TOP 10 | BEST TAYLOR SWIFT covers in The Voice

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Best of The Voice

Best of The Voice

2 yıl önce

We've made a list of 10 INCREDIBLE TAYLOR SWIFT performances in The Voice.

What is your favorite song? Let us know in the comments below!👇

🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Hanna Eyre sings "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift
2. Elise Baker sings "Safe And Sound" by Taylor Swift
3. Victoria Stoichkova sings "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift
4. Brynn vs. Dylan sing "Ready For It" by Taylor Swift
5. Zayn sings "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" by Taylor Swift
6. Daniel Duke sings "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift
7. Jacob Maxwell sings "Delicate" by Taylor Swift
8. Olivia sings "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift
9. Caro Trischler sings "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift
10. Catarina Alves sings "Mean" by Taylor Swift

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Deboshri Mukherjee
Deboshri Mukherjee 2 yıl önce
The first one makes "blank space" sound like a Disney song 😄😍
Deboshri Mukherjee
Deboshri Mukherjee 5 gün önce
@Yoshino_tron She will have her animal minions do it for her😅😅
Yoshino_tron 5 gün önce
Haha, A Disney Princess hit her golf stick on her boyf's car. lol just imagine 😂😂😂
mansi hirudkar
mansi hirudkar 15 gün önce
Jené Lewis
Jené Lewis Aylar önce
Max Hesh
Max Hesh Aylar önce
Check out Amy Vachal's version from the Voice. Probably should have been #1 on this list. Although the death metal cover kicked ass
Tree Aroha
Tree Aroha 8 aylar önce
11:35 this is an absolute masterpiece. I love his version of Delicate and how he delivered it was complete perfection
Vale D.
Vale D. 5 gün önce
James Bay also made a cover of Delicate and it's really good, quite similar like the one the guy performed
Arnav Jain
Arnav Jain 2 aylar önce
fr it was sick
Esther Yangda
Esther Yangda 3 aylar önce
he even reminds me of Harry Style
ur mom🤪
ur mom🤪 3 aylar önce
ik i loved it and he reminded me of harry styles
WowPoops (Taylor's Version)
WowPoops (Taylor's Version) 11 aylar önce
0:05 Hanna Eyre - Blank Space (USA) 1:49 Elise Baker - Safe and Sound (Australia) 3:24 Viktoria Stoichkova/Виктория Стоичкова - Look what you made me do (Bulgaria/България) 5:11 Dylan vs Brynn - Ready for It? (USA) 7:31 Tiphaine SG - I don't wanna live forever (ft. Zayn) (France) 9:16 Daniel Duke - Shake it Off (UK) 10:35 Daniel Maxwell - Delicate (USA) 12:15 Olivia - Blank Space (Vlaanderen/Flanders) 13:48 Caro Trischler - I knew you were trouble (Germany/Deutschland) 15:36 Carolina Alvas - Mean (Portugal)
Sudha CR
Sudha CR Aylar önce
It's Zayn featuring Taylor
Anything Alexa
Anything Alexa Aylar önce
The last girl sounds like she has a country accent but also the thick Portuguese lol
Anything Alexa
Anything Alexa Aylar önce
@Thin Line Of Sanity no
Shellya Vinkasari
Shellya Vinkasari 7 aylar önce
Im sorry, but it should be jacob maxwell not daniel maxwell on 10:35
Victoria B
Victoria B 7 aylar önce
@Thin Line Of Sanity who are you referring to?
Millia Hoots
Millia Hoots 11 aylar önce
why is nobody talking about the battle with Ready for It... that one was giving me chills
ahsan 🤝
ahsan 🤝 3 aylar önce
when the guy was vocalising at the end 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Jnight05 3 aylar önce
Brynn is so underrated. Have you listened to her debut ep it’s so good
Madhu Verma
Madhu Verma 4 aylar önce
Exactlyyyyy!!! I LOVED IT!!!!@
Devin Eggert
Devin Eggert 6 aylar önce
Both of them did so well
Kulsum.N XI NEET
Kulsum.N XI NEET 7 aylar önce
The vibing tho....
Phonique Waynes Shann Codillero
Phonique Waynes Shann Codillero 8 aylar önce
I love the Safe and Sound version. It is so calming. The very definition of peace. This song is really powerful, makes me wanna sleep. Makes me think someone is here and comforting me. And with her, everything will turn out okay. And when she sings "la la laaa~" at 2:44, it feels like an angel.
ALandz 12
ALandz 12 Yıl önce
12:16 her voice such an angel
Ly Ngocc
Ly Ngocc 23 gün önce
trueee so soft
Shital Drakshe
Shital Drakshe Aylar önce
Eshaal 4 aylar önce
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 5 aylar önce
HUH?! She was by far the worst!
bilafatiha 16
bilafatiha 16 6 aylar önce
kaarrhz 6 aylar önce
4:08 i admire that girl a lot! Those screams are so hard to do and even can hurt your throat and vocal chords permanently if you don't do it properly!
/• The Lazy&Chill Shiro's studio •\
/• The Lazy&Chill Shiro's studio •\ 8 aylar önce
The metal one is the best cover I've ever heard of "look what you made me do"in my opinion
ALBERT - RED 6 aylar önce
kaity 7 aylar önce
Have you heard the Our Last Night cover of that song?
SharonZaniliaFenmat Aylar önce
Hannah made blank space sound like a Disney original 💖💖💖
Efekan Türk
Efekan Türk 11 aylar önce
the girl sang “look what you made me do” in metal form and i am in love with her.Congratulations
Hannah Anne Abraham
Hannah Anne Abraham Yıl önce
The girl singing Look what you made me do was A LEGEND. She's Seriously Talented. You can see the growling etc comes naturally to her too, she's not straining her voice in any way, and that transition between the voices was Perfect. 💯🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tiffany Riddle
Tiffany Riddle Gün önce
@Bacche singh bisht because most of the people they hire for coaches wouldn’t have the first clue what to do with a metal singer.
Rahi’s CoverWorld
Rahi’s CoverWorld 4 aylar önce
I personally didn't like it, it felt like she was just yelling till her voice started to tear.... Though the soft parts were great...
Bacche singh bisht
Bacche singh bisht 4 aylar önce
But only one chair was turned
Barrister 4 aylar önce
There is nothing perfect about it ...she ruined the whole song
Yasser Hussaini
Yasser Hussaini 5 aylar önce
Yes she is talented as much as i hate to praise anyone i have to admit it.
Minnz Piano
Minnz Piano 6 aylar önce
The guy absolutely crushed “delicate”
Allison Swauger
Allison Swauger 4 aylar önce
Not a fan of the heavy metal version of Look What You Made Me Do at 3:25, but I can respect it, appreciate it, and say "You go girl!" She definitely has major pipes to sing like that! 💜👍🏻 🎤🎵
shisir thapa
shisir thapa 10 aylar önce
Others voice were more rocking and nostalgic but that girl singing safe and sound is more like sound from heaven. Stole my heart 😍😍
Anna M
Anna M 8 aylar önce
Ready for it - that duet was amazing! I’m feeling it.
Jnight05 3 aylar önce
Brynn is so underrated. Her debut ep is amazing if you haven’t listened to it
RiRi J
RiRi J Yıl önce
The girl who sang "look what you made me do" really bring the song to the next level 🤣
Matthew Florentino
Matthew Florentino 8 gün önce
that's one of a kind though
Jeffrey Riggs
Jeffrey Riggs 12 gün önce
Reminds me of the girl in the band "Butcher Babies"
Ryla Mont
Ryla Mont 14 gün önce
Samsis Shing
Samsis Shing 21 gün önce
I’m tidying my desk when I hear this. I literally fell off my chair 😂
RD Huskylover
RD Huskylover 25 gün önce
@Nazmun Nahar it was a style choice. I think it was a good choice, it was shocking at first but it really works with the song, plus death metal screaming is extremely hard to do, especially well and without damaging ur vocal chords too much
Gayathri Pradeep Menon
Gayathri Pradeep Menon 9 aylar önce
How is nobody talking about the 'I knew you were trouble when you walked in' cover? That's was really great!
Srilekha Mondal
Srilekha Mondal 3 aylar önce
Archie Stephens
Archie Stephens 4 aylar önce
12:16 her voice was amazing the whole song through, barley sang the song, skipped a few parts, but her voice was spot on! Great job! 👍 ✌ 👌
licht m
licht m 11 aylar önce
The duet was absolutely wonderful I need an album with their version
bhaskar datta
bhaskar datta 10 aylar önce
The girl who sang look what you made me do was INCREDIBLE.
Ana Luiza Amaral
Ana Luiza Amaral 2 yıl önce
0:00 - Blank Space 1:45 - Safe and Sound 3:24 - Look What You Made Me Do 5:11 - ...Ready for it? 7:31 - I Don't Wanna Live Forever 9:14 - Shake It Off 10:33 - Delicate 12:14 - Blank Space 13:47 - I Knew You Were Trouble 15:31 - Mean
AMIRMAHDI Mo 27 gün önce
Pat Mustard
Pat Mustard Yıl önce
👍 thank you
Theazy Hunnit
Theazy Hunnit Yıl önce
Add their names
yuna polaris
yuna polaris Yıl önce
Thank you for your service ma’am
Malikas_Interests 7 aylar önce
That shake it off indie version was soo cool too 😎 takes me back to my early 20s, loved it
Paul Kandiah
Paul Kandiah 23 gün önce
I love it when adam made that calm down impression on the first clip. he's soooo good. And everyone's voices are great unlike me
Sandhya 6 aylar önce
i love i knew you were trouble- it was just a completely different take on it that i could have never expected, it was great :^)
Rishiwa Malhi
Rishiwa Malhi 10 aylar önce
The cover of ''look what you made me do'' literally gave me goosebumps
Vivi Yıl önce
Why is nobody talking about how awesome the Ready for it duet was? Seriously this version is gold
sarah 🇺🇦
sarah 🇺🇦 18 gün önce
they also looked like they were having so much fun
Nessa Dzlyn
Nessa Dzlyn 27 gün önce
elizabeth claire
elizabeth claire 27 gün önce
omg her voice tho was amazingggggg the guys was too but like im amazed at the girls
Gamer GirlJRT
Gamer GirlJRT 27 gün önce
It took me a minute to realize it was a battle and not a group song they sound so good together♡
Kehinde Ogunba
Kehinde Ogunba Aylar önce
Jon Manilenio
Jon Manilenio 24 gün önce
My vote goes to that precious rocker girl who sang "Look what you made me do." I can't get over it!
Chau Huynh
Chau Huynh 4 aylar önce
The “Safe and Sound” cover gave me goosebumps!
Natalie Plays
Natalie Plays Aylar önce
12:18 woo ... I love this voicee😍😍 13:54 amazing skills
Sudha CR
Sudha CR Aylar önce
The moment I heard 'Zayn', I freaked out, in my opinion that was the best one!
Dhea Lavarias
Dhea Lavarias 2 yıl önce
Why people doesn’t appreciate the “look what you made me do” rock/metal ver. of the girl? What she did was really hard and amazing.
Ducky Life
Ducky Life 10 gün önce
I love it!!
Bori Vodenichariva
Bori Vodenichariva Aylar önce
That girl that sing "Look what you made me do" is from Bulgaria
Blue_Ocean Aylar önce
That cover kinda caught me off guard... talk about a pleasant surprise lol
Arjun R Nair
Arjun R Nair Aylar önce
Maybe rock/metal were out of there expertise
Just Helen
Just Helen Aylar önce
JasmineA1DLarry 10 gün önce
9:16 Shake It Off sounded like a theatre song and it was amazing!
Ma. Sharane Grace Novales
Ma. Sharane Grace Novales 9 aylar önce
There's no way in earth you can't love Taylor Swift masterpiece..
Anyways 3 aylar önce
There’s a reason that nearly no one in singing shows chooses to cover Taylor songs or they do it in their own style and it’s cuz Taylor’s voice is warm and has a story telling aspect to it that you can’t copy
Havocarius 9 aylar önce
I really want that "Shake It Off" cover to have a studio version on Spotify. I vibed so hard with it
Angieleigh Eads
Angieleigh Eads Yıl önce
I can't wait to hear people cover Folklore and Evermore songs!
lo9 3 aylar önce
@TikTok Sleep Repeat l0
Michael Dietz
Michael Dietz 3 aylar önce
Yes!!! I want someone to cover No body No Crime
Ariana Gonzalez
Ariana Gonzalez 4 aylar önce
Rae Pan
Rae Pan 10 aylar önce
Asiel Espino
Asiel Espino 2 aylar önce
Their voice is so beautiful
No One
No One 5 aylar önce
0:05 Hanna Eyre - Blank Space (USA) 1:49 Elise Baker - Safe and Sound (Australia) 3:24 Viktoria Stoichkova/Виктория Стоичкова - Look what you made me do (Bulgaria/България) 5:11 Dylan vs Brynn - Ready for It? (USA) 7:31 Tiphaine SG - I don't wanna live forever (ft. Zayn) (France) 9:16 Daniel Duke - Shake it Off (UK) 10:35 Daniel Maxwell - Delicate (USA) 12:15 Olivia - Blank Space (Vlaanderen/Flanders) 13:48 Caro Trischler - I knew you were trouble (Germany/Deutschland) 15:36 Carolina Alvas - Mean (Portugal)
Talaha Khateeb
Talaha Khateeb 3 aylar önce
The third performance,"Look what you made me do" by Taylor swift.That one is a bomb.She nailed it.💗👏👏👏
Jace Aylar önce
andee jacobson
andee jacobson Yıl önce
why is no one talking about the girl who covered safe and sound. that’s such a hard song to sing and it was absolutely beautiful
Neva 4 gün önce
Elyza Sherrill
Elyza Sherrill 3 aylar önce
She didn’t sound comfortable in that range.
Army 9 aylar önce
Santiago Rosas
Santiago Rosas 10 aylar önce
which one is that?
Adril Akim Ahmed
Adril Akim Ahmed 10 aylar önce
@doombuggie Nice comment
Tano Cao
Tano Cao 11 aylar önce
The "I don't wanna live forever" is uniquely emotional; the "Mean" cover reminds me of the original version the most; "Look what you made me do" cover is, really, impressive
Enaj A.
Enaj A. Aylar önce
I love that , " Look What You Made Me Do" That was a pretty awesome hard rock metal version. That was very difficult to do. She did great.
Ken Parker
Ken Parker 12 gün önce
To me Taylor Swift may be the most beautiful lady I've ever seen. Wish I knew her and could enjoy a few dinners or a lifetime😊
vickipoo 2 aylar önce
The voice is such an underrated show they don’t have drama like American idol or got talent and I love the concept ❤️❤️
Francis Yıl önce
The blank space. Is just like a princess singing I love it
sub movie
sub movie Aylar önce
natural facts and education
natural facts and education 3 aylar önce
@OLa Torska me
natural facts and education
natural facts and education 3 aylar önce
ur mom🤪
ur mom🤪 3 aylar önce
which one
Stacy Jenita
Stacy Jenita 7 aylar önce
Soo smooth voice
Jonathan Macabodbod
Jonathan Macabodbod 2 aylar önce
The first is the best among them all. She has this "Authenticity". She has her own style.
Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson 3 aylar önce
13:49 she made this her own! such an amazing cover😍
Storysick Girl
Storysick Girl 2 aylar önce
Gente, essa primeira cantou melhor do que a própria Taylor! 😲 Queria o cover dela inteiro de Blank Space nessa versão
Angelina Careaga
Angelina Careaga 5 aylar önce
6:30 me dieron ganas de tener esa canción en mi playlist !
Vaishnavi Bari
Vaishnavi Bari Yıl önce
The girl who sang 'I knew you were trouble ' took it to next level really she was amazing
Animate 27 gün önce
Which is amazing
Jamie Pearson
Jamie Pearson 2 aylar önce
@Priyanshu Kumar sounds like something she would say🤔
Marilú 3 aylar önce
i wish this was the version included in the RED Taylor's Version album :/
Rahi’s CoverWorld
Rahi’s CoverWorld 4 aylar önce
I personally didn't like it, it felt like she was just yelling till her voice started to tear.... Though the soft parts were great...
Lili C
Lili C 5 aylar önce
so true
防弹少年团 5 aylar önce
4:30 look what you made me psychopath version 🔥 🔥
S0ph!3 3 aylar önce
Why is nobody talking about the girl who sang “Are You Ready for it” 12:30 ,, damn she’s good..
Mia Aylar önce
For the girl who sung “look what you made me do” wow 😮 that was so surprising
Shivakshi Thakur
Shivakshi Thakur 5 aylar önce
Look whats you made me do is awesome...💥😍
Lakshika Wijesinghe
Lakshika Wijesinghe 3 aylar önce
The first one was the best! I love the way she smiles , it totally lightens up someones day tbh
Sofia Speh
Sofia Speh 3 aylar önce
I LOVE the cover where the girl sings save and sound because it reminds me of the hunger games. While I read it I listened to that
Simran Mehra
Simran Mehra 3 aylar önce
I literally love the metal version of 'look what u made me do' by Victoria
Pratyaksha Gupta
Pratyaksha Gupta 5 aylar önce
look what you made me do was another level.....and the duest for ready for it was just just perfecttt!
faith resi
faith resi 2 yıl önce
Taylor Swift is such a great songwriter. She has really inspired so many people. Love you 💗💗
taylor 4 aylar önce
HubzTV Yıl önce
i love you too.
Laurence Batica
Laurence Batica 2 yıl önce
Taufik Sulaeman
Taufik Sulaeman 2 yıl önce
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