Golden Gate Bridge | The CRAZY Engineering behind it

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The design and construction of the Golden gate bridge led to revolution in Civil engineering. Let's understand all the magical engineering behind the Golden gate bridge.
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Md MUR 07 15 gün önce
Padma bridge please 🙏
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Padma bridge please 🙏
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Md MUR 07 15 gün önce
Padma bridge please 🙏
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Jacob DuPree
Jacob DuPree 3 aylar önce
I appreciate that they went above and beyond to create a 3D version of the engineer, just so we can see him proudly cross his arms..
big man
big man Gün önce
i dont
Im CROW Aylar önce
its what he would have wanted
Debbido Aylar önce
Kamle Harris
Kamle Harris Aylar önce
It's funny all these engineers and people that wear white shirts they think they're the ones that built the bridge no I give all the credit to the union and I are workers that built that bridge that risk their lives and died on that bridge not these pencil pushers
Grant Wall
Grant Wall Aylar önce
Jesus Christ is Lord and King and Our Savior!
petarda98pl 4 gün önce
I loved when the workers said "It's bridgin' time!" And then brigded all over the Golden Gate. Truly one of the brigdes of all time
My Space
My Space 2 gün önce
A well engineered vlog that I have seen on civil engineering. Thank You for sharing it.
The Baltimore Angler
The Baltimore Angler 4 saatler önce
This helps me to appreciate the Verrazano Bridge in New York whenever I cross it (same design)
æra Aylar önce
I'm not even that into civil engineering but this was REALLY fascinating to watch and learn about.
Daniel O
Daniel O 21 gün önce
Same here bro
æra Aylar önce
@HungryTv13 huh? if you're talking about the animations solely then maybe, but if the animations is all you got from this video then god help you.
HungryTv13 Aylar önce
stop the cap, that was awful
Samarth Barshi
Samarth Barshi 3 aylar önce
They made all this in a time when there was no CAD and other simulation softwares. It's truly remarkable.
Justin Lebron
Justin Lebron Aylar önce
@Eye of the Pyramid all you need is imagination actually
Dyson Aylar önce
@EternalNjem Literally I don't care, the other guy did and apparently you as well lol.
EternalNjem Aylar önce
@Dyson And Greeks stole from Egyptians. Who cares?
SMGJohn 2 aylar önce
@Dyson Damn fine poop sewer too mind you, Paris did not have sewers until 18th century and London was using the Roman sewers up until 17th century when they finally expanded them.
Ali Taha
Ali Taha 2 aylar önce
Who came to the comments after he said orange Color
Stiaan Kruger
Stiaan Kruger 2 aylar önce
From construction start (Jan 5th 1933) to opening (May 27th 1937) it took only 1603 days or just under 4years and 6months to complete, the first electronic scientific calculator was released by HP in 1972 (HP 35) so all structural analysis for the golden gate bridge was done with mechanical calculators and slide rules. Appreciate your AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS.
HIANS 18 gün önce
Hard Times Create Strong Men, Strong Men Create Good Times, Good Times Create Weak Men, Weak Men Create Hard Times
James Shriver
James Shriver Aylar önce
Most likely the best comment on TRshow albeit with the least number of thumbs up? Ouch!
Russell Scott
Russell Scott Aylar önce
Look how fast they built empire state building. Late 80s and early 90s .. south Korea was putting up buildings in record time too. No problems arose either. Pretty amazing. Incredible feats of engineering.
capricorn11 2 aylar önce
and yet with all the technology available MUNI can't finsih a project on time 🤣🤣🤣
charron 3 gün önce
Charles Alton Ellis was responsible for most of structural design of golden Gate bridge not Joseph Strauss. Please correct this misinformation. Strauss was the crook who stole the credit from Ellis.
Prabhu RockZz
Prabhu RockZz 2 gün önce
Solid works 💥🔥
Carl Williams
Carl Williams 2 aylar önce
They give Strauss far too much credit here (a common mistake)! Strauss did come up with the concept of bridging the golden gate, and was its chief promoter, a herculean task in itself! However, he primarily designed cantilever bridges and did not have the engineering experience to create the suspension bridge that was built. Charles A. Ellis was the primary engineer. Also, they show the traffic flowing in the wrong direction on the bridge. Our steering wheels are on the left in San Francisco!😂 Other than that, a very interesting video!
True Grit
True Grit Aylar önce
Yeah clearly this channel isnt run by american(s) 😂 They made allot of mistakes. The workers did NOT use a catalk for instance
geothermal 2 aylar önce
Yes, when I reached the 6:17 mark, I thought, "The cars are driving the wrong way!" (^: Digital effects might have been created in the UK or some other country where they drive on the left. If built today with polymers, it could be a cable-stayed bridge. But the people might revolt about that. Or they could make it with lighter materials and have the same design, but towers closer to the shore to save money. It costs a lot to maintain this bridge so they might replace it some day.
Patraic Aylar önce
Fun fact. The Golden Gate Bridge undergoes constant maintenance. There is a crew that works from one end of the bridge to the other. They repair and replace rusted out pieces and repaint as they go. This is a never ending loop. When they reach the end the crew goes back to the other side and begins the process all over again.
Joash Bergman
Joash Bergman 9 gün önce
Fun fact for you: Though the GGB has a longer span between main towers, the Mackinac Bridge sports a total length 3 times that of the GGB(5 miles long). I have crossed a few times. Every time there is a maintenance crew working on the bridge. What they do is they paint the bridge every year, starting on one side, ending the year on the other side.
Yo Son, Im stuck in the Twilight Zone
Yo Son, Im stuck in the Twilight Zone 29 gün önce
you just explained pretty much every bridge in NYC
Pallin Aylar önce
Pretty cool
Biker'sHUB 23 saatler önce
One of the best channel ❤️
Hylie Doobius
Hylie Doobius 2 aylar önce
Joseph Strauss was officially the Chief Engineer, based primarily on his long history of building drawbridges throughout the country. But for the GGB, Strauss had absolutely no involvement with its design. The suspension design was proposed by Leon Moisseiff, a Latvian immigrant who had been involved on other large suspension bridges in New York, and it was he who had the idea of an elegant suspension bridge. The real brains behind turning the concept into a well-designed structure, however, belongs entirely to Charles Ellis, a meticulous structural engineer who personally made all the static and dynamic load calculations, including solving some equations with 37 variables…all done without the benefit of computers. Strauss became so irritated with the attention Mr. Ellis was getting from the press and other engineers that Strauss canned him. It wasn’t until the 75th anniversary of the bridge’s completion in 2013 that a plaque was installed on the bridge to honor Charles Ellis as the true designer.
Marc W.
Marc W. 7 gün önce
Leon Moisseiff was also responsible for the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 lol
Hylie Doobius
Hylie Doobius 23 gün önce
@YDGFX canned: American slang for shitcanned, fired, thrown overboard... After Mr. Ellis completed all the specifications and load calcs, Strauss told Ellis to take a vacation. Then, a few days before he was due to return, Strauss sent him a telegram and told him to not bother returning. He replaced Ellis with some flunky engineer named Clifford Paine, who was credited as an engineer on the plaque on the South tower. Struass was a despicable glory hog, in my opinion.
YDGFX Aylar önce
What do you mean by Ellis getting canned? Are you referring to him getting murdered?
Ben Zadeh
Ben Zadeh Aylar önce
More like Tesla and Edison story
GolDwally Aylar önce
@James Lavacca I already tried but I get no result that's why I'm asking I'm not like one of you who immediately believe everything on the internet without fact checking.
Quotes and Memes
Quotes and Memes Gün önce
Amazing IDEA and Explanation
Sediq Hussaini
Sediq Hussaini 4 gün önce
Your videos are very awesome
canteriot 2 aylar önce
my grandfather was an engineer for the port authority in New York City, and worked on many famous bridges here(the gw, throggs neck, Verrazano). videos like these make me appreciate the work he did here even more.
Silver surfer
Silver surfer Aylar önce
@Devin Moran I believe it
Silver surfer
Silver surfer Aylar önce
Silver surfer
Silver surfer Aylar önce
@J C liar
Devin Moran
Devin Moran Aylar önce
My grandfather built the pyramids
canteriot Aylar önce
@J C ​ my grandfather also worked on the twin towers. he worked for the engineering firm that built the first 3 or 4 floors. he was a jewish immigrant from cuba whos dream it was to come here and build the bridges and skyscrapers he so greatly admired. he died last year, and i miss him dearly too.
Olivia Wu Tam
Olivia Wu Tam 3 gün önce
Golden Gate Bridge, there's no such thing as " killowmeters" it is "Kilo_Meters",
Nischal K
Nischal K 3 aylar önce
Whoah, Lesics would make anyone fall in love with physics. Brilliant production, perfectly explained. Free content can't get better than this.
Walter Aylar önce
Don't think I've seen a more pedantic comments section First time for everything
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@Nerdy 🤓 the universe itself work on the laws of physics
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Wow I made this reach 1.7k likes
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@Avocado nobody cares
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If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9 N
galactic tone
galactic tone Aylar önce
I really am appreciative of the work and effort of everyone who made that bridge. Also I appreciate the hard work it took to make this video as well. It was super informative and showcased everything perfectly.
Bru Aylar önce
We have a local bridge called “Kolekole Bridge” near Hilo, Hawaii. After 70 years it needed emergency repair and now there are steel supports along the side using the same metal as guard rails. It looks really ugly but does the job. Ever since it’s repair (a few months back) I’ve been in absolute awe like a foreign tourist “Look! The golden gate bridge!”
Yuutify744 4 gün önce
8:48 was SO loud, i actually jumped because i thought my cat knocked something over. (for context its 2:57am)
42Meep Aylar önce
Additional facts: At the time of the Golden Gate Bridge's construction, no steelworks on the West Coast could produce components large enough to construct the towers, so they were shipped via the recently finished Panama Canal from the East Coast (New York specifically I belive) The Red color originally was to be a temporary coat to protect the bridge while a final color could be chosen (the navy suggested yellow/black stripes for visibility reasons) but it was stuck with as the locals were fond of it The Bridge was constructed with an unprecedented (for the time) emphasis on worker safety, to the point as far as I'm aware there was only one fatal accident during construction.
Gregory Parrott
Gregory Parrott 3 aylar önce
14:33 I attended the bridge's 50th anniversary in 1987. When the bridge operators approved the temporary closure to vehicles, they estimated 50,000 would attend. The actual number was estimated at peak, close to 800,000 had come, far more than could even fit on the bridge. You can find photos that show masses of people stretching back on to land, unable to reach the span. I attempted to cross the bridge - end to end. It was so crowded that after two hours, I only made it from the toll booths to mid span. The sag was visible. Could you imagine if the cables snapped, killing several hundred thousand? Even though the bridge held up fine, the bridge operators said they will NOT repeat such an event.
bodybuilder slave
bodybuilder slave Aylar önce
@Cosmosaviatory The bridge operators did some quick calculations and deemed it ok. Not mentioned is that the original concrete roadway and been replaced with steel plating cutting the total weight. If the original roadwaywere still in place it might have been a diffeent story
Gregory Parrott
Gregory Parrott Aylar önce
@Chris V. Four comments here: #1) I simply relayed what was said following the 50th anniversary. Maybe they'll change their mind. But I doubt it. They closed the bridge at something like 4 AM in preparation. As I started walking ~2 miles to the bridge, around 5AM, I was joined by ever growing streams of people. When I got to the bridge, the crowds were already unmanageably huge on both ends. They continued to grow throughout the morning. The bridge was supposed to be closed for just a couple hours. But if I remember right, it was not cleared by noon (long after I left). The lost revenue, potential liability, the added costs for crowd control, standby medical staff, etc., are all concerns, in addition to the crowds again becoming unmanageable. And then, there's the risk of terrorists. No one could possibly install and operate metal/weapons/explosive detectors sufficient to handle crowds of that size, where the venue is a temporarily closed, major highway. #2) Where did you obtain the 4000 lb/ft specification? That seems low given 6 lanes (collectively 62 feet wide) and two 10 foot wide pedestrian walkways. #3) Your math (36M lbs, 4000 lb/ft) implies the bridge is 9000 feet long.That is a distorted value because that includes the approach ramps on both sides, which are separately supported and run to ground at each end. And some of the elevated sections are directly supported by a truss construction to ground. The area of greatest concern is the main span, which is 4200 feet (16,800,000 lb, using your figure) 4) The bridge was visibly distorted - I saw it then and also knew just by the number of people packed into a space normally occupied by a car or truck and the space to the next vehicle's bumper, that it was loaded well beyond what it had ever previously experienced. If I were a bridge operator, I'd not want to exceed the average daily loading, which by my WAG (Wild Ass Guess) would allow less than half as many people. Furthermore, I'd need to ensure that they not be allowed to concentrate at one spot, such as mid span. One saving grace of the extreme overcrowding was that at least the bridge was uniformly overloaded - every square foot was occupied by pedestrians
Chris V.
Chris V. Aylar önce
@Gregory Parrott there’s no reason they shouldn’t. With some planning, you can control the amount of people that are on the bridge at any given moment. The bridge can support 4,000 lbs per foot of length before it starts to buckle, which means the bridge can hold nearly 36 million pounds of material, or a little over 200,000 average people (by American weight standards). The fact that the bridge saw 300,000 and barely buckled is a sign of how incredibly well engineered it is. Future planners can limit the amount of people on the bridge for its 100th anniversary to 100,000 at a time, with some ambulances and police forces along the way to maintain order. It would be a travesty not to celebrate its 100 year anniversary.
Divis Reinassence
Divis Reinassence Aylar önce
Frustrating but that's memorable for sure😄
UNKNOWN shiv Aylar önce
Ukrainium 2 aylar önce
Man, this is really impressive how they thought of all these problems to fix to build such a bridge
Syed Adil
Syed Adil 4 gün önce
Watching this video and gaining such information makes me even more happier being a civil engineer.😊
Elviz G
Elviz G 2 gün önce
Definitely he didn't design it him self .. sucks we don't know who actually was behind this all.. dude probably paid for it 😅😅😅
Frank Biz
Frank Biz Aylar önce
What an amazing video describing this engineering marvel. Thanks for the incredible 3D work you did, it brought it to life.
mista maog
mista maog Aylar önce
Shout-out to the construction workers for risking their lives to make this project a reality
eKstat1c Aylar önce
The absolute most difficult portion of the entire building process was installing the foundations. Underwater. In heavily adverse environmental conditions. With the technology they possessed that has to be one of the greatest feats of construction in human history.
California Mountain Maidu
California Mountain Maidu Aylar önce
It was amazing..and My Grandpa Wallace Flournoy, was the main underwater welder on both the Dumbarton and the GG bridges..he also built his own home in Redwood city and made it earthquake ready, Grandpa used to tell us don't stop on the bridges, keep going .they're not made for stopped traffic...go possible..get across quickly...
Erica Alonzo
Erica Alonzo 2 aylar önce
Man, this is really impressive how they thought of all these problems to fix to build such a bridge
Sandsculptor 6 gün önce
Most of the steel for the GGB was produced by the Bethlehem Steel Company at their various production plants in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Most of the steel was produced at their two steel plants in Pottstown near Philadelphia and Steelton next to Harrisburg, PA. The steel was produced, loaded up on ships and sent to San Francisco via the Panama Canal. In 1969, after my tour of duty in the Vietnam War, my stateside duty as at the 6th Army Aviation Detachment at Crissy Army Airfield in the Army base called The Presidio. My wife and I lived in Sausalito on the north side of the bridge and I worked at Crissy Airfield on the south side of the bridge. So for 17 months I drove across that beautiful bridge two times per day. While I was there I learned that the steel for the bridge was made in my home state of Pennsylvania. That was a cool fact to learn back in 1970. Our Aviation unit used the Crissy Army Airfield for it's base. We flew our twin engine Beechcraft airplanes on various missions and when landing we had to fly right over the GGB exactly in the center (from ocean to bay) and loop around the Bay and land into the wind which usually came in from the ocean (west to east). Those were great times for me and my wife and our daughter who was born in San Francisco. I wish I could be young again and relive those glorious days again...
bluepacificsurf 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the detailed discussion on how the towers were anchored under the sea. This is something I had wondered about for many years.
doug avila
doug avila 2 aylar önce
I appreciate the fact that they saved Fort Point from being demolished. They built an arch right over the fort. It’s rare to see a man made structure blends so well with the natural beauty of the Marin Headlands on the north side and the Presidio on the SF side.
Fredriik Forkbeard
Fredriik Forkbeard 6 gün önce
That arch over Ft Point was conceived and designed by Charles Ellis, the designer of the bridge (and the man who Mr Strauss tried to reduce to obscurity.)
lawrence miller
lawrence miller Aylar önce
Wow it was really insightful to see how the bridge has been constructed it was amazing to see what it took for the bridge to be built
Leo The Asian
Leo The Asian 2 aylar önce
I've always wondered how bridges were made and this video makes it so understandable and entertaining! Keep this up!
Matt 333
Matt 333 3 aylar önce
This man with his engineer colleagues designed this bridge without advanced CAD and simulation programs and computers. Using just pencils, papers and editing tools like rulers and drawing compasses. Today it is still standing there and get the job done, between those harsh environments.
badmaniak 2 aylar önce
And why you need computer for that? This is just basic physics which we learnt at high school (gymnasium). ;) Most of the forces could be count by hand as you saw in the video.
Sanjay Swain
Sanjay Swain 2 aylar önce
@Nallah108 Tell me you have no idea about engineering without telling me you have no idea about engineering.
Iqlal 2 aylar önce
@Airman i used one in collage, before we allowed to used CADs
Genshin 2 aylar önce
@Volatile Memory most people who use that word doesn't know what it means.
Airman 2 aylar önce
I am lucky to see a drafting table in use back in the days
monicawism Aylar önce
I've always wondered how the Golden Gate Bridge was created, and bridges over water in general. Thanks for the video, new subscriber earned.👍
waynerinurmouf Aylar önce
Amazing. We give a lot of attention to ancient monuments like the pyramid of Giza, the great wall of china, and Machu pichu, but I don't think we give modern man enough credit for our amazing works.
YT User
YT User Aylar önce
Excellent illustration and very well explained, thank you for the video!
Doan hoai
Doan hoai Aylar önce
Josh is like the final boss for all game developers, and he is still undefeated.
Vizal 3 aylar önce
It's astonishing how everyday things that surround you and that you normally don't think much about have such ingenious stories behind them!
BrokenHearted 2 aylar önce
Infact the ♾️ atoms all around us have a story as well. Everything.
BrokenHearted 2 aylar önce
I quote you
Aleksandar be together not the same
Aleksandar be together not the same 2 aylar önce
@Vin Calib made by samsung burj Khalifa
Vin Calib
Vin Calib 2 aylar önce
Like burj khalifa
Third Eye Survivor
Third Eye Survivor 2 aylar önce
Syed Shabir Hussain
Syed Shabir Hussain Aylar önce
Outstanding explanation .... And big salute to such brilliant civil engineer 💐🌹
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Aylar önce
The foundation part is really intriguing. Its unbelievable what humans can achieve.
D Aldridge
D Aldridge Gün önce
On vacation with the kids, it was 14 bucks to cross it and an extra 10 bucks for the fine. The camera saw the rear plate fine but the front plate was partially obscured by the kids bike rack. So we got both bills in the mail after getting home because the whole thing is automated and oh so convenient..... for San Francisco. F YOU SAN FRAN 🤬
Project: Moonlight
Project: Moonlight Aylar önce
That 3D rendering was amazing I learned so much about suspension bridges
joob 2 aylar önce
Your animations show frame skipping (stuttery movement). This happens when the render frame rate is not quite the same as the frame rate during editing or export.
Quốc Dương Nguyễn
Quốc Dương Nguyễn 10 gün önce
OMG! Its very easy to understand and interested. I hope that the team can release more. 10 points
jim 2 aylar önce
Great video. Very informative. Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss did a great job. Our physics professor told us about the sagging when the bridge was first opened to the public. It was decided not to order people to leave for fear the order might cause a deadly stampede. Instead, access was limited to the bridge and anyone who left was not allowed to return. Eventually the crowd thinned out and the bridge stopped sagging.
Natasha Barlow
Natasha Barlow Aylar önce
I love this, it takes me back to when I studied Civil Engineering
Vipul Vkfc
Vipul Vkfc 2 aylar önce
I still can't believe when i heard the fact that it took them just 4 years to construct this collosal bridge that too when there wasn't much advancement in technology in 1930s just ridiculous. The engineering at it's best
Hoai diep
Hoai diep Aylar önce
can't believe she willingly played through the game three times, what a hero :(
Joy Ajuluchukwu
Joy Ajuluchukwu 2 aylar önce
Consistently stunned by civil engineering feat. This really is like magic. There's no option for failure.
Datamaster Aylar önce
I appreciate this sort of raw, information rich presentation. As opposed to some bastardized History Channel telling that involves a conspiracy theory on how the support towers were built to be a homing beacon for extra terrestrial craft. Followed by an episode of people getting ripped off on Pawn Stars.
Jit Adhikary
Jit Adhikary 3 aylar önce
Being a civil engineer I really aspire to do such types of projects.
Maalik Serebryakov
Maalik Serebryakov 2 aylar önce
@Aspiring Pilot your mom
Aspiring Pilot
Aspiring Pilot 2 aylar önce
@Maalik Serebryakov who asked for translation?
JayZayProductions 2 aylar önce
Stop being delusional you never will come close, go back to your legos bro
Ashok Fitness
Ashok Fitness 3 aylar önce
@Maalik Serebryakov "hamare" means "our" not "my"
Akshal Gondalia
Akshal Gondalia 3 aylar önce
which college bro ?
Leon AK
Leon AK Aylar önce
What a cleverness and hard work.. amazing!
Dragon tamor
Dragon tamor Aylar önce
The net was called “halfway to hell” because when one worker fell they said that he went to hell. They decided to build the net after one worker died from the fall. People did fall during the built of the Golden Gate Bridge. The people that fell on the net made a group called “half way to hell”. And that’s how the net earned that name
Archangel Macsika
Archangel Macsika 2 aylar önce
This might seem crazy but I actually cried appreciating the genius of human engineering. A lot really do go underappreciated! Your videos make me appreciate life a lot more.
Just10kills 2 aylar önce
what else made you cry?
Sis syl
Sis syl 2 aylar önce
Woahhhh, admiration for the creatorS and engrs, I thought it's just a simple bridge, but actually it was created smartly 😲😲😲😍😍
SelfMade 128
SelfMade 128 3 aylar önce
Amazing! The wisdom knowledge and skill to get this done at that time (1930s) is beyond me! Thank you Lesics for always making these well animated and explained videos!
Jay 3 aylar önce
I'd be interested to know how their process differed from modern computer-aided methods. I wonder if they relied on more scale model testing than we do today, or whether they required more changes after construction had already started.
Moechestra 2 aylar önce
That was so interesting and beautiful, I honestly couldn't stop watching!!
Mharteen Apron
Mharteen Apron Aylar önce
The real engineer who is chiefly responsible for the structural design of the Golden Gate Bridge no other than Charles Alton Ellis, he was not recognized for his work due to a dispute between Joseph Strauss. His contributions were ultimately recognized at the bridge in a plaque installed in 2012.
Claude Vi'Eaul
Claude Vi'Eaul 2 aylar önce
Engineers can still design absolutely anything safely, to withstand static and dynamic loads under the most diverse circumstances, for many decades to come. But after that design phase the project is handed over to pencilpushers that'll take out any and all safety margins to cut costs. As a result, we (engineers) hardly ever get to design buildings and structures to *really* last anymore.... Unlike the Golden Gate Bridge, which has stood for 85 years already, and was designed to last, most newer projects have to last far shorter than that as they need to be economically viable - most buildings get torn down after they economically expire within 30 years at the max. Some falter well before that time, again due to beancounters that sit behind a desk only thinking of ways to save a bit of money - regardless of risk to health or even human lives. Engineering these huge projects used to be fun. We never looked to build another pyramid to stand tall for millennia, but buildings simply should last longer, and be more flexible, sustainable and durable than they are now.
Dawid Opaliński
Dawid Opaliński Aylar önce
It really worked for me after I look and try some tutorials, yours is the one that worked. Owe you a lot.
Carlos Brena
Carlos Brena 3 aylar önce
The production of this video is awesome. Thank you for such a great explanation. This video should be on display for visitors of the bridge. I would have definitely appreciated the bridge even more if I’d seen this video.
Ball Point Penus
Ball Point Penus 2 aylar önce
The construction of the tower foundations is nuts. The amount of material being moved around is just unfathomable
RAm 17 gün önce
Lesics, you are a great explainer ❤️
InjusticeGods_YT 2 aylar önce
Wow never ever thought how complicated bridge building can be
Kawaii Aylar önce
Very well explained, thanks ! 👍
Xavier 3 aylar önce
Amazing! The wisdom knowledge and skill to get this done at that time (1930s) is beyond me! Thank you Lesics for always making these well animated and explained videos!
Let me think
Let me think 2 aylar önce
@Freddy Krueger OKAY?!
Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger 2 aylar önce
ayylmao 2 aylar önce
@Let me think The OG my nigga look him up
Let me think
Let me think 2 aylar önce
ayylmao 2 aylar önce
@Let me think is that cause of what I said or cause of my name
socalxplorer Aylar önce
Amazing story of an engineering feat. Got a chuckle though seeing the traffic going in the wrong direction @ 6:20.
Pssst Aylar önce
Amazing how they'd consider temperature and other environment situations to be considered in order to design the bridge. They just forgot a "Godzilla" proof bridge.
Drake Hurley
Drake Hurley 6 gün önce
Suddenly im alot more confident about my own animations. Jokes aside i get that wasnt the point and this is meant as a detailed explanation of how a structure was made so expending effort on making less stiff character animations would've been useless.
Saeed Al Sahaf
Saeed Al Sahaf 2 aylar önce
Could you please make a video on Bangladesh's Padma Bridge? It was claimed to be the most difficult construction of the country.
Pat Cattin
Pat Cattin 3 aylar önce
My Grandfather (1890 - 1964) wrote a book on the engineering of the bridge contemporarily with its costruction. (1935). He was an engineer for the City of San Francisco. BTW. I don’t think they used roller compacted concrete. I inherited a small piece of one strand of the cable and splice from my mother. The Golden Gate Bridge will always be the standard for beautiful infrastructure. His book is still for sale at the gift shop.
kindlin 2 aylar önce
@J S That sounds redundant to my ears, but there is probably some historical context in there somewhere.
J S 2 aylar önce
@kindlin RC is also known as RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete), they're the same thing
kindlin 2 aylar önce
@Cadet Henderson I've been trying to figure out what he means by RCC. Usually it's just RC, and that's Reinforced Concrete; as in, RC Slab or RC Wall. I knew I had heard RCC before, and you're right, it's Roller Compacted Concrete, and that's definitely not how they made the GGB.
Isaac Malik
Isaac Malik 2 aylar önce
@José Alonso yeah he says it in the video “a needle vibrator” or something
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Dave Haworth
Dave Haworth 2 aylar önce
having visited San Francisco for the first time, I had no idea there is an even bigger double storied bridge on the other side of the city that no one cares about!
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Ya Tha Sone 2 aylar önce
Very good explanation .Very good animation.Thanks for your clear presentation.
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Soumil Sahu
Soumil Sahu 3 aylar önce
Maybe I'm biased, but I don't understand how people complain about the fact that we don't make beautiful monuments anymore. Building something like this bridge is a far more impressive and inspiring feat of the human species.
John Evans
John Evans 2 aylar önce
@Paradoxica it's why public infrastructure is so shoddy nowadays
DoomFinger511 2 aylar önce
@Paradoxica The moment some resource is found in space that can be mined with a reasonable ROI, or if some other country finds a military advantage in space, then we will see all the 1st world countries compete for dominance in space. The technology for landing on the moon was really based on the creation of intercontinental rockets, and the threat Americans felt by seeing the Soviets achieving dominance in that field before them.
Aleksandar be together not the same
Aleksandar be together not the same 2 aylar önce
@Paradoxica dunb American your country is poor 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Paradoxica 3 aylar önce
lol intentionally conflating capitalism of a century ago with neoliberal capitalism. get fucked.
Dirk Becker
Dirk Becker 3 aylar önce
@Paradoxica So it means when the Golden Gate bridge was built there was no capitalism in America? What then, socialism? Modern America can't build such structures because it had to admit that it needs white men to build. BLM and feminists won't do the work.
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so well explained and so interesting. Great video.
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I will now appreciate the engineering every time I see my favorite bridge now! They should do a video on the bay bridge next.
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The power of engineering 💪 👏
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I've been going to San Francisco with my family pretty much since I was born. Now I go on my own. It is a second home to me. It is such an amazing and beautiful city!
Janet Erickson
Janet Erickson Aylar önce
They give Strauss far too much credit here (a common mistake)! Strauss did come up with the concept of bridging the golden gate, and was its chief promoter, a herculean task in itself! However, he primarily designed cantilever bridges and did not have the engineering experience to create the suspension bridge that was built. Charles A. Ellis was the primary engineer.
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summersea _ Aylar önce
is it possible to replace individual pieces of horizontal cables?
Raymond Toy
Raymond Toy 2 aylar önce
What will happen to the monument to Joseph Stmuss remains to be seen, as 70 years after the fact, formal credit has finally been given to what many already knew - that the genius behind one of the greatest engineering feats of the 20rh century was Charles Ellis, a former University of lllinois civil engineering professor. While Strauss indeed was the brains, bravado and main booster behind the construction of rhe bridge, it was Ellis who developed the landmark's graceful form and worked thousands of mathematical calculations to build it.
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James Hoffman 3 aylar önce
13:40 The support wire runner-layer is amazing. You can't find people today to do that kind of work.
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Allan Jock 3 aylar önce
That's false the federal government OSHA won't allow you
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It's amazing it took only 4.5 years to complete the job. No red tape. On the other hand, where I live, it's taken over 20 years, so far, to widen a 25 mile patch of Highway and still counting!!
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The introduction was very helpful, thanks!
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Adam'sAZ Aquatics Aylar önce
Generally speaking, suspended cables are better approximated by hyperbolic functions not parabolic ones
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excellent short documentry, very informative and enjoyable to watch.
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you boy 3 aylar önce
That is why i as civil engineer really fall in love with these kind of mega structures. Only those who worked on structures know how they built it. For normal people it is just bridge to connect with each other but for us it is more than that it is our emotions, our commitment and love to our country.
Woosh Bait
Woosh Bait 2 aylar önce
@mastermind5421 False, depends at what exactly you do and in wich country. I get paid about equal with most engineers, I work more hours officially to be honest, but my friends that are engineers work a lot off the clock, even when they are home. Only disadvantage in my book is that my work is almost always in dusty environment and more physical
mastermind5421 2 aylar önce
@Woosh Bait your not getting paid as much
Woosh Bait
Woosh Bait 2 aylar önce
I'm construction worker, much better and easier work than engineer
HARIS ALI 3 aylar önce
Marv The dog
Marv The dog Aylar önce
fun fact, because of the weathering it takes, the bridge is always in the process of being painted, by the time they have finished from one end to the other, they have to go back and start over again at beginning and paint it again. figure all those years and all those coats of paint. no wonder the main cables look like one solid cable. the painting also prevents rust from developing on the cables.