Just Pour the Egg on the Tortilla and the Result will be Amazing❗❗ Top 🔝 3 Simple Recipes!

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Hello Everyone 🤗 😘 Today I will share with you Top 3 easy and very delicious tortilla recipes! New and very delicious recipes that my family really likes! You literally will be addicted and can't stop eating!
Make this recipe quick, easy and very delicious! 😋😋😋 Try this very easy and delicious recipes and let me know in a comments "How do you like it?!" Have a delicious day 😋
0:00 Recipe #1
1 tortilla
1 egg
120g (1 cup) Cheese
4 cherry tomatoes or 1 medium tomato
Feta cheese
4 olives
Red pepper flakes (optional)
This is my favorite salad of all the times! No oil needed! So delicious 😋
2 sprigs of green onion
3 Cucumbers
1 ripe avocado
2 tbsp lemon or lime juice
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
Salt to taste
Feta cheese (optional)
7:38 Recipe #2
DELICIOUS Crispy Potato Cheese Quesadilla made from very simple ingredients but tastes so delicious that you want to make it very often! My family like it very much, you also can change filling adding your favorite veggies, meets or tofu.
2 potatoes
50g (1/2 cup) Parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 shallot
1/2 tbsp butter
4 slices turkey ham
add 3 tbsp Corn and 3 tbsp Green Peas
6 tortillas
Tomato sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Olive Oil
It doesn't get easier than a cucumber and tomato salad!
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 tbsp grated lemon zest
1 tsp lemon juice
Season with salt and black pepper
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 Cucumber
Cherry tomatoes
1 shallot
Parsley or basil
17:34 Recipe #3
Delicious breakfast burrito from simple ingredients. Those ingredients that everyone has in the pantry! Lets create the greatest breakfast burrito of all time 😃 Make this easy breakfast/lunch or even dinner recipe and let me know how do you love it 😋 🥰
1 tortilla
4 eggs
2 tbsp butter
1/2 avocado
Turkey ham or ham
aCheddar cheese
1 egg (top)
Cotija cheese
Oil for frying
2 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp sour cream
2 tsp sambal (chili sauce)
1.5 tsp smoked peppers
2 tsp garlic powder
Pinch of Salt
1 tbsp hot sauce (optional)
pico de gallo:
1 diced red tomato
1 diced jalapeno
1/2 finely diced Sweet Onion
1/2 juice of lemon or lime
Handful of cilantro, chopped
Season with salt and black pepper
Olive Oil
Salad Ingredients:
4 mini cucumbers
1/2 red onion
fresh parsley, cilantro, basil or dill
1 tomato
1/2 lemon or lime juice
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Season with salt and black pepper
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I love watching as well as trying your delicious recipes . I must say that my favorite part is not only listening to the calming music you are playing in the background , but also the ease way in which you move about your kitchen. There's no pressure or drama . And listening to the child is delightful. Thank you for sharing your culinary skills .
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First time watcher. ❤❤❤Love this.. Very easy to follow. From California USA
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Your recipes are so simple and very visually pleasing. I am from Australia.The music in the background is relaxing! I love that you are clearly doing this at home, your kids making noises in the background brings a level of authenticity to your food!
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☘️..I'm in Dallas Texas..
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I am in the US now, but lived in Europe (Belgium and Germany) for a little over 11 years. I still cook the dishes I learned from my European friends, but your spin on dishes like the burrito are amazing. I would never have thought of flour tortillas during my time over there. The Europeans were just getting past that pork ribs were something other than pig food. Love your channel. Keep it up.
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❤ Blessings...!!! DELICIOUS recipes...🎉
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They feed pork to their pigs?? Yikes.
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@@pandora881 Only my German friends called them pig food, but after having them, they were going to the Metzgerei (butcher shop) and special ordering them. Today they have no problem getting them.
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Hi! Thank you for your wonderful recipes.. I am watching from Canada.. I love the way you take your time. I am like that. I don't like rushing, especially when cooking. God Bless you! ❤😊🎉
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I love the pace of your videos, you make it easy to follow and write down. I also like that you have the German instructions included in the videos. I live in America but I was born & raised in Bavaria, the German script helps me to keep up my German! Keep the recipes coming, I love them! ❤
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I am in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and these recipes are so inspiring and easy to make. I love the relaxing background music. You have a clean and professional style of cooking. Thank you for the English subtitles. I can’t wait to watch more! 🥰
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The sound of your happy children in the background while you prepare this delicious food is BEAUTIFUL!
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@janetbobak127 3 aylar önce
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I live in Central Texas. Thank you for taking such simple ingredients and showing how easy it is to make these meals! The dishes look scrumptious, I'm eager to try them ❤
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I absolutely have to try both of these dishes! The avocado cucumber salad looks amazing p, as does the tortilla dish. Watching, learning and enjoying your recipes and videos from the USA, Texas. Thanks so much for sharing yourself, your time and your dishes with us. ❣️
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Hi I just discovered your YT channel and I am obsessed. Your recipes and presentation are beautiful to watch, and achievable for the home cook. I've made your fresh cucumber relish salad over an over, I LOVE it. Also, ngl, the music is so soothing, sometimes I just tune in to fall asleep haha... 🥰
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Music is lovely, your culinary skills are on point and hearing the children is lovely. Thank you for your informative video. God bless you and your family. 🙏🏼🕊️💜
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Dear Sophie, You're a culinary artist!! Watching you in your kitchen is so relaxing (the music helps!!)and your results are beautiful. I've learned so much from seeing your 'knifework' and that you use fresh, simple, and healthy ingredients. I see that you don't use many animal products and that's a wonderful thing!! Thank you for creating your charming, and educational videos. Thanks to you, I'll never make a salad the same way again!! No lettuce!! Fine by me. I've recently discovered that the larger variety of avocados are easier to work with. I've subscribed, so I'll be back. Nardi Hobler, New Hope Pennsylvania, USA
@EssenRecipes 8 aylar önce
Hello Nardi! Thank you so much for your kind words! I was very happy to read your comment 🥰 And I am happy to be helpful! Good to meet you 🤗🤗 And hope you will like the rest of the recipes 😋
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Best regards, how are you? I pray that this year brings joy, happiness, love and peace to you and your homes. The words you commented on this video are so great, you sound great. I'm John Patrick from Nashville, Tennessee. If I may ask, where are you from?
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I made the first dish of this video today, and it was delicious. 🤤🤤The wife and kids loved it. Thanks for the recipe.
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I'll be trying this as an alternative meal for grandsons as they live on pasta at the moment. It looks delicious x
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Oh and I'm from England
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Very clear visual instructions, looks nice on screen. My problem is these "quick" "simple" meals need a lot of preparation and some ingredients are not found in all store cupboards, certainly not mine. I have adapted one with the scrambled eggs, instead of ham we used bacon, with extra cheese and my grandchildrens favourite a side dish of tomato ketchup! She is very enthusiastic when it comes to salt, I'm not a lover of it and we only use low sodium.
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Estou comendo, "com os olhos"!!!!! DELÍCIA!!!! Sou do Brasil-Rio de Janeiro. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Cooking is an art form for this young lady. The food looks great and I loved her video.
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I'm in awe of your skill and grace at chopping things finely and fast! It takes a lot to impress me, but you have done it!
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I've made 4 out of 6 of these recipes and they are incredible. Very grateful for you sharing them with the world 🙏
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Viewer from Finland here...And I love the ideas on your channel. I've taken the new ideas and adopted them to our meals and the kids love the change! Mostly I love the way how you use eggs as it's not that common here to use them in everyday cooking, though I do have a tendency of finding inspiration from Japanese and Italian cooking. Tomatoes are another thing I've found myself using a lot more after I started to watch your channel, though those are also the thing I more than often do try, but either switch to more familiar ones or buff with fresh herbs (basil, mint, coriander, thyme). It is, however freshening to see how you take the simple ingredients and turn it into something delicious that can be used as a base for even the kid of ours who is very picky about the taste and even more so about the visual side of the food they're willing to taste. But the best thing about the ideas you show here is simply this: How easy and fast it is to create something so delicious that one wishes to try again and even to try to make their own with very small changes! Keep up the good work! ...And thanks for the subtitles
@dmcbaaw 6 aylar önce
Love all of your cooking techniques. Shared with my son that loves to cook !
@EssenRecipes 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback and for sharing with your son❤️🤗
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The first salad and egg look so crunchy and nutritious and delicious. Definitely going on the shopping list today. Thank you.
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This channel is so inspiring! I want to be like this woman when I grow up!
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Hi Essen❣️ I’m Susan from Boston, Massachusetts😊 I enjoy your videos immensely! They are visually stunning masterpieces that showcase your impressive culinary techniques and beautiful, nutritious meals. I love your choice of music and especially the sound of your children in the background. Please don’t ever read a review with one unkind word. People can be impatient and rude, and that is their problem. They’re obviously interested enough to watch your channel, though, so touché to you❤ Thank You for sharing your God-given gifts and talents with the world🌟 You are an inspiration and a blessing beyond measure💗💓💖
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Thank you so much for this channel. You make cooking both an art and a pleasure. Love the music you choose for your videos and that it’s not so loud that you can’t hear the cooking sounds. So very comforting. Thank you and new subscriber! Oh! And I love all of the recipes. You just gave me a new idea for left over mashed potatoes!! So thank you and God bless you and yours. 🙏🏻🌹😊
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10:03 I am from Canada and this is the first time I’ve watched your channel. The recipes look delicious and I will definitely be trying some out. Love all the ingredients you use and are always stocked in my kitchen.
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@EssenRecipes 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much❤️ I bet that you are going to like it!
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Everything about this woman, her food, her vibe and music is comforting and just perfect. I love this channel!
@EssenRecipes 10 aylar önce
Thank you so much Patrick!! ❤️
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@emily--m 2 aylar önce
Please share your knife with us.......
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Wow, I enjoyed watching you cook. You're very skillful at your craft 😊. I truly liked all the meals you prepared, but l would like to taste the one with the potato and bacon. I really like the way you make the simple but delicious salads YUM 😋
@jameswatters9592 9 aylar önce
The unhurried and smooth preparation, the gentle piano and the child in the background, this video is hypnotic, oh and the two tortilla recipes look absolutely delicious.
@peterparco 9 aylar önce
Go towards the exit
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Surprisingly some ppl like the super slow pace… i wish it could be cut 3/4 of the time 🤭
@jeffreyvaldez7374 7 aylar önce
the trash store bought tortilla, the cheesy music... and the oh so lameness... superb.
@brigidmulvany4098 2 aylar önce
I am from Dublin, Ireland. I spend so much time watching you preparing each dish tht I get nothing else done. Love your videos. Unfortunately I still havn't tried anything yet! Soon! 😅😅 so relaxing to listen to and watch ❤ ❤❤
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Terrific video. I too love the sound of the children. The photographer did a spectacular job and the produce you picked is perfection. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you. Love to see your smile on time!
@jillmcdonald1714 3 aylar önce
I also wanted to thank you for your family voices to not be removed from your video. It make you more real and family oriented. Life happens even when we are cooking, that includes children needing help with school work, or having to change the baby’s diaper or any other emergency that pops up in inconvenient times. It personalizes you at home! Danke
@nancyneely4131 6 aylar önce
All three recipes look delicious! The potato tacos were certainly unique, but I think I liked the burrito recipe the most. Arizona, USA
@cleooliveira5887 3 aylar önce
Estou no Brasil,e amo suas receitas. Gratidão.
@elzbietadaniowicz775 9 aylar önce
Zdrowe i doskonałe wykorzystanie Tortilli. Młode głosy dzieci w tle. Zdrowe posiłki dzieciom. Brawo .
@user-lm7wy7hx3b 9 aylar önce
Простые блюда без заморочек и вполне вкусно
@traceymaldonado4060 5 aylar önce
OMG !!!!! You absolutely killed it girl.I watch this over & over. The best I’ve seen! I wish you all the best .
@janetznyski4941 4 aylar önce
Greetings from Belvidere New Jersey!. I do a Weight Watchers program to lose weight. All of your meals are very healthy, incorporating lots of vegetables. (It is what I'm looking for) Your recipes seem to follow their diet. Therefore, I love them all! Portion control and substituting low-fat cheeses and mayo are good for me. You have beautiful dishes and clothes. Everything is made so appetizing. Dankeshone! I've even learned new German cooking words /terms. ❤
@rositafresita921 Aylar önce
In your next video, you should cook Mexican Green Chilaquiles 😋
@peggela 4 aylar önce
I am just tuning in and have read a few comments and I do not want to be redundant but in this case I just might have to be! I could watch these videos for hours. You have created a whole new genre. It is kind of like watching a fireplace channel where you are so relaxed and calm but with a learning by osmosis kind of vibe. The simplicity, the music, the mesmerizing camerawork mixed with the pace and tranquil actions of the chef create an experience that transfixed me. I want to cook all those recipes so that I can feel that way when I make them! WELL DONE!!!
@bobbycurtis2588 3 aylar önce
I'm from the US and I absolutely love your recipes. Definitely going to try this particular one. Love tortillas❤
@EssenRecipes 3 aylar önce
Glad you like them! Thank you so much💖
@HIBredAsian808 9 aylar önce
I just made this for breakfast this morning. 6:15 a.m. Hawaii Standard Time. What a coincidence! I have to say, when I made the first one, the ENTIRE bag of 12 inch tortillas were gone in the first hour. Yes, it does take a bit of time to cook, but if you're patient enough to wait and let your dish cook, your dish will look amazing as well. So, please, people, don't be so harsh. We all have our own way of cooking. Love all!!❤️🤙
@planetjazzy 8 aylar önce
I live in Washington state... On the Tulalip Rez... I saw this & am now eating it.... Thank you for you beautiful video & the simple delicious meal
@HIBredAsian808 8 aylar önce
@planetjazzy um...Mahalo for the comment, but I think you commented on the wrong person, lol. 🤙😅
@jeffandhispond 7 aylar önce
I live in Pennsylvania, USA. And I just love everything about your channel !
@HIBredAsian808 7 aylar önce
@Jeff and His Pond Um..wrong person to comment on lol. This isn't my channel lol.
@jeffandhispond 7 aylar önce
@@HIBredAsian808 sorry, I hit the wrong button.
@EnjoyingGodsCreation 6 aylar önce
Looks delicious! I wonder if I can make the egg tortilla without cheese. I think I'll try it sometime. Thank you for these ideas. It is so relaxing and peaceful! Thank you from Pennsylvania, USA
@missmillie7995 6 aylar önce
Delicious recipes from simple, healthy ingredients. With summer approaching here in the northern tier of the USA, I will be able to grow all of the vegetables and herbs in my garden. I can purchase farm fresh eggs locally. Also, I make my own tortillas from scratch but store-bought are just fine, too.
@AnimeOnline791nowhere 5 aylar önce
As simple as that, simple is always the way to go less time to use and less calories than the unsimplified version, I would say great recipe 😮🧡💛💚
@carlosiribe3196 Aylar önce
I never would have thought Europeans using tortillas as much. Her salads look really fresh and delicious 🫶🏼🤤👏👏
@margarethandrade8514 Aylar önce
Eu adoro seus vídeos (receitas). No meu celular, a capa é o seu anel, que eu amo ❤. Parabéns 👏 👏 👏
@janetlocher2473 3 aylar önce
Do you have a web site where I can print your recipes? Love watching you cook such simple and healthy dishes! Yummy! Will make my husband the tortilla/egg tomorrow for breakfast!
@2bbossfree Aylar önce
Since I went keto, I've struggled with getting avocados out of the skin and loosing the pit. Thanks for the the tip.
@junekelly9789 5 aylar önce
All these recipes look delicious I’m gonna make them all💜
@livingauthenticallyonmyter6635 6 aylar önce
Thanks so much for sharing your amazing gift of cooking with us! Everything reminds me of my childhood, and that makes my heart smile. Blessings! ❤
@gloriadillard2389 4 aylar önce
Your food look so good...is so nutritional...and is so easy to follow directions!😊
@terezinhacamargo8873 10 aylar önce
Que delícia, também amo tortilla, obrigada por receitas tão gostosas e fáceis de fazer, Deus te abençoe sempre 💋❤️🇧🇷
@tammyharris7745 4 aylar önce
First time to watch her …… i don’t like to cook but after watching this I’m headed to the Grocery store. Amazing most relaxed video and everything looks so good
@lisasrexstar7796 4 aylar önce
Interesting recipe. I look forward to trying it. The ingredients and how they are put together are very similar to the Mexican food from my native Texas. For now, I'm stuck in Florida, USA Thank you for bringing this lovely video to all of us.
@bctesla2 3 aylar önce
Your grace at production of these videos is amazing. Makes me feel happy and I remember my mom and how she loved cooking . Thank you
@goboldly5700 2 aylar önce
Your video is like a moment of zen. Educational and relaxing at the same time. You have a professional videographer, don't you. Lucky.
@todddahl1123 3 aylar önce
I'm in the US, Columbus, Ohio to be specific. I love your videos! As others have mentioned they are so calming and soothing, and the ease with which execute each recipe... it's simply breathtaking. I have always loved to cook, but am a bit mobility impaired at the moment. I cannot wait until am able try many of your ideas. I only hope I can approach them with the serenity and confidence you so clearly display. Thank you!
@marthadanziger352 10 aylar önce
Great to watch preparation of simple but tasty food. Probably too salty for me with so much Feta and olives but love salad choices So sweet to hear her little child playing in the background
@robertagregory7177 3 aylar önce
This is a good idea. A burrito that is partly an omelette too. I am from California and my grandparents are from Mexico and I do not think we ever combined egg and tortilla in this manner. I cannot wait to try it. I now live in the far north of Washington State and it is hard to get good tortillas. Yours look good, the ones that do not get soggy. I love all your healthy ingredients. Your children are so lucky to grow up with good food.
@christinafinamore9506 4 aylar önce
Ok, I don’t “like” to cook but I can. I’m a single mom and an art teacher so coming home and having to come up with another work of art is exhausting. I loved this meal so much. I had the ingredients, it was delicious, and the clean up was so simple. Thank you!!!! I can’t wait to try more. Wonderful gift you have! 😍🫶🥰
@ellenmasters6733 2 aylar önce
Beautiful work of art. Looking forward to trying these recipes with my family. Even your cutlery and other utensils are outstanding.
@tsreiki 6 aylar önce
All looks so delicious Im going to try a couple of these for sure!!
@greghtraylor 4 aylar önce
I am from Pennsylvania. Love your cooking style and your care with the preparations. My mouth was literally watering at the end of each recipe. i liked the music and the sound of the kids playing in the background. I felt right at home with you! May God bless you and your family.
@johnmfroehlich2915 9 aylar önce
Love the sound of your children's voices in the background, the soothing music and relaxed pace of your cooking. : )
@debbylynn9635 9 aylar önce
dadee dadee I loved that more than the recipes.
@kristinareed6656 9 aylar önce
Watching somebody cook without their face in the camera and slamming everything down all loud and then crunching their food in your face... I agree nothing stressful here
@SandraOstlund-jz3vx 7 aylar önce
I heard only cooking no music or people 😂
@MikeTheD 7 aylar önce
@@SandraOstlund-jz3vxI think we need to take you into the ENT doctor. The music was throughout the video and the kids were clearly audible
@saltshaker8777 7 aylar önce
Me too
@susanberdan1626 6 aylar önce
I like that there is no words nice and calm , I Love to watch . recipes are yummy. Thanks for sharing.
@EssenRecipes 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback💖🤗
@ddearinger8962 2 aylar önce
Love the ring! Simple and elegant! Thank you for delicious recipes.
@rosiedesir4111 3 aylar önce
Interesting,delicious as usual! You make evrything so easy.not only you are a great cook you are a wonderful teacher. No need to tell you that you are love by so many on the web. Bravo!!!and thank you!!
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