Most Expensive Construction Mistakes In The World

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Tune in for some of the most expensive construction mistakes in the world!
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Doingitwrong Yıl önce
Fun fact: the architect of the Vdara seems to have a history of "death ray" buildings. The absolute mad man.
jstrahan2 3 gün önce
@Secret agent : Recognition of sarcasm is not your strong suit.
Diamond Sam
Diamond Sam 25 gün önce
I am seeing this comment 4 days after he passed away
Andy bilak show
Andy bilak show 2 aylar önce
@Harry That's a good idea I thought of years ago. Designers should have to use and or install and or assemble the shit they design. There are a lot of no brainer designers out there. Seems designers these days don't have a clue. Perhaps it's by design.
€l•n /l\us£
€l•n /l\us£ 3 aylar önce
dom ultra brogeta John
dom ultra brogeta John 3 aylar önce
It used to be a dumping ground for our prisoners when your country was still part of ours
Steven Allen Edwards
Steven Allen Edwards Yıl önce
Vdara management has considered various solutions but the challenge in overcoming the structural design problem is that the sun and its reflection are targets that constantly move during the day and as every season progresses. In the meantime, management has installed large blue umbrellas over the pool deck to protect bathers, while the hotel's glass exterior has been covered with non-reflective film.
Rich W
Rich W 4 aylar önce
@SternLX Unfortunate. Seems like an opportunity to collect some solar energy to me instead of just dissipating all that awesome energy. But thanks for the update - much appreciated!
Missy Norris
Missy Norris 4 aylar önce
@Kevin My thought as well. Plot the arch of the suns rays across the pavement, build a overhead solar collector and use it to heat the pool/s.
2ndhandSue 4 aylar önce
@Jeff Smith - Sure, by the time they're 30 and they are Civil Engineers. The point is that we learn pretty early what concentrated sunrays can do even when aimed at an object that is very small. It shouldn't take a PhD to be able to extrapolate those results to a giant project.
G Zinom
G Zinom 5 aylar önce
@Squiddy Fan lmao
GoCoyote Yıl önce
The Oroville dam spillway did not wear thin. It was used very little in its lifetime. It was built using substandard construction methods, and did not properly deal with the weak material underlying the slope it was built on. This all caused cracks that allowed water to get under the slabs of concrete and lift them out of place, causing the spillway failure.
Evelyn Beverley
Evelyn Beverley Aylar önce
your explanation makes much more sense.
GoCoyote 2 aylar önce
@Phickets In what capacity? You folks really rocked that project, and it was a lot of fun to watch it coming together. It was an impressive job, and major kudos to your logistics crew.
Phickets 2 aylar önce
I worked on the emergency project.
d fobroy
d fobroy Yıl önce
@1961casey now get back to work and take my order boi
1961casey Yıl önce
@MIIIVideo If you had you would have known that water, under pressure, can do some serious damage either by positive direct pressure or by negative pressure pulling on panels of concrete. This is the same force you would find causing lift over a airplane wing. The water can travel so fast that it creates vacuum pockets called cavitation which pull at the underlying surface with some considerable force thus tearing it apart. Therefore the water was both pulling and pushing at the spillway tearing it apart.
Kyle 6 aylar önce
I was a first responder in the surfside building collapse as a deputy. Worst disaster I have ever bore witness to in my life.
PrezidentTrump 29 gün önce
I was the first responder, that makes you the second responder. Still, the bodies mangled and crushed under the weight of steel bars and concrete, turned me on. I took a few fingers home to boil the nails off of first. Three cheers for more disasters in our area!
Sam Burns
Sam Burns 3 aylar önce
One of the last states I would have wanted to experience such a tragedy.
CFRF13 4 aylar önce
Certainly the worst thing to have happened in that area of Florida since Hurricane Andrew in '92.
Kesley Gabbidon
Kesley Gabbidon Yıl önce
Love how consistent be amazed is with its video uploads Keep it up boys Really enjoy the content 🙏🏾
Serious Cat
Serious Cat Aylar önce
I dislike his tone. "Everything I say is so intersting. I am so in love with myself. I'm such a snob."
Brixen Lang
Brixen Lang 8 aylar önce
M8, I haven’t been watching this channel for months and I had just returned. I got overwhelmed by the number of uploads this guy has.
John Bockelie
John Bockelie 10 aylar önce
Just Polish for SKELETOR.AH, HA, HA HA!!!!.
Grady40 Yıl önce
Same here
markmark63 10 aylar önce
The opening statement about some of America's bridges being "really old" then says "before 1970" actually made me laugh out loud. I live in the UK where we have "before 1870" suspension bridges, and I can walk to a couple of 800 year old bridges from my house.
Bert Veening
Bert Veening 5 saatler önce
@? for the mysterians A lot more if you include aquaducts.
PrezidentTrump 29 gün önce
We have more overweight blacks in America. They wear down the bridges so quickly it's hard to keep up with repairs.
Tracey Reed
Tracey Reed Aylar önce
@Veruca Salt yes, we really are a young country. To be able to walk in, touch, smell, feel a building ten times older than my country would be awesome. The past, the history... Oh man. I'd be in heaven.
trolleriffic 3 aylar önce
@barry hessel There's also the fact that most, if not all of the badly-built older stuff fell down or was demolished years ago.
Veruca Salt
Veruca Salt 4 aylar önce
Americans have no concept of what really old is from the point of view if an European or Asian .
Joe Strike
Joe Strike Yıl önce
How did the Vegas hotel solve that problem? It would've been nice to know. Personally, I think they should've fenced in that "hot spot" and make it a tourist attraction, complete with a digital thermometer to display its rising temperature when that "magic moment" takes place - I'd pay a dollar to see that!
Lancer77 Aylar önce
They hung shades I saw in a video
jaap Bloodshoofd
jaap Bloodshoofd 3 aylar önce
@Amanda Jones .
Lizzie's Music Making
Lizzie's Music Making 3 aylar önce
@JerryS Beau2015 Solar panels are less efficient at very high temperatures, and the temperatures they've got are so high I'd be a bit worried about damaging the panels. And the 'death ray' probably isn't hot enough for molten salt concentrated solar.
Eddie C
Eddie C 4 aylar önce
i would bring bacon and a long stick too
Billy Burton
Billy Burton 6 aylar önce
@Harry 😲
Allison Schnell
Allison Schnell 6 aylar önce
When you started with the Tacoma Narrows Bridge I couldn't help but laugh! I grew up crossing that (rebuilt) bridge regularly to visit grandparents and most people in the area know the story. Of course it was rebuilt to be better, and now two bridges exist to handle the massive increase in traffic. There is a toll to head eastbound to pay for the massive project. I wonder if that guy's car is still at the bottom of Puget Sound...
the dumb
the dumb 5 aylar önce
LJ Yıl önce
"The Hancock" in Boston is 62, not 100, stories. As it was going up and the windows kept popping out and replaced with plywood , it was sarcastically known as Plywood Ranch after a lumber store in MA. Also, if you came down Huntington Ave towards the building at the "wrong" time of day, the glare was pretty blinding!
Triggerhawk 6 aylar önce
@Jason Tempest lol yeah most of these 'did you know' videos aren't exactly done by historians or engineers, they're youtubers. They likely just google up a bunch of things then put their own spin on them for hype lol, till a comment like the above comes along 😂 ahh well it doesn't really make much difference though, it's only a bit of free pointless entertainment lol
christa atg
christa atg 8 aylar önce
Actually my bad. Since the cafe at ground level is two floors I guess floor 1 is the 3rd story. So 60th floor would be 62 stories.
christa atg
christa atg 8 aylar önce
Pretty certain it only went to 60th floor. Which is also where the observation deck is. I used to work on 60 and there wasn't anything above it
Jason Tempest
Jason Tempest 9 aylar önce
Thank you. That was the first thing that hit me. 100 stories.. what? Honestly, mistakes like that put a cloud of doubt over the entire video.
ScarabChris 11 aylar önce
As I started watching this I was wondering if the Champlain Towers condo would be included. I was born and raised in Miami and I currently live just 15 mins from this site. I did not know anyone currently living in the building when it came down but I used to. I used to have an aquarium business. I installed and maintained aquariums all over SE Florida and between 2000 and 2003 I had a customer in that building. I have been in the building nearly every month for those 3 years to service a customers aquarium. I forgot the unit number but their condo had a perfect view of the ocean and beach so I believe it was in the section that collapsed. It was such a beautiful building inside, you would never know what was going to happen in 2021. I was never in the garage though, I would park on the side of the building and go through the service entrance and use the service elevator. Also, not just Champlain south had a parking garage under the units....nearly every condo building on the beach has the same exact parking type. The problem with Champlain south was poor maintenance. During the super high tides the garage would flood with seawater so there were big pumps. But the pumps were old and breaking down and in a few high tide floods the water (salt water) was so deep in the garage that the cars were floating around. That combined with the poor maintenance and water proofing of the pool deck which is directly over the garage caused massive water penetration into the structure. The first thing to go was the pool deck, the pool deck collapsed into the garage and when this happened it took a few of the main load supporting pillars which brought down the building.
Mike Ray
Mike Ray 6 aylar önce
It also had an extra floor added on with no additional strengthening, as well as all the planters that they had installed on the pool deck area had blocked the drains. Complete recipe for disaster.
Jerseybytes2 9 aylar önce
another problem was the condo owners upgrading their units with materials that weighed tons which put extra pressure on the building itself. Poor maintenance did the rest.
Wykletypl Yıl önce
16:33 Actually in this case, the disaster started three years prior to the collapse, when three giant ventilator units were dragged on the roof to a different position. One of the supporting columns was directly hit by the mass of the three machines and it started cracking up. A process sped up by the vibrations the ventillation units created each time they were turned on. On the day of the disaster crack finally revealed themselves, and only got worse until the whole construction fell apart.
Oyamada13 10 aylar önce
What also added to the disaster is during construction of the building, the diameter of the support columns were reduced to make more floor room and it was never report the change in public record. This reduction reduces the load it could handle but all future changes were using the designed numbers.
GigaKrait 11 aylar önce
@KB The Seconds From Disaster one (on YT) dating back to May 20, 2015 titled "Seconds From Disaster: Sampoong Department Store Collapse". The absolute best explanation and recreation of events leading up to the disaster.
KB 11 aylar önce
@jsl151850b Which one? There’s a plethora.
jsl151850b 11 aylar önce
Are we seeing scenes from the docudrama made about the collapse?
Phickets 2 aylar önce
Oroville Dam is not the tallest dam in the US. It is specifically the tallest earthfill dam. I got to work in Oroville during the response and recovery projects. Was an awe inspiring experience.
Joe Strike
Joe Strike Yıl önce
At the time, the temporary wood panels replacing Boston's Hancock building's windows until they could be upgraded gave the building the nickname "the Plywood Palace."
Burkhardt Yıl önce
From what you have mentioned about these projects, a lot of these mistakes could have been easily avoided but greed got in the way. As well as crappy safety regulations.
Andy bilak show
Andy bilak show 11 aylar önce
if 'regulations' were all they're cracked up to be, either things will be fixed, or heads must roll.
Jens Nobel
Jens Nobel Yıl önce
Which is why the question about which blunder is the biggest one will have me saying all of the ones that left people killed. They all died for somebody else's greed. I will never understand why any of those greedy people could be allowed to walk free after the disasters as their greed was clearly the reason for the disasters.
SiriowlsXvo Yıl önce
I just want to add that Block A of Highland Towers in Gombak, Malaysia, collapsed. I mention it because the reason for the collapse is engineering problems and natural occurrences such as soil erosion and water clogging. But I didn't say it was too expensive compared to all of those listed in this video.
Linda Kay
Linda Kay 5 aylar önce
What's weird about the Tacoma Narrows bridge, is that the Columbia River Bridge, from Wenatchee to East Wenatchee, was built in 1908. And while it no longer caters to motor traffic, it does carry an irrigation pipeline, and is open to pedestrian traffic.
Robert Dragoff
Robert Dragoff 7 aylar önce
As an aside on the Hancock Tower had its issues… Those glass panels started to pop out (they fortunately changed colors before falling out so there was some warning) Anyways, all the glass was replaced with sheets of plywood and because of that the building got the nickname of “Plywood Ranch” which was also the name of a hardware store that was open at the time. As a kid, I remember that there were places where you could look up at the Boston skyline and see this monument to engineering incompetence…. Ah, the good old days. Eventually the bugs were ironed out and new glass was installed
Seth F
Seth F Yıl önce
Keep up the great content. You're literally the only top 10 style channel that has great info and great narration.
Fernando Barajas
Fernando Barajas Yıl önce
You also have the Harmon tower in the same place that had to be torn down due to massive construction mistakes especially the plumbing... The plumbing moved about 6'-12' from top to bottom and that made tearing down the tower and building a new one cheaper and easier then fixing then fixing the bad plumbing and other shawdy work...
J Murphy
J Murphy Yıl önce
sealyoness Yıl önce
Once when we were staying in Chicago, we were billeted in this awful hotel room, so small that we could barely move between the bed and tv bureau. It boasted a window looking narrowly past other tall buildings to Lake Michigan. That wasn't the worst. The building shook and swayed that high up. We agreed to find another room or find another hotel.
FerreTrip Yıl önce
I see the Stata Center fairly often while bussing or being driven around Cambridge and Boston. It's...always quite a sight. I should go for a closer look someday. Also, WOW. I had no idea the Hancock was that troublesome.
DifferentialTim 3 aylar önce
Being on the bridge while it swayed horribly in strong winds is way worse than seeing some panels drop away as you are holding onto the main structure and thats all that matters , then you carefully walk back across to safety. Still having panels "pop" out is bit worrying as they should be totally secure and even have bars under them as final line to cross.
charlie joson
charlie joson Yıl önce
I just want to add about the Sampoong Disaster (as also seen on Seconds To Disaster), the main reason for the collapse was that on the rooftop the owner had three heavy duty commercial airconditioning unit (because their was a summer that was unbearable for the employees and the shoppers) Unfortunately, workers pushed the heavy duty commercial airconditioning units to move to the other side...instead of using a crane to move it without damaging the infrastructure. Then the manager would turn the airconditioning on and off (since the units were too noisy) until cracks slowly formed (and sunk) one of the supporting beams in a traditional Korean restaurant below where the airconditioning units were.
charlie joson
charlie joson Yıl önce
@Lawrence Iverson - that was also featured on Seconds To Disaster, the owner (who was a youth leader of the right wing gov't) illegally added another floor thus changing it from a commercial building to an industrial building
Lawrence Iverson
Lawrence Iverson Yıl önce
Sorta like that sweatshop in Bangladesh where the owner installed a huge,heavy genny on the roof which dropped the building on a few hundred sewing machine operators.
Piet Schreuder
Piet Schreuder 3 aylar önce
The same problem as the Vdara Hotel happened in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, albeit on a smaller scale. The officebuilbing I worked in was also shaped rounded, as the hotel. Also on middays it could and did destroy car interiors. In winter, during lunchbreak You could stand there and even with freezing temperatures enjoy de warmth of the sun. It is now the Hotel Park Inn Amsterdam. They added shades and prevented parking there!
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis Aylar önce
@Gigidag77 they had to put shuttering all over the front of 20 Fenchurch Street for that reason.
Piet Schreuder
Piet Schreuder 3 aylar önce
@Gigidag77 I know!
Gigidag77 3 aylar önce
also happened in London
Billy yllib
Billy yllib Yıl önce
You should make more of these! For the South Korea one my dad when he was young decided to go to that mall, but he went to the washroom. When he finally went there the building collapsed right in font of him.
Billy yllib
Billy yllib Yıl önce
@Mandy B agreed
Mandy B
Mandy B Yıl önce
Omg! I'll bet he _really_ needed the bathroom after that! So glad he survived!
Della Hicks
Della Hicks 9 aylar önce
I worked for a North American grocery chain whose head office was once based in California for all major decisions, store rebuilds and layout for example. I live in an area of Canada where the winter temps can dip to -50° for weeks on end, which should have been taken into consideration when a new store was built. Instead the Californian designers decided it wouldn't hurt to place the exit doors directly across from one checkstand and affect a couple others. Each winter we had cashiers working in 15 mins shifts on those tills, wearing parkas and boots, until the union stepped in and assisted in having them shut down. Eventually a remodel was done, and the affected checkstands were moved to the other end of the row, away from the doors.
Taylor Tanner
Taylor Tanner 8 aylar önce
I remember the death ray in Vegas. No one was happy when city center ( the group of buildings vdara is apart of) was halted for years but even less surprised when come to find out they screwed up in the construction that ran out of money and paused 3 times at least and even with the extra time still came out fucked up.
William Schnabel
William Schnabel 4 aylar önce
I live in down town oroville and we had to evacuate when the spillway collapsed. A decade prior to this in 1997 they also had a spillway gate get stuck and not want to open nearly causing a similar issue.
Tim Crow
Tim Crow Yıl önce
The Tacoma Narrow bridge was replaced with a very similar, but stable bridge that still stands. There is now a second bridge next to it to handle the increased traffic of the area.
Eneri Offutt
Eneri Offutt Yıl önce
I remember how bad the traffic would back up from the Narrows Bridge on holidays and often in the evenings, as commuters went home. I also remember one evening, as a child, coming back from visiting my uncle in Ollala, and watching the bridge sway back and forth in a high wind, as my parents discussed it in the front seat. We ended up going back to my uncle's to spend the night, when they decided it wasn't safe to cross. This was back in the late 70's.
Joe Strike
Joe Strike Yıl önce
One of the freakiest things that ever happened to me was driving to Washington DC for the 1st time since I was a kid - and seeing *two* Delaware Memorial bridges! In the years since my first trip they built a second, identical bridge to handle increased traffic - I was not prepared for that!
Sheila Walker
Sheila Walker 8 aylar önce
Then there was the bank building, 10 stories, on the corner of Lake Avenue and Colorado Blvd in Pasadena California. It was about 50 years old and didn't pass updated earthquake standards and scheduled for demolition. The wrecking ball bounced off the exterior walls. Too close to other buildings to use explosives they ultimately had to tear off the roof, raise heavy equipment powering jack hammers to the top floor and slowly break it apart one floor at a time.
Christine Yıl önce
Jeez! Those are some extremely costly mishaps. Any mistake for an architect could result in tragedy, both costly in money and in human life. It’s important for architects to strive to be perfect as the lives of many are in their hands.
I can't think of a name
I can't think of a name Yıl önce
Yep exactly 💯
My 12 Spoons with Rose
My 12 Spoons with Rose 9 aylar önce
Here in New Zealand we've recently found out a architect who has designed some buildings with big faults. It's not just one or two its every building hes had something to do with, so hes no longer a architect, but he thinks hes done nothing wrong. It's scary because they dont know what would happen to buildings in a quake.
Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson Yıl önce
Vdara is absolutely hilarious. How could one not possibly take the hot desert sun into consideration
A Varma
A Varma 9 aylar önce
perhaps they could use it as a form of thermal energy, thats how csps work anyway.
oldcougar65 5 aylar önce
I saw an expensive construction mistake: Back in the late 70's, I did some programming for a huge sheet metal contractor who won a bid for a nuclear power plant. They were well into the project when they found out that their estimator had missed a floor! The estimate had been accepted and the project was underway when they found out they underestimated by about 2 1/2 million dollars, which was big money back then.
Robert Sissco
Robert Sissco 5 aylar önce
Wasn't the most expensive, but when I started at NDSU, that summer they had put in some amphitheater style seating just outside of the student union building. IT sunk into the ground, so the highest level was level with the ground. Looked neat, but when I saw it I doubled over laughing...there was no drainage in the bottom. It was basically a giant concrete bowl outside of the student union, that with North Dakota snow, would sit full of water all Spring when it melted, which it did. I learned later as well from someone who worked in the union building, that its approximate location to the union building caused the basement of that building to flood as well. As soon as it was dry enough to do so, they ripped it out. Ah...I hate that school
Harry Wagner
Harry Wagner Yıl önce
The Vdara itself didn't cost $8.5 billion. That was the cost of the entire city center.
Penguin r/c Simulation
Penguin r/c Simulation 9 aylar önce
One of the other buildings in that complex had to be Demolished as well after it was half built as it had some serious design flaws that made it unusable.. They haven't put anything in its place other than walls to hide the hole for years now. I thought that was going to be the one on the list, first time I heard of the aria issue.
Don Dalton
Don Dalton Yıl önce
Interesting information but you might expand a little more on the facts. The Vdara hotel is part of the City Center complex made up of numbers of hotels. The Vdara was around 527 million by itself in construction costs with the 8.5 Billion making up the cost of the massive city center group of properties as a whole.
Sam I am
Sam I am Yıl önce
@Giraffes Inc. They covered the entire pool area with a tent. Read for yourself on Wikipedia.
Giraffes Inc.
Giraffes Inc. Yıl önce
What did they do to fix the Vdara 'death ray' problem?
quasox wartune
quasox wartune Yıl önce
I miss the Greenfell tower, London, incident - even though it was not due to structural integrity issues. The scottish example seems not a mistake, but simply an outcome of insights changing over time. Costwise it also pales in comparison to the other examples in your video.
x 9 aylar önce
your comment does not make sense ("i miss the grenfell tower london incident") and also ("the scottish example seems not a mistake but simple a outcome of insights changing over time.")
ItsZekom Yıl önce
27:02 I remember when this happened, especially since I live in Florida. It was a pretty grim day, along the 2 weeks following the day it collapsed.
L L 10 aylar önce
Vdara isn't the only building like this, in London a few years ago they built a curving glass tower which melted the road along with the luxury cars parked on (now 'in') it...
The Officer Factory
The Officer Factory Yıl önce
Saw the Sampoon collapse on Brick Immortar. Just... wow. And for the Hotel of Doom, yeah. There's a SCP in there.
Lt. Dan's Legs
Lt. Dan's Legs 10 aylar önce
I live near the Oroville dam and you could see water spray caused by the crater from over a mile away.
Drew Mack
Drew Mack Yıl önce
I live in a small town in Alabama, and there is a bridge that is still in operation that is over 90 years old. It was built in 1930.
Drew Mack
Drew Mack Yıl önce
@Simon Robbins Cool!
Patrick M
Patrick M 9 aylar önce
I was in Krakow 2 weeks ago and stayed in the city center and don't recall seeing any skyscrapers. It would for sure stand out, curious how far from the real center the building is.
Lewtable 4 aylar önce
Europe in general is very stingy with how they handle skyscrapers as they take away from our cultural architecture (which, a lot of money and time was spent rebuilding after WW2 rather than modernizing, further fuelled by what we call Brüsselization.) Many countries put their skyscrapers out of the city or create a very specific place from them, so I'd imagine it's a fairly far away from the city centre especially.
Arlequin 8 aylar önce
It's crazy how much damage is done by one person not doing there job correctly in the beginning of a project.
Rob Fowler
Rob Fowler Yıl önce
I think the "biggest mistake" has to go to the incident with the biggest loss of life. You just can't compare a building demolition with an occupied building collapse. So I would have to say the Sampoon building in South Korea was the biggest mistake.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 6 aylar önce
@Elkarlo77 the sentence was too light, should of been 50 years for EVERYONY
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 7 aylar önce
@Elkarlo77 Also in this video they said it was the south wing not the west wing like you claimed but these videos get things wrong all the time but so do commenters so I dont know whos right but its also a pretty insignificant detail relative to everything else
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 7 aylar önce
@Elkarlo77 I’m sure removing all of those pillars that gave structural support probably had something to do with it as well...
Elkarlo77 8 aylar önce
@Rob Fowler And that is what the judges said. 7 Years for the Son of the Owner as he was the CEO of the Mall, 2 1/2 Years for the Owner and a dozend offizials which should not have allowed the AC went into prison.
Jake Weisert
Jake Weisert 4 aylar önce
when you ended the sampoong disaster with the owner loosing every and that still wasnt enough. thats hits me deep. because no amount of money could ever replace all those people and the impactful lives they lived
rootbrian 11 aylar önce
There's been quite a few of those in toronto, canada. Queen street tram subway, eglinton subway. Both never got built (eglinton got filled in, queen remains roughed in, but that's it). Crosstown LRT had to deal with digging through all of that fill, including a large sinkhole from it. XD
💜Not_Kaitlyn💜 Yıl önce
How can someone make such an expensive mistake? Especially since it takes a lot of thought-out decisions (at least I thought so)
Jim hubbell
Jim hubbell Yıl önce
@Siengtha Tep All of those "factors" can be reduced to GREED!
Siengtha Tep
Siengtha Tep Yıl önce
@John Smith Politics, greed, timeline, pride.... there are a lot factors involved.
Zan gryomani
Zan gryomani Yıl önce
Have you seen the history of terrible locomotives. They built 3 M-1 steam turbines before they realized the engineering of the units only worked better then a horse shot in the legs.
John Smith
John Smith Yıl önce
Rushing engineers to complete work ASAP when they need more time for proper assessments
Akame. Yıl önce
I don't know? (maybe because old)
Maurice Dorreboom
Maurice Dorreboom 6 aylar önce
15:37 There was more wrong with it's design. As mentioned the 5th floor was not part of the original plan, but the added weight of the massive airco's on the roof was also part of the problem. Plus ... the collums were to small for its strucute. One of the worst case of money over safety situations I know of.
vic K.
vic K. 5 aylar önce
Also a few of the execs saw jail time.
Dennis Salisbury
Dennis Salisbury Yıl önce
Actually, you could turn the death ray building into a tourist attraction like a geyser. WTC Twin Tower construction debacles are actually quite common.
BristolPKA 8 aylar önce
I live by the Oroville Dam, that was very scary!
Mike Purewal
Mike Purewal 3 aylar önce
Great video, an eye opening for me. As I am always fascinated with great engineering, this video also made me think about the failures too. Thank you.
Eric Plourde
Eric Plourde Yıl önce
your videos are so entertaining with lot of variety, I love it!
Jo J
Jo J Yıl önce
$157,000,000 gone in 45sec 🤯😢 it's not even my money but I feel so bad for whoever invested in it
Adizia Yıl önce
The fact I go over the narrows bridge when I travel it’s just crazy!
Blalack77 2 aylar önce
Great video to be watching when I have an interview for a construction job on Monday lol... I wish I could just be an electrician but there's just no opportunity here - beggars can't be choosers I guess. Also, I would need psychological counseling too if I had been stranded on a glass bridge that high - but I would never find myself on a bridge like that.
arthurweers 3 aylar önce
You should have included the Hyatt skywalk disaster in Kansas City, MO.
TacitaSaturnia Yıl önce
"That's still not enough" Well, apparently Lee Joon served seven years in prison for his negligence, and the prison life/stress served kill him shortly after release from health issues. So it seems the universe agreed with you.
Pamela Leigh
Pamela Leigh 6 aylar önce
William Dearth
William Dearth Aylar önce
5:06 a similar issue happened on 22 Fenchurch Street. They later fixed the problem by adding anti-reflective coating.
RedRoseSeptember22 Yıl önce
So sad about the innocent people who died because of these mistakes :(
Ima Animations
Ima Animations 11 aylar önce
Carl Sylvester
Carl Sylvester Yıl önce
I'm going to guess the extra half million dollars for the Glencaren (sp?) tower was for the asbestos removal before the demolition. Otherwise asbestos would be spread over the entire fallout area, then spread even further by the wind and clean up operations.
Kenneth Lundberg
Kenneth Lundberg 5 aylar önce
It has to be the korean mall. I think I recall the management installing huge Airconditioners on the roof to lower the temperature of the building, and it was already fielding maximum weight on the roof.
nickmoney 9 aylar önce
Not crazy expensive on these levels but in Pittsburgh due to poor maintenance and checks in January an entire bridge collapsed with a lot of cars and buses on it dropping something like 200 plus feet down. It'll cost 25 million to rebuild now. There are amazing videos of crane lifting a 40K lb bus out of the massive gorge.
Olivier-Pierre de Belmont.
Olivier-Pierre de Belmont. 9 aylar önce
I loved that video....of course,I also feel sorry for the small investors who put their life saved money for a quiet retirement and saw their property worthless after a short time. But there is also success stories,like the tower in taïpeh,Taïwan,wich was under construction during my first trip there,and completed at my second visit.There is a giant and heavy ball at the top inside the tower wich counterbalance the mouvement due to frequent earthquake in this country,a genial idea that show the ingenuity of the builders. A video of this success story will be welcome on your channel my friend!
joe blow
joe blow Yıl önce
❤❤ There was a 3 or 4 story building on market st. in Corning N. Y. When it was built, it was designed for the Executives of Corning Glass and included a swimming pool on the top floor. My father once told me that the architect did not take into consideration the weight of the water to fill it. Nice pool with no water. This had to of happened in the first half of the 1900's. I lived there from 1963 on and the buildings were very old then.
João Grembecki
João Grembecki Yıl önce
The Brazilian city with crooked buildings is Santos, not São Paulo.
L'Ephebe Yıl önce
The tilting buildings are in a coastal city. São Paulo capital is inland and it's the largest city in the Southern hemisphere and in the Americas. The metropolitan area has 21 million people. Who would think the buildings would be all like the tower of Pisa? Heh heh! SP is the 10th wealthiest city on planet.
Will Hopkins
Will Hopkins Yıl önce
Thank you
Saulo de Tarso Sobral
Saulo de Tarso Sobral Yıl önce
Correct. City of Santos in the STATE of São Paulo.
steve k
steve k 6 aylar önce
I think the "leaning tower of Padre," which was destroyed before even being topped out, should be on the list. More recently, we have the "Global Dream." This was supposed to be the world's largest cruise ship by passenger capacity in the world. Alas, parent company Genting Group went bankrupt and the ship, nearly complete, has been sold to the scrappers.
Ross Anderson
Ross Anderson 8 aylar önce
Should be noted that the Hancock, a.k.a. The New John Hancock building, was known as the Plywood Skyscraper because of the myriad of plywood sheets covering over the popped-out glass panels...
Michael Rainier
Michael Rainier Yıl önce
The Stata Center wasn't Gehry's only mistake. The Disney Concert Hall in LA had a similar problem to that of the Vdara.
William Wallace
William Wallace Yıl önce
Frank Gehry doesn't consider the Stata center to be a mistake. He is famous for designing buildings that most people consider ugly. The real question is why any client would hire him.
Spiritsarefake Yıl önce
00:50 "most of the bridges in the us are old" Well in my city , we have a bridge called "See-o-Seh pol" ( translates to 33 bridge ) that was built back in the 17 hundreds that is still operating
Richard Lott
Richard Lott Yıl önce
In a 2013 interview with The Guardian, the architect of the Vdara Hotel and the "Walkie Talkie" in London, Viñoly said he anticipated the "death rays" from both buildings. So do his clients know this man is designing buildings that can kill people? Some sort of sick joke from the designer?
ZorotheGallade 8 aylar önce
[Archimedes laughing from his grave]
Spike Matthews
Spike Matthews Yıl önce
In human costs, it's difficult to say the Grenfell Tower doesn't deserve inclusion
MagmaWarrior03 Yıl önce
I would probably learn to cope with the lopsided apartment. Like, putting extra hanging brackets on one side of pictures to keep them straight on the wall, and screwing a lip onto one side of my table to keep things from sliding off.
rt66vintage 10 aylar önce
No, always being tilted would drive a person crazy.
Cibele G
Cibele G Yıl önce
The tilting buildings are in the city of Santos, on the sea shore of the state of Sao Paulo. You showed pictures of Sao Paulo city, with its “sea” of buildings, but the famous tilting ones are in Santos 😉
Christopher Judd
Christopher Judd 2 aylar önce
The Sao Paulo buildings it is still possible to get everything inside an apartment level, You'd have to shorten the height of the rooms a bit but it's possible to level out a floor off the existing. If you didn't want to go with that much work then just focus on leveling individual items such as beds tables etc using wedges and shims to bring them level.
Gustavo V.
Gustavo V. Aylar önce
And he is confusing the places, he really meant Santos, not Sao Paulo, it really impressed me when he said not much people visit Sao Paulo, the most developed and popular city and town in South America...
Jen X
Jen X Yıl önce
Hah! I've been to Poland's Skeletor! I can't believe they rebuilt it. 🤩
bjbell52 9 aylar önce
There was a building in Chicago that also had problems with its glass panels. One of them detached and fell to the sidewalk where a young mother was walking. The panel literally cut her in half. Yuck.
Romulus Wolf
Romulus Wolf 10 aylar önce
I love that bridges in America are apparently considered old if they were built before 1970, where as in Britain there are bridges older than the founding of America that aren’t old enough to be considered historic artefacts.
KaitouKaiju 8 aylar önce
@barry hessel The knowledge hasn't been lost its just that the focus shifted to cost Back then kings created structures to leave a legacy of their reign, cost be damned, because the labor was essentially free anyway. Nowadays politicians approve structures by committee for all kinds of political considerations but especially budget. The engineers themselves are smarter than ever, but it's hard to convince people that an extra few million in taxes for a longer lasting infrastructure is worth the investment.
barry hessel
barry hessel 9 aylar önce
People in old times knew how to build. It's a shame knowledge has been lost.
Lunar Beetlejuice
Lunar Beetlejuice 9 aylar önce
As someone who has lived in the North Lanarkshire Council area my entire life, I can guarantee you that wasnt a blunder. This council absolutely excels in it's ability to burn money and provide literally nothing in return. Hell, one of it's most "Iconic" heritage buildings, the Cumbernauld Town Centre Phase 2, is considered the ugliest building in scotland.
Missy Norris
Missy Norris 4 aylar önce
Just had a look. It is indeed ugly. The first question that comes to mind is, "Why in the world would you do that?"
radiotowers 4 aylar önce
And Glencairn tower was typical of the buildings of the 60’s , flat roofed in Scotland doesnt work . Having worked in it the top two floors they were black with dampness . 1.5 Million pounds was a bargain. Plus all tenants were rehoused before demolition , they didnt just chuck them out !
🌸Corrie🌸 Yıl önce
Another amazing upload. Thank you Be Amazed 💖
Libby T
Libby T 3 aylar önce
They did not follow the “construction design” on Galloping Gurty. They failed to put the holes designed into the support beams.
May the Science be with You
May the Science be with You 2 aylar önce
This is why architects should always be on site to make sure everything goes according to plan.
John Shoemaker
John Shoemaker Yıl önce
I was so happy to find this channel after finishing all of Mr. Ballens stories! Thank you for being great!!
KittenMatchVids 10 aylar önce
Another fan of the strange, dark, and mysterious told in story format
Regina Marie
Regina Marie 11 aylar önce
Love Mr. Ballen too!!
Matt August
Matt August Yıl önce
Vdara was the first of six projects to be completed as part of the $8.5 billion CityCenter complex. Not the hotel a lone.
Ricky Barber
Ricky Barber Yıl önce
I really can't believe, that Engineers in any part of the world, would only have 13 to 16 feet of Foundation to keep a building of that height stable. Went back to see the number of floors, didn't see any amount. I understand, there wasn't any standards for Foundations to Height Ratios and not even a Survey done to check the Density of the ground beneath it. As the old saying goes, Live and Learn. One old saying to Cheap Skates is, "Pay me now or pay me later, but you will pay me."
sean1 the1
sean1 the1 9 aylar önce
@Harry Florida goes underwater and above water cyclically it happens all the time.
Harry Yıl önce
@Mark smith I would guess then one of these days the whole state will subside and allow the ocean to cover it. Just like Atlantis is supposed to have done.
Mark smith
Mark smith Yıl önce
@Ricky Barber the entire state is a Sandbar really, to many people moving there and depleting the water tables and the land fills them in.
Ricky Barber
Ricky Barber Yıl önce
@Mark smith I've heard about things like that there in S. Florida. I lived there for several years but never witnessed anything like that.
Mark smith
Mark smith Yıl önce
Many years ago in FL. mid 60's my father was involved with a company building Hospitals, one hospital was being built and theyhad poured foundations and walls on one part, then next day they went there and the walls had disappeared, they couldn't figure it out for a few days because there was just normal ground there, then they realized they had built on a an area that was prone to sink holes. they had to set pilings down well over 100' to the solid bedrock. this was just before the Sink hole problem made big news in FL. the population was growing by leaps and bounds at the time and the Aquifers were just starting to get depleted, they never really had much of that problem before the mid 60's unlike now where it happens daily .
Gav123 9 aylar önce
The Sampoong collapse was really upsetting to me because so many people died.
FEelDaPAinO Yıl önce
So I do not believe that the guy who built the death ray building did so by mistake. This man designed and built at least two different skyscrapers that do the exact same thing, one of them produces a beam so hot that it literally melts concrete. This man is training to be a real life Bond villain and nobody is doing anything to stop him.
João Coelho
João Coelho Yıl önce
I’m amazed ☺️ … always great content…
Melone BF
Melone BF Yıl önce
You should make more of these! I personally love them!
Nathan Theriault
Nathan Theriault Yıl önce
I igree
Melone BF
Melone BF Yıl önce
@Wolf Wizard Oh definitely!
ClickyFS Yıl önce
@ArrowMaster Hell yea
ClickyFS Yıl önce
@Wolf Wizard Same
WillFoxYT Yıl önce
Keep up bro we love the content
Jay Harman
Jay Harman 10 aylar önce
Sampoong had heated floors under the restaurants and extra A/C units on the roof. The owners or managers moved these around without using a crane. Just didn't measure the 'dead' weight and the 'live' weight of the structure. Biggest mistake: Hyatt Hotel in Kansas City. That upper walkway giving way onto the lower one during a dance was just as bad as the Florida building. Where 114 people died, 216 injured.
Lampe2020 Yıl önce
26:19 That could have been prevented if the bridge would have been closed when strong winds came closer!
Jim hubbell
Jim hubbell Yıl önce
The period in your sentence should be after the word "closed."
Greedy Grubby
Greedy Grubby Yıl önce
The Hancock in Boston and the MIT building are across the river from each other u would think with all those brilliant people from that area you would have the best architecture
Mandy Turner
Mandy Turner Yıl önce
Vdara: Why not put a cover over the pool area so the rays don't boil the pool water and to give the people staying shade during the hot summers, if they haven't thought of that already.
Brian Connelly
Brian Connelly 4 aylar önce
I watched Glencairn Tower come down and the site is now filled with more low-cost housing. great to see a local Scottish building featured on this channel though!
Dazer18 Yıl önce
well deserved 10 million. I know i'm late but congrats!
Melchior Wiseman
Melchior Wiseman 4 aylar önce
could not stop laughing! Some of even the great Frank Lloyd Wright's leaked but San Paulo takes the cake.
shonté steele
shonté steele Yıl önce
I live in Florida, so I'm only familiar with the Champlain Towers story. If you haven't heard of this tragedy, most of the residents were asleep in their beds when suddenly, the face of the main tower collapsed. One man, who lived in one of the other towers, described being awakened by a roaring type of sound outside. He and his wife jumped up, thinking it was a storm, perhaps a hurricane, blowing through so he made his way to the sliding doors to bring in their outdoor furniture. What he saw from his balcony was the tower that his parents lived in, partially crumbled to the ground. Knowing that his parents lived on the front side of the building, he shouted to his wife, something like, 'They're gone! My parents are gone!' There were so many heartbreaking stories about those whose lives were lost in and even survived the Champlain Towers. But that man's recount of the horrific event, I will never forget.
Danny D
Danny D Yıl önce
Didn't the developers/builders add on another floor that wasn't in the original architectural plans? The video didn't say anything about it.
Oliver Hull
Oliver Hull Yıl önce
I feel bad for galloping Gertie 😢😢 and those old buildings some of them were pretty old
DogeYT2022 Yıl önce
Love the content man!
Clifton Dean
Clifton Dean 3 aylar önce
By the time Galloping Gertie was opened, engineers knew they had a bad problem. Their observations demonstrated that the oscillations were related to self reinforcing forces. Something similar to a bassist who saws gently on a low note, which gets louder and louder. The theoretical end could be the string vibrating so severely that it destroys itself and breaks. Taking the regular gentle winds blowing over the Tacoma Narrows, the engineers calculated the date and time the bridge would collapse, accurate within a few hours. "The Hancock." Get your information right. I grew up in the area. That building was erected by a John Hancock competitor, deliberately to be bigger than the Hancock tower, the Prudential corporation, and was referred to as "The Pru." As it was being constructed, the winds blew the glass out of various windows, crashing to the ground and through the roof of Trinity Church, as described. Therefore it was referred to as "the plywood skyscraper" as every glass pane was replaced with a plywood panel, temporarily, for some two years. Your big mistake is referring to it as the "Hancock." I believe that John Hancock bought it at some point, but it is still referred to as "the Pru." You need to do better research if you are going to post items like this for the public. Given this glaring error, I need to give this post a thumbs down.
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