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realmadrid players

@andriamakharadze9023 4 aylar önce
Imagine having such a good team that you have modric on the bench
@Nejad2009 4 aylar önce
Sadly Bellingham is going to replace modric
@sreeharshansreekanth-ks7bv 4 aylar önce
I think camavinga will replace mendy in lb
@vesnavucevic9715 2 aylar önce
Modric is 38 bro
@sreeharshansreekanth-ks7bv 2 aylar önce
@@vesnavucevic9715 but still nominated for ballondor
@jakgamesyt5714 2 aylar önce
Camavinga on the bench is just unbelieveable
@Vouy-fw2sj 4 gün önce
cuz theres already 8 billion of him
@TheRealNaim 3 aylar önce
Their gonna line up like this. [formation 4-1-2-1-2 (2)] GK- A. Lunin LB F. Mendy LCB D. Alaba RCB E. Militao RB D. Carvajal CDM A. Tchouameni LCM E. Camavinga RCM L. Modric CAM J. Bellingham LST V. Junior RST S. Rodrygo Bench CB A. Rudiger CM T. Kroos LB F. Garcia CAM F. Valverde ST L. Joselu CM L. Vazquez ST A. Guler CB N. Fernandez CDM B. Diaz
@user-freddyandstripe 3 aylar önce
Kroos is in the starting 11
@ninja89888 2 aylar önce
bruh guller is Winger player and midefielder and its kepa as Gk
@3sinstosins Aylar önce
LCM is not Camavinga LCM = least common multiple😂😂
@fotrj 3 aylar önce
This aged well. Courtois and Militao got injured for the entire season. Vinicius out for months. Nice Mbappe you have there 😂
@terrenosland6192 2 aylar önce
Vini for 2 weeks
@Thunder_Magician 2 aylar önce
We got Camavinga
@Earth-ve9lw Aylar önce
Imagine having such a good team Camavinga, Modric and Kroos are on the bench
@petarkastelov3535 2 aylar önce
Putting camavinga and Alaba on the bench is crazy😮
@petarkastelov3535 2 aylar önce
Also do not forget mbappe has played as a LW,CF,ST, and a false 9 during sometimes on france when griezman was on the LW or LM
@warmblooded9467 2 aylar önce
rw too
@Threelittlepigs932 3 aylar önce
Bro just added the realmadrid squad with Mbappe 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@user-xw2ub5dy5g 2 aylar önce
Imagine putting Cama on the bench for Mendy
@ShihTzuCapitan 2 aylar önce
Well that aged well ☠️
@Chickennuggeter 3 aylar önce
camavinga is subsitute because if any player gets injured he will play doesnt matter which position
@zmdenoir Aylar önce
yup even gk
@monternegroedits1834 Aylar önce
Imagine having us such a good team, I'm being a player that you play every position not playing
@user-pk6kq2pd9d 2 aylar önce
Militao he's injured and courtois the same thing and mbappe didn't accept contract 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@iamnintes1922 3 aylar önce
modric on the bench is wild
@iforgited 15 gün önce
I am so excited for mbappe and Haaland to join real Madrid
@Ayyubdoesfootball 2 aylar önce
All time Real Madrid squad: GK Navas LB Marcelo RB hakimi CB Ramos CB Pepe CM Modric CDM Casemiro CM Kroos LW RONALDO RW Bale ST Benzema
@charlottedurrant9353 4 aylar önce
should be gk- coutoius lb- alaba cb- militao cb- rudiger rb- carvajal cm- Bellingham cm- modric cm- kroos lw- vini st- Joselu (they havent got mbappe) rw- rodrygo
@user-ge3cy2bv9w 4 aylar önce
Seeing this after Theo lost to Barca 😂😂
@user-wl5zs3fu6x 3 aylar önce
Who else went to google to search if Mbappe joined Real Madrid this summer after seeing this edit ?
@renemaa687 Aylar önce
@bacon_kingyt 2 aylar önce
Bro, just put Camavinga in all positions.
@refoihuferiowuh 4 aylar önce
Modrić and Kroos on the bench? 💀
@Nejad2009 4 aylar önce
Yes Kroos is already benched and now they bought Bellingham who will replace modric
@refoihuferiowuh 4 aylar önce
@dingdongrailfanner2778 4 aylar önce
There is no way u only have 15 likes nahhh this channel is so underrated i just subbed and liked
@OmarAlOkaily 2 aylar önce
KYLIAN CENTRE FORWARD! (I don’t know why not striker) MBAPPE
@user-oi3wp6br6f 2 aylar önce
camavinga should be gk ngl 💀💀
@hersi_edits 3 aylar önce
whole team
@Hr_sus Aylar önce
Mbapee diclined the contract
@felcydcosta3829 2 aylar önce
Camavinga 😂🤣🤣
@bashoekstra2379 3 aylar önce
Mbappe wil likely not go to real madrid this season
@ironaldoironaldo-pb5qq 3 aylar önce
No. mbappe said it’s confirmed im going to real madrid his contract with paris saint german PSG ends at 2024 summer. and his contract with real madrid starts at 2024 summer. hes going to real madrid
@adrianbosiljevac799 4 aylar önce
Bro modric is way ahead of tchouameni
@shivamsingh7389 4 aylar önce
curtois injured -- lunin is on
@marufulchowdhury5680 2 aylar önce
Mbappe real goat of madrid
@ironaldoironaldo-pb5qq 2 aylar önce
Courtois❌ curtois✅ rudiger ❌ rudeger✅
@springtrap604 2 aylar önce
Mbappe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🗼
@balajireddy4109 4 aylar önce
@fahmidanilufershampa3804 3 aylar önce
Ramos is better than Valverde
@LilGrxnt 2 aylar önce
@TerminatorNey21 4 aylar önce
Cutois 💀💀
@TerminatorNey21 4 aylar önce
Rudeger 💀💀💀
@TerminatorNey21 4 aylar önce
Valvarde 💀💀💀
@2015_Messi 2 aylar önce
I see
@savage_cricketshorts_99 3 aylar önce
Camavinga is not a sub
@FUTTY_editz10 4 aylar önce
Midrib on bench are u serious right now
@Nejad2009 4 aylar önce
Who is Midrib ?
@Nejad2009 4 aylar önce
Yes kroos is already benched and now they bought Bellingham who will replace Modric
@user-rf7sh5uu8u 2 aylar önce
@Nejad2009 4 aylar önce
Please subscribe ❤
@MuhEdit Aylar önce
@Futbol_editleri Aylar önce
Arda Reyiz
@alaryolivia8217 2 aylar önce
Mr grammar
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