Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (5 Hunters Rematch Finale)

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This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters Rematch Finale" video. Sponsored by cashapp, download today cash.app/13+ and use code "DreamYT" for a free $15!

We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.

Original Video: trshow.info/watch/hgdSJdeGF_0/video.html

This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.

Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

risk Aylar önce
I did NOT expect Dream to die. That was very unexpected
Anthony Copter
Anthony Copter Gün önce
Same here
Nko Baker
Nko Baker 3 gün önce
Yeah... As if bad ain't killed dream for the 4th time.
Frøsty Røsy
Frøsty Røsy 5 gün önce
Santi Bahena
Santi Bahena 26 gün önce
Shut up
ItsKittu 27 gün önce
so did everyone
Phoenix Gaming
Phoenix Gaming Aylar önce
I like how the first time Badboyhalo killed dream he just punched him once and now he kills him with the most insane block placement and speed I've ever seen. Props to Badboyhalo, gg.
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii 22 gün önce
@Dregen-12 he totally should!
Blazon Worship
Blazon Worship 27 gün önce
No props
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun Aylar önce
Kulraj Singh
Kulraj Singh Aylar önce
He is underrated
•The official Pico•
•The official Pico• Aylar önce
Aao246 Aylar önce
I just love how BBH KILLED dream and didn’t even rub it in he was like, “ you did really good” I mean, have you ever seen better sports/gamesmanship?
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Aylar önce
BBH is the backbone of the extended Dream collab squad with his wholesomeness
ckwilli Aylar önce
Bad’s speed and skill with the crystal placement honestly doesn’t even make me mad that dream lost this one, gg hunters.
Кирил Настич
Кирил Настич 7 gün önce
Аре ю дик мамонтс?
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun Aylar önce
Артемий Румянцев
Артемий Румянцев Aylar önce
Oh yeah, that was such a good closer to the final rematch
booyahhhhhhhhhh Aylar önce
Beyondo Aylar önce
Me too
Nini Nyoko
Nini Nyoko Aylar önce
BBH now has a history of one-hit-killing Dream in Manhunts. He is actually more dangerous than all the other hunters combined XD
lyssa 20 gün önce
I'd say pvp-wise, Sapnap is the strongest hunter but Bad has really clever ideas and shouldn't be underestimated!
Damian Heacock
Damian Heacock Aylar önce
Space Croissant
Space Croissant Aylar önce
he really manages to somehow surprise us with every new manhunt
somethinghappen Aylar önce
hit man is remain
Football Videos
Football Videos Aylar önce
@CeeGeeTee no
Dream Aylar önce
Hi beautiful croissant😁
Abi Aylar önce
i see you comment on so many videos
JMJenks_ Aylar önce
@UCHHwFBrAPYrEHQDTvlBu9UQ i think you should shut up and just use the app
NAWAZILLION;-) Aylar önce
This time he didint had a water bucket for the whole round!!!!! Insane dude.
Damian Heacock
Damian Heacock Aylar önce
I was saying that in my head wondering what would happen if the dragon flicked him up or fall off the crystal (covered with obsidian) lmao
Beyondo Aylar önce
Ya. He started in the nether, most of the time he was in caves, and had a lot of pearls.
chairsilver2 Aylar önce
Lol yeah
James Newcomer
James Newcomer Aylar önce
I find it so purely ironic that all Dream's near-deaths (freely giving away his prized gold sword to Sapnap, falling into lava on multiple occasions, giving away his handsome iron axe to George, surprisingly pulling out another iron axe in what seemed like his moment just to be set on fire seconds later by Sapnap, nearly falling into his own void trap, nearly being killed by the hunters as result for not realizing that his tnts had already blown up the end crystal and he had just wasted time digging away at their obsidian, and ultimately being out-pvped by Bad with an end crystal as result of chasing him in what seemed like again his victorious moment) were each a result of his own actions and choices. Still, great manhunt!
Elka Sir
Elka Sir 13 gün önce
@Arkhamus says the guy nobody recognizes
Lidia Aylar önce
@Arkhamus and yet you still decided to coment
jklq Aylar önce
Bacon Boy
Bacon Boy Aylar önce
@Jamilah Karah No, he just has a good gaming chair and uses Grammarly
bred Aylar önce
@Jamilah Karah do you verily envisage one personage is utilizing a language reference book appellated thesaurus from perceiving them employ sub-par contemptible phrases deriving out of one’s 8th grade argumentative manuscripts
onei jike
onei jike Aylar önce
as a general rule, if someone is shouting i have obsidian during a manhunt, watch out, cuz THERE'S ONLY 1 REAL USE FOR IT IN THE END!!!
Ultimate Dragon
Ultimate Dragon 11 gün önce
@TheAdvertisement Which one is the third? 🤔🤔🤔
TheAdvertisement 19 gün önce
@Ultimate Dragon 3 really
Ultimate Dragon
Ultimate Dragon Aylar önce
Well, we saw 2 real uses on this manhunt though.
Ryan _912
Ryan _912 Aylar önce
A cool manhunt idea would be if it Dream had a teammate also. It could be like a 2v6
Some Rocket League Guy
Some Rocket League Guy Aylar önce
If he fails a 1v6 then he should try this until he can but a 2v would be epic
Fiete Amsberg
Fiete Amsberg Aylar önce
20 Second Cuber
20 Second Cuber Aylar önce
that was what I was thinking
Grimm Of Nightmares
Grimm Of Nightmares Aylar önce
We need tecnoblade and dream teaming up
risk Aylar önce
Vezron 5 gün önce
Y'all funking messed up
Sruggs Aylar önce
Cole Slayz
Cole Slayz Aylar önce
beep boop
beep boop Aylar önce
@/ yeah ignore everything he did in the first 35min 🤡
사무엘 - 게임
사무엘 - 게임 Aylar önce
@Caroline 💋 We didn’t ask
CrapZackGames Aylar önce
"I have the obsidian." Should have been a warning for Dream
Get The Dunk On
Get The Dunk On Aylar önce
Bad WAS being vague for a reason but yeah... in dream's defense they have healed the dragon before.
Klusik Aylar önce
i think you should do "manhunt vs 6 but there is one impostor". Anyone, including you, shouldn't know who impostor is, and the impostor would secretly help you.
kainxLP 23 gün önce
Then how does the Hunter help him? I assume they canto dm or smth
Buttercup7009 Aylar önce
there's only one way to kill Dream: kill him in one blow Evidence 1: Ant using harm potions on Dream Evidence 2: Bad using crystals to blow up Dream
Ryder Lewis
Ryder Lewis 6 gün önce
Evidence 4: tempt Dream into jumping into a ravine and make him miss his jump.making him die to fall damage
nutellla_ 8 gün önce
evidence 3: bbh punching him once and killing him
R CThunder
R CThunder Aylar önce
The score has been updated. Awesamdude: 0 Kills George, Sapnap, and Ant: 1 Kill Bad: 3 Kills
Katie Pine
Katie Pine Aylar önce
The Hunters’ best strategy is just “Bad is good at acting”
FatalCalamityz Aylar önce
As a Dream SMP fan, I already knew this fact about Bad. :)
stanley has 80HD
stanley has 80HD Aylar önce
@BeeDaWorker LMAO
Selcouth Dood
Selcouth Dood Aylar önce
*we’re looking for some iron intensifies*
Black Aylar önce
cursedclash Aylar önce
@Arkhamus you mean the only video you have? you're a joke sir.
SockS & sANDALs
SockS & sANDALs Aylar önce
This has to be one of the best endings to a manhunt besides the one where they revived the dragon
Vacant Room Records
Vacant Room Records 27 gün önce
Which one was that?
AAS SVIIIF1222 Aylar önce
The fact callahan watches the manhunt live and saw them fight and all...I wish he could like record the pvs and all it would be cool to see
zaim jofri
zaim jofri Aylar önce
It's nice to see Badboyhalo getting the most amount of last hit on Dream
Mariya Shostak
Mariya Shostak Aylar önce
Bad has killed dream 3 times. He had killed him more than anyone else in the manhunts
NeonBunnies Aylar önce
Honestly, when Dream found that the crystal was broken, I thought that the Hunters had pulled a massive bluff with an already-broken crystal
charleise w
charleise w Aylar önce
there was one part where you could see the dragon reggening thru the obsidian but I had the same thought when he broke thru and saw that it was gone, I was like wait what is this play
Eltin Tand
Eltin Tand Aylar önce
Same, I was waiting for them to laugh
Hols Aylar önce
Çrybãby Aylar önce
Kate Elizabeth
Kate Elizabeth Aylar önce
Jupiter Jaeden
Jupiter Jaeden Aylar önce
In my opinion, the logical next step for manhunt is modded manhunt. It has a lot of potential. Either that or 6 hunters lmao
WingKnight Aylar önce
Dream: this next one may be the last man hunt Everyone: NO your doing six hunters
LogicalKip Aylar önce
Please make thematic manhunts to keep it fresh : Minecraft manhunt, but the world is sideways, MH but XYZ blocks are dangerous, MH but players switch places every 10 minutes, etc
Haycomb _
Haycomb _ Aylar önce
If he wants to stop doing frequent manhunts, he could do one every time a new update come out to see how the new features affect his strategy
Carl Thorning
Carl Thorning 12 gün önce
Hmm yes, because uploading once or twice a year is a great idea.
a cloud of curls
a cloud of curls Aylar önce
This whole Manhunt was just an endless sequence of "You may have outsmarted me, but I outsmarted your outsmarting!"
Angel fish
Angel fish 11 gün önce
@ilhamo _ you’re welcome
ilhamo _
ilhamo _ 11 gün önce
@Angel fish thanks i lost brain cells reading that :)
kylee white
kylee white 27 gün önce
Yes it was but In the end it was worth it
huseyin bayram
huseyin bayram Aylar önce
I diagnose you with smartness
Sofija Aylar önce
Manhunt, but it’s among us
Frostbyte333 Aylar önce
yo dream you should make a compilation of all the epic, but scrapped, moments in manhunt after the final one
Skyr1s Aylar önce
Sam: how did you not die from the void trap when I hit you? Dream: idk I just pearled up Dream’s game: pinpoint accuracy and timing
Abby T
Abby T Aylar önce
i love how as soon as dream sees someone use a new strat he has to immediately practice it himself 😂😂
Krispy Boi916
Krispy Boi916 Aylar önce
Dang. This just made me realize that almost all the OG hunters have killed Dream except Sapnap. Sapnap gotta step up his game >:)
Ryder Lewis
Ryder Lewis 6 gün önce
Ya he got the final hit before he could die to the dragon breath. Not the best kill, but still a kill
kainxLP 23 gün önce
Sapnap did kilka him on the 4 Hunters manhunt
TimeBucks Aylar önce
I did not expect Dream to die
Jesse E.O
Jesse E.O Aylar önce
me too :(
Something Dumbthing
Something Dumbthing Aylar önce
my dream died a long time ago
Kiki Retzorg
Kiki Retzorg Aylar önce
Dream’s weakness is literally being instadeathed lmao
dinosaur night
dinosaur night Aylar önce
@AsianPersuasion dream can easily snipe the hunters off, and as you can see in the video hunters literally cannot reach dream except that time when sapnap used a boat
AsianPersuasion Aylar önce
@dinosaur night Is that really that op? correct me if i'm wrong, but all it does it make the dragon permanently perch on top. The dragon doesn't instantly die, nor it is impossible for the hunters to reach him. (they just have to build up from different directions)
ɖɛʂɬཞųƈɬơཞ Aylar önce
This is the biggest plot twist on the manhunt series. I never expected bad to have a end crystal even if dream had diamond atmor with full health he still would be ded well gg bois cant wait for the grand finale
BaguettesBonGo Aylar önce
I love that bad proceeds to explain his “dreamin” joke to Sam
Victoria Cook
Victoria Cook Aylar önce
This means we NEED another one. This was such an epic manhunt. It HAS to be topped
themadkitkat Aylar önce
watching them try to understand the mechanics of end crystals was hilarious seen so much about how they work from mumbos hermitcraft to know the ways you can survive them at close range
Debo Gaming
Debo Gaming Aylar önce
wow man. That premiere was incredible tho. Even though you didn't win, you still played really well. Good job man.
Blood Wolf2609
Blood Wolf2609 Aylar önce
he fell into lava 4 times and 2 times were an accident. He seemed a little less prepared than normal, not sure why though. Also misclicked Q a few times which normally doesnt happen more than once in other manhunts.
Karder Anderson
Karder Anderson Aylar önce
@Qaudacity everything.
SAIDUN NAHAR AI TRC Mirpur Aylar önce
@ГРИНЯ Proof that to us or stfu
Bi-CubeCraft Aylar önce
@ГРИНЯ you shut up too
Bi-CubeCraft Aylar önce
@Arkhamus just shut up
CH J Aylar önce
Even when I think I've seen it all, Dream still finds new ways to amaze me
Zikran Syed
Zikran Syed Aylar önce
i love how dream is more happy about the sponsor than him dying
Higuy258 Aylar önce
3:20 watching him get pushed slightly by the explosions is surprisingly satisfying
GHOSTLY Aylar önce
Well , I am really sad that dream didn't have one of his insane plans to kill hunters , I guess dream will take revenge in the next manhunt
Kingsuk Panda
Kingsuk Panda Aylar önce
PETTION: We need a hunter's POV for epic clutches/ happenings. Please, DO IT.
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones 3 gün önce
Yes that would be great 😊
Brandon Wu
Brandon Wu 10 gün önce
Rehan Y
Rehan Y 13 gün önce
pikachu man
pikachu man 17 gün önce
Yes we need that but I think if they did it'll take longer to post
Queen Thot
Queen Thot 18 gün önce
like a compilation of hunter's POV for epic clutches? or maybe just uploading a random hunter's POV instead of an unedited version? yes please lol
Adithya Aylar önce
they couldve always done the same thing with beds in the end or nether, its also alot easier to do as you just double right click the amount of times they couldve bed bombed him is insane
Brad Mink
Brad Mink Aylar önce
The whole time Dream was breaking the obsidian, I was screaming in my head for him to stop.
KrishBlox Aylar önce
I actually never expect dream to die, but I guess you can’t win forever can ya?
L.O.L Aylar önce
I love how every time dream surprises us with the ending of his manhunts especially this one where bad got him, loved it good job guys!
Moto Moto
Moto Moto Aylar önce
Would we ever get a hunters POV for a manhunt? I feel like that would be so cool to see!
Archy Grey
Archy Grey Aylar önce
With the original manhunts George used to upload his perspective.
MoJiTo Aylar önce
MoJiTo Aylar önce
Imagine dream putting u didn't see that coming song that moment
RoleyLuck Aylar önce
Happypanda AJ
Happypanda AJ Aylar önce
I loved when we got to see Sapnap’s POV for the TNT through the end portal clip. But yeah, seeing a whole Manhunt from the hunters’ POV would’ve awesome. And it also doubles the content without as much extra work (obviously there’d be a lot of editing still, but they wouldn’t have to record an extra video).
cloudy🎗 Aylar önce
i can tell this defeat was so frustrating for dream :,) also love how the hunters have improved a lot :DDDD
green_onion Aylar önce
please never stop making manhunts i love them such an interesting part in my day
Tom Aylar önce
he really manages to somehow surprise us with every new manhunt
Retired Emo Kid
Retired Emo Kid Aylar önce
Dream mentioned before that Callahan scouts good seeds so they don’t spawn in an ocean biome or something, I guess he stayed to spectate, got front row seats to the show, and switched to creative after it was over
Bailey Freeman
Bailey Freeman Aylar önce
Would we ever get a hunters POV for a manhunt? I feel like that would be so cool to see!
Nocturnal Aylar önce
He alr has
Jeremy Appleton
Jeremy Appleton Aylar önce
Yeh I was so confused on what they were doing, I really wanted to see what they were doing
ThePhantomPig 791
ThePhantomPig 791 Aylar önce
@26 Mic can you shut up please
Harsha K.S
Harsha K.S Aylar önce
Cole Slayz
Cole Slayz Aylar önce
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Aylar önce
In the next manhunt, Dream be like: "I must stay away from... BadBoyHalo" Honestly, BBH destroyed Dream with his, you know, thing.
Clyde Productions
Clyde Productions Aylar önce
That was the most devastating dream loss ever, I almost cried. Dream, You have to win "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters GRAND FINALE". I believe in you, I want this to be a 12-8. Also... Callahan, what are you doing here? Have you been here the whole time watching this battle? Maybe you'll be the 6th hunter! :3 Unless... Dream loses the grand finale.
Hols Aylar önce
This was AWESOME!!! Alsooo just an idea, maybe for the next manhunt you can do your POV and then one of the hunters pov’s to maybe put on this channel :)
Dar and Deg
Dar and Deg Aylar önce
oh this rlly was a great idea! btw if you wanna know who's the coolest person on earth... *read the first word* on my banner pic 😅
Lee Aylar önce
dream talking to them about the eyes of ender and none of them replying back. Im like aww poor dream :'(
PlzFixM8 _
PlzFixM8 _ Aylar önce
Tip for manhunt: Thou shall not chase someone who says “I have obsidian”
Arkhamus Aylar önce
dream sucks I make better videos
Denver John
Denver John Aylar önce
@ГРИНЯ Saying that is a shitty thing a TRshowr do
virya Aylar önce
@ツAdam Playz I was confused why he said that, little did dream know...
Niran L031
Niran L031 Aylar önce
Wise words
CHETAN YT Aylar önce
Umm..... looks through
Three Champs
Three Champs 9 gün önce
Don’t let the next manhunt be the last one ever please. I LOVE the manhunts and I think they should continue on
KX2 Aylar önce
I’d love to see a vid from the hunters perspective, especially for this vid! Blows my mind they were able to craft a crystal that quickly lol
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Aylar önce
3:53 that "oh what" is an expression of impressiveness and that he was shocked on how good that trophy was
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii 21 gün önce
Couldn’t you find something original to comment?
Staminatic Aylar önce
That Video was Awesome! The void trap and soundboard was extremely intelligent and it was one sided with Dream the entire time, I'm proud of Bbh though, that instant kill was smart and unbelievably quick so a gg to Bad. Great job.
AliWasHere 666
AliWasHere 666 Aylar önce
Dream: *fails clutch* Premiere Chat: “LETS GOOO”
ShatterSauce 28 gün önce
I mean why not try rooting for the hunters its cool
Swapblock Aylar önce
1nd13 Aylar önce
@Ying-y-y lamo
꧁ procrastination ꧂
꧁ procrastination ꧂ Aylar önce
cosmic thinker7
cosmic thinker7 Aylar önce
Nightmar3 Aylar önce
I wish we could have a hunter POV. That would be insane
Ian Riccillo
Ian Riccillo Aylar önce
I like crystals being allowed. It’s a nice end-game tool for both sides, and keeps them on their toes
whatever name
whatever name 25 gün önce
I'd say crystal traps are good, but just holding explosions in your inventory is too op
Wings of Ink
Wings of Ink Aylar önce
"Not as good as us, it's a hard standard to measure up to" bro it's a 5v1 XD In all seriousness though, great job to the hunters! That clutch by BBH was so damn good! He must have practiced for ages to get that fast, it's insane!
Salamander Sam
Salamander Sam Aylar önce
Going into this I literally predicted that someone would use a crystal bc they’ve had a lot of exposure lately
ASI Aylar önce
Normally in the extra scenes they argue over whether or not it was really a win/loss and whether it was fair for whatever reason... Bad just flicked on Dream that hard. What a gamer.
Get The Dunk On
Get The Dunk On Aylar önce
@STLS It's really close but bad hit the crystal.
Sup Aylar önce
@Enoch yup it does take a lot of practice to pull off that fast. I didn't even see the crystal before it exploded
rafee3a abdelsalam
rafee3a abdelsalam Aylar önce
@STLS no
STLS Aylar önce
Well actually dream brew himself up by hitting the end crystal HIMSELF
Enoch Aylar önce
you could tell he practiced that a lot. that wasn't luck. pure dedication
Kira Piksar
Kira Piksar Aylar önce
The prison effected you dream, you need to play more lmao
NightAssassin Aylar önce
This was insane, and the sound board was hilarious xDD and i really love the manhunt series, do not end the series, plss
The Wholesome
The Wholesome Aylar önce
Dream should make a manhunt with Callahan, it might be difficult but I wanna see it happen XD
Lily with a top hat
Lily with a top hat Aylar önce
Amazing video- the music, the joking around and chasing were all so awesome! Love the videos!
Fotbollskill MR X
Fotbollskill MR X Aylar önce
Continue with the manhunts! This was amazing!
Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson Aylar önce
I just really want dream to have a partner next time. That would be so much fun. Maybe a 2v6?
Leandro Aylar önce
I believe it wasn't even Bad who exploded the crystal, Dreams axe hit was just randomly so well timed that he killed himself. Still impressive tech on Bad's side
Aryan Jain
Aryan Jain Aylar önce
3:15 it blew up below cause dream broke the obsidean right below so the endcrystal's explosing wasnt stopped by obsi cause it was one block away from it that why it blew ground below but the another obsi proctected some part of it
Deronn .J
Deronn .J Aylar önce
The soundboard strategy was so funny. the utter chaos that was
Felix Guzman
Felix Guzman Aylar önce
@NyanZombies True, but considering not a single person could see him, one person could quickly type “Sound board, use chat”, then continue
NyanZombies Aylar önce
@Felix Guzman You have to stand still and not move to use chat though, giving him even more of an advantage
angel66_jh Aylar önce
@Felix Guzman thats not effective tho they cant be running or fighting and typing at the same time makes no sense
angel66_jh Aylar önce
@Felix Guzman thats not effective tho they cant be running or fighting and typing at the same time makes no sense
Felix Guzman
Felix Guzman Aylar önce
@NyanZombies its also very much possible to be countered by *typing in chat.* Dream cannot manipulate chat, so who every types can say “IGNORE ALL VOICES, DREAM IS USING SOUNDBOARD, USE CHAT” and then they just stick to chat until dream stops using soundboard
Kuro Fox
Kuro Fox Aylar önce
Wow, that was clutch, so good. This beginning, the ending, so unusual
Random Entertainment
Random Entertainment 28 gün önce
Bad's always I feel like the one to say to his defeated opponent: "You did good though."
Dylan Watanabe Guitar
Dylan Watanabe Guitar Aylar önce
We all know you lost but you have to be proud that you made it this far in a 1v5
[REBBECA]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
[REBBECA]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me Aylar önce
he really manages to somehow surprise us with every new manhunt
Panda Chong
Panda Chong Aylar önce
When bad was screaming “I HAVE OBSIDIAN” while being chased by dream it was code that he was going to do the kill move and for the other hunters to not get in the way.
Lord Lofty
Lord Lofty Aylar önce
@willow malen ok
willow malen
willow malen Aylar önce
@Lord Lofty i know they were agreeing… but they asked a (rhetorical) question lol, they didn’t propose an alternate idea. i corrected them by saying that the reason bbh mentioned the obsidian was to get the hunters to help get dream to not kill him and take the obsidian, not to convince dream not to kill him/not as a code word. :) i was saying that the obsidian and the attack are unrelated.
Network1486 Aylar önce
@Cole Slayz yeah maybe because he doesnt play it
Egizikid Aylar önce
I mean, duh.... didn’t everyone realise this?
Gamer_Gangster7 Aylar önce
@Cole SlayzL
minari Aylar önce
Bad is always so nice telling Dream he did good :)
JAIRO PH Aylar önce
Tip for manhunt imagine if the hunters send one of them to find the stronghold first before dream they should make a trap after dream spawn in the end that's how me and my friends won in manhunt also this tip is only for the hunters sorry dream maybe next time 😁 btw sorry for the last comment took control of me
Oiram 94
Oiram 94 Aylar önce
This man gets #22 on trending for an outtake video. Gg dream
Facundo Rodriguez
Facundo Rodriguez Aylar önce
Dream should use a bps meter to see how nervous he actually is in the manhunts
Lilly Chii
Lilly Chii Aylar önce
One thing I thought was really clever was the sound board. that can be used in a lot of fun ways
Shazz3r_ Aylar önce
I see that Mumbo has taught them some tricks!
Chicken nuggs Cosplay
Chicken nuggs Cosplay Aylar önce
We love how they just never addressed the pet thing with George😂
semaj Aylar önce
I like how they get so happy and excited after winning a 5v1
Professional Idiot
Professional Idiot Aylar önce
This is the perfect way to improve your team
AliWasHere 666
AliWasHere 666 Aylar önce
Welcome to Manhunt, Choose your hunter: *Sapnap* - Fighter, rushes and very reckless *BadBoyHalo* - Alerter, quick thinker and careful *Antfrost* - Supporter, provides backup in battle *awesamdude* - Semi-fighter, genius and prodigy *GeorgeNotFound* - Tired, always hungry for food
Random Person
Random Person Aylar önce
For gogy you forgot "always getting chased by endermen"
GiantIsOut Aylar önce
@Batata wdym
Darryl Erickson
Darryl Erickson Aylar önce
GoGy is just- I don’t know I feel bad
Darryl Erickson
Darryl Erickson Aylar önce
Poor george
World of riddles and gaming
World of riddles and gaming Aylar önce
Bad kinda outsmarted dream
Adrienne Williams
Adrienne Williams Aylar önce
i love these manhunts!! if you can, please continue, maybe with different handicaps or something
Clearpool 19 gün önce
This is the first time I’ve watched Dream. I think I’ll stick around!
Congo Aylar önce
This is like the first time dream was just outplayed. WP BBH
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Aylar önce
We want 6 hunter’s series
Lukas Lambraia
Lukas Lambraia Aylar önce
That was the coolest way they’ve ever killed you, hands down. Awesome conclusions!
Christian •40 years ago
Christian •40 years ago Aylar önce
BBH's End Crystal kill almost mirrors AntFrost's harming potion kill back in the desert temple. Conclusion: "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak" but in that case it's not in Dream's favor
Faustice Aylar önce
- Sun Tzu, Art Of War
Luxion Aylar önce
@Cole Slayz I mean , 95% of fortnite players are probably under 12 , so I guess it’s normal he doesn’t play nor trains on it .
Darwin Rodriguez
Darwin Rodriguez Aylar önce
in the "strong when you are weak" part, it DID work out for dream many manhunts ago (when he tricked the hunters that he had strength potion when in fact, he only had fire res potion)
DankMotionsStudios 5
DankMotionsStudios 5 Aylar önce
@Cole Slayz you are incredibly cringe
Maxaco Aylar önce
@『DETROIT』 OP srry M8 but u need to do some research
Ray 999
Ray 999 Aylar önce
If the next one really is the finale manhunt, please still do vids with this whole group
Ting Yuan
Ting Yuan Aylar önce
sarahtonin Aylar önce
the amount of anger during that manhunt i felt when dream kept falling in lava
Will Bro
Will Bro Aylar önce
The soundboard was absolutely brilliant lmao
ikandoit Aylar önce
This was one of the most stressful manhunts in a while, but also one of the best! Always the best from dream :)
Sahraydr 07
Sahraydr 07 Aylar önce
How are you everywhere
Arkhamus Aylar önce
dream sucks I make better videos
Bella Haycraft
Bella Haycraft Aylar önce
why are you everywhere i look. what’s next?? tiktok 🥲
Anonymous 779
Anonymous 779 Aylar önce
I prefer the 4 hunters finale, if I honest
Impossible Aylar önce
y o u. are everywhere.
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