Relaxing Sleep Music + Rain Sound - Deep Sleeping Music, Meditation Music, Relaxing Piano

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The Soul of Wind

Yıl önce

Relaxing Sleep Music + Rain Sound - Deep Sleeping Music, Meditation Music, Relaxing Piano


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~ The Soul of Wind ~
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_The Soul of Wind_

Minalexia 4 saatler önce
Don't matter when you read this: Remeber that you are beautitul and you shouldn't be sad, because you don't deserve sadness. Don't let people judge you. Hope you have a good day❤:) byeee :3
James Julian
James Julian 8 saatler önce
Can you guys give me some motivation about life?
Piano Music
Piano Music 15 saatler önce
it's really comfortable . I might be late on commenting on this video and maybe nobody will see this comment, but I come here every morning and afternoon because of my depression. This calming music helped me a lot. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me through my tough times
Anemone 20 saatler önce
I think the most strange thing I've ever felt was when I talked to myself kindly for the first time. No harsh words, no insults, no physical pain: only understanding and affectionate words. Now, I know a little bit more what is having self love and self steem. And I hope people could start to do this. Someday, sometime. xx
Rebeca Moyano Sanz
Rebeca Moyano Sanz Gün önce
This comment section 🤧🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Flour Will Fly
Flour Will Fly Gün önce
My partner died of cancer last week. We were together for 12 years - since our first year of university. I still feel his presence in our house. His clothes still smell of him. Our love transcends death ❤️
Love Goes Away
Love Goes Away Gün önce
tolong mengerti..jujur lah..
꧁❦︎ɐɥʇuɐɯɐs❦︎꧂ 2 gün önce
Hello person reading this... I want to share you my story : When I was born I lived in a poor house... My mother.. Well my first mother probably took care of me very well! Until... She had no money for my milk and food.. She wanted to keep me forever and ever.. But she had a friend who cared about me and her family... So she had to bring me to another family... a very “nice” family my other mother and father loved me very well! :D you might be wondering what is sad about my story?.. well after she gave me away my first mother saw me gone and she cried.. thats what my new family told me.. Moving back on to the new family.. A few years and months passed by... They started to love someone younger than me... I never felt I was loved :( I cried and cried and wiped my tears off when someone was coming... I wished and kept on wishing to come back to my first family... But my new family told me if I go back to them I would never come back.. I want to still go to them but I realized that few kids were bullying me there but I didn’t care I still want to go there now im grade 3 and im age 8 nothing and I said NOTHING ever changed... I just want to loved is that really that hard? Btw this is my safe place the comments section I love you all thanks reading my story too the end if you did! God bless you all God loves everyone always forgives and forgets! Stay safe everyone! 🥰😁
ぎゆ富岡 2 gün önce
Tomorrow i will died
Ardani Journey
Ardani Journey 2 gün önce
amazing music & video, good luck
yasmin 2 gün önce
I thought this sounds suppose to make us sleep? Bcs i literally throwback every single thing that happen in my life rn. The tears begging to let them go..
Self Transcendece Music
Self Transcendece Music 2 gün önce
This is absolutely amazing!
elaina' 3 gün önce
it is crazy how 1 melody and the sound of rain is connecting millions of people and built up this beautiful place of comment section.. stay strong kings and queens you're wanted.. and loved. keep going till the very end.
monsieur _hmm
monsieur _hmm 3 gün önce
This song give you émotion wow I have crie one ouer not stop realy WE have one life give best for this life if WE have arder life WE give best again i wish all good for all pepole 😇❤️
Nhạc Thư giản
Nhạc Thư giản 3 gün önce
OLIVER TAM 4 gün önce
The amount of human kindness and just the amount of purity in people's hearts in this comment section... makes me feel like there's hope. I don't know why but I feel like everything was going wrong just a bit ago...and then it felt better again. Almost like a mood swing, almost like anxiety, and I guess maybe it's just me changing. It feels...different. Every day seems like a different universe, one with endless possibilities, One with room for change... I may have lost some of my friends and felt all alone during the pandemic and even plain stir-crazy, going back to school and going back into the swing of things seems to have Someway Somehow we all change. Wether we want too or not.
Love Goes Away
Love Goes Away 4 gün önce
harusnya sdh lama kau hadir..namun😔kau cuma mempermainkan hidupku demi kekasih2 kamu
Алексей Yh
Алексей Yh 4 gün önce
I always come here at midnight when everybody's sleeping, just want a moment to relax and feel the peace.
Angel Pierce
Angel Pierce 4 gün önce
I don't wanna give up best isn't even enough anymore...
Kino Vibes
Kino Vibes 5 gün önce
When I heard this it was nice to sleep but when I read the comments I was amused. Many thanks to this soothing music I lost my anxiety and to people with good hearts.
Liz Wong
Liz Wong 5 gün önce
Des 5 gün önce
this photo makes me feel so happy.
azumi 5 gün önce
i wish i could just stay here forever
Jeylincim 6 gün önce
Thank you
Debra Melannie David
Debra Melannie David 7 gün önce
even tho ur tired ur still living for those who makes you alive rn perhaps nobody tells you this but im so proud of you :) you have come so far dear dont stop now keep going ok? ill be here waiting for you..stay strong dear i love you so much mwwuahhh
Purity Nature Sounds
Purity Nature Sounds 7 gün önce
this is really good...I like this, the piano, soothing rain sounds...perfect to chill out with this...
mika rocke
mika rocke 7 gün önce
The better roll complementarily challenge because dry parenthetically whirl around a available cornet. overrated, green grey grieving australia
Roko Tepa Official
Roko Tepa Official 7 gün önce
Music can heal souls. May ya all feel relax and peace when ya hear this beautiful piano piece... God bless ya all. ☺️
Thea Blackrose
Thea Blackrose 8 gün önce
I wanna feel lonely for some reason i wanna cry again because i got so dried up keeping my problems and sadness that i can't express every happy words don't help me anymore... I wanna be lonely to know i still exist, I have been seeing the same scenery the same environment that i feel like my life is looping and im tired now... I don't wanna be okay... But i also wanna genuinely feel happiness again that its happy it's so frustrating that i cant understand myself... I... Just can't anymore...
Love Goes Away
Love Goes Away 8 gün önce
aiso suai it mato ku...nunu nopo maan ku wonsoiyo..iya it pi sorou2 ku..😢😔amu oku nokoilo..nung poinsorou koh doho koh amu...ilih....😔
Deka Pwt
Deka Pwt 9 gün önce
Saat ini aku berada di Fase..dimana untuk berbicara saja aku tidak memiliki energi sama sekali..berada di dama aku tidak memiliki semangat hidup sama sekali "Detik-detik terakhirku adalah hari ini"/RANDOM...😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Deka Pwt
Deka Pwt 9 gün önce
I really hate this.."Semua mengawasiku tanpa tanggung jawab sedikitpun atas kehidupanku"Bukankah percuma mempersiapkan banyak hal untuk Seseorang..tapi seseorang itu di buat menderita dan tertekan"dan akhirnya memilih Bunuh diri.../ RANDOM..,/Aku hanya ingin hidup bahagia.. aku tidak inginkan kemewahan apapun.. aku hanya ingin mereka berhenti mengawasiku dan mengikatku seperti ini Jika mereka bertanggung jawab atas hidupku..tidak masalah ..aku akan ada di sana,tapi ini tidak Mereka semua membuat RANDOM Tersiksa dan Tertekan..Biarkan Seorang RANDOM jadi sebuah sejarah saja'' ..😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Love Goes Away
Love Goes Away 9 gün önce
ompuno sontob boros ditaraatku kumaa diya...posonongo noh koposion nuh..iya noh daah songulun id ginawoku😢😔nga okon koh yoho id ginawo nuh..😢😢
Panther Squad
Panther Squad 9 gün önce
Love all the comments in here , stay positive guys ! remember There is always a beautiful view after a big climb 🙏, we all can get throught this so called life Stay strong and positive love yall !
Relax Ambience Quantum
Relax Ambience Quantum 9 gün önce
Hey there. We wish that all of you who watch this video, be reached by the universe flow of peace, love and abundance. Have a nice day! ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍
Yara Acevedo
Yara Acevedo 9 gün önce
And last thing I wanted to say is that there’s things worth living for.
Yara Acevedo
Yara Acevedo 9 gün önce
Hello random person just wanted to say that no matter what you’re special no matter the situation always be happy . I’ve suffered a lot wen I was a kid I grew up knowing everything this world was what it is and what it has I grew up knowing that most things are bad but I always enjoyed those little happy moments. One time I almost drowned in a beach I was in this foam surfboard I was 9 I barely knew how to swim the beach pulled me into the ocean I thought I was going to die but then that day I knew there’s good people in this world a person with my mom pulled me out of the water I couldn’t see anything all I felt were good people helping me. So the things that matter most are those happy little moments don’t let darkness sadness and all the bad things consume you it’s better to live happy instead of living in sorrow. So random person that I don’t know be happy don’t let bad things consume you live happy even if bad things are happening always try to be happy no matter what. Hi I’m Victor and hope you have a wonderful day please live as long as you can for me please could you do that ? 👍🏼 you’re wonderful no matter what other people say what really matters is what’s in the inside
Linh Le
Linh Le 9 gün önce
The rain made me think i was sleeping on a cloud -w-
César Casio
César Casio 9 gün önce
I dont know how i end here but thanks to the fact that i still alive this song is make me think. Somedays i wanna end all my suffering, choosing the easy way and leave all behind, no looking back, but this days all seen better, maybe i never win this battle, but in someway i can live a peaceful live, with the ones who loves me. So i leave this message here for me, to prove myself that i can go through this and have a better ending.
Nihachu. stan
Nihachu. stan 9 gün önce
Felt super alone tonight and couldn’t fall asleep. This and a stuffed animal were the only things that helped me. You helped me a lot tonight. Thank you. I wish you the best, and that your pillow is always cold.
hailen s.
hailen s. 10 gün önce
feeling like a main character with this sound in the background.
Cody harry
Cody harry 11 gün önce
12am, i have work at 8am and i can't sleep, i stumbled here but let me just say...idk u guys but this comment section is something. I love you guys and gals already, i hope everyone has a nice day and "just keep pushing, just keep pushing". I know it's hard and you feel like nothing is changing and everyday feels the same and you wonder when am i gonna get a break from all of this? Truth is i don't know, i wish i knew for myself as well but hey life's a journey, you win some and you lose some but never you give because...well then you'd lose...i dont want that for anyone. Stay amazing and awesome everyone😊
tamara timara
tamara timara 11 gün önce
When i entered this vd i was feeling lonely but when i saw these comments i felt like i'm surrounded by all these people Ty so much for all the effort u put to share ur stories for making someone smile or not feel lonely... Love y'all guys i hope u all get through this and be happier because u deserve all the happiness in this world 🥰💞 Have a goodnight and a goodlife guys 💖
Beyza 12 gün önce
Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance.
Fiona De Leon
Fiona De Leon 12 gün önce
How I miss my mom. She's currently in canada with my sister and I haven't seen her for a few years now. I know she's safe there but all my life this is the first time that we are miles apart. I hope that this pandemic ends so that we can all see the people that we love. I really miss my mom. We talk everyday through videocall but its not the same. I love you, mom! I always do :)
*あめじま* 12 gün önce
寝付ける頻度が徐々に減っていってる まぶたが重く感じない、溢れるのは涙ばかり。 寝れた日は幸せだったんだって今思う、寝付けたのは奇跡なんだって思う。 明日が怖いんだって、理由もなく寂しくなる 何かが足りない。何年もずっと足りない物を探し続けているけど見つからない 早く楽になれる日がくるまで
黄黄 12 gün önce
Sau này phải sống thật tốt
shakthi sundaram
shakthi sundaram 13 gün önce
u know i am little boy who knows nothing about society iam lonley i got addicted to games social media which all resulted me in failure by misusing it today iam trying to focus hard in my study but iam not able when i read this comments i understand iam not worth u all are great then pain i went through was small .i AM Shore i will fight what comes i will study hard thank you
Reshmi Ningthoujam
Reshmi Ningthoujam 13 gün önce
hustler 13 gün önce
here are stories. my life started scrolling after the age of 17. remorse, lack of smile, hatred, curse, disappointments, mental pain was destined to me... this will not persist anymore I promise. I know how to smile for no reason. now.
Mari Puko
Mari Puko 14 gün önce
To everyone reading this. You don't always need to be smiling, positive, motivated and feeling grateful every day. Life is not a fairy tale. It's perfectly normal to be sad, angry, down, nervous, scared, frustrated, frustrated or pissed off at times. Such feelings do not mean that we "give up" that we are not too strong or that we are "negative", it means that we are ourselves and that we are special and loved. And that even if we have a bad time now, we can do it! I wish you all a good night and sweet dreams😇
Ash ò
Ash ò 14 gün önce
Broken yet alive
Broken yet alive 14 gün önce
I don’t even remember what I am missing anymore.. it’s just an empty space
hghqf 14 gün önce
Anyone know the title?
hghqf 14 gün önce
Can someone make a tutorial synthesia on this pleaseeeeee
Gacha JayJay
Gacha JayJay 15 gün önce
Goodnight everyone stay alive for me. I love you
Steroz 15 gün önce
I love traveling In night ❤️ that's all i want to say
Zmara Taiser
Zmara Taiser 15 gün önce
Thank you I wish luck for everybody, stay strong . YOU CAN DO IT, DONT FORGET! 🙂
Bithy Hasan
Bithy Hasan 16 gün önce
If you're reading this I wish all of your problems turn in happiness..and you can stay safe and sound.. World is round, and we are in under the same sky.. Wish your smile will always make my heart flutter💛
Spanna661 16 gün önce
I had a bad day today, so came back to this video just to read the comments. A perfect combination, being able to cheer myself up a little and then soothing me to sleep. The words calm my heart and the music clears my mind. I hope everyone who visits here finds a little peace.
竹林音楽 - Bamboo Forest BGM
竹林音楽 - Bamboo Forest BGM 16 gün önce
To anyone struggling: You’re stronger than any test, paper due, breakup, money issue, or any battle you’re facing. Keep your head up.
Mie Beats
Mie Beats 16 gün önce
im no longer just doing my homework.. IM DOMINATING MY HOMEWORK.
Sila Ali
Sila Ali 17 gün önce
I thought i was just lonely, and thats why everything felt harder for me. Today the psykiatric asked me if I would like to start treatment first with PTSD or Depression? I didnt tell her... but actually I dont want any help. I just want everyone to leave me alone. I dont want hardship anymore. Im tired. I dont wish this for anyone. I hope the world will become a better place for the coming generation.
jialin Wan
jialin Wan 17 gün önce
I’m selective mute. I don’t have a story to tell. I purely miss my grandma, my parents would always ask me why I don’t call her. I dislike talking. I just miss her presence. I feel safe when she’s around.
gitadine 17 gün önce
This really helped me sleep last night, thank you so much! I'll listen to this again as I fall asleep tonight.
7med satour
7med satour 17 gün önce
I saw so much beautiful comments so it's my last year cause of cancer I might not be here next year but it's okay anyways hope all of you guys lives the best life you all dreaming about❤
Melonie 18 gün önce
I love rainy day,the sound of the rain,the smell of rain.Make me feels like it's okay to be sad.If you can't hold it anymore just let it out.Nothing wrong with that.Its doesn't mean that you're weak,you've just been strong for too long.And everything happened must be a reason.Ofc life is hard but doesn't mean that you need to give up your life.Even though I don't know you but I just want to say that i love you❤️
Captain Musx
Captain Musx 18 gün önce
I'm Pluviophile ( Rain Lover ) , i love sounds of rain... it calms me down and give peaceful relaxing sensation, before i sleep, i will open pure sounds of rain, just empty my mind and close the eyes... the vibration of serenity running through my veins and calming effect massaging my brain... so good, so comfortable, so soothing.. just relax and sleep with peace.
feelings 18 gün önce
I always put others before myself, I never gave any attention to me.
Amir Aiman Mat Seman
Amir Aiman Mat Seman 18 gün önce
Why i have to born this way?
Nay Hooft
Nay Hooft 18 gün önce
I still Can't sleep😭😭😭
M Gemi Rabil Rabil
M Gemi Rabil Rabil 18 gün önce
Ada yang tau gak background animenya apa..???🙏🙏🙏
alyera 19 gün önce
I'm facing financial problems :( it's not that a big amount but things don't go my way these days. Small problems accumulated and gets bigger. I couldn't ask my relatives or others for help because this is my problem and it would be a burden if I ask too from them, besides they're helping me unknowingly. I'm being very patient with what's His plans for me and my mother. I keep telling Him I can wait. But I can't just be strong always. I am anxious about what will happen to these problems I have if I wouldn't be able to solve them. I'm trying best on what I can do for now but I know it won't suffice. Idk but I am waiting for something from Him. I know He will provide.
bexjuden 19 gün önce
todo bien pero por qué tan largooooooo
adhim 20 gün önce
Pippogriff the Great
Pippogriff the Great 20 gün önce
I'll put this simply: I love the fact that you're still here. Stay with us a while longer, okay? You are enough, and the world is better with you in it.
Anna H
Anna H 20 gün önce
Brancha and Salleta Exotics
Brancha and Salleta Exotics 21 gün önce
Reading some of the comments really helped me with my problems such loneliness and depression. Thank you God and thank you to all the beautiful humans out there, I guess there are great people like me in this world.
Kent Itona
Kent Itona 21 gün önce
I feel like this is the right place for me to share my story. Last April I lost my brother, 2 months later I lost my uncle and after a week I lost my other uncle 3 days after I lost my auntie who is like a mother to me since my mom is out of the country. My dad had stroke last week, not to mentioned that me and my sister is fighting her NF2(tumor all over her body). Some people may say this not true. AND IM HOPING THAT IT REALLY ISNT. I feel like I'm floating in the ocean of tears, everything is blank, time stops, heart racing but my tears are gone. All that is left is unbearable pain that just won't stop.
James Groleau
James Groleau 21 gün önce
My friend. Just do the next best thing. That’s it. That’s all you have to do right now. If you’re not in your breath, you’re in your mind. You are valued. You have purpose.
anita dunya
anita dunya 22 gün önce
I claim all the positivity from this video and comment section 🥺💕💕🤲🏻
shahmahima166 22 gün önce
i’m sad, but it’s okay right
destina118 22 gün önce
This music makes me acknowledge the loneliness of being in society but not apart of it. It doesn't even have to be society it could be anything.
Innovator 777
Innovator 777 23 gün önce
Thank you guys. This really helped me a lot. I was going through a really hard time while preparing for a really hard test [popular here in India]. But I now I think I would be able overcome everything and move on... Thank You once again......
minion dasher
minion dasher 23 gün önce
Everyone's sharing something about themself so I'll do the same I have a loving family but since quaruntine they seem to be angrier at everything...including me. I believe I got covid so I had to skip school so i of course have a lot of home work which i was expecting and didn't mind. I couldn't figure out a few questions so I just go to my mom she helped me but yelled at me bcz she was tired. It was understandable bcz my dad woke up way to early. Its just my family is doing so much to my mental health. I was already bad enough even during summer. I feel like I'm anoyying to everyone I talk to like I shouldn't be talking to anyone but I do any way hoping that they won't see how sad I really am. I want to die but I don't want anyone to feel like they did something so make me kill myself...just waking up and fighting the same battle as always and always losing. It hurts a lot man I don't know if I can handle it much more... Just don't try and be someone your not. If u arnt you u can't be anyone bcz you don't know anyone as well as u know u.
insomniac 24 gün önce
And if there ever comes a point when you feel empty for no reason, when every single thing that mattered to you loses its purpose, when you can’t will yourself to do anything so you just spend the whole day lying in bed, I hope you keep in your heart that there are still a thousand sunsets to look forward to. That this week, the weather forecast promised a storm, but in the months to come, you might chance upon sky colors that no one has witnessed yet. I hope you keep looking forward to new music, new artists, new series to binge watch, new films that might awaken the dreamer in you. I hope you keep in mind that now, you might not be in the mood to partake in anything else, other than merely existing- allowing the void to consume you. But tomorrow, your ears might demand for a new melody, your taste buds for a flavor, your soul for a clear night sky. I hope you realize that the world is always ready to offer those kind of longings to you- if you know where to look. And I know that it seems like we’re growing older incredibly fast and at the same time our life is being slowed down by our lack of will, lack of purpose, lack of something we cannot quite pinpoint. Some days, we become painfully aware of the seconds ticking but we cannot will ourselves to move and take advantage of the time running. We remain stuck in place, guilty of being unable to step forward. But I also know that if we hold on long enough, we will stumble upon a reason that will exhale the colors back to the now monochromatic world that we see. Life suddenly becomes tiresome and muted at times- I guess that’s bound to happen. But just because the world seems unappetizing now, doesn’t mean that it will remain like that forever. One day, the ocean will help you regain your thirst and you will once again feel the urge to quench it with the little things. The pine trees and stars and travel plans and unopened conversations will invite you back. One day, you’ll find the will to fight again and live. Until then, please, just hold on a little more.
Ka Je
Ka Je 24 gün önce
Hey you, there. Thanks for holding on. You are great. You already tried your best for today. We are have our own path. Dont being jealousy toward other path. We've never met before, but here I'll keep support you. Stay safe and stay healthy. You are so precious 😊
Rarroiee 24 gün önce
Karen Ceron
Karen Ceron 24 gün önce
Grimie_ 25 gün önce
I have been in the Fever dream/shitpost side of TRshow all my life. It feel good to finally land myself in the relaxing side of TRshow.
Abril Espinosa
Abril Espinosa 25 gün önce
If you are reading this message, don't worry, you are doing it quite well, remember that I love you.
Faith Kariu
Faith Kariu 25 gün önce
there must be a reason why we all came here, why this was a recommendation or we searched for it, whatever reason it is, i hope it's for good, wishing everyone here and more to come the best in life, remember to stay positive even in dark times, hope on.
Luke.prv.Skate67 25 gün önce
Wow amazing comments🥰
Queen Isyss
Queen Isyss 25 gün önce
I hope everyone sleeps well tonight
Gani S.M
Gani S.M 25 gün önce
Only sleep can forget all life's problems, but you have to wake up to face them again. long life everyone
Tim Smalls
Tim Smalls 25 gün önce
The poor server mathematically help because talk consquentially bang below a ritzy cone. well-groomed, longing brake
Veronica Alverio
Veronica Alverio 25 gün önce
When my bf and I broke up…I couldn’t sleep bc we used to sleep together on facetime and this helped me a lot to sleep.. thank you..
Lisa avadikoglu
Lisa avadikoglu 25 gün önce
Good evening to my duds and to the cute of my life. kidem as videon g tides Yev commentnere g gartas Yev grna elal Vor ad orere Vor chenk Khossir gam Lav chenk irar hed as videon g lses arach vor bargis Uremn im commentes al gaveltsnem Vor desnes vor mishd hosem mishd hedet em Yev mishd kezi g sirem amen inchen aveli. Khapides es arachin oren iver Yev hima Michev gyankis verche. Gaghotem vor mishd asang sirenk irar Michev verch meme aveli meme si asge aveli chlar Yev mer cute ashkhare sharnagvi, medzna Vor toun yes Yev cutignere Mian as mer cute ashkharin mech abrink yev al Yerpek bedk chunenank yelel hondeghen Kani Vor Mian cute ashkharin meche urakh Yev hankisd glam. Cute ashkhare amen degh e Mian Bedk e toun elas Yev Yesal kovet as tsevov g gazmvi mer ashkhare. Kezi siretsi amen inchen aveli kezi g sirem amen inchen aveli Yev kezi bidi sirem amen inchen aveli Michev gyankis verche.
alyakoya 26 gün önce
kok jadi pengen sekolah
Jen Sinclair
Jen Sinclair 26 gün önce
This made me fall asleep fast and i have sleeping problems so thanks for helping me sleep.
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JÜRİYİ HAYRAN BIRAKTI! | O Ses Türkiye 2. Bölüm
Yasak Elma 116. Bölüm Fragmanı
Yasak Elma
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İşte Doların Düşeceği Tarih!!!
Avrasya Yatırım
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