Lightyear | Teaser Trailer

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To infinity and … 🚀 Experience the origin story of a Space Ranger in Disney and Pixar’s , in theaters Summer 2022. 💫

Check out a brand-new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s “Lightyear,” an original feature film releasing June 17, 2022. The sci-fi action-adventure presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear-the hero who inspired the toy-introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans.

Chris Evans lends his voice to Buzz. Annie Award-winning director and veteran Pixar animator Angus MacLane helms “Lightyear.” Galyn Susman produces.


Dark Necrofear
Dark Necrofear 45 saniye önce
Disney just n u t t e d inside me...
Micah Buzan ANIMATION 56 saniye önce
This looks epic!
madsciontist _
madsciontist _ Dakika önce
"Houston we have a problem"
Musuxe Dakika önce
Литвин , сними с Бустером кто дальше отдалиться от Москвы на великах ! Залайкайте чтобы Миша заметил !
Dark Necrofear
Dark Necrofear Dakika önce
Now thays what im talking bout...
ADCOY COP Dakika önce
The Cosplayer 2000
The Cosplayer 2000 Dakika önce
It's beauteful!
Gerry Blue
Gerry Blue Dakika önce
No Tim Allen? Figures
Buff fatty
Buff fatty Dakika önce
baby brent glow up ???
Lola Clementine
Lola Clementine Dakika önce
To Infinity and Beyond! See you in Theaters Chris Evans 🤗
Pj Jjj
Pj Jjj Dakika önce
Looks amazing hope it’s does the trailer justice
Tha Greenu
Tha Greenu Dakika önce
So is zurg the main villain?
J W 2 dakika önce
If it ain't Tim Allen, it ain't Buzz Lightyear.
McGraw 2 dakika önce
All I see is Captain America
Demonik Tan
Demonik Tan 2 dakika önce
OK Pixar you've got me there
This account is unavailable
This account is unavailable 2 dakika önce
Wow this kingdom hearts 3 dlc looks awesome
Brian White
Brian White 2 dakika önce
Taking black tokenism to infinity and beyond
Tamira Cloud
Tamira Cloud 2 dakika önce
oh I am watching this!!!!!!
minervathastic 2 dakika önce
The Chad Buzz Lightyear Vs. The Virgin Woody
Filipe Gomes
Filipe Gomes 2 dakika önce
Nenhum de nós - O Astronauta de Mármore.
Stacey Ward
Stacey Ward 2 dakika önce
Looks like all those years of academy training weren’t wasted after all!!
Kathryn Tucker
Kathryn Tucker 2 dakika önce
Cant wait to see this movie
theylied1776 2 dakika önce
I am not a fan of Toy Story, but this looks awesome.
Victoria Mero
Victoria Mero 2 dakika önce
I kinda thought they were going to use Rocketman, but Starman is awesome
austyn 3 dakika önce
i need the soundtrack to this film!!!
Xavier R.
Xavier R. 3 dakika önce
Would be pretty cool if he did a time travel thing and met the in universe^2 version of woody
John S
John S 3 dakika önce
1:21 Michael Buble?
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 3 dakika önce
Plot twist : Buzz doesnt know theres nothing after infinity and beyond so now he is trapped in space
claireme e
claireme e 3 dakika önce
JIX3R 3 dakika önce
Wait I got a theory what if buzz lightyear was actually a real human from a different dimension but a loop error accord with one of the rings and he got sent off in a different dimension as a toy. This might be why he thought he was real. When he was looping the sun at lightspeed, that might be why it's called "lightyear". any thoughts?
CANADIAN 3 dakika önce
Major Buzz to Ground Control, We Found The Hart Strings.
Anonymous 3 dakika önce
Give us a cowboy movie next!
Galantica 4 dakika önce
My childhood is complete
44isCursed 4 dakika önce If you’ve seen this you are a legend
-𝐗𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐲𝐲- 4 dakika önce
claireme e
claireme e 4 dakika önce
OMG???!!!! 😭😭😭😭 MY CHILDHOOD
Soothing Enigma
Soothing Enigma 4 dakika önce
Oh boy, an unoriginal IP filled with big name actors…even Pixar is tainted. Can Hollywood please burn to the ground and rebuild as something good?
Jacob Label
Jacob Label 4 dakika önce
DJ WEEB MAN 4 dakika önce
Pretty sure everyone teared up a little watching this
Taylor Wisniewski
Taylor Wisniewski 4 dakika önce
Song name?
Simaal 4 dakika önce
Sam the Man Productions
Sam the Man Productions 4 dakika önce
1:07 Even robot cats always land on their feet.
Allan Aziz
Allan Aziz 5 dakika önce
BRO this is EXACTLY like star wars. The ship design, the environment (especially that green forest which was a reference to luke meeting yoda)
Maynor E.
Maynor E. 5 dakika önce
WAX FİLM 5 dakika önce
omg so cool
hector medina
hector medina 5 dakika önce
“Once the astronauts went up, children only wanted to play with space toys.” -Stinky Pete
Reflections S
Reflections S 5 dakika önce
With that big of a chin, Buzz lookin like he could turn into Thanos
crx - 1a
crx - 1a 5 dakika önce
Boy Thee
Boy Thee 5 dakika önce
Cedric Chauvaux
Cedric Chauvaux 5 dakika önce
Imagine the movie ending with Andy watching this movie🤩😂
The Heropon
The Heropon Dakika önce
siavm 5 dakika önce
What about the woody movie? When I saw the first toy 20 years ago that is what I wanted. Buzz already got a multi season cartoon back in the day it was Woody's time. But keep playing to the buzz crowd cause of his lasers. Us now adults want to see the woody movie and be blown away by it and tell the kids they "they tried to sideline his character from the start but couldn't. Now after decades the western the world wants to see is here." When can I tell my kids that?
Brady Perkins
Brady Perkins 5 dakika önce
If Warp darkmatter is not at the end of this movie I'm going to be upset
1DA20CS059_KUMAR PARAKRAM 5 dakika önce
To infinity and beyond!
Nate 5 dakika önce
This gave me goosebumps, I didn't know I needed this movie until right now 😂 Reminds me of the show, used to love watching that as a kid.
PhoneyJ DOG29
PhoneyJ DOG29 6 dakika önce
How are you gonna start a legacy with Tim Allen and not finish it but replace him with Chris evens? The voice of Buzz Lightyear belongs to Tim, not Chris!
mamc2002 6 dakika önce
its in a way kinda cursed, but i love it, hope the movies is way more awesome than the trailer was (even more)
Suhey Castillo
Suhey Castillo 6 dakika önce
Whoa!! This looks sooo good! I felt the same excitement I usually feel for MCU movies! 🤩🤩
Tru Spartan 117
Tru Spartan 117 6 dakika önce
The whole point of Buzz being a toy is that this fantasy world he lives in is not real. I think Disney is missing the entire point here
rirloxik 6 dakika önce
Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward 6 dakika önce
Who's gonna voice Zurg
Inshube 6 dakika önce
Dewana Bagaskara
Dewana Bagaskara 7 dakika önce
I finally know what Buzz Lightyear's hair look like
worm 7 dakika önce
I'm glad they added a black character. Otherwise I would have cried myself to sleep then complained about it on Twitter even though I have zero intentions of paying for this movie because I stream everything illegally.
FutureHH 7 dakika önce
will be following the old cartoon lore and canon?
THATCOMMENTGUY 7 dakika önce
Sierra S.
Sierra S. 7 dakika önce
I want to be excited for something but after the last few years, I just can't get there. I absolutely loved Toy Story as a kid; I was a toddler when it came out. But this just feels unnecessary and redundant... Not to mention the all-too-predictable Bowie song. David Bowie was a real artist and personally I don't enjoy his music being used to promote a kid's film; it's just schlocky to me. It would be like using a Pink Floyd song in the trailer for a Power Rangers movie. It just doesn't jive with me. Anyway, I'll probably get a lot of downvotes if anyone reads this. But seeing all the usual comments, I just felt like giving my 2 cents. Dissenting opinions are okay. Personally, I've been tired of Disney for years (and that goes for all the Marvel movies too).
SuperSonicmania 7 dakika önce
Does anyone else think this looks like it would fit perfectly in the walle universe because the lighting makes it seem realy similar to me. I have been watch walle clips recently so maybe that's influencing me a bit.
Josh G
Josh G 7 dakika önce
Why does this exist
Gamer XXL
Gamer XXL 7 dakika önce
Woody watching trailer: wait, buzz is now human?
Tony Yx4
Tony Yx4 7 dakika önce
Me recuerda a destiny
Newt 7 dakika önce
I already know who John Ratzenberger could play (if he's in the movie), Evil Dr. Porkchop! I don't believe they ever said if Andy made the character up....
Omar Sierralta
Omar Sierralta 7 dakika önce
Davie Bowie + Inception + Animation = Lightyear
heyoka Ikaggen
heyoka Ikaggen 8 dakika önce
The reflection in Buzz's helmet at 0.23 and the ignition at 0.28, that is just extraordinary animation. And David Bowie, I mean, come on...
Hi Im EOIN !
Hi Im EOIN ! 8 dakika önce
Always great to hear star man in a trailer
Владимир Сидоров
Владимир Сидоров 8 dakika önce
Аж прослезился 😭
Boyo 8 dakika önce
Bethany Fish
Bethany Fish 8 dakika önce
I'm a little disappointed that they aren't using Tim Allen for Buzz. But the little we hear of Evan's voice work sounds like he's trying to do him justice.
Karen Russell
Karen Russell 8 dakika önce
I can’t wait to see it. I grew up with the Toy Story movies.
Eduardo Bergonzi
Eduardo Bergonzi 8 dakika önce
Agent Localbeam1
Agent Localbeam1 8 dakika önce
Am hyped! 🤩🥳
Bianca Cuevas
Bianca Cuevas 8 dakika önce
Another buzz lightyear series is going to be better than before
Joey Michael
Joey Michael 9 dakika önce
Cash grab. The story looks like it's going to be awful..another bleak and depressing movie about space travel and robots. And why the hell did they decide to play this song in the trailwr?? Because its Ziggy Stardust? Wow how clever ...
DSM The Editor
DSM The Editor 9 dakika önce
"As far as I'm concerned, that's America's astronaut!" --Ant-Man
angeles valdez
angeles valdez 9 dakika önce
Buzz… 🥺
Angela Stanard
Angela Stanard 9 dakika önce
Great now all we need is a movie about minion from megamind
putt 9 dakika önce
Woody western movie next
The Cosplayer 2000
The Cosplayer 2000 10 dakika önce
A masterpiece is coming!
Wojtek Ch
Wojtek Ch 10 dakika önce
Buzz look a R E G G I N! (backwards)
Don Anastacio De Legazpi
Don Anastacio De Legazpi 10 dakika önce
So it doesn't follow the story line of the cartoon Buzz Lightyear of Star Command?! Damn, I was really hoping to see XR again. :(
Christian Beck
Christian Beck 10 dakika önce
And maybe next one will be a western with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye
PeanutButterLuis 9 dakika önce
That would be insane ngl
Abhishek Mishra
Abhishek Mishra 10 dakika önce
Am I the only one jumping out of my chair?
gcHK47 10 dakika önce
Wasn’t expecting this! 😀
Big Hand
Big Hand 10 dakika önce
masked engineer
masked engineer 11 dakika önce
Anant se bhi aage
ToXiCxStOmPeR 11 dakika önce
Had no idea buzz had hair😂😂
Big Hand
Big Hand 10 dakika önce
HungryNine797 11 dakika önce
Was that encrypted door hiding zerg?
Owen 11 dakika önce
Reminds me of First Man.
hikecraze 11 dakika önce
Ok so this ones backward from the norm.... toy's movie comes out, then the toy, now the movie explaining the story for the toy comes out. Yeah totaly backward lol
Forsaken Hero
Forsaken Hero 11 dakika önce
Angela Stanard
Angela Stanard 11 dakika önce
i kinda wanted to hear his voice....just kinda
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