Why Private Billions Are Flowing Into Fusion

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Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals

Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals

2 aylar önce

As the world searches for a way to avoid climate catastrophe, dozens of fusion startups are putting billions of dollars into the risky quest for unlimited clean power.
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BrokenSymetry 2 aylar önce
Very well balanced documentary. I feel you went through effort to present the arguments of both private and public fusion project, without overhypeing, allowing your viewers to reach their own conclusion.
Cool Hand Luke 🚬
Cool Hand Luke 🚬 7 gün önce
allowing your viewers to reach their own conclusion. Yes , My conclusion is all lies, All these people lie, They could have it right now but some lefty overseas everything would have it on hold because they simply don't want to roll it out, That said climate change is a lie & the reason all country's world wide are in the trouble their in is due to the green deal, if you can't see this your living under a rock.
Kyle Seeker
Kyle Seeker 11 gün önce
They are feeding you crumbs of hope, and all the while draining trillions out of the tax reservoirs.
John Smith
John Smith 27 gün önce
@rcpmac are you trying to make money out of this scam by any chance. In ten years time you will think back and say Smithy was right.
rcpmac 27 gün önce
@John Smith what? Are you off your rocker?
rcpmac 27 gün önce
@Bubba Jones of course you conveniently left out SAFE from your pro nuclear formula and saying it’s cheap is entering bridge selling territory. Totally unrealistic.
Larry Lentini
Larry Lentini Aylar önce
This is one of the best examples I've seen of a traditional media company transitioning to new media
John Doe
John Doe 15 gün önce
yeah this is great!!
Dizzy Aylar önce
At first I thought "firing that clear block can produce 2 years of energy for one home, doesn't sound that much. But when you do the math, that could give enough sustained energy to power 63,072,000 homes if they fired a block every second. That would be pretty amazing.
lunhil12 15 gün önce
Think of how long it took from the first experiments with electricity to its widespread use. It's worth every penny to replicate what occurs in nature as it would change the world just as electricity did and maybe even more profoundly.
Tony Blighe
Tony Blighe Aylar önce
3:53 "producing more energy than any fusion experiment in history" - we should add that it produced less energy than was put in. The energy out/in ratio is improving, but has not exceeded one, i.e. no fusion reactor has produced net energy output. This is covered later in the video, but I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.
methylene5 6 gün önce
Tony, it's far worse than that. If any of these fusion reactors were running constantly, they would melt into a puddle in a matter of seconds. They only run for very short bursts, and although they are fascinating, they are useless for producing energy until there is a major breakthrough in physics.
C.N.Gentle^LegoNenen 12 gün önce
@Wayne T Research Thermophotovoltaic devices
Zichen He
Zichen He 29 gün önce
@Wayne T "quantum to electric is what Nichola Tesla did originally"? would you elaborate that? from what I know, he had nothing to do with quantum mechanics, and certainly not "quantum to electric". quantum is not even a specific particle.
Wayne T
Wayne T Aylar önce
@Zichen He : quantum to electric is what Nichola Tesla did originally, not the photoelectric effect, which is worse than the solar as you stated.
Zichen He
Zichen He Aylar önce
@Wayne T fussion generates heat, radiations are only from the heated plasma, which is a very small amount of energy, and hard to harvest, given the structure of the fussion "reactor". and we don't have to wait 2 years to convert quantum to electricity -- we've discovered photoelectric effect a long time ago and there are already photovoltaic power plants lol
Chris Aguilera
Chris Aguilera 2 aylar önce
I can't even fathom how a device of this type was built given the intricacy it would entail. An absolute marvel of engineering.
Jazen Valencia
Jazen Valencia 2 gün önce
It's a money laundering scheme.
junglekidman 9 gün önce
Another energy net-negative scam that will fill the pockets of the startup backers.
Cepheus 15 gün önce
​@Jon Conkey And on what page of the Van Allen paper does it say that?
Bee 17 gün önce
@an08p can't believe anything from china
junglekidman 19 gün önce
and always ending up net negative. SCAM
Milky Sue
Milky Sue Aylar önce
Fantastic video. So interesting. These things always make me wonder why so many people ignore science and believe some randomer on the Internet. They need to see stuff like this. All scientists around the globe act as one Community. Trying to find the answers to improve our lives. They test test test, and when it doesn't work they try something else. It's humbling and beautiful and they need more respect.
Lectures from  Leeds
Lectures from Leeds Aylar önce
Some of these startups are really creative, and will probably have other technological applications too
Toni D. Johns
Toni D. Johns Aylar önce
Watched Particle Fever movie 10 years ago a couple times when it came out. This video is a blessing bringing updates to such wonderful developments. Thank you for sharing this.
ram64man Aylar önce
I’m seriously impressed by the scientific importance and the world wide scientists dedicated to solving the hundreds of problems found attempting to solve the fusion over the decades on this problem. However there are two serious questions I have . First off gravity. Right now we are using superconductors under 1 g but what would happen if we were to say use this in space under 0g or under huge pressure such as deep sea to replicate other atmospheric conditions or gravity close or on to super gas giants or close to our own sun , surly this would alter the plasmas ? My second question is in regards to energy production- right now we are attempting to generate enough power so it can sustain and produce power of unlimited levels , but up till now power stations have had to be flexible enough to cope with the chaotic grid where energy demand fluctuates the ultimate goal isn’t that it can generate more power but the fact that it can ramp up or down as no country has a constant demand and the cost to wire this up nationwide would have as many technical hurdles as creating fusion without the huge losses My final question come regarding fusion reactor design- with so much heat why are the scientists not looking at secondary capture to generate power from the heated sections no only to generate power but help self sustain the reaction demand requirements, surly we can use the principles behind solar thermal and geothermal to generate huge amounts of power indirectly Instead of trying to generate more power than it consumes, we get the reactor to be self sustaining and generate via secondary methods instead to power turbines , heat salt banks , water to steam generators etc
ram64man Aylar önce
@Joseph Koppenhout your wrong unlimited energy is a huge problem for the grid ,power delivery as I have said is uneven, it has predictable peaks usually between 6-9pm and 6-8 am but throughout the day demand can fluctuate a lot including excessive energy right now when it goes into negative we do things such as pump energy into hydro storage to cope with the peak but the way fusion is up till now being developed is an always on high output, you can’t do that with the grid , to much unused can cause cascade failure even nuclear energy can be ramped up or down, that’s why the grid has to balance that through the country , fusion cannot do that that is why I say scientists look into secondary generation methods as primary generation from already established methods that can use the super heated plasma created from generation and use that to run steam or principles behind geothermal as well for instance we have a fusion reactor double the output we normally get from nuclear able to generate 3-4 gwh constantly, but using it’s wasted heat that comes from the byproduct of generating power it feeds that heat to generate in say building 12gwh which is quite possible since we are talking plasma at Over a million degrees , this is the power station that can then be ramped up or down depending on demand thus only two would be needed to power the U.K., 6 could power the USA , 9 could power Russia.
Joseph Koppenhout
Joseph Koppenhout Aylar önce
I'd say to those questions. I would change the exact way you'd perform the fusion, but if you were able to build a working fusion reactor under one set of circumstances, you'd have the theatrical knowledge to build one under others, much as we can build a petrol engine that can power a car, a lorry, a ship or a submarine, albeit one that would take much much effort. Grid power needs to be rapidly delivered, but we already have power plants that take a while to switch on or off - it takes hours to fully turn on or off nuclear power plants or even coal ones. Grid fluctuations can be solved by turning on power stations before the grid reaches a failure point and selling electricity more cheaply. The word you use 'losses' shows why fusion would be so useful as a power source; energy would potentially be so cheap, it wouldn't matter if we wasted energy turning on or off these plants because it would be so affordable, much as you don't worry about 'wasting' heat from an oven used to cook food. IDK about the third question.
Nick 2 aylar önce
Just props for how well this video was made, loved how you showcased all the different fusion startups from across the globe and their different methods of reaching net output. Thanks guys
Nick Danger
Nick Danger Aylar önce
Right??!! space shuttle / boosters reusable. Also she said something VERY important on some companies chasing dis-proven ideas wasting money and time. The doco crew glossed right past this fact.
Donald Kasper
Donald Kasper Aylar önce
Zero success of net output. If fusion does not exist, it will never work. Because the sun has a photosphere of hydrogen and helium does not prove hydrogen is fusing into helium. The IR spectrum of the sun is not hydrogen and not helium, it is a black body. This means it is carbon, or as Robitellaile has proposed, metallic hydrogen.
bert kilborne
bert kilborne Aylar önce
Another way to look at this is in terms of financial opportunities and wealth re-distribution. There are individuals who are desperately completing for positions on the upper rungs of that ladder. Sounds cynical ?
r_1901 2 aylar önce
My money is on Skunk Works which I saw flash by at 8:55
vtrbswarmachine 2 aylar önce
Fusion has been a pipe dream for almost twice my age. It'll happen. Most likely after I'm dead.
Zeus Investigations
Zeus Investigations Aylar önce
wouldn't a 2 or 3 torus be more efficient? we already know that the universe has to be more than a single torus for it to be what it is... so maybe using these universal physics could be the answer to a sustainable return of energy! just a thought ✌️
Darin Hitchings
Darin Hitchings Aylar önce
Great documentary, but I'm shocked Mass Commonwealth Fusion tech isn't represented here. General Fusion is my first bet but Mass Commonwealth Fusion is my 2nd bet. Stellerators have come a long, long way... (And some of these other ideas I wasn't even aware of, they look pretty solid too...)
When I saw the concept of fusion power many many many many moon ago , my heart knew it will become reality one day and my heart still beats in that same game , we are humans we are magnificent
TheLKStar Aylar önce
Best documentary about fusion I've ever seen, great job.
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 2 aylar önce
If startups didn't say they can do fusion on short deadlines (like couple years), then they wouldn't get the investors' money. As such, it would be naive to take their promises for granted due to obvious conflict of interests.
Falstaff Aylar önce
@Coda Alive I agree nuclear fission should see vast expansion. Forecasting that the earth will be “destroyed” if your prescription is not followed is dangerous. It makes the worst atrocities thinkable. Attributes like destroying some populous countries, or sterilize billions by force all become a better alternative than a “destroyed” earth. Climate change is a serious problem, so too overfishing etc, but, per the scientific lit, none of them lead to Mad Max.
Hieronymous Lex
Hieronymous Lex Aylar önce
@Spencer Vance they can move much, much quicker and more cost efficiently, yes. But the problem of fusion is a huge one. You can’t found a private company and automatically solve any problem. The irradiation of the inner walls of the reactor alone is an issue that has yet to be solved
Hieronymous Lex
Hieronymous Lex Aylar önce
Exactly. We’ve been hearing these same things about fusion since I was a child
rapsody230 Aylar önce
@Spencer Vance Humanity has built rockets for 80 years, fusion is very new in comparison. The reason NASA never did what spacex did is because after the moon landing not much money was invested into space. The true incredible thing that Elon did was create a DEMAND for it, getting people interested in new tecnologies in space.
Disillusioned Anglophile
Disillusioned Anglophile Aylar önce
Ladies and gentlemen! We introduce Elizabeth Holmes, the world's first female billionaire!
Jeffrey Wallk
Jeffrey Wallk Aylar önce
not sure if any of these startups will realize sustainable net gain, but their efforts in combination with government research will accelerate our ability to achieve the next leap in power generation
Daniel Clements
Daniel Clements Aylar önce
I don't know a lot about nuclear power, but I often wonder if fusion is completely cleaner than fission. Granted that fission involves breaking larger atoms into smaller ones which then the smaller atoms then continue to give off radioactive decay where as fusion combines atoms into larger ones (or different isotopes, I'm not really sure which) which are not as radioactive. However whether in fission or fusion, I'm pretty certain that whenever a heavier atom is broken apart or smaller atoms are bonded together, both processes releases a combination of radiation and materials from within the atom (electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.) that can be dangerous to whatever is near it. My guess is it is plausible that in fusion such radiation can be contained within an area where the danger might be negligible compared to the issue of radiation/waste that comes from fission, but it isn't an issue that doesn't exist. The fact that while the sun releases energy through fusion it also produces radiation in the process should be enough to show that there isn't any issue with radiation when using fusion. To this day I haven't found someone to give me a satisfactory answer to this problem.
Glow Wurm
Glow Wurm Aylar önce
I sincerely hope that when this breakthrough is achieved it’s shared with humanity and not used as a means for profit.
Kyle Matlock
Kyle Matlock 24 gün önce
Why would that be the case?
Jean-Victor Côté
Jean-Victor Côté Aylar önce
The private players are better salesmen, with brilliant explanations. They probably also have the best paid talent. I hope that they will be careful enough with the environmental impact of nuclear fusion. I also hope that the public and private sector will learn from each other during this race against time.
sebastiaanvanwater 2 aylar önce
Like space colonies and finding alien life, fusion reactors are something I've heard for decades... since I was a kid. But it is still something that feels within reach in my lifetime. It is still exciting.
Mold Man
Mold Man 19 gün önce
@Ahmed Zaki Khan TL;DR - Fission big atom split apart, fusion small atom come together Fission (what nuclear reactors today use) is the decay of large radioactive atoms such as Uranium that release large amounts of heat when doing so. Fusion, as explained in the video, is the fusion of two atoms such as Hydrogen into say Helium, which also creates a large amount of heat. In both cases, the energy is produced from the loss in mass, and both are incredible sources of energy because of the famous equation E = mc^2, meaning that energy (in Joules) is equivalent to the mass of an atom (in kg) multiplied by the speed of light _squared_ (on the order of 10^16 if measured in m/s). The problem with fusion is that it simply requires much more energy input than fission (even though the theoretical net gain is much higher). Such an environment is incredibly difficult to sustain hence why so much research is being done.
Kisem Aylar önce
@Straight Whitemale Developments always take time. I don't get what's so funny about it.
Straight Whitemale
Straight Whitemale Aylar önce
Oh yes just give it 25 years 🤣😂
Veerand Aylar önce
people in ITER seems really confident, and its a joint of the wealthiest nations afterall, lets wait and see if they can do it
Warren Puckett
Warren Puckett Aylar önce
@wes333 Well there is a lot of sunny nothing in the Sahara. Maybe the Saudi will do it. Make hydrogen from salt water from Red Sea and power IC motors. They can sell that and petroleum. Unless you want do without most plastics. Yes jet fuel has been tried in the DD 964 test ship made from from sea biology. It worked. May even make enough to fly to Davos. Once a year. Almost all of my generation will be dead in 30 years. Well there maybe a few in or near the 100s. Check the USS Nimitz. Nuclear powered for 50 years. Got 5 years more to go to retirement. If you have never been out in the Atlantic or Pacific in the max of the sea state measurement. You don't know much fun that is. It always put out to sea in when a hurricane is inbound Nobody on it EVER glowed in the dark.
Jeff McCrea
Jeff McCrea Aylar önce
There used to be an old saying that goes: "Fusion power is only 30 years away and always will be." Plasma temperatures run at 100 MILLION degrees, NOT 100,000.
Robert Seetzen
Robert Seetzen Aylar önce
Excellent. The best documentary on current fusion technology I've seen so far.
Steve Fowler
Steve Fowler 19 gün önce
I'm now a recently retired Ph.D. Aerospace Engineer with America's largest defense contractor, but i can still remember sitting in my 5th grade science class reading a science primer magazine in 1966 that talked about fission and fusion reactors and it said while fission reactors were already commercially workable it would about 30 years until fusion reactors came online.
Jazen Valencia
Jazen Valencia 2 gün önce
It's only 20 years away, again.
ryba Aylar önce
I have a feeling the enviromental movement will come up with some reason to stop fusion
AcuraLvR 82
AcuraLvR 82 Aylar önce
Its not really just about replacing fossil fuels. Fusion power will have tremendous military applications on top civil uses. Its also the only way we will be able to advance technology to the next level, and about the only way we will be able to provide reliable high output power to space craft.
Ske Bo
Ske Bo 15 gün önce
19:11 the problem is that fusion is not last mile, its 500 miles away. Do not compare commercialisation of rockets to fusion, spacex took proven technology to make rockets reusable/cheaper and succeeded because private companies are about efficiency and profits. Spacex didn't create reusable rockets in 1920s, because that is where the fusion tech is compared to rockets. Understanding of a scientific methods is important, and I would not bet on any of the startups.
Alan Medina
Alan Medina 14 gün önce
I hope we come up with a valid approach to sustained fusion. Imagine a world with cheap energy and no more fossil fuels. The approach that I liked is the direct energy transfer rather than going to steam as most other methods mentioned here.
Kartoffelbrei 13 gün önce
You could make a windmill move to drive the generators, but as long as it doesnt output more than it is useless to think abt transport efficiency.
Mark Martens
Mark Martens Aylar önce
"But there's still one big milestone we need to reach before fusion power becomes a reality; 'Net Gain'. We need more power out than put in to heat the fuel in the first place. If we can't generate more power from fusion than we put in, then the whole thing's a bust."
Foxfire Gaming
Foxfire Gaming 2 aylar önce
great report. I am rooting for fusion since I was a little kid. And I hope to see it being out there in my lifetime. This is the kind of change humanity desperately needs if we want to advance any further. The energy problem needs to be solved. Just think about how the abundance in processing power and storage has transformed the world. Having an abundance of energy would be many tenfolds of that magnitude.
Ploffy Kha
Ploffy Kha Aylar önce
@Miquel Martí Eh, optimization is minuscule. Like cars, my 1965 Volvo would run on less than 8 liters per 100km, a modern SUV CANT! Optimize all you can fir a year, it doesnt even cover the increase in demand over 2 weeks.
Ploffy Kha
Ploffy Kha Aylar önce
Your comment show why investors are biting, line hook and sinker. Sorry but its similar to quantum computing, you believe because you dont understand, all you know is that it would be awesome if it worked so you forget to apply a healthy dose of skepticism.
cjay2 Aylar önce
Or, as the WEF elites want, you could simply reduce the world population, get rid of intelligent people, replacing them with unintelligent slaves, and have your own private super-human future - for them.
Anonymous24 Aylar önce
@Miquel Martí France uses nuclear power plants. Germany does not. Looks like France is smarter. Germany has trouble now that Russia decrease natural gas and petrol
Anonymous24 Aylar önce
@Calicoes Blue Fission vs fusion. Fusion is fusing molecules ?
Black Bimmer
Black Bimmer Aylar önce
I work in industrial maintenance & I would love to work on these and build them this seems so interesting!
Wes Gün önce
Drives me crazy that this technology is private. It's at a point where I would willingly invest in the tech.
Weichafe Aylar önce
If private fusion companies ever get to an actual commercial product… I really hope that they are able to acknowledge that all research has been through public funding and cooperation.. not competition
Tushar Bhudia
Tushar Bhudia Aylar önce
It won't happen haha, the UK have done so many big changing projects but they don't get anything for it. The UK have their own project which is 5 years ahead of anyone else. Maybe even 10 years years ahead especially with the backing of Oxford Scientists.
Madison Gray
Madison Gray Aylar önce
What does this mean for the future of space traveling? So interesting to hear about.
Emre Emir
Emre Emir 2 aylar önce
It is amazing to live in a time where we can observe the progress in fusion. No matter how long it takes any progress is welcome.
Ploffy Kha
Ploffy Kha Aylar önce
We are witnessing fusion as smart businessmen want us to see it, to make them rich and make the small investors poor.
Martiddy - Sama
Martiddy - Sama Aylar önce
@Helion Your nuclear fusion project is very interesting, especially because the whole reactor design is simplified, removing unnecessary complexed parts. I hope you guys succeed in the pursuit of making nuclear fusion a reality.
Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley 2 aylar önce
@RALO Ed. The old "engines running on water" -bollox- conspiracy theory.
Pierluigi Di Pietro
Pierluigi Di Pietro 2 aylar önce
We are just 25 years far to be sure to have fusion in the following 25 years
Alex aoeu256
Alex aoeu256 2 aylar önce
What do you think we can do with unlimited energy? I guess the prices of everything will go to rock bottom. Imagine if we can transmute elements...
Bob456F K
Bob456F K Aylar önce
It's great to see different groups working on this project. The final answer may be something that no one has imagined yet. 🙂 We're waiting for the "eureka moment".
Jered Coffield
Jered Coffield Aylar önce
Very exciting times. I wish I was my nephews age. They'll be in there mid-20's when this technology is coming into it's own.
zodiacfml 18 gün önce
years ago, i've been saying that the way to nuclear fusion is like an internal combustion engine because confinement is too difficult/too short. simply design the system to develop the spark/combustion within the capabilities of the the magnetic confinement. in simple words, I have hope more on the startups than ITER. ITER is simply a science project to replicate the continuous fusion of the sun/stars,
💰 Make $750 Per Day
💰 Make $750 Per Day Aylar önce
"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself." ---Mark Caine
Z N 2 aylar önce
This video changed my perception of the private fusion industry. Even if it doesn’t get to net positive fusion first, or fulfill its promises on time; the diversity of zany strategies and ideas being cooked up could end up contributing in the future. No one car company can take credit for even half the major innovations in the past 100 years.
Drew Mortenson
Drew Mortenson 26 gün önce
My thought exactly. They may not be the first to net+, but ideas such as the pulsing "engine" style fusion reactor, or the smaller fusion reactor could play a significant role if they end up being feasible.
ANSELAbits x0b001
ANSELAbits x0b001 Aylar önce
@Z N mercedes
Z N Aylar önce
@Motorata yes I agree ☝️ plus private may bring in new minds that otherwise would not be working on Fusion. While Public will likely move in the most straightforward (not over promising) and publicly transparent fashion.
Motorata Aylar önce
I like the diference beteween Public and private, public its all about pushing the limits, making fusion longer, bigger, private is all about cutting cost, if you can´t make it long then make it repetition, instead of using steam use pistons or proyectiles. Is very different mentalities and they are necessary for things to advance
disposabull 15 gün önce
At 19 minutes in, you can't compare fusion to reusable rockets as a justification for "the private sector is so much better" type arguments. NASA had already developed, tested and flown reusable rockets but they were cancelled for political reasons, (competition with the space shuttle). Elon didn't invent reusable rockets, he pushed the existing tech further and reached orbit, NASA could have easily done that if the projects weren't shelved. With fusion, for every tiny step forward you discover a thousand show stopping problems in totally unrelated fields which each then have to be solved. Hence why it is taking so long.
dixon hill
dixon hill Aylar önce
It's kind of wacky when you realize how much money can be spent on fusion once it actually works. It's 50 years away at current spending rates. We could literally spend 10% of our GDP on fusion technology if it offers the desired result. A radical increase of global electricity could mean a true economic revolution. We could solve so many problem if we had an abundance of electricity.. We spend very very little money on fusion relative to the economic effects of it working at scale. IT isn't the price for kilowatt etc that matters. It's the economic benefits of having a very deep reservoir of electricity. EVen when fossil fuel costs are low, we always have to be planning for them to become rarer or heavily regulated for environmental reasons. It means we as a civilization are no longer looking at economies of scale to solve our problems. It's a mental block that has huge consequences and is the cause of a whole lot of our economic stagnation.
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Thanks,,,Feedback appreciated let’s talk now💬 Above ⬆️ For Insights,Advice& Enlightenment.
Sylvain Rittre
Sylvain Rittre Aylar önce
Yep, private research allow more brains to work on the problem. it may help the overall progress on the topic. Nice !
tantaluss68 Aylar önce
when we finally figure out cold fusion I bet it's going to be some ahh moment and it's going to be so simple we are going to kick ourselves for not realizing it if someone hasn't already found it and the technology has been buried or lost
MoosesValley 2 aylar önce
Progress is definitely being made. Very exciting times. Am particularly impressed by the "direct to electricity" technology. My bet is a private company will generate Net Energy first. I sure hope they find multiple pathways to generating Net Energy.
Falstaff 26 gün önce
@Drew Mortenson It’s the age of Theranos, and you’re their wanna be fixer.
Drew Mortenson
Drew Mortenson 26 gün önce
@Falstaff You sound like a mfer from 1800 saying "Yeah okay we can fly but you'll never fly far"
denzali Aylar önce
@Falstaff I still feel a part of the human race. This is the we I refer to. Should fusion get off the ground, I’d see it as our achievement. Simple as that really. It may lead to another discovery… something will happen I’m sure.
Falstaff Aylar önce
@denzali Your honest ideas would be great, but they’re not. They’re somebody else’s dogma, which you speak while you speak for some imaginary “we”.
denzali Aylar önce
@Falstaff we progress without you 👈🏻 I like my ideas better.
Constantin Vasiliev
Constantin Vasiliev Aylar önce
Thank you. A great source of information
Freedeez Tallbikes
Freedeez Tallbikes Aylar önce
I’m pretty sure this clean energy will cost us allot more money :( I’m starting to think we’re just not meant to have electricity :(
Austin Charles
Austin Charles Aylar önce
Right now hydroelectric is the best we got. While not available to all places in the world it's definitely the most efficient and cleanest we got. Super excited for fusion power!!!
💰 Make $750 Per Day
💰 Make $750 Per Day Aylar önce
"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." ---Bill Gates
marzy Marrz
marzy Marrz 2 aylar önce
I admire the persistence of all the people and money involved in this venture. And I really appreciate them!
CJF Aylar önce
Tim Höernle
Tim Höernle 2 aylar önce
You admire the persistence of money?
randall lewis
randall lewis 21 gün önce
I am always concerned as a Theorist, around providing AI with a unlimited power source, what if it all goes bad.
Sean Lawrence
Sean Lawrence 24 gün önce
Gone are the days of war heroes. The era of scientific heroes is here. My utmost respect for these brilliant people. Godspeed on this important project
florentino garcia
florentino garcia Aylar önce
I am so rooting, hoping to see fusion succeed in my lifetime. I still think people are chasing an illusion, allowing tantalizing thoughts to take over...
Wayne T
Wayne T Aylar önce
You might be right...but other solutions will succeed within the 2-3 year timeframe.
MIKE Aylar önce
I can't believe fusion is only 10 years away!
Frogturtle xd
Frogturtle xd 2 aylar önce
Inspiring stuff. Godspeed to these hard-working people
Martiddy - Sama
Martiddy - Sama Aylar önce
@Walter Keijzer Why karma?
Walter Keijzer
Walter Keijzer Aylar önce
Karma !
Sitraka FORLER
Sitraka FORLER 2 aylar önce
Yes ! It must be so exciting and frustrating at the same time to work on it and be so close yet so far away from a industrial product !
Dennzer1 2 aylar önce
Mega Fauna
Mega Fauna Aylar önce
I love the idea of creating the energy of the sun in a big factory on earth, but I can't see how this technology can deliver electricity cheaper than renewables, particularly PV solar.
salaciousBastard Aylar önce
@Mega Fauna If they don't get it to work, it won't replace anything. *But* if they do get it to work, it can replace everything. *If...*
Mega Fauna
Mega Fauna Aylar önce
@700mobster Well that's not the plan in Australia. 32% of households already have rooftop solar and they're building grid scale PV farms. I guess Australia has the space and sunshine to do it.
700mobster Aylar önce
PVs are great for portable and small grids, fusion is meant to replace the giant coal and petroleum power plants in creating bulk amounts of power
Rohith Adusumalli
Rohith Adusumalli Aylar önce
20: 20, She made fine point about the developing countries. "You cannot bring the developing countries to the developed countries standard of living without the rise of carbon emissions. So, a clean energy is the way to go" . So, next time you talk about China or India about carbon emissions, remember we are still far behind in per capita usage of Fossil fuels.
randomposterguy Aylar önce
Experts working on this, the world is watching, we need this as soon as possible, please, never tire and do 100% to save our species.
Nelson Cardoso Rodrigues
Nelson Cardoso Rodrigues Aylar önce
Fusion would provide us energy to positively create a fundamentally new kind of world to live in, even from a philosophical perspective. A new beginning for humanity and the rest of nature.
SHAIlearn 2 aylar önce
I think it's great that tons of people are trying to make this work. The only thing I'd say is that the media needs to report on things a lot better. Don't talk about everything as a "breakthrough" but say it's a "new idea". Track the progress toward Qtotal = 1, and so forth.
sdfglkjhdfkjdhldskfj Aylar önce
We could have fission reactors working in just 5 years if we wanted, based on Generation IV designs like LFTR, but any Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) would be great.
jmitterii2 13 gün önce
This is what we need.. fortunately many countries are conducting LFTR fission systems right now.
Lorendrawn 21 gün önce
It's still not 3 years away. It'll get there when it's ready. Plenty of other energy technologies also deserve attention in the meantime tho.
Akesios Aylar önce
If science and technology have failed to make your lives happier up until this point, why do you think it will be any different with nuclear fusion?
💰 Make $750 Per Day
💰 Make $750 Per Day Aylar önce
"People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self---fulfilling prophecy." ---Tony Robbins
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 aylar önce
What an amazing documentary. You guys nailed it. Great explanation of a complex system to the layman level. Thank you. You have earned a new subscriber
Good Retro Gameplay
Good Retro Gameplay Aylar önce
I got it. Try spinning a magnetic field around it. Put the entire fusion chamber in a machine that can crush it magnetically and grind high magnetic force against it to add more pressure and heat. Something like that. Maybe mix it with preheated liquid metal. TBH i think itll end in disaster the first time it has a run away effect but, we have to learn somehow i guess.
Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma Aylar önce
mind boggling innovation, and best part is private sector is leading!
💰 Make $750 Per Day
💰 Make $750 Per Day Aylar önce
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." ---Mark Twain
DavidFails Aylar önce
Praying for success for this planet 🙏
Sebastian Henriquez
Sebastian Henriquez 2 aylar önce
Love it, this kind of documentary are those who help inspire the next generation to step into the unknown, the future.
Jakub Gorka
Jakub Gorka Aylar önce
i hope that those ppl will manage to do it they look so involved in it
Bob456F K
Bob456F K Aylar önce
Fusion power is thirty years in the future. Always has been, always will be. 🙂 Seriously, this has to be done and it will be done...eventually.
Paul K
Paul K Aylar önce
The Australian company HB11 Energy Ltd would have deserved a mention in this video. Another 'direct to electricity' concept that already has proven fusion in the lab. A long way to go, but very promising.
CJF Aylar önce
Homelessness and inflation is out of control. Living beings that need simple help in the forms of food and shelter are ignored and yet these people are wasting billions on experimental bs. It’s not admirable. It’s selfish. The irony in this situation is that if we were more united as a species, we’d develop further and faster than we ever have before.
257 Shooter
257 Shooter 2 aylar önce
The last fusion lab I worked in was Helion Energy. Before that I worked at the Redmond Plasma Physics Lab, part of the University of Washington. It was nice to see some of my handiwork in a video.
zvotaï svfi
zvotaï svfi Aylar önce
@Zeus Investigations Idk isn't there that whole ufo thing where you get the two rings spinning at different frequencies and it negates the effects of gravity... I dont know if this is real or possible
Zeus Investigations
Zeus Investigations Aylar önce
@zvotaï svfi don't know what flying has to do with anything tbh 🤷✌️
zvotaï svfi
zvotaï svfi Aylar önce
@Zeus Investigations would it fly if it had two torus>?
Patrick Lebeau
Patrick Lebeau Aylar önce
@257 Shooter Thanks for your answer
257 Shooter
257 Shooter Aylar önce
@Patrick Lebeau tritium is a beta emitter. So is the nickel 63 filament in your household smoke detector. No gamma rays. Some soft X-rays. Yes there are some neutrons.
S Dickinson
S Dickinson Aylar önce
Fusion reactors are amazing. They create a hole in space that sucks up money and resources and makes them disappear.
💰 Make $750 Per Day
💰 Make $750 Per Day Aylar önce
"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success." ---Dale Carnegie
MrMawnster Aylar önce
One problem though is the heavy hydrogen used will be in short supply. All that's used right now to initiate and sustain. I suppose larger reactions for longer may allow the light nucleus hydrogen to be used but that's not clear yet I've been told by people in the field. Of course all must be painted optimistically to keep the funding taps on though.
Raydensheraj 21 gün önce
The day we control Fusion....will be the day unlimited energy will be released. I probably won't see this revolution...but knowing it will happen makes me content. For anyone studying or planning to get a degree in science.... imagine the Nobel prize potential...the potential to write historical research papers or test these hypotheses via experiment....almost no field offers so much...besides the life sciences.
SammyM00782 2 aylar önce
This was excellently done. I like how humble everyone is in this video, genuinely telling it like it is with almost no fluff. I feel like this whole battery revolution we're marching towards is the wrong path, and the problem with green energy now is it doesn't always work. Fission, imo, is the better choice right now, while fusion becomes a reality. I personally feel like 2030 is a bit optimistic, but I'm hopeful I'll see sustained fusion before I'm dead.
Neil Patton
Neil Patton 2 aylar önce
If fission is the answer, you are asking the WRONG question.
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno 2 aylar önce
we do need wayy more fission
deaththekid39 2 aylar önce
Many things “don’t always work”, but we do them anyway
ON YX 2 aylar önce
Irrespective of the source of power, storage solutions are always going to be required. I look forward to seeing that industry improve.
Vernon Brechin
Vernon Brechin 2 aylar önce
I've been waiting since I began following the fusion technology developments since the 1970s. Many people continue to have faith while excluding evidence that doesn't fit, such as the following. Global Temperature & Carbon Dioxide (climatecentral) The planet is on a 'catastrophic' global warming path, UN report shows (cnn) IPCC report: ‘now or never’ if world is to stave off climate disaster (theguardian) UN chief: World has less than 2 years to avoid 'runaway climate change' (thehill) Statement made 4-years ago.
1980Baldeagle 12 gün önce
Hope they figure it out. Going to need this soon with all the cars getting plugged in. Each car is about the same a 50 refrigerators.
gwho Aylar önce
private and public sectors should really be called voluntary and coercive sectors respectively.
bhakta_joe Aylar önce
You know what scares me the most about fusion? Even though they claim it is a safe process, the very same techniques may be used to ignite a fusion bomb off. Some of the laser induced fusion could possibly be turned into a chain reaction fusion explosion. A 3 second burst of a small laser could ignite an overloaded fusion chamber.
bhakta_joe Aylar önce
@Name I'm sorry I ruffled your feathers, it may be incorrect of me, but I still worry about it. The mix of tritium, deuterium and super high powered lasers just triggers the Murphy's Law alarm in my mind.
Name Aylar önce
That is categorically incorrect and you should be ashamed for spreading ignorance and misinformation.
Shifter5555 Aylar önce
...and then what? compare the weight of an thermonuclear bomb with that of a laser fusion target, a chain reaction wouldn't even break through the chamber wall.
Nik Sutliff
Nik Sutliff Aylar önce
I was told by a PhD in nuclear physics once (he builds and designs nuclear reactors) that fusion is probably 30 years away, even with this scale of investment, for technical reasons. But hey, could be wrong...
wally7 15 gün önce
... and in 25 years, it'll still be 30 years away.
Lars Aylar önce
I know someone else has thought of this idea but why not utilize supercomputer programs or initialize a computer program that focuses on physics or what area of science will contribute the most? This comment is likely too simple but such ideas often can be beneficial to the task at hand.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Aylar önce
We know fusion is possible because that's how the Sun and Stars work, but sustaining it is another thing.
granduniversal Aylar önce
You know, there are other things you can call into question other than whether you are using enough power when much smaller versions of this machine should have worked, but didn't! Not that using a magnetic field to bring things together is a bad stepping off place. Only, that it is trying to cram things together into the "new" idea of a nucleus, which we assume will spontaneously generate. What if Rutherford was wrong, and the nucleus is not a separable property from all of the joinings in an atom? If they share enough of a common characteristic, which they are, essentially, using to try and differentiate themselves, but they exhibit it still, then you can group them as they engage in that behavior. If that is so, perhaps you can influence the magnetic ring in some fashion, maybe reached by experiment, which might help to bring about the result?
Jim Stanga
Jim Stanga Aylar önce
The running joke is “Fusion is the Energy of the Future…and always will be…”
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 2 aylar önce
This is so awesome! I’ve been following fusion progress for longer then I can remember. It seems like we’re so close to this amazing breakthrough. I really wish i was in some way apart of this amazing science. Nevertheless I’m still very proud of the individuals that are.
htaeD2 Aylar önce
@pablo And? The important part is that we're making a lot of progress. Predictions about when it will actually be commercially available are less significant.
pablo Aylar önce
Research has been going longer than 50 years with no viable reactor to this date
htaeD2 2 aylar önce
@Whgu ybnm you can help by pitching in money.
P W Aylar önce
So happy that today's billionaires are preparing to make trillions off of this research! Despite what you may have heard and observed with your own eyes, Private Equity is a blessing not a curse.
DeathBlade Aylar önce
i feel as if, going towards the power of the sun is quite like reaching for the stars, maybe going for a lesser approach, yes it has been proven possible but wouldn't it be more justified to go for a accessible approach, we don't have to go towards fusion
Darin Hitchings
Darin Hitchings Aylar önce
Like... ?
Andre N
Andre N Aylar önce
It's funny how they seem to have given up just making use of the sun's already existing fusion by harvesting it's sunrays on earth more efficiently
Bill Pugh
Bill Pugh Aylar önce
I’ve been expecting fusion every 20 years, it never quite seems to be there:)
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TEXT WHATSAPP#𝟏𝟓𝟏𝟎𝟕𝟔𝟒𝟎𝟎𝟑𝟗 Aylar önce
Thanks,,,Feedback appreciated let’s talk now💬 Above ⬆️ For Insights,Advice& Enlightenment..
Q'own Son
Q'own Son 2 aylar önce
General Fusion and Helion Energy both have complimentary ideas and technologies. If they're gonna inductively recapture energy by careful design of their apparatus, that could be applied to General Fusion's reactor chamber, granted Helion's approach is more linear, whilst General Fusion's is more radial, but I digress.
Darin Hitchings
Darin Hitchings Aylar önce
clever comment, nice
Herbert Fuchs
Herbert Fuchs Aylar önce
I am not going to tell you about Fusion Reactors which costs billions of dollars to perform duty. But I will tell you that there is a method of creating hydrogen-fusion in a much cheaper and less complicated way. As it is common with fusion technology this fusion process method produces lots of thermal energy and also includes the possibility of doing it in a relativ small scale. I already have seen it. Who is going to join such possibility ?
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold 15 gün önce
Unfortunately, it looks like we ran out of time for chasing ideal ways of tapping nuclear energy. The rate of change in key habitability factors is faster than conservative estimates predicted. Weather instability has already begun to compromise high-yield agriculture regions. The real danger kids face isn't bad weather it's the probability of genocidal competition for access and control of resources. Basically, fusion research needs to be postponed and all eyes need to be on how to make and deploy modular fission reactors, desalinators, and atmospheric scrubbers to remove CO2 2x faster than it was emitted. Large scale crop failures due to drought and flood are already starting to happen worldwide, as well as CO2 spewing forest fires the size of Rhode Island... The risks posed by fission-based 'emergency power', while not ideal, are manageable compared to the certainties posed by global socio-economic collapse. In order to restore some acceptable level of atmospheric stability (because the man-made imbalance of heat-retaining gasses will continue for another 1,000 years after humans stop emitting them altogether) will require approximately the same amount of energy released by burning 100,000,000 barrels of oil, 9,000,000,000 tons of coal, and 10,000,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas every day. That's just the share of total energy required to UNDO the damage at the same rate gasses were emitted since ~1980; twice that amount will be required to sustain existing levels of power consumption...
Isabel Louise
Isabel Louise Aylar önce
If privately owned companies own fusion reactors that actually work, then they will become the richest people on earth. Super-trillionaires or something. The investments are not altruistic or exciting to me, they are showing where the money power is today and will be in the future. could this solve climate change... maybe... will it bring us closer to nature... i doubt it.
Hitogokochi Aylar önce
Private and public will, indeed, come together, and then the private sector will take all the profit and ownership. Then the private sector will tell the public how useless the government has been and how we must hand everything over to the billionaires to control - that without them, fusion technology would never have existed. The public will end up believing that one particular billionaire CEO created the technology all by himself; people will admire him and call him a genius. Anyone who contradicts these beliefs will be called jealous and/or losers.
Alexander Marsteller
Alexander Marsteller 2 aylar önce
Something that wasn't talked about: The fuel. Short version: the technical challenge with fusion is not only the getting the plasma hot enough part efficiently enough Long versione: The lowest temperature fusion reaction we can do is deuterium (D) + tritium (T) to helium and a neutron. All other reactions require factors more of temperature/particle energy. Deuterium you can get from water (although it only makes up ~0.02% of the hydrogen in natural water). Tritium is radioactive and has a short half-life, so every bit of tritium on earth was generated by humans, either through atom bombs or nuclear reactors or accelerators. You can use the neutron that comes out of the D-T fusion to do another nuclear reaction with lithium that produces one tritium atom and a helium atom. But the technologies surrounding the entire process of recovering that tritium are not completely solved either.
Withnail1969 7 gün önce
@toxicated pro I'm not aware of anyone saying that at the time. Post an example of someone saying that 100 years ago.
toxicated pro
toxicated pro 7 gün önce
@Withnail1969 look at 100 years ago, they thought flying is too expensive and will not become commercially viable. look at here now flying is accessible to the middle class and it is not too expensive.
Deadra Lynx
Deadra Lynx 24 gün önce
@Withnail1969 ok.
Withnail1969 24 gün önce
@Deadra Lynx Expensive is what matters. Most resources will never be used because it would not be economic to extract them. We don't have robotic mining and chances are we never will. We will never mine the moon.
Deadra Lynx
Deadra Lynx 24 gün önce
@Withnail1969 Dude, can you stop with the "expensive" talk. Having an endless supply of ANY resource, what having heavy industry on the moon is, can not even measured in todays money. I am not talking abt how we get this down here - i talk robotic mining and just refining it right there. Even with todays tech, we are maybe 20 years from having self sustained industry on the moon. Sending rare minerals and fuels back to earth is the smallest problem.
cXc [cxc.world]
cXc [cxc.world] 20 gün önce
I had no idea there were so many different approaches. Fascinating stuff.
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