music theory for music producers (you'll actually use this)

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music theory can be a really complex, and confusing subject - but I've got quite a few request to dive in and talk about the music theory that I use in my day to day music production. This is only the first step - learning major scales.

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FOR ALL THE THEORY NERDS OUT THERE - yeah I know I gloss over some things and over-simplify at times, but I'm trying to make this accessible and PRACTICAL for beginners.

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TAETRO 3 aylar önce
Salin v s
Salin v s 2 aylar önce
Bujanda 3 aylar önce
helena Gün önce
David 1k
David 1k Gün önce
Needed this!! Just started producing for the love of music and have been stressing about music theory but its really all so simple when you know the basic formulas!! Thanks.
samnene Gün önce
2:06 thought Taetro was gon play Money Longer for a sec
Ngo Anh Khoi
Ngo Anh Khoi Gün önce
I love u
Ezekiel Akande
Ezekiel Akande 2 gün önce
Damn!! You the man, I just understood what I’ve been taught since forever sheesh
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson 3 gün önce
Great instruction and approach!
OSTEN JAY 4 gün önce
BadRelief Art TV
BadRelief Art TV 4 gün önce
All the way from Swaziland/eswatini in Africa... thank you 🤲
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson 5 gün önce
Wow you just taught me a gem 💎🤯
Azureen Azu
Azureen Azu 5 gün önce
I can see that you are TRYING hard to make it so easy. Thank you, i understand everything.
TAETRO 5 gün önce
Glad to hear that!
Tim Lapham
Tim Lapham 6 gün önce
I have difficulty knowing how to read musical notes. I must say you would of been a good teacher because they didn't tell us anything that your saying. I would of past it you were my teacher at that time in 1979 I really love music. I am going on 54 I will have to stick to it if I want to play my own beats. I don't have much time left.
TAETRO 5 gün önce
you've got lots of time Tim - make lots of music
Tim Lapham
Tim Lapham 6 gün önce
I want to know why I plug my Akai in to my laptop but don't hear anything . Why? Can someone help me?
TAETRO 5 gün önce
you need a program with virtual instruments (like Garageband or Ableton Live)
Tian Louw
Tian Louw 8 gün önce
But what's the difference then, for example, between B-flat major and G minor scales? Or, like your example, C major and A minor scales? They are the same collection of notes (C,D,E,F,G,A,B), so how do you know which key a song that uses those notes is in?
Spliffington 9 gün önce
say it with me, whole whole half whole whole whole half.
247gspot 9 gün önce
Really interesting
Jamie 9 gün önce
Most helpful videos!
TAETRO 9 gün önce
Glad it was helpful!
SuperRingoffire1 11 gün önce
Thanks for the lesson 👌😁☮
TAETRO 11 gün önce
No problem 👍
Caballero Paladin
Caballero Paladin 13 gün önce
you say we have formed a C major scale but you dont explain why its a C major scale
Charzilian 13 gün önce
17:27 is that how people listen to a song they never played but are able to wing it?
Stock Footage VFX
Stock Footage VFX 13 gün önce
Thank you so much, this was really helpful 👏🙌😎
Musicalapprentice apprentice
Musicalapprentice apprentice 14 gün önce
I learned this while I was taking my music theory course but if you learn the major scale as a rythym it actually becomes more fun. all you need to do is make whole steps stomps, and half steps claps. Stomp!, stomp!, clap,! stomp!, stomp!, stomp!, clap!.
Musicalapprentice apprentice
Musicalapprentice apprentice 14 gün önce
I will admit, it may be boring to begin with but, fortunately I had a great professor that knew how to make everything interesting and fun. And he continues to do that.
Perfect 14 gün önce
Hey TRshow, piss off with ads every 15 seconds.
Felix 15 gün önce
and why would you limit yourself to only 7 notes in a track?
Daniel Christopher
Daniel Christopher 15 gün önce
Before seeing the video : 😩 After seeing the video : 😃
Isiah Ray
Isiah Ray 16 gün önce
This is insane its 3 am and after watching this and messing around I accidentally found the melody for Joy to the world wtf
This name change is temporary
This name change is temporary 16 gün önce
I enjoy learning music theory
Nathan Conkey
Nathan Conkey 16 gün önce
Thanks, man.
TAETRO 16 gün önce
Glad to help
Dawg. Thanks so much for this. Went ahead and started my journey on Skill Share as well. Subbed and liked. Definitely will be watching more videos.
TAETRO 16 gün önce
Thanks for the sub!
Pillowhead Creations
Pillowhead Creations 18 gün önce
Holy shit this helped me so much thank u
TAETRO 18 gün önce
sweeeeet! make sure you watch the whole series :)
Millee Land
Millee Land 18 gün önce
Hi Do u sell midi keyboards?
TAETRO 18 gün önce
isaac umas
isaac umas 18 gün önce
I really like your tutorial of music theory, let love music more. I am beginner , recommend me many keys of midi keyboard suitable for me. 25 ? 61? 88?
ifechukwu valentine Achebe
ifechukwu valentine Achebe 18 gün önce
What’s the name of your mic?
NOSIDAM 19 gün önce
super helpful, thank you!
Jeffrey Hughes
Jeffrey Hughes 19 gün önce
Do you think this mini would be good for a kid? And what else do I need too get him started
Jandy 20 gün önce
Piano music theory is so much more understandable than guitar
Jandy 19 gün önce
@TAETRO Yeah, but learning where they are placed is hard af on guitar
TAETRO 19 gün önce
actually, it's exactly the same.
WriteWithAngel 20 gün önce
Thank you I really needed this!!!
TAETRO 19 gün önce
Glad it was helpful!
Fred Beats
Fred Beats 20 gün önce
Bro I needed this awhile ago a brilliant point of view with scale
Svadhi Sol
Svadhi Sol 21 gün önce
I got to play with a hardware synth today and this series legit helped me in my exploration.
Honza 21 gün önce
How does one call themself a music producer without knowing any music theory fundamentals?
liam powers
liam powers 21 gün önce
i thought this guy just liked midi controllers, man I was wrong
Senad Alla
Senad Alla 21 gün önce
imagine i havent even started yet and he actually makes sense
TheUtgardian Channel
TheUtgardian Channel 22 gün önce
an easier way to learn a mayor scale is just to learn the first half step, because the last one is always before the root note anyways, so just care about the first one.
TheUtgardian Channel
TheUtgardian Channel 19 gün önce
@TAETRO why? for me it makes the most sense instead of learning all the steps and half steps on a scale
TAETRO 19 gün önce
that sentence in itself is confusing
Stardom Mansion
Stardom Mansion 22 gün önce PART 2 is here!!! oh gosh now PART 3 is here!!
Stardom Mansion
Stardom Mansion 22 gün önce
where are my notes
TAETRO 19 gün önce
i stole them
Adam Dunning
Adam Dunning 22 gün önce
This blew my mind dude thankyou
Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer 22 gün önce
Great video bro
recoveryqueens 22 gün önce
You really do a great job of making this approachable for beginners. You make more sense to me and I walked away with more actionable knowledge than years or band class and piano lessons.
Johannes Nielsen
Johannes Nielsen 23 gün önce
I would sign up for Skillshare and learn about Ableton Live 11, only I tried some classes with that Jason Allan and his teaching style clashes with my learning style, so that would be a No
3RIC 23 gün önce
You have no idea how much i’m happy to discover your channel , thank you ! 👍🏻 23 gün önce
Lad, u explained it being so chilled and calm that I finally got how this works
waytoowhat 23 gün önce
too long, didn't watch: learn to play all common major and minor keys.
Grey Young
Grey Young 23 gün önce
I really like how you say wwhwwwh :-))) Greetings from Berlin!
CURRY BEATS 23 gün önce
whoever disliked this must be peanut butter and jelly
up WITH dave cee
up WITH dave cee 24 gün önce
Who knew Hasan Minhaj was a comedian AND a musician???! dope man!
So honest, It's true
So honest, It's true 25 gün önce
willy wonker has world wide web hysteria👌
Leo W
Leo W 25 gün önce
Great pacing with this video. Helped a lot
Pressey 25 gün önce
5:15 has a narly bass for some reason lol
E R 26 gün önce
Very good and not to fast explained, specially the relationship with the 6th....good to keep in mind...
MrFallen1ne 26 gün önce
A piano keyboard starts at C and ends at B not G unless tuned accordingly to have the root key be of A. Stop saying there are no notes in between, they ARE notes they're half notes aka flats or sharps. An A flat is the same as a G sharp as an E sharp is an F or an F flat an E they're half steps yes, they are notes, yes, half notes but still notes.
Saiabolo Tracks
Saiabolo Tracks 27 gün önce
If I'm wrong, tell me: But if we went from the major scale to the minor scale, like you did with the F# major, then you ended on the 6th note which was D# to indicate the minor note. Then starting from that minor note (D#), you finished the steps to the major scale on the first steps of the minor scale to cycle back to the beginning of the F# major scale until you reached back to D#. Long story short, you started on the 6th note of a major scale, finished it, then cycled back to the beginning of said major scale up until you reach back to that note to finish the minor scale.
Gr8 episode
masterpatric07 27 gün önce
it is Root whole
TAETRO 27 gün önce
Zak Kincaid
Zak Kincaid 29 gün önce
I majored in music as well, and it's crazy the stuff that is never used for modern music. Learning atonal music honestly made me forget the basics back then.
Rany Harfouche
Rany Harfouche 29 gün önce
This is the only useful video i have found on youtube about music theory for producing. As you said, we do not need staff and cleffs; good course! I will continue to parts 2 and 3
Hanifwiaka Hanif
Hanifwiaka Hanif Aylar önce
Bro am ghana and i realy to lean it
Hanifwiaka Hanif
Hanifwiaka Hanif Aylar önce
Am from ghana
RoTeNdO Aylar önce
This is amazing. I've learned music pretty much the same as most of the people who commented in here. I'm a percussion director at a high school and we get students all the time who don't know their all their scales or none at all. I teach them how to recognize keys the same way. "Musical alphabet". I ask them, "Do you know your alphabet?" Yes, good! Then you can learn this" Anyway, this "formula" was something I never paid attention to, but makes much more sense and easy to digest and will save me hours of teaching new students. Thanks!
Dog Files
Dog Files Aylar önce
Such a great video filled with the information that I needed. Thanks!
ZWE HTET Aylar önce
Very useful subbed
accraboi1 Aylar önce
subscribed. Thanks.
TAETRO Aylar önce
Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!!
iGVerseBeats Aylar önce
Yo, I mean I know this WW... thing before but I really don't know how it actually works. Thanks for the Music Theory Sir, really appreciate the fact that you let me know what I wish i knew it long time ago.
Jaye Wood
Jaye Wood Aylar önce
Thanks Taetro!! I now have an understanding of the major, minor, sharp and flat terminology. I have the confidence and knowledge to make beats using different scales.
Jesse West
Jesse West Aylar önce
I'm shocked that this was 23 mins long because it went by so fast! Time sure flys when you having fun and I guess more importantly if your not having fun while learning its the teacher's fault 🤣
Cloudraven 27 gün önce
lmao 💀
Ashok Raju
Ashok Raju Aylar önce
Dude this is actually amazing and so many of us non-musicians need this! THANK YOU SO MUCH
toebeans music
toebeans music Aylar önce
Thank you! So helpful!
Ethan Gottschalk
Ethan Gottschalk Aylar önce
Bro after watching this I had to ask myself why all my teachers explained this so bad
xuhgelo Aylar önce
Major: W W H W W W H Minor: W H W W H W W
Mindless Tarot
Mindless Tarot Aylar önce
Thank you
Hi-Quality Ent.
Hi-Quality Ent. Aylar önce
Definitely earned my sub and notification bell after this 🤣🤞🏾
Hi-Quality Ent.
Hi-Quality Ent. Aylar önce
As someone who knows NOTHING about music theory I can say this video was great bro! I was always intimidated by this bc everything is so confusing 🤣 but after watching this video I went from intimidated to inspired 💯 I get my first midi keyboard this weekend and can’t wait to play along your videos and learn the basics ✊🏾 you were easy to understand and the video cleared up a lot of confusion for me . Thank you bro stay blessed 🤙🏾
волнистый пингвин
волнистый пингвин Aylar önce
Me too bro I was so serious about making my best vibes and hope to use it on my Cinematic videos. I’m sooo pump got my blood pumping haha 😆
doda_wob Aylar önce
Nice lightsaber bro what color blade?
JJ Arjorom II
JJ Arjorom II Aylar önce
Thanks so much, this video helped a lot!
Code by Candle
Code by Candle Aylar önce
good energy + solid & concise presentation = +1.
小琰 Aylar önce
3:00 is for me, just ignore me hehehe
Keiz2Life Aylar önce
Need more of these vids
Tip: on the Maschine Komplete Kontrol series keyboards (and probably others) you can light up the keys in a certain key and scale, which makes it super easy and fun to jam in specific key.
Shivazi Sadhak
Shivazi Sadhak Aylar önce
Thanks Taetro ur awesome!
Emagen Aylar önce
Geno Hall
Geno Hall Aylar önce
Mind Blown…🤯🤯🤯🤯
Jaime Perez
Jaime Perez Aylar önce
I started by choosing its key and making a couple of tracks with that key to get familiar with the scale also.
Lucien Lana
Lucien Lana Aylar önce
Good video : )
W00woowie Aylar önce
You’re a legend, you’ve gained a sub. Everything was explained perfectly. I usually flip samples but soon wanted to write my own stuff or combine my own stuff with samples. You’ve opened up my options alittle more so thank you!
Mr.N00B ²
Mr.N00B ² Aylar önce
whats that kind of chain called
Harry Relar
Harry Relar Aylar önce
Thanks mate extremely helpful video
Mayuri Walker
Mayuri Walker Aylar önce
Thank You
English Iguana
English Iguana Aylar önce
Thank u sir, great video!
Diek Lucero
Diek Lucero Aylar önce
Fantastic video and information
Not So Quiet
Not So Quiet Aylar önce
I have been playing various musical instruments for 30 years, some to a good standard, others not so much, but I have never had this explained in such an easy way, thankyou!
Brahim Tazarhine
Brahim Tazarhine Aylar önce
Can you make something about MPC BEATS
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