Lightyear | Teaser Trailer

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To infinity and … 🚀 Experience the origin story of a Space Ranger in Disney and Pixar’s , in theaters Summer 2022. 💫

Check out a brand-new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s “Lightyear,” an original feature film releasing June 17, 2022. The sci-fi action-adventure presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear-the hero who inspired the toy-introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans.

Chris Evans lends his voice to Buzz. Annie Award-winning director and veteran Pixar animator Angus MacLane helms “Lightyear.” Galyn Susman produces.


Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger 44 saniye önce
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R Dakika önce
Kyle Baker
Kyle Baker Dakika önce
For all of the Wolfenstein fans: Why does Buzz look like B.J Blazkowicz but less rendered?
Stop it, get some help
Stop it, get some help Dakika önce
Han Yellow
Han Yellow Dakika önce
It's not a spinoff we needed, but it's most certainly a one we wanted.
Bowwak Dakika önce
When you watching waiting for Stellaris to load.
louio3001 Dakika önce
Already available on Mars 🧑‍🚀
Finally a Disney movie that’s for boys & not another princess movie
Kallader X
Kallader X Dakika önce
Nothing to do with toys story Buzz is a toy inspired by the real human Lightyear so no Woody etc and no magic living toys just robot :)
KateTheWolf! 2 dakika önce
Are you seriously telling me that Tim Allen won’t be playing Buzz? It’s an animated film!
Sahitya Banarjee
Sahitya Banarjee 2 dakika önce
Beyond 🥺
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 2 dakika önce
This looks so good, Pixar does it yet again. Chris Evans is amazing, "To infinity", "And....."
Leo Craveiro
Leo Craveiro 2 dakika önce
It looks good, but looks like it's in a near future, when I was a kid there was a tv series which seemed set in a MUCH farther future, where beings from many different planets already lived together.
InterestingEnough 2 dakika önce
Nope, just nope
Digital Nomad Records
Digital Nomad Records 2 dakika önce
충북 청주시 사창동 300-8 번지 박영희, 이미나, 이미숙 이년들 목아지 가지고와
Tristan Schneider
Tristan Schneider 2 dakika önce
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!! The world’s greatest superhero is now the the world’s greatest toy!!
BotBee 2 dakika önce
I’d just like to say that I saw that when it was #1 on trending
FishManc 2 dakika önce
On behalf of every 90s kid on the out there; FU for ruining everything. We didn't need or want this.
Frosty Winnipeg
Frosty Winnipeg 2 dakika önce
The moment you realize that the entire Toy Story franchise was set in the 22nd century.
weedle sheens
weedle sheens 3 dakika önce
If the black robot wont say im your father here it wont be cannon. 🤣. Toy story 2 damn it. 🤣
widepeepohappy :
widepeepohappy : 3 dakika önce
LethalRath 3 dakika önce
They definitely have to make an amazing western for Woody
Nate 3 dakika önce
widepeepohappy :
widepeepohappy : 3 dakika önce
MFPanda 51
MFPanda 51 4 dakika önce
Wwoooooooaaahhhh That's all I have to say u.u
Robert Dennys
Robert Dennys 4 dakika önce
looks too cool to be real. Has there ever been a case of pastiche/parody of a genre character crossing back over to played sincerely?
ahmad55 4 dakika önce
Anyone else hoping he crashes on a strange planet and meets the local law enforcement?
Rellko 4 dakika önce
Lj M
Lj M 4 dakika önce
If I'm correct this movie was based around Buzz lightyear right or something like that
Orlando Resendiz
Orlando Resendiz 4 dakika önce
For us, it’s an animated movie but for the people of toy story it’s a live action movie 🤯. So is the villain evil emperor zurg?
Jonathan Dias
Jonathan Dias 4 dakika önce
To Infinity and Beyond..... Lightyear. #Lightyear
Elvia Martha Villanueva Acosta
Elvia Martha Villanueva Acosta 4 dakika önce
When i saw the date I was like : RELLY!?. But hey, the good movies need time to come out. :D
Flapjack09 5 dakika önce
I’m I the only one who saw Buzz as more of a dirty blonde? Is that just me?
Diamondminebloxer 5 dakika önce
Ok but when are we getting "Woody"?
Magnus Elfgren
Magnus Elfgren 5 dakika önce
Wonder how many people whispered "... beyond" at the end of this trailer
trythatagin 5 dakika önce
What a bomb drop of a trailer. This is a title I did not know I wanted or needed. This movie looks gorgeous. I haven't been to a movie theater in a year or two, but I would be 100% willing to go for this.
Element King
Element King 4 dakika önce
Hello OBS Studio
aroyaldaniel 29
aroyaldaniel 29 5 dakika önce
Big Chungus
Nick Craske
Nick Craske 5 dakika önce
This looks beautiful.
Anele Mbhele
Anele Mbhele 5 dakika önce
What an amazing idea for a movie..coz were now gonna know the true origin of buzz light year and the reason to why they made an action figure of him..(what heroic thing did he do) I'm definitely going to the cinema to watch this...
Muzammil Iqbal
Muzammil Iqbal 5 dakika önce
Who else just cannot process seeing Buzz with hair?
LynxProd 5 dakika önce
Looks like Toy Story meets original Star Wars. Looking forward to this!
Project WarFare
Project WarFare 6 dakika önce
Stunning Graphics look!
Spedbboi 6 dakika önce
So when does he fight Zurg like in the Animated Series?
Devero Smith
Devero Smith 6 dakika önce
you're a to...astronaut.
Ben M
Ben M 6 dakika önce
I liked the Buzz Lightyear cartoon. It’s a shame it’s not on Disney Plus
Evan Holt
Evan Holt 6 dakika önce
This has some Elite Dangerous vibes.
Mr Life
Mr Life 6 dakika önce
I hope that the person who decided that the trailer should be set to David Bowie's Starman got a promotion. They deserve it.
Raul Perez
Raul Perez 6 dakika önce
StarCraft meets Pixar?lol I can’t wait
Paula Ayala
Paula Ayala 6 dakika önce
I don't know why but I was expecting him to say "Avengers Assemble"
Taylor Edwards
Taylor Edwards 6 dakika önce
We need a Woody's Roundup movie
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 7 dakika önce
disney's really reaching for original ideas...
Johnny DaForge
Johnny DaForge 7 dakika önce
Nobody is talking about the fact that we are finally able to see Buzz without that weird purple thing on his head
Curtis Ashby
Curtis Ashby 7 dakika önce
OMG! I can't wait to see this movie next summer with my dad!
Lottie Lulu
Lottie Lulu 7 dakika önce
0:58 Star Wars vibes ngl
Jasper the Ultimate Quartz
Jasper the Ultimate Quartz 7 dakika önce
I didn't even know this trailer existed until I browsed Reddit. I grew up on the animated series, so I hope it at least makes some callbacks to that. Would be really cool to see Princess Mira Nova as well and the rest of the animated cast. Either way, I'm excited for it after stumbling upon this. Chris Evans is definitely a good casting imo. Lightyear does have that "Captain America" energy.
Merthan E.
Merthan E. 7 dakika önce
I'm just going to appreciate that they uploaded the trailer in 21:9 (instead of including black bars), which has many upsides
Ducks 7 dakika önce
Available 7 dakika önce
Original J
Original J 7 dakika önce
Somebody better make sure Buzz isn’t smuggling anything on that ship.
Wow 8 dakika önce
So DiVeRsE
Otters Cave
Otters Cave 8 dakika önce
it's star wars lol
Michael Garrett
Michael Garrett 8 dakika önce
Does this mean that Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is no longer canon? Curse you, revisionist fiction!
TheDarkCreed86 8 dakika önce
So it's basically a prequel to the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command cartoon series.
pitwan desu
pitwan desu 8 dakika önce
breaking 4th wall: the toys are watching this movie
ILTSONITM1 8 dakika önce
Trailer of the year.
Emanuel Mckenzie
Emanuel Mckenzie 8 dakika önce
Yea cuz it's a teaser
Lucca Sermon
Lucca Sermon 8 dakika önce
I'll be dying of laughter if Woody is the villain
Connor Querin
Connor Querin 8 dakika önce
Buzz got himself some MJOLNER :D
Lori Young
Lori Young 8 dakika önce
I love how he looks like Seth McFarlane from Orville
Zach Davis
Zach Davis 8 dakika önce
I'm very disappointed that Tim Allen isn't doing this. might be trash
Ripster Gaming
Ripster Gaming 8 dakika önce
This gives me toy story vibes, but with only buzz light year action.
DARK DRAGON 9 dakika önce
Finally, Toy Story without any toys
ThePlotaGuy7 6 dakika önce
Yeah, about that… 1:06
Risky 9 dakika önce
A movie on the *REAL* buzz light year? I’m all in, but where’s woody?
Sean Ohearn
Sean Ohearn 11 saniye önce
@It’s pronounced die well this will be Toy Story 5.
Tonight on Dads Phone
Tonight on Dads Phone 3 dakika önce
@It’s pronounced die this is ether a movie in the toy story universe or a real thing that happened in the toy story universe so the woody doll could exist or the real woody (woody pines)being alive
Bryan Rogers
Bryan Rogers 4 dakika önce
It's an in universe movie that the toy is based on.
It’s pronounced die
It’s pronounced die 6 dakika önce
Woody doesn’t exist in this universe this is like buzz lightyear of star command
Mike Kadel
Mike Kadel 9 dakika önce
Jose Guevara
Jose Guevara 9 dakika önce
"The Last Starfighter" meets "Toy Story".
yes 9 dakika önce
Well now we need a Woody's roundup western
Jesus Limon
Jesus Limon 9 dakika önce
Looks awesome 👏
ClonedGamer001 9 dakika önce
The question is, is this Lightyear the inspiration for the toy, or was he named after it?
El H
El H 9 dakika önce
I wonder if they show the aliens from toy story
DeeD 10 dakika önce
It looks wonderful Pixar, thanks for making the new adventure! P.S. Is that Weyland-Yutani logo on the uniform? 1:21 👀
Ben Serpico
Ben Serpico 10 dakika önce
Me: and Beyond 👉😭😭😭
Kyle Wollman
Kyle Wollman 10 dakika önce
So he visits Earth from a distant planet and then they start making toys based on him, or does a future space program base their suits on a popular toy?
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 9 dakika önce
This is the in-universe movie that the Buzz Lightyear toy line was based on
TheBlueIncineroar 10 dakika önce
Biscuit Bitch
Biscuit Bitch 10 dakika önce
This looks amazing
Obi Okehie
Obi Okehie 10 dakika önce
I don't care what anyone says... Pixar are hands down the best storytellers in the film industry. Also the best filmmakers. ♥️♥️♥️
jhonatan cavalheiro
jhonatan cavalheiro 10 dakika önce
Buzz 1: Então ele é...? Buzz 2: é...
Jon 5
Jon 5 10 dakika önce
Love it!
Sir Cruz
Sir Cruz 10 dakika önce
I'll love this movie if Zurg is here
Danette 10 dakika önce
Jesus Christ the detail he looks more human than I do, idk it's creepy haha
peppa pig
peppa pig 10 dakika önce
Cant wait. yall couldnt end my child hood like that 😍💀💀
HEC 10 dakika önce
OMG It's epic!!! just listening to Bowie's Starman made me cry
The Movie Diner
The Movie Diner 10 dakika önce
I personally can’t believe this is supposed to be a “kids movie”. This straight up looks a sci fi film directed by James Gunn.
Micah 10 dakika önce
This is bound to be the most interesting spin off I’ve ever seen
Daniel Movies Entertainment
Daniel Movies Entertainment 10 dakika önce
I really want this movie to open with the Toy Story characters gathering around Bonnie’s TV to watch the new Buzz Lightyear movie that came out, and then once they put it on it transitions to this as the movie they’re watching. (Sort of like the opening of the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command movie from 2000)
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 8 dakika önce
Either that or Buzz coming across the movie in Andy’s movie collection
Lucky 10 dakika önce
sorry but if it's not Tim Allen then it ain't buzz lightyear...
car1938 11 dakika önce
0:57 hmm this scene seems familiar but I cant put my lightsaber on it.
J Search
J Search 11 dakika önce
SunBro 11 dakika önce
In case you're wondering what his dogtag says: Lightyear / Buzz / 0 positive / then a barcode
Conrado Javier
Conrado Javier 11 dakika önce
Give us Zurg.
El H
El H 11 dakika önce
This looks cool
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