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Isaac Aylar önce
Kamboses humbling Teo was almost as beautiful as Fury humbling Wilder. Absolutely amazing. The best man won. Teo's reaction and his dad's reaction were an embarrassment to the sport. Game over for the take over at 135.
Sham Khan
Sham Khan Aylar önce
I don't like to enjoy anyone losing but I am going to say that I am glad George Kambosos defeated Teofimo Lopez. I think everyone has had just about enough of Lopez jr and Sr! I can already say that Kambosos is doing better than Lopez as far as articulating oneself in the media and in your own personal life also. I really hope George does well with his future now. Peace
lewis griffin
lewis griffin Aylar önce
@Chris Strange kind of like Deontay Wilder after the second fight he wasn't humble but he's humbled now it might take a rematch for him to Humble Lopez I'm not sure Lopez wants any more of him though Lopez has no power
Chris Strange
Chris Strange Aylar önce
I am not sure Lopez was humbled. He certainly didnt seem humble after the fight. Lopez still needs to come down to earth
billy d
billy d Aylar önce
This lad deserves every penny that comes his way . Total domination.
Rico Bell
Rico Bell Aylar önce
@Boxing 112 he didn't school Loma either and Lopez should have granted a true champion a rematch.
Montys420 Australia
Montys420 Australia Aylar önce
@Boxing 112 I thought the same after the knock down that it could b even on the score cards, but after watching it back a few times since I dont think it was even at all, Teo got the 2nd, 3rd, and maybe you could give him 1 out of the 7th,8th or 9th but only 1 of these and 10th, that's 8-4 at best for Teo, the 2 judges that scored it Kambosos way, had him up 2-4 rounds and the judge that scored it for Teo must of been the only judge that recieved the "payment" from Teos camp in time!💯
Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira Aylar önce
@Pent Boi the reason for that is: Lopez was landing the effective punches nd chasing Kambosos, trying to land power shots. Teo got knocked down, but he was winning the round convincingly. The round resumed and Teo was still clear headed, didn't get hurt too bad and still went after the win. I personally would score it 10-8 for Kambosos, as he showed defense, despite getting hit a few times. Landed a few counter shots as well.
M J Aylar önce
He deserves Lopez purse too
Shablé Aylar önce
@Boxing 112 it was close fight, but not even after the 10 knockdown, Teo was too wild, and he got countered 4 rounds before then and his face showed it.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson Aylar önce
One of the best fights I’ve watched, proper hard man, love seeing the underdog prove the doubters wrong. Gained a fan in me. Nice guy too.
Craig Keller
Craig Keller Aylar önce
@Jamie trust me mate it was the most embarrassing thing to see when I woke up this morning I just was like what the fuck have a I done here. 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m glad it was only you that saw it because my god it was embarrassing
Jamie Aylar önce
@Craig Keller lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣it was funny as hell tho
Craig Keller
Craig Keller Aylar önce
@Jamie hahahaha sorry my phone was in my pocket just pressing random words on predictive text. I just saw it then and was thinking what the fuck does that all mean aswell haha!! Sorry man
Jamie Aylar önce
@Craig Keller what ?
Jamie Aylar önce
Subverted World
Subverted World Aylar önce
I backed George the whole way. His talent, his hard work, his conditioning, his IQ, everything went into him winning. Most of all, his belief in himself was so strong, it was hard not to believe in him, and I'm glad he won. You deserved this win champ! Great game plan, great work!
chris mchale
chris mchale Aylar önce
Me too. He out did Lopez in every department. Wicked fight i saw him beat Selby and that fight showed his iq in the ring am a fan now but am a fan of all boxer's brave F
son of serbia
son of serbia Aylar önce
@A Maximus i didnt. But hats off to him.
MGH Aylar önce
$100 landed me $1200. Jr by decision oh yeah!
A Maximus
A Maximus Aylar önce
@Johnny C a lot of people in Australia did mate.
Asta Anzû
Asta Anzû Aylar önce
@Johnny C not everyones a casual like you Sean
Obsiden Cold
Obsiden Cold Aylar önce
So mentally tough it’s unreal. His dad raised a real man.
Agi Georgiou
Agi Georgiou Aylar önce
It’s cos he’s Greek 💪🏽
gary bermudez
gary bermudez Aylar önce
“Won this fight in the dark, he was enjoying the light, while I was in the trenches working hard” damn
anonymous Aylar önce
Mku Ncube
Mku Ncube Aylar önce
Teofimo was baited by this guys anger and came for a firefight. George came in technical, focused, stuck to a game plan, tucked in his chin and took Teofimo to school. Amazing win champ
michael clarkin
michael clarkin Aylar önce
@muhammad najmi eh
South Holland
South Holland Aylar önce
@muhammad najmi teo, although I’m not his fan, is not one dimensional. He showed that against Loma. So please stop,
miguel cardenas
miguel cardenas Aylar önce
Reminded me when Duran baited Leonard into a dog fight in their first fight. Total annihiliation mentally and physically
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh Aylar önce
@J J fucken oath
J J Aylar önce
And Aussies are very good at winding up opponents in sport... They love it! Well done champ. Don't like Lopez attitude.... Apple didn't fall far from the tree
Aisadal Aylar önce
Technical, focused, determined, humble, and level headed too! Major congrats to our new champ 👏😄
Luke Hill
Luke Hill Aylar önce
Mate I would hardly call him humble …
Bonnie-Prince-Mafia Aylar önce
What a great guy; an old school blue-collar tough guy. A throwback with modern skills.
A.H. Fight Media
A.H. Fight Media Aylar önce
This guy has created a legendary moment in history
Hey Mr Guitar Man
Hey Mr Guitar Man Aylar önce
George should say Teo can only have a rematch if he rematches Loma first 😂
Chris Strange
Chris Strange Aylar önce
Yes I agree. Lopez afraid of that rematch. Or let Lopez fight Haney and then take the winner. But lopez prob cant make the weight again
Bradley Edwards
Bradley Edwards Aylar önce
Humble fella really happy for him and his family
Watson Brown
Watson Brown Aylar önce
Refreshingly humble for an Aussie.
Aidan Aylar önce
@Alejandro Moreno Nice casual racism lol
Joshua King
Joshua King Aylar önce
Sam Penny
Sam Penny Aylar önce
@Aidan my family is from convicts haha, the very first fleet too
Jin Sakai
Jin Sakai Aylar önce
Because most Aussies aren't humble?! What
Xan’cy Pill’osi
Xan’cy Pill’osi Aylar önce
He’s a Greek
Adam Howard
Adam Howard Aylar önce
Such a pleasing win. The way he outmanoeuvred and used perfect tactics to bust Teo up was outstanding. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy either. Long live the underdog that gets written off by arrogant boxing fans!
Chubby Hmmm
Chubby Hmmm Aylar önce
Always like to see young husbands/fathers do well. Feel if more people committed to a relationship and had kids gives them a different type of focus and a contentment that single people generally don’t have.
@Bill Clark No never heard of it till you mentioned it just now.
LuLuBoxingTV Aylar önce
@ItsameAlex was thinking more the economy , future state of the planet etc as it’s no secret the planet is being destroyed at a very fast rate If anything I believe if we were eventually personally visited by life from another planet it would be to help
LuLuBoxingTV Aylar önce
@Kevin Wilson agree with you
Bill Clark
Bill Clark Aylar önce
@GATEKEEPER BOXING youve not heard of the men red pill movement then. They're big right now on the internet. Many dating coaches believe it online of different backgrounds
Bill Clark
Bill Clark Aylar önce
@ItsameAlex no it doesn't. A lot of men become soft because of family. Others get tougher due to it. It 100 percent depends on the person. You're either hungry or you aren't.
JRR Aylar önce
Kmbss won fair and square - showed great technique and tons of heart - excellent fight performance- earned and deserved it. Congratulations Australia 🇦🇺 and Greece 🇬🇷. Teo showed no class before or after fight. Mexican fighters are mostly quiet respectful and reserved and have lots of humility. Teo could have showed some of that. Greetings and respect to all from Durango Mexico 🇲🇽
1 8 2 1
1 8 2 1 Aylar önce
Thankyou brother 🇬🇷 respect to mexico
Bruce Dog
Bruce Dog Aylar önce
I thought George would win, but not the way he did, I though he would win with a much higher work-rate and intensity! A controlled performance, such a strong mind set, I think he will continue to improve. Lopez seemed to believe his own hype, grinning in the corner every time he had a bad round, to focused on looking good instead of putting in the work!
Jin Sakai
Jin Sakai Aylar önce
@GH Sense I did too, seeing his training and how his mentality is it didn't come off as a surprise. I also think Teo is a little over hyped, yes he's still a great fighter with the better resume but everyone wrote off Kambosos and I'm glad that everyone gets to witness what I and others could see at the time. Kambosos was hella underrated and I knew if he wasn't gonna win he was at least gonna put up a tough fight and make Teo work for it. Dude has some of the quickest hands in the division and I've been knowing this since I first started watching him train.
Bruce Dog
Bruce Dog Aylar önce
@GH Sense George’s last fight was impressive, he had a high work-rate and an intensity in his work, I new he was gonna be a handful for anyone to deal with!
GH Sense
GH Sense Aylar önce
steviefrancis Aylar önce
He had allot more people rooting for him then one may portray. Never been a fan of Teo, so I was pulling for George by default
anonymis Aylar önce
Yeah but did you thought he was gonna win🤷‍♂️
uncle philly my ass
uncle philly my ass Aylar önce
kambosos done the impossible and took the belts off the home town champ where its virtually impossible a true spartan 🥊🥊👍🏻
cavscout62 Aylar önce
We didn’t boo you in Texas George, we were with you and I KNEW you were coming out with the Win. Best to you and you’re family.🤘
Aisadal Aylar önce
It'd be a great if George gave Teo a taste of his own medicine, that being, refusing him a rematch
Мартин Калиньюк
Мартин Калиньюк Aylar önce
George was a mandatory. There is no rematch obligation. And Teo has been run out the weight class. 🏃 Kambosos literally said "let's do it again in Australia in front of 80,000." Lopez waffled on about his son and how they've been draining him to stay at that weight. In a word: 🦆. It is just a shame Vasya won't get his revenge rematch. Teo got gifted those belts by a criminal card (119-109: fuck out of here). IF he won, it was close. And due to Lomachenko's early inactivity: not to anything particularly special that Teo did. But the world played along and let him run with it. Until he ran into Kambosos. 🙈🙊🤐
Ross Bonnell
Ross Bonnell Aylar önce
@Dan Sheehan I don’t like to hear that. He has Haney and loma to fight at this weight.
Ross Bonnell
Ross Bonnell Aylar önce
There is no reason they should fight again. I also think that lopez would come to box next time and that may cause George kambosos a bit more trouble.
B Aylar önce
@Luke 33 it doesn't really show anything. It could've been a bad night for Lopez. He looked dead at the weight. Plus Kambosas showed more guts than Lomachenko in the early rounds. Lomachenko fought scared.
Luke 33
Luke 33 Aylar önce
@B Loma fans are crying how? He wanted to redeem himself by fighting through Teo's top opponents, he didn't demand one, he's earning one. That said, after Lopez losing i think it really solidifies how injured Loma was, and shows that it was more of an off night from Loma than a good performance from Lopez
Lee Colvin
Lee Colvin Aylar önce
Cracking interview. What an absolute boy. Didn't follow him before, will be now
chaz hazel
chaz hazel Aylar önce
Congrats to him. Great performance and well deserved
Infamous made IM
Infamous made IM Aylar önce
Wasn’t no split decision It was a fucking majority or unanimous decision
yea, shouldnt of been split, would of been happy if he got a majority as i cant see how you could have it for lopez. unanimous would of been better, but, he got the win.
daniel alfonso
daniel alfonso Aylar önce
confident yet very humble.
Gavin Aylar önce
Normally I can’t stand when some1 blows their own trumpet but for some reason it’s not so bad when George does it. Great performance from him and he deserves all the success. Also loved when he said he wanted teo to enjoy time with his new born son in his interview after the win, true champion, Teo and his old man should take note on how to behave like a man.
Gordon W
Gordon W Aylar önce
what a beautiful win over a sore delusional loser. rooted for you the whole way through. congrats!
steven paul
steven paul Aylar önce
Greek aussie boxers are warriors, look at Katsidis another warrior.
James Brown
James Brown Aylar önce
What an absolute dog of a fighter this guy is. The more you hit him the more he comes back. Massive congratulations a hell of a performance.
yossi benayoun
yossi benayoun Aylar önce
the way this lad come back from being so badly hurt in round 10 to win one or two of the championship rounds and get over the line was genuinely one of the most impressive things i've ever seen in a ring. proper spartan this guy privelige to watch it was
Rock Hard
Rock Hard Aylar önce
I doubted him too even seeing his last 2. I knew he wasn’t going to go easy and I never thought Teofimo was all that but I really believed he’d lose. He did himself proud
Love, Beef & Youtube
Love, Beef & Youtube Aylar önce
Teo went on to brag about beating Loma for a year straight while not fighting so I hope y'all give Kambosos that same respect since HE BEAT the man at the top.
Ross Bonnell
Ross Bonnell Aylar önce
I rly like kambosos’s style. The way he moves and then sticks while controlling the range was incredible. I can’t wait to watch him fight Haney or loma. Must say he made a fan out of me. Also I don’t think he should ever fight lopez again. Make that lopez suffer for his nasty unsportsmanlike child’s play.
Itchy Ballsack
Itchy Ballsack Aylar önce
He offered up the rematch to Teo in Australia and Teo said nothing...🤣
Sean h
Sean h Aylar önce
Absolutely I wouldn't give him a rematch if he wanted one.all the sore losing,crying smh unreal..I never liked him and the dad..do teo like he did loma.....he was scared to fight loma again,that was biggest fight that coulda been made so easily and he didn't want it hmmmm!!!! Impossible not to like George,comes off even after taken all belts and he still all class
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods Aylar önce
👏👏👏👏👏 to Kambosos. I personally gave him no chance of winning this fight, I thought Lopez would be too fast and too powerful. But it came apparent early on that Lopez's power wasn't troubling Kamobosos like I thought it would. Outboxed and outdogged Lopez thoroughly. And it was the best result for boxing, because the way Lopez was talking since beating Loma it looked like he was going to try and squat on those belts and take the easiest fights possible.
Christo Mac
Christo Mac Aylar önce
George Kambosos jr. is so fast, almost sneaky fast with longer arms than you realize, there were times when it looked like Teofimo was out of range than right hand out of nowhere boom 💥. Congrats to George on the W.
C N Aylar önce
Everyone was writing him off but I just had a feeling watching him at the press conferences and build up he seemed like a man possessed, shame I didn’t place a bet I could see it in his eyes he would win this fight
Carl Ellis
Carl Ellis Aylar önce
Absolute boxing master class, especially when dropped in 10 and came and did brilliant in 11 and 12 so so good
Iris Alicea
Iris Alicea Aylar önce
Congratulations George you are a true champion. You shook the world!!! From the other side of the World. Puerto Rico. René
Barty Aylar önce
Fantastic fighter, so much heart and determination, true champion! Well done Sir!!!
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Aylar önce
Huge fan of Lopez and wanted him to get the win …. Really starting to take a liking to George 🙌🏻
Paul Whitehead
Paul Whitehead Aylar önce
What an unbelievable performance!! Well done George 💪🏻
Ninja's Rose
Ninja's Rose Aylar önce
Love this guy and his team. Humble warriors and great people. Reminds me of Usyk and his team. Great to see the hard working underdog have his day. The Lopez family can learn a lot from these guys. Respect, being one thing.
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams Aylar önce
Gotta be honest. Thought Lopez would win. But could see in the press conferences. The determination and drive could be seen from Kambosas. And it was never a given. He deserves huge props fair play.
DanHambo Aylar önce
Well done Bro! From across the ditch, always proud of my brothers the Aussies succeeding
DanHambo Aylar önce
@Yep Yep Of course! his grandparents were from Sparta
Valerijs Vasitcenkovs
Valerijs Vasitcenkovs Aylar önce
An absolutely beautiful fight! 👏👏👏 But if you truly want the status of an emperor you have to fight the pound for pound #1 !!! ✊✊He was the one to put all these belts together, so you gotta give him the credit for that by letting him try to fight them back. Haney is a conqueror of nothing! The belt was just given to him, what a win over a guy like that will prove???😕
Time Well Spent
Time Well Spent Aylar önce
Great fighter, great game plan. What a hard fcker as well! Wow. Love the jab, left hook! He's won a fan in me 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🥊
Pure anxious mess
Pure anxious mess Aylar önce
Respect to this guy
Namesake Aylar önce
George fight like a champ! I love that even when he's under attack that he fights!!! His footwork was amazing
Evan Munro
Evan Munro Aylar önce
Huge fan of this guy, real warrior left it all in the ring boxed superb, deserves everything he has
Pirate91 Aylar önce
Two observations: 1. Great win by Kambosos. 2. Loma really was hurt and fighting Teo with one arm.
James Harman
James Harman Aylar önce
Well done George. Best fight I’ve seen in a while. Shut those loud mouths up!! Great win, deserve everything you get going forward 👊🏻
Jose Marriott
Jose Marriott Aylar önce
His range and timing were on point also slipped a lot of shots too
Adams Tamimu
Adams Tamimu Aylar önce
And counter punch
P S Aylar önce
Hats off to him, first time I’ve seen him fight. I’m now a fan!!! I hope he goes on to bigger and better things seems like a nice fella and a brilliant fighter.
Larry Tru
Larry Tru Aylar önce
✊🏾u got my support! U came in as a true warrior and u did it! Fight of the year!
mike kemp
mike kemp Aylar önce
well done george! reminds me of one of the greats of the game joe calzhage who followed the same course from a kid.train train train some more.winning world titles dont come by accident it takes guts and complete dedication george had it good luck to him he deserves it!
n00bspanker Aylar önce
13:1 underdog going into the fight... made millions of new fans around the world and made history in the process
Daryl Wakeham
Daryl Wakeham Aylar önce
Thanks for the performance George, it was a hell of a entertaining. You will make a great champ. 🥊🥊🥊
The Guvnor
The Guvnor Aylar önce
Imagine the irony if Loma beats Kambosos and then denies Teo a rematch.
Cristian Villegas
Cristian Villegas Aylar önce
@Paulo Deeos nah loma glass chin. Kambosos fast hands
Daniel M
Daniel M Aylar önce
@Neymar the golden boy Now why would Kambosos even give him a shot at the titles not even the same weight class either let Shakur fight a top 10 at 135 first
Drew Cowan
Drew Cowan Aylar önce
@B 🥰
B Aylar önce
@Drew Cowan not to Lomachenko though. Lopez 1-0 Lomachenko
Drew Cowan
Drew Cowan Aylar önce
@B and a big L
62Fairlane Aylar önce
Such a professional in and out of the ring. Congratulations George 👍🇦🇺 You deserve everything $$$$$$$$$
J Dam
J Dam Aylar önce
Think I’ve got a new favourite fighter! George and his dad are stand up guys just genuine hard working men 👍
Sick Boy
Sick Boy Aylar önce
He'll beat Haney too. The 4 Queens are getting whooped by a Spartan Warrior! 🇬🇷🛡
Jose Marriott
Jose Marriott Aylar önce
Teo is levels above haney
Cash Ree
Cash Ree Aylar önce
Probably I'm a haney fan but he got no chin or power so he Probably stop him.
Haminatra Aylar önce
Never actually knew much of George tbh, seen the Selby fight but that's it. But the way he has handled himself and the way he fought was absolutely brilliant. Congratulations champ 👏👏👏
bengolfs1 Aylar önce
Congratulations to this warrior. Well done.
mrb018538 Aylar önce
I knew once he beat Lee Selby this guy was trouble for anyone. Selby ran the whole fight as he knew he’d be in deep waters if he traded up.
D90_ Aylar önce
@LuLuBoxingTV learn boxing you bum, selby did nothing.
Timothy Spaghetti
Timothy Spaghetti Aylar önce
@LuLuBoxingTV British commentary are among the ABSOLUTELY BIASED worst on the planet. They were speaking they're cards and WAY OFF of reality. Kambosos was dodging Selby's steady jab and POUNDING his body with right hands,sometimes even tripling up. Had that level of offense been at his face, would of resembled Lopez. Selby was a mover,so only part one can count on for damage is THE BODY.. It was really UD and not that close. Effectiveness,not just grunt and jab that does not make contact. THANK GOD judging was a hint honest.l do not know they're names commentating,but those voices I know oh to well. Selby looking like a giant compared to Kambosos yet he moved around the pocket and did the more substancial work all match..(Beat up is to the body)
LuLuBoxingTV Aylar önce
He did not beat selby up looool , plus selby came from being at 126 … he moved up 9 pounds think kambosos was his 3rd fight at light weight
Chris Strange
Chris Strange Aylar önce
Good point. He showed us how good he was.
Timothy Spaghetti
Timothy Spaghetti Aylar önce
Judging failed as that fight was not even close.. He beat Selby up like a bandit..
Dennis Kogl
Dennis Kogl Aylar önce
Well done, George. I was pulling for you against that big-mouth Lopez. You have the right attitude and humility!
Rob Bannatyne
Rob Bannatyne Aylar önce
George getting so much love and deserves every bit of it. Absolute Warrior and tremendous fighter.
Namesake Aylar önce
George kambosos and Shawn Porter.... I've become big fans of them. One for handling a win and the other for handling a loss
No Name
No Name Aylar önce
Got up off the canvas for the dub. What a fight! It's still The Takeover, but Ferocious earned everybody's respect!
Darryl Aylar önce
I’ve already watched the fight twice again today ! Fair play brother superb performance
B M Aylar önce
Fought beside George in the amateurs. You could tell then he was going onto big things. He had this same confidence even back then at 16yrs old
C Jersey
C Jersey Aylar önce
I’m thinking an important difference between fighters was Composure, Teo looked frustrated from Rd 2 on while George liked focused the entire fight and frustration distracts you from your task
Bobby Capa
Bobby Capa Aylar önce
have to respect someone that backed up what they believe. I didn't think his chin could take it it but it was great that it did and certainly proved everyone wrong. Well done George!
Kirk Hobbs
Kirk Hobbs Aylar önce
What a down to earth guy! The best man won!! As soon as two said he was knocking this guy out in 1 round I knew he had lost this fight straight away, Maybe new things for Australia Now! big respect to this guy !!!
icfbug Aylar önce
I love this guy he fights the way he talks, well done my son 👍🏾🙏🏾
luke Aylar önce
Great fight definitely worth not cancelling my subscription, and I’m definitely a fan of George now! Well done 👍🏼
mjc220683 Aylar önce
Excellent win. Decent fella.
Peter the 3rd Banks
Peter the 3rd Banks Aylar önce
well done George, i for one backed him to win. furthermore i am glad he won, Teo has turned into a spoilt brat since luckily beating Loma,also his father Lopez senior is the most vile man in boxing,his father is a bigger clown than Angel Garcia.
Iron crusader
Iron crusader Aylar önce
Seems the type of guy to actually keep it together after a big underdog win for the belts unlike Lopez and Ruiz
soc_ Souph
soc_ Souph Aylar önce
Μπραβο ρε Γιωργαρα στην ελλαδα ειμαστε περηφανοι
Billy Saunders
Billy Saunders Aylar önce
Cool guy George from an overweight 11yo being bullied at school to young boxer amateur fighter club fighter to professional to now world champion,True story of a fighter ,Respect lad
Rusty SpyGoat
Rusty SpyGoat Aylar önce
What a brilliant performance!!! Hats off
Nathan teamversatile
Nathan teamversatile Aylar önce
Brilliant!!! 👏👏 was really rooting for Kambosos 👏👏
MFG Gh Aylar önce
This guy is here to stay for a long long time as a champ!
LR266 Aylar önce
I don't know about that, very competitive division. We will see.
Vespatim19 Aylar önce
you think he beats loma tank garcia haney? not in a million years he loses these belts very quickly
Khabib cherrypicker
Khabib cherrypicker Aylar önce
Just make sure he never gets a rematch like how he won’t give one to Loma and keeps running because he knows he didn’t even win that fight
Zami Adams
Zami Adams Aylar önce
Such an amazing fighter, and the new world champ.
Micky Laming
Micky Laming Aylar önce
Well done Champ! I hope you get your big fight back in Oz, you deserve that. 🙂 Will be interesting to see how many of them big names duck that fight only wanting to fight in the US? 🤔 I thought it was 8-4 with a knockdown each! But what do i know? 🤣 I don't understand how these judges score the way they do! Trella's card is disgraceful! 🤬 But why did he and Feldman score the 1st round 10-9? If you take away the knockdown, the 1st round is fairly close. Lopez is more aggressive and tags Kam with a couple of big shots. But Kam made him miss with a lot, and countered nice and tagged him too. So whatever you like it was pretty close either way. The knockdown takes away the 1st argument, clearly 10-8! The reason i say this is if you look at the final round of Fury/Wilder 1. Take away the knockdown, and it wasn't close at all. Fury clearly won that round. But all 3 judges scored it 10-8 to Wilder. Are these judges guided by rules or do they just make up their own as they go along! 🤔
Michael D
Michael D Aylar önce
What a guy. I’ve never seen anybody with the belief this guys got in himself. He’s shown every boxer that you have to believe in yourself. Talent obviously but he was not losing that fight no matter what it took.
The Brummie Runner
The Brummie Runner Aylar önce
Love an underdog,this bloke gained many fans last night
Anthony Nieves
Anthony Nieves Aylar önce
The interviewer is cap…the whole world wasn’t against him. The whole world damn near wanted those belts out of teos hands to push boxing forward. Teo is a duck and held those belts hostage and we all see exactly why , today
Norbert Kajtár
Norbert Kajtár Aylar önce
Huge respect to George Kambosos jr. Unreal win.
Tussi Asafo
Tussi Asafo Aylar önce
For sure bro, Champions are made in the dark..😎👍 Proud of you Champ from Nz. Was a teo fan till the last press conference. They clowns and needed this loss to be humble. Good for u champ.
Smokesta 89
Smokesta 89 Aylar önce
Gotta pay homage to the Aussie! Lopez needs to run it back with Loma for a next payday!
Myrick Aylar önce
I'm so happy for him. I really love garcia , rank and haney... but something in me wants him to defeat all three of them.
Shawn O
Shawn O Aylar önce
What a fight. Congrats 👏 . It would of been a shame if Triller secured the bid and this wasn't on DAZN.
bubbathenaslover Aylar önce
Very inspirational, great story on self belief. But he should avoid Haney and Loma at all costs. Those belts are gonna be passed around every year at this point.
CHANNEL ONE Aylar önce
I called the fight even before it began…all I needed to see was the press conference…the young man has a new fan!!
D B Aylar önce
Dean Hutchinson
Dean Hutchinson Aylar önce
Brilliant, class... Onwards and upwards 💯👀
Dean Hutchinson
Dean Hutchinson Aylar önce
@3nR.I.P you must be purple then 🤣 purple life's matter 🖕 racist...
David Masterson
David Masterson Aylar önce
@3nR.I.P nah the only thing that's real here is the victim mentality from you 😂
David Masterson
David Masterson Aylar önce
@3nR.I.P cause the term ain't real
David Masterson
David Masterson Aylar önce
@3nR.I.P tf u on about
Clarence beeks
Clarence beeks Aylar önce
He was ON IT !!!! I thought this might happen
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