This Is What A $40,000 Porch Restoration Looks Like.

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I've been working on this one for over a year. Huge job, but quite rewarding in the end. I set up temporary supports, tear out the old porch including the brick piers. I then dig holes and pour new concrete footings. New brick piers are laid, and new treated wood framing is constructed. I top that off with a shop made white oak tongue and groove floor, and paint it with linseed oil paint. Then lots of custom woodworking to make bases for the columns, and repair rotten areas. I put the weight back on the columns, remove the temporary supports, and then finish up with painting, caulking, replacing the stairs and making some big round-over molding. Phew! My total cost was about $3200. Saved a lot of money, spent a LOT OF HOURS! ;-)
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brandog 4 aylar önce
Im thoroughly enjoying every bit of content youve put out the last several months. keep it up
Mia.J.G 2 aylar önce
I love this video. you are a brave man to take on those repairs. I have seen over the year most woodwork projects look small from the start, then they become money pits. you made it through this one congrats. that's a sign of good house maintenance
Eric Bader
Eric Bader 2 aylar önce
Man this was so fun to watch. My dad and I watched it like 2 or 3 times together. I love the editing and I think the way there is some light hearted humor put in at random points is very funny. It's both very entertaining and educational. Thanks for sharing!!
Pedro Smits [ΡΩΡΣΥΣ]
Pedro Smits [ΡΩΡΣΥΣ] 3 aylar önce
Excellent job, keeping the old details alive and respected. Must be a satisfying feeling having this done.
David S
David S 3 aylar önce
Hey brother. I’ve been building houses and remodeling for 23 years. It’s been along time since I’ve seen someone do that much work with corded tools. You definitely look and sound like you know what you’re doing. Keep up the good work. Thank you for taking the time to make and share this video.
Dee Stevens - CDPS
Dee Stevens - CDPS Aylar önce
A minor mistake I see many carpenters commit. When Pressure preservative lumber is cut to fit the cut ends are supposed to be field treated with copper naphthenate. When the lumber is being processed the chemical does not penetrate all the way through the wood. Treating the cut portions makes sure the exposed, untreated wood is protected. It would also be a good idea to cut some 30 lb. Felt to cover the tops of the beams and floor joists. It is obvious that penetrating water did most of the original damage. The tar paper just adds another layer of moister protection. Make sure it overlaps the edges a good deal.
Mark Twain Mathis
Mark Twain Mathis 2 aylar önce
I agree, but with a job that requires that much laborious work you would need a whole lot of batteries. I respect this man’s hard labor with corded tools and I’m sure you do as well. Of course when I was in the business with dad, cordless tools weren’t even a thing. Lol That was a labor of love.
Barbara Henn-Pander
Barbara Henn-Pander 3 aylar önce
We recently did something similar; deck rotten, waterproofing failing, code has changed, etc. We are simple DIYers, and have only basic tools, but watching you struggle, insist on doing it right, being honest about the ridiculous timelines involved but then “over complicating” with making your own T and G oak floor boards despite the incredible amount of time can only mean one thing: you love this. And so do we. Time well spent. I really appreciate the work, the pain and the editing work on top of it all. New subscriber. 🤓
Phaze Phusion
Phaze Phusion 4 aylar önce
Wow Jon! That was superb. Thanks for bringing us along
Shankar H
Shankar H 3 aylar önce
Just wow. Every min filled with some nugget or the other. Thanks so much for putting your wisdom out there for anyone that cares for this kind of work. I know I will watch this several times and still keep coming back to it as I see a cross-application of your ideas across a variety of projects. Huge kudos to you!
Steven Edwards
Steven Edwards 2 aylar önce
Dang man…you did a great job! Really sturdy! I’m super impressed! Thanks for sharing…enjoyed watching you work so hard and solve some of the problems that as u know always inevitably happen on projects like this!
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee 3 aylar önce
Love watching you execute these massive jobs on your own house. inspiring and scary at the same time (because I might think I'm YTskilled enough to pull something like this off myself)!
Chanjai Park
Chanjai Park 2 aylar önce
love everything in this video. I respect you for frequently documenting your long process so we can learn a lot through this.
larry pinter
larry pinter 21 gün önce
A lot of hard work masterfully executed by you over so long a time, well done--and very satisfying entertainment for us (over a much shorter time)!
Justin Tureson
Justin Tureson 4 aylar önce
You really value something that much more when you take care of it and/or see the work that goes into it. A simple visitor to the house would just think "nice porch" and never know how much sweat and love go into things. Great job!
D J 2 aylar önce
J WF 3 aylar önce
Your project is a massive undertaking as a first time doing something like this ! My husband is building a porch for our front door not neatly your size for the first time. He is using Trex, an education in itself. I it a great learning opportunity. And it's looking grrat. I am learning so much from you to share with him. Next I want to repair our wood back porch. You've given me encouragement. Your work and discussion are great. Thank you.
Greg Boppel
Greg Boppel 3 aylar önce
Wasted Props
Wasted Props 3 aylar önce
Love following your day-to-day activities mate. very informative. keep up the fantastic work. :-) PS. your videos and voiceovers are an absolute please to watch.
Total Wash Solutions
Total Wash Solutions 2 aylar önce
Man that was awesome! You were speaking carpenter language that I don’t speak, naming tools that I’ve never heard of and all the while I was right there with you imagining being there with you all day long. And your shop is on site? You must have every saw ever made! How did you learn all of this? Thank you for taking us along for the ride 👍🏽
Yasha V
Yasha V 3 aylar önce
Very formidable effort to undertake on your own. From planning to execution , filming and editing. Bravo! I live in a cement/stone built country. So this had been quite educational too. Thank you!
Homestead Bandwagon
Homestead Bandwagon 2 aylar önce
I really appreciate that you made it clear how LONG the project took. A lot of DIY projects on TRshow appear to happen practically over night, which is just silly, and can reallt take the wind out of someone's sails when they try to tackle a similar project
Janmification 3 aylar önce
Thanks for doing all that work, and filming it. Watching you work is a real pleasure. Your ability to explain as you go along is much appreciated for its succinctness. Well done.
Mark Simonds
Mark Simonds 4 aylar önce
FarmCraft101 is one of my favorite channels. Thanks for all the hard work (and your sense of humor) that you put into making these videos for our viewing pleasure. On a side note - I wish I had 1/4 of your energy!!
Tom Shank
Tom Shank 2 aylar önce
This was GREAT!. I rebuilt a porch that took me two and half months. It got pretty taxing in the end but it brought me a great sense of pride and satisfaction. Nothing beats a great looking porch.
Gareth Walsh
Gareth Walsh 3 aylar önce
Absolutely smashed it,loving your work. So much involved and done so well,I've been down that road in my last house,it just never ends.
Carson Wells
Carson Wells 3 aylar önce
Beautiful! Job. You and your family take obvious pride in your home and you have every right to. They say we never really own our homes, we're just custodians until the next tenants move in. Loved the video. Looking forward to more of them. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Henrik Heinze
Henrik Heinze 2 aylar önce
Wow, this looks amazing. Great work on the porch! You definitely earned a new subscriber, I am excited to see what is next.
Blake Sanders
Blake Sanders 3 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. And super refreshing to see the respect shown for those that came before. Wonderful job.
Jason Palmer
Jason Palmer 4 aylar önce
That was so deeply satisfying to watch this project come together. Seeing all that rotted wood get replaced with new and you doing it in such a way that respects the craftsmanship of the previous builders *chefs kiss*.
Paddy Landreville
Paddy Landreville 3 aylar önce
It takes total dedication to do these projects, and you have it, and above all, a sense of great humour. Thanks for posting.
Andy West
Andy West 3 aylar önce
I see you have put your timber on top of the pier how comes you didn’t put any DPC under the timber to stop rising damp attacking the timber from under neath
Xcoop Cooper
Xcoop Cooper 3 aylar önce
I enjoyed watching the build. I've learnt a thing or two, how to level up etc... I use a circular saw from time to time and that tip on how to plunge and cut straight will definitely solve my problem. Thank you for the tips and hints. You did a brilliant job on that porch and it looks great. Xavier Cooper South Africa 🇿🇦
Cygnus X7
Cygnus X7 2 aylar önce
Beautiful house and location! And you did a great job! Helps when you've got the space and equipment, but still a huge job. :)
ian whiteley
ian whiteley 3 aylar önce
As a new viewer to your channel I was transfixed and amazed by your tallent and perseverance. as an old school carpenter I think you did an amazing job. I am a lover of all the old school timber joints as you saw with the mortace and tennons in the bigining of your video. would have loved to see those reinstated too but far too long. respect to you for a job very well done Sir.
bueller48 3 aylar önce
love your editing style. Great amount of humor, good explanations but not too wordy, and a great process. Thank you!
Inverted Polarity
Inverted Polarity 4 aylar önce
Really enjoying the videos you have posted in tha last several months. The lift, dump truck, shop, excavator, and tree stump videos have all been excellent.
pcb1962 4 aylar önce
Agree completely, the last few months videos have all been excellent
Alyson Grassi
Alyson Grassi 4 aylar önce
I agree! I must also add that in addition to having highly inspiring and high-quality, technical and entertaining content, it also has a great dose of good humor and a hollywood-level edition!
chrispy 4 aylar önce
Yea, johns killing it!
Julie Soltow
Julie Soltow 3 aylar önce
Love your videos- this porch was such a labor of love, and it is indeed beautiful. ❤ Kee up the good work!
MrMr12 3 aylar önce
Man, you really have an awesome place! Thanks for the video, love watching farmhouse restorations!
TheSingleAss 3 aylar önce
Wow man this video is great. I moved in my grandfathers' house after he passed a year ago. It's atleast a 100 year old brick house in the city surrounded by apartment building and this means all the moisture from the ground comes through the house. I'm a welder and masonry and woodworking are scary for me, lots of work to be done but seeing you do all of that is inspiring and definetly educational. Gonna look through your channel for more videos about house maintenance and repairs.
José Caravia
José Caravia 3 aylar önce
What a GREAT work. I love all your videos.
Ross M
Ross M 3 aylar önce
Amazing effort, and a great job. Incredible thing to take on by one's self! In the UK we would have built the brick pillars very differently but I'm sure they will be fine, certainly not going any where with those footings! Great job!
PQworks 3 aylar önce
Wow. That was unbelievable work. You built that porch like a fortress and it’s gonna hold up for a really long time! It’s especially nice that you milled up your own oak flooring that is of the highest quality and will last for decades. That was such a great video.
cerberus50caldawg 3 aylar önce
@Wayne Law hmmm... yup another 170+ years or better given the quality of work he put into it. It's good there are still plenty of folks willing to do the required upkeep on these historic places to keep them livable for generations to come. Another 200 years from now this place is still standing it will be because of men like this. You can't put a price on that. It is a beautiful home.
Wayne Law
Wayne Law 3 aylar önce
Itl rot like t last one
John Wayne
John Wayne 3 aylar önce
Sad part would be someone comes and buys the land and bulldozes the house. To build some God awful modern crap home.
pud469 3 aylar önce
Great work!!! I'd love to have your level of skill. If I would have tried something like this, the supports would have rotted away before I was able to complete it, lol. Very beautiful, I wish more new construction would actually have this kind of look, without the fake facias. This is an awesome video to show you really get what you pay for. The durability and lifespan are worth the price. The slight disadvantage is that it will outlive you, which is why people probably opt for the cheaper options. Again, great work, and I will be returning to watch more of your videos, definitely subscribing!!
Megan Smith
Megan Smith 2 aylar önce
That's absolutely crazzzzy that it was all completely junk basically and unsalvagable!!! You did an incredible job fixing that. Not only does it just look incredible compared to the beginning of the process but you will have peace of mind for years to come that your porch is stable and that is what its all about. Congratulations on the new deck and by the way... the house is gorgeous also, not just the deck!
Marc Bostian
Marc Bostian 3 aylar önce
Well done. Keep me inspired to keep taking on projects that I probably shouldn't do.
Claude Vi'Eaul
Claude Vi'Eaul 2 aylar önce
That was highly enjoyable!! Our house is a lot younger (1939, all in red brick), but there's plenty woodwork that'll surely need attention / maintenance or even replacement over the next years... Getting a contractor's quote can be daunting, to say the least 🤣 Don't know how much I'll be able to do myself, but you've certainly inspired me! Thanks for sharing 😎👍
SteveRodgers 2 aylar önce
I can't believe how much hard work you did single handed!!! You have an amazing life and house and family 🙏🙏🙏
Daniel Lassander
Daniel Lassander 4 aylar önce
Must be sweet to finally have fixed up the porch, one less big project that has to be done, and it looks great now! Must have been hard to hide this work in the background of all your other videos around the house as well and the ability to work on other things then just the porch. Amazing video man, that is one hell of a lot of hard work, the flooring would had been so much easier to do if you had been 2-3 guys so you could work standing on the ground in between the joists with the floor at around stomach height so you dont have to bend over and work at foot height.
Infiknights 2 aylar önce
my first video here, and i am at awe. you are so creative, ingenuitive, careful, and a great crafitsman. i would pay $40,000 just to learn from you. great job.
wingman358 2 aylar önce
Nice work. I appreciate the little tips like how to straighten boards when building up a beam and how to cut straight with a circular saw.
OLDFLMAN 3 aylar önce
Really enjoyed watching the whole process you used for this project !
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Doherty 3 aylar önce
Great video and good job on your house. Enjoy watching very much and admire your workmanship!
C J W 3 aylar önce
amazing job, great work! glad to see this farmhouse get TLC and a restoration
Curtis Blair
Curtis Blair 4 aylar önce
Great job Jon! Always great to see you doing whatever it takes to make it right. That’s a job to be proud of. Being a retired carpenter I really like watching what you are doing. I do a lot of the other do it yourself stuff. But not near what you do. Keep up the great work 👍
PARF Performers
PARF Performers 2 aylar önce
Great video. Very pleasing to watch on the treadmill. Got me through a few miles. And I especially love hearing the sounds of summer during the dead of winter.
Richard Lord de Cameron
Richard Lord de Cameron 3 aylar önce
The perfect work done here! Thank you so much for the video with the whole process!
wojtekstach78 3 aylar önce
it is enjoying to see whole process step by step. I don't know how big RH variations you may expect during a year, but I would leave some free-play on those t-g connections due to wood expansion (across the fibers). I also wonder why not to impregnate beams (joists) and the backside of planks. wouldn't that help to keep them in good condition longer and prevent planks from cuppingconcave? keep rocking!
The Traveler
The Traveler 3 aylar önce
Just found your channel today .. watched your latest video with the Generac generator install .. loving this content. I can relate so much to this porch build .. when you start a project thinking you've got a handle on it .. only to realize it's going to take 10 times longer and cost 4 times as much as you had original thought .. I too have taken a 2 to 3 day mental break to take deep breathes .. knowing exactly what needed to be done 🤣😂
Heather Bunch
Heather Bunch 2 aylar önce
Beautiful job!! Man, I wish I had all those tools! Soooo many possibilities.
Harold Lowther
Harold Lowther 4 aylar önce
I'm thoroughly enjoying every bit of content you've put out over the last several months.You👌 should be proud!!
Abc Def
Abc Def 2 aylar önce
This is one of the best videos I have seen in a while. It is gratifying that somebody still tdoes old-school quality work in a world of cheap junk. My aunt lived in a house built in 1910 that had a porch much like yours that had bulletproof hand-made lattice all the way around the porch. This lattice was nothing like the cheap Home Despot junk of today. This lattice was 1 inch thick by 4 inch frame all around that was precision notched to fit 1/4 inch thick by two inch lattice slats (vertical), and 1/2 inch thick by two inch slats horizontal (these horizontal slats were notched so the vertical slats fit inside them; I mean it was impressive how well it all was made. I would love to see you do something like this with your porch to see someone make that kind of latticework.
Ibrahiym Ghany
Ibrahiym Ghany 2 aylar önce
How you ever so often reflect on the old school method of carpentry the actual builders used with simple tools gives an idea of how long and how much extra manpower went in to this beautiful house in 1850. As a builder myself as well as a lover of history I really enjoyed this video. Ps, it would be nice to know a little history of the house. (Abraham from Trinidad).
Otium Serenitatem
Otium Serenitatem 3 aylar önce
Mad respect for what you accomplished! Yeh, $40k seems like a lot until.... Huge lesson for us DIY types in this video. You are an amazing cc craftsman and I be get your car stubborn. That's a good to quality in this case! Well done!
Job Laan
Job Laan 3 aylar önce
I can imagine it was a hell of a job. But look at the result. It's really beautiful. I loved your video about it.
RedSquirreLx 3 aylar önce
fun to watch- seems like you know what to do for every issue- learned a lot thanks
Glenn Rivers
Glenn Rivers 3 aylar önce
Dude, you get two thumbs up five stars and the whole nine yards. I loved every second of this teardown and rebuild. I admire your skill set and applaud your ability to add tips and tricks along the way. Thanks for taking us along. Very nice job.
Jason Walsh
Jason Walsh 3 aylar önce
Man you have every tool and machine needed its awesome that you are able to tackle a project like this on your fair play. You must of been a contractor at some point ??
Chris Daley
Chris Daley 3 aylar önce
What a great job! A true craftsman at work! Lots of information for someone contemplating a porch restoration.
Andreas Horvath
Andreas Horvath 3 aylar önce
Great work, great attention to detail and health 👍
Dog Lover112233
Dog Lover112233 Aylar önce
You’re humble and damn good at what you do!
djAnakin 3 aylar önce
Beautiful house and the porch came out great! Subscribed!
Foxtower 4 aylar önce
I'm always amazed by the courage of starting (and finishing) a project like this. I'm quite confident that I could do each individual part decently. But planning it out and putting it all together in a methodical way is a whole other ball game. 🙈
BarnStangz 3 aylar önce
Your channel is fantastic. I mean, each video is such a treat, I've been learning so much. I would really like to know more about how you picked up all these skills, would you ever consider some kind of AMA type of video where you talk about you growing up, work history, etc. I'd find it fascinating. I feel like your channel epitome of the phrase "the more you know, the less you need" thank you so very much for taking the time to make these videos.
Scott Lamar
Scott Lamar 2 aylar önce
Fantastic work. This randomly popped up in my recommended and had to click cause the title. Im subbing to see future work. Beautiful porch, totally outshines the work I helped my dad build 2 years ago. haha
Jonny- B
Jonny- B 3 aylar önce
You could always run wood stringer perpendicular to the direction you truly want to run the deck boards. That way you can run deck and joists in same direction. Builds you up another 3/4" though. It's how we do most porch ceilings. This house makes me wish my family hadn't sold our 1896 2-story with basement house in Kansas. It needed so much work though and family had moved on from the area. I see at 23:55 mark you mention Osage Orange wood. Love that stuff. I miss that about Kansas too. It's the hottest burning wood in the world too. BTU wise. Throw a log of it into the fireplace and it'll noticeably heat up. It's a real beautiful material too. Used to be a prized bow making wood by the Native Americans and thus was extremely valuable.
DJ"Deadman" Robartz
DJ"Deadman" Robartz 3 aylar önce
Thank you for this video. I really enjoyed it from start to finish. I am a retired builder and wished I was right there helping you. Way to go !
Daniel Michalski
Daniel Michalski 3 aylar önce
Amazing to watch, enjoyed this tremendously!
Curtis King
Curtis King 4 aylar önce
You my friend are truly a craftsman at any project you take on. I really enjoy and look forward to all of your videos. It is almost rare to see the quality you put in all of your projects. Keep up the great work.
Lee McKusick
Lee McKusick 3 aylar önce
A quality restoration and a fine video. Sixty years ago, working in my Dad's machine shop he told me "do a drawing first, or else you will have to make it twice." I have been watching my house age, and watching the two story McMansions get windows and siding replaced (at 30 to 40 years) due to coastal fog and night time drizzle. I watched your video and could not figure out which way was south nor could I figure out the social purpose of that porch. For your next house improvement, make a whole house sketch and think about changing the house to make it happier and solid for a century or more. The stairs? Think about yourself at 75 someday. Or, think about a two year old walking on the porch..
Steven Beasley
Steven Beasley 3 aylar önce
That’s some great work!! Thanks for recording it!
Sergio Davila
Sergio Davila 3 aylar önce
First video of you I am seeing while done for the night trucking. Love the commentary and craftsmanship. earned a sub 🤙🏼
dtork47 3 aylar önce
Really impressed, you did a outstanding job! Take it from and old retired shop teacher!
Paul Sorensen
Paul Sorensen Aylar önce
I have a small place, 7.5acres and I really enjoy watching your channel when I’m precluded from working because of weather, my stupid disability or just too much dang other stuff to do. It’s like ASMR for the working man. Thank you.
Tracy Bowling
Tracy Bowling 4 aylar önce
I always enjoy your videos! They comfort me for some reason. They are always fun and helpful!! ☺️ You did an excellent job on the porch! Did it actually cost $40,000 doing most of it yourself? I hope you & your family had an amazing Thanksgiving!
Tracy Bowling
Tracy Bowling 4 aylar önce
@Patrick D I see. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of these things. ☺️
Patrick D
Patrick D 4 aylar önce
Probably 80k if you factor in Johns real hourly wage. Well at least, the one he would like to have. But no, the 40k would be materials and external labor as quoted by his brother for this type of job. Probably if he would hire his brother, he would get a discount, but it's still a lot of work. Seeing the work and details involved to restore to the previous state, I would say it was a close enough quote.
Mark D
Mark D Aylar önce
Damn Batman, that's pretty impressive! You did that in at least 10 years faster than I would have and I would have been deaf in the left ear (that's the side she sleeps on) from all the "are you gonna' finish the porch this month???????" Nice job!
Ron Rozema
Ron Rozema 3 aylar önce
Would love to see a video of the new steps!
MrCpolzin 3 aylar önce
After doing the same job on my old Californian bungalow this was extremely satisfying to watch. I think I saved well over 50 thousand doing it myself. I knew you were going to paint it and I think you made the right choice. Top job and thanks for sharing mate.
tsx3214 3 aylar önce
Very impressive!! Thanks for sharing such an immense undertaking.
Sky Eagle
Sky Eagle 3 aylar önce
Great craftsman work , And love the workshop with all them woodshop tools that makes up all the difference when comes to saving time on this big project , And very nicely done... Thanks For Sharing
Johnnyb Goode
Johnnyb Goode 4 aylar önce
Hi, great workmanship on display again. I hope you managed to salvage some of the old timbers for a smaller project perhaps. It would be nice to see it up-cycled in another project.
The HandyMan
The HandyMan 3 aylar önce
Great job! It looks fantastic. The only thing I would have done in addition is covered every beam and joice with ice and water shield. I do it on every deck I build.
Zachary Spaulding
Zachary Spaulding 3 aylar önce
Did you think about needing to flash where the back edge of your porch meets your house ? Just curious / love your work great job!
L M 3 aylar önce
I am very impressed with your tenacity, your skill, and your craftsmanship!!
Bigjoe ?
Bigjoe ? 3 aylar önce
You do absolutely amazing work in everything I watch, I learn something new with every video thx bro.
astanix 3 aylar önce
That is a nice looking porch, well done.
ForemanJacobmiller 3 aylar önce
I work at a foundation repair company as a foreman and have done that for 10 years and you’re very on point here
mark piper
mark piper 3 aylar önce
Stunning transformation and exceptional workmanship a pleasure to watch!!!!
Tim D
Tim D 3 aylar önce
As a former old house owner with a front porch, this video was deeply satisfying. Great work!
Edward Hugus
Edward Hugus 3 aylar önce
Beautiful porch, you did a wonderful job.
Zangetsu 2 aylar önce
That was an amazing restoration 👍🏼
Canuck Chris
Canuck Chris 3 aylar önce
Loved seeing the skill set and the tools needed. Liked and Subscribed 😎
Bob Renes
Bob Renes 4 aylar önce
Given the crudeness of most construction and fabrication these days, it is most pleasant to watch you work. Either you do your homework carefully before you attack each project, or you are a lot older than you appear to be. It takes both an organized mind and much effort to be a reasonably skilled craftsman in many disciplines. As with pretty much everything that you do, the porch was nicely done. Bravo.
Markw8480 3 aylar önce
Nice work,,your a true craftsman!!!i like how you put the porch back together the way it was constructed!awesome video !1
Tee T
Tee T 3 aylar önce
You do amazing work. I watched the entire video and learned so much.
Sahag Ohanian
Sahag Ohanian 3 aylar önce
Amazing work i would of done the hangers with nails just to save myself sometime using the palm nailer and add joist guard since its outside i dont know if it snows where you live but it looks good clean and sturdy :D
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