!!!!
المهاجر في أرض الله
المهاجر في أرض الله 24 gün önce
Very beautiful video
المهاجر في أرض الله
المهاجر في أرض الله 24 gün önce
Here is a new follower
Isaiah 43:19 Behold a new thing is coming
Isaiah 43:19 Behold a new thing is coming 24 gün önce
Another great video. May I make just one constructive observation ? If I was blessed enough to be given for (TRshow testing free) 3 Ducati bikes, 😲.. I would at least return them facing outwards, the same way I recieved them. Ps.. I understand the complications of making a video, but it's also a good point to make to your subscribers ? What do you think ? GB, Be Safe.. Danny 😎👍👏🌈🌈
RLLS 25 gün önce
Ik mag hopen dat je ze toch wel iets beter uitgeprobeerd hebt dan wat er op beeld staat. Anders was een 125cc ook prima geweest haha.
Frank V
Frank V 25 gün önce
Vandaag voor het eerst op je kanaal terecht gekomen, zie ik daar Rijksmunt... daar om de hoek geboren. Leuke video's, ga er zeker meer bekijken. 👍🏻
John Terwiel
John Terwiel 25 gün önce
Darn I love those Dutch Pastries, I grew up with a big dutch family which is now about 200 of us and you look and sound like one of the family. I also love hearing a girl biker that knows what a quick shifter is or a single sided swing arm. You are very brave to ride that Panigale, I was looking at one the other day at our Ducati store but too much for me at my age now. (65) I was looking at the cruiser one, forgot the name but it is also the 1200 v twin but better suited to old guys with bad backs.
Howie E
Howie E 25 gün önce
just found this channel and your joy and passion oozes out, what a great day out. So which one would you take home? money no object
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