The BIGGEST Upsets in World Cup History

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Yıl önce

Those are some of the most entertaining World Cup matches. Some close games with close score lines and last minute goals. I hope you enjoy it. Those World Cup matches were huge upsets for some countries and the results were totally unexpected.
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kurt fruth
kurt fruth Yıl önce
I'm not sure why Germany crashing out of the 2018 group stages was such a shock. There is a history of Germans going to Russia unprepared and paying the price.
Martin Foulner
Martin Foulner 6 gün önce
@bla bla glad you said this brother; 20 million Russians died to save the world from Fascism, some things transcend sarcasm.
BboyZoinks 12 gün önce
No dude lol their guy that made their goal winner was out with a rare disease, a couple players retired and they had injured players as well. It wasn’t the same team that played in 2014.
Ric Mel
Ric Mel 13 gün önce
This is the greatest TRshow comment ever
Vaibhav Khosla
Vaibhav Khosla 25 gün önce
Ato Neikha
Ato Neikha Aylar önce
@bla bla 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Gautam Kandarajan
Gautam Kandarajan 6 aylar önce
Germany's victory over Brazil in the 2014 Semi-Finals wasn't a shock. The scoreline was.
Quentin Braban-Avenel
Quentin Braban-Avenel 6 gün önce
I remember when we were discussing who was favorite for this World cup. Brasil and Germany were main contenders. And we often ended up saying : Brasil has Neymar but Germany has a team.
CAM82 10 gün önce
Total fluke, will never happen again
The coach was trash.
Pigs Trotters
Pigs Trotters Aylar önce
It wasn't the reason that Germans were good, they were ....the Brazilians were simply terrible ...their defence looked like they had never met each other at a game. (Even Northern Ireland wouldn't have conceded so many goals that evening)
Lawrence Ma
Lawrence Ma Aylar önce
@impostory The main problem with Brazil was that Neymar and regular Captain Thiago Silva were both out of the match due to injury and suspension respectively, so David Luiz was appointed captain instead. As a result, the Brazilian defence was extremely disorganized (According to Thomas Muller after the match)
Atharv 9 aylar önce
we must not forget what a monster van persie was.
Kator Prince
Kator Prince 4 aylar önce
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Kane 4 aylar önce
@Nick Kwach what about cruyff
Red Nad
Red Nad 4 aylar önce
I never did
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman 5 aylar önce
Nero Claudius
Nero Claudius 5 aylar önce
@Ks Pro7 excuse me? Can you see who help the most for mu to get trophy in 2012/2013
Francesco M
Francesco M 6 aylar önce
"world cup history"=the last 3 world cups
markknof1 6 gün önce
@Tommy L. Day and the Runaways Korea in the Korea and Japan world cup eliminating Portugal, Italy and Spain, with the referee scandals.
Seth Pae
Seth Pae Aylar önce
@yogurtlite nah, millennial history would at least include the 90's.
Gabriel Dodds
Gabriel Dodds 3 aylar önce
Are you saying that the past 10 years dont count as history?
open pogba
open pogba 3 aylar önce
El Indio
El Indio 4 aylar önce
Don't you know? Football only started with Messi and Ronaldo era
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques 10 aylar önce
The biggest upset was in 2002, France came in as reigning champions, finished fourth in group stage and didn't even score a single goal.
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques Aylar önce
@Roy Gato is that so? why 2006?
Roy Gato
Roy Gato Aylar önce
Well, this video taught me that history only started in 2006, so that never happened what you said.
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques 4 aylar önce
@Robert Verten In a world cup there's no such thing as luck, it's how you prepare your team. And somtimes the best players are not fit for the competition. So if you stil choose unfit players, who's fault is it? Luck?
MaegnasMw 4 aylar önce
He wasn't born yet, leave the kid alone!
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques 4 aylar önce
@Randy Millhouse yes better not
Boris Stankovic
Boris Stankovic Yıl önce
The biggest upset was when Italy come to world cup 2010 to defend a title and they were last in group with Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zeland
El Indio
El Indio 4 aylar önce
Yes but they were an old team in decline
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha 5 aylar önce
@EvoZore The overtime was prolonged because of the VAR review during overtime
EvoZore 5 aylar önce
@Vik Sinha That is clearly a red card and penalty but referee didn't want to see neither the one nor the other. Watch the Link of the game against South Corea where you see that the overtime was from 6 minutes prolonged to in total 9 minutes only to help Germany to score.
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha 5 aylar önce
@EvoZore That’s the one I’m talking about; he should have had a yellow for that ad Sweden should have had a penalty. And the stoppage time wasn’t 10 minutes originally; 3 minutes were added because of the VAR review
EvoZore 5 aylar önce
​@Vik Sinha 10 min. overtime was completely exaggerated and only because Germany needed time to score...unfortunately for them, they weren't able and conceded a second goal to South Corea. Don´t forget that the first goal was initially not given to South Corea and only thanks to VAR this time Germany was not again supported as it happened many times in the past (handball on goal line from Frings against US WC 2002, England´s draw from Lampard not given WC 2010 etc.)
George Master
George Master 7 aylar önce
Italy 2010 eliminated from an easy group stage after being 2006 champions
MaegnasMw 4 aylar önce
He wasn't born yet, leave the kid alone!
Joel Betancourt
Joel Betancourt 5 aylar önce
@Bill Cosby not always, historically they didn’t past the group staged back in England 66 and in the first World Cup in Uruguay 1930, but in the last 5 decades different story.
Raungel Marlance
Raungel Marlance 5 aylar önce
Don't forget France easily eliminated too in group stage in 2002
Moritz Guderian
Moritz Guderian 5 aylar önce
@we have the meats the curse italy summoned lives on
Moritz Guderian
Moritz Guderian 5 aylar önce
@we have the meats true but it ended
Miklós Lipcsey
Miklós Lipcsey Yıl önce
1966: North Korea:Italy 1:0 1950: USA:England 1:0 Now these were monumental upsets!
asudu 2 gün önce
@Felipe Furquim not an upset?? Maracanazo was the biggest upset in football history, Uruguay reigned during 1916-1930, in 1950 Brazil were not only the hosts but the favorites to win and BY FAR Even Jules Rimet had prepared a speech in portuguese congratulating the brazilians
FakeComedy and TheAbsurd
FakeComedy and TheAbsurd Aylar önce
@John Burns 2:1, but this is the biggest upset ever, and it still stands as such. Also the smallest country ever which won the WC.
El Indio
El Indio 4 aylar önce
1974 East Germany-West Germany 1-0 1982 Algeria:West Germany 2-1 1982 Northern Ireland:Spain 1-0
Adam Harris
Adam Harris 5 aylar önce
North korea old football team was good actually.
Nathan Little
Nathan Little 5 aylar önce
Cameroon v Argentina?
Jackson's Life
Jackson's Life 6 aylar önce
you don’t need to say “and no one expected this” after every clip💀
colin afobe
colin afobe Aylar önce
he doesnt need to say anything really. it is just annoying
Fart Squirel
Fart Squirel 3 aylar önce
now that's a "huge shock"
Audel LaRoque
Audel LaRoque 5 aylar önce
Yeah, exactly. Does this guy think we don’t know what an upset is? Lmao
Hugo Robledo
Hugo Robledo 5 aylar önce
I was not expecting him to say "and no one expected this" after every clip, maybe that's what he meant, lol
LightningFN 5 aylar önce
luis perez
luis perez 10 aylar önce
Such a shame that Brandt hit the post twice in crucial moments, I was devastated
Lucas Nauan
Lucas Nauan Yıl önce
Korea’s keeper doesn’t get enough credit for that performance against Germany. Absolute brilliance.
The new 2021. (WHO IS THE BEST) Gerrard or Totti 😱😱 👉
TvBox Papak
TvBox Papak 5 aylar önce
Same opinion 💯💯He was an banger against Germany.
Danna Rodriguez
Danna Rodriguez 5 aylar önce
@Vik Sinha Men your everywhere... Atleast Messi won and never choked this time....
VigilantColt 5 aylar önce
And the Mexican also
M E 6 aylar önce
No Korean player will ever get enough credit the way their 12th man Byron Moreno got against Italy in 2002. He was their man of the tournament. So much so, the Italians have public toilets named after him 😂😂😂
Matt G
Matt G 9 aylar önce
Weird that you left out France in 2002: reigning champions; crashed out at the group stage with one draw and two losses, having scored - wait for it - zero goals! That was a much more embarrassing upset than 2010.
masija whiskey
masija whiskey 7 aylar önce
2:25 should've shown a bit more in front. Son ran 55m in 5.5 seconds after full 90mins + 6 overtime mins. Monster
DarkLordDiablos 10 aylar önce
Considering the final four of 2018 had only two World Cup wins between them and taking into account how well all four teams had played upto that point, the final could have very easily had no previous World Cup winners in it. The French only won their match against Belgium by one goal, so if Belgium had managed to equalise and the score a second the final would have been them vs Croatia leaving England to play France for third place which would have been just as entertaining as what we actually got.
Jordan Booth
Jordan Booth 9 aylar önce
England losing 1-0 to United States at the 1950 World Cup was seen as an absolute calamity for England, who had professionals inc the great Stanley Matthews, losing to a team of part timers and ultimately amateurs, easily one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history
michael lamb
michael lamb Aylar önce
Mathews did not play in this game. Finney, Mortenson, Wright , Mannion, Wright and Alf Ramsey, among others should have seen them off.
Juan Elorriaga
Juan Elorriaga 2 aylar önce
Yeah but it seems this video was recent cups I guess be nice if they went back further there were bigger upsets. but that 1-0 was just unbelievable
Inglês Fluente
Inglês Fluente 9 aylar önce
9:38 - there are NINE brazilian players on the box and Germany still managed to score.
MercuryTH 6 aylar önce
Not to mention Neymar and Thiago silva weren’t playing
rivahkillah 6 aylar önce
Calling that game an upset isn't realistic though. Brazil was lucky to get that far. Sure, nobody expected a blowout like that, but it was hardly an upset.
L0rdm0k0 6 aylar önce
Once upon a time we germans were good at the game. Now Jogi Löw is going and it hopefully gets better again.
Marcos Augusto
Marcos Augusto 6 aylar önce
@bigboymatthew The whole team was shit lol
bigboymatthew 7 aylar önce
@[recently changed] I thought Someone was gonna copy what they did to Andres Escobar I would prefer that own goal over David Luiz performance that day
Charlie Kember
Charlie Kember 8 aylar önce
That Germany defence at 2:15 was absolutely shocking, 5 people just standing there watching
bigboymatthew 7 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate that Kroos assist
Arnolds Baltnēģeris
Arnolds Baltnēģeris 6 aylar önce
When we look at these upsets by Spain in 2014 and Germany in 2018 from today's point of view, it seems that it was just a logic end of their periods of reigning. Both Spain and Germany have gone downwards since then and have not really showed champion performance.
Gio Kandemir
Gio Kandemir 9 aylar önce
France going out in 2002 was much bigger of an upset than 2010. Everyone knew the team was in turmoil at South Africa, news were coming in the leading up to the world cup on how the French players were having issues with Domenech .
batistalift 10 aylar önce
It's very common for the reigning champion to get completely stomped. It happened in 4 of the last 5 world cups.
Julia G
Julia G 6 aylar önce
I only can imagine what was happening in Brasil. Most titular team , in they own home, lost with such indecent score. Total humiliation
Amito Kamble
Amito Kamble 6 aylar önce
That Goal from Van Persie is still one of the Greatest goals in a World Cup
Roman Walter
Roman Walter 6 aylar önce
Truly. So unique and spectacular.
Sunny Jim
Sunny Jim 6 aylar önce
As an England fan I can't decide whether I'm relieved or insulted by this list. :-/
Psycho CeD
Psycho CeD Yıl önce
The 7-1 was the most heartbreaking, the goals came so fast and so easy
Paolo Martinelli
Paolo Martinelli Aylar önce
@Gerhard Smith One thing for sure,they are arrogant.
Robin Red
Robin Red 3 aylar önce
Many people said Germany was playing on another level. I don't agree with that. It was just Brazils defence was so badly organized it was just easy for the Germans. Like the Brazilians played a third class team could have beaten them. You don't have to agree with me, it's just my opinion.
jan deve
jan deve 6 aylar önce
Their best striker (Naymar)and best defender and captain (Thiago Silva) out off the game. Otherwise it would be tight game.
Psycho CeD
Psycho CeD 6 aylar önce
@Sal Maccarrone i guess u'll support Argentina If you ever will you welcome
Sal Maccarrone
Sal Maccarrone 6 aylar önce
I could watch that 24/7. I hate Brazil and their arrogant "we are better than everybody else" fans.
Omakoma 3 aylar önce
Another huge upset was the lost semi-final for germany in 2006. The atmosphere in the country was like the chancellor died for weeks. But I think that has something to do with the fact, that they acted like they´ll definately win 4 years prior.
Cesar Augusto
Cesar Augusto 24 gün önce
Alemanha ja sabia que não deveria ganhar de novo em 2018. Entregaram na fase inicial e foram ver a copa em casa com a família. Bem melhor que nossa vergonha de 2014.
French_Toast3 6 aylar önce
That mexico vs germany was amazing. It was the first game of the wc so i didnt know how they would play, ochoa was clutch and the goal from lozano was a beauty
NemoNobody2092 6 aylar önce
That korea game was a classic. They are an underrated team.
Morning Calm Rising Sun
Morning Calm Rising Sun 2 aylar önce
@Welcome to MarsKorea Quarter finalists in 2002
Welcome to Mars
Welcome to Mars 3 aylar önce
@I Love Food best Korea was 2010.
I Love Food
I Love Food 5 aylar önce
@Nazim Idk from how long u are watching football but check their WC stats
Nazim 5 aylar önce
@I Love Food yeah, there 2010 was lucky
Welcome to Mars
Welcome to Mars 5 aylar önce
Korea reached round of 16 in WC 2010.
Lalit Karpurapu
Lalit Karpurapu Yıl önce
Obviously they haven’t heard of the champions curse
Kaizen Ryan
Kaizen Ryan 4 aylar önce
What the hell is champions curse Is there some higher power who curses team to not win in the upcoming tournaments.
Alexandre M.
Alexandre M. 6 aylar önce
The curse started with France and will end with France in Qatar next year
YoungDC 9
YoungDC 9 6 aylar önce
@cornflaq the champions curse only happens to European teams
no name
no name Yıl önce
@Zuhair Mustafa oh forgot about that one
Zuhair Mustafa
Zuhair Mustafa Yıl önce
@no name uruguay winning the first two ever world cups?
Richard Walker
Richard Walker 8 aylar önce
The Brazil / Germany match was a semi-final - hardly a massive shock that Brazil lost it; someone had to. What was astounding was the manner of the loss, the shear magnitude of the score-line. Then again, Germany's capacity for taking weak opposition to the cleaners was well known.
Rich Barnett
Rich Barnett Aylar önce
I'm not Brazilian but that was honestly one of the saddest games of football I've ever seen. Brazil were shocking from the get go but to be humiliated like that at home? Man, that was savage. They basically lost the game in the first half hour. I think it was telling that the German players stopped celebrating when they realised that they were flogging a dead horse.
Miguel 316 / Juegos en Español
Miguel 316 / Juegos en Español 6 aylar önce
The goalie of Korea had a lot of prominence in his selection, the shortcuts he made, should have more fame and support
AlexFromPhoenix 11 aylar önce
Both Germany and Brazil were strong contenders. It wasn’t really an upset. More like a surprisingly one-sided match.
asudu 2 gün önce
As a colombian our biggest upset was 1994 WC, we started as one of the favorites even if we didn't have much history, we beat former runner-up Argentina 5-0 in their own home. That's something that has never happened before and I don't think will repeat any time soon. We were knocked out before finishing our last game, losing 3-1 against Romania and 2-1 against the US (with the tragic story of Andrés Escobar own goal which ended up getting him killed by the mafia) After that, we qualified to 1998 (eliminated in group stages again) and we had to wait 16 years to qualify to another world cup and have another golden generation in 2014
XLRAshon Yıl önce
Germany in 2018 was probably this biggest failure. After winning 2014 with the majority of their starters returning AND a year earlier winning the confederations cup with their B team. They should have easily made the quarter finals at least
Tony 1595
Tony 1595 11 aylar önce
Lo de Brasil en 2014 no fue sorpresa , Alemania era mil veces superior línea por línea, solo los pusieron en su realidad por qué Brasil se creía campeón
Aloha 7 aylar önce
The biggest upset happened in 1954 when West Germany defeated the six-years unbeaten team of Hungary.
Welcome to Mars
Welcome to Mars 14 gün önce
@Noel Müller well said, he's an Italian hater, I said so much, but ignore him.
Noel Müller
Noel Müller Aylar önce
@EvoZore thats Not True it Never has been confirmed
Aloha 2 aylar önce
@EvoZore - Puskas said after the game that they could not rest before the game because there was a band near to the hotel playing loud music all night!..
Aloha 2 aylar önce
@MaegnasMw - Well said!..
suban subba
suban subba 2 aylar önce
East Germany upset knowing that
Revenant Gün önce
Germany scored more goals in the first 45 minutes of their 2014 campaign than they did in their entire 2018 one.
Ben Bacharach
Ben Bacharach Yıl önce
I love how Piqué’s like, “bro, look at the replay, no way that was a pen” and then it shows the replay and it’s the most blatant handball you’ll ever see
bigboymatthew 7 aylar önce
@Uzo Design thats clearly intentional come on
Miguel Porras
Miguel Porras 8 aylar önce
He thought Ovrebo was the referee...
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz Yıl önce
@J Luis Suárez
Dm dMinoc
Dm dMinoc Yıl önce
@Uzo Design very intentional handball, pique raised his arms to be bigger, should have been a yellow card at the least.
Keith Hiew
Keith Hiew Yıl önce
They all do that. As if the referee ever changes his mind just because someone wagged his finger.
Hasan Matloob
Hasan Matloob 6 aylar önce
South Korea knocking out Italy and Spain in 2002 World Cup in Round of 16 and Quarter finals respectively was a HUGE HUGE deal.
Capez 6 aylar önce
This video brought back some memories as a Dutch.seeing sneider and van perrsie aswell as robben knowing he is retiring this year
Förnamn Efternamn
Förnamn Efternamn 9 aylar önce
I know this wasn’t world cup but Iceland vs England was one of the most enjoyable matches for me to watch ever
Simon Fox
Simon Fox 6 aylar önce
It was the day Iceland became loved around the world! 😃
Woah Saysthebear
Woah Saysthebear Aylar önce
Love the video man, only one I’d disagree with is the France 2010 one. France we’re lucky to even make the tournament, Thierry Henry blatant handball vs Ireland in ET of a WC qualifying playoff game. Before the tournament one of the Ireland players said he didn’t think France were anything special, and that Ireland would have done better than them. Maybe he was right!
Timmy Plenty
Timmy Plenty Yıl önce
I would have thought Italy finishing 4th in a group with Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand in 2010 would be a bigger upset
1923gino Aylar önce
@13muller Yes totally agree with you.Lippi kept faith in the squad of 2006 and paid the price.
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques 10 aylar önce
The biggest upset was in 2002, France came in as reigning champions, finished fourth in group stage and didn't even score a single goal.
Adeola Plumptre
Adeola Plumptre 10 aylar önce
Apologies ' a big upset'.
Adeola Plumptre
Adeola Plumptre 10 aylar önce
That was big upset too which was not mentioned. Along with France crashing out in 2002 and then they had two strikers who were amongst the highest goal scorers in England and Italy in Thierry Henry and David Trezguet and yet goals were hard to come by.
Alessandro B
Alessandro B Yıl önce
I'm Italian and I agree.
AKILLIEZ 24 9 aylar önce
Watching in 2021, love how the upsets are mostly done by my country. Aka Mexico!🇲🇽
Momo Z.
Momo Z. 7 aylar önce
Love the energy the mexicans always bring to the world cup, truly vibrant performances Much love from an algerian
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 7 aylar önce
Cameroon over Italy (1990) and Senegal over France (2002). Defending champs going down to lightly rated African sides in the opening game of the Cups. Definitely some recency bias here.
Damian Cisneros
Damian Cisneros 6 aylar önce
Damn i remember watching that south korea vs germany 2018 match (im a mexico fan) so i can really say all mexico fans were cheering hoping korea beat germany even during the mexico vs sweden match ppl were looking on their phones checking the score 😂😂
Michael Falkner
Michael Falkner 9 aylar önce
1-7 was fixed. Watch that game closely, if you can find a full broadcast of it. Germany knew something was up, because they, honestly, could've scored twelve to fifteen goals that day and shut it down and still potted seven.
Mukhlis Aqeel
Mukhlis Aqeel Yıl önce
Where is zidane's 2002 france team??? They won it in 1998 and knocked out from the group stage 4 years later without scoring a goal
JTR 10 aylar önce
2002 France too? Jesus Christ that's 4 out of the last 5 WC Champions losing in the group stages the following tournament (1998 France, 2006 Italy, 2010 Spain, and 2014 Germany)
Bharat Barta
Bharat Barta 10 aylar önce
Crudy Barfy
Crudy Barfy Yıl önce
biggest upsets in world cup history: 1950- uruguay 2 x 1 brazil & usa 1 x 0 england 1966 - north korea 1 x 0 italy 1982 - algeria 2 x 1 germany 1986- denmark 2 x 0 germany 1990- cameroon 1 x 0 argentina 1994- bulgaria 2 x 1 germany 1998- nigeria 3 x 2 spain & croatia 3 x 0 germany 2002 - senegal 1 x 0 france & usa 3 x 2 portugal 2010- slovakia 3 x 2 italy 2014- costa rica 1 x 0 italy 2018- mexico 1 x 0 germany & south korea 2 x 0 germany 2022- ???
Bathic Yıl önce
@Rampage_Roar 3 top scorers of french, english and italian championship, (Cissé, Henry, Trezeguet). Injuries of zidane , a great Pires who torn ACL a couple of months before. Not age but bad luck and bad coach...
Emmanuel Uwaifo
Emmanuel Uwaifo Yıl önce
@Seb Inho yes Brazil had to win. Fenomeno was probably poisoned as he had convulsion after lunch. He's name was omitted from d team and later included. Brazil would have won had all things been equal
Juan Ron
Juan Ron 6 aylar önce
Hay 2 cosas seguras en esta vida, México pasa de fase grupos asi le toque un grupo con Alemania, Brasil y Francia...y la segunda es que México pierde en octavos asi le toque con Islas Fiji o San Marino :'v
Gabriel Alexander
Gabriel Alexander 9 aylar önce
Costa Rica's 2014 cup was outstanding, they deserved to reach semifinals
Lauta Mn
Lauta Mn Yıl önce
Argentina in 2002, out in group stage. Argentina ended first in the qualifiers with 43 points.
J.J.C.S 8 aylar önce
A feast of split infinitives! How do you 'absolutely destroy' the opposition? A huge upset! LOL!
Alexander Mendeyev
Alexander Mendeyev Yıl önce
For me Group F was the most competitive Group from this World Cup. Everyone lost at least one game, won one game and got beaten at least one time. México beat the fuck out of Germany but got beaten brutally by Sweeden, Germany beat Sweeden easily and lost to Korea. Korea lost to México and Sweeden but defeat Germany. It was the final stage of the Group and even with 2 victories México was nearly out of the competition. Group F surely was brutal.
creatyourgoogleaccount tocontinuetoyoutube
creatyourgoogleaccount tocontinuetoyoutube 7 aylar önce
Germany, México, Sweden neglected ROK, after the draw for a league. ROK team was on the defensive against México, Sweden and the coach did not use HeungMin Son well tactically. Grazie mille. Buona giornata^^;
Jimmy Schwartzman
Jimmy Schwartzman 9 aylar önce
It's Sweden, not "Sweeden".
Squad 11
Squad 11 9 aylar önce
@Toto 1 oh I forgot about Roul Gimienez, thanks
Toto 1
Toto 1 9 aylar önce
@Squad 11 Raul Jimenez and Lozano are pretty much the only real good players Mexico has, maybe Corona and herrera also but the first 2 I named are the best by far.
Squad 11
Squad 11 9 aylar önce
@Toto 1 or quarter finals. They are good as a national team but what good players do they have, I don’t know any except Lozano
Troye Akb
Troye Akb 10 aylar önce
Germany squad was insane but their results were quite opposite 😂
Welcome to Mars
Welcome to Mars 3 aylar önce
Go great Germany.
Welcome to Mars
Welcome to Mars 3 aylar önce
@Troye Akb It would be better to let the 2017 Confederations Cup squad go to the 2018 World Cup, I find Germany's 2018 "A" team playing even more boring than Germany at Euro 2000😭. I really really only hope that Germany will come back like the 2014 FIFA World Cup, let's go Germany.
Welcome to Mars
Welcome to Mars 3 aylar önce
@Troye Akb now Germany is coming back ;)
Troye Akb
Troye Akb 3 aylar önce
@Welcome to Mars Someone just tell this blud over here that I was saying about the fuc*ing zero chemistry in bt the players
Troye Akb
Troye Akb 3 aylar önce
@Welcome to Mars Ain't that a good squad? Ffs don't tell me no
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor 9 aylar önce
This list is incomplete without New Zealand’s 1-1 draw against Italy
olusegun okuboyejo
olusegun okuboyejo 9 aylar önce
Now let me give you two upsets that involve African teams and traditional world cup favourites. First, Cameroun beating defending champions, Argentina 1-0 at Italia 90. Secondly, Nigeria beating Spain 3-2 at France 98.
Tom S.
Tom S. 7 aylar önce
Brazil losing to Germany wasn't an upset. Brazil losing to Germany 1-7 was, especially with the collapse in the first half.
Bruce Hoo Fung
Bruce Hoo Fung Yıl önce
Brazil's loss to Germany wasn't exactly an upset, what's upsetting was that Germany eased up from scoring more goals on them...
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza 8 aylar önce
@LoLo the Lop "oh he's being an asshole, let me be an asshole too"
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcia 9 aylar önce
@Krullespam The future greatest scorer in the world
Krullespam 9 aylar önce
@Enzo Garcia Sorry, Enzo. While Google translate may be able to help me a bit to translate what you're saying, it does not convey any meaning I can grasp.
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcia 9 aylar önce
Krullespam 9 aylar önce
@Fernando Cunha Fear of Vikings?
Luis Salas
Luis Salas 9 aylar önce
A peculiar case is Perú. In all the 5 World Cups it has participated on, it has always played against the country that would eventually win that tournament. 1930 vs Uruguay, 1970 vs Brazil, 1978 vs Argentina, 1982 vs Italy and 2018 vs France.
E. Carter Uslabar
E. Carter Uslabar 9 aylar önce
To be fair, Pique has gotten away with a lot of handballs in his days... He had that one v Russia coming.
Thank you for prociding us with this nice video. How about Bulgaria winning 2:1 against Germany in 1994 it is a shock as well.
Maoulida Daoudou
Maoulida Daoudou 9 aylar önce
France’s performance in Korea/Japan 2002 is a memorable one as well.
Bloodyoungh 6 aylar önce
So we‘re not gonna talk about Italy 2010 becoming last in their group as reigning Champion behind Slovakia, Paraguay and New Zealand without a win? Ok then…
prateek singh
prateek singh 2 aylar önce
You forgot to mention Italy. They were also knocked out from group stage in 2010 world cup after winning 2006 fifa WC.
Aritra Dattagupta
Aritra Dattagupta 3 aylar önce
Good video - no loud background score, precise and to the point. Thank you.
Anthony Uchello
Anthony Uchello 2 aylar önce
All those games brought back some great memories. But I still can't believe Brazil got slaughtered like that.
LeagueOfM0zezz Yıl önce
Frances 2010 was not an upset in the slightest, the whole build up to world cup was a complete and utter disaster for the French national team constant fighting and ignoring the coaching staff everyone knew in the build up France were going to tank.
Zidir Kran
Zidir Kran 10 aylar önce
Normal Anelka is a bad men
Crudy Barfy
Crudy Barfy Yıl önce
france had also qualified qualified on a fluke....
slowbros Yıl önce
b Yıl önce
@Sean gallagher ça reste un héro pour nous, il nous a sauvé d'un été sans coupe du monde
Sean gallagher
Sean gallagher Yıl önce
Don't forget Henry's hand of god moment in the playoff. Still salty about that one
Renato Toma
Renato Toma Aylar önce
I was particularly HAPPY with the elimination of Germany because the "victory" against Sweden was an obvious theft with a biased referee who had to blow the Penalty and exclude the black German player directly. (Unquestionable foul) And as luck would have it, he gave as many minutes as needed to score the 2-1. Against Korea, we give 4 minutes of extra time + and we were still playing in the 96th minute !. There was nevertheless a sporting justice because Sweden finished first in the group and Mexico second: logical.
MaiAolei Yıl önce
I (German) worked in Mexico in 2018 and after the first two games for both teams we had an arrangement to watch GER-KOR and SWE-MEX which went on simultaneously. My Mexican colleagues were quite relaxed, having two wins, but as Sweden began destroying them, and the goal difference started to matter, one of them turned around and said to me: "Sorry, but we are supporting South Korea now." I never really liked anyone there quite the same after that.
Egert Indres
Egert Indres 9 aylar önce
Just saying, but 2010 France definitely wasn't among the favorites - players and head coach at the time were in a damn war with one another, which pretty much just destroyed the team from inside
Soumyadeep Ghosh
Soumyadeep Ghosh Yıl önce
Spain had a really good team from 2008-12. Otherwise have been mediocre at best
BUDO Yıl önce
You forgot to add: *World Cup 2018: Italy failed to qualify. Was a huge shock*
Ishan Arora
Ishan Arora 6 aylar önce
And now they won Euro 2021
bigboymatthew 7 aylar önce
netherlands as well
the walker caçador de petralhas
the walker caçador de petralhas 10 aylar önce
*argentina and france 2002,italy 2014*
DonPrimon 11 aylar önce
@Gerry C Italy has a great team right now, young talents like Donnarumma, Chiesa, Zaniolo, and Barella. Quality players like Insigne, Verratti, Acerbi, Jorginho and last year golden boot Immobile. Of course Italy is not one of the favorites but after 2018 distaster I'm sure Italy will definitely do fine.
Kele Alfred-Igbokwe
Kele Alfred-Igbokwe Yıl önce
Netherlands too!
Jose Gamboa
Jose Gamboa 5 aylar önce
Another one was when Costa Rica destroyed Italy, Uruguay and England in 2014 and finished at the quarter finals, remaining undefeated in reglamentary time.
shivang singh
shivang singh 6 aylar önce
for most of the goals in 2014 brazil vs germany only 2 3 players were in defense for brazil when germany attacks
Juan Pablo Esparza
Juan Pablo Esparza 10 aylar önce
You forgot to add: 2002 World Cup: France, being the World Champions in 1998... losing to Senegal, 1-0 draws to Uruguay, 0-0 losing to Denmark, 2-0
Michael 10 aylar önce
One thing that was clear from the last world cup was the teams doing well were full of younger players.
Centaurian Mapping
Centaurian Mapping Yıl önce
you’re honestly forgetting costa rica’s entire run in 2014 or ghana’s run in 2010, my god it feels like african, asian, and north american teams are often neglected when it comes to world cups.
Wolf Boy
Wolf Boy 5 aylar önce
@Lawrence Jr nope. That goes to oceana and Asia
MVOH Yıl önce
Centaurian Mapping Costa Rica is Central America yo
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla Yıl önce
@Jorge Espinoza sorry but Mexico has never been a serious candidate for the title. Biggest upsets are when big favorites are knocked out. Like Spain, Germany or Brazil.
Bikram Singh
Bikram Singh Yıl önce
First you have to check the dictionary to find out difference between surprising/unexpected and upsets..the things you mentioned were pleasent unexpected surprises not upsets
Omar Al kayal
Omar Al kayal Yıl önce
It’s not that we are neglected but I guess the European squads are much better so they get all the attention
SKL418 7 aylar önce
“Nobody expected this”. Yeah that’s what an upset is Sherlock
Powered Sugar
Powered Sugar 6 aylar önce
KaNawogirusa 9 aylar önce
For me 2010 spain was so boring, they won all their games by one goal, I was glad to see them lose against the dutchs in 2014
Voltage272 10 aylar önce
As a Mexican American and a Mexico supporter, I’m happy that we were able to beat them. However, I think South Korea against Germany was an even bigger upset. I remember watching both games. Mexico fans were confused as hell during the S. Korea vs Germany game lol.
Jay McCormick
Jay McCormick 9 aylar önce
Brazil 1-7 Germany is not the biggest upset ever. At the time it was entirely possible Germany would win, it just so happens they produced a freak result, not an upset
Don Leon
Don Leon Yıl önce
While Brazil's lost to Germany was an embarrassment, it was hardly an upset.
jsprite123 5 aylar önce
@Lucas Major At least you had a true player, Ronaldo. Now Brazil has that clown Neymar, all he knows is to roll on the grass in "pain" when someone breathes on him...
Felipe Furquim
Felipe Furquim 6 aylar önce
@Baki Hanma since 1994
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma 7 aylar önce
@burningpencils not really it looks like Argentina always lose big matches since 2010
bigboymatthew 7 aylar önce
I mean i really expected Germany to win
Vadim Ast Projects
Vadim Ast Projects 10 aylar önce
I agree. No way this was an upset.
lazaro fdez
lazaro fdez 11 aylar önce
Germany is my favorite team, since child. I didn’t believe it, but I love them anyway.
stuhar65 5 aylar önce
That van persie header still one of my favorite goals iv'e ever seen
Morphin Martian
Morphin Martian 9 aylar önce
1978 - Scotland 3 runners up elect Netherlands 2 1982 - hosts Spain 0 Northern Ireland 1; West Germany 1 Algeria 2; Italy 3 Brazil 2 1990 - Cameroon 1 holders Argentina 0 1994 - USA 2 Colombia 1; Bulgaria 2 Germany 1 2002 - holders France 0 Senegal 1; South Korea's run to the semi finals (Italy 2-1; Spain 0-0 winning penalty shootout) 2006 - Ghana 2 Czech Republic 0 2010 - Switzerland 1 champions elect Spain 0, Slovakia 3 holders Italy 2 2014 - Costa Rica run to the quarter finals unbeaten in normal time (510 minutes), winning the group (Uruguay 3-1, Italy 1-0 & a 0-0 draw against England), knocked out by Netherlands in a penalty shootout after a 0-0 draw
George TheTechBoy
George TheTechBoy 6 aylar önce
what about France 2002? After winning the 1998 cup, they went home in Group stage without scoring a goal
Rhinou/jakey888 Yıl önce
2006: World champion Italy 2010: Italy sucks, world champion Spain 2014: Spain sucks, world champion Germany 2018: Germany sucks, world champion France I wonder how France will do in 2022 :)
Furqan Hameed
Furqan Hameed Aylar önce
France sucks , someone else as a champion
Hagi Hayu Siwi
Hagi Hayu Siwi 6 aylar önce
brazil the only one survive of curse on 2000's year wc edition, having won their 2002, and then reach quarterfinal after loss to france...the rest of 2000's WC edition all of defending champion ruined at group stage...
Phoenix 6 aylar önce
@Ariel Orthmann yeah England suck even though they've just gotten to a euros final
Ariel Orthmann
Ariel Orthmann 6 aylar önce
@Phoenix doubt as england sucks
Rafael Dwell Dos Santos
Rafael Dwell Dos Santos 6 aylar önce
@Alabaster Stone they were... They came as Fifa World cup 1998 : Champion European cup 2000 : Champion Fifa Confideration cup 2001 : Champion And at that time.. Epl top scorer : Henry Ligue 1 top scorer : Cisse Serie a top scorer : Trezeguet And they went home without a single goal..last place of their group..totally tragic
Abhilekha Das
Abhilekha Das 6 aylar önce
Now that's called a World cup curse. Reigning champions thrashed at group stage🤷🏻‍♀️
rémi Chartier
rémi Chartier Yıl önce
I am French and believe me what happened in South Africa was awful for everybody. It remains until today. The players did not show any respect nor dignity.
alex grtz
alex grtz 6 aylar önce
I don´t think that the upset for Brazil was to loose as the Host of the World Cup but to loose 1-7 .
Hannah Hägg
Hannah Hägg 5 aylar önce
Sweden won the group 2018 with 6 points, Mexico with 6 points in second, South Korea with 3 points in third and last last place Germany with 3 points. People expected Germany to win the group Sweden in second Mexico in third and South Korea in last but some how Germany underperformed massively and came 4:th. Remember that Germany could have lost against Sweden. Germany manged to win after Sweden had a miss by Marcus Berg, a goal by ola toivonen and the bad tackle by Jimmy durmaz from the back on Werner which made it so toni kroos could score the 2-1 goal for germany after 90 mins played and the only points for Germany. Sweden could even have won 2-1 over Germany. Which would have made it so Germany would have had 0 points.
Death Stroke
Death Stroke Yıl önce
"they're all gonna score at this rate" Lmao, the best commentary ever
stingersplash 6 aylar önce
@KingJohnson1985 not this guy. He didn't commentate for BBC or ITV.
stingersplash 6 aylar önce
He's a terrible commentator. He didn't even do the commentary live he just recorded it for the DVD so none of his lines were off the cuff live. He pretended to be watching live!
KingJohnson1985 8 aylar önce
@Peter Crouch i loved the english live commentary of this match...they guy brings joke after joke xD
Peter Crouch
Peter Crouch 9 aylar önce
The commentary throughout the match was like this...
Fran Tot
Fran Tot 10 aylar önce
Germany Braziled Brazil lol
working in the well
working in the well 9 aylar önce
How was France in 2010. already out after 2 games? They still had chance to go through. That team fell apart under Domenech
Charles Dalmas
Charles Dalmas Yıl önce
I disagree that Germany were the underdogs in 2014. They were the best team in WC history in 2014. Although, 7-1 WAS unexpected.
Depot 6 aylar önce
Honestly 2018 made me feel even prouder to be Mexican
Ian Stephenson
Ian Stephenson 5 aylar önce
At least Spain had somewhat of a happy ending in 2014 with Villa and Torres scoring in the final group game as a swan song to their international careers
Michelle Berry
Michelle Berry 5 aylar önce
Germany left most of their goals in Brazil and didn´t have enough for 2018
Joes Themsdog
Joes Themsdog 8 aylar önce
Ahh muller so underated always the key factor in ripping teams apart in big semi finals
Charles McKinstry
Charles McKinstry 7 aylar önce
Spain 0 Northern Ireland 1 1982 should be here. The hosts beaten despite the referee ridiculously sending off NI's Mal Donaghy for a minor infringement, and also adding on several minutes of completely unjustified injury time.
Thomas Ferguson
Thomas Ferguson Aylar önce
england beating germant in 1966 was something i found extremely upsetting
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