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MeditationRelaxClub - Sleep Music & Mindfulness

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🌱 The most relaxing songs with nature sounds to help you find relief and fall asleep are here. Feel free to use this zen music for meditation, yoga and sleep.

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⚛️ Meditation Relax Club is not only a free relaxing music provider on TRshow, but is also a world wide music label, mother of hundreds of top selling albums across countless nations, which can boast a proud catalog capable of satisfying the musical needs of the most avid and demanding New Age enthusiasts. We have a wide selection of songs for relaxation, deep meditation, yoga exercises, study and concentration, restful sleep and dreams, music to de-stress, healing music and much more. More TRshow channels have stemmed from the main one, discover our network now:


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► Meditation and Mindfulness Practice ◄
Instrumental background music to use during meditation retreats. This music is perfect to create the right atmosphere in your meditation room to practice mindfulness, deep meditation. It takes its inspiration from oriental asian meditation music, using concentration soothing sounds like tibetan singing bowls, tibetan monks’ om chants and nature sounds of birds, waters, crickets and forest sounds. It’s also good to use as ambient music on the guided meditations of Deepak Chopra and Osho, with a wide range of sounds that recall shamanic meditation and healing music for body, mind and spirit and out of body experiences.

► Oriental Zen Music ◄
India, China, Japan: these oriental countries have a long tradition of music that is able to generate a profound sense of relaxation and meditation. Here you will find both traditional music from the Orient, but also new interpretations of local music culture. Shakuhachi flute, hang drum, koto, sitar, gu zheng, duduk… These are only a part of the instrumental music you can find here and you can use for your personal session of meditation and relaxation. An amazing journey to the Far East, where they know well how to release their stress, free the mind and live a life full of joy and meaningful experiences.

► Yoga Exercises Music and Pilates Relaxation ◄
Here at Meditation Relax Club we create yoga and pilates songs with the help of experts from these disciplines. Some tunes are conceived for yoga practice, pilates stretching, help the natural breathing and cool down exercises. Our music is optimized also for sun salutation practice and yoga nidra for sleep. This music is influenced by indian tunes, using asian instruments like bamboo indian flute, sitar and chinese music with guzheng and harp.

Zen attitude - musique relaxante pour dormir
Zen attitude - musique relaxante pour dormir Aylar önce
Merci pour se moment de détente 😍............
Musique Relaxante : Dormir - Meditation - Stress
Musique Relaxante : Dormir - Meditation - Stress Aylar önce
Nice 🥰
Atmospheric Ambience
Atmospheric Ambience Aylar önce
Soooo relaxing 😌 thank you
Frenzy musiQ
Frenzy musiQ Aylar önce
Relaxing music
Love your channel , literally consume your content one hour at least each day 🖤thank you ✨✨✨
Justin Peters
Justin Peters Aylar önce
olive mosses of birth
olive mosses of birth Aylar önce
Ayaz Erdoğan - Baba (Sözleri/Lyrics) ft. Mengelez
DELTA WAVES SLEEP MUSIC: Sleeping Music for Deep Sleeping, Relaxing Background
MeditationRelaxClub - Sleep Music \u0026 Mindfulness
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3 Hours Calming Sleep Music 🎵 Stress Relief Music, Insomnia, Relaxing Sleep Music (My Dream)
힐링트리뮤직 Healing Tree Music \u0026 Sounds
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Ayaz Erdoğan - Baba (Sözleri/Lyrics) ft. Mengelez
Emanet | 230. Bölüm
Emanet Dizisi
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Worlds 2021 Grup Aşaması: 5. Gün - B Grubu
Emrullah Sürmeli - Baba (Bedel)
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