DAZN Rewind | Demetrius Andrade vs. Walter Kautondokwa

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DAZN Boxing

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November 18th, 2021 -- DAZN Rewind | Demetrius Andrade vs. Walter Kautondokwa for the WBO Middleweight Title.

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london knight
london knight Aylar önce
Respect to Walter for taking a short notice to fight 🤛👊💯👍
Alejandro Banuelos
Alejandro Banuelos Aylar önce
I just don’t see how Andrade going to earn Canelo respect. He can even knock Walter out.
HedgeHog Ranger
HedgeHog Ranger Aylar önce
@Chuy Jimenez and fyi,the best fighters on earth are either Black or White,the latter usually hailing from eastern Europe😏
Corey Higgins
Corey Higgins Aylar önce
@HedgeHog Ranger Nobody could TF is this comment ???
David Jones
David Jones Aylar önce
@HedgeHog Ranger it's Not old for Mayweather apparently
HedgeHog Ranger
HedgeHog Ranger Aylar önce
@David Jones 36 is still old in any sport and he gave up 20 pounds on fight night.
David Jones
David Jones Aylar önce
@HedgeHog Ranger he was 36 and still sharp as a tack.
Komodo Baggins
Komodo Baggins Aylar önce
What a joke! Andrade lost this fight the moment he went MMA on this guy. Also, the Ref blind eyed the double K.O? Walter Kautondokwa was completely treated with such disrespect. It's obvious who's being placed on a pedestal here. Andrade does not deserve a Canelo fight until he fights other top contenders. I don't know what people see in this b+ rated fighter. Walter Kauntondokwa has more potential than this dude. Better chin, stronger, and has the capacity to go 12. All he needs is a better trainer and you've got an actual boogeyman.
Marlon Medrano
Marlon Medrano 16 gün önce
Yes I saw 👀 that knock Down too
The Prince
The Prince Aylar önce
They want Andrade to go from fighting bums to fighting Canelo-the best in the game.Unbelievable.
Miguel Guerrero
Miguel Guerrero Aylar önce
Hey man that first knock down wasn’t right you can see he had time to see that he was knocked down and also a lot of low punches.
FeedKHABIB Aylar önce
If I’m struggling to sleep tonight I’ll come back to this
Victor Aylar önce
20:41 This is who y’all claim Canelo would lose to?? Y’all call this guy the boogeyman? 😂🤦‍♂️
Allergic To Following
Allergic To Following Aylar önce
@Enzo Carneiro jacobs at 168 had a draw with rosario he isn't killing anything
Enzo Carneiro
Enzo Carneiro Aylar önce
@Allergic To Following at 168, Jacobs at 160 kills doo doo
Allergic To Following
Allergic To Following Aylar önce
@Enzo Carneiro he had a draw with rosario lol who lost to sulecki lol haha 🤣 Just focus keep following Canelo and quit acting like you know boxing
Enzo Carneiro
Enzo Carneiro Aylar önce
@Allergic To Following Jacobs would walk through Andrade ngl, way bigger and stronger
HedgeHog Ranger
HedgeHog Ranger Aylar önce
No Benevidez is who Canelo is afraid of
OsirisMMA Aylar önce
Andrade vs Kataundoukwa, yep sums up Andrade’s career so far. Why can’t Andrade be like Shawn Porter and tell his promoters: I need to have this fight or that fight?
Calvin Bonner
Calvin Bonner Aylar önce
@Pratt Thank you. Nobody will give Boo Boo a fight, then they say he hasn't fought anyone.
mike h
mike h Aylar önce
you do realize that he signed to fight Saunder's here...right?
Music Media Production
Music Media Production Aylar önce
(8:40) He is 33 yrs old and took the fight on 10 days notice! As soon as we heard this we just shut it off! Another non worthy opponent, randomly chosen from another country First fight outside of africa! LMHO So sad to not see him get the big fights he deserves! Andrade’s career???? What career!???!
Pratt Aylar önce
that's what he's been asking for but the other sides should want the fight.
Minh Ngoc
Minh Ngoc Aylar önce
walter kautondokwa needs a trainer who teaching him how to throw a jab and combinations he got potential but needs training hats off for that performance after 22 hour flight and arrive just before the fight this wasnt a fair chance tbh
london knight
london knight Aylar önce
Bloody agree and on the back foot need to have solid defence
muwafaq mosa
muwafaq mosa Aylar önce
Jose D. Cruz
Jose D. Cruz Aylar önce
Amazing how this boxers fill arenas
Remnant / Remanente
Remnant / Remanente Aylar önce
Yes Andrade dominated his opponent from the start of the fight but, did anybody seen the Irish fighter before this event? I mean who did he fight before. Did he fight any fighter that is world known?
Danny Bermudez
Danny Bermudez Aylar önce
He calls for Canelo but yes Demitrie is not fighting no one
Abdulahi Muhammad
Abdulahi Muhammad Aylar önce
This fight was supposed to be with Billy Joe Saunders but he got caught using peds
rickdogggy Aylar önce
Sorry Andre holding hostage that one single belt !!! 😆😁😁😁
Jose Velasquez
Jose Velasquez Aylar önce
This is the guy who is most "avoided"? 😴
Alberto Romo- Rosas
Alberto Romo- Rosas Aylar önce
@Cosmo Viramontes afraid? Wake up fho… he the one fighting walterweights.. and u asume automatically he deserves a fight? He should be fighting Danny jacobs or callum smith ggg Munguía.. u get it when people say he looking for a payday?
Cosmo Viramontes
Cosmo Viramontes Aylar önce
This is the black fitter kingnelo p4p1 is afraid off hahaha ridiculous
DjDeck17 Aylar önce
People don’t even come watch him fight 🧐🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
[M A R I A] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
[M A R I A] H0T Girl L!ve Cam Aylar önce
I just don’t see how Andrade going to earn Canelo respect. He can even knock Walter out.
Lamont Hunt
Lamont Hunt Aylar önce
@Krush On 3 that's a great point, and by looking at Canelo's recent success, I can honestly say, he has some of those same friends in low places. Just my opinion though.
Krush On 3
Krush On 3 Aylar önce
@MALEK KUSHI MUZIK Floyd was the best at masking and diluting the PEDs by the illegal practice of intravenous infusion throughout the second half of his career and STILL couldn't hurt a fly.....he just blamed it on his fragile hands, it pays to have friends in low places
@Krush On 3 Canelo almost quit. If Floyd used steroids like him, he would have stopped him. He was EASY WORK! The real problem is that almost all of Canelo's opponents are C level with fundamentals.
Krush On 3
Krush On 3 Aylar önce
@MALEK KUSHI MUZIK murdered!?! more like outfoxed by using the point system and he won by a majority decision, Canelo was never in any danger and especially not by that elusive tapdancer, ppl don't give much credit for having the best defense, which he did and it showed because an unexpierenced Canelo brought canons to a fly-swatting contest 🪰
@Krush On 3 Canelo is using steroids and THE WORLD KNOWS. Asterisk on all of these accomplishments. He is allowed to cheat. But Floyd murdered him.
Tony Love
Tony Love Aylar önce
Megustaria que Canelo enfrentara a Andrade Canelo dijo que no lo conose y esta evitando esa pelea desde que el peleaba en las 160 libras
[Sofffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
[Sofffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam Aylar önce
My toddler has trouble going to bed ! THANKS DAZN ! Im play this tonight :)
Andre Rounds
Andre Rounds Aylar önce
Jose Luis Lopez
Jose Luis Lopez Aylar önce
Ese Andrade no tiene nada de pegada y así quiere pelear con canelo canelo te noquea muy rápido
J C Aylar önce
I don’t see how this is a elite level performance
PJ Rivera
PJ Rivera Aylar önce
Lol why don’t they show his last fight? Struggling against a british journeyman
AJONx Aylar önce
It’s already out
Lee Griffiths
Lee Griffiths Aylar önce
Andrea should have been disqualified... And he was dropped, why didn't he get the count
banacek8675 15 gün önce
First KD was a trip followed by an illegal left to the jaw. Another of the KDs was something that the ref should have called against BOTH as Andrade took a simultaneous punch to the face then touched the canvass with his gloves. That’s a KD according to boxing rules. But this ref, who I know is a veteran but nonetheless is not competent.
mike deleon
mike deleon Aylar önce
Andrade easy fight for canelo... real talk..
Allergic To Following
Allergic To Following Aylar önce
Belt in every division Canelo was in but no fight......nuff said. Wait until Benavidez Fights Plant itll last 5 rounds
Cyber Khronos
Cyber Khronos Aylar önce
un peleador del monton
YourGuyB! Aylar önce
Andrade got a double knockdown on his resume!!!!! It’s not official cuz ref didn’t call it but I saw it they both knocked each other down And it went to decision Andrade should not be proud or happy about this fight he’s not on the top 5 level
Алмас Жаканов
Алмас Жаканов Aylar önce
Первый раз смотрю бой Андреде. Да оккуратный вроде боец. Но я уверен, Жәнәбек сделает его
Бакытжан Шайхиев
Бакытжан Шайхиев Aylar önce
Геннадий давно бы в нокаут отправил бы Коутандокву.
Бакытжан Шайхиев
Бакытжан Шайхиев Aylar önce
@Нариман Нариман Я бы не сказал, что Андраде лучше Жанибека
Бакытжан Шайхиев
Бакытжан Шайхиев Aylar önce
Вальтер деревянный боксер
Нариман Нариман
Нариман Нариман Aylar önce
Жанибеку ещё рано. Год два надо ещё, ни стоит рисковать
odie Kaleka
odie Kaleka Aylar önce
Looks like Fury Vs Wilder type of fight in lighter weight
AX7 Duran
AX7 Duran Aylar önce
My toddler has trouble going to bed ! THANKS DAZN ! Im play this tonight :)
Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas Aylar önce
I think 🤔 Canelos Gym 💪 Janitor can beat this Andrade clown 🤡 😂
Envisiongpc Aylar önce
Once again Demetrius “THE WEAKEST RESUME IN BOXING” Andrade aka “Mr. Snoozefest” even Eddie Herb his own promoter always asks him if he’s going to put the “boring fighting style” rumors to an end and Boo Boo gets all mad. 🤣👌🏼
Envisiongpc Aylar önce
@HedgeHog Ranger I would also duck a high risk low reward fight if I was after Hall of Fame Legendary Status. Canelo knows he wins NOTHING from beating Andrade. The people needing him to fight Boo Boo and win aren’t the people he wants as fans anyways.
HedgeHog Ranger
HedgeHog Ranger Aylar önce
Eddy Heard also said Canelo ducked him😏
Simon Freeman
Simon Freeman Aylar önce
@Envisiongpc made laugh anyway..🤣
Envisiongpc Aylar önce
@Simon Freeman hahahaha! I just seen this… Eddie Herb should be Eddie Herns Cannabis Strain. 🥴👌🏼
Simon Freeman
Simon Freeman Aylar önce
Eddie Herb...🤣
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz Aylar önce
I took like 3 naps during this fight🤣🤣
Felipe Diaz
Felipe Diaz Aylar önce
definitivamente muy lejos de l espectaculo
Jeremiah Boafo
Jeremiah Boafo Aylar önce
Congrats Andrade
chopo LV
chopo LV Aylar önce
He wants to fight Canelo ?🤣🤣
Vernon Aylar önce
When will he fight a real fighter
Florentino Robles
Florentino Robles 17 gün önce
@Kelly Jones don't worry all this noise comes from Canela lover's the big duckling
Florentino Robles
Florentino Robles 17 gün önce
When Canelo will stop being a baby?
Truth Serum
Truth Serum Aylar önce
Haney has been available for 3 years FRAUDS, Loma chicken 🐣 bokbok🐤
ervgotti08 Aylar önce
Never 😂😂😂😂
He has been begging "real fighters" for the fight.
50 Year Old LE Rookie
50 Year Old LE Rookie Aylar önce
Andrade is nowhere near ready for someone like Canelo although you can't blame him for trying to get that pay check, not smart health wise but I guess he is willing to risk health for money.
Maverick Topgun
Maverick Topgun Aylar önce
Walter needs a technical trainer , one who can teach him waist movement and combinations. Andrade not ready for Canelo..
Itzjak Klain
Itzjak Klain Aylar önce
Los reyes del golpe fantasmagórico, jajaja
Бахитжан Б
Бахитжан Б Aylar önce
В этот раз Андраде против специально выбрали противника слабог не техничного.
Rudy Garcia
Rudy Garcia Aylar önce
He should fight Benavides
Mark Carroll
Mark Carroll Aylar önce
Boo boo need to keep that back foot down when throwing the backhand if he wanna generate any power thats boxing 101
Tony Love
Tony Love Aylar önce
Todos vieron la pelea de Erislandy Lara cubano y el Canelo todos sabemos lo que paso hay y Andrade es mas grande mas incomodo y pega mucho mas fuerte que Erislandy creo que Canelo tiene miedo a otra pelea asi pero mucho mas fuerte
kahsee 3
kahsee 3 Aylar önce
Canelo been ducking anderade for years if you know you know
The BrotherHood
The BrotherHood Aylar önce
Shout out to Walter for stepping up after BJS got caught cheating.
kahsee 3
kahsee 3 Aylar önce
Andrade would have worked Billy Joe
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson Aylar önce
@Douglas Walters that a dude thought he had to cheat to beat him?
Douglas Walters
Douglas Walters Aylar önce
Andrade would not have a belt if not for that. Should be counting his lucky stars.
Jose RIVERA Aylar önce
Yo jefe de la comisión pondría los round a 10 y eliminaría el q tu puedas agarrar a tu oponente solo en amarres casuales
Eddie Gaona
Eddie Gaona Aylar önce
I like to See Andrade Against David Benavidez Or David Morrel Or Zurdo Ramirez.
Yiya Romero
Yiya Romero Aylar önce
Benavides ko,.in.6 round to andrade!!!!!
Jeremiah Boafo
Jeremiah Boafo Aylar önce
Will mighty Canelo fight Benevidez
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez Aylar önce
At 20:38 Demetrius Andrade gets knocked down by my Cab Driver. Both go down at the same time 😂
Glen Johnson was working construction when he was in big fights. So, what is your point!
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Aylar önce
That’s funny 😄
native black J.williams
native black J.williams Aylar önce
Also why you do my boy ippo like that ?
native black J.williams
native black J.williams Aylar önce
Cab drivers can be part time boxers 😂, every dog has its day .
Scratch ur cheeks
Scratch ur cheeks Aylar önce
Not the first time and won’t be the last
Juan Ramírez
Juan Ramírez Aylar önce
ese demetrus es un correlon
Рахым серік...
Рахым серік... Aylar önce
Мына сақалды 100% жәнібек орнына қоят.
ggg aka ggg aka
ggg aka ggg aka Aylar önce
Qazaq stil🔥🔥🔥
Anti Vegans
Anti Vegans Aylar önce
BJS would have whooped this man !
Benjamin Welkens
Benjamin Welkens Aylar önce
@Tony Dracon thats the dumbest shot i ever heard
Tony Dracon
Tony Dracon Aylar önce
@Benjamin Welkens nah drugs don't help in fighting
Benjamin Welkens
Benjamin Welkens Aylar önce
Probably cause he was using drugs
Rafa Rafael
Rafa Rafael Aylar önce
This guy(Andrade) is NOT ready fo Canelo!!!🤦‍♂️
Jxrioss Aylar önce
So this guy suppose to beat canelo ??😂
Gavin Kettledas
Gavin Kettledas Aylar önce
This guy will never in his live bear canelo
cristian jonathan rojas medina
cristian jonathan rojas medina Aylar önce
solo puedo decir algo de esta pelea aburiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiido no trae nada andrade y pide a canelo pero del 1 no puedes brincar hasta al 100 tienes que escalar posiciones y andrade ahora mismo esta lejos de canelo en todos centidos
EPL BANTER Aylar önce
He wants payday
Alek Martinez
Alek Martinez Aylar önce
Andrade scared to get hit.
Ofer Mashiach
Ofer Mashiach Aylar önce
Of course, Kautondokwa is not 5'11", according to BoxRec he's 6'2".
Triple O
Triple O Aylar önce
Most definitely.
Marc Arias
Marc Arias Aylar önce
After watching the fight andrade is thin folks ... canelo body shots will be the difference...
Armando Saenz
Armando Saenz Aylar önce
Andrade no gusta su boxeo la arena se quedó con Un 40% de aficion
Freddie Sandoval
Freddie Sandoval Aylar önce
This clown wants Canelo 😂 he better stay in the hood with Broner 😂
Sebastian Bravo
Sebastian Bravo Aylar önce
Canelo will destroy this clown in 8rounds
Loco B
Loco B Aylar önce
In 6
Awantha Munasinghe
Awantha Munasinghe Aylar önce
this reminds me (in a really bad way) of the first time I watched an Ingmar Bergman film for the first time...
Juan ramirez
Juan ramirez Aylar önce
Andrade es muy correlon con canelo no lase
Sebastian Baragwanath
Sebastian Baragwanath Aylar önce
Let's hope Professional Boxing doesn't descend into a WWF type Circus...
Нұрлыбек Жүзбай
Нұрлыбек Жүзбай Aylar önce
Устройте бой Жанібек Алимханұлы с Андоаде.
Mary Ross
Mary Ross Aylar önce
This fight only Had 5000 people in there Canelo's last fight had over 16000 the fight before that was over 70000 excuse me.
Gambriel Manek
Gambriel Manek Aylar önce
Pelatih hrs melihat, petinju lawan lincah, n penuh pukulan yg mematikan, malukan
Michael Ray Briones
Michael Ray Briones Aylar önce
This guy Andrade will only sleep, if he face P4P king Canelo.
ProblemSolved Aylar önce
Bo bo need to stop fighting taxi driver and start fight real fighters that are Champions.
marius malwa
marius malwa Aylar önce
Ricardo Cuellar
Ricardo Cuellar Aylar önce
A caso andrade esta peliando contra algun cuidador de vacas de gambolla
Marc Arias
Marc Arias Aylar önce
Had no idea boo boo was fighting... Another cat with zero fans & no media presents... But we all want to fight canelo...
Antonio 10
Antonio 10 Aylar önce
No talent hitting while down.
David The African Assassin Benavidez
David The African Assassin Benavidez Aylar önce
Andrade avoided me 🦆 Wise
David The African Assassin Benavidez
David The African Assassin Benavidez Aylar önce
Yall some Andrade Groupies. How much he be paying you? Im the African Assassin
Mr. Piccolo
Mr. Piccolo Aylar önce
charlo claps you easy, no diff
Slohemian Aylar önce
D benavidez doesnt get past Plant
The BrotherHood
The BrotherHood Aylar önce
Lol, I like these type of accounts. Troll me anytime.
Jadon Mercado
Jadon Mercado Aylar önce
This has to be the most boring fight I’ve watched ever
Pedro De la rosa
Pedro De la rosa Aylar önce
Boxeando así es que piensa enfrentar a canelo el tal Andrade ese , no tienes rotundamente el nivel
Michael Rabago
Michael Rabago Aylar önce
I have never heard of the guy BoBo is fighting.
Sam Perez
Sam Perez Aylar önce
Andrade wants Canelo??? Andrade you only looking for a paycheck that's all, you counterfeit.
Галкин Анатолий
Галкин Анатолий Aylar önce
Класс ...
Armando Saenz
Armando Saenz Aylar önce
Anda muy Bravo Andrade porque el rival no sabe ni tirar el jab no tiene nada de defensa si peleará con canelo se la pasaba corriendo como gallina perseguida por el gallo jaa jaaa
sata2000able Aylar önce
What’s the matter Boo Boo you can’t even acknowledge the other boxer?Bush League on your part!
Domenico Meschino DPS MEd
Domenico Meschino DPS MEd Aylar önce
Quigley looks tough his odds are -700 against mediocre Andrade. I'd out down $20 to win $140 for fun. This is loophole this is way off.....you are welcome.
Domenico Meschino DPS MEd
Domenico Meschino DPS MEd Aylar önce
@Kevin Garabedian just $20 for fun odds are too high
Kevin Garabedian
Kevin Garabedian Aylar önce
Guarantee you lose your money if you go with quigley to win
Николь Харум
Николь Харум 6 gün önce
8 раз ложился монголо-африканец на пол отдохнуть...хотел много заработать...но приз одержал латинос.....
veterans for equality
veterans for equality Aylar önce
When was this fight? DAZN please the original air date in the description
veterans for equality
veterans for equality Aylar önce
@Stephen Zen thanks!!
Stephen Zen
Stephen Zen Aylar önce
October 20, 2018 was the fight date.
The Health Dealer
The Health Dealer 6 gün önce
Dude ain’t fight nobody but thinks he the best
Manuel Vidal Diaz
Manuel Vidal Diaz Aylar önce
Demetrius " ZzzzZzZz" Andrade.
Lsx Power
Lsx Power Aylar önce
These is the guy criticizing canelo for fighting nobodies 🤣🤣❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
Portia Smith
Portia Smith Aylar önce
Demetrius Borefest Andrade.
- [P A U L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
- [P A U L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW Aylar önce
If I’m struggling to sleep tonight I’ll come back to this
coelho sports & rec
coelho sports & rec Aylar önce
Andrade is walking around with that belt talking about everyone avoiding him and not respecting him as a champion. The fact that he got this belt fighting this guy makes this belt like a giant festering boil on his face he wants everyone to compliment him on. He's not a champion. He had a legit guy who stick his neck out to fight him, saunders. The wbo and vada don't contradict what saunders said about taking some over the counter cold stuff that is not banned outside of competition day by wada or ukad, and it was out of his system by the next vada test. Mass commission by law goes by wada, not vada, and Saunders had not broken wada rules. Vada was just a contractual issue. Hearn and andrade could have shown some honor and appeared before the mass commission and told them this obviously has no effect on thr fight, does not breach any mass commission rules, is a contractual issue that will be worked out between the parties, and to just go ahead with the fight. They have no honor though. This is how andrade got his hands on a title, after scratching out coin flip decisions over vanes and culcay at 154 for the biggest wins of his career. The wbo is a joke for this being a title fight and andrade is sonproud to be walking around with this belt that he got by F'ing a legit fighter outside of the ring to get it. Andrade also flaked out of a mel charlo fight at 154, had opportunities to fight lara, and makes excuses why he didn't want to fight jacobs, but does nothing but complain how everyone is avoiding him. You can't be avoided when you're a nobody. He signed with jay-z when he was still under contract with his first promoter and wound up vacating his 154 wbo title and the title he got against culcay was like a 2nd or third tier wba thing. Not... a... champion...
Luis Mejia
Luis Mejia Aylar önce
You fight nobody man !!!
Hugo Ramirez
Hugo Ramirez Aylar önce
Charlo vs mungia cinco de mayo and andrade has to fight a legit opponent he fights nobodies hes like a devin haney 3.1
フィリップ ゴースト
フィリップ ゴースト Aylar önce
He want payday
Kanye Westbrook
Kanye Westbrook Aylar önce
Here before the Canelo bus arrives.
Gustavo Sanchez
Gustavo Sanchez Aylar önce
🚶‍♂️🚍……we here bish
Guillermo Lopez
Guillermo Lopez Aylar önce
Y quiere pelear con Canelo si poor Andrade a pelado con puro costal de arena.
eli books
eli books Aylar önce
Canelo ko andrade... shuuushhh!....
Talaria Films
Talaria Films Aylar önce
What's with the stay fresh marshmallow gloves?
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