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4 aylar önce

Elin Kjos is a sport’s trainer who was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer two years ago. She was given less than a year to live and has yet defeated all odds. Everyday, she shares her journey with her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Today, she will talk about how her cancer diagnosis changed her perspective on life. Through this story telling, we hope you will be inspired to start living your life in a more meaningful way. Elin is a former elite swimmer, an entrepreneur in physical training & health and a life inspirer with the motto “Life is here and now”. Since two years ago, she lives with the diagnosis of an incurable lung cancer and wants to inspire others to dare others to live life to its fullest everyday - regardless of diagnoses or challenges in life. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Gular Aghayeva
Gular Aghayeva 12 gün önce
If you’re reading this, know that you are worthy of anything you desire. But you might have to let go of the past and release the huge accumulation of fear based beliefs and emotions you have picked up since childhood. Success isnt created by accident but by design. You have a creative mind and unlimited potential. Never forget it. Stay strong and be blessed.
Lucie Pursey
Lucie Pursey 3 gün önce
I speak into a microphone on my phone so forgive me if words do not come up correctly I have a lot of respect and admire and I can only imagine well have lost people and I I don't want to go into that because I upsets me but I've had to make phone calls about people in my family and I've had to make phone calls from the hospital that I couldn't make and have to get my doctor to make them I've been ill all my life going to be 48 in September the 29th I'm officially disabled no one understands the pain that I go through no one's even care to look into it when I left England they told me I will be in a wheelchair at 45 years old but then I became anorexic years ago from 19 to 29 and I was getting better then my mom got ill for 3 years 3 Christmases in the hospital with cancer and many other things and my cancer came back and my cancer my anorexia came back which if you take anorexia for the full form is actually a killer when I left England I had higher mobility and higher care and I had to leave everything behind everything I was not allowed to claim visibility to live around or because labor was not in at that particular time conservatory it was in had it been labor they would have done and paid everything I had hospital Nights from my doctor for my hospitals from Jesus I even had one from the house secretary for me to go and live in Spain wish I done it there and then I suffer with depression but of course herself with depression so many bad things have happened they even I can't cope with. I wish people would understand me but they just they don't they know I live here in Spain I cannot afford Medical and I am around people who just think oh well if they get a sore leg or they'll get something wrong with him or quickly find them a plaster sympathetic to them there's nothing wrong with them I don't like it here. But I wish all the luck in the world to this woman I hope she does not give up I hope somehow there is a cure I don't know if I could cope with it but a transplant but it's best for me not to continue listening to this because I think I will get very depressed and I am very depressed at the moment anyway same English so I wish all those all the goodness and the health for this woman and her child and a family 🙏
Suad Osman
Suad Osman 11 gün önce
thanks so much
Gerald Vincent
Gerald Vincent 12 gün önce
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Jason Robert
Jason Robert 12 gün önce
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Williams Christopher
Williams Christopher 12 gün önce
Am privileged to see this here, I have been investing in real estate for a while now and a lot of people talk about Cryptocurrency.
Mészáros Eszter
Mészáros Eszter 4 aylar önce
A car knocked me off from my bicycle 18 months ago. Coma, mobility issues, vertigo, deafness....the Doctor said I had 20% chance to stay alive. ...but I was alive 🥰🙏. 3 months later I was diagnosed with cancer...but I was still alive...Guys....we are here at this beautiful Earth 😊, every day is a gift. Thank you for this video♥️♥️♥️
Tanya Crowder
Tanya Crowder 12 gün önce
@Mészáros Eszter ⁸⁹
Chantel Jones
Chantel Jones 12 gün önce
God bless you
Sia Dawn
Sia Dawn Aylar önce
@Elena Miroiu Yes. Be grateful every single day. That's my motto, too! 🙃😍I think _most_ people have far more to be grateful for than they do to be ungrateful about. ♥
Sia Dawn
Sia Dawn Aylar önce
@Mészáros Eszter Beautifully said, my friend ♥
Moana Anela the Hawaiian Gypsy
Moana Anela the Hawaiian Gypsy Aylar önce
Wow! Love the way you see the world! Thank you! 🙏🏽
Gay Brooks
Gay Brooks 4 aylar önce
As a returned soldier from WW2 from New Guinea my uncle aged 25 was diagnosed with lung problems from chemical exposure, he had one lung removed and was given maximum a year to live, the medical profession were not sure !! Most of the young men he served with died within a couple of years of returning to Australia. He died at age 94, he lived a great life, he had a great attitude and served others.
Zuzanna Wisniewska
Zuzanna Wisniewska 17 gün önce
It is sad, we do derive the strength to live from the outside , but from the inside we seek, we derive from faith and motivation.
Fernando Siage
Fernando Siage Aylar önce
A valiant girl. Well done! Thanks for sharing your experience.
Lesley T
Lesley T Aylar önce
@bina nocht Some just make different decisions, which result in different outcomes.
PattyDalmau 2 aylar önce
Awesome 🥰
Do's Channel
Do's Channel 2 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing its a beautiful story...
Ben Ackland
Ben Ackland 4 aylar önce
Stage 4 colon and liver. Out of the blue, March this year. This lady beautifully and bravely articulated how I feel about my life right now. I felt my diagnosis was an amazing opportunity to transform. I couldn't have talked as she did, without tears. Much respect and love to her 🙏
eurosoccachic 4 gün önce
look up dr berg/colon cancer on here, he had a man on his channel that had stage3 colon cancer and was disease free in a couple months; the man explained how he did it. Best of luck to you!!
Ben Ackland
Ben Ackland Aylar önce
@Sueseajoy Thanks for your lovely message. I don't currently have an account. As things go on, I might! Best wishes 🙏
Ben Ackland
Ben Ackland Aylar önce
@Lydia Sifa thank you. And God bless you.
Ben Ackland
Ben Ackland Aylar önce
@Yuri Zhivago amazing! Best wishes for continuing good health. Thanks for sharing this with me - very encouraging 😌
Ben Ackland
Ben Ackland Aylar önce
@B thank you 🙏
Joyce Fitzgerel
Joyce Fitzgerel 3 aylar önce
This is one of the most beautiful talks I’ve ever heard. It has really inspired me to live. I will practice what she has taught on this video. I have lived the past 20 years with a chronic health condition. Many times wishing not to live. I would say many times ,I’m not living I’m just existing. By the help and grace of God no more just existing,I will live!
辣椒 鲨鱼
辣椒 鲨鱼 17 gün önce
Sally Jo
Sally Jo Aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you
therese schab
therese schab 2 aylar önce
Me too Joyce...may God Bless you for managing things...
azhotmom 2 aylar önce
I feel the same- this one brought tears!
D G 2 aylar önce
Joyce- check out The Plant Paradox. You would be amazed how nutrition can help- not a cure for everything, I get it but it is amazing. I healed two major health issues. This book is great.
Bob Craig
Bob Craig 4 aylar önce
“my love for life is so much stronger than my fear of dying”. such powerful words, what an amazing individual
Peace Emezue
Peace Emezue Aylar önce
So 💪🏽
Jon948 3 aylar önce
I hope she pulls through. She has a big heart.
Karin 3 aylar önce
Yes very powerful words! Such journey she has been thro. She said she changed her diet, gave up red meat etc, I did so too decades ago. So happy for her she is doing so much better.
The Lastminmom!
The Lastminmom! 3 aylar önce
And how can something so devastating happen to someone so amazingly good. She was fit and healthy. Which is just crazy to me. It’s so unfair. She is absolutely stronger then me. What an amazing inspiration she is.
S Jordan
S Jordan 4 aylar önce
She is correct, the will to live is amazingly strong, far stronger than most of us realize. None of us is promised tomorrow, but we can tweak our diets by eating as Dr. T. Colin Campbell suggests in his book 'The China Study'. We can overcome co-morbities, lose weight. and defeat cancer by eating only foods that are known to prevent its survival, we can decrease our toxic load, exercise, sleep well, meditate, bask in the love of our families and the beauty of nature. Rather than sit and cry when we receive a cancer diagnosis, we can make a plan to not only survive, but thrive, we can be there for our grandchildren when they graduate and marry. Persistance and determination are stronger than we can imagine. That is how I choose to live my life, so that at the end of the day, I can leave Planet Earth, a little better than I found it!
Sarah Young
Sarah Young 3 aylar önce
I had brain cancer in 1988 and removing the tumor left me paralyzed on one side and grossly overweight from all the steroids. The doctor said don’t worry about it because you’re gonna die in a year or two. Here I am moving all of my parts, however not that well on one side, and a size 6. I’m pretty happy with my life but it was a bit of work to get there. God bless you for who you are and how you are helping us around the world with this platform. Blessings, DrRed ❤️
phill jombs
phill jombs Aylar önce
Nahid Syyed
Nahid Syyed Aylar önce
I feel like cutting the throats of doctors (espclly half baked ones with little experience) who decide and declare the duration of life of their patients... Some morons (docs) are so uncouth they don't have the ability to put across the news too.
James Lightfoot
James Lightfoot Aylar önce
Glad you’re here and doing better. God bless you
Z Z 3 aylar önce
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones 4 aylar önce
This is a great wake up call. Other people negatively effect my life. I’m 64 and I have allowed this to happen. People taking advantage of me. Saying yes to requests every time and putting myself last, not noticing life slipping by. I lost my eldest son in 2020 with COVID. A 40 year old ultra runner. He was there and then he wasn’t. I still haven’t changed,but finding this video today is like a nudge from life telling me to sort myself out. Thank you Elin , you look radiant by the way.keep the faith
Sarah Hayes
Sarah Hayes Aylar önce
Patricia, I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. That's a pain I can't imagine. Be blessed knowing that he would be so happy to see you joyful.
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones Aylar önce
@Di Ana Dansas Thank you Di Ana. Best wishes from Devon
Di Ana Dansas
Di Ana Dansas Aylar önce
Hi Patricia, You can do this! Hear your body when it wants to say no, at first you’ll continue to say “yes” but force yourself to amend that “yes” and just say no. No guilt please. 👍😎
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones Aylar önce
@Reed Kaelin Thank you so much Reed. Best wishes from Devon UK
James Lightfoot
James Lightfoot Aylar önce
@Reed Kaelin Thank you for posting your comments
P D 2 aylar önce
She nailed it!! Just diagnosed stage 4 melanoma . I'm embracing it and working on my inner self. Living in the moment! I needed this wake up call in my life cause I wasn't living like I needed to.
Elma Coppola
Elma Coppola 13 gün önce
B Aylar önce
wishing you a beautiful future.
sepehr Amirkiaee
sepehr Amirkiaee 4 aylar önce
I couldn't imagine how much a person could be strong in this situation we should stand and praise you for this inspiring real story
Me Aylar önce
It's all mind over matter
Sonal Khatri
Sonal Khatri 4 aylar önce
An Eye Opener for all of us... Who are busy either carrying hurt from the past or worrying about the future... She had taught me the actual meaning of living in present.... Living to the fullest..
Mitch 4 aylar önce
I always worry about past traumas and future.
Kaylee Jabs
Kaylee Jabs Aylar önce
My fiance was 31 in December 2020, diagnosed with stage IV cancer after months and months of misdiagnoses and being silenced by the medical community. I am so glad you are here to speak your truth. My fiance wasn't so lucky, the time to react having passed because nobody would take him seriously. He passed away 5 months later. I miss him so much 💙😭
Julia Kobzar
Julia Kobzar Aylar önce
Donna Blevins
Donna Blevins 3 aylar önce
Elin, you inspire! Thank you for reminding me that when I had a massive left-brain stroke that muted me except for two words, and the healthcare team said, "She will never be able to speak fluidly, and it will take her 8-9 months before she can speak," I chose to detach from the dis-ease rather than owning it, and within three days I could speak clearly. So, Elin, I reckon, it's time to to do my TedTalk! Thank you so much!!
eastsider2014 4 gün önce
Wow!! 👍🏽😊
Brian Doss
Brian Doss Aylar önce
I lost the ability to digest fruits and veggies and grains completely 8 years ago and was forced to eat only fatty meat, it saved my life... The lesson is to listen to your body, my body started rejecting those foods when I was 15 and took 33 years of illness for me to finally listen!!!
Lunay08 13 gün önce
A few months ago, i learned to live every day like its my last. Not so much in the fact of going out and doing extravagant things every single day, but l have learned to love fully, wholeheartedly, see the good in everyone and make at least one person smile every single day. I have learned to be kind to myself, and listen to the inner voice inside of myself instead of ignoring it and pushing it aside. She has a lot to say, and deserves to be heard. I live every day with gratitude, regardless of my circumstances. I'm still not where I want to be in life, as I want to live in a remote cabin, surrounded by nature. I live in a city, but even though I'm not where I want to be, does not mean I dont deserve to be happy
Randi Young
Randi Young 4 aylar önce
Stage 4 Metastatic Lung Cancer patient here. Thank you. I like to say I'm LIVING WITH CANCER - It's not a battle, it's a dance!
Elma Coppola
Elma Coppola 13 gün önce
Ekaterina 2 aylar önce
I'm on page 20 now, and must say this is so totally absorbing, thought provocing! It's also so incredibly easy to read and very hard to stop as it just flows so beautifully! It's the author's Joe Dispenza's recount of his recovery from an accident, which had left him with a shattered spine ( several places) and having the only option - complicated surgery, involving a metal bar being attached to his spine, covered with scrapings from his bones! This wouldn't even guarantee his total recovery. But, he decided against the surgery and he was send by an ambulance to stay in bed at friend's house, for three months. I sincerely recommend this book to anyone needing a healing. I'll try Joe's method to heal myself from severed tendons in my both shoulders. I can't wait to start today, after I've read a bit more. I cannot thank you enough Patty, I'm so excited already at the prospect of getting better. Thank you so much again! 🤗♥️
Ekaterina 2 aylar önce
@PattyDalmau I've found this book, it's free of charge, all 322 pages downloaded! How kind of people to do that! I hope lots of people will download it and put the information to use. Thank you again Patty, you're so kind to let everyone know about this book.🤗
Ekaterina 2 aylar önce
@PattyDalmau thank you Patty for sharing this with us. I hope people will read this book and benefit from it. It might be even available in PDF, free, online. Did you get any positive results, if I may ask?
PattyDalmau 2 aylar önce
@Ekaterina I totally agree! I own a lot of books on the matter but had to buy Dr. Joe Dispenza: “You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter” book💪🎈
Aida Carvalho
Aida Carvalho 4 aylar önce
What a beautiful story! What a wonderful woman ! My story is more of less like hers , ik was diagnosed with ovarian cancer with metastases in 2021, after chemotherapy and an operation with Hipec.. I had bad expectations according to the medical stuff but fortunately I’m doing well🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Being positive is key and being grateful for everything has happened in my life.❤️🙏🏻❤️
D G 2 aylar önce
read plant paradox
Rose Legge Art
Rose Legge Art 2 aylar önce
God bless you- you are unstoppable!
klaver Four
klaver Four 3 aylar önce
Being grateful is so important :) Good luck !
Martha Ray
Martha Ray 3 aylar önce
Pray you find best help in time of your needs.
klaver Four
klaver Four 3 aylar önce
Being gratefull is so important ! Stay well !
Craig Wells
Craig Wells Aylar önce
Kjos has a beautiful message. I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer that had spread to my liver at age 49. It was difficult to accept, especially since I have two beautiful, young daughters. But, with the help of my amazing wife, I decided to live my life seeking the joyful moments, which there are many. I have come to realize that I love life! And nothing will take that feeling away from me while I am alive.
Caravan Life NZ
Caravan Life NZ Aylar önce
Your daughters will always have amazing memories of you. Best wishes with your treatment.
ChillSoYo 4 aylar önce
Wow, an inspiring story! One thing is sure: Everyone of us will die but nobody knows when that day will be. I think to be more grateful in life, it is important to realize that we are only on this planet for a brief period of time! Have a good and conscious life! To everyone who is reading this :)
Bettie Snyder
Bettie Snyder 2 aylar önce
@Devon Seamoor That is truly beautiful. Thank you.
Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor 2 aylar önce
Life maybe too short to waste it, but be assured that more life will be offered to you, all for the benefit of the evolution of consciousness, a flowering of the seed once planted on our blue planet in the name of love. 🌞🌏🌝
Cabdullaahi Bootaan
Cabdullaahi Bootaan 4 aylar önce
With that energy, I'm 100% sure you will make it Elin. Congrats, people like you makes this world with full of impossiblities worth living.
Lesya Rosa
Lesya Rosa Aylar önce
A friend of ours was diagnosed cancer for a second time and was given 3 months to live. He and the family are the kind of living through what there is, the best and most simple way. He just told me " I really want to live to help her ( the wife) with the children". He is here for 14 years and the cancer is stationary since then. I wish to this marvelous young lady the best success in beating the disease. 🌼💜🙏
Neo Nomvete
Neo Nomvete 4 aylar önce
I'm honestly alive and not living Watching this video makes me question so much in my life My work misery is consuming me everyday Not living in my purpose is creating insanity inside me Living shouldn't be this hard- right? I'm actively working towards changing my life and this video is part of my motivation All we have is now I am alive and I want to start living Thank you Elin for having the courage to share your life and showing us that fear is only a 4 letter word.
Neo Nomvete
Neo Nomvete Aylar önce
@molly lachapelle To be honest Ms. Molly I'm still trying to figure it out I'm working through my fears and potential disappointments I may encounter and facing the fact that I don't have it figured out. I don't know what to do. Thank you for checking up on me❤
molly lachapelle
molly lachapelle Aylar önce
Are you on your way to feeling better? I read your response and felt sad. I hope you are getting the coaching and the tools that you need. It sounds like you may need to make a radical change. I hope that comes for you!
Paula Taillant
Paula Taillant Aylar önce
Every new day is an opportunity to begin. It takes courage and strength , positive self talk and recognizing you have the power and choice
D G 2 aylar önce
Oh please- get over yourself. Are you still 20? You act like it. You don't have it so bad- just bad attitude. People in Ukraine literally are more grateful than you. Get a NEW JOB or start a business. Work Out and eat right- which you clearly do not. Travel. Volunteer. Do something- just stop complaining. Not trying to be harsh but listen to this video. She is RIGHT- you are WRONG and I am keeping things REAL. Life is precious and quite short. It is a gift you do not appreciate.
mr nice
mr nice 3 aylar önce
Your story is my story too
Sunshine 3 aylar önce
She looks beautiful, her attitude towards life is beautiful. Her thriving speech will keep on motivating many of us over the time I'm sure. I wish her the best of best . Seeing people like her facing the menace of Cancer, I feel to educate myself, others in our ability & beyond to know more about cancer and how to fight it in our every day life, how to use our skills for cancer research
Most Guitars Wins
Most Guitars Wins 3 aylar önce
I feel such respect and admiration for Elin Kjos. She took on the challenge of her illness with the same, fierce commitment she brought to training and sports.
gerry d
gerry d Aylar önce
That was absolutely beautiful ❤ It was a pleasure to listen to and I wish you all the best for the future 🙏 stay strong
yousef 4 aylar önce
Doing this ted talk,You made a legacy that will live forever. Keep enjoying your life, lady, and I will pray for for you that you live as many years as you wish.
Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa Aylar önce
Housed, Pray for me too please
Svetlana Agius
Svetlana Agius 4 aylar önce
wow, what a powerful message.... i am going through a challenging time, not due to a medical problem, but a familial and personal one... at times it feels like the end of the world, but seeing this video, it gives me courage to keep fighting, to keep living and finding purpose... thank you for spreading such wonderful words...
molly lachapelle
molly lachapelle Aylar önce
Bravo!! I want to thank you for this calm, beautiful, authentic talk. I am a survivor too, but in very different ways and became a spiritual life coach..I LOVE that such a coach gave you the tools to see life differently. speaking my language! I will pray for your long, happy life!
Alonso Herrera
Alonso Herrera 4 aylar önce
One of the best and most inspiring talks that I have seen. This is a tremendous realization that happened through "disaster", just when she thought everything was perfect. Looks like life just wants us to be more present and alive, this anecdote is very similar to what happened too many great mystics.
Sofi Dittmar
Sofi Dittmar 4 aylar önce
As a recent grad… I feel like I’m in limbo and I’ve been struggling to connect with people, feeling like I don’t have enough accomplished or I’m not interesting enough. This video was a much needed message to value this time and to not wait to live my life even though I haven’t started my career
Hope this helps you! Life it’s beautiful
D G 2 aylar önce
i thought graduation was a time of hope?
Live Life
Live Life 3 aylar önce
Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Ask Him into your heart. The world cannot save us. We will all die one day soon. With Jesus, you live on forever with Him in Heaven after leaving this earth. Ask Him into your heart.
Z Z 3 aylar önce
Bithiah Carter
Bithiah Carter 3 aylar önce
The world is waiting for you and all your greatness. You are enough.
Christine O
Christine O 4 aylar önce
Man förstod att du skulle vara bra, men såhär bra… wow! Vilket tal. Så tagen av din historia trots att jag hört den flera gånger förut. Du är en lysande stjärna i världen, här för att göra skillnad. Och vilken skillnad du gör. Tack ❤️❤️❤️
Angelica Cris
Angelica Cris 4 aylar önce
Vilken fin kommentar. Tänk om alla kunde skriva så fint och uppmuntrande. Hoppas hon får läsa din kommentar. Hade det varit mig hade jag blivit jätteglad. ❤🧡💛
sok sreymom
sok sreymom 4 aylar önce
Love her speech and really appreciate her attitude toward life, she is strong both inside and outside 💕
MedYtalo - Desarrollo personal
MedYtalo - Desarrollo personal 4 aylar önce
❤️ It is absolutely true, the beauty in life comes from healing our wounds and transform the past pain into wisdom, which we can apply in our own life, in our own decisions for a fulfilled life 🕊
Dr Patrick Kingsep
Dr Patrick Kingsep 4 aylar önce
Inspirational! Thank you for making this video available to so many to hear and learn from. Life can change in an instant right? And you mention not being present in the moment or now before your diagnosis....and your diagnosis has shown you the power of each and every moment of life - this is mindfulness! Such a powerful practice to incorporate into your life - daily. So Thankyou!
ishan vidyarthi
ishan vidyarthi 3 aylar önce
I heard this Ted talk 2 weeks ago. While walking, I was amazed how much passion she has towards her life. And how thrilled she is to share her knowledge with the world. I pray she gets a long and healthy journey to tell the 🌎🥲. Love from India🇮🇳❤️
OutofTheFox ootF
OutofTheFox ootF 3 aylar önce
You are extremely brave and everyday I train myself to have your mindset. I too have an underlying health issue and was diagnosed with it at 26 but it is nothing as bad as yours. It's only when you see what others are going through, do your own sorrows seem small. I wish you a long and happy life.
What a wonderful story may God give her long blessed life .
Johanna 4 aylar önce
If this speech was held by a "healthy person", it wouldnt have touched me i think, this "life is now", "live your life now"- attitude I am reading everyday on instagram. But this is different. Because I rarely imagine myself getting diagnosed with what she was - and in this minutes, when she talked about it, i imagined how it would be, so her words hit differently. All the best for you, strong woman.
Sally Corrick
Sally Corrick Aylar önce
I’ve watched this 3 times in 2 months and it stops me in my tracks each time. I’ve just seen it again now and I just clapped my hands and cried. Beautifully powerful and brave. Since I first saw this 3 friends have been diagnosed with serious cancers…. Another person I know had a head on collision on a motorbike and is fighting for her life…. If I take this over 3 years then my list would be even longer. We have no idea even 5 minutes ahead.. or if we say goodbye at the start of the day… if a loved one will return. We only have now…. I need to have this talk close.. because when all the fluff and nonsense hits my day and I feel fed up then I need to get perspective and gratitude. You are changing so many lives.. but we need your voice in our ears whenever we forget how precious life is and how we should greet each day with gratitude. God bless you….
TJ 3 aylar önce
This is one of the best Ted talks that I have ever seen. Best wishes for her continued health!
Lynne Manning
Lynne Manning Aylar önce
DARLING ELIN!! Your words were so inspirational and so articulate!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! We need more people like you to speak everyday, so that you can spur on others, and who probably have smaller problems, and are stuck....I needed to hear you today.... WISHING YOU MUCH LOVE AND JOY WITH A VERY, VERY LONG LIFE 💟🌟💟
marie alessi
marie alessi 4 aylar önce
The change on the inside... the start of EVERY healing journey - thank you so much for sharing! "Being the creator of your own life!!" So so powerful :)
Tosha Rae
Tosha Rae 3 aylar önce
I was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2011. I had a very similar spiritual awakening. It was a true blessing in my life. The only thing holding me back from changing the things in my life I would like to, is money. I would love to live in a place I love. To travel to places I’ve only dreamed of. I’m still hopeful that maybe one day before my time comes, I will get to achieve those things. I am great full for every moment I have in this life and for whatever experiences I do get to have.
uros sedonja
uros sedonja Aylar önce
i wish that your dreams come true. i have so many terrible diseases and i am 37 years old. i see my friends, they enjoy their lives, they travel, they work, they fulfil their dreams. but i can only dream of this. i would love to travel with my love, or just have some ordinary conversations. even that would be fun. but all i have is suffering and fear. you are not alone.
MsBdoll87 4 aylar önce
This was absolutely beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️ May God bless you with long life and health!
Tanae B.
Tanae B. 13 gün önce
Phenomenal talk. Thank you so much for sharing your story, so blessed and grateful to have you here. Sending positive energy, continuous beautiful healing, and much love to you. This really touched me ✨💚
David North
David North 4 aylar önce
Inspiring stuff! She seems so much happier than many people 🙂
Miss Kurdapya
Miss Kurdapya Aylar önce
I Love her story and i love her spirit! I am crying because i am currently in a dark place in my life and somehow she inspires me to turn it around. I know myself as always weak nd easy to be defeated, but i also know that only me can make it work if i really want it. I just wish i have more strength to fight.
maggie fowler
maggie fowler Aylar önce
you have to .....we need you xx
Helen S
Helen S 3 aylar önce
Elin,You are an inspiration,👏🏻 We are all sending love and positivity towards you❤.Thank you for helping every one of us, who thinks we are having a bad day, to get a grip and be grateful for the moment.
Canadian DIY Guy
Canadian DIY Guy 3 aylar önce
Elin. Thank you so very much for sharing, until now, I have not found such an inspirational presentation. Your story has reeduced me to tears, tears of inspiration “my love for life is so much stronger than my fear of dying”. I have survived three strokes since 2018; the most recent in January of this year has been the most devastating. Since January 5 of 2022, I have faced the overwhelming fear of another stroke, that could be worse. I am truly inspired to live life. I am truly grateful.
Gwendoline Goetz
Gwendoline Goetz 3 aylar önce
I like how my cancer was announced by my urologist in a very same way. His assistant called me for an appointment. He took the biopsy analysis and said you have a bladder cancer (full stop). He continued to expose how it will treated and fixed - a pretty hard core process. I start to learn all what's going on around my cancer. I upgrade the protocol wherever is needed. Still at work with changed responsibilities compatible with my treatments and side effects...
Z Z 3 aylar önce
Yank ee
Yank ee 3 aylar önce
. There’s a great little book on natural healing written by an older man who cured himself of a number of maladies without medical intervention, called My Physician, Myself. I read it a couple of years ago but lost my copy. I’m going to Amazon right now to order one and be more careful with it. It’s more than well worth the read. You might look into the work of Luigi Cornaro, a Venetian nobleman who lived to 102
Mike Rollins
Mike Rollins 3 aylar önce
Thank you Elin - powerful message and a helpful reminder that every day counts and we have choices every moment.
Deirdre Edwards
Deirdre Edwards 4 aylar önce
Absolutely loved this, thank you Elin for sharing 💕
Inglês The Right Way
Inglês The Right Way 3 aylar önce
Oh, I love her! Bless her heart! So happy she's overcome so much! And grateful for the clarity she's able to impart on us all!
Lovin’ Debs Faith and Fit50s
Lovin’ Debs Faith and Fit50s 2 aylar önce
Elin such a beautiful way to live. “ I was supposed to be dead” resonates with me so much. I was healed of a Mass that was on my left lower lung. I was also healed of granular lung disease which I never even knew that I had. I believe in the Power of Prayer, Meditation and a Healthy Lifestyle. I too have been on a Healing Journey since July 1st 2016. My journey started the day that I found out that I was Type 2 Diabetic and I was on a mission to heal my body without medication, which I did. I am not against medication. God Opened the doors to start my healing from childhood trauma in my 50s. I survived the night that my first husband tried to kill me when I was 17 years old. If You beautiful people don’t think that you have a purpose in life, I’m here to tell you that you do and I love you.
Anita Katzenbach
Anita Katzenbach 3 aylar önce
There is such a beauty shining through you, not only physical beauty but also the beauty of your soul and your heart with every word you were speaking and expressing in this amazing talk!!! There is a light and a strength that is so strong and a humbleness that you are radiating, dear Elin! Thank you so much for sharing your story, the lessons of your healing journey and for showing us, the world, the transformed new you that you have become and are becoming!! You have the spirit of a spiritual warrior and the courageous heart of an athlete who has learned to understand what truly winning means…and that is so priceless and inspiring!! I’ve been through one of my worst years in my life last year and it’s a huge miracle that I’m still alive and in a much, much better place by now… I am on my own healing journey and so grateful to be allowed to learn and be inspired by such beautiful and courageous souls like you are…!! I’m looking forward to the time when I will be able to say that that year was the best year of my life… What kept me going was the strong desire to be able to help people one day so that all the suffering and major Traumata have happened for a higher purpose, for a reason not only to transform myself but to be of service to others as well. Yes, and you are right, what am I waiting for? Why not start living it NOW? …You are living it already… Thank you again!! Sending much love, light and many more blessings and miracles as you are realizing your highest potential and purpose that you came here to experience …🙏💖✨💫🌟❣️
Yemi Smith
Yemi Smith 4 aylar önce
This is inspiring, no wonder it resonates with so many. I call it " Live while you're alive, Carpe Diem" I'd love to hear from you ten years from now, and I'm sure I will. Elin, you rock. Stay strong, stay charged, stay positive
Nana Kaldani
Nana Kaldani 4 aylar önce
This is such a great inspiring story ❤️ thank you for sharing and motivating and I am sure you will live many happy years 🙏
Walter Fernandes
Walter Fernandes 4 aylar önce
You are a champ Elin. You are a living example to all of us. You are a HERO. God bless you abundantly and always.
khaled amr
khaled amr 4 aylar önce
I couldn't agree more
Holistic Menopause Wellness
Holistic Menopause Wellness 4 aylar önce
What an amazing woman and an inspiration to all of us, to live life to the fullest! 😍
隆志 大野
隆志 大野 3 aylar önce
I had surgery a month ago, I had stage 1 the lang cancer sane like her, I have still pain and sometime my feelings are depressed, I found this video at that time, she’s strong alive live, I will live like her. Thank you so much 🤙
Dawn Barber
Dawn Barber 4 aylar önce
The time is now! Indeed, it is time now to express my immense gratitude to your inspiring spirit to live fully now as fully as I can for as long as I can. Like you, I received an unexpected cancer diagnosis at 40 with disbelief from the doctors but I strong belief in this diagnosis is an unexpected gift for us to inspire others to live fully and embrace the gift of life. You do that and did that in this amazing presentation. Thank you and certainly wishing you the very best!
Orsola Lelli
Orsola Lelli Aylar önce
Good luck, brave woman and thank you for your heartful message ❤
Barb K
Barb K 3 aylar önce
Choose to live, to be alive, here and now, in every minute of the miracle called life :) Thank you for this beautiful talk. All the best to you Elin!
yacquub xayir
yacquub xayir 4 aylar önce
Her story telling talent is absolutely n amazing. 😍
janet greenhough
janet greenhough 3 aylar önce
Wow Elin ….. what an inspiration and beautiful individual you are. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Your words have delivered a powerful, positive, punch to many who thought they had no hope. Im sure you will have given life back to those who thought they had none. Well done lady you are amazing. I wish you many wonderful precious days ahead. ❤️ xx
LLL 08506
LLL 08506 2 aylar önce
She’s truly amazing and inspiring ❤️
Luke Hopkins
Luke Hopkins 4 aylar önce
What a warrior! So inspiring 👊
Grant Gilmore
Grant Gilmore 11 gün önce
Super!!! Thank you for spreading this amazing message, your story is truly inspirational.
Anna-Cajsa Larsson
Anna-Cajsa Larsson 4 aylar önce
Wow!! Vilket TED-talk! Tack för inspirationen!!❤️😘 Vi lever bara nu🙏
Shan Premachandra
Shan Premachandra 3 aylar önce
A wonderful talk , so inspiring- Thank you x
D James
D James Aylar önce
This is FABULOUS! Exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much for sharing your life story with us! ❤️
Christy Wrightson
Christy Wrightson Aylar önce
Simply beautiful!! Thank you!! What an inspiration you are and what a beautiful reminder that we are all dying - none of us know when are time will be up regardless of our circumstances. Live today - today is all we have. Thank you!! Send you so much love, thoughts and prayers for your everyday!!
Nutrition Matters Skin
Nutrition Matters Skin 20 gün önce
Wow, what an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing and improving people's lives
Graeme Roberts
Graeme Roberts 18 gün önce
Thank you, Elin. I needed someone to make me cry, and to remind me that I am so much more, and doing so much more, than the disease which will consume me. And though I don't feel worthy, I am very much loved. What more could I ask?
Pink Velvet Lingerie
Pink Velvet Lingerie 4 aylar önce
A truly incredible talk that came to me just when I needed it. You have a strength and a beauty that we should all honour and you deserve every happiness on the journey ahead. Thank you for sharing your journey 😊
Animal_paradise Aylar önce
What a beautiful experience. Thanks for sharing your story. Much love and support from this end.
Rajesh K Patel
Rajesh K Patel 4 aylar önce
"My Love for Life is Stronger than my Fear of Death" - That' is such a powerful positive Attitude. God Bless You with a healthy long and we know your story will inspire thousands and thousands of people around the earth !!
Stan Rock
Stan Rock 3 aylar önce
thank you for being vocal. Diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago myself. I very much understand your journey walking thru it now too.
Z Z 3 aylar önce
Keto Club
Keto Club 3 aylar önce
You're amazing, Elin! Thank you for this deeply meaningful talk.
The Troches
The Troches 4 aylar önce
Stage 4 here and livin life every day! Also healthy, no other medical issue ever and then stage 4 lung cancer , never smoked a day in my life, parents did but lived full life Dying at 65 and 77 years whereas I’m 54.. 🤔. Luckily no horrific treatment and able to follow natural treatment options, 0 toxic stuff! God bless and thank you for the great talk. I wil do one as well God willing , stats and “ expeced outcomes” be damned . Maybe a book is more my style .. and I don’t have the magnificent delts for the stage but love it ! Feel free to reach out to connect individually. I’m a holistic minded 30 year veteran PT who loves to learn and teach. 🙏🏻💪🏻👍
Uzma s'ddin
Uzma s'ddin 3 aylar önce
Can u Plz share natural treatments u took.... Asking for a cancer patient
Relaxation Meditation
Relaxation Meditation 4 aylar önce
Scientists claim that intermittent fasting can help! Give it a try! I wish you to have many-many healthy years ahead ❤️
Priyanka Raj
Priyanka Raj 4 aylar önce
Can u describe what natural treatment you are taking
hari prasath
hari prasath 4 aylar önce
Much Love!! God Bless!!🤎🤎
Alena Mak
Alena Mak 4 aylar önce
Dear Elin, thank you for this amazing inspiring words, said with a great love! I wish you a long life without fear and darkness!
blueberry 4 aylar önce
Truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with us, I personally think you are amazing!
M Devorah
M Devorah 3 aylar önce
Amazing young women! Her strength and beauty are so amazing. I pray she can be healed. Her message is so needed. I have listened to this 3x so far. I have shared it with many friends.
Angelie Tamayo
Angelie Tamayo 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this life altering speech, I need to hear this! May God bless you with many more years to live, and ma you inspire more than imaginable to live their lives to the fullest! With my purest love, and best wishes, Angel
Debra Pavlica
Debra Pavlica 3 aylar önce
What a great message! Wishing you peace and happiness with great health!
Terrilyntris 4 aylar önce
I am in tears and truly amazed at Elin's courage, truth, and light. So many prayers for you.
Suzanne Cranny
Suzanne Cranny 4 aylar önce
Amazing speech. I hope you enjoy every minute and continue inspiring others. 'Live for the moment' is given all its sense. Thank you!
McCitron oli
McCitron oli 4 aylar önce
Beautiful! I love everything about this talk and above all I love the joy, inner happiness that emanates from the speaker ☀️.
Kristi Wright
Kristi Wright 3 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I am similar and this is so inspiring. 🤟🏽❤️🙏
Amalia Moodie
Amalia Moodie Aylar önce
So powerful, absolutely what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing your story. You are amazing ❤️
Roseanne Galvin
Roseanne Galvin 4 aylar önce
Beautiful!!! The woman, the message, the hope…❤️
Stephanie Simpson
Stephanie Simpson 3 aylar önce
Great Choice Elin, through this you have reached your purpose and your story will greatly inspire others
Mohammed Fadol
Mohammed Fadol 3 aylar önce
Words can’t describe what I feel. Such an amazing energy that you push into our hearts
LVBLu L 3 aylar önce
Amazing lady❤️ Good luck with your treatment and thanks for the inspiration❣️❣️❣️
Devora Sinton
Devora Sinton 3 aylar önce
I took notes on your words...and I want to thank you for the great strength you have given me in my own struggles to Choose Life and to choose to be in the moment...May you be blessed with all of the Good!!
Esther Esthdanne
Esther Esthdanne 4 aylar önce
A beautiful story, very deep and inspiring, Thank you lady and keep enjoying your positive life
Ann Vrabel
Ann Vrabel 3 aylar önce
This kept coming up on my feed and I kept ignoring it because I’m afraid of the C word and I am old and so full of regret. I didn’t realize how scared I was of the passing years. What if I decide not to fear old age? What if I could get over the feeling it’s too late?Great share! Very helpful. Maybe lifesaving:)
Z Z 3 aylar önce
Bithiah Carter
Bithiah Carter 3 aylar önce
You can do it.
Flavio Rasa'
Flavio Rasa' 4 aylar önce
Extremely inspiring, this is the kind of stuff that makes me believe in humans!
Debra Wucik
Debra Wucik 4 aylar önce
My heart goes out to you. You are strong, wise and keep up the good life. I can empathize with you as I spent 8 years of my life recovering from illness, Lyme, EBV and Coxsackie. Three years sliding downhill and 5 years recovering. With the help of a wonderful doctor well-versed in Homeopathy and Allopathy, changed my diet, reassessed priorities and finally really began to take care of myself. It works.
kirstie b
kirstie b 3 aylar önce
mine is similar as i was extremely mentally illl. 20 years
Sean Price
Sean Price 2 aylar önce
All the best Elin, you truly are an inspiration. If I could give you my lung(s) I would, you deserve to live a happy and fruitful life. Sending ❤ and best wishes from Australia 🇦🇺
Ying Yang
Ying Yang 3 aylar önce
Great speech very inspiring, Thank you
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