The BIGGEST Upsets in World Cup History

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2 yıl önce

Those are some of the most entertaining World Cup matches. Some close games with close score lines and last minute goals. I hope you enjoy it. Those World Cup matches were huge upsets for some countries and the results were totally unexpected.
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Lucas 2 yıl önce
Korea’s keeper doesn’t get enough credit for that performance against Germany. Absolute brilliance.
Zhe Tian
Zhe Tian Gün önce
Indeed, so please say his name then.
qwerty me
qwerty me 3 gün önce
Who said he dosent?
Noname 3 aylar önce
@Maverick 공만차면 상대팀 볼 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Noname 3 aylar önce
@ElPatron Keep Jo is actually good as a keeper .. but his kick is terrible. All the shoot from germany is made by korean keeper.. whenever he kicks german hets the ball... that os why he cannot play in european league
ElPatron 3 aylar önce
Absolute Luck from Korea
Gautam Kandarajan
Gautam Kandarajan Yıl önce
Germany's victory over Brazil in the 2014 Semi-Finals wasn't a shock. The scoreline was.
Gulman Rahat
Gulman Rahat Gün önce
@NotShiny HCR2 Brazil got braziled
krzykris 6 gün önce
Jefferson Alvarado
Jefferson Alvarado Aylar önce
Omg I’m glad I paid attention in History class 😭😭 Otherwise I wouldn’t have understood the reference.
miguel ramos
miguel ramos 2 aylar önce
@Lawrence Ma bro wtf was david puiz doing he was everywhere and thankfully he got punished
Jonathan Leslie
Jonathan Leslie 3 aylar önce
I couldn't agree more
Francesco M
Francesco M Yıl önce
"world cup history"=the last 3 world cups
Conici AU
Conici AU 3 aylar önce
@Tommy L. Day and the Runaways North Korea 1 Italy 0? Algeria 2 West Germany 1? Bulgaria 2 Germany 0. You know nothing about football
MBY 4 aylar önce
They forget the German "Wonder from Bern" in 1954. In Group Stage Hungary beat Germany 8:3 but in the Final, Germany knocks them out 3:2 after 0:2 behind.
Sergio Fernando Martinez Matamoros
Sergio Fernando Martinez Matamoros 5 aylar önce
Horse 5 aylar önce
Yeah. That’s millennials for you.
Carlos Vargas
Carlos Vargas 5 aylar önce
@S C Golden era? for Americans...
George Master
George Master Yıl önce
Italy 2010 eliminated from an easy group stage after being 2006 champions
AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson 10 gün önce
Every World Cup since 2002 bar one has seen the defending champions knocked out at the group stage
Aaron Jimenez
Aaron Jimenez Aylar önce
It seems to be a World Cup curse I imagine France having a bad loss in Qatar 2022 maybe.
Nick Slobodsky
Nick Slobodsky 3 aylar önce
Somebody paid the Italians off very well, in order to lose like that.
power driller
power driller 5 aylar önce
1966 was worse than 2010 for Italy. But what about this year 2022, Macedonia 1- Italy 0 in Italian territory.
Jonathan 7 aylar önce
@Bill Cosby “scrubs”😂. The curse only applies to European teams
Gabe Prohaska
Gabe Prohaska 5 gün önce
So who else is here after the first couple days of 2022’s World Cup?😂
Modelo Gün önce
Mexico lost to Argentina I still can breathe this just bring back memories when Mexico was fully developed
Domingo 420
Domingo 420 Gün önce
Yeah haha, checking if belgium is in the list already
Sam Rabinovici
Sam Rabinovici 11 aylar önce
I think that Brazil losing 2:1 to Uruguay in 1950 in front of a crowd of around 200,000 at the Maracana Stadium was the biggest shock ever...they only needed a draw, had beaten Sweden 7:1 and Spain 6:1....Uruguay had only beaten Sweden 3:2 and drew with Spain 2:2. Although the scoreline of the Germany Brazil game was shocking, Germany had a good chance of winning
Nick Slobodsky
Nick Slobodsky 3 aylar önce
Also a rigged game.
Marcelo Viana
Marcelo Viana 5 aylar önce
Especially since that 1950 Brazil lineup was fucking legendary, and Brazil in 2014 was only a shell of the team who beat Germany in 2002, it was above my expectations that we reached the semis even, I thought we were going out in the quarter finals against Colombia, the team played awfully, lost Neymar even, was a fucking miracle that Colombia didn't went through.
Andrew G. Carvill
Andrew G. Carvill 6 aylar önce
France had a very rocky qualifying campaign in 2009/2010 - there was considerable disarray in their camp by the time they got to South Africa. They weren't favourites in anyone's estimation except in the eyes of their own fanbase, and the resulting pressure is probably what undid them.
Woah Saysthebear
Woah Saysthebear 11 aylar önce
Love the video man, only one I’d disagree with is the France 2010 one. France were lucky to even make the tournament, Thierry Henry blatant handball vs Ireland in ET of a WC qualifying playoff game. Before the tournament one of the Ireland players said he didn’t think France were anything special, and that Ireland would have done better than them. Maybe he was right!
Captainfalconmain65 29 gün önce
Yea I agree Serbia got first an the qualifier group which is more of a shock
blackearl7891 7 aylar önce
The Spain and Holland match was my absolute favorite. You had big firms doing statistical analysis that Spain would win or at least reach the highest pinnacle. That all these firms got it absolutely wrong was beautiful. Brought a tear to my eyes. Not the Spain aspect, but the firms being absolute morons. Edit: Germany vs Brazil wasn't an upset. It was that they got destroyed that was the most surprising thing
dasDhreik 4 aylar önce
I dont know what those firms where thinking. Here in Sapin a lot of people didn't trust the team to go any further than quarter finals, and some not even that. It was a surprise how it happen, of course.
kurt fruth
kurt fruth 2 yıl önce
I'm not sure why Germany crashing out of the 2018 group stages was such a shock. There is a history of Germans going to Russia unprepared and paying the price.
Hong Lee
Hong Lee 5 gün önce
You are sooooooo funny lol
JoJo 5 gün önce
Willow and Luka
Willow and Luka 9 gün önce
bla bla
bla bla Aylar önce
@Jugal i know
Jugal Aylar önce
@bla bla ur a legend
NemoNobody2092 Yıl önce
That korea game was a classic. They are an underrated team.
최익현 8 gün önce
@25 C.C ㅗ
rutta tata
rutta tata 7 aylar önce
@Morning Calm Rising Sun Semi finalist in 2002
Morning Calm Rising Sun
Morning Calm Rising Sun Yıl önce
@Welcome to the MarsKorea Quarter finalists in 2002
I Love Food
I Love Food Yıl önce
@25 C.C Idk from how long u are watching football but check their WC stats
25 C.C
25 C.C Yıl önce
@I Love Food yeah, there 2010 was lucky
WhyDoubleYou 3 aylar önce
That 2014 match between Spain and The Netherlands… always brings a tear to my eye. The perfect revenge with amazing performances by legendary players like Robben, Sneijder, Van Persie and more. Absolutely legendary.
fer262 2 gün önce
@Rafox66 it’s not at all. You clearly either didn’t watch that match or you just cheered for them during that disgusting game. All they did that game was trying to injury Spain’s players, that’s what you do when you are clearly inferior and you know it. But Spain was just way too good for these nobodies to get away with it. The best Spain >>>> the best Netherlands
Rafox66 2 gün önce
@fer262 So just football then, every country has those moments. Doesn't mean that's all they do.
fer262 2 gün önce
@Rafox66 the only disgusting thing was literally every play, as they purposely tried to injure every player and referee did nothing about it
Rafox66 2 gün önce
@fer262 2010 Spain will always be superior to 2010 Netherlands* And the only real disgusting thing from that match was the karate kick, one player doesn't make the whole team dirty and disgusting. You could say the same thing about pretty much any country.
fer262 2 gün önce
@Rafox66 cause most of the players that won the World Cup had retired by then. And after how dirty and disgusting the Netherlands were in the 2010 finals, nothing they can do can clean their name, and the 2010 Spain will always be superior to the best Netherlands team.
Jackson's Life
Jackson's Life Yıl önce
you don’t need to say “and no one expected this” after every clip💀
colin afobe
colin afobe Yıl önce
he doesnt need to say anything really. it is just annoying
Fart Squirel
Fart Squirel Yıl önce
now that's a "huge shock"
Audel LaRoque
Audel LaRoque Yıl önce
Yeah, exactly. Does this guy think we don’t know what an upset is? Lmao
Hugo Robledo
Hugo Robledo Yıl önce
I was not expecting him to say "and no one expected this" after every clip, maybe that's what he meant, lol
inrodwetrust Yıl önce
This channel sucks
ALAN OMAR MEZA LARA 7 aylar önce
En lo personal pienso que uno de los errores mas grandes que cometió el entrenador de Alemania fue el colocar como portero titular a Neuer siendo que no estaba en rítmo de juego ya que no había estado ausente casi un año por problemas de lesiones cuando tenía a un portero que venía con un muy buen nivel como Ter Stegen.
Atharv Yıl önce
we must not forget what a monster van persie was.
Keith 6 gün önce
@Fly Markus09 The Flying Dutchman goal?
Rens Benders
Rens Benders 5 aylar önce
@Simson silvester Marak you dont know what you are talking about at all.
Don't read the profile photo..
Don't read the profile photo.. 6 aylar önce
Don't read my name..
Art Garfunkel's Ginger Fro
Art Garfunkel's Ginger Fro 7 aylar önce
Best dutch side ever in my opinion. If they had the defence of today's side they'd be unstoppable.
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 7 aylar önce
@T7T bruv he got 100 prem goals in his career (with aresnal and utd)
Hasan Matloob
Hasan Matloob Yıl önce
South Korea knocking out Italy and Spain in 2002 World Cup in Round of 16 and Quarter finals respectively was a HUGE HUGE deal.
asudu 10 aylar önce
As a colombian our biggest upset was 1994 WC, we started as one of the favorites even if we didn't have much history, we beat former runner-up Argentina 5-0 in their own home. That's something that has never happened before and I don't think will repeat any time soon. We were knocked out before finishing our last game, losing 3-1 against Romania and 2-1 against the US (with the tragic story of Andrés Escobar own goal which ended up getting him killed by the mafia) After that, we qualified to 1998 (eliminated in group stages again) and we had to wait 16 years to qualify to another world cup and have another golden generation in 2014
Carlos Vargas
Carlos Vargas 5 aylar önce
The score was 1-7 when Brazil scored the only goal at the 90' and one of the players took the ball and ran to the center of the field to accelerate the kick-off. That's optimism!
Omakoma Yıl önce
Another huge upset was the lost semi-final for germany in 2006. The atmosphere in the country was like the chancellor died for weeks. But I think that has something to do with the fact, that they acted like they´ll definately win 4 years prior.
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques Yıl önce
The biggest upset was in 2002, France came in as reigning champions, finished fourth in group stage and didn't even score a single goal.
MyRegardsToTheDodo 3 aylar önce
@Rafael Dwell Dos Santos The problem was that they weren't hungry anymore. They had reached everything they possibly could, so they didn't bother trying anymore. In the history of the world cup only two teams managed to successfully defend their title, first was Italy in 1938 and the second was Brazil in 1962 (and Italy probably only got the first title in 1934 because they bribed the referee in the semifinals and finals).
Nick Slobodsky
Nick Slobodsky 3 aylar önce
It was another rigged and stinky tournament.
Selim Selim
Selim Selim 4 aylar önce
Vetrarbreytin 5 aylar önce
@Carlos Marques Nice, so you're friend with a sick person. And you just confirm my previous comment. As usual, people like you are so predictable behind their keyboard.
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques 5 aylar önce
@Vetrarbreytin hatred? You are the one who's sick my friend. This is a simple and clear statement. Go home and drink some tea
Arnolds Baltnēģeris
Arnolds Baltnēģeris Yıl önce
When we look at these upsets by Spain in 2014 and Germany in 2018 from today's point of view, it seems that it was just a logic end of their periods of reigning. Both Spain and Germany have gone downwards since then and have not really showed champion performance.
Sunny Jim
Sunny Jim Yıl önce
As an England fan I can't decide whether I'm relieved or insulted by this list. :-/
Aloha Yıl önce
The biggest upset happened in 1954 when West Germany defeated the six-years unbeaten team of Hungary.
Milán Dobai
Milán Dobai 8 aylar önce
@Welcome to Mars you are just a troll. Germany din't deserve the word cup. They cheated in the final. It was a upset.
Noel Müller
Noel Müller 11 aylar önce
@EvoZore thats Not True it Never has been confirmed
Aloha Yıl önce
@EvoZore - Puskas said after the game that they could not rest before the game because there was a band near to the hotel playing loud music all night!..
Aloha Yıl önce
@MaegnasMw - Well said!..
suban subba
suban subba Yıl önce
East Germany upset knowing that
Miguel 316 / Juegos en Español
Miguel 316 / Juegos en Español Yıl önce
The goalie of Korea had a lot of prominence in his selection, the shortcuts he made, should have more fame and support
Jordan Booth
Jordan Booth Yıl önce
England losing 1-0 to United States at the 1950 World Cup was seen as an absolute calamity for England, who had professionals inc the great Stanley Matthews, losing to a team of part timers and ultimately amateurs, easily one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history
Bunaithe Go hIomlán
Bunaithe Go hIomlán 3 gün önce
Lets be real, no one gives a shite about the 1950 world cup
MainBraine 3 gün önce
and now we've drawn to them 💀💀
Diego Senge
Diego Senge 3 gün önce
@Juan Elorriaga Kinda hard to do. There is barely footage.
Leon Nguyen
Leon Nguyen 4 gün önce
US vs England tmr, tis will be fun :)
Noira Mezteog
Noira Mezteog 8 gün önce
Yeah, my parents still talk about that even now in 2022.
Julia G
Julia G Yıl önce
I only can imagine what was happening in Brasil. Most titular team , in they own home, lost with such indecent score. Total humiliation
Nox.INk# Records ❶
Nox.INk# Records ❶ 5 gün önce
Just now, Japan Defeated Germany today in FIFA World Cup 2022. Coming back from 1-0 down and Winning it by 2-1 #Shinzou Sasageyo 🇯🇵 🔥
unicockboy Gün önce
You forgot a particularly interesting event in 1966, when England, against all odds, actually won something
French_Toast3 Yıl önce
That mexico vs germany was amazing. It was the first game of the wc so i didnt know how they would play, ochoa was clutch and the goal from lozano was a beauty
LOKESTAR 15 10 aylar önce
Viva mi Alemania 🇩🇪 🖤❤️💛 🇩🇪100% sin importar lo que pace ustedes siempre son mis campeones!
Renato Toma
Renato Toma 11 aylar önce
I was particularly HAPPY with the elimination of Germany because the "victory" against Sweden was an obvious theft with a biased referee who had to blow the Penalty and exclude the black German player directly. (Unquestionable foul) And as luck would have it, he gave as many minutes as needed to score the 2-1. Against Korea, we give 4 minutes of extra time + and we were still playing in the 96th minute !. There was nevertheless a sporting justice because Sweden finished first in the group and Mexico second: logical.
K J N 10 aylar önce
Along with these and the ones mentioned in the comments has to be, amongst others, Croatia-Argentina in 2018, even if it wasn't an amazing upset. Yeah, Croatia are considered a major team in world football, but they had to make it through playoffs to even reach the World Cup, even drawing 0-0 to Greece and placing behind I believe Turkey in the group while Argentina had reached the previous final and lost in extra time, and then Croatia beat Argentina 3-0. Also, the rest of Argentina's group stage performance was shocking and they only barely made it through. The match against France was pretty good, but they put in a dreadful performance overall.
Business Goose
Business Goose 5 gün önce
Costa Rica winning their group in 2014 while eliminating England and Italy was a huge upset that youve missed for this vid
Timmy Plenty
Timmy Plenty 2 yıl önce
I would have thought Italy finishing 4th in a group with Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand in 2010 would be a bigger upset
nicky29031977 2 gün önce
@xXExterm1nat0rXx MIracles only last for a game or two. Costa Rica got to QF's and only lost to Holland on penalties. They never lost during any games. No miracle....only judgement and talent.
xXExterm1nat0rXx 3 gün önce
@nicky29031977 Not just Italy, Uruguay as well, with England drawing. I'd like to say that was more of a Costa Rican miracle than an Italian disappointment.
Mark Ofsatan
Mark Ofsatan 6 aylar önce
Italy only drew with New Zealand through a very dodgy penalty and a dodgy referee.
Robert Marten
Robert Marten 7 aylar önce
@john kane same for Costa Rica 2014. Beat Uruguay and Italy, tied 0-0 with England. Beat Greece on penalties after a 1-1 tie. Tied Netherlands 0-0 and lost in penalties--this in the quarter finals!. But they also, did not lose a game. fun times
spartacusintheuk 11 aylar önce
@13muller Yes totally agree with you.Lippi kept faith in the squad of 2006 and paid the price.
Istiak Kabir
Istiak Kabir 4 aylar önce
As a brazil supporter it has been 8 years but it still breaks my heart
MadSnake123 3 aylar önce
Mexico losing against USA in Korea 2002 was one of the most unexpected since historically, USA was perceived as an inferior team and Mexico's team from that year was considered one of the best ... since then, Mexico has been on a slowly decline while USA has been improving.
Bloodyoungh Yıl önce
So we‘re not gonna talk about Italy 2010 becoming last in their group as reigning Champion behind Slovakia, Paraguay and New Zealand without a win? Ok then…
AK Yıl önce
That Goal from Van Persie is still one of the Greatest goals in a World Cup
Which one tho
Roman Walter
Roman Walter Yıl önce
Truly. So unique and spectacular.
Ben Bacharach
Ben Bacharach 2 yıl önce
I love how Piqué’s like, “bro, look at the replay, no way that was a pen” and then it shows the replay and it’s the most blatant handball you’ll ever see
Don't read the profile photo..
Don't read the profile photo.. 6 aylar önce
Don't read my name
KingofHearts 6 aylar önce
bigboymatthew Yıl önce
@Uzo Design thats clearly intentional come on
Miguel Porras
Miguel Porras Yıl önce
He thought Ovrebo was the referee...
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz 2 yıl önce
@J Luis Suárez
Danilo Pecher
Danilo Pecher 9 aylar önce
2:43 "nobody expected this" - what? Literally everybody expected this. After the 2014 win, Germany lost several some major players: Klose, Podolski and Lahm. Especially the retirement of Lahm basically crippled the team and Löw had run out of ideas. It was a shock that the team crashed out *that* early, but that they were miles from being favourites was known to anyone with half a brain.
PenguinBadger TurkeyBear
PenguinBadger TurkeyBear 5 aylar önce
I remember the Germany - Brazil match so well because I was in a pub with my Brazilian mate Leo. He'd been giving it the biggun before the match telling me how shit England were. I can't actually remember a time when I saw him since when I didn't bring this match up 😆
Hyzowsky 6 gün önce
You can now add Saudi Arabia vs Argentina in 2022 WC.
Hannah Hägg
Hannah Hägg Yıl önce
Sweden won the group 2018 with 6 points, Mexico with 6 points in second, South Korea with 3 points in third and last last place Germany with 3 points. People expected Germany to win the group Sweden in second Mexico in third and South Korea in last but some how Germany underperformed massively and came 4:th. Remember that Germany could have lost against Sweden. Germany manged to win after Sweden had a miss by Marcus Berg, a goal by ola toivonen and the bad tackle by Jimmy durmaz from the back on Werner which made it so toni kroos could score the 2-1 goal for germany after 90 mins played and the only points for Germany. Sweden could even have won 2-1 over Germany. Which would have made it so Germany would have had 0 points.
Gio Kandemir
Gio Kandemir Yıl önce
France going out in 2002 was much bigger of an upset than 2010. Everyone knew the team was in turmoil at South Africa, news were coming in the leading up to the world cup on how the French players were having issues with Domenech .
gibmich diekirsche
gibmich diekirsche 5 aylar önce
@Zzyzzyzzs France was NOT a champion in 2010 as Italy won the World Cup in 2006 and Spain the european competition in 2008. Also Zidane resigned from french national team after the lost WC-final in 2006 as well as he ended his club career at Real Madrid during that summer. The scandalous hand-supported goal in the qualify play-off against Ireland by Thierry Henry that promoted France who never deserved this to the final tournament in South Africa was the main upset as well as the two by two equalizer from Lampard in the round of sixteen match between Germany and England close to half-time, which had been falsely denied though the ball passed the line by about the half of a meter before bumping out of the goal again, leading the germans to a never endangered 4-1 win. The scene caught by camera was a source for widely spread sarcastic comments showing a photo-shopped zig-zag goal line titled _"Whats wrong with u brits? Apparently NO goal."_ By the way, both scenes where absolute decisive for establishing todays "hawk eye" and "video assistant referee" technologies.
Zzyzzyzzs 5 aylar önce
You'd be silly to say the defending champions aren't among the favourites, plus given they also won Euro 2000 it looked like the team, if anything, were getting stronger, with players who weren't in the 1998 squad or only played a minor role (Henry, Vieira, Trezeguet, Makelele, Wiltord, plus Pires who was unfortunately injured) established and peaking, and trustworthy seniors like Desailly, Leboeuf, Thuram and Lizarazu. The biggest doubt was around Lemerre's tactics, and whether he could keep the team balanced, but he arguably had proven himself when winning Euro 2000. They just happened to come up against teams who had effectively sussed out their tactics, and injuries to Zidane and Pires did not help.
Jim Caldwell
Jim Caldwell 7 aylar önce
they were NOT favorites and limped in with some EUFA help, played entitled and slow. Waste of a spot.
alt acct_
alt acct_ 5 aylar önce
During the match between Germany and Brazil at the 2014 Fifa world cup, it was reported that the Germany's coach received a call from an unidentified phone number while the match was going on. The person told him not to keep his team on scoring so that they could get out of the country alive. That's why they gave Brazil a chance to score a goal.
Randomidiot 6 aylar önce
Germany crashing out in 2018 wasn't really a shock, they were kind of looking to rebuild the team and were a bit unlucky with finishing. Of course most people still expected them to have progressed further. The most shocking thing about Spain being thrashed 1-5 by my country is that The Netherlands produces such a result after the World Cup instead of during the prior World Cup final... of course it was a beautiful win, but a bittersweet one. France 2010 wasn't that weird as they had huge squad morale issues with players refusing to do their job and falling out left and right. The only 'shock' about that was that nobody really expected that to happen in the background. I don't think that many people considered them favourites, either.
Abhilekha Das
Abhilekha Das Yıl önce
Now that's called a World cup curse. Reigning champions thrashed at group stage🤷🏻‍♀️
Piotr Głębocki
Piotr Głębocki 12 gün önce
there's a big mistake in this video, France in 2010 wasn't knocked out after 2 matches, all they had to do was to win by 3-4 goals (depending on the result from Mexico vs Uruguay) they had straight plan for this match to be able to advance from 2nd place with 4 pts
Psycho CeD
Psycho CeD 2 yıl önce
The 7-1 was the most heartbreaking, the goals came so fast and so easy
Mark Ofsatan
Mark Ofsatan 6 aylar önce
Didn't break my heart.....actually it warmed my heart.
Don't read the profile photo..
Don't read the profile photo.. 6 aylar önce
Don't read my name..
Reginaldo Teixeira da Silva
Reginaldo Teixeira da Silva 8 aylar önce
Psycho CeD, It was for fans, not for the Brazil team that was bought
Paolo Martinelli 🇵🇸
Paolo Martinelli 🇵🇸 11 aylar önce
@Gerhard Smith One thing for sure,they are arrogant.
Robin Red
Robin Red Yıl önce
Many people said Germany was playing on another level. I don't agree with that. It was just Brazils defence was so badly organized it was just easy for the Germans. Like the Brazilians played a third class team could have beaten them. You don't have to agree with me, it's just my opinion.
charles stuart
charles stuart 5 aylar önce
I think that the US beating England in 1950 was a much bigger upset than those shown. When the results were reported England fans thought that it was a misprint that should have been 10 -1 England.
Capez Yıl önce
This video brought back some memories as a Dutch.seeing sneider and van perrsie aswell as robben knowing he is retiring this year
Cesar Augusto
Cesar Augusto 11 aylar önce
Alemanha ja sabia que não deveria ganhar de novo em 2018. Entregaram na fase inicial e foram ver a copa em casa com a família. Bem melhor que nossa vergonha de 2014.
Kamarov Yıl önce
It definitely was an upset for Spain in 2014 despite a 3-0 victory against Australia they were already out. Spain were dominated from 2008-2012. It’s like if no one can beat these types of teams, then they would usually ask Mexico for help. Haha I’m sort of joking a little about that. Also the same applies to Italy when they only had 2 points in 2010 after a shocking 3-2 defeat in their last game, AND A DRAW AGAINST NEW ZEALAND? Also a draw against Paraguay.
Lalit Karpurapu
Lalit Karpurapu 2 yıl önce
Obviously they haven’t heard of the champions curse
Leandro Teixeira
Leandro Teixeira 7 aylar önce
@Saketh Kodavanti While France has a good squad now, they also had in 2002, coming from World Cup, Euros and Confederations Cup, the team didn't suddenly get weak in this time. The generation would even last enough for one more final in 2006. As for current France, even though they are very strong on paper, it wasn't enough to beat Switzerland in the Euros as the defense isn't as solid as it used to be. Denmark is as strong (or better) than them and also has a great generation coming in.
Saketh Kodavanti
Saketh Kodavanti 9 aylar önce
About the champions curse, while I do agree that it exists, but France would not be scathed by it as much as everyone thinks. Here's why. 1) France won the World Cup with a relatively young team. Just look at the team that France fielded in 2018. Most of their players were younger than 25 years of age, had two or three players in their primes, and maybe a couple of players who were on the verge of retirement. No one in the squadron, at least in 2018, were over 35 years of age. 2) A lot of the players who played for the French team were in their early 20s, meaning that this year and the following year, they'd be entering their primes. The French team in 2022 will see relatively few changes, maybe Alphonse Areola might take over to replace the aging Lloris, who I think will be about 36 at the start of the tournament whereas the latter would 29. 3) Many of their players are in good form and seem to have a lot of firebrands with them, so it makes it harder to lose. 4) The previous World Cup-winning teams won with relatively aging teams, as was the case of Italy (2006), Spain (2010), and Germany (2014). Most of the team's players were in their primes and some were close to retiring. That's not good especially since 4 years in the football world is a long time. They play with that exact same squad, with 1 or 2 omissions and guess what happens. Those players have no enthusiasm or energy, and their team crashes out. Imagine if Germany played with the exact same squad from 2014 in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. They probably would've gone further, but still lose in the quarters to a much more energized and youthful France. The idea is that you should keep updating your squad and groom appropriate players so that when an existing player is injured or inevitably retires, there's someone ready to take their place. For example, when Philipp Lahm retired, he was one of the best right-backs in the world. In the meanwhile, Germany should've a groomed a young star right-back because let's face it, Lahm was retire going to retire no matter what. If Germany had done that and did the same for the rest of the players, the German team would've easily outplayed the group and progressed relatively far in the tournament. In conclusion, the World Cup Champions' Curse happens because the reigning champions don't update their squad every 4 years and while the current team is playing, coaches should be getting young players ready to go in 4 years because some members of the winning squad are inevitably going to retire or someone's gonna get injured.
Kaizen Ryan
Kaizen Ryan Yıl önce
What the hell is champions curse Is there some higher power who curses team to not win in the upcoming tournaments.
Alexandre M.
Alexandre M. Yıl önce
The curse started with France and will end with France in Qatar next year
YoungDC 9
YoungDC 9 Yıl önce
@cornflaq the champions curse only happens to European teams
Joseph Larmour
Joseph Larmour Yıl önce
Spain 0 Northern Ireland 1 1982 should be here. The hosts beaten despite the referee ridiculously sending off NI's Mal Donaghy for a minor infringement, and also adding on several minutes of completely unjustified injury time.
Thomas 7 aylar önce
Essa maldição dos campeões e a maldição mais forte da história das copas pois a seleção pode ser muito boa mais mesmo assim não escapa ,França 2002 não vez nenhuma gol na copa, Itália caiu em 2010 em um grupo fraquissimo , Espanha tinha a seleção mais valiosa em 2014 e mesmo assim caiu na 1°fase, e Alemanha em 2018 caiu pela primeira vez na 1°fase.
ferri manek
ferri manek Yıl önce
That freekick from Kroos was Unforgettable
Jason brosnan
Jason brosnan 11 aylar önce
Technically holland beating spain wasn't an upset, just humiliation since they were the reigning champions, on paper they were equally matched and were both in the top 10 in the world at the time, same thing with germany and brazil, both evenly matched both ranked in the top 5 at the time probably, brazil were humiliated 7-1, it probably came as a shock since it was brazil but its not an upset, an upset is when germany lost to south korea, now that was an upset, when the little guy beats the big guy
Im mt
Im mt 9 aylar önce
Brazil 1982. the exit of Brazil was not expected. Brazil was the best team in the tournament. Beautiful football with amazing goals. What they did in that tournament no other team has done before and after.
Damian Cisneros
Damian Cisneros Yıl önce
Damn i remember watching that south korea vs germany 2018 match (im a mexico fan) so i can really say all mexico fans were cheering hoping korea beat germany even during the mexico vs sweden match ppl were looking on their phones checking the score 😂😂
Headphones 11 aylar önce
Imagine a game of France vs England. Both probably top 10 teams. I’m an England fan but I know that they are both pretty evenly matched. It would just depend on the day. One game England could win but then another match a few days later France could win.
David281 8 aylar önce
The last 3 reigning world champions were eliminated in the group stage. But out of these 3, I think Spain definitely had it the worst. 1-5 loss and then a 0-2 loss
DJ Arthur Looby
DJ Arthur Looby 10 gün önce
The 7:1 Germany against Brazil. Was honestly the funniest moment in football for me so far. I laugh so hard. Good times.
Gilles Grindel
Gilles Grindel 8 aylar önce
In 2002, France was the big favorite for the win after their victory in 1998 and their victory in the european nation championship in 2000 and was thrown out after 3 matches too.
shivang singh
shivang singh Yıl önce
for most of the goals in 2014 brazil vs germany only 2 3 players were in defense for brazil when germany attacks
TheMinotaur70 10 aylar önce
First of all, France vs Ireland in playoffs was pure robbery. I wasn't surprised at all after the group stage in South Africa.
Mukhlis Aqeel
Mukhlis Aqeel 2 yıl önce
Where is zidane's 2002 france team??? They won it in 1998 and knocked out from the group stage 4 years later without scoring a goal
TeaSeller Modi
TeaSeller Modi 6 aylar önce
@JTR It's only happened with European WC champions since last two decades.
JTR Yıl önce
2002 France too? Jesus Christ that's 4 out of the last 5 WC Champions losing in the group stages the following tournament (1998 France, 2006 Italy, 2010 Spain, and 2014 Germany)
Bharat Barta
Bharat Barta Yıl önce
Crudy Barfy
Crudy Barfy Yıl önce
biggest upsets in world cup history: 1950- uruguay 2 x 1 brazil & usa 1 x 0 england 1966 - north korea 1 x 0 italy 1982 - algeria 2 x 1 germany 1986- denmark 2 x 0 germany 1990- cameroon 1 x 0 argentina 1994- bulgaria 2 x 1 germany 1998- nigeria 3 x 2 spain & croatia 3 x 0 germany 2002 - senegal 1 x 0 france & usa 3 x 2 portugal 2010- slovakia 3 x 2 italy 2014- costa rica 1 x 0 italy 2018- mexico 1 x 0 germany & south korea 2 x 0 germany 2022- ???
Bathic 2 yıl önce
@Rampage_Roar 3 top scorers of french, english and italian championship, (Cissé, Henry, Trezeguet). Injuries of zidane , a great Pires who torn ACL a couple of months before. Not age but bad luck and bad coach...
lgarcia67 3 aylar önce
There have been many more games through history like these. This video obviously reports more recent ones. Spain 82, the Brazilian team is one of the best ever assembled, with captain Zico, they had won all the games to that point, played Italy which had struggled throughout the tourney and get beat 3-2 in one of the most exhilarating games ever played. Before that two finals, 1954 Germany beat Hungary 3-2 with the great Puskás leading Hungary (yes, that Puskás for which the best goal of the year is now named). At that moment Hungary was by far the best team in the world and were the inventors of the famous tiki-taka Barcelona now plays. Before that Uruguay beat Brazil in Maracaná during the final of 1950 with a goal of Ghiggia who would later say “only three people have silenced Maracaná: the pope, Sinatra, and me” … so many, many more games you can find
Arturo Villaluz
Arturo Villaluz 10 gün önce
Incredibly, Brazil never won the world cup playing as the host team, 1950 and 2014.
metta karuna
metta karuna 10 aylar önce
7 - 1 , Germany vs Brazil 2014 , Brazil as host , it was the most heartbreaking moment for the brazilians, unbelieveable
Vishnu Srigiriraju
Vishnu Srigiriraju Yıl önce
If only Netherlands played that well in the 2010 Finals
HyperZeus_YT 3 aylar önce
That van Persie goal 🔥🔥🔥
Ferl 7 aylar önce
As others have mentioned, the Germany going out in groups in 2018 wasn't a shock at all? It just continued with the curse.
Ian Stephenson
Ian Stephenson Yıl önce
At least Spain had somewhat of a happy ending in 2014 with Villa and Torres scoring in the final group game as a swan song to their international careers
MisterHamstring Yıl önce
1974: the great Brasilian team (world champions) were thrashed by the small unknown Netherlands. 1990: the world champions from Argentina with Maradona lost the opening match against Kameroen. 2002: the world champions from France lost the opening match against Senegal.
Isma Leyba
Isma Leyba 8 aylar önce
Para mí faltó el grupo de la muerte en 2014 es increíble como Uruguay y Costa Rica le pudieron ganar a Italia e Inglaterra
Bruce Hoo Fung
Bruce Hoo Fung 2 yıl önce
Brazil's loss to Germany wasn't exactly an upset, what's upsetting was that Germany eased up from scoring more goals on them...
Islam Abou El Ata
Islam Abou El Ata 7 aylar önce
@Iain Robb Typical gladiator/crowd reaction, just human nature.
Reginaldo Teixeira da Silva
Reginaldo Teixeira da Silva 8 aylar önce
It really wasn't a surprise, after all the game was sold
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza Yıl önce
@LoLo the Lop "oh he's being an asshole, let me be an asshole too"
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcia Yıl önce
@Krullespam The future greatest scorer in the world
Krullespam Yıl önce
@Enzo Garcia Sorry, Enzo. While Google translate may be able to help me a bit to translate what you're saying, it does not convey any meaning I can grasp.
BRSL 5 aylar önce
Great video showing the BIGGEST upsets since the first World Cup tournament ever which was played in 2010.
Marcus Heard
Marcus Heard Yıl önce
Spain losing to the Netherlands was hardly shocking, maybe the scoreline itself was surprising but the Netherlands were a dangerous team.
J.J.C.S Yıl önce
A feast of split infinitives! How do you 'absolutely destroy' the opposition? A huge upset! LOL!
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Yıl önce
Brazil losing to Germany wasn't an upset. Brazil losing to Germany 1-7 was, especially with the collapse in the first half.
Incuensuocha 2 yıl önce
Germany beating Brazil was not an upset. The final score and the fact it was on Brazilian soil made it shocking, but an upset is when a weak team beats a better team or a great team disappoints. At no point did I feel that Brazilian team was better than Germany. I even predicted Germany would win that tournament. It’s the way that it happened and seeing all the crying eyes in the stands that made it such an amazing moment in football history.
Oliver william
Oliver william 4 gün önce
Better team lol ,if it's one or two goals maybe but not seven
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle Aylar önce
I remember Korea against Germany so well..i couldn't believe it,i expected maybe a possible 0-0 draw at best,but a 2-0 win for korea after barley touching the ball
gradnitzersl 2 gün önce
I remember the biggest upset. I known at Brazilian as he was hoping it was just a bad dream. I told it was a bad dream 7-1 Germany over Brazil on Brazilian home turf
S 5 gün önce
Saudi Arabia 2-1 Argentina (2022) Japan 2-1 Germany (2022)
Anthony Uchello
Anthony Uchello Yıl önce
All those games brought back some great memories. But I still can't believe Brazil got slaughtered like that.
BUDO 2 yıl önce
You forgot to add: *World Cup 2018: Italy failed to qualify. Was a huge shock*
TeaSeller Modi
TeaSeller Modi 6 aylar önce
@GhaliBond They also failed to qualify in 2022 World Cup too. Back to back failure.
TeaSeller Modi
TeaSeller Modi 6 aylar önce
Italy again failed to qualify in World Cup 2022. Back to back failure.
Ishan Arora
Ishan Arora Yıl önce
And now they won Euro 2021
bigboymatthew Yıl önce
netherlands as well
the walker caçador de petralhas
the walker caçador de petralhas Yıl önce
*argentina and france 2002,italy 2014*
Pablo Vigano
Pablo Vigano Yıl önce
The 2018 Germany one was more than expected from a lot of football fans actually! Can’t be consider an upset. It is call the “world champions cuss” in where every world champion team will be eliminated only in the qualifiers in the next World Cup. This has always happened for the last 20 years
Emrys BLUZAT 4 aylar önce
I am french and the first world cup I'v really followed assidueoussly was South African's in 2010... I can tell you it was a real shame. My comrades at school wanted to see France loses because what we saw. But I permit to correct you: we were not favourites AT ALL. Even our last match during qualifications for World Cup was a real shame, because the hand of Thierry Henry against The Republic of Ireland. France didn't diserve its qualification. It was a scandal. And there was what we called now "The Shame of Knysna". I was 9 years old and I can say a child, who likes football, doesn't want to see this. A training strike !? Seriously ?! Some blamed players, because of their behaviour, because they were divided. Yet the only guilty one was the coach of these ere, the sadly famous Raymond Domenech. The one who changed his tactic schemes everytime, so that players could not deal with them, the one who didn't talk with his players, so that they couldn't understand what he wanted exactly, the one who disrespected reporters, who didn't want take some players because they said what they thought, and most of all, the only football coach I've ever seen who didn't talk about football !!! How was it possible ?!!! And when we hear him now, he speaks like he won everything ! How does he dare ?! Thank you Deschamps (even it is complicated for French team now) to have brought back our team from the depths of hell. Because with Domenech, it was almost an impossible mission
Izael 6 gün önce
Considering recent events, this aged poorly.
suhan ali
suhan ali Yıl önce
the most huge upset in world cup history was when higuin missed a great chance in 2014 world cup final.
WitherX 11 aylar önce
@Welcome to Mars And got fucked 3 years ago
Paolo Martinelli 🇵🇸
Paolo Martinelli 🇵🇸 11 aylar önce
@Welcome to Mars Now I am waiting for my team to get back on their feet🇮🇹
Don Leon
Don Leon 2 yıl önce
While Brazil's lost to Germany was an embarrassment, it was hardly an upset.
Dijay Park
Dijay Park 9 aylar önce
There is no permanent winner in the world of competition.
jsprite123 Yıl önce
@Lucas Major At least you had a true player, Ronaldo. Now Brazil has that clown Neymar, all he knows is to roll on the grass in "pain" when someone breathes on him...
Felipe Furquim
Felipe Furquim Yıl önce
@Baki Hanma since 1994
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma Yıl önce
@burningpencils not really it looks like Argentina always lose big matches since 2010
bigboymatthew Yıl önce
I mean i really expected Germany to win
𝕀𝕒𝕟 6 gün önce
Funny how this is recommended after Saudi beat argentina
Monomakh 5 aylar önce
Didn't the Americans beat England back in like 1950? With a team of retired college athletes and - literally - mailmen? That might be the biggest upset. Also, didn't North Korea beat Italy in 1966? Again, I can't imagine a bigger upset.
Jose Gamboa
Jose Gamboa Yıl önce
Another one was when Costa Rica destroyed Italy, Uruguay and England in 2014 and finished at the quarter finals, remaining undefeated in reglamentary time.
Juan Ron
Juan Ron Yıl önce
Hay 2 cosas seguras en esta vida, México pasa de fase grupos asi le toque un grupo con Alemania, Brasil y Francia...y la segunda es que México pierde en octavos asi le toque con Islas Fiji o San Marino :'v
Aritra Dattagupta
Aritra Dattagupta Yıl önce
Good video - no loud background score, precise and to the point. Thank you.
heh heh
heh heh 13 saatler önce
Cant wait to see the new edition with Japan 2 - 1 Germany. Great game.
RickyPro 10 aylar önce
Another thing about France 2010: They only made it to the world cup because of a handball goal in the last qualifying game! They barely made it and then flopped
Luis Alejandro Acevedo Reyes
Luis Alejandro Acevedo Reyes 10 aylar önce
Korea salvo a mexico por que perdio en la ultima fecha por 3 a 0 contra suecia y si ganaba alemania mexico perdia
Death Stroke
Death Stroke 2 yıl önce
"they're all gonna score at this rate" Lmao, the best commentary ever
Don't read the profile photo..
Don't read the profile photo.. 6 aylar önce
Don't read my name
ᜇ̴ᜎ̟ᜉ̟ᜑ̟ 7 aylar önce
@stingersplash Whats his name?
stingersplash Yıl önce
@KingJohnson1985 not this guy. He didn't commentate for BBC or ITV.
stingersplash Yıl önce
He's a terrible commentator. He didn't even do the commentary live he just recorded it for the DVD so none of his lines were off the cuff live. He pretended to be watching live!
KingJohnson1985 Yıl önce
@Peter Crouch i loved the english live commentary of this match...they guy brings joke after joke xD
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