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Can you understand fast-talking native English speakers? 😅 Practise fast English with me in this pronunciation lesson!
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In this lesson, I’m sharing all the secrets to fast English, so that you can understand fast-talking native English speakers easily, and improve your spoken English, so you sound more natural when you speak!
Read the full transcript of this lesson on my blog here:
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0:00 Fast English
01:49 Hey Lady!
02:23 Consonant-Vowel Linking
11:31 Consonant-Consonant Linking
18:13 Vowel-Vowel Linking
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@newloggers Yıl önce
Hi Emma :) Thanks a lot for this wonderful guide. If I'm much closer to sounding like a native speaker today, I owe your lessons a lot. Sometimes when I look back, I'm so surprised to see how much I've made progress so far. Your amazing lessons made things easier. Greetings and huge loves from Turkey :) ( Çağlar Didman)
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I'm so, so proud of all the progress you've made, keep it up 💕
@newloggers Yıl önce
@@mmmEnglish_Emma I will 💪👊
@NextLevelEnglish Yıl önce
Another great lesson 🚀 Emma - thank you ! It's so important to understand natural English as that's how people really speak. I always teach my students these important aspects of speaking.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
It really is so much more than just learning from a textbook! Keep up the great work - I'm sure your students are so grateful for the real-life lessons you give them!
@tarekali3955 Yıl önce
a very good lesson 👏 I wish you give us a regular feedback to your most important and basic lessons, this will help us a lot. thanks emma🙂.
@husnas613 Yıl önce
It was fun practicing these sounds with you. They make me speak smoothly without a pause. Thank you for this great lesson.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
@ruwannishantha5045 Yıl önce
Thank you so much for filming this excellent video for English learners around the world. The content,audio, video, colours, timing, your facial expressions and the presentation are perfect. Wish you all success for your future videos.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Thank you, Ruwan - that's very kind of you! I wish you all the best, too!
@tesaubin Yıl önce
You are the best teacher Emma. I started to study English 4 years ago and I didn’t understand you and now, I can hear you with subtitles and I’m able to understand all what you say, I’m very happy. Your lessons are helpful for me. Congratulations for your good job! My best regards from Spain.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Tesa, this is so great to hear. I'm so pleased that you have made such good progress over the years and that my lessons have been so helpful to you!
@attilahagen Yıl önce
Wow! You've put so much time and effort into this video. Thank you, Emma. You're the best :)
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Thank you! 😃
@zayrabuentempo7339 Yıl önce
This lesson is so vital to me thank you so much Emma❤️keep safe always and looking forward for more videos like this
@liezlyadao8670 Yıl önce
Hi Emma ,i really love the way you explain how to use linking verbs...i'm Always having trouble in rule of linking words......i saw this video at least 5 times..thank you so much ...i learned a lot today from you♥️
@agus1960 Yıl önce
Hi Emma, great lesson as always (one of my favourite English teachers on internet). Currently living in Sydney , your lessons are especially useful for me. BTW, congrats for your new haircut🤗
@Lola-Lola260 Yıl önce
Thaaaaanks a lot Emma for this valuable wonderful information. This is exactly what we want to learn about nowadays 😍😍😍😍 Keep up the great work!!! My hat is off for you and your way of teaching. Hoping for more videos related to fast English 😍 Best
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Thank you for your kind words!
@diegomendez5646 Yıl önce
Thank you Emma, these lessons are so invaluable, you have explained them very well and perhaps I can improve my understanding of native speakers because they speak so fast :)
@jebatasnia4955 Yıl önce
It's need for me.I think it was the effective class.
@InglesenCasa Yıl önce
Hello Emma, I love your classes and your pronunciation, I'm an English teacher from Colombia, and I have learnt many things from your channel, Thanks for each one of your videos. They are great!!!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Wow, thank you so much! That is such a lovely compliment coming from another English teacher. I wish you all the very best! 🤗
@kentafujii8941 Yıl önce
Hi, Emma! This week's lesson is very helpful to understand fast English. The hidden "j" sound between vowels was a total blind spot for me. I learned a lot, thank you!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Perfect! I'm glad you found this lesson useful, Kenta 😃
@crazyenglishwithsandeepaan9234 Yıl önce
Hello teacher Emma!Another great English pronunciation lesson.I wanna tell you that this lesson helped me a lot to understand connected speech so well!Hope such pronunciation lessons more!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I am so happy to hear that!!
@liang2133 Yıl önce
Very useful lesson to me! Thanks for your effort! I will try to follow you up! I can't imagine that I understood the linking rules from a lesson totally in English. I ever listened similar lesson about linking rules from other mentor. He explained the rules in chinese( my mother language), but I was confused still. After your lesson today, the rules of linking sound is deeply in my mind. Thanks Emma!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
You're welcome Jason! I'm glad to hear my lesson was so helpful for you!
@nicholasrooksby3327 Yıl önce
Hi Emma, An interesting lesson about how to understand fast English. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. It is truly useful to all learners. Best wishes 👏👏👏. Thanks and regards,
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Nicholas :)
@nicholasrooksby3327 Yıl önce
Wow this lesson is incredible! I really love that this lesson will allow us to understand fast English. I guess practice is needed here, right Emma? Cz we cannot understand Fast English in a day. Thank you Emma!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I'm so glad to hear that, Nicholas! Do you know the expression "Rome wasn't built in a day"? Practice is needed, it will take time, but the first step is being able to recognise the way that words change when spoken - it will help you to problem solve when you don't understand a fast-talking English speaker!
@nicholasrooksby3327 Yıl önce
@@mmmEnglish_Emma Yes, I do.
@alicerossi_ap Yıl önce
Connected speech! 🤩 I never get-tired-of the connected speech lessons, I love them! Thank-you so much Emma for-your-amazing support ⭐ (I hope I wasn’t wrong 😊)
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, Alice!
@Michael-bf1dt Yıl önce
Hi Alice how are you. Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪 to Italy 🇮🇹. Hope your english lessons are going well. Best wishes for a lovely day 🙏😊 Michael
@franci3431 Yıl önce
This video was awesome, thank you for explaining everything so well
@ElMoscas114 Yıl önce
For crying out loud, she decided to bless us with 30 minutes for practicing English, hell yeah, what a wonderful way to start my English routine. So many thanks for dealing with this fantastic video, my teacher Emma.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Haha! Do you like longer lessons, Oscar?
@mahmoudkattan6727 Yıl önce
Hi Emma. I'm Mahmoud from Syria, a new subscriber here. I have been searching for some advanced English Lessons and discovered your channel, and it seems to be the best one I've ever seen. So I'm going to be studying with you and learning some advanced vocabulary, even though my accent is American, and I'm facing some difficulty with the British One. However, you are fabulously articulate! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Wow, thank you very much for your kind words, Mahmoud! I'm so glad you find my lessons helpful and understandable! A warm welcome to my channel - I hope to see you again next week! 🤗🙌
@nicholasrooksby3327 Yıl önce
Yeah, I'm ready to learn something new today with you Emma! You're really amazing English mentor! And thanks so much for the educational and pretty long lesson you've created today! Always love 'n' appreciate you!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
It is PRETTY long, isn't it?!! Do you like longer lessons?
@akdagar7955 Yıl önce
Most of the people like long lessons because you give more examples 😀
@monicavelazquez247 Yıl önce
I love your lessons! I also use them with my students. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Emma :)
@saimamirza9814 Yıl önce
Hi Emma, your lessons are amazing!!! I really enjoy learning from your lesson. My pronunciation of words and reading skills are improving. Thank You for sharing your videos. I also join Lingoda lessons.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Keep up the great work, Saima 😍😍
@ZuriTun-rj1ii 10 aylar önce
Surprisingly,I understood the whole lesson without turning on the subtitle bottom.Thank you for your lesson Emma...I love it.
@rosaalbarracin5808 Yıl önce
Thank you Emma your classes are interesting. I'm ecuatorian and I'm learning with very much but I still have many doubts
@dennisenglishjournal498 Yıl önce
Hi Emma! 🙋‍♂️ Thanks for your interesting explanations about fast English speech 😊👍 I really like your videos and your smile! 😁 Thank you as well for inspiring me to help my own friends and viewers start speaking English without fear of mistakes 💪👏 Stay healthy! 🙌
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
That's great that you are feeling inspired to help your friends learn how to speak English 👏
@monicahgati7517 Aylar önce
You're one of the best teachers I've encountered on the internet.i adore you Teacher Emma your teaching is of the highest level ❤❤❤❤❤
@mantreshsingh Yıl önce
Hello Emma, Thank you for this wonderful lessons. Also, I need you to create a lesson on How to tell a story in English - which I know you have already created before, however, this time please make sure that you emphasize on "Tense Shifting " like going back and forth from Present to Past and Vice- Versa using all Past & Present forms to give dramatic effect if you happen to create one. Besides, it should be a Longer lesson as like this one 😉😉😉...Thanks a Million Emma..
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Hello Mantresh, yes you're correct. I created this lesson trshow.info/watch/IqJlqzEfyKo/video.html about story telling. Story telling is great way to engage your audience. Thank you for the suggestions about another lesson specifically focusing on tense shifting.
@prabhakarjanakiraman9548 Yıl önce
Good evening Emma mam... This lesson "how to speak fast English", like native English speakers. is so nice n effective.Hats off to u for ur big efforts. Hope this will be useful to all English learners.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I hope so too, Prabhu! Thank you 😊
@maikolhernandez9176 Yıl önce
You are such a great mentor... you do not only have a great knowledge. You have an unique and simple way to teach. Thank you so much for sharing this videos.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I am very glad you enjoyed this week's lesson!
@PeterPanQuails Yıl önce
Thank you Emma again for a great lesson. I have a question. What about vowel to consonant. Is there any linking in this combination?
@BingoTOEFL Yıl önce
Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher! Your way of teaching is awesome.
@melmlv8990 Yıl önce
Great Emma I really appreciate your time for teach us English, thank you very much
@ivoneribeirobarreto3252 Yıl önce
I'm grateful to you, Emma. You're a super enthusiastic teacher. This lesson is precious to me.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I am so glad you enjoyed it, Ivone. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!
@adailtontomazsilva6509 Yıl önce
Hi Emma, Thank you so much for another great lesson. I enjoyed it a lot.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
You're very welcome!
@manalhangawe742 Yıl önce
I just cannot have enough of a teacher like you, so interesting lessons.
@marcob4630 Yıl önce
Thanks Emma! It's always a pleasure following your brillant lessons!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
@meerapretonnetteeycordeta905 Yıl önce
I'm really learning a lot from all of your videos. Thank youuuu so much!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I'm so glad! 🥰
@Aerosmith77 Yıl önce
Thanks, Emma, you are a great English teacher concentrating a lot on speaking.
@mehdikarami7750 Yıl önce
I came across one of your lesson on the net a few months a go and now I'm used to watching your lessons on weekdays. your awesome and tank you for your useful and practical lessons.
@imedbelghith7952 Yıl önce
Thanks a lot Emma!!! You answer all my questions even before i ask them 🙂
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
@mamdouhibrahim523 Yıl önce
, Hi Emma Great effort I have learnt a lot and I hope to give us the chance to interact with native speakers in a live way.
@faridaakhdache5850 Yıl önce
Hi Emma, I really enjoy this lesson. It makes difference for me. thank you
@lilin369 Yıl önce
hi Emma. we love and admire your lessons so much, especially the pronunciation lessons. I have a question related to the shwa sound. when and how it came to English phonetics. After all, this is a sound of Hebrew alphabet. Thanks)
@MusicTheMagic Yıl önce
Great content. It is adding values in my learning. Thanks🙂
@rebeccam8955 Yıl önce
Hi Emma, Thanks for your videos I have learned many things about your channel. I never stopped learning English that's why I loved to watch your videos in my free time in school.
@robertot.m.8747 Yıl önce
Hi Emma! You´re the best teacher in the Internet!! Many thanks for all your lessons, nice, effective and practical! 🙌🙌🙌
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Wow, that is very kind of you Roberto! Thank you for your encouragement - it means the world to me!
@danielschaer7876 Yıl önce
Hi Emma, I love your lessons!!!
@crochetwithsamaa1660 Yıl önce
This is really an awesome video covers very important points in Phonetics.. Thank you really!
@taiyeade1224 Yıl önce
Emma, this lesson is interesting and l would wish to speak like a native English . Nevertheless, l'm encouraged to practice more, though I'm African. I get fascinated to your lesson anytime l listen to it. I can't evaluate how impressionable your lesson could be. You're so sublime. I told my family that Emma is my English teacher. Thanks
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Thank you so much for your lovely words! I am very glad you find my lessons so helpful. It is an honour to be your teacher!! 🙏🤗
@abbaserturk61 Yıl önce
Thank you Emma, I think I recognised what is my problem with listening. Thank you sooooooooo much😄😄😄
@gilbertozuluaga1109 Yıl önce
Hi!, I really enjoy your teachings. I've noticed, trouhgt out your accent, that Australian one is very close to British. While in the U.S.A., I took my classes, right there. I'm so eager to keep in the same track, so that I'm in the continous path of learning this beautiful language as much as possible. Again, thanks a lot for your help. With empathy: your suscriber, G.Z.
@otto4822 10 aylar önce
Gracias por ser una educadora excelente ,se diferencia por su tono de voz calmado ,claro , alegre ,positivo, otra cualidad repite y repite hasta que esta' el 100% convencida que le entendimos .Gracias por su paciencia y entusiasmo ,saludos desde GUATEMALA .
@abdenacerharouni9234 Yıl önce
This lesson is a precious key to understand the fast spoken english. Thank you teacher
@MarioSergioSantAnnaGoncalves Yıl önce
Congratulations, your classes are getting better and better!
@MarioSergioSantAnnaGoncalves Yıl önce
You're extremely kind, polite and beauty!
@user-nr6oy6ci9t Yıl önce
Hi Emma, Thanks a lot for all the work you do. I was browsing on the Internet when I discovered your awesome lessons some months ago. I am an English teacher but English is not my mother tongue. I have always been worried about my pronounciation and accent when talking to my students, mainly if some of them are native. I would like to have a conversation with you to talk about this issue. Thanks a lot Emma. I am looking forward to your answer.
@solutionecole7019 Yıl önce
Hello Emma, I start all my days with one of your videos to learn English for 10 months. I really appreciate your way of teaching. Thank you very much. I am writing from the republic of NIGER.
@scalarpix4111 Yıl önce
You are doing fabulous job. Here in India to get such trainings and tutorials once needs to spend thousands of Dollars. Hats off Emma.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
It is such an honour to be your teacher! I'm so glad you get such value out of my lessons. Enjoy learning and practising!!
@ramkumawat3579 Yıl önce
Very interesting lesson. Thank you Emma
@Ssentthh Yıl önce
Hi Emma I'm from Sri Lanka. Your lessons helped me lot And now I can speech English well.And I'm still watching your videos and you made a dream in my mind it's one day I will come Australia.I swear one day I will come Australia and I will meet you.Bye Emma.❤️
@inesperroud9058 Yıl önce
Thanks so much Emma for your explanation. I'd like you to give us high- frequency sentences used in spoken English. Have a lovely day!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Ooooh, Ines! Have you seen this lesson? trshow.info/watch/TR0JZiapxXM/video.html I think you'll enjoy it! It includes 50 common phrases used in English conversation!
@hodakazemi2665 4 aylar önce
It was very helpful. Please make more videos like this and give more examples. You could speak first and then analyze that to improve our listening. Thanks a lot
@manalhangawe742 Yıl önce
As Arabic native speaker, we have a real problem with English pronunciation, because in Arabic, we rarely have two consonant sounds come together, particularly in the beginning of the word, for instance the word street, it is pronounced in Arabic accent would be as sitreet, spinster as spininster, splash as siplash. in Arabic the ending letter of a word is stressed in most cases, which would make pronouncing words in English ending with R peculiar. Also very few words begin with consonant sounds (not letters) although the letter is consonant. let alone the difference between P and B in the south of Iraq and in the gulf states. And if we speak about the Egyptian accent, it is terrible, for they pronounce, EVEN IN ARABIC, the TH as T or in some words as S, and when in English it is Z.
@Carlos-vq2zj Yıl önce
The best lesson ever about connected speech ! 👏👏👏 Thanks a bunch Emma, sadly there isn't HeyGuy for us. Hopefully we have your brilliant TRshow videos 😁 Greetings from Chile !
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I know, but that doesn't mean it's not coming! We are creating a space that supports women to succeed in English right now, but who knows what will come! Thank you for your endless support, Carlos!
@MarioSergioSantAnnaGoncalves Yıl önce
@@mmmEnglish_Emma absolutely disagree! so beauty as you, no one!
@gersonisma Yıl önce
I acknowledge emma, that your channel is a powerful step, really is my opinion this ways to teaching us, is so touching ways. Sometime I feel hazy outline with the english, nevertheless look at me just with three months studying every single day. Thanks for your time. Be safe and be well.
@Reyfox1 Yıl önce
I think that all languages are like that. I struggle with Polish, but if they speak slow enough, I can get a grasp of what is being said. My wife (Polish) loves the way I combine words in a sentence. But I rarely do this when I am speaking.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Do you mean your wife loves the way you combine words in Polish? Or English? (Either way, it's cute 🥰)
@Reyfox1 Yıl önce
@@mmmEnglish_Emma oh, I'm destroying the Polish language. My professor said I was creating a new Polish language. As for English, sometimes, I'll "combine" words just to see her reacting. I am a native American English speaker living in Poland. Keep up your amazing work!
@josesguterres8693 Yıl önce
Hi Emma ! it's interesting lesson to learn thanks a lot , you are the best teacher.
@avniislami9297 Yıl önce
It is an excellent work, the problem is that my students of English find it difficult to produce a real pronunciation despite my persistence. Yes, I have to admit that I am excellent in real British pronunciation. I know, I have to try to make them love the English pronunciation.
@shamimaparvin9048 Yıl önce
Thanks,Emma.Just what I needed.You are really awesome
@tonystark-gz5no Yıl önce
loved this!!!! if you may emma as well, one of difficult part of speaking english is explaining an action or giving instruction..for example...how to tie a shoelace... or something like this..you need to use verb as twist, press, bend, or how you remove the carburator of the car...theres a lot of verb and action to do such as loosen the bolt, unplug this and thag..and all others verbs... i hope i was able to explain what im trying to point out..haha... more power!!! thanks!!!!
@faustinmuangala9479 Yıl önce
Hi Emma ! Thank you very much my best English lesson ! I understand your pronunciation !
@hathaikarns5 Yıl önce
Amazing video again!!! The consonant to vowel and consonant to consonant I'm fine with them. I can hear and can speak them out about 70-80% naturally. But the vowel to vowel...it's very hard to catch even in your examples. I'll keep trying. Thank you so much
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Congrats on achieving the consonant>vowel and consonant>consonant - that's fantastic progress!! With enough practice, I know you will *smash* the vowel>vowel connected speech soon - you've got this! ⚡️💪
@elizabethsilos8694 Yıl önce
It's an awesome lesson, thanks Emma.
@andrefelipechannel Yıl önce
Teacher, thanks for that. I enjoyed you so much your lesson today and I realized that the natives don't speak so fast or difficult but yeah, that we must study more. Tkx!☺
@jose.ramirez7044 Yıl önce
Hi Emma! i really enjoy to Understand Fast English. Thank you!. I really appreciate your efforts.
@DT-vo7fg 9 aylar önce
This lesson is-so great-that I could watch and listen to-it endlessly...such-an-outstanding teacher you're!! 😃
@zarkasihghozali5050 9 aylar önce
thank you Emma, ​​your way of teaching makes it easier for me to understand.. I will definitely subscribe to you
@nadiatoso4280 Yıl önce
Thanks a lot for your lesson! I enjoyed following you! You are a great teacher.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Thank you Nadia! I love being able to help people improve their ability to speak and understand the English language!
@fredericcarrier9939 Yıl önce
It is a great lessons, it helps a lot to listen. I might want to immerse in order to practice regularly. Thank you.
@rina.1799 Yıl önce
Great lesson like always 💕 Oh I only tried “hey lady” for one week but I still miss it. It was really great.🥰
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
We hope to see you again inside soon! 💕
@nutaly3354 Yıl önce
Great lesson! Emma, thank you so much!
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Thank you! 😃
@stonehorse57 Yıl önce
Great video as usual lovely Emma 😊
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Thank you Adolfo! 😊
@ciorad1389 Yıl önce
The most competent and wonderful English teacher I ever had!
@gladysgranum6892 Yıl önce
I am a new student and so far you are the best one. Thank you so much for your dedication and excellent lessons.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Welcome, Gladys!!! I am so glad you are here 🥰 Don't forget to download the practice workbook from the description so that you can practise using connected speech!
@nkirwaurassa3390 Yıl önce
Hallow Emma I'm so glad for you. You're good English Teacher. I've learnt many things from you. God bless you.
@hasbanahmed7471 10 aylar önce
Hi mate You’re a one of my favorite personalities and I enjoy your videos a lot and learn a lot from it May God grant you much success 😊 Yeah i ' m late but now i m ur student 👨‍🎓
@PaulieDC Yıl önce
Oh my... I grew up in New Jersey and not only do we talk fast, but with an East Coast accent. I saw video title and decided to watch a couple minutes and ended up watching the whole thing. What you taught here explains EXACTLY how we talk and I've never even thought about it! So interesting. Here's one from the New York area that fits exactly to your lesson. Someone asks you a question about how something is and you answer "fuhGITaboudit", which is really "forget about it". That can mean really good OR really bad! "Look at that Ferrari!" "Hey, fuhgitaboudit!" "Did you watch the Mets lose 14 t' 3?" "Hey... fuhGITaboudit...". 😊
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Haha it's SO true, Paulie!! We don't even realise we do it, right?! No wonder learning English is so tricky! 😳
@PaulieDC Yıl önce
@@mmmEnglish_Emma It IS! And here I'm a native speaker living in America, and I'm learning how to speak English from you! 😊
@sanssilence7880 Yıl önce
Hey Emma, native English Speaker here. I never paid attention to or understand how...intricate for lack of a better word English is from the perspective of a non-speaker. Your video really showed me just how many oddities there are that natives really don't get a full appreciation of.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
It's so true! Native English speakers often don't even realise how intricate and complex English can be - particularly when it comes to connected speech! I am very glad you enjoyed the lesson and hope to see you again next week! 😊
@nadinegirard1709 Yıl önce
great, Emma thanks a lot for lessons to learn, you're a good teacher. It"s very difficult for me because I hadn't done English for 40 years.😂🥵
@user-fv4hw1il8h Yıl önce
Thank you, Emma. It is difficalt for me, but I like it and began to look for such combinations.
@surpriseborilpandi4171 Yıl önce
Hey!!! Emma, honestly I have really enjoyed this lesson. Thank you.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I am so glad!
@katarinakovacevic5982 Yıl önce
I like this lesson. I take more attention when people speak and notice diference. Thank you.
@anoopkang Yıl önce
It was wonderful lesson, Emma. 👌👌👍👍👍
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
Thanks, Anoop!
@guri8834 Yıl önce
Teacher Emma your videos is very useful for me because iam a beginner actually I really want to talk like you and I hope you always with me
@gualdus Yıl önce
Eres fantástica!
@changehealthcaresolutions-8168 Yıl önce
Awesome Emma, Kindly need specific series about this topic of connected speech.
@qingyun163 Yıl önce
This video is very useful. I have saved it to my collection for reviewing it regularly in the future.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Don't forget to download the workbook from the video description so you can practise using and identifying connected speech!
@Anjalisingh-oh2ic Yıl önce
As always your video is very helpful and useful Emma. Thanks for this lesson.
@mmmEnglish_Emma Yıl önce
It's my pleasure, Anjali! I'm glad you found it useful
@sunnychauhan4184 Yıl önce
Hi anjali