Did The Soviet Union Discover Aliens In The Deepest Lake In The World? | UFOs: The Lost Evidence

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2 yıl önce

Under the waters of Lake Baikal in 1982, 7 Russian divers are exploring the world deepest freshwater lake on a research mission, but 50 metres underwater, strange humanoid creatures appear and in an attempt to capture one of them, all the divers are pushed up to the top by an unknown force. Who were these creatures and what can we learn from this encounter?
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Refined Insanity
Refined Insanity 2 yıl önce
Technically they dont have to be from another world, they could be the oldest intelligent species of Earth.
Opa & The Pack
Opa & The Pack Aylar önce
The Third Black Panther movie explains it all. They literally tell us Everything in a movies. They best way to hide anything is in plain sight!
Simmy Aylar önce
It's a good theory.. they could of left before the big bang to space... technology could of been massive back then but they found another world to live on because its slowly dying...
marco i
marco i Aylar önce
From some where else
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott Yıl önce
"When the divers tried to capture one the creatures, perhaps they responded in a defensive way" That woman is a genius!! How did she come up with that?
Bruno 8 gün önce
She most definitely is a woke liberal and didn't want to say anything that would offend the alien😂😂
LitGirlablaZe 21 gün önce
@Miro Pribanić you’re giving her too much credit
raller 2 aylar önce
Olúwatoyin Jegede
Olúwatoyin Jegede 2 aylar önce
@Staren Harkon love, yes
Phil Jones
Phil Jones Yıl önce
It's entirely possible that during the same time period humans evolved and developed greater intelligence, an aquatic species did the exact same thing. Possibly, they developed or evolved far sooner than those of us on dry land, and are therefore several thousand years ahead with their technology. These creatures don't have to be intergalatic space travellers, they may have evolved right here in Earth's oceans.
Sam W2
Sam W2 11 gün önce
"Entirely possible" fucking hell why do people think they are speaking facts saying something like that. Holds no credit.
ruffbuffwest716 Aylar önce
​@Phil Jones ploy twist, we did not evolve from apes, we also have a creator.
n0ka Aylar önce
@Stephen M i think they mean inside capsules, domes etc.
Nitram Edyh
Nitram Edyh Aylar önce
😂 yeah right!
Stephen M
Stephen M Aylar önce
@Lawrence Beaulieu so how do you keep a fire going under water to smelt iron. Seems like you need pretty advanced mechanisms to get oxygen just to start fire. Fish oxygenate blood at cold temps not an open flame, because y'know, it's under water.
Lydia Reaves
Lydia Reaves 6 aylar önce
What I find astonishing is the fact that we don't talk about the high probability that these beings were here long before we came into existance. Maybe they have always inhabited our deep bodies of water, or maybe they had the technology to exist aquatically and opted to do so as mankind became more problematic, as well as decimating the environment. Who knows? Certainly not us.
ruffbuffwest716 Aylar önce
They are the ones who created us.
Kishan Chali
Kishan Chali Yıl önce
If the earliest ancestor of all terrestrial animals migrated from the ocean, why isn't it possible that a divergent group evolved for millions of years in the depths of oceans, finally attaining a humanoid form? What if those aliens are a separate life form which evolved on the Earth but hidden from humans?
Spirit Splice
Spirit Splice Aylar önce
"If the earliest ancestor of all terrestrial animals migrated from the ocean" It didn't.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Aylar önce
@niknokpalabok The Abyss. One of JC's most underrated masterpieces (the proper director's cut version).
Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy Aylar önce
We are not alone!
m Aylar önce
​@Drake Brunette There are over 1 million bears on earth at any given time, how many bear carcass's have you ever seen? Zero
m Aylar önce
@Chris Pyves Who said they were "air" breathing?
CCCbeats Yıl önce
"Why did the creatures react the way that they did?". If someone attempts to capture your mom, dad, son, daughter, sister, or brother, how would you react? If this is true, it's only right that they'd have the same survival instincts as humans, because they might not be too different to us.
Mcbrian S.
Mcbrian S. 28 gün önce
and the detail that one of these beings raised some sort of wand at them, thus creating a deadly vortex that propels them upwards. These beings are part of Gog and Magog (22 enclosed nations in the 4 corners of the earth) The trick is if you encounter one: never show any signs of aggression nor any violent movements. In Ancient times, people can approach them and sometimes incur their favour. Alexander the Great apparently incurred their favour when he was trying to bring down the fortress he was besieging, but these creatures did a trial first by diving and buzzing the Greek army numerous times. When the beings concluded that Alexander’s army was the friendly one they sided with him and fired their “lightning” beams at the fortress walls.
ImportedFromSerbia 9 aylar önce
A bit correction in your scene imagination need to be addressed to not someone, usually human, but to animal. You don’t don’t understand each other, but body sign predictive language. Then, their reaction is normal. Bear don’t run away from you, and you don’t try to catch the bear either, bear defend himself.
Monty Daniels
Monty Daniels 9 aylar önce
@CCCbeats If there was a situation involving a friend, of course I would However if the situation where two people were about to get into it, where one was a friend, I'd intervene as long as I didn't think that other person was carrying a gun. If that was the case, I'd try to get my friend away from the situation before it got worse.... In today's world, a lot of confrontations do end up with someone getting shot. The good thing is, the people I hang out with don't allow themselves to end up in situations where a problem could arise, which I'm glad about. Hopefully we don't end up commenting on another video where Russian Swimmers run into a group of Aliens, then decide to mess with them....
Monty Daniels
Monty Daniels 9 aylar önce
@CCCbeats Not if they were a faster swimmer than I was... lol JK my friend...
CCCbeats 9 aylar önce
@Monty Daniels So, you wouldn't defend one of your friends if someone was trying to mess with them?
[blocked] edited
[blocked] edited Yıl önce
Only a Russian would try to capture a 9-ft alien, bare handed, underwater.
андрей б
андрей б 6 gün önce
А может он вкусный
EniyanValentino 12 gün önce
Rocky G
Rocky G Aylar önce
Russian aliens are huge🌝
TRUTH Aylar önce
Funniest comment I've ever read in my life, still dying laughing. That's cuz russian's aren't soy boy's
Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy Aylar önce
Drunk in Vodka
Joseph Leardi
Joseph Leardi Yıl önce
From the reports I’ve heard, when people encounter an alien force, there is also lost time involved, maybe they’ve learned to bend time and accelerate at fantastic speeds, something we’re trying to understand and do. If we can learn to bend space, we could go fantastic distances in seconds, at least that’s the theory as I understand it.
Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy Aylar önce
They stole my wallet and wrist watch
Nez 7 aylar önce
At the end of the day none of us really understand this stuff. As I understand it if light speed can be harnessed/ achieved then time can be manipulated. Time travel is possible we just don’t have that technology yet. If you gave the greatest minds a jet plane 500 years ago, or even an iPhone, or computer, etc it would be just as insane.
Chalsie Staten
Chalsie Staten 8 aylar önce
Maybe it’s our future selves
ImportedFromSerbia 9 aylar önce
Bend the space! Shouldn’t we be able to see distortion of the bent space!? If they bend the space,then why their crafts are aerodynamically shaped!? Theory about bent space is logical. Take a piece of paper and mark two dots on it apart 1 feet. Distance travel from one dot to another is 1 feet, straight line. If I bend paper I can determent distance between two dots per may wish. Slightly bent paper distance is less than 1 feet, bent more paper distance is greatly less. Then, everything else around should be distorted, or may not!? If I add a third dot on the paper, what I observed when paper get bent!? If everything is getting at high speed, then my observation will not detect any bent space. Our eyes, brain, doesn’t detect frames per seconds. We don’t see 1 second length of movie as a 60 frames per seconds.
Escape the Matrix
Escape the Matrix Yıl önce
I don't know about aliens, but one thing I do know for sure is, if I'm SCUBA diving and I come across a group of 9 foot tall creatures, my first (or last) thought wouldn't be, _"Hey, I think I'll throw a net over one of these things and capture him."_ I would be thinking, _"maybe if I push Boris into them I can swim away while they eat him."_
Blackout. Yıl önce
You don't have to do Boris dirty
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy Yıl önce
"Why did these creatures react the way they did???" "I have to think they reacted in a defensive way because the divers tried to throw a net around one of them an capture it." Wow!! Thanks for your brilliant theory lady! I would've never thought of that!!! 🥴
Gil 4 aylar önce
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy 7 aylar önce
@compulsiverambler 😅
compulsiverambler 7 aylar önce
That's my favourite expert explanation since the Air Crash Investigation episode with a professional stating seriously "it's very unusual for a plane to land upside down".
Mtbm3 8 aylar önce
Rewilders 8 aylar önce
Eybi Mey
Eybi Mey Yıl önce
Just for reference, 265 mph underwater is faster than any (reported) technology produced by any country on Earth. The only thing that gets anywhere close are prototypes of torpedoes belonging to Russia and Germany, and again, only according to reports given to the press. Nothing manmade has ever been independently verified to move faster than 140 mph underwater.
prioris55555 Aylar önce
there are far higher speeds with anti gravity propulsion underwater. even higher speeds have been reported.
FinnStewart 8 aylar önce
@Kweku D Traveller you never know, in the early 1900s it was believed we wouldn't fly for a million years.
Kweku D Traveller
Kweku D Traveller Yıl önce
@Barbara Fogle you would snap your neck hitting the break. These things stay still in their spinning craft. We are atleast 100 million years from achieving that
Barbara Fogle
Barbara Fogle Yıl önce
That's very fascinating . maybe a faster vehicle should invented.
Ryan H
Ryan H 9 aylar önce
The second story seems hard to believe simply because any human being who is diving in a very deep dark lake and comes across beings that are 9 feet tall the very last thing a human would do is try and capture one. The overwhelming fear they would feel would make them return to the surface, even if they were ordered to do it most people would ignore the orders and deal with the consequences. Nobody is trying to capture a 9 foot alien deep underwater.
Ryan Aylar önce
Russian soldiers can’t overwhelm a significantly smaller Ukrainian force but they’re brave enough to take on potential extra terrestrials under water? That checks out.
prioris55555 Aylar önce
They were ordered to do it. Not following orders would be as dangerous.
Juanyaza The Watcher
Juanyaza The Watcher 2 aylar önce
Not everyone is you, lol.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Yıl önce
What if they aren’t from other planets. What if they’re just a highly advanced species that have been living and have established a society deep within our planet’s oceans/waters? We’ve only explored 5% of our oceans so it’s highly possible there are other intelligent species deep in our oceans that are native to earth.
Ed Brown
Ed Brown 5 aylar önce
@Neville C525 it was a good movie.
Ed Brown
Ed Brown 5 aylar önce
I belive you are right about this
Tari John
Tari John 5 aylar önce
Nonsense,if all these things really exists,we would have seen them ages ago.
luis marques
luis marques 6 aylar önce
@MF Ya meu, qd se lê disparates...
MF 6 aylar önce
God damn a whole year and Luis doesn’t give up the fight. Staying strong 💪 lol
Divers: "You shouldn't be here" Aliens: "Neither should you"
dc wired
dc wired 2 aylar önce
The comments are getting funnier and Funnier!!! HELP I can no longer type////
sharon settle
sharon settle 6 aylar önce
I needed a good laugh thank you.
sharon settle
sharon settle 9 aylar önce
Funny that gave me a good laugh. 🤣
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@pauwu agreed.
Encore une fois
Encore une fois Yıl önce
"Why did these creatures react the way they did?" Her answer deserves a Nobel Prize for The Bleedin' Obvious.
Bruno 8 gün önce
Such as. Such as. Such as. Lmmfao. TRshow that. Such as beauty pagent answer 😂😂😂
Incognito 6 aylar önce
No it doesn't.
nanoUPSC Yıl önce
Zhana 11 aylar önce
It was documented that the 7 at Lake Bahkal were shot up and out the water and 7ft into the air by some unknown force and all but one of the decompression chambers were out of order. 1 chamber was designed to hold 2 people, but they decided to put 4 and that’s why 3 died. Can you imagine how they determined which 4?
Le Pew
Le Pew Aylar önce
@Ayrian Chang-Thomas In Russia, you need permission from Putin to read it. Good luck.
Ayrian Chang-Thomas
Ayrian Chang-Thomas 2 aylar önce
Where can i read this?
BadLactose Yıl önce
Deep water terrifies me, and so do aliens. I would've legit shat myself.
eric avilez
eric avilez 6 aylar önce
damn I can't believe you
Fuhk water period.
Was machen Sachen?
Was machen Sachen? Yıl önce
I spent 9 Months in deep water before i was born.
Replicant 2049
Replicant 2049 Yıl önce
That's bad submarine etiquette
EyeAmGod 10 aylar önce
Why can't people believe aliens live on this planet longer than humans
EyeAmGod 4 aylar önce
@Gonzalez grant you must be referring to your race of people
Gonzalez grant
Gonzalez grant 4 aylar önce
That could possibly mean we're the aliens
jimmyglea 2 yıl önce
2020 is the only year where the US government can come out, admit to the existence of “other worldly craft”, show actual video footage, and the world is like, “Ok, but where can I get toilet paper?”
Richard Byrd
Richard Byrd 5 gün önce
@Ryukuss The aliens name. Is i'm not a troll
Lucy T Mokoena
Lucy T Mokoena Yıl önce
SAM Yıl önce
@savedby Grace After chugging 3 litres of orange soda hes gona need every sheet of that paper
Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts 11 aylar önce
I've always wondered why the alien creatures didn't try to intentionally kill the Soviet divers. They just shot them to the surface. Maybe they didn't know any of the Soviets would be injured or killed.
Zalex 7 aylar önce
Because they were trying to protect themselves and understood the power imbalance. They are not malevolent, but we should not try to capture them.
Grave Digger
Grave Digger 9 aylar önce
So now they are more intelligent than Scott for sure
Anthony Gardner
Anthony Gardner Yıl önce
I’m sure they tried to capture a 9foot tall humanoid creature and they figured that the other 9foot tall creatures would just let one of their pals be taken. This story is very plausible.
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez Yıl önce
@Ken Donato from what I've read they tried to throw a net over one. Also imagine being under water with low light and you see something glowing. I doubt their first instincts was "its an alien" they probably thought it was an undiscovered animal at first. Idk but you gotta wonder why Russia is building bases on the north pole.
Of the Uchiha clan
Of the Uchiha clan Yıl önce
I dont think they tried to 'capture' them. These Aliens have the power to telepathically calm humans down when seeing them. The Russians (being russians) subsequently perhaps felt brave n tried to attack. Aliens obvs used telekenisis n sent them flying to the surface.
Roger Hegemier
Roger Hegemier Yıl önce
Did Big Don T. Put this story out there !!!??? Because it Sounds Just like all the other Bull Shit Stories he Makes UP !!! Now this !!!! Really!?
Chunky sangma
Chunky sangma Yıl önce
Yes it is same like I saw
Ken Donato
Ken Donato Yıl önce
Seriously... That was my initial reaction, you encounter a group of 9' tall aliens and you instinctively try to capture it? lol
WorisonTV Yıl önce
I really love these types of videos. Please we want more!
hmm 2 aylar önce
SirWeebs Yıl önce
I would be so interested in the actual radio chatter they had while diving
SirWeebs 2 aylar önce
@SentinelAce fair. I mean we don't know what they used but that's certainly something I didn't consider.
SentinelAce 2 aylar önce
Lol. So they were wearing full face masks? You can’t talk with a regulator
Prince Solomon
Prince Solomon Yıl önce
@SirWeebs Possible, but Nick Pope is the real deal and has both his feet on the ground, no matter the programs he appears in. Look at the "The basement office" podcasts he did, great rational approach to Ufology.
SirWeebs Yıl önce
@dana It means alot to you that I.. Am interested in the radio chatter?
dana Yıl önce
@SirWeebs I love this comment this means alot to me.
Ranger 208
Ranger 208 Yıl önce
That a pretty advanced sonar. It is not only detects six objects in formation in high speed, but it can also determine if it is alien and see the shape of them individually.
brent 2 yıl önce
Humans: punches alien in face Alien: punches human back Humans: they're hostile!!
sharon settle
sharon settle 6 aylar önce
Needed a good laugh thank you.
sharon settle
sharon settle 9 aylar önce
Funny that gave me a good laugh thank you.
Hernameislynn 10 aylar önce
Michael Beard
Michael Beard 11 aylar önce
@MainDepth Yes and the Indians tribes were doing it to each other before that. Ever heard of Aztecs enslaving and engaging in human sacrifice?
Engreido2814 Yıl önce
Intrigued by this story. I'm sure there's more to it as I doubt it ended there. I would imagine the Russians would try to get back in there and capture these beings.
John Gori
John Gori Yıl önce
Either that or the KGB gave them a BAC and determined they had more vodka than blood in their veins at the time of the "encounter". Drunkenness on the job was very common in the USSR.
ImStayGold42 Yıl önce
I love it when "ufo researchers" interpret military reports as if they are all accurate & true. 🍿
prioris55555 Aylar önce
@KD better exactly
prioris55555 Aylar önce
some people read comments as if they are from real people
John Gori
John Gori Yıl önce
Yeah, you should see some of the more inventive ones I read in the service. Particularly those that were constructed immediately prior to the arrival of the authorities on scene. You'd read them and think "do they really think anyone will believe this?" "We were minding our own business when these 2 townies came up to us and started throwing punches for no reason. We kept ducking and they kept tripping and falling down. It's amazing how bad you can hurt yourself falling down."
Bradley Boyer
Bradley Boyer Yıl önce
I'm convinced that any intelligent life that has contacted us lives either in the oceans or in the core of the Earth.
Mcbrian S.
Mcbrian S. 28 gün önce
Gog and Magog
Iridescent Daemon
Iridescent Daemon 11 aylar önce
Why the core? Geotermal energy?
Ice Fractal
Ice Fractal Yıl önce
Alien leader to crew: "I said just scare them, not kill them, now I will be stuck filling out paperwork..."
Ricky Ticky
Ricky Ticky 6 aylar önce
World government. "Aliens" your in violation of breach of contract " please explain yourself . 🤣
Adelor Odell
Adelor Odell Yıl önce
Robbie Mullin
Robbie Mullin Yıl önce
Chunky sangma
Chunky sangma Yıl önce
I have seen today above my blanket I scream but it doesn't move away
Alex JR.
Alex JR. Yıl önce
lol far cry 4
Xiro Chamber
Xiro Chamber 10 aylar önce
They are most likely an ancient species of amphibious marine life. There are underwater cave systems at the bottom of the see floor and the marina trench. They could have slowly evolved into some form of humanoid that utilized tools and plant life as well as thermal vents for resources and smelting and energy. They must have evolved slowly and moved constantly like nomads. A nomadic marine humanoid. It’s possible because they had millions of years of stability from every historical and documented disaster.
I have a better theory, supported by some facts. See couple comments above....
M AndM
M AndM 10 aylar önce
Well we kniw for a fact animals burrow underground on land. Can assume sea creatures might burrow into the sea bed etc which certain fish do. Depends how far they got through the earth and what lies beneath it
Nogiallstar Yıl önce
“Why did these creatures react the way they did?” BECAUSE YOU TRIED TO CATCH ONE WTF😂
sharon settle
sharon settle 6 aylar önce
josue vital
josue vital 11 aylar önce
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper Yıl önce
More tea vicar?
gaming creates worlddd 24
gaming creates worlddd 24 Yıl önce
@Manoj Cygnus alien pet by seeing what they did with the divers it would be the other way around
Incuensuocha Yıl önce
I’m not a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but one day while driving something in the sky grabbed my attention. It was a perfectly round and shiny metallic looking sphere, kind of like a bb. It was very high up in the sky so it looked tiny to me. Suddenly it took off in one direction across the sky at a ridiculous speed that was waaaay faster than any plane or rocket I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to claim it was little green men or proof of anything, but I saw what I saw and I’ll never forget it.
Billbert Boyce
Billbert Boyce Yıl önce
Interesting. There have been cases of drones flying in the sky made to look like the typical "UFO", so it might have been that. Just a guess.
Kimberly Loranger
Kimberly Loranger Yıl önce
When I saw those guys go into the freezing water to look around, I thought they were taking the research too far; they wouldn't be able to survive the great depths, let along the 50 feet they went to. And then when the alien creatures saw them, it's like the aliens showed up because they thought the same thing.
Huzaifa Jawed
Huzaifa Jawed 8 aylar önce
Actually they are one of the oldest civilizations. They are basically from the Hollow Earth with entrances at the North and South poles, Brazil, Tibet, Russia. There are other entrances as well connected to the oceans, and lakes, caves! The most easiest are the lakes with holes on them. They best way to identify them is in winters when there are holes in the frozen lakes..
Windshear Ahead
Windshear Ahead Aylar önce
@Bat Collins by smoking 🌿
Bat Collins
Bat Collins 2 aylar önce
And you know this how?
Reggie King
Reggie King Yıl önce
They first came to our planet millions of years ago and they have underwater bases mostly around the antarctic region and the Bermuda triangle. One of their craft smashed through a glacier and remains embedded in ice to this day. Withnesses have seen things shooting out from the ocean and into the sky and also coming back down and diving below the surface at incredible speeds. Instead of spending billions on space exploration we should concentrate on building technology that can search deeper into our oceans. I'm absolutely certain they're still here and have been since before humans appeared. I also believe our Governments know about these aliens and we're going to see gradual disclosure of what they know so we don't freak out when they acknowledge lifeforms from other planets exist.
arkdark555 Yıl önce
This one is one of the most mind boggling cases ever.
ThisTroper 2 yıl önce
The balls of those Russian divers thinking they could just capture a 9-ft tall alien.
Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy Aylar önce
I bet those aliens had a set too!
eric avilez
eric avilez 6 aylar önce
They must have some big ones
Reckless337 10 aylar önce
@Ricardo Moseley definitely lol
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@Assembly Required honest. I Am all for making Peaceful gestures. My first thought Is “do You not see the pandaemonium up On land? What are You still doing down here” The way I see It. They left us high and dry. 😓 I said what I said. Even though- They get A pass- they weren’t Our creators l- however a group of beings have got a lot to answer for. Dumping us here and for what?
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@Reckless337 they’re going to put An end to Our Species If they keep up with the antics. 😥
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
Foxiepaws ACAnderson Yıl önce
I really believe that if I were swimming underwater and some humanoid tried to net me, I would react in a pretty violent manner too. Think about it. Theyre probably aware of what happens to fish etc. netted by humans and theres no way theyre letting that happen to themselves or their friends. I think its totally natural. They probably werent thinking of killing the divers but when push came to shove they did what they had to. And who knows, maybe decompression sickness doesnt happen to them and they were just doing it to escape, not thinking they would injure the divers.
Терренце Цларди
Терренце Цларди Yıl önce
Good point 👍🏼
Le Fix du Net
Le Fix du Net Yıl önce
Since there has been stories of Aliens, the humans have never been attacked. I think it's resonnable to think they are not hostile, but we, on the hand, by simple projection are!
Tony Marselle
Tony Marselle Yıl önce
@bryan grissom if they wanted a fight we would already be in it .
bryan grissom
bryan grissom Yıl önce
@Le Fix du Net maybe they were defending themselves in Russia but the other was definitely not. I agree that unless we're talking about either abductions or a rare case they don't seem to aggressive. I just have trust issues and have a hard time believing anything is all good. I also know that my dealing have been only with humans as far as I know and we are capable of anything on both good and bad
Le Fix du Net
Le Fix du Net Yıl önce
@bryan grissom but were they not defending themselves? You know, trying to capture them..... And honestly if these guys have machines that can do what they do, don't you think they would have the upper hand?
bryan grissom
bryan grissom Yıl önce
I know a couple stories that show hostility towards us humans. In fact it is rumored the old ussr actually stopped their pilots from engaging cause they started getting shot out of the sky.
Rhita* 7 aylar önce
There is 100% something strange going on in our oceans.
eric avilez
eric avilez 6 aylar önce
I got plans for the future
Gregg Yıl önce
I love the dramatic renderings of Nick Pope and 9 foot tall aliens with jellyfishes on their heads so that it's perfectly clear they're underwater aliens.
Ted Jon
Ted Jon Yıl önce
Was weird is that I was thinking of taking classes for deep sea training, so that I can go have an adventure to find any type of Aliens or their spacecraft hidden in plain sight floating under the sea. I wanted to see jelly- aliens swimming. I had that vision while I was awake YESTERDAY. As if I already done it. Then I come across this the next day , which is today.... If the jelly- aliens are on our water and they go past our filter water , we may already be living with them and know it.
eric avilez
eric avilez 6 aylar önce
You want to see who?
Survivor Yıl önce
I’ve always thought about aliens living in our oceans they are so vast and deep it’s the perfect place for them.
Michael Beard
Michael Beard 9 aylar önce
@The Casio Kid False idols, false aliens....what's the difference?
DANTHETUBEMAN 9 aylar önce
the universe is as crowned with life as the earth is
Michael Beard
Michael Beard 11 aylar önce
Before, or after watching "The Abyss"?
Chickenbutt McWatson
Chickenbutt McWatson Yıl önce
"Holy shit, swimming alien things who have technology that appears to be magic! WE MUST CAPTURE ONE" - this seems like the most russian thing I've ever heard
Akakam ETH
Akakam ETH 8 aylar önce
Lol 😂
Александр Ребров
Александр Ребров Yıl önce
Это правда
Para Pitro
Para Pitro Yıl önce
If only we could realize what our planet holds as "mysteries", we would no longer be surprised by anything.
Mcbrian S.
Mcbrian S. 28 gün önce
“Within these two mountains, I enclosed 22 nations of Gog and Magog.” ~ Alexander the Great
Jcsala Sala
Jcsala Sala 11 aylar önce
Me gustaría que este video se traduzca al español....ya que íntegro varios grupos que hablan de la temática Ovni tendría muchas más vistas...gracias
Betterrask Yıl önce
This becomes even more closer to reality when you look at the confirmed new footage of an unidentified object going under water.
mr. Z
mr. Z Yıl önce
where can i see the footage, if i would ever met those aliens i would tell them to take me with them and humans are weird
Missum Enim Satanas 666
Missum Enim Satanas 666 11 aylar önce
It's looking like there's something at the bottom of a man made lake (built by the gov btw) in Southern Kentucky called Cumberland lake. Large orange glowing spheres were seen entering the water there at 2 different times. I recently just learned about the latest one on one of the UFO channels. That area of Kentucky has alot of crazy things go on and its a lesser known place. All kinds of crazy things go on in and around the Daniel Boone National Forest rt next door to that lake in Southern Kentucky. Close to a small town Called Monticello.
Missum Enim Satanas 666
Missum Enim Satanas 666 7 gün önce
@Dakota Kidd the big UFO channels recently showed a video of 2 large orange glowing spheres entering the water at the man made lake they have called Cumberland lake in a small town called Monticello that sits rt next door the the infamous Daniel Boone National Forest. Since I left the comment I've learned also that there has been a place found somewhere in Southern Kentucky that puts skinwalker ranch to shame. That would answer so many questions if its true. That area has been of interest to people that investigate creature sightings etc. I rem watching a documentary years ago where guys got a team together of professors and scientists and geologists etc went across the country investigating all the alleged creature sightings over the years. One of the men took a map of the country and made a mark every place there had been an alleged sighting and when they finished the map was covered. He pointed to the center of the heaviest marks and yep! It was Southern Kentucky. Now this was way back in 1998. They were investigating mothman and Werewolves and even black eyed children. Thats where the Demonologist came in they had. They say black eyed children are demons. Idk....all I know is that place is very interesting now and younwill.want to pay close attn to any/all news coming from there.
Missum Enim Satanas 666
Missum Enim Satanas 666 7 gün önce
@SentinelAce yes...Kentucky def makes the best whiskey for sure
SentinelAce 2 aylar önce
Thats where the real bourbon is made
Dakota Kidd
Dakota Kidd 9 aylar önce
I shit you not….I was just at Cumberland this past weekend. Me and 2 others were up very late. Probably at about 5 in the morning we look out at the sky and see 2 orange bulbs vanish. Not in a take off but just were there then out of nowhere, disappeared
Ross Milner
Ross Milner Yıl önce
I love the way these aliens are referred to as creatures, when it is blatently obvious to all that they are vastly more intelligent than us, and possess technologies that we simply cannot comprehend. Creatures indeed!!!!!!
Mcbrian S.
Mcbrian S. 28 gün önce
Gog and Magog
Gengrik Yagoda
Gengrik Yagoda 2 aylar önce
You don't seem to understand what the word creature means.
jamviator 6 aylar önce
@SilverDemon Maybe they are different, maybe they are higher beings but you don't know that simply because they have better technology and I already explained why. I also completely disagree with your rat analogy. If a rat were to reach our level of intelligence and technology I would absolutely say that they are on our same level. But there is no evidence to suggest that, there is however, evidence to suggest that we could develop the technologies being described in these types of videos. (I already explained this in a previous comment).
SilverDemon 6 aylar önce
@jamviator who's to say they're not different from us? If it were to be true then they are indeed or more so can be considered "higher beings" in terms of intelligence who are you to say we can call them as such? You say we may reach their technology so they're no longer "Higher beings" isn't right to state creatures smarter then us as such. Such logic is flawed that's like saying if a rat where to reach our level of intelligence and technology then all of a sudden we're the same?
jamviator 6 aylar önce
@SilverDemon Nah man, it's not about ego. I was responding to somebody who said they are higher beings, I just think we need to stop deifying everything we don't understand. I also don't think we should discount our own capability and potential and jump to the conclusion that we are inferior beings. If we traveled back in time to ancient Greece and showed them our technology they would think we are higher beings, but we're not. If we took a child from ancient Greece back to our time and put him through school, he could become a NASA engineer or particle physicist just as much as a modern child. So even though those ancient Greeks would see us as higher beings, they would be wrong. That's all I'm saying.
buteverythinghurts Yıl önce
So human of them. ”Oh there is something unknown, clearly more advanced than us…but lets attack them and capture at least one of them”.
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@Kolleg Essig they are not lab rats. We on the other hand are a different story. We need to accept Our place as such- evolving as we should- make no mistake we are not going to evolve by “detaining” advancement of Beings. Llmmaaooo.
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@Guy Bartlett truly
William Powers
William Powers Yıl önce
They thought it was interesting jellyfish to capture .
Kolleg Essig
Kolleg Essig Yıl önce
@Guy Bartlett yeah sure, sounds like good fun and also free english lessons. Are you available next saturday?
Guy Bartlett
Guy Bartlett Yıl önce
@Kolleg Essig its, speak for yourself. Ok I'm embarrassing. Dude you and I let's go out and capture beings that are superior ourselves and are not aggressive ! Kinda like Russians?
Emmitt Pérez
Emmitt Pérez Yıl önce
My uncle whom is a dentist from Mexico was once camping at the beach in sonora back in 2010 and he said he saw these things coming out the ocean into the horizon.
JUJU OLIVER 4 aylar önce
Years ago a friend who was a chef on a mainly Russian crewed ship out in the seas somewhere miles out told me of watching as bright lights would come hurtling at intense speed and at angles out of the oceans up into the skies and streak off across the sky at night and return much in the same way. He was merely a cook on a ship and no expert but he swore on what he witnessed and had seen it a few times.
JUJU OLIVER Aylar önce
@Windshear Ahead well people do see them. There have been a lot of videos from around the world with various unexplained craft especially in the last few years. He swore by his story of what he saw, but if you don’t believe it that’s your prerogative. Not sure why you are on these sites anyway if you totally disbelieve these stories. The only thing I have ever seen years ago was a bright light sitting still in the sky which I thought was a star quite high up which then took off at speed horizontally across the sky. I have an open mind.
Windshear Ahead
Windshear Ahead Aylar önce
If that was the case, why don’t thousands of ships see them everyday???????
Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy Aylar önce
Good Vodka
Enigma Vids
Enigma Vids Yıl önce
I really doubt as a diver you're going to engage in an underwater grappling match with someone 4 feet taller than you. I find this story hard to believe.
John Gori
John Gori Yıl önce
The Russians should have deployed their women's Olympic water polo team...those women get seriously nasty underwater.
Ten Penny
Ten Penny Yıl önce
I love that we are trying to learn more about space and other planets and that needs to continue so we can learn how to survive off of this rock. But I wish there was a billionaire who was interested in exploring the ocean and other deep water areas on earth at the same scale as space X and others.
Jeff Berg
Jeff Berg Yıl önce
If the Aliens could send the Russian divers to the surface they could probably also sent them down into deep where they would have died and never been found. This was actually an act of kindness.
Luis Daniel
Luis Daniel 9 aylar önce
@BIG T classic movie
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@Preston Nicodemus In no uncertain terms. I can not see how the fuck they thought otherwise. 😓🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Bruce Doyle
Bruce Doyle Yıl önce
@Branden apexo By not killing them all. I mean as someone already pointed out, since they dont know how the Anatomy of a Human body works, they probably didnt know that they would kill any of them, by pushing them back to the surface, where they probably have atleast the knowldege, that we Humans need Air, but didnt thought would Kill us,we are fragile beings thats a fact. And i would also like to add, *"They tried to Capture one!"* , if i have a knife and developed Monkeys try to Capture me, i would defend myself , its just common sense, if you have to Kill 3 creatures to save your life, just to make the rest run away, than you do it, specially if its a different species. As someone stated atleast they didnt got pushed down or got them all killed.
Branden apexo
Branden apexo Yıl önce
They killed 3 divers by giving them the bends, how is that an act of kindness
Stan Yıl önce
5:58 We've got a scientist in the room, wouldn't imagine making these kinds of hypothesis without years of study and research.
Hedning1390 Yıl önce
@Ian I know this video is bs, because if it wasn't they would show the evidence.
Ian Yıl önce
@Hedning1390 you don't know anything
Hedning1390 Yıl önce
@Ian I doubt it, since Christians still believe that Jesus will return any day now, and UFO believers still believe that the evidence for UFOs will be overwhelming any day now. In this particular case we don't even have the rumored report to begin with, so there really isn't even something here to get more info about.
Ian Yıl önce
@Hedning1390 time will tell
Hedning1390 Yıl önce
@Ian Sure, there's always a new sighting that may be elaborated on later once the last one has been forgotten about since nothing ever came of it.
Peter Mallia
Peter Mallia Yıl önce
The lake creatures are probably earth creatures older than we can imagine, and they ask why don't they use scuba diving gear, probably because they can breathe underwater. That pulse was a massive sonar blast like a dolphin or even more powerful the Sperm Whale, they could be evolved from aquatic dinosaurs, but first lived on land, I can tell this by their body shape which is humanoid, meaning, primate like, arms legs hands and feet, so they must have at one time, claimed trees and walked the surface, before going to the water and evolving to the point where they felt more at ease with plenty to eat. If the artists impression is anything to go by, they're either aquatic repltilian Ape like creatures, or actual alien life, second genesis and all that, although I believe their has been more than one genesis on earth alone, without outside influences.
Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy Aylar önce
Thank you, Professor Bullwinkle
Ian G.
Ian G. Yıl önce
Maybe if they tried to wave or shake hands instead of trying to catch them ,the divers would still be alive.
mikeyb byekim
mikeyb byekim 11 aylar önce
Amazing they can travel so fast in formation AND under water. And what happens to the fish and sea creatures in their paths?
deano flip
deano flip 2 yıl önce
I do believe that we are not alone at all on this Planet, and I also believe that most of these UFO,s that frequent our Skies don't necessarily always come from outside our Atmosphere, I am strongly convinced that they come from below our Ocean surfaces, and have been based there for many many years... If anyone believes in my theory, please let me know in the comments, thank you...
James Bell
James Bell Yıl önce
I don't know that "believe" would describe my view of this theory but I will say that I find it FAR more likely than alien crafts from other planets. When you see something come out of the water and then go back into the water, "it must come from the sky" is NOT a logical assumption.
stevieyoung 2 yıl önce
Daryl Halliday they can't back engineer this stuff because the material the aliens use aren't on this planet
stevieyoung 2 yıl önce
@Brad Butler How did you see a UFO close up?
MYO MYINT Min 2 yıl önce
MrClobbertime Yıl önce
They had to give a reason why some of the divers died during the diving mission and invented a story about underwater aliens to cover their own backsides. No mystery there.
James Anderson
James Anderson Yıl önce
The group didn’t like those 3 guys
Dennis Chavez
Dennis Chavez Yıl önce
There are likely a number of water worlds spread through the universe. Intelligent life could be sharing our oceans as a cosmic rest area, or perhaps had evolved here eons ago..
Sony entertainment.
Sony entertainment. 9 aylar önce
Thats just so exciting and scary at the same time
Blake Yıl önce
ive had 3 very abstract sightings and experiences that i couldn't make sense of other then extraterrestrial activity its just a shame how numb i am and im sure others are to these further sightings, i just hope one day alien life will make contact in a big way
Mohamed Yıl önce
If we are alone is more terrifying to me than we are not alone
DK66 11 aylar önce
BloodTar 2 yıl önce
Why would you consider those beings in the lake as 'extraterrestrial' when they may in fact be a terrestrial race of beings that have been on this earth longer than even humans have.
prioris55555 Aylar önce
there have been countless modern human civilizations intervened by countless natural planetary disasters. each alien group on earth will have their own story on why their here. some may be marooned.
eric avilez
eric avilez 6 aylar önce
they look like skeleton
eric avilez
eric avilez 6 aylar önce
They are my bodyguards
eric avilez
eric avilez 6 aylar önce
Wrong i own earth
Vin Rico
Vin Rico Yıl önce
Just a thought... Why is it everytime some one comes across something previously unknown do they automatically assume its Alien... Anything found on earth should be assumed from earth until proven otherwise... Regardless its still fascinating...
Hedning1390 Yıl önce
You are of course correct, but even better if we don't assume it is something extraordinary to begin with, until that is proven.
John Persechini
John Persechini Yıl önce
This is eerily familiar to the recent data released by the US. Clearly much more advanced than anything we know and who knows if they already live in the ocean. Maybe there are things we can’t see all the time and they can make themselves invisible to us. Lots we don’t know or understand.
Isabella Angeline
Isabella Angeline Yıl önce
IF this story is true, then I have a huge problem with making it sound like those “beings” were the aggressors because they weren’t. When they reacted it was because we aggressively made the first move...to try to capture one of them. We were the aggressors. They had every right to defend themselves, whatever they are.
Jeffrey Maris
Jeffrey Maris Yıl önce
Yes seems like they were curious and gave them divers a chance to make contact they made the wrong move being aggressive or some might say stupid.
Kyl W
Kyl W Yıl önce
Tony Rizk
Tony Rizk Yıl önce
My first question is... how can you cast a net on something while you're submerged under water?
Colville Marshall
Colville Marshall 20 gün önce
Good question.
Bob Hope
Bob Hope 2 aylar önce
For myself imagined in that moment, my logical and personal response would never be aggressive or potentially dangerous...I would either retreat calmly or if it felt safe enough...try calmly to offer a greeting, the very description of the swimmers and apparent advanced under water ability would/should dictate a delicate peaceful response
M T 2 yıl önce
Based on all of the ocean-centric evidence I’ve seen, to include footage from U.S. airborne sensor platforms, my conclusion is we have not been alone on earth for a long time - perhaps ever. I have seen no evidence that such intelligences are from outer space. There is something here though, and to be honest they don’t seem that interested in us. Then again, when’s the last time you tried to explain your iPhone to your dog?
zaultv Yıl önce
@Jamie G whoops! good catch haha. I meant opposable. But that is a very funny image to think of haha
Jamie G
Jamie G Yıl önce
@zaultv i love your comment about showing animals things like that, but i also can't stop laughing at the idea of "disposable thumbs" 😂🤣
zaultv Yıl önce
I def understand where you’re coming from regarding the iPhone thing, but I actually have taken some time to show my cats things like that I have opposable thumbs that allow me to pick up things in ways they can’t, and they’ve legitimately shown interest and curiosity in it. Obviously something like an iPhone is well beyond their understanding. But how I open and close a door, or pick up objects, isn’t.
Jamie G
Jamie G Yıl önce
yes, there's no way (i can think of) to determine whether any of these things are terrestrial or extraterrestrial. we'll just have to ask them 😊
The Seeker
The Seeker Yıl önce
After years of searching, they finally found the Atlanteans. 🧜‍♂️
J T Yıl önce
“Why did these creatures react the way they did” lmfao 🤣
Michelle Stone
Michelle Stone Yıl önce
@Atticus Denzil they were literally trying to capture them? Lmao are you daft
Vince Yıl önce
@ouu you If they didn't care it would have been better to make them "disappear" instead of throwing alive witnesses up maybe
ouu you
ouu you Yıl önce
@Linnaeus Shecut most likely they didn't care cuz they tried to capture them..
Linnaeus Shecut
Linnaeus Shecut Yıl önce
@Atticus Denzil Most likely they didn't know the humans would suffer from a rapid change in pressure (the bends).
Atticus Denzil
Atticus Denzil Yıl önce
it's a good questions, since the humans obviously couldn't do them any harm, so why kill like 3 of them ?
orcas1986 Yıl önce
If this is true , I wonder what would the aliens think that we are polluting the ocean heavily everyday.
J.R. Mullican
J.R. Mullican Yıl önce
"Were they committing a hostile act...we don't know." Yeah, I think they'd definitely have known.
Leah333 11 aylar önce
If they can travel through space they can definitely survive in the deep deep ocean.
P. R.
P. R. Yıl önce
So little of the ocean is explored, yet covers 70% of earth. Makes sense that there could be an entire civilization under the oceans and we wouldn't know unless random encounters like these.
Dblock 10 aylar önce
The ocean is a huge water desert errything to see is on the surface
MarcusJay214 Yıl önce
makes the best hiding place 🧐😎
AXEL from VA
AXEL from VA Yıl önce
First of all...how do you organize a capture so far under the water...when the idea for the need was never even suggested in the plan of the day? They didn't want to be seen...so these creatures would have done that to anyone. Now imagine returning from a mission on home soil with three dead. Then take into consideration how a Soviet Commander would have reacted to a report that didn't mention an attempted capture...with three bodies on his watch.
greeneking77 Yıl önce
5:55 Oh wow, thanks for the incredible explanation on how the creatures were defended themselves, I just didn't understand, lol. More like why did the humans act the way they did.
Riba Oliveira
Riba Oliveira 11 aylar önce
Cabuloso essa história e agora em 2022 será que vão lá de novo ?
rrar rarr
rrar rarr Yıl önce
Finding a bunch of uso's deep in the ocean sounds terrifying
rrar rarr
rrar rarr Yıl önce
@DonKaiBS5 sure thing bruv. Sweet dreams.
DonKaiBS5 Yıl önce
@rrar rarr eugh bro writing bruv in a sentence looks ugly AF may I add And sure il go find some uso’s now let me go asleep il let you know how it go’s
Stoner Gee 420
Stoner Gee 420 Yıl önce
@rrar rarr the video is fake but the audio recording is real from 1964
rrar rarr
rrar rarr Yıl önce
@Stoner Gee 420 sounds like something I'd be skeptical about but I'll check it out. We can't believe everything they put out.
Stoner Gee 420
Stoner Gee 420 Yıl önce
Look up project blue book interview, the video came out bck in 2010 but it wasn’t the full video they finally released it
DeeGee Kay
DeeGee Kay 4 aylar önce
How far is Lake Baikal from the supposed Siberian Cauldrons? If they're less than 100 miles apart, does it mean the latter is a defensive battery for the also supposed giant aliens reported to been found in the lake back in the 1980s? For that matter, how big of a triangle would that lake and the "cauldrons" presumably form with the Tunguska blast site on the map of Siberia?
prioris55555 Aylar önce
Tunguska was a bolide. Bolides caused the great chicago fire in 1800s where 5 chunks split apart in great lakes. nova scotia got hit by one in 1700s.
Well said! Finally someone thinks and tries to connect the dots. My guess would be not very far!
blueplanet hand
blueplanet hand Yıl önce
For those who don't know, the flying disc technology is expected to use rotating electromagnetic waves to create it's own gravity field, like earth rotating with its own electromagnetic field & gravity.... At the right frequencies, the artificial gravity field can repel or become independent of earth's gravity, whether flying through any gas(air) or any liquid(ocean.)
JoWhit 11 aylar önce
NossIsTooSick 11 aylar önce
this guy ufos
Levak Yıl önce
@Ignisan !?
francis begbie
francis begbie Yıl önce
yeah ok McFLY
Keith Cross
Keith Cross Yıl önce
They can fly under water the same as out of water... Just amazing technology. Rather than being aliens, it could be humans of the future coming back and messing with us...
Phoenix.vette Yıl önce
So I've heard many times that we know less about our own ocean than we do about space. Instead of saying they are other worldly, we can't rule out that they might have been here first. Maybe they live deep in the ocean and maybe we're related somehow. This documentary sounds just like what's reported by the US UAP taskforce.
tezrh 9 aylar önce
When the internet was a more interesting and freer, place, I read that the encounter was much more horrifying than what was reported here. With the entities enacting some form of mind control when the divers became aggressive. Apparently several of the divers were forced to dismember themselves through that control
tezrh 3 aylar önce
@Plague Doctor How amazing--I wasn't even looking and this fell into my feed lol. It's got a bit more info trshow.info/watch/v_Qdo_ReK8o/video.html
tezrh 3 aylar önce
@Plague Doctor Hi, it was so long ago I can't even remember where I came across it now. But it was an extremely detailed account of the team trying to trap one of the creatures and everything unfolding from that point. I'll set the brain working on it and if anything turns up, I'll let you know
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 3 aylar önce
Can you elaborate anymore?
J.D. Peppmeier
J.D. Peppmeier Yıl önce
I just visited Old Faithful in Yellowstone. I saw strange humanoid creatures there that were totally bizarre but I could not find the Martian flying saucer that brought them there !
Jcsala Sala
Jcsala Sala Yıl önce
Me gustaría que este tipo de videos se traduzcan al Español.... 🤗
37Dionysos 2 yıl önce
"Was this a hostile act?" Look, if aliens were hostile it would already be Game Over.
Kehwanna 10 aylar önce
@Ricardo Moseley It would end a tribe probably because their bacteria vs. ours would be hazardous. Other than that, I can't imagine too many reasons why they'd be hostile unless they saw us as an existential threat to them for whatever reason or had some intrinsic motive such as a religious or cultural obligation to honour. Other than that, I doubt for the same reason regarding to bacteria they'd want much of our resources. The water they can purify, but other than that, there's plenty of elements and alloys in our solar system alone they could utilize without worrying about harmful bacteria. Also, how big is their civilization they'd need all that loot and where are they keeping it? Also, keep in mind that evolution and adaptation is not equal, as they likely think very differently than a human would, which may mean they are less likely to have power complexes or respond violently for all we know. They may even carry on their economics far differently than we do and may not see it practical to take anything from our planet.
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@37Dionysos for real. Miss me with all the “Adam took a rib of his own to create eve- who then birthed three sons” 🤦🏽 that sis when so fell out
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@gaggita I told my Mom the same thing Yesterday. Religion has set us back. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 10 aylar önce
@Kehwanna Your thought process of grandiose optimism Is what will put an entire tribe of people to meet their end. Such an encounter on behalf of Being Human would never last a fraction of a minute. Be wise.
Ann Diament
Ann Diament 11 aylar önce
Hello ❕... 👽 🌍 Greetings....)
Khang Ma
Khang Ma Yıl önce
what if the past nuclear test in the Pacific ocean during the 50s was a way to decimate any known/possible aliens living under
Carol Davies
Carol Davies Yıl önce
Sounds exactly like something gov't/military would do. It is sad that people with that type of mentality gets to represent the human race 😟
A Z Yıl önce
wouldnt be surprised
Jun Yıl önce
5:55 "Why did these creatures react the way that they did?" Put yourself in their skin and think how you might have reacted if an alien were to approach to capture you for experimentation. You'd be defensive or act hostile, right? Just be blessed they made themselves visible for you to acknowledge their presence.
Pommie 🐻 Bears
Pommie 🐻 Bears Yıl önce
It was the most stunningly stupid question I’ve heard in a while. It’s obvious why they became defensive.
Rob Rob
Rob Rob Yıl önce
So I was a AW in the US Navy (actually a Rescue Swimmer, but back then we still had to have a Rating) so part of my job was monitoring acoustics and sonar, and for weeks we had something so insanely large following us from DEEP in the Ocean we thought our Equipment was faulty... turns out it wasn't. We Calculated the size had to of been 25+ Foot Ball Fields... in Comparison the ship I was sailing on was the USS Carl Vinson, a Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier that is about the size of 5 football fields. So whatever this thing was... was 4-5x bigger than our largest ships. Freaked me out, still does to this day bc I REALLY REALLY want to know what it was. All of our data, Equipment was seized and the subject was told to be dropped. No clue, maybe Aliens... A massive Creature... idk. I just know we don't have Submarines that big lol
Quynton Chandler
Quynton Chandler 2 aylar önce
Where were yall at
DK66 11 aylar önce
Who told u to drop it?
Engineeringwizard11 Yıl önce
Lady: "They weren't using any underwater life sustaining equipment like air tanks" Well, the alleged aliens were allegedly wearing helmets, so there's that...
David Sánchez
David Sánchez 9 aylar önce
Ya había escuchado sobre este incidente en Siberia.
zarnofad Yıl önce
“Perhaps they were reacting in a defensive way.” The lady’s a genius.
Raam Ji
Raam Ji 9 aylar önce
JoWhit 11 aylar önce
@zarnofad Silent but deadly
253TacTown Yıl önce
Brendan Hunt
Brendan Hunt Yıl önce
@Maria J C de Souza So, she says, without jumping to a single explanation and proclaiming, "This is exactly what happened, and their motives and intent are known for absolutely certain as well!." If you're gonna try and theorize on possible motives or intelligently made actions, of an ALIEN, it really does behoove you to not take for granted ANY of what we would otherwise take for granted describing behavior of animals we are familiar with. Suppose, you were to stumble across dolphins for the very first time in a similar environment, swimming all up to and around you, jumping and doing out of water flips. It would be erroneous to leap to the conclusion that, because they swam up to us and "encircled" us speaking their own language, they were obviously monsters who had us surrounded, who were now talking amongst themselves over which dolphins got to kill, eat, capture which human. All whilst, in reality, they were protecting the humans from nearby sharks that were possibly hunting the humans. To just go, "duh, she stoopid llady." I get the reaction of a lol at just how blunt and obvious it would seem to be what they were doing, but with a heretofore undiscovered 'alien' species, making suppositions on their behavioral intent with an "of course it's (x) how could it be anything else?" isn't how you make sure you gather good intel on what factually had happened during this short and isolated incident (if it actually happened) It's wiser to document detailed accounts of what happened logistically, and to keep the theorizing on possible alien intention to a minimum, and that's precisely what she did. Maybe upon being asked to give a possible answer as to what was the intended behavioral intent, she gave the most likely, based on many many species we've gotten to knoe the behaviors of, over time, and with an understqnding of the underlying thought process that gave rise to such behaviors. Geez. I got carried away sorry for the novel here. I just think people are giving her undeserved criticism, for what they themselves say is, "the obvious answer." so, she's dumb, cuz she said the most likely reason this purported alien behaved the way it did, was a defensive one. Why all the negativity? Though i do rrealize, most, if not all people are just making jokes, I felt compelled for whatever reason, "maybe a defensive one LOL,) to come to her aid. Cheers and peace out!
Ricardo A
Ricardo A Yıl önce
I’m sure aliens were only a foot tall. They became nine feet tall when divers lost
Cameron Conaway
Cameron Conaway Yıl önce
I had seen so many articles on Instagram and other places from years ago and when I went to go look them up again on google they weren’t there. It’s like someone didn’t want me to find them it was very weird
You're diving in a deep dark frozen lake and you suddenly see some 9ft. long aliens with advanced technology we've got no clue of, What do you do? Russian Divers: I try to catch one with the net.
Clayton Kerns III
Clayton Kerns III Yıl önce
I'm glad they have that woman genius as a researcher I mean I just couldn't get why they would react that way I'm glad she explained it
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