Would We Be Better Off Without Religion? - Christopher Hitchens [2007] ✝️ | Intelligence Squared

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Intelligence Squared

3 aylar önce

In this full session from our archive, Christopher Hitchens and professor Richard Dawkins came to Intelligence Squared in 2007 alongside a panel of other guests to debate if we would be better off without religion.
For the motion sits Christopher Hitchens, professor Richard Dawkins and A. C. Grayling. Whilst opposing the motion sits Nigel Spivey, rabbi Julie Neuberger and Roger Scruton.
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Intelligence Squared
Intelligence Squared 2 aylar önce
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Belinda Elisa
Belinda Elisa 2 aylar önce
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Carol Keller Vlangas
Carol Keller Vlangas 2 aylar önce
Consider a monument( or hovel or the Eiffel Tower) and ask if anyone knows the designer, creator, builder. You may prove God as true, powerful, loving when asking if you or that structure is more complex.
Olli Stålström
Olli Stålström Aylar önce
Christopher McClean
Christopher McClean 23 gün önce
Inside the brain of every thinking person, is the voice of Christopher Hitchens. The world is worst off without him.
SooperFlye 20 gün önce
Get It?
Get It? 14 gün önce
Your illiteracy betrays your bias.
Mike Carroll
Mike Carroll 14 gün önce
Agree wholeheartedly. But no comma needed, and don’t you mean worse instead of worst?
Richard Stubbs
Richard Stubbs 2 aylar önce
“I’d rather have questions I can’t answer than answers I can’t question.“ Richard Feynman.
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles 2 aylar önce
The Dawkins types now have plenty of answers they can't question, their side is left backing creationist equality once again.
James Ward
James Ward 2 aylar önce
I would rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy 😂
Thomas Huth
Thomas Huth Aylar önce
Rob Guyatt
Rob Guyatt Aylar önce
​@Churble FurblesYou clearly don't listen to Dawkins. He never says there definitely is no god. All he wants is evidence. Good evidence and he'll be most attentive. Prove me wrong with evidence to the contrary.
Rob Guyatt
Rob Guyatt Aylar önce
@Thomas Huth Would you like to be understood? If so, one-word responses aren't going to get you there.
Takako Caesar
Takako Caesar 2 aylar önce
Richard Dawkins’s closing argument is very powerful and really resonates with me. You don’t need religion to be good or feel emotions or be kind. Kindness, emotions, and doing good is an innate part of human beings. These things are spontaneous and requires no instruction. Also, im tired of religion claiming that you need God to do these things. Its pretty much insulting to what human beings are naturally capable of doing.
JAKE Wright
JAKE Wright 2 aylar önce
well said
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess 2 aylar önce
Define "good." I know many "good" people who are surprisingly immoral beneath their surface.
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess 2 aylar önce
It's more of an insult to think art wasn't created by an artist.
Takako Caesar
Takako Caesar 2 aylar önce
@Ray Gordon Teaches Chess Do i really need to spell out what good is? Behaviours like being respectful, being kind, being courteous, not causing intentional harm towards others, and helping one another. So what if you know "good" people who are immoral beneath? Evil is also natural part of humans, but so is doing good.
Alex 2 aylar önce
I remember when I first discovered Christopher Hitchens, I was hooked. In the next week or so, I watched and listened to every available debate. Because of these debates, I learned of Dawkins, Krauss, Harris and Fry. I am so grateful to have access to Hitchens, and I wish he were here today.
Rene Hoidal
Rene Hoidal 2 aylar önce
The exact same thing happened to me too. I didn't discover that he was dead before months later, and it made me really sad. Imagine the things he would have said (and the impact he would have had) on all the things that has happened these last years. It's such a loss that he was taken too soon
Wanna 2 aylar önce
I love Hitchens and Fry. The rest are just ok.
John Kaminski
John Kaminski 2 aylar önce
Harris my fav
Grow Smart Ireland
Grow Smart Ireland Aylar önce
Thank God for Hitch, Rich and Fry. Sorry if that sounds like an English breakfast, but what harm? it was always the most delicious way of starting the day.
Same for me too
Jesse Colton
Jesse Colton 2 aylar önce
Opening Statements 3:10 - Christopher Hitchens 16:51 - Nigel Spivey 26:46 - Richard Dawkins 36:49 - Julia Neuberger 46:50 - A.C. Grayling 56:24 - Roger Scruton 1:08:11 - Audience Questions Closing Statements 1:36:28 - Christopher Hitchens 1:40:22 - Nigel Spivey 1:43:31 - Richard Dawkins 1:46:31 - Julia Neuberger 1:48:55 - A.C. Grayling 1:52:35 - Roger Scruton 1:55:42 - Poll Results
8191 21521381194
8191 21521381194 2 aylar önce
Genesis 5 Lexham English Bible Adam’s Descendants to Noah 5 This is the record of the generations[a] of Adam. When[b] God created Adam,[c] he made him in the likeness of God. 2 Male and female he created them. And he blessed them. And he called their name “Humankind” when[d] they were created. 3 And when Adam had lived one hundred and thirty years, he fathered a child in his likeness, according to his image. And he called his name Seth. 4 And the days of Adam after he fathered Seth were eight hundred years. And he fathered sons and daughters. 5 And all the days of Adam which he lived were nine hundred and thirty years, and he died. 6 When[e] Seth had lived one hundred and five years, he fathered Enosh. 7 And after Seth had fathered Enosh he lived eight hundred and seven years, and fathered sons and daughters. 8 And all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years, and he died. 9 When[f] Enosh lived ninety years, he fathered Kenan. 10 And after Enosh fathered Kenan he lived eight hundred and fifteen years, and fathered sons and daughters. 11 And all the days of Enosh were nine hundred and five years, and he died. 12 When[g] Kenan had lived seventy years, he fathered Mahalalel. 13 And after Kenan had fathered Mahalalel, he lived eight hundred and forty years, and fathered sons and daughters. 14 And all the days of Kenan were nine hundred and ten years, and he died. 15 When[h] Mahalalel had lived sixty-five years, he fathered Jared. 16 And after Mahalalel had fathered Jared, he lived eight hundred and thirty years, and fathered sons and daughters. 17 And all the days of Mahalalel were eight hundred and ninety-five years, and he died. 18 When[i] Jared had lived one hundred and sixty-two years, he fathered Enoch. 19 And after Jared had fathered Enoch, he lived eight hundred years, and fathered sons and daughters. 20 And all the days of Jared were nine hundred and sixty-two years, and he died. 21 When[j] Enoch had lived sixty-five years, he fathered Methuselah. 22 And Enoch walked with God after he fathered Methuselah three hundred years, and fathered sons and daughters. 23 And all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years. 24 And Enoch walked with God, and he was no more, for God took him. 25 When[k] Methuselah had lived one hundred and eighty-seven years, he fathered Lamech. 26 And after Methuselah had fathered Lamech, he lived seven hundred and eighty-two years, and fathered sons and daughters. 27 And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred and sixty-nine years, and he died. 28 When[l] Lamech had lived one hundred and eighty-two years, he fathered a son. 29 And he called his name Noah, saying, “This one shall relieve us[m] from our work, and from the hard labor of our hands, from the ground which Yahweh had cursed. 30 And after Lamech had fathered Noah he lived five hundred and ninety-five years, and he fathered sons and daughters. 31 All the days of Lamech were seven hundred and seventy-seven years, and he died. 32 When[n] Noah was five hundred years old,[o] Noah fathered Shem, Ham, and Japheth.
Dragon 2 aylar önce
Thanks Man... love you for this from India
Gooner29 2 aylar önce
@8191 21521381194 copy and paste from a fable???? I could do that from books i believe in - surly formulating your own thoughts is a better argument??
Kenneth palmer
Kenneth palmer Aylar önce
Luna Inez DeLaMancha
Luna Inez DeLaMancha Aylar önce
I love C. Hitchens....an amazing human being. What an irreparable loss 😢
chad samora
chad samora Aylar önce
He was selfish and only cared about his opinion.
AverageFPSgamer Aylar önce
@chad samora pathetic attempt to discredit him. mad much?
Lawrence Castle
Lawrence Castle Aylar önce
@AverageFPSgamer you mad you lost your 'hero'?
Audrey 3 aylar önce
I miss watching his debates I really love him so much. He was a great force challenging humanity. Even though I’m a believer I still love his debate skills and a wide range knowledge he’s a great man as a society we all lost a great influencer and educator. You’ll always be missed 🙏🏼
Rellu Katta
Rellu Katta 3 aylar önce
Ok yvo😊 to tvtfy😊😊ocl😊 😊n
Rellu Katta
Rellu Katta 3 aylar önce
😊 ki😊😊non known minority
Joe Dias
Joe Dias 3 aylar önce
Emojis don't know what they mean. They tell us nothing,
should have not should of
should have not should of 3 aylar önce
@Rellu Katta You might need to go see a doctor ASAP
Sylvio Bertoli
Sylvio Bertoli 18 gün önce
Simply awesome! Hitchens,Dawkins and Grayiling at their best. Hitchens was particularly brilliant.
Cheri 2 aylar önce
This is Christopher Hitchens at his best. So many we have to appreciate him for. Although I fervently disagreed with going to war in Iraq, I forgive him for that mistake. ( No is perfect ) He was a marvelous journalist and writer of such great intelligence. Rarely did he ever lose a debate, as he was a master of wit and charm. Rip ♥️🙏 Religiosity he greatly had insights and I thank him.
Jason Sutton
Jason Sutton 2 aylar önce
His view on the war with Iraq is a curious one which goes against the general view of today and of the time. I can only assume like everyone else he was not in full view of the facts, however I still admire the courage of his convictions and his debating skills.
Tech 2 aylar önce
He was right about religions and the Iraq war and he still is and will be.
Jason Sutton
Jason Sutton 2 aylar önce
@Tech you think it was right to invade Iraq?
Jason Sutton
Jason Sutton 2 aylar önce
@Tech I’m a little out of touch with the latest situation in Iraq but for many years after the intervention (as you put it) things seemed worst for the soldiers on the ground and the general population. Many factions that Saddam Hussain had held down came to the forefront, if you tell me things are much better then I will believe you. It has to said though we Brits went in there under the premise that there were weapons of mass destruction which were never found, so our consensus is that it was an illegal war that damaged the legacy of what was a successful prime minister.
Beto Aguilar
Beto Aguilar 2 aylar önce
I wish we could solve all of our problems like this.
PrinceAsmodeus Aylar önce
I'm not sure we've solved any of our problems.
zapper solo
zapper solo Aylar önce
​@PrinceAsmodeus legal slavery was solved modern midecne education sorry for bad spaleing i am traying to improve
Baker Banking
Baker Banking Aylar önce
Keep it up!
Dylan Din
Dylan Din 23 gün önce
How was it solved. Morality just changes overtime. You are assuming that slavery was wrong
Jeff Wells
Jeff Wells 2 aylar önce
That first 16 minutes of Hitchens is something I listen to on a regular basis for its brilliance and humanity. It makes my small problems seem utterly insignificant by comparison and shows what could be possible if only we could *GROW UP* as a species!
Phil Symes
Phil Symes 2 aylar önce
Well said Jeff! 👍😊
GloryCarrier22 2 aylar önce
The religion of Hitchens All Hail Christopher the all knowing!! The irony…
pbluma 2 aylar önce
@GloryCarrier22 He was way smarter than you, that's for sure. I hope the only irony here is your comment.
GloryCarrier22 2 aylar önce
@pbluma you have the same problem he had, arrogance enough to assume way too many things and the same dogma you accuse others of…
The Collector
The Collector Aylar önce
I thought about this again recently: my former room mate grew up catholic and believed in god. Her brother visited us once and we discussed his faith - he said his faith made him a good person and he would not be able to act in a moral way without it. I didn't share what I thought of that statement but I do now believe that this might actually be true for many people: They cannot be good and just by the power of their own nature - they need this guideline and "the fear of god", so basically the threat of punishment to keep them in line. So nowadays, I'm leaning toward the opinion that without religions maybe the weaker minded could not be kept in line...
Geoffrey Bailey-Gates
Geoffrey Bailey-Gates Aylar önce
Sure - or maybe he was just a kid still, and made that statement as a last ditch effort to hold onto a worldview that he identified with, and was exasperated as to why everyone was trying to usurp his preferred unknowable truth with their unknowable truth. Because make no mistake, atheism is just as unknowable and 'faith-based' as any religious view. Hitchens' largest mistake was to purport atheism as the only 'correct' view, instead of agnosticism.
Mehmet Çağrı Köse
Mehmet Çağrı Köse Aylar önce
Oh wow, another atheist patting himself in the back.
children of the abzu
children of the abzu Aylar önce
I hate this argument. My sister use to say that kind of thing and I would say so you dont kill or do bad things out of fear of punishment. I dont do it because I know its wrong. Who is the better person.
Marcin Kiersnowski
Marcin Kiersnowski 28 gün önce
Literally wrote paragraphs on something so illogical, excuse making and non coherent, then used a singular observation to answer a general question.
calvin 84
calvin 84 3 aylar önce
One of my regrets is life.. never to have listened to Hitchens live 😢
Mr. McBeavy
Mr. McBeavy 3 aylar önce
My regret is that I never heard of him till well after he was gone.
Joe Dias
Joe Dias 3 aylar önce
We can't have it all but we can take the second best. He will be remembered in his books. So get hold of them. Reading his books would help your regret. He has written a lot.
zipper pillow
zipper pillow 3 aylar önce
Sandeep, listening to him live was challenging, because he wrote and spoke densely, with sentences packed with colors and lexicon that were difficult to assimilate fully in their initial onslaught. With the benefit of video, you can parse out his joy of using words, and dissect his meanings much more fully than most people can do on the fly, live, because you can replay it until you have extracted his very exacting point, then you can appreciate his humor and wit much more fully than you would be able to do hearing him live. Let that "regret" go. You have nothing to regret.
C Dean
C Dean 3 aylar önce
He wasn't god
John Mcdonald
John Mcdonald 2 aylar önce
I was raised in the Christian cult, which I had no option in joining. I remember the day I found out that religion was a racket. I was 7 years old attending my Catholic primary school, my teacher said to me that God will always accept you back, if you ask for forgiveness. She continued by saying even the worst of crimes will be forgiven if the criminal asks for forgiveness and accepts God into their hearts before they die. What a crock of sh!t
June Sackett
June Sackett 2 aylar önce
Unless you get divorced...
John Mcdonald
John Mcdonald 2 aylar önce
@June Sackett explain further please.
Codie O’Meallain
Codie O’Meallain Aylar önce
It’s sad that the concept of love and forgiveness was so incomprehensible to you that you could not believe even God capable of it.
Anjou Aylar önce
This is a Sunday, my day of reflection tho I'm not religious. Am a questioning athiest. Am excited to hear this...love discussions such as this. Thank you. 👍🌱
DGGJR Aylar önce
Have some faith, my child. You have only to believe in God in order to live. To know God and to live are one and the same thing. God is life. Love is life. Every single thing I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is bound up with love and love alone. Love is God.
ob 2
ob 2 3 gün önce
@DGGJR 0h dear, n0thing Iike a rati0naI wander d0wn hippy dippy street I am Iiving I d0 n0t beIieve in g0d this appears t0 run c0unter t0 y0ur thesis
Hans Zarkov, Ph.D.
Hans Zarkov, Ph.D. 2 aylar önce
Hitchems eloquently says what i am thinking while i sit in church with the wife
Dave Suchy
Dave Suchy Aylar önce
why do you do that?
Hans Zarkov, Ph.D.
Hans Zarkov, Ph.D. Aylar önce
@Dave Suchy do what?
Wohambi 3 aylar önce
One of the best debate ever recorded.
Killer Rabbit
Killer Rabbit 2 aylar önce
Well, as usual, theists don't have logic on their side.
Donato Capodiferro
Donato Capodiferro Aylar önce
There has never been doubt in my mind since I was able to rationalise thoughts that I would be better off without religion and I moved on!
Simple-Commentator-not-really Aylar önce
Comedians like Ricky Gervais or George Carlin have provided so much laughter in my life. It's hard for me to imagine a world where they would be out of work, or not as funny.
Phil Symes
Phil Symes Aylar önce
Good point. 😅 Plus we would not have had Hitchslaps or Richard interviewing Haggard and Wendy Wright. 😂
dave t
dave t 25 gün önce
"It's hard for me to imagine a world where they would be out of work..." Hell.
Tester 316278
Tester 316278 25 gün önce
I find Ricky to be a bit a wank, inexplicably can’t stand him. George Carlin is one of the greats though, still unbelievable him and Christopher are gone.
Tester 316278
Tester 316278 25 gün önce
@dave t I’m sure they have pretty decent careers in hell. If hell wasn’t imaginary that is.
Vill Ans
Vill Ans 2 aylar önce
As a deist. Common sense and Rationality reveals all. We don’t need a religion. Just kindness and a open heart along with mind.
Larry Walters
Larry Walters 2 aylar önce
Well my children you are finally growing up
anthony morales
anthony morales 2 aylar önce
I agree with you 100. However relegion offers those without the inellect and ability to be introspective such as yourself, rules for the moral traffic. Then there is the social pressures for those with a strong relegious family. The issue as always is the abuse in the name of relegion
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings 2 aylar önce
Mind Begs the Question: If a Religion - Encourages exercising Thought If a Govt - Discourages exercising Thought More Scientific - Govt,Religion?
anthony morales
anthony morales 2 aylar önce
@Michael Eastham Well there's no need to go insulting amoebas
Rani Altoni
Rani Altoni Aylar önce
I've listened to many debates that included Hitchens, I know I'm not academic nor a professional but because of Hitchens I'm having this ability to point out fallacies. I am now at #22:50 and can tell that Hitchens will destroy the speaker opening statement
pushingsheepsofcliff Aylar önce
Love watching history legends
Converging Perspectives
Converging Perspectives 3 aylar önce
This is the most intelligent and civil debate between atheists and theists I've ever seen. They seem to understand each other quite well and agree on most of the same direction for society being more conscious and serving all human needs without destructive elements.
Scott B
Scott B 3 aylar önce
Very moderate religious people though. Hitchens and Fry v Anne Widdecombe and a Bishop is a good debate . The catholics were trounced
gore 108
gore 108 3 aylar önce
Except they have no arguments..
Ludicrous Green
Ludicrous Green 3 aylar önce
The religious have to make their theism into deism for this, though; some vague creative force of transcendence and inspiration. The actual teachings and history and practice of organised religions have to be swept under the rug.
Sean Lahm
Sean Lahm 2 aylar önce
I do respect this type of discussion though. Very civilized and constructive.
elmohead 2 aylar önce
When you have Dawkins and Hitchens as your opponent, just give up. Your two options are: lose the debate or get hitchslapped and lose the debate.
Si 2 aylar önce
I think Dawkins is a one trick pony. And just like the rest of us he is human and all humans make mistakes. Don't they?
elmohead 2 aylar önce
@Si well, he wrote many books arguing against religion so it's definitely more than one trick.
vince widemann
vince widemann 2 aylar önce
@elmohead, no, it’s the same trick repeated over and over. In the end, both Hitchens and Dawkins have conceded that there is most likely a higher power of one sort or another, hardly the stance of an atheist with conviction.
elmohead 2 aylar önce
@vince widemann it's logical to think that there is a higher power. In an infinite number of multiverses, there is infinitely more universes with a higher power than one in which humans are the highest power. Doesn't mean god.
Si 2 aylar önce
@elmohead I suppose it is worth asking what is logic and where does it come from? If a human commits to a theory which is logical to them after believing or disproving another then he or she would probably religiously try to justify this belief they have found in a new logical point of view becoming so arrogant that no one else could possibly disprove it. Dawkins and Hitchens could be right. However they could be wrong as humans are infallible. We are organic and there are may things that we can not know. Who is going to say without any doubt that we can know everything there is to know. And if that is the case there is always room for doubt and the possibility of something unimaginable something not yet discovered or experienced.
Estrella Gapuz
Estrella Gapuz 29 gün önce
Beautiful debate !!!
C O'linger
C O'linger 2 aylar önce
It's hard to believe that it wouldn't be a better place without it, coming from someone who was raised a "Christian."
47antony Aylar önce
I've listened to many of these debates and in my humble opinion, religion has everything to prove. What a change from the days when religion called the shots.
oblitibley Aylar önce
You’re still religious. You’ve just traded one set of beliefs for another as society has shifted. Modern ideologies still tell people how to think, what’s right and who to hate.
Pseudonayme 77
Pseudonayme 77 Aylar önce
@oblitibley Nope. Religious people pray to a god and take nonsense at face value. Atheists like myself, don't.
oblitibley Aylar önce
@Pseudonayme 77 If materialism is all there is, belief in freedom, truth, justice or whatever else you believe in is just as unfounded as a belief in God. Maybe people don’t believe in miracles or pray, but they have their gods. Modern society holds a dozen contradictory beliefs they blindly hold to because challenging them would collapse their faith.
Jeremy Vincent
Jeremy Vincent 24 gün önce
Would you challenge with similar humility those who assert the existence of a fire-spewing dragon or a flat earth or a flying teapot?
Meric Esin
Meric Esin 3 aylar önce
Well spoken Professor Richard Dawkins. I fully agree with you.
Noexes the masked philosphorus
Noexes the masked philosphorus 2 aylar önce
I remember watching this in maybe 2011, as a teen asking some difficult questions. Christopher Hitchens is still, to the best of my knowledge, the best speaker when it comes to the subject of atheism.
Doug Daniels
Doug Daniels 2 aylar önce
Agreed, although depending on the audience, a less fiery messenger could be more persuasive. I think Sam Harris is an equally great representative of the atheist movement in his own way.
louise williams
louise williams 2 aylar önce
Sam Harris has refined his arguments over the years. He recognises Hitchens' much missed art.
Ahmed Mir
Ahmed Mir 2 aylar önce
I was brought up in a rigid religious family. It took fifty years to realize that it was based on ignorance. My grand kids are unaware of the dogma and the risks involved. I gear in a generation or two their children may revert to religion again.
Chester Donnelly
Chester Donnelly Aylar önce
Unfortunately there are plenty of dogmas people can be drawn to. The vacuum left by religion will be filled by other stupid ideas.
Bob Berger
Bob Berger 3 gün önce
IF it took 50 years I'd say you are the problem even if they are too.
Sean Lahm
Sean Lahm 2 aylar önce
Getting rid of religion IS indeed an option. People evolve. Maybe not in the near future, but there will be a day , where "modern" civilization looks back at religion the same way we look at Greek mythology. Fairy tales.
Robert Cairns
Robert Cairns Aylar önce
Thats what I tell folk *Fiary Tales* We walk amongst cavemen.
Cat Gray
Cat Gray 2 aylar önce
Very interesting debate. I was fascinated to hear both sides of the argument. I can say that I am on the side that we would, indeed, be better off without religion. I do realize that there are some good people that practice religion, but sadly, the majority are not good people. Religion is, yet again, becoming extreme. I believe a large portion of the world is sick if religious fear mongering, religious anger, religious division, religious anti-everthing and anti-everyone. Belief in some diety that doesn't exist seems very odd to me. Religion is a man-made concept to explain things they fear or don't understand. Take the cargo cult, for example. Those indigenous people created a religion out of a cargo plane, and are devoted to John Frum, an American soldier. It sounds absurd, yet it's true. All because they'd never seen a cargo plane before. That being said, religion were just means of controlling the masses, under the guise of a 'moral code.' Here's the thing, you don't need religion to have a moral code. You don't need religion to be a good person and treat others well. All you need is to not be a jerk. Way too many 'religious' people ONLY behave on Sunday, while in church. The rest of the time they treat people like crap. Yet, those same people walk around literally believing they are superior to everyone else because they believe in some God(s). If religions wonder why people are leaving the churches, that's a big part of the reason. Religion teaches hate, not love, teaches people to be judgemental, not accepting, teaches them to be separatists, not inclusionists. The churches teach fear and anger. Millions are sick of all of those negative, and harmful, words. Tired of being made to feel inferior when they don't live up to the unattainable expectations religions put on people. Sick of the way men are venerated, but the rest of us are inferior beings that may, or may not, even have the right to live a free life. Religions are primarily male dominated and decide things on what people should wear, whether they can have an education or a job, who people can interact with, etc. It's not a belief in some diety with a moral code. It's akin to a fascist society. Billions have been killed for more than 7,000 years all because of religion. Religion doesn't open the mind to anything in our world. Religion teaches people to discount anything that doesn't support the religion's view. Religion stifles many people's ability to learn anything new, to think outside themselves and their beliefs. Religion has been passed down for many millenia, but that doesn't make it real.
brio barb
brio barb Aylar önce
Very well said "Gray Cat"! Meow!!!
ben wu
ben wu 2 aylar önce
Gotta love the Hitch having the quote much more correct. There's a bit of a weird discrepancy in the final voting tally that I'm unsure about, there was 1871 votes cast before it started, 2087 cast at finish, unless there was 206 latecomers.
Wayne 3 aylar önce
What a well balanced debate.
Ruecian Beoulve
Ruecian Beoulve Aylar önce
X to doubt. All three of the opposition granted within their own words that at least some of the good they were proposing religion was necessary for isn't exclusive to a person of a religion. I get that they were doing it to avoid the obvious vulnerability of being asked if any secular person could do that good thing; which I can respect them for anticipating, but the need to basically grant the opposition their proposition just to avoid a vulnerability in part of your argument is pretty telling of just how much of a losing side your position must be. Couldn't even fill 10 minutes of exposition about religion being a good influence without granting how unnecessary it is. Not to mention the super weak argument that is "religion will never be gone from humanity entirely and that somehow implies it's beneficial" Especially with three atheists on stage and of course some in the audience who live not only without it, but in opposition of it. Not in the least surprising that one of the "questions" was just a secular person with three secular kids asking just how far off their rocker they must be to insinuate what they are claiming will never happen is being lived by some of the audience present.
This Unrest
This Unrest 3 aylar önce
28:25 this always cracks me up because i was introduced to dawkins via Nightwish, who wrote an entire album based on his work as both an evolutionary biologist and an atheist, along with references to hitchens, carl sagan ect.
MrBest Aylar önce
Damn nightwish, havent thought about that band in awhile. I didnt know they wrote an album like that. I did just see Lacuna Coil
Gary LeLacheur
Gary LeLacheur Aylar önce
I was stunned when I first listened to the Nightwish opera and heard Dawkins speaking. It was beautiful.
Mary McNabb
Mary McNabb Aylar önce
Amen! As a child I knew Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Skydaddy were fairytale's.
Phil Symes
Phil Symes Aylar önce
Damn right Mary. 💯👍
Geoffrey Scott
Geoffrey Scott Aylar önce
Hitchens is right. Before religion, people lived in perfect harmony with one another and if we just got rid of it we would not find another thing to group us together and fight one another.
Ruecian Beoulve
Ruecian Beoulve Aylar önce
So your argument is "if it can't be perfect it's not worth attempting to mitigate at all"? I'd also love to know what period of history you've discovered that predates all religions. It seems like the moment Humans can communicate somebody in their group concocts some BS to explain the weather and the sun.
Azeem Aylar önce
It’s all about being truthful and honest to oneself.
Brian Newman
Brian Newman Aylar önce
At around 1:60, the Rabbi is describing the mess we've fallen into some 15 years later rather accurately.
sands7779 3 aylar önce
If it weren't religion, humans would find other reasons to control and punish others. It is convenient for us to blame the wishes of deity when we treat others badly.
June Sackett
June Sackett 2 aylar önce
Man creates God in his own image.
gore 108
gore 108 2 aylar önce
No.. The opposite.
June Sackett
June Sackett 2 aylar önce
@gore 108 Lots of people behave in ways that prove his point, though.
subtlesquire Aylar önce
I am saddened that Christopher is no longer at the party. He was a great voice for the rationalists in the world.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson Aylar önce
Except that he was so full of irrational dogmas about religion, culture, history and Mother Teresa
WiperHunter Aylar önce
@Robert Davidson He was definitely a bit narcissistic
Jer Smith
Jer Smith 9 gün önce
if he's wrong he's in the hot place isn't he? how sad
You'reAClown 4 gün önce
​@Jer Smith how sad? Hell, if he's there I can't wait!
Aqua chonk
Aqua chonk 2 aylar önce
"Religion is manmade and it shows." Ah, the Hitchslap, so satisfying.
Chris V. Noire.
Chris V. Noire. 2 aylar önce
He is now manure. Religion is still here.
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles 2 aylar önce
Smug redditism, it is evolutionarily selected, and the false alternative is a dead end.
Eric Adams
Eric Adams 2 aylar önce
Religion is manmade but it was supposed to be divinely inspired and it has lost that connection. However it doesn't mean that atheism is correct either.
James Ward
James Ward 2 aylar önce
Religion is man's word -Faith is God's word
G Girardin
G Girardin 2 aylar önce
People clearly like science fiction
Matt M
Matt M 2 aylar önce
Understatement of the century!
Jennifer Farley
Jennifer Farley Aylar önce
I'm really warming up to this idea ...but I think the texts are always worth study.
James Richard Wiley
James Richard Wiley 2 aylar önce
Some of us can function without needing help from a god parent while others not so much.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson Aylar önce
Well you tell yourself that
Ophanim Aylar önce
@Robert Davidson I see you coping and malding all over this comment section lol
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson Aylar önce
@Ophanim if you need to tell yourself that to cope with someone who isn’t into your dogma, then distort away - it’s hilarious seeing the twisting that people who somehow need to believe that religion poisons everything get into in order to maintain their irrational bigotry
Paul T Sjordal
Paul T Sjordal 3 aylar önce
There are lots of topics with which I disagreed with Hitchens, but he was generally right on the topic of religion in general.
Bob Berger
Bob Berger 2 gün önce
So you agree with him insofar as you already have your mind made up beforehand. How is that anything but saying "He is right when he agrees with Me" ???? :)
Jingo McBright
Jingo McBright Gün önce
Children need to be protected from every faith. For every reason you are thinking of.
Bob Diaz
Bob Diaz 2 aylar önce
Coolly presented by Mr Hitchens . We need spiritual believe which is love openly . No dogma ofcourse but acceptance of our individual channels of believe . Believe is important and we can share those believes in unity to Unite us to grow and be fulfilled with life challenges. But we need a radical change in the teachings of believe , in how we humans approach it. I am an inca DNA'd man with Buddist believes, Catholic brought up and Scientificly oriented who loves to combine and express believe for the purpose of evolving in peace, love and unity with one onether. ❤ ✌
Ndeye Delgado
Ndeye Delgado 2 aylar önce
Wonderful conversation
Pat Murray
Pat Murray Aylar önce
Love this headline. We'd ALL be better off without the nonsense of religion.
Gordon Haining
Gordon Haining 3 aylar önce
I love Christopher his passion and intelligence his logic and his honesty I know he is no longer with us but his spirit lives on
theseustoo 3 aylar önce
@Paul S You lack imagination if you think atheists cannot believe in 'spirit' in the sense Gordon was using the word. Spirit, for an atheist, does not refer to any kind of 'ghostie-thing', but to the spirit of a man's (or a woman's) life and work... to his or her essential philosophy. In this sense, yes, one might even say that there IS a form of spirituality that atheists can believe in. All it takes is a modicum of understanding... and imagination. I'm quite sure even Mr Hitchens would agree to this proposition.
john harper
john harper 3 aylar önce
​@Paul S he would agree, his spirit cannot live on. His memory & words can. By his reckoning.
porc 2 aylar önce
@Paul S You can also use spirit
Mohan Kang
Mohan Kang 2 aylar önce
Everything else but his honesty. His verbal assault on Mother Teresa and justifying in the most ignorant way for the illegal invasion of a sovereign country was quite frankly disturbing.
Amber C
Amber C 2 aylar önce
Even though I'm no where near educated enough to understand alot of what the first guy was talking about I've never read much on other places(that will change from this point)or there laws and the way people are treated I believe people should be able to believe whatever they want no matter what anyone else thinks and should be safe to do so how can you control people's thoughts that's the only thing we really can have complete control of is our own thoughts
Robert Rentel
Robert Rentel 2 aylar önce
Don't bet on it. Have you read 1984 lately?
Liam Romanis
Liam Romanis 2 aylar önce
Yes, we would all be better off.
Not Home
Not Home Aylar önce
Liquidgal 3 aylar önce
No matter what, morals should be taught. Good vs evil. May good always prevail. Religion or not.
skp 3 aylar önce
Who sets those parameters? Individual human whim? Communal compromise? Who sets and enforces the punishment of evil? What is the reward for doing good?
HiFi Valiant
HiFi Valiant 3 aylar önce
@skp easy to answer. The basis of natural law is "do not steal" all other laws are based on this one thing. Do not rape or assault, because it's theft of a person's body. Do not manipulate bully or coerce another, because it is theft of their own peace and free will. Do not steal property. Etc. It's really very obvious. You could also take this first law to mean don't do to others what you don't want done to you.
Daniella McGee
Daniella McGee 3 aylar önce
The world isn't as simplistic as the dichotomy of good vs. evil. I taught my child the concepts of respect, consideration of others, compassion, fairness, self awareness, responsibility, etc. Protesting isn't 'good' behaviour, as it is non-compliant. But it has resulted increased rights for disempowered people, towards the greater goal of equality. My child was not considered good at times at school, primarily due to speaking out against injustice and erroneous information being taught (such as 3 people landing on the moon in 1969, when only 2 did), or poor teaching methods. This resulted in being punished with detention, despite being honest, reasonable, and fair.
Autistic Phaglosophy
Autistic Phaglosophy 3 aylar önce
@HiFi Valiant Natural is arbitrary unless grounded in God’s ontology or some neo platonic matter.
UC 9
UC 9 3 aylar önce
@Autistic Phaglosophy I would say the reverse. Defining morality to be some guy’s will is arbitrary. Saying morality is evolved is grounded in biological history.
steveraleigh100 2 aylar önce
Prof Dawkins' points on how religion can destroy education - no more needs to be said. He made these points in 2007 and today in USA, nothing has changed and books are being banned because of religion.
Shakey 2 aylar önce
steveraleigh100 2 aylar önce
@Shakey which what? books?
Shakey 2 aylar önce
@steveraleigh100 you don’t seem to have basic ability of relating words
steveraleigh100 2 aylar önce
@Shakey wow, you are quite the wordsmith, aren't you.
Bradley Mosman
Bradley Mosman Aylar önce
He understands very little about religion. He should leave it to actual scholars of the subject and stop his pretensions.
David Harrison
David Harrison 2 aylar önce
Now I am an old man I now realise how fast our time on earth goes by . I wish I could explain that to the young ones so they could use their time well , being nice , helping others best they can , understand that time is a wonderful thing to be used wisely. To care for everyone, not just other humans but animals etc as well . Don't waste what time you have on religion just live as wisely as you can . It costs nothing to be kind , you will have a much more fulfilling life living that way I promise.
Del Price
Del Price 2 aylar önce
Who taught you these righteous ethical principles?
David Harrison
David Harrison 2 aylar önce
@Del Price no one .
Doug Morison
Doug Morison 2 aylar önce
I love this comment ❤
Doug Morison
Doug Morison 2 aylar önce
To be clear - I love David Harrison’s comment. Not anything coming after that slanders it
Rob J
Rob J 2 aylar önce
@Del Price One of the best things about learning from your human experiences is understanding not to judge and condemn the harmless actions of others. To be nice because you’d like others to be nice to you. If you learn your understandings of behaviour from religion you’ll likely judge and condemn homosexuals, women, non-theists of your creed etc etc. Bigoted, horrendous behaviours that harm others in the name of your chosen sect.
T D Gün önce
If the religious could just be secure enough to stop trying to control everything and everyone else , the rational people would not resent and hate them.
Joseph Belisle
Joseph Belisle 2 aylar önce
For most of my life I feared to listen to the positions of other faiths as they may prove my beliefs incorrect. Just after becoming an athiest I felt that fear. But now listening to aso many positions of theists that fear is gone. Listening to each argument here and others I can now see the false equivalences they create and the beliefs they have they claim as truth which are only constructions from having preconceived conclusions and building arguments to reach those conclusions. Some make me laugh. Some make me cry. But each one I now see as false however they try to build with some facts but they put them together with false conclusions. Thank you theists. Each argument I hear from you helps me understand how fundamentally flawed your beliefs are.
John Kaminski
John Kaminski 2 aylar önce
I was catholic until I was about 20. You have to be willing to let go of your ego which identified with your religion. Not very many people are able to do this. It's much easier to keep believing you are right. But I agree, once you are exposed to just a couple of arguments that poke holes in theism, it becomes increasingly easy to recognize the subsequent arguments you are exposed to as either being intellectually honest or dishonest.
Thomas Hosking
Thomas Hosking Aylar önce
@John Kaminski As a Catholic, what is more important to me is believing that Christ is right, rather than believing that I am right. When it comes to my belief that God exists, this is based more or less on philisophical considerations, and thus requires no proof. As a starting point, I consider the existence of the Universe to be circumstantial evidence that God exists, then take it from there.
John Kaminski
John Kaminski Aylar önce
@Thomas Hosking yeah I have no problem with the belief that God or a higher level consciousness exists. I also have no problem believing that Jesus existed and was perhaps a spiritual prodigy. However I find the miracle stories and most of the Bible pretty far fetched. Just like how anyone who was Muslim or Hindu wouldn't believe in the Bible, or just like how you wouldn't believe in the Koran. There are just too many reasons to not get behind any particular religion, and no real good reasons for them, imo. Especially considering all the tribalism, divisiveness, and stagnation of scientific and philosophical thought that religion causes.
Thomas Huth
Thomas Huth Aylar önce
William Martinez
William Martinez Aylar önce
Amazing how listening to these arguments from theists and atheists can make you and I gravitate to the exactly opposite opinion.
Paul Trauzzi
Paul Trauzzi Aylar önce
It was a steam roller running over religion. Hitchens for sainthood.
j b
j b 2 aylar önce
Yes, we would be better off. Be good and respectful to others and to the environment is much more simplier to follow. 🙂
T 2 aylar önce
You would think religion would be adamant on preserving the environment, especially since their god created it, yet they are hardly to be heard on the subject. You'd think they'd be the loudest most radical in saving god's earth. Puzzling.
Codie O’Meallain
Codie O’Meallain Aylar önce
@T I am. We are but the stewards of God’s creation, its master only in His absence. While we are temporarily entrusted with it it is fundamentally not ours in the sense that we may do with it as we please. It is our duty to preserve it, not our right to destroy it. The steward is the servant of the Lord, to oversee and maintain that which the Lord places under his watch; to allow it to fall to ruin is unconscionable and in human terms treasonous.
Gregory Edward
Gregory Edward Aylar önce
After that intro Hitchens would have smiled from heaven
j reyes
j reyes 28 gün önce
You're not born racist or religious, you're taught it.
Anton A
Anton A Aylar önce
Yep, religion is a matter of geography, not revelation.
Anjou Aylar önce
Exactly. 👍🧡🌱
Léguman Aylar önce
I don't know if that's true with racism. I vaguely recall studies involving young children split into groups with different colour clothing. Said children very quickly started to discriminate based on this. I suspect it's deep evolutional programming which once served a purpose survival-wise - much like religion or rather superstitious thinking (pigeon experiment!)
FozzZ Aylar önce
children of the abzu
children of the abzu Aylar önce
@Léguman children are not instinctualy racist. That is a fact not a debatable opinion.
Janis hall
Janis hall 2 aylar önce
imagine how far we could be from needing an imaginary friend as a crutch, had we spent all those days studying science and psychology rather than in sunday school
ShitWrangler 2 aylar önce
Jesus is empathy, empathy is jesus
Janis hall
Janis hall 2 aylar önce
@ShitWrangler lol.. I don't get why theists keep trying to redefine their friend. Empathy has a definition and there is no jesus in it. It is something shared by most people, of all forms of religion and with no religion at all. Pls prove your Jesus even exists.
ShitWrangler 2 aylar önce
@Janis hall prove your empathy exists. empathy is strictly being able to relate to somebody from a shared lived experience. NOT what you think empathy is.
S 3 aylar önce
Hitchens is watched/ listened to per diem, in my life. Almost like.....a religion .
Nicolau Arbex
Nicolau Arbex 3 aylar önce
But for much better reasons 😉 .
mandellorian 3 aylar önce
There is no god but Hitchens and Dawkins is his prophet? You need to listen more...EVERYBODY had issues with Hitch...he got carried away and lost the plot often in his debates.
Alistair Clark RC Slope Gliders
Alistair Clark RC Slope Gliders 2 aylar önce
You can't escape the human nature of controlling what the masses believe. This is about the human nature to need followers, but thet won't discuss that, because they want followers.
BENOIT METAIL 2 aylar önce
it's because secularism IS a religion
Alice Deen
Alice Deen 7 gün önce
"Would We Be Better Off Without Religion?" Absolutely, there are so many horrors that arrive with religion. The child abuse and tax scandals to name hardly anything of these terrible things people do in a privileged position. There are no good reasons to think there are any deities and the supernatural world. If we taught children how to think and not what to think we could get rid of religions in a few generations. Alice
Massimiliano Petrore
Massimiliano Petrore Aylar önce
I wish there was a successive discussion after the results were announced
LouieGrind Aylar önce
It's hard to argue about things without legit arguments.
Sticky Wicket
Sticky Wicket 25 gün önce
As an atheist, when I first saw this I agreed and inwardly applauded. Now. Seeing that humans are replacing religion with extreme ideology and seem unable to function without a psyche encompassing animus to strive for/work towards or downright worship… I’m starting to think religion might be the lesser of many evils. Remove religion and people don’t stop worshipping or idolising. They just switch focus to something else. Often something much more immediately dangerous.
Daniel Satterfield
Daniel Satterfield 2 gün önce
A splendid example of not being mad at each other’s being simply for having different thought. Disagreement should not equal disrespect. We’d all be better to remember this.
James Gün önce
Yes. The religious should be respected, but religion itself should be disrespected.
Blatant One
Blatant One 3 aylar önce
Holy crap! We will never know in real time but I think another purpose would take its place. The same people who ruined religion would rise in said purpose.
HawkFest 3 aylar önce
But they engrossed God Dollar, also called "The Plutocrat" , along its deviant precepts (no.. strictly speaking, economy is _not_ a "Science" by itself, else economic crisis would be evitable).
Blatant One
Blatant One 3 aylar önce
@HawkFest That does seem to complicate matters, doesn't it?
Blatant One
Blatant One 2 aylar önce
@Dem Ocrat I'm not sure I understand what you are pointing out. I realize there is a multitude of religious beliefs I've never heard of. I was surprised to find that Judaism, alone, has so many sub-sects under the Hasidic title. Christianity certainly has its fair share. Anyway, you are correct about my referring to a certain group of religions I am familiar with. I think that if the zealous leaders who interpret religion in a politicized way for their own purposes didn't have the religion to exploit they would exploit some other purpose to control the followers. Christianity and Islam are at the top of my list for abuse of power. I can't say all religions are corruptable but, maybe they are. I don't believe in any deity. No grand design. No all-knowing entity oversees us but allows us to be left to our own devices. No afterlife, rebirth, etc. A dirt nap is what I believe is my destiny.
David LeFarge
David LeFarge Aylar önce
I'm not religious at all and never have been. But I've seen people who take great comfort from their religion. It's a crutch that gets many people through difficult times. It's not for me but I wouldn't deny it for others.
Phil Symes
Phil Symes Aylar önce
A lie is a lie The life I have had I would not wish on anyone. But psychopathic sky fairies are not for me.
David LeFarge
David LeFarge Aylar önce
Isn't that a bit woke, not allowing people to have different beliefs than yours? Live and let live.
Phil Symes
Phil Symes Aylar önce
@David LeFarge Not if it causes so many people damage.
GaryChap 22 gün önce
I wouldn't deny anyone their faith either. Luckily, secular humanists and atheists are not in the business of denying people things. That's more of a religious deal.
David Harrison
David Harrison 3 aylar önce
I really miss the hitch a great great man . Rip sir .
Abigail Slade
Abigail Slade 2 aylar önce
Her argument how religion helped end the slave trade is true it also helped keep it running which she failed to note.
Harlow Blackadder
Harlow Blackadder Aylar önce
I miss this man.
Gary LeLacheur
Gary LeLacheur Aylar önce
So do I. His eloquence expresses the ideas I have but lack the skill to say.
It's a Cup
It's a Cup 2 aylar önce
In the past this is a debatable question but now a days it's a resounding yes.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson Aylar önce
Only if you keep your eyes firmly shut, stick your fingers in your ears and shout La La La desperately
Mick Morrison
Mick Morrison 3 aylar önce
As an atheist and I’m better off without religion, if others want to believe in religion then that is up to them. The more important thing is that religion should have no place or power in government.
M Press
M Press 3 aylar önce
Atheism will always need religion to validate its none religious sense of identity. Atheism is the all-important post religious phase of the greater spiritual path. It's the necessary limbo state that sits between religiosity and spirituality. Like Neo stuck between two train stations where he can only get rescued from a potential permanent limbo state (Mobil) by the one and only Trinity. The trinity of the Christed path is The Way (through religion), the Truth (Atheism) and The Life (direct spirituality). Scripture was not written by the religious or the atheist, but was written by the spiritual for all spiritual and soul levels.
Mick Morrison
Mick Morrison 3 aylar önce
No, religion will always need atheism to validate its non atheist sense of identity.
Shabir Magami
Shabir Magami 3 aylar önce
brilliant debate ...Prof Grayling is love 💌
OrdinaryCritic 2 aylar önce
We removed religion a bit, and people replaced it with political fanaticism. I don’t even know which is worse anymore.
Kaiser Chief
Kaiser Chief 2 aylar önce
scientism - that's what has replaced religion and its experts are the new priests. Listen to the science, don't question the experts etc. The science is settled - sound familiar?
Redfern “PixelGnome” Pitcher
Redfern “PixelGnome” Pitcher 2 aylar önce
I do, it's the latter.
Karolinawww 2 aylar önce
​@Kaiser Chief no scientist would say all science is settled. Science is not a question of belief - you can believe a scientist, but the whole point of scientific studies is that they can be replicated and proven true or untrue by whoever chooses to do so, which is not the case with religion. If you scrap all religious books and come back in a hundered years, new ones would be created & they would be completely different (note that every culture has their own religious story). If you do the same wiith science, it would come back more or less unchanged.
Lauren Tackett
Lauren Tackett 2 aylar önce
political defiantly
pbluma 2 aylar önce
@Kaiser Chief That's normie npc 2020 covid soyence, not real science.
VT RADIO:  Alternative Foreign Policy Podcast
VT RADIO: Alternative Foreign Policy Podcast 21 gün önce
Common Sense
Common Sense 3 aylar önce
I love the crowd. That clap
Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet Aylar önce
If Hitchens had indeed "defected" to the right wing, then of all the right wing viewpoints, I would have listened to his viewpoints above all others in order to cross check my own perceptions of the world around us.
Indira Dinah
Indira Dinah 3 aylar önce
All spoke very well. Thank you for uploading!
Karl Johnson
Karl Johnson Aylar önce
The debates between creationists and evolutionists always make me laugh, I don't know why.
darrenlee layton
darrenlee layton Aylar önce
Perhaps the first time I've heard from A.C Grayling. I'm a fan already.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson Aylar önce
You have my sympathies
Truth above ALL
Truth above ALL 2 aylar önce
I truly miss Hitch even if I didn’t agree w him on how we handled Iraq oil crusades his voice is greatly missed especially w America falling off the fascist cliff of madness
fengshuijoybell 2 aylar önce
It depends on how you feel. It's a personal thing. But..I don't know what I would do without that comfort I get from my prayers. I don't feel so alone.❤
Martin S
Martin S Aylar önce
To see Piers Morgan villified in Social Media and yet to trouble to listen the man.......Quite different and illuminating 😮😮😊
kurt sonnenburg
kurt sonnenburg 3 aylar önce
My mother was in her 80's and was living in a community center do to health conditions. I was the only child out of 5 siblings (I am in the Atheist camp) that would take her to church on the typical Catholic holidays. I knew Easter was very important to her. I took her to the mass service where we sat in the back. The parade had begun with a woman holding the Bible above her head as they strolled down the aisle. Later, the money basket moved between the rows of a very large church. She had no money, so in order to please her nature of contributing, I threw in $20. She smiled at me and squeezed my hand, even though she knew I dispised the Catholic church. We left church, I got her in the car. As I drove, I asked her a question. If you had a neighbor that wasn't religious and they were poor with children, who would you be more likely to give the $20 to? She paused... I looked at her. Let me rephrase the question. What would Jesus ask of you? What were his primary teachings? She lowered her chin in reflection. I said, mom, you need not answer the question. I squeezed her hand. She looked at me and said, I love you. Yes mom, I love you too.
N C 3 aylar önce
Powerful. Good son and imo a mother misguided much like mine but I believe good intentions they have/had
Quran Man
Quran Man 3 aylar önce
Hi, have you considered Islam?
Wesley Edwards
Wesley Edwards 3 aylar önce
​@Quran Man Not really, but I find the underground culture of ex-Muslim Atheists living under oppresive regimes fascinating.
ashrar adamsons
ashrar adamsons 3 aylar önce
I DEMAND A CONTINUATION!! What the hell! ))) I loved this story!! You have me hooked and it ends just like that! noooooo!
georgecanto 3 aylar önce
I’m a Christian, if my neighbour was poor and atheist, I would still give him the $20.00. God knows where your heart is.
William Caton
William Caton 2 aylar önce
The pro religion guy’s arguments are without fact or logic. It’s embarrassing that they think they’re presenting anything of value. Their “arguments” help prove Hitchens’ and Dawkins’ point.
Juliana Agu
Juliana Agu 11 saatler önce
I’d rather live in secular societies like Sweden than Somalia or Afghanistan and so would those societies citizens.
Emmanuel Aylar önce
We humans do so as well but in the form of awakening the mind to the truth, they didn't lie. They loved to tell the truth and they didn't mind dying for it. When a believer reaches an atheist and they convert, essentially they have been raised from their slumber to newness of life because of the holy spirit
NimrodNo22 Aylar önce
It does not matter, what any ideology calls itself, religion, ideology, philosophy, codex, motto or creed, it is the content of an ideology that makes it "better" or "worse". And every ideology or idea, may it be as ideal looking as possible, will be corrupted by the people. It is us, the people that just suck. We are lousy in being loving, forgiving, patient, generous, happy, satisfied but we are great in hating, bitternes, greed and selfdestruction. If there would be a way out of our nature ... that would be great.
Toni 3 aylar önce
I'm delighted to say, as children my parents chose never to even mention religion to us. So God was a complete foreign entity to us as we began to grow up, only Santa was our strange ghost that we knew about for a while. Only stars and the moon were in the sky when we were children so we had nothing to be afraid of.
MrX MrY 3 aylar önce
Lucky you. My mother tried to indoctrinate me into believing all that nonsense, but because of the way she went about it, I started rejecting anything and everything religious, and she achieved the exact opposite of what she wanted.
Toni 3 aylar önce
@MrX MrY Well done.
Stephen King
Stephen King 3 aylar önce
As a child I loved the friendly presence of the moon and loved God, our Creator also.
Kieren Moore
Kieren Moore 3 aylar önce
The only major difference is, children grow out of Santa Claus … … 😏
Stephen King
Stephen King 3 aylar önce
@Kieren Moore It's taking a long time for populist scientists such as Dawkins to grow out of macro evolution. They are way behind their deeper thinking evolutionary scientist peers who are searching for theories that actually work. But in the meantime it does make for a phantasmagorical bedtime story. As for knowing God, that's one of life's greatest privileges for believing academics and ordinary folk alike.
khármá4ever 2 aylar önce
There is not one human being on this planet or in this universe that is the gatekeeper of another human being’s existence. The man made invention of a religion, a fable at best, conveniently sets its author’s family lineage above all others. It’s a fable. Please humanity, wake up, soon.
Bob Berger
Bob Berger 3 gün önce
such hubris from someone who can't form a coherent sentence.
Anil Jaiswal
Anil Jaiswal 2 aylar önce
I'm just happy to see that they giving or taking rightfully a platform to even discuss this very vulnerable topic out in the public. At least half of the population don't even want to discuss why they believe there is god or not, they just want to listen or think. Ultimate debate on TRshow platform
Loturzel Restaurant
Loturzel Restaurant 2 aylar önce
Try Atheist-TRshowrs like Forrest-Valkai, starting with his videos about John&Jane but also his very-newest Video
Ethylene125 Aylar önce
I’m spiritual, but it’s a very personal thing with me. I don’t go about “witnessing” to others but rather just try to be kind and greet with a smile. It’s a tough world and too many are taken in by doctrine that will often go against your gut feelings.
Bob Berger
Bob Berger 3 gün önce
all you are saying logically is that your gut is superior to those you disagree with. Which takes it completely out of the rational realm, doesn't it? Here is a non-Christian scientist of high reputation I believe there is no source of deception in the investigation of nature which can compare with a fixed belief that certain kinds of phenomena are IMPOSSIBLE. William James
Lynette Ellis
Lynette Ellis 2 aylar önce
One more thing: I read and understood Phillip Pullman: His dark Materials. I lost it when my most beloved followers ate it.😂
David Schneider
David Schneider 2 aylar önce
You can drive yourself nuts by trying to understand these cosmic questions that no one has been able to answer for thousands of years or you can adopt this philosophy. “Life is just a bowl of cherries, don’t take it serious, it’s too mysterious.”
KILLZONE435 2 aylar önce
I like it. May I be your first disciple, oh great cherry?
David Schneider
David Schneider 2 aylar önce
@KILLZONE435 welcome
Bob Berger
Bob Berger 3 gün önce
But Faith is not about understanding except to the point you need to act right and know where you came from and where you are going. When I die your opinions are not going to be of any use to me, and I answer for the evil or good I did. Your view is that this is all a stage play and afterwards everybody gets a prize.
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