Building a Bookcase Wall and End Table, My Off Grid Log Cabin Interior is Almost Finished

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My Self Reliance

My Self Reliance

9 aylar önce

Using a combination of rough cut pine, walnut and birch and tongue and groove cedar, I build a bookcase wall to separate the living room from the bathroom and an end table to support a lamp, books, card games...
With cold February temperatures testing the comfort of the off grid log cabin, the wood stove proves to be up to the task of heating the space and the mass of the logs retains it well, with morning temperatures in the cabin remaining quite warm.
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@enigmathegrayman2953 9 aylar önce
Who needs a housing market when you’ve got the ability to build your own? Man, this is great stuff!
@chloeuntrau4588 9 aylar önce
When there is space for sure!
@nesageera 9 aylar önce
Just wait until i tel you about hunting and gardening, youre gonna go nuts.
@lucascady4992 9 aylar önce
Agreed, I watched his homestead build like 4yrs and said good for him, you have everything you could want or need right there! 🤣 Fast-forward and he's done at least 3 more full home builds!! This guy is amazing to watch and learn from. I'm 20yrs younger than him and don't have half the ambition and/or drive!!
@joesandwhich3909 9 aylar önce
You still have to buy the land. And that’s not cheap either.
@johnwalker863 9 aylar önce
@joesandwich...nothings cheap is it? Not a reason not to do it
@dawidkazmierczak932 16 gün önce
Rety to trzeba mieć talent dany od samego Boga żeby tak pięknie stworzyć takie arcydzieło
@moniakowal6017 9 aylar önce
Piekna i klimatyczna biblioteka. Bardzo lubię oglądać Pana kanał. Mam do Pana prośbę czy mógłby Pan włączyć Polskie🇵🇱 napisy. Z góry dziękuję I pozdrawiam serdecznie.
@albertinapavanati.8196 Aylar önce
Parabéns por sua dedicação ao seu trabalho com amor. O cãozinho é seu companheiro está sempre ao lado assistindo seus trabalho s.gosto de ver ,quando faz seu alimento. Deus abençoe sempre. 🐕 🍃 ❄ ☀ ☁ ⚟ 🍟 ☕
@elsati0gonzalez821 8 aylar önce
Este señor canadiense,es una maravilla, siempre haciendo casas bellas, su esposa e hijita, lo spoyan y acompañan. Preciosa familia. Tengo s mi hijito mayor, viviendo en Canadá , trece años,en Oakwill, Toronto, Dios lo s bendiga, desde Perú abrazos
@amybarb25 9 aylar önce
I gotta tell you Shawn. You really put your all into this cabin. It’s way better than the last one. I just knew despite the problem with the neighbor, you were being guided to bigger, better and more Shawn-ish arrangements. The lord works in mysterious ways. Well done.
@cd1673 8 aylar önce
I hope it was a past problem and not a current one...he and the cottage deserve peace.
@elizabethash4720 13 gün önce
I was just thinking, how free and creative we can be without nosy, interfering neighbours. I am putting up with sensor lights shining over my fence every time I walk outside, or having my gardening work noted and approved or disapproved . Pity. No choice but to move to a better place.😊
@Larry-325 9 aylar önce
Must feel good Shawn to be at this point. Having your sitting area back in front of the fire! Looks like home for you and Cali now. Beautiful job! 👍👍👍
@itsme4693 9 aylar önce
He deserved it, he worked, unbelievable hard for it..💪🏼👍🏼
@jonniemckie6093 8 aylar önce
@@itsme4693 1 poll p
@mbbekk5299 8 aylar önce
​@@itsme4693 Kim
@fatimateixeira2534 3 aylar önce
Nossa que lindo 🇧🇷
@19sl57 9 aylar önce
I’m glad to see that Cali gets her own chair! I loved the scene of you sitting down, reading near the warmth of the stove. Enjoy the fruits of all your labor!
@elizabethash4720 13 gün önce
So much vision and realising and achieving al of it alone! Most beautiful too is the scenery, seasons, birds, deer, moose, snow, ice, trees, everything, and your golden retriever is so lovely. Really enjoyed all your video and thanks for sharing.😊
@jonathangold2087 9 aylar önce
You are an incredibly talented craftsman and woodworker. I am amazed as to the quality of everything you have built by hand, including your cabin! Your furry companion is a treat to watch as well. I hope you have many years of happiness in your off-grid cabin in the woods, along with your four pawed housemate.
@yellowbug5113 29 gün önce
Nice job. It looks so cozy. 👍👍
@suzannehildbrandtsjs 9 aylar önce
The cabin is looking more cozy every week! We so enjoy all the work you have done on it. We love Callie!!!
@Gef1804 9 aylar önce
....00:47 a priceless exterior view 0:28 a warm bedroom 2:04 your pet 14:47 your hobby 45:58 your favorite books 47:53 a beautiful warm home for the cold outside, 40:48 delicious food what else? you got it all Shawn!!! 🎯
@Melicoy 9 aylar önce
50:00 install thermal mass around wood stove to retain heat all night
@Narsmoke 9 aylar önce
Seems like a lonely existence to me, just you and a camera for what? To get likes, shares and views, almost a contradiction of the life he’s trying to portray…a cry for validation or attention if you will? ….maybe I’m wrong. Just do you man.
@vonHannersdorf 9 aylar önce
​@@Narsmoke yes, you are wrong.
@sunshinedewes4277 9 aylar önce
@@Narsmoke You don't know the full story maybe because you haven't watched as long as some of us. He has been at this since 2017. Try watching his old stuff.
@twinkleblink3073 9 aylar önce
@@Narsmoke He has his wife on the way. His daughter lives in a more traditional build nearby. When SHTF, they will be better off than you or I..... Self-sufficient and knowing the difference between loneliness and solitude.
@frani356 8 aylar önce
Buenas tardes!!! Es usted una persona muy creativa y tiene una cabaña muy acogedora.❤
@KZ-np8fz 25 gün önce
Wow! Between the beauty of your cabin, the beautiful dog (an adorable supervisor) and the pristine views of the night sky in snowy the woods... I'm in awe. Simply stunning. I love winter, and the smell of woods smoke... I swear I could almost smell it watching this video. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us.
@johntatum1951 8 aylar önce
The cabin is a work of art! Congrats on your improvements...amazing stuff!
@adeildealves8798 9 aylar önce
Essa cabana com chaminé, com teto coberto de neve, o barulho do vento, café quentinho, Cali pedindo carinho, essa solidão ,o aconchego dessa poltrona, um diário,uma caneta. e um silencioso pensamento! Boa noite, bons sonhos e aquele abraço!!!
@andreamalik2961 9 aylar önce
As a committed bibliophile & avid reader, these bookshelves make my heart happy. Suddenly it looks like a really cosy home. Wonderful job! 📚❤️🥀
@MomSherman 9 aylar önce
Amazing how that bookcase took things from simple shelter to super cozy rustic home in one fell swoop!
@lipripper1192 9 aylar önce
Wouldn’t quite call it a home. More like a shelter or shack or camp.
@ketoauntie7301 9 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing.
@lb8781 9 aylar önce
Once he builds the bathroom... will be a complete home...
@msseasailor5731 9 aylar önce
@@lipripper1192 home is where the heart is -maybe you don’t know what either are
@trisho.8331 9 aylar önce
Cali’s as polite as you Shawn, waiting for 👍to be seated in her chair. So sweet also her asking to go outside with shoe in her mouth! Love the end table and book stand. Looking cozier every week. Many thanks. Your vlogs feed my soul every Friday night. ❤😊
@bozkiradogru 11 saatler önce
@ArielleViking 9 aylar önce
A perfect Sunday night's viewing. So relaxing to watch such wonderful craftsmanship and also Cali's antics. ❤️
@carolannesparkman6938 8 aylar önce
So Nice! Such a Lovely cabin! ❤️😊
@paulkane1959 9 aylar önce
I cant imagine what this cabin may look like in a few more years. I can't ever see Shawn not building or adding on some new additions. He just seems like the type of guy that always needs to be busy with his hands. Don't be surprise if Architectural Digest comes knocking on your cabin door one day!
@denisfrancine3221 Aylar önce
Your bookcase wall unit is super sturdy, practical, and very attractive. Love the stone top you put on your side table. Fit for a KING!~
@ettamargason7709 9 aylar önce
Your cabin lodge is a work of Art! It is so very beautiful! You are a magnificent architect!😊
@lipripper1192 9 aylar önce
You should look up definition of lodge.
@ettamargason7709 9 aylar önce
I did, I just meant a big beautiful cabin in the woods.❤️ Permanent Cabin in the woods!
@greywolfwalking6359 9 aylar önce
​@@ettamargason7709 u R correct!!! 👍🧙‍♂️
@sharethelove5034 9 aylar önce
Sure wish I could do this type of thing. Such a lovely cabin. Will there be a full tour of all you’ve done so far? Thank you.
@annstewart1983 9 aylar önce
That bookcase is beautiful, it made a world of difference in the look of the cabin. Kudos to you sir-it’s all amazing.
@annh9225 9 aylar önce
What a hoot - Cali lying down close to you as you nail another board, and you have to work around her, because she is not moving! What a terrific little actress Cali is - such an engaging personality. Love her to bits!
@mar.madall 8 aylar önce
Que linda essa cabana, pensa uma assim na minha chácara?.,, excelente trabalho!!
@lisawhite2512 9 aylar önce
That wall bookcase is simply gorgeous X10. You made it look easy somehow. Your cabin looks amazing to me and love watching you cook. ❤
@markholmes1346 9 aylar önce
That bookcase wall divider looks really good Shawn, great craftsmanship! Love the end table as well! Cali enjoys sleeping in her chair, she just wants to be close to you! ✌🏼❤️🙏🏼
@tinydancer7426 9 aylar önce
Ah-ha! He did create a small room under the loft! I was jumping around videos, so I missed the placement details. Very clever.
@sandraribeiro4996 5 aylar önce
Muito interessante, deve ser maravilhoso viver assim
@catherineyanuchi9495 8 aylar önce
Hi, I am new to your channel. Enjoying the work your doing on these book shelves. You are truly blessed to be living your dream Your companion is beautiful. Looking forward to learning and watching. Thank you for sharing your skills.
@bobobrien8968 9 aylar önce
Those shelves are insanely beautiful. I’ve always had plenty of book shelves. And Cali just keeps getting more adorable. Thanks for another piece of perfection.
@flaviarodrigues3992 Aylar önce
Essa cabana tem tudo de bom ate cozinhar tem eu ainda não vir banheiro mais assim mesmo amei parabéns beijo no seu cachorro lindo ele ❤❤
@Amy-of7gw 9 aylar önce
Awe, sweet Cali so stressed out she had to hold your slipper❤️ What a sweetheart. The cabin looks awesome, as always
@terrikopke3496 9 aylar önce
Cali is such a beautiful dog. So loyal to you. Looks like a cozy morning in the cabin. You have made such good progress in your new home. Well done!
@lipripper1192 9 aylar önce
The dog has no choice. Pretty sure she would prefer a climate controlled home with proper grooming and bathing. She’s already suffered heat stroke.
@kathyl5610 9 aylar önce
@@lipripper1192 I’m pretty sure that Cali is a very happy and contented dog, she is well loved. She loves the outdoors and she does not need climate controlled when she wears a fur coat. Cali is more than a pet, she is part of Shawn’s family. If you don’t like the content and make comments like this, why do you watch?
@lipripper1192 9 aylar önce
@@kathyl5610 it’s good entertainment. I like seeing nutcases do weird things. Borderline animal abuse tho…
@idafisher8327 8 aylar önce
@@lipripper1192 wow you are having a really bad day. I hope your life gets better.
@ricknoland7213 8 aylar önce
Also I have too say I eagerly await with great anticipation watching you do the outdoor kitchen. My favorite build I've ever seen you do, throughout all these years. Can't wait to see what you'll do differently. Hope that you and yours are well!
@rongoris3022 9 aylar önce
Wow! Great to see the changes to the cabin week by week. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what projects you have planned when the snow finally leaves and the warmer weather sets in. Are you planning to do an outdoor kitchen similar to what you had at your previous location?
@ThemTrieu-bt1vc 3 aylar önce
@alanferraz705 5 aylar önce
eu ,minha esposa e minha filha queremos viver na floresta é tão bom viver aí não pega transito e nem nada é muito legal viver aí assisto todos os videos que o senhor publica construindo muito mas um dia vou querer ir pro mesmo lugar que o senhor vive .
@jellybean8544 2 aylar önce
I like watching stuff like this, so relaxing looks good😊
@mariaokruch5771 2 aylar önce
Pięknie u Ciebie. 😊
@virginiatolles1664 9 aylar önce
You're really turning the cabin into something special, Shawn. Love the reading nook.
@gailtrotman5256 9 aylar önce
It looks gorgeous lit up at night and silhouetted against the trees!
@vdlc1987 8 aylar önce
Beautiful bookcas wall and end table. Makes such a cozy area.
@rejaneberclaz3331 9 aylar önce
Your hut looks like a palace, in the middle of the icy forest! Congratulations 🤗
@nadabubanja5272 29 gün önce
Sve je fantasticno urađeno!!!! Super ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🍀🍀🍀🍀🥂🥂🥂👍👍👍👋🇭🇷
@aparecidareginaferreira9858 5 aylar önce
Vou salvar todas suas postagens paraim continuar te acompanhando já que não passa na tv ❤
@sebwood6316 9 aylar önce
Perfect little quiet corner to relax, enjoy a good book and write! Beautiful!
@kgbear3662 9 aylar önce
I’m so behind on finishing my cabin, however I’ve found peace and comfort in watching you fulfill your dreams. Thank you for posting all your toils and labor.
@MuhammadImran-rp2lo 2 aylar önce
If I was nearby you I would help finishing ur cabin.
@kgbear3662 2 aylar önce
@@MuhammadImran-rp2lo what state you live in?
@bozkiradogru 11 saatler önce
@kgbear3662 11 saatler önce
@@bozkiradogru Hello!
@ricosuave8123 Aylar önce
Watching this was very therapeutic and calming. 👍
@leopoldouribecruz 2 aylar önce
Linda cabaña, muy acogedora. Bonita para vivir. Felicitaciones - Te escribo desde Bogotá - Colombia
@peterjones4621 9 aylar önce
That was quite entertaining Shawn, the bookshelf looks great, it breaks up the room and I'll bet it keeps the heat in that area better than having to heat the entire room. The books shelf, the table really adds to the look of the place. I'm lookin forward to seeing other improvements and additions you make the the interior of your home. It's hard to believe you just moved into the cabin late last year and the transformation you've made in a few short months. Great video, thank for the temporary escape from concrete hell. God bless.
@greyhound3561 9 aylar önce
I was fortunate to find your channel early on, when you started with the first cabin, when you began to add rooms onto it I thought you might be dreaming about how you might do it again if you ever got the chance, - knowing all the things you learnt building it , then a development forced you to do exactly that - move and begin again - and now, after a huge effort you have a true home to live and grow, family included if needs-be, it`s a testament to the person you are Shawn, I admire you and what you have created, I look forward to new episodes as I`m unable to get out as often as I`d like to..
@anitaflora0426 9 aylar önce
I can't wait to see the finished outcome of the cabin. It looks so safe because of the big and thick log. I love it.
@maryhudgins9133 9 aylar önce
Love how you apologize to Callie for her having to move. She let you know she wanted her toy back, still acts like a pup, love your relationship. Your cabin is now awesome
@CherylKCherylsHomeCookingshow 8 aylar önce
Awesome job!! Looks great!
@tammyblair7340 9 aylar önce
Beautiful cabin 🙏❤️🙏
@erickaberube1475 9 aylar önce
You do absolutely beautiful work . The cabin is coming together quite nicely 😊
@paulerwin1263 9 aylar önce
It’s really coming together nicely Shawn, I can’t wait to see what you’re up to next. Great job and congratulations!
@mirteselias7261 9 aylar önce
Admirável seu trabalho. A Cali é uma companheiro já linda❤.
@Yusuf-wu6dd 21 gün önce
Sizde çok güzelsiniz .
@gallifreyantauri 9 aylar önce
Love the bookcase wall! I built three floor-to-ceiling bookcases in my place when I first moved in. Best idea I had. You can never have too many bookcases, or too many books. 😸 Of course Callie is polite! She's a Canadian dog! At some point, can you do a short video showing all the stars you see at night? Where I am there's so much light pollution I can barely see the moon. 😿
@manimalabiswas6439 8 aylar önce
The bookcase with the table lamp look well as everything else 👍🤩
@anadorsamp3560 8 aylar önce
Qué hermosa cabaña y tu perrito es maravilloso. Saludos desde España
@karenminckler4198 9 aylar önce
That bookcase is amazing. And the end table with the slate is beautiful. You do wonderful work. You have built an amazing and cozy cabin.
@robertmathis9213 9 aylar önce
You're really making a beautiful cabin for you and your wife.
@12snapper43 9 aylar önce
Love Calli’s Passive “persistence”. And it worked. The bookshelf is great!
@mcdowelltorres 9 aylar önce
What an amazing place. Stumbled on your videos and what an incredible adventure.
@wendyheadley3345 8 aylar önce
Wow, everything looks spectacular. You are so talented. I could watch for hours.❤
@arthenry498 9 aylar önce
Dang, that all really looks great!! I really love wood natural look and it is so perfect here. You do one heck of a lot of hand sawing. I trust you have both cross cut and rip saws for that work. It is truly a joy to watch you work. Thank you for letting us all participate in your wonderful adventure. I sure appreciate all you do here.
@dianesavant2818 8 aylar önce
My first video. I love your home, your ingenuity and of course your dog! Happy I found your channel.
@kayrn5382 9 aylar önce
Starting to look like home Shawn. Well done! Your skills are amazing.
@RockymountainRobert 8 aylar önce
I like your cabin build, the whole setup is just so cozy and relaxing to see, this is something I definitely would like to do someday, awesome work.
@meiremiranda2366 8 aylar önce
Amo sua casa! Você é demais❤❤❤
@doris_s_atlantica 8 aylar önce
You must be very glad to almost be finishing the very hard Work. I Wish for you, there is Not so much more hard Work to do. Have been following from the beginning of your First Cabin and it is amazing what you have achieved in this one. This one is for the eternity, Shawn. Congratulations! Things are getting better by the minute in your Interieur and since I am an interior designer, I love this very much.
@henrymichaelwilson8107 9 aylar önce
Hello Shawn. You are starting to get things were you want them and it's looking more and more like a home. It's nice to see a few ornaments and things. It's looking nicer overall.
@adeildealves8798 9 aylar önce
Bom dia Shawn e Cali! Essa chaminé maravilhosa é sinal de vida! Amei! Aquele abraço !
@johnmcdonald323 9 aylar önce
From Sheet metal fabricator to woodworker!! Very nice Shawn 👌!!! The things you have made and built are beautiful!! A real work of art!! Well done maestro 👏!!! And keep up the good work 👏!! God bless you 😊!!!
@DonGeorgeTreeline 9 aylar önce
Thanks for closing out a rather rough week and helping me to get my head squared away. Look forward to my weekly therapy sessions with Mr. James. Man did that book case, table,and lantern give a cozy warm look to the cabin.❤
@ThemTrieu-bt1vc 3 aylar önce
@france7678 9 aylar önce
That’s how I feel when spring is about to appear. Good energy ! Work is easy. Next winter , you’ll have the toasty enclosed nest by the fire . I’m so impatient to see the outdoor kitchen , the herb garden and the meditation spot you planned. Great content, Kali melted my heart !
@lindamorton2066 9 aylar önce
You must be tired of having to rebuild from scratch again. The previous build was a work of art. Hope you complete this build soon so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.
@skipholmes9040 9 aylar önce
Looks very inviting. You`ve done an amazing job.
@CATherine001 9 aylar önce
A very cozy cabin full of ongoing projects. Nice job Shawn !
@christinenadolny7544 8 aylar önce
❤ the bookcase and lamp! Made it so cozy.
@johnmeloche6569 9 aylar önce
Great video, enjoy the progress on the inside starting to look like a home. Keep up the good work
@stacieislearning391 8 aylar önce
Your home is gorgeous Shawn! You are an amazingly architect and builder! Living the life! Blessings to you and your family! Shalom ❤
@joaquimsanches6805 9 aylar önce
Bom dia desde Portugal, bom trabalho Amigo a tua Cadela é uma Maravilha Grande Abraço e boa continuação
@maturefox1 9 aylar önce
... this is all so nice and nicely done - and Cally is still such a nice dog! The two of you are an extremely good team. 😉🦊
@ThemTrieu-bt1vc 3 aylar önce
@sigrunwestrus68 9 aylar önce
Looking very-very cozy! The bookcase wall, table and lamp, made a huge difference.
@kelloggs7447 9 aylar önce
I love how you set this up- bookcase looks great and the set up has a homey feel now.
@shiralleehaggart72 Aylar önce
This was enjoyable to watch. The cabin in cosy and seeing you build the bookcase/wall also putting the two armchairs and the lovely little side table then putting the lamp on there completed the picture. This is just the sort of cosy atmosphere that I would like on a Winters evening. Best of luck to you Shawn and your beautiful gorgeous dog Cali as well.
@maryjanevasconcellos9013 9 aylar önce
Amazing! So a bookcase makes a big difference. All the cabin is comfortable. Great job!
@kathyl5610 9 aylar önce
The cabin is really so pretty and comfortable, great job Mr. James. I love the way your cabin is turning into a home. The crowning touch is, of course, Cali. Take care, stay safe.
@angeloporter6830 8 aylar önce
Fantastic work Shawn. You always inspire me.
@rzrabbit 9 aylar önce
Hard to believe I'm watching your Second cabin build. You can always tell a Master of trades when they make it "look" so easy. What a Beautiful legacy Mr James. I hope you left clues and treasures for those who in 150 years come to restore your home and make it theirs.
@verasilva7660 Aylar önce
Love it. Shawn you are building a true home. Your family must be proud of you.
@blancamatute4641 7 aylar önce
Felicitaciones, por tan maravillosa construcción. Es genial.
@18rcurry 9 aylar önce
Love the new wall bookcase and end table. Creating your cabin style and comfort. Just love it.
@eldavasquez7862 8 aylar önce
We are so impress by all the work you've done all by yourself , and Cali of course.I just enjoy watching your videos and Cali, she's so noble and beautiful.I look forward to my relaxing time to watch you both.Thanks for the entertainment and you both stay safe
@ziniagris9044 8 aylar önce
Eu te amo Cali. Que talento com madeira. 🇧🇷❤
@karmellaborashan902 9 aylar önce
I absolutely love the den and how you are creating a cozy cabin. It is unfolding beautifully. God bless!
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