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3 yıl önce

Cardano (ADA) is gaining a lot of traction, but what makes it so special? In this video I'll explain all the problems that the Cardano team intends to solve.

It boils down to: Scalability, Interoperability and Sustainability. Watch the video to learn more!

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Stylem Bonkers
Stylem Bonkers 2 gün önce
Banks and governments don't trust crypto because in the empire of lies, truth is treason. Governments are intrinsically violent, thieving, and hypocritical, and banks are their licenced creatures for milking the peasants, using governments fraudulent money, So obviously they don't "trust" money that is sound and private. Governments need to look in the mirror when they talk of terrorism and money-laundering.
gherghisan cornel andrei
gherghisan cornel andrei 3 gün önce
Bomb !
Alondra Quinones
Alondra Quinones 4 gün önce
Hello, if anyone can help, I was wondering who are these "peers" who help review the stuff? Are they just people they hire or they people who are part of Cardano?
Goran Marinkovic
Goran Marinkovic 8 gün önce
I prefer SOL or KSM in this moment ( KSM will go up to 1000$)
Edward W. Hood
Edward W. Hood 8 gün önce
Edward W. Hood
Edward W. Hood 8 gün önce
Current Cardano price is $2.57
BlackBlack666 9 gün önce
Smart contracts is coming today!
Brian yeap
Brian yeap 10 gün önce
ant smart contract on Cardano is coming tomorrow
Supremax67 10 gün önce
So maybe you can answer this question no one was able to answer. Why would someone build on Cardano if they are cheaper alternatives?
gig star
gig star 11 gün önce
Im not a crypto expert but Cardano will hit 20$ by the end of 2021
Fine lime
Fine lime 10 gün önce
Based on what????
Arthur Silva
Arthur Silva 12 gün önce
IOTA is trash.
Hassan Mbaga
Hassan Mbaga 13 gün önce
Mohammed Hossain
Mohammed Hossain 14 gün önce
anyone else here after the market went down 20%
riaji 14 gün önce
4 years and hundreds of millions of dollars later - still no smart contracts. Sorry for the investors, but ada is one of the scams to make people run away from the blockchain environment. Everyone should check the best technology alive from the crypto space. Stop adding money to this ponzi scheme like Cardano, Solana, Ethereum, Doge, Shiba and other stuff lile that.
vishu langeh
vishu langeh 14 gün önce
TRshow reccomeded this 3 years late.
Richard Gorge
Richard Gorge 16 gün önce
"let me brief you on how to become rich, shut the door, Be frightened when others are selfish. Be selfish when others are frightened".
Zoey Patrick
Zoey Patrick 16 gün önce
Assets that can make you rich BITCOIN STOCK REAL ESTATE
Isabella William
Isabella William 16 gün önce
@Richard Gorge This could be the wisest word I've heard, you really got my attention.
Richard Gorge
Richard Gorge 16 gün önce
I'm just trying to say that the wisest thing to do now is investing
Lorin Mason
Lorin Mason 16 gün önce
Beautiful said 👌
Tyler Dexter
Tyler Dexter 16 gün önce
Wow, this is really deep, my favorite quote at the moment.
Vitor Fernandes
Vitor Fernandes 16 gün önce
cardano is shit
AM AM 17 gün önce
Sorry can you make an updated version of this video? …….maybe even more deep
Robin5 17 gün önce
I googled what ouroboros means.. I retesting symbolism, am getitng good vibes for it!
Robin5 17 gün önce
Is right now a good time to buy? And how much? £100?
CryptoMinerKevin 17 gün önce
increase the amount of slots per "epic" lol . its an EPOCH
Sipher Poka
Sipher Poka 18 gün önce
i still dont get what cardano is, honestly just an overvalued shit coin
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 19 gün önce
It's time 😈
Sheen Sapphire Cabilla
Sheen Sapphire Cabilla 19 gün önce
This aged so well Cardano ADA $2.97 ATH from $0.019 ATL
François De Marbre
François De Marbre 20 gün önce
cardano is the future
Micah Tom
Micah Tom 20 gün önce
This guy predicted the future ... Seeing this in September 2021..
Ziad Ramadan
Ziad Ramadan 20 gün önce
awesome video nigga
J SD 20 gün önce
Buying cardano a lot
James Brunell
James Brunell 21 gün önce
I wish I listen to this when it was first published and understood the real deal with the blockchain and the currencies it uses to help make it work, Now it all makes perfect sense. 👎
mothballjim 22 gün önce
Just started investing £50 a month. Every month. Let’s see how I get on. Will this comment age well?
orfeas8 22 gün önce
Seems very clever
Vuurwerk Nederland
Vuurwerk Nederland 22 gün önce
Imagine seeing this video in 2018, and deciding to put a $100 in, because why not?
It's not Epic... It's EEEE POC
Jan Rooi
Jan Rooi 23 gün önce
Buy and hold Ada, Shiba Inu, Xrp, Kishu Inu, Hokkaidu Inu, BABB, HEX and Polkastarter
Ryan Conner
Ryan Conner 23 gün önce
Great video, really easy to understand. We need an update for 2021! Lot of newbies like me who just found out about this project
Ankhael 24 gün önce
Bitcoin is still king, because it's just store of value
Rina D.
Rina D. 25 gün önce
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UKㅤSHARVILㅤ亗 26 gün önce
Gyan Gaming channel hack
Stephan Schop
Stephan Schop 27 gün önce
What is the main difference between Cardano and Polkadot ?
Travis G
Travis G 27 gün önce
Cardano took my money, not like!
ThatguyKai 28 gün önce
Love this explanation - so digestible!
stikkerhappy 28 gün önce
i hope Cardano will go atleast $5 🤧
Akhil 28 gün önce
i wish i watched this 3 years ago lol Now am late
G T 13 gün önce
its okay just buy some now
F 29 gün önce
This aged well
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 28 gün önce
Lenny Jordison
Lenny Jordison Aylar önce
I think right now about taking part and supporting STUD token for a long-term time cause this is a segment of online education that is growing this year for sure :) The platform revolutionizes learning by putting top educators, coaches, and experts in front of every student. One of the best parts is that encourages students with NFT rewards system. And they now created Cardano bridge so they are making all the right moves ;)
Darren Ting
Darren Ting Aylar önce
It is 2.50 today. How much was it back in 2018?
A M Aylar önce
Buy at 0.1 boisssss still holding!
Alberto Ley
Alberto Ley Aylar önce
To the moon
The Quiet Hunt
The Quiet Hunt Aylar önce
This video eventually needs to be an NFT on the Cardono block chain.
HPoyo Aylar önce
Who's here after Cardano broke $2.42
Wietepietepatat Aylar önce
nice one!
Pravina Fi
Pravina Fi Aylar önce
Is Cardano the Tesla of Cryptos?
Jonathan Francesconi
Jonathan Francesconi Aylar önce
Well explained, thank you! Is anyone else skeptical of the treasury idea? I thought the whole point of cryptocurrencies was to remove any interference with transactions, and the developers will have control over this treasury. The developers seem to claim that they will obey the voting of the user base, but for how long?
Samuel Carrillo
Samuel Carrillo Aylar önce
so cardarnos “treasury” is like a bank. smh
Joseph Hyrkas
Joseph Hyrkas Aylar önce
Maintaining standards in interoperability, scalability, sustainability, oracles and metadata is paramount to blockchain "generational" longevity. You must replace a central entity with a resilient and adaptable governance system with it's own funding "treasury" system. Nothing to be skeptical about. Bitcoin and Ethereum refuse to tackle this trilemma.
Grey Nomad
Grey Nomad Aylar önce
"E-pok" (epoch) not "epic". Good video though. Thanks!
Damiano Platinetti
Damiano Platinetti Aylar önce
It is a great project, I really like cardano, but what about privacy?
Joseph Hyrkas
Joseph Hyrkas Aylar önce
What about privacy? That's the whole point of cryptography! lol. It's called eUTXO (Extended Unspent Transaction Output) coupled with Zero Knowledge proofs.
Kelvin Reyes
Kelvin Reyes Aylar önce
You need a better mic my friend
Redditor Aylar önce
When this video was made was near the end of the last bull cycle and Ada was $0.80 it would drop to $0.025 at the bottom ~1 year later a staggering 97% drop in price. But if you hodled or better yet DCA’d since this video was made you be up significantly, as Ada is over $2.00 now. Always hodl with diamond hands and you will win. This is the secret.
Laura Lang
Laura Lang Aylar önce
anyone here regretting they didnt buy cardano in 2018
Luca Puzzoli
Luca Puzzoli Aylar önce
lets gooooo
AR 22
AR 22 Aylar önce
Proof of work -> everyone can mine = slow
AR 22
AR 22 Aylar önce
Users can decide to add identity to transactions
AR 22
AR 22 Aylar önce
Aims to be internet of block chains
AR 22
AR 22 Aylar önce
AR 22
AR 22 Aylar önce
Bandwidth split into groups
AR 22
AR 22 Aylar önce
Get elected by the networks in groups
JJW Aylar önce
Great video, thxxxxxx for explaining
Kenan Goodnight
Kenan Goodnight Aylar önce
Concerning the "Treasury" and voting for who should receive the funds for this voting 1 vote per user, or do users with more staked coins get an outsized share of votes? Sounds like a path toward consolidation of influence long term
Joey Jacobs
Joey Jacobs Aylar önce
I love your channel! I just discovered it. The world of crypto and finance with all their complicated jargon intimidates me to make better decisions. Can you simply explain Circle Payment? It's a stablecoin and it's a 1:1 with usd currency... that's as far as i got lol.
Sand Rv
Sand Rv Aylar önce
Awesome Job! Can you make a video about Matic (Polygon)?
The Legendary Super CARDANO
The Legendary Super CARDANO Aylar önce
Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2021 or later years
Isendir1 Aylar önce
but you can't entirely withdraw ADA to cold wallet like Ledger. You still need an online add on like Yoroi which defeat the entirely offline cold wallet function for this coin.
Vtgusw U
Vtgusw U Aylar önce
What happens if a slot leader tries to double spend?
SRT Aylar önce
Is it too late to but some ADA?
Thsaolnba Alvarsaona
Thsaolnba Alvarsaona Aylar önce
Cardano making the wins.... But NFTS are soaring on eagles wings... Don't slack on it get your Refinable $FINE token and be a member... Wooow😄💯
H D FF GAMING Aylar önce
Cardano hacking youTube channels
chstbetingorilla Aylar önce
So I’m watching this video July 24 2021 what’s new what’s old ??
W J 2 aylar önce
Cardano is a block chain firsftnot a crypto currency first
Ruth Matos
Ruth Matos Aylar önce
Ruth Matos
Ruth Matos Aylar önce
Hello As a beginner nothing beats engaging a professional stock broker / investment adviser in your trades to avoid running losses or making wrong stock picks, I have had prior experience investing with Mr Raini Titan, I will recommend him for beginners.
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 2 aylar önce
100% centrally premined what controls it, free for just 1 central party, yet calls itself decentralized for 0 possible reason - proof of stake with centrally premined stake. simply explained is now simply promoted. maybe focus on fundamentals, not marketing what projects claim.
moumous 2 aylar önce
well.... Stellar was built out of a PhD paper...
Samuel Komolík
Samuel Komolík 2 aylar önce
Internet of blockchain phrase stolen from Cosmos, which is already closest to creating such a thing.
Neil Clay
Neil Clay 2 aylar önce
Epoch - pronounced e-pok
Shafiul Ismam
Shafiul Ismam 2 aylar önce
make an updated video, 2021 update
Seyahat T
Seyahat T 2 aylar önce
This is a load of bullshit. There are not three problems. There is one problem, decentralization and by extension susceptibility to being co-opted - neither of which you even mentioned. The entire system is WORTHLESS if once it's adopted a couple of Governments seize a load of coins and now dictate all future changes (Proof of stake).
Julien Terrier
Julien Terrier 2 aylar önce
The same argument could be used for proof of work. Govs seize a huge amount of mining rigs and decide the future of the network.
Razz lyn
Razz lyn 2 aylar önce
The countdown to a Global digital currency goes 10.. 9... 8... 7... 666
Mehdi Mehdi
Mehdi Mehdi 2 aylar önce
We need an update of these explained projects as we are in 2021🙂 Thank you in advance
kSpades 2 aylar önce
Hmmm I wonder what price ADA was when this was released lol
kSpades 2 aylar önce
What if all the people in Epoch 1 has to go toilet or work or some shit?
MR1shank 3 aylar önce
NOT EPIC!! Epoch!
Raze Mento
Raze Mento 3 aylar önce
Who's here in the great dip
SAI 3 aylar önce
Thought it was present only a yr ago
yogi habibi
yogi habibi 3 aylar önce
go to 5:17 for conclution
Jon Dayan
Jon Dayan 3 aylar önce
Cardano, All Talk, No Action, Since 2017..
Ruch 3 aylar önce
Who's back here in 2021?
Nolra08 3 aylar önce
M Miller
M Miller 3 aylar önce
Hey im hit the 1mill 🤣😂
alper gondiken
alper gondiken 3 aylar önce
3.5 years later, Cardano still doesn't have smart contracts :)
matthew 3 aylar önce
Shitdano cricket ecosystem.
Jim Codia
Jim Codia 3 aylar önce
One of the best videos that explain crypto
Artur Sampaio
Artur Sampaio 3 aylar önce
I'm sorry I haven't found this channel before. Thank you for the content
Bongozozo Tanzania
Bongozozo Tanzania 3 aylar önce
That is not simply explained.
Tommarow's Life
Tommarow's Life 3 aylar önce
After A long time i subscribe a good channel well explained
Okke Dej
Okke Dej 3 aylar önce
Great video!
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