4 NEW Ways to Enjoy Rice Paper!

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Aaron and Claire

Aaron and Claire

2 yıl önce

4 NEW Ways to Enjoy Rice Paper!
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1. Fried Rice Paper / Rice Paper Chips
2. Rice Paper Pizza / Vietnamese Pizza
3. Fresh Spring Rolls
4. Bulgogi Rolls
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Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire 4 aylar önce
Get My COOKBOOK!!!😎 sites.prh.com/simplykorean
genpoe Yıl önce
every time Aaron says "don't worry about it!" I forget I have an anxiety disorder and actually feel capable of cooking his food
sanimalcrossing 24 gün önce
Riversider Aylar önce
I'll assume Aaron is culturally vietnamese but when he says "don't worry about it" , he sounds like New Jersey Mafia. Ha. Love it.
Matt 3 aylar önce
Same here, exactly my thoughts while hearing that.
SleeepyDude 4 aylar önce
Rigor Mortis
Rigor Mortis 4 aylar önce
then stop talking about it and go cook it
Iulia Hadade
Iulia Hadade 11 aylar önce
My 4 year old son is obsessed with Aron and Claire. He goes around the house saying “more green onion, more delicious” out of nowhere 🤣🤣🤣
Gay Poo Eater
Gay Poo Eater Aylar önce
@Fryd Fish yes?
Starii Aylar önce
Sounds cute 😊
Gay Poo Eater
Gay Poo Eater 2 aylar önce
April Moyle
April Moyle Yıl önce
Burst out laughing when Aaron said ‘You can wait for 30 minutes but Claire is waiting for me like a baby bird so I won’t worry about it.’ 😂 Love this video! Looks so yummy!
k l90
k l90 2 aylar önce
Emily Moore
Emily Moore 6 aylar önce
this is so funny, I came to the comments to say that lol
Phuong Dang
Phuong Dang Yıl önce
As a Vietnamese, I made a lot of rice paper "pizza" in my life, your recipe is good. I suggest you let the "pizza" stay on the pan a bit longer, until the rice paper turn a bit golden in colour, then lift it up on your chopsticks/ ladder about 10s for the steam to come out a bit, then it will be less soggy and more crunchy. Yay!
Matt 2 aylar önce
@Phuong Dang ok thank you. I made some a few weeks ago but found if I put them on a plate they quickly get soft like I wet then even though I didn't, this is because they are so hot they steam themselves when they lay on a plate lol they were still good though. Next time I'll have to have people eat them as I make them I think.
Phuong Dang
Phuong Dang 2 aylar önce
@Matt That’s completely ok, but shouldn’t be too much in case it gets too oily. 😊
Matt 3 aylar önce
@Phuong Dang would it help or hurt if I put a little oil down before putting the rice paper in the pan?
Myisha Cherry
Myisha Cherry 3 aylar önce
@Griffin Gorge i use less egg as well. I love the crispy edges of the rice paper so much!
Sandi MissCrafty
Sandi MissCrafty 4 aylar önce
La gobba di Aigor
La gobba di Aigor 4 aylar önce
Aaron!! As an Italian I have to say I really love this Viet pizza! Because it is so different, so out of the box and so remixed I would say, it's not pretending to be Italian, it just borrowed the name pizza to make something 100% new and equally as delicious!
Autumn051610 10 gün önce
​@Ishie 19.7 😜👍
Ishie 19.7
Ishie 19.7 Aylar önce
They call it something else in their language lol.
Blonde TapperWare
Blonde TapperWare 11 aylar önce
I appreciate Claire's honesty. On channels, it's easy to lie in order to make your food seem amazing, but Claire doesn't hold back what she thinks could be better.
MissPumpkin 2 yıl önce
DO NOT DISCARD THE OIL FROM THE SHALLOTS! This oil is crazy flavorful now. All the more reason to try the deep fried shallots
shmodzilla 9 aylar önce
I'm late to the party but I do this whenever I have a bunch of herbs laying around,leftover or starting to go bad. Oil in pan and all the herbs, usually tons of garlic, rosemary ,thyme and a onion but let it toast at a low heat. It's been so good I've actually just eaten roasted chicken with a bit of butter and the oil on it.
Damian N
Damian N Yıl önce
Add salt and anato seeds to the oil and cook it until the oil turn orange. Strain and keep the oil for adding colour to your fried rice, or colour to chilli soup without adding more chilli. Vietnamese we use this in many other recipes such as seafood udon (banh canh)
Joleen Phillips
Joleen Phillips Yıl önce
Mmm... Add garlic. I make fried shallots and garlic just for that oil. It's super yummy
Dani D
Dani D Yıl önce
@Scott W so true. Tasty but at what cost to your body?
Infotecheshan Yıl önce
Shallot going ssb
Dianne Turnbow
Dianne Turnbow Yıl önce
I love Aaron’s voice and how he explains step by step. I have only made shrimp spring rolls so it’s great to see rice paper being used in different recipes. Claire has happy and exciting expressions on her face. I really enjoy looking at this video. Do you have these recipes written as well? Thanks for an amazing video. Di
Whazzat 10 aylar önce
I could never get the rolling right, until now. Big thanks
Howell About No
Howell About No Yıl önce
I made the egg thing (used siracha and laughing cow cheese) and it was delicious!! Really good, will definitely make it again. I also made the rice paper chips (since I was frying the scallops) and added the seasoning and they were really good too! I also made cinnamon sugar ones. Thanks for the recipes :)
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire Yıl önce
You're very welcome! So glad you liked them! 😁👍
Tanya Valdez
Tanya Valdez Yıl önce
I finally tried a couple of these recipes! I made the fried chip like recipe and used whatever seasoning I had and loved them! I also tried the pizza one and noticed Claire said it was soggy. Since I’m Hispanic and make quesadillas, I improvised and added a little oil to the pan after I folded it in half. Very little oil though- just enough to give it a little crisp. I really liked the recipes! Thanks for sharing! Love you two!
Crystal Naylor
Crystal Naylor Yıl önce
So I made the bolgogi rolls and OMGGGG!! I had some beef in oyster from the Chinese restaurant but it honestly lacked flavor and I was disappointed that I ordered it. Then I remembered watching this and thought I’m gonna re season it and make these rolls. I was not disappointed! So flavorful, crunchy and chewy. Thank you so much for this recipe!!! I’ll be sharing this with everyone!
Elaine A
Elaine A Yıl önce
After having rice paper in my pantry for 2 years, I’ve finally used it thanks to your video. I made the rice paper pizza and it’s delicious!!
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes 2 yıl önce
I love Aaron's constant positivity and reassurance. Makes me feel like I would nail any of his recipes on the first try.
Griffin Gorge
Griffin Gorge Yıl önce
"Claire is waiting for me like a baby bird." Oh no don't feed Claire like a baby bird! Momma birds regurgitate food into the baby bird's mouth! Haha! I love it. This whole video has me very inspired. I'm gonna make the chips right away and I can't wait. Thank you Aaron and Claire!
Fidelis fox
Fidelis fox Yıl önce
They are a great gluten free alternative for sandwiches! So happy to see new ways to use it
K C Aylar önce
😂😂🤣🤣..."Claire is looking at me like a baby bird"....LOL! Great recipes and fun videos! Love this channel, thank you! ❣🥰😎
Saïda Nabalma
Saïda Nabalma 5 aylar önce
I love how he always gives so many alternatives, making us understand that we do not need to follow the recipe like some holy text. Makes it so much more fun and casual. I'm subscribing :)
Jacob Bujold
Jacob Bujold Yıl önce
i really like your videos Aaron and Claire! I have a drinking game idea: Every time Aaron uses green onions, take a drink Every time Claire says "MMMmm", take a drink
Wardrobelion 8 aylar önce
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire Yıl önce
You'll be super wasted, Jacob! 😂😂😂
HeyitsDee 2 yıl önce
"If you're Italian, better to move on to the next recipe for some inner peace". Lol, Aaron, I would never miss a minute of your videos, Italian or not. 😂
The Mighty Sparrow
The Mighty Sparrow Yıl önce
@Aaron and Claire I would be terrified to cook for her…. Mainly because I wouldn’t have a clue if she is criticising or loving it. My other half can be……harsh.
Topanga Yıl önce
I squawked loudly when he said that. Lol
G_Leader5 Yıl önce
Same here, he's too much fun and also...why not trying making it and taste something different? 😎
goldsteinist 2 yıl önce
Maybe Dolce and Gabbana should have listen to this joke before their weird campaign in China 😂
Ariane Winter
Ariane Winter 2 yıl önce
Hihihihi, yeah, well that has nothing to do with pizza, but it is awesome and I can not eat pizza anyway, or anything typicly italian for that matter . . . Foodsensetivities are a curse
Deborah George
Deborah George 10 aylar önce
I always come back to this video. Love green onions as much as you do Aaron. I put them in my breakfast eggs with spinach, mom loves this, she’s 95. Thanks for educating and entertaining us with food 🍱 👩🏽‍🍳
Janelle Batta
Janelle Batta Yıl önce
Claire is the best tester! So expressive, funny, and full of joy.
Vivi Yıl önce
A tip for folks allergic to peanuts: For the peanut sauce, you can substitute the peanut butter with another spread such as seed or nut butter. I usually use sunflower seed butter or almond butter. Soy butter and pea butter are some other options if you're allergic to all nuts and seeds. The substitutes won't be quite the same as a peanut based sauce but still gives the sauce the creamy nutty quality :D The fish sauce based dip that Aaron shows definitely works too, but I just personally prefer a creamy sauce to go with my spring rolls.
IQzminus2 9 aylar önce
Tahini/sesame butter I think could be a good pairing. I don’t have any peanut allergy. But I make a Vietnamese peanut sauce very similar to the one in the video often. And I think it would taste very good with sesame, and have a end product that probably would taste great. Maybe better then with peanut butter. It’s a strongly flavoured sauce, with lots of things going on, that definitely can handle the strong flavour of the sesame. And you very commonly see sesame seeds and oil used with the other ingredients in the dish.
Lynette Lee
Lynette Lee Yıl önce
I finally made the fried rice paper today. I used your recipe with sugar, salt, paprika powder/cayenne pepper, Parmesan, parsley flakes for one batch. For the other batch I used Lawry's Garlic Salt which includes parsley flakes. Both were delicious.😋😊
Lynette Lee
Lynette Lee Yıl önce
@Aaron and Claire 천만에요!
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire Yıl önce
So glad you liked them!!! Thank you for sharing! 👍😁
Matt 3 aylar önce
You guys are good and funny. I like how she called you out for it not being crispy enough cause you took too long filming 😁
Matt Aylar önce
I finally made these and after making 9 only the last one was crispy. This is because when I put them on a plate as I made more they begin to steam themselves with heat and moisture from the fillings. They were still very good but if you want it crispy you have to eat them right away after each is cooked.
Cinnabun716 2 yıl önce
I love how Aaron tries to keep us healthy 😂*then whispers the unhealthier option LOL* And I love the Vietnamese representation!! The pizza reminds me of when I get street food in Vietnam when I visit my family 🙂
solarliix Yıl önce
@Thanh Vũ Dương thank you !! I was hoping to take Mandarin classes at my school so that learning another language with tones wouldn't be as difficult, but the teacher left so now we only have Spanish as an option and I don't wanna take Spanish again 😭
Thanh Vũ Dương
Thanh Vũ Dương Yıl önce
@solarliix honestly in Vietnamese we don't care much about accent 😂 you just need to say the right word so people can understand you and everything's gonna be ok~👌 and it's okay if you forget the word, just describe it with your gesture or google it and show them what you want to tell. Feel free to come and visit Vietnam once if you have change 🥰🥰🥰
solarliix 2 yıl önce
I really want to meet my family in Vietnam but I don't speak the language and honestly the accent is so hard to get down my nanny still speaks it but she would be tired for being a translator quickly
biggreenbananas 2 yıl önce
And may I add, healthy without spending too much money and too much time in the kitchen. Hail Lord Aaron! 🤗👍
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire 2 yıl önce
Miri IAintSayin
Miri IAintSayin Aylar önce
Ohemgee. You two are so cute together!! Love the sparkling energy and extra dash of comedy. Much needed in any cooking show. Can't wait to try the bulgogi!
SuminOmma Yıl önce
I just tried the fried rice paper. I used the oil that I used with fried chicken. sprinkled 라면 powder (not too much because I don't like too salty) For dip I used ketchup with mayo. PERFECT! Thanks a lot! I didn't know I can make chips using rice paper! I'm learning a lot from you! Cheers!
Juupiter Yıl önce
I made the last recipe, my mum and I loved it!! Our rice paper melted/ broke a lot from the heat tho hehe (*fun story!!: a stranger came to our house to pick something up- and made a comment on how ‘lovely’ the house smelt when we opened the door! I WAS SO HAPPY- I wanted to scream “Aaron helped me make ittt!!”)
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire Yıl önce
Haha That's so cute! 🤣🤣 I'm so proud of you! 😁👍
Bao C.
Bao C. 7 aylar önce
I love Claire's honesty! So many youtubers will say everything taste good. But she was brutally honest. 😭🤣
SgtRocko Yıl önce
AWESOME! I've just started trying my hand at rice paper rolls... this REALLY helps!!! Rolling the veggies in lettuce is EXACTLY the part that helps!!! Been using 2 sheets per roll LOL Also, the frying... really awesome advice (keeping them square). Before seeing this, we did lamb and cabbage ones (cylindrical) and while they weren't pretty, they sure were GOOD! Going to try your Bulgogi recipe this weekend... we got some Turmeric-infused rice paper from a Chinese market & cannot WAIT...
Michele Harris
Michele Harris 2 yıl önce
I love the whole episode, but Claire cracks me up! I love how she scores each dish, and gives her straight opinions - even if it's just - yum. mmm, yumm... :) You're both great together - thanks for the ideas! I'm vegan, but I'm sure I can come up with some yummy substitutes! :)
Sarah B
Sarah B Yıl önce
Claire doesn't mince words - but her feedback is so helpful to viewers! Actually hearing how things taste (other than "good") and how they can be improved is so instructional! Love both as a team!
Brooke's Friend
Brooke's Friend Yıl önce
IknoRighT 😹 Claire doesn't mince words
Katia Kominski
Katia Kominski Yıl önce
1 is a no brainer, 2 is tricky, but any egg and/or cheese substitute would be all you need, 3 just no need to add the shrimp (maybe replace with more vegetables) 4 shitake mushrooms (as said) instead of the beef!
Ariel Coffin
Ariel Coffin Yıl önce
@leslie williams dude, yes
doremifaJO 6 aylar önce
I always love Claire’s reactions! 😂
Amelia Davidson
Amelia Davidson 4 aylar önce
Aaron, I love how you always give us substitutes, because sometimes, the good Asian food marts are faraway, so it can be hard to find some ingredients. I appreciate having the options. Thank you~!
the_italianbombshell Yıl önce
I was having a super bummed day until I started scrolling and found this video I must have missed somehow….anyway, between Aaron’s dry wit and Claire’s “mmm, mmmms” I started smiling and actually grabbed my rice paper and the thin skirt steak I have to try to make bulgogi !! Now, it’s a much better day!
aliyamoon80 5 aylar önce
Claire is so adorable! Aaron is a kitchen boss! Love you guys!
Amy Ortiz
Amy Ortiz 8 gün önce
Fantastic ideas! Thank you so much, Aaron and Claire! I can't wait to try all this!! Now I will dust off my Rice paper wrappers and get chopping!🥰
Jackie Xiao
Jackie Xiao 2 yıl önce
Aaron's cheeky humour and incredible chef skills matched eith Claire's mouth watering descriptions/her explanations of the flavour pairings. LOVE THIS CHANNEL SO MUCH! 😎👍 Keep it up!! You guys never fail to make me smile 😋
Elizabeth Metteer
Elizabeth Metteer 2 yıl önce
You have a great combination 😍👍
Trinity Wright
Trinity Wright 2 yıl önce
Wow you have a really nice fans too this is great
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire 2 yıl önce
I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks Jackie!!😍😍😍😍
Erlinda Matias
Erlinda Matias 2 aylar önce
Thanks for these recipes Aaron, love your recipes, you make it easier to make. Can’t wait to try these.
ladypeartree Yıl önce
I'm so excited to try making these one day!! I loved that there were options for when you're missing ingredients etc! ❤
djModu Yıl önce
Aaron you saved my life with the fried rice paper recipe 😍 i have so many in my kitcheb and never had such a tasty rice paper experience 😁 thank you man!
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire Yıl önce
My pleasure!!! So glad you like them! 😁👍
Deb Mary
Deb Mary 11 aylar önce
Life changing!!! As being gluten free, this has increased my options exponentially 😊
Cameron Sivret
Cameron Sivret Yıl önce
Rice papers are genius. My mom thought of me wanting to eat gluten free and I would like that. But all of it is expensive. Later, I've tried it for my egg breakfast. Loved it. I can make rice paper recipes now and then.
christina haho
christina haho 2 yıl önce
I just made the “pizza” one. I used chorizo, pecorino cheese and left over pico de gallo. It turned out so delicious 🤤. 10/10 would recommend to try this method out with your leftovers 😃
Ayla Yıl önce
That would be soooo good with chorizo lol this has to be a sign for me to go buy more chorizo 😂
T R Yıl önce
Do you deliver? 🤔😹
stacey m
stacey m Yıl önce
I like that he has a backup plan for everything or that he suggests other ingredients if we are allergic/can't find them
Kat Yıl önce
After watching this video I started experimenting with adapting random other recipes to use rice paper. My two favorites so far are (1) "burrito dumplings" (beans, taco seasoning, cilantro, green onions, grated cheese, cherry tomatoes) folded like a dumpling and fried and (2) "classic ham & cheese spring rolls" (cherry tomatoes, butter lettuce, ham, dijon mustard, mayonnaise, provolone, cucumber, arugula) wrapped like a spring roll.
XootrFoot Yıl önce
The burrito dumplings sound delicious. We make sandwich spring rolls all the time. Our kids love them.
Văn Sang
Văn Sang Yıl önce
The fresh spring rolls substitiute dipping sauce in the video is actually another variant of the authentic dish's dipping sauce in Vietnam, the sauce having peanut butter, Vietnamese people call it "tương" , and the one containing fish sauce is " nc mắm chua ngọt". You forgot to put some roasted peanuts on the surface of the "peanut sauce", which giving it extra flavour.
Abi St
Abi St 9 aylar önce
I've used sunflower butter in place of peanut butter and it was really tasty!
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez Yıl önce
I bought rice paper the other day for the first time ages so far made the fried rice paper and the omelette, now I’m obsessed!!!! I will definitely be making all of these recipes.
Queenie Yeung
Queenie Yeung 2 yıl önce
Time to use that rice paper in the cabinet! Aaron always calls us out 😂👏
Baking with Chickens
Baking with Chickens 2 yıl önce
Mine has been on the cabinet collecting dust for 10 years 😬
Sanctriell 2 yıl önce
right? My rice paper always setting in the cabinet and doing nothing. ITS TIME!!!
Mallory James
Mallory James 2 yıl önce
It made me wanna prep.this dish this weekend... aww getting hungry right now
Wingedshadowwolf 2 yıl önce
@Michaela DeBiase Same.
T C 2 yıl önce
Make something with it, film it, and post it. Just an idea!😉👍
Stellassounds Yıl önce
The Vietnamese street food is so good 😍 I just had this for breakfast and I made two! I used store bought fried onions that you usually put on hotdogs instead of shallots
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire Yıl önce
Well done! Sounds much easier! 😍👍
Simone Moore
Simone Moore Yıl önce
I love you guys. I enjoy watching you cook and Claire’s commentary. She does not hold back
Karen Benavente
Karen Benavente Yıl önce
This is just like the crab cracker chips you Throw them in hot oil and they puff up and it's so yummy 😋 Yummy I had no idea this could be done with rice paper! And wow! Arron those recipes look so delicious and Yes Claire It did look like a 🎁 From Arron to you💕
Whoise 8 aylar önce
Today I tried making the Spring Roll for the first time and I used your video as a guide! It is very delicious 😋
Linh Chu
Linh Chu Yıl önce
I love rice papers !! But I only use them for summer rolls and the deep fried version. Need to venture out with new recipes. Great video guys !!
Rachel Shadoan
Rachel Shadoan 2 yıl önce
This is the first time in my life that I have truly believed that I, personally, could make spring rolls. Thank you!!
KThom89 2 yıl önce
@JennyLS I actually prefer to have a lot of water on my board. I dip the paper in the water for less amount of time than it needs. Then, I transfer to it to a board with a bit of sprinkled or sprayed water on it. By the time I'm done filling and wrapping it, it's perfectly pliable.
Tika Majere
Tika Majere 2 yıl önce
I'm one that bought the rice paper, made 1 pretty spring roll after 5 ugly ones, then never touched them again. His way looks so much easier than the awful way I was trying!
Acetaminophen1000 2 yıl önce
@JennyLS Or put down a slightly damp dish towel on your cutting board. It keeps the paper from drying too fast and makes it not stick as much actually.
JennyLS 2 yıl önce
I think the hardest thing is to keep your cutting board dry when you do it. Otherwise it melts like spiderwebs, sticky and stringy. Not that spider webs melt, but maybe you get my drift.
SabraLovegrove 2 yıl önce
You can do it! The great thing is if it doesn't work just eat it, no one will ever know lol
Gloria Tyller
Gloria Tyller Yıl önce
Oh I so enjoyed this video ! Great recipes, explanations and great critiques by Claire! You are funny and your relationship is a delight. Always looking for good covid cooking recipes. Thank you!
Penelope Jones
Penelope Jones 9 aylar önce
Claire you are a blessed lady - taste testing #1job 😁👌💕 Another lovely and interesting upload Aaron, thank you!
Casino Lover
Casino Lover Yıl önce
Claire reminds me of "me" speaking in Spanish and English mixing both languages is kind of cool and feeling proud of it❤💛💚💜💜❤💛💚💚💜
M Smith
M Smith Yıl önce
I tried the Bulgoki fried rice wraps with minced lobster carrot mushroom, shallot and breadcrumb filling. Omfg. Dude. You have no idea how you've changed my life!! Amazing.
greenscarab2 Yıl önce
I love shrimp wraps. I am going to add smoke sauce and use the torch to heat up the outside of the shrimp to give it the grilled flavor. I also love the fried rice paper chips! Thank you for all the great tips. I also subscribed to you channel 🌻
willowoodz 2 yıl önce
me who doesn’t even have or use rice paper: *ahh, interesting*
Mali Roa
Mali Roa 25 gün önce
Same here😂 I've never bought it or thought about buying it, but saw an egg and green onion and thought "that I do have" 🤣
Superboygamer 3 aylar önce
That’s me
Xx_iV_ lol funny, innit!_Vi_xX.
Xx_iV_ lol funny, innit!_Vi_xX. 10 aylar önce
I don’t even know what is rice paper
FelixMiroh Yıl önce
I have a whole packet at home
Comedy mom 101
Comedy mom 101 10 aylar önce
I usually don’t comment on videos but, I am American and my step grandpa was Chinese lol so he taught me sooo much about Asian foods and how to cook tons of it automatically! I make all sorts of spring rolls with rice paper when ever I have a large gathering and my friends are always calling me asking when I’m making these such items from spring rolls to home made dumplings 🥟 lol 😂 it’s even funnier when I hit them with the hot chili oil 🤣🤣☠️☠️
princeflame295 Yıl önce
Aaron is also so spot on with why I watch these videos lol. Leftover rice paper, leftover gochujang in the back of the fridge (another vid). He’s so relatable lol.
Brando Mondia
Brando Mondia 7 aylar önce
So happy I found you both! Cooking and laughter together is MY favorite!
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire 7 aylar önce
Welcome to our channel! We're also happy to be found by you! lol 😆
gizgil Aylar önce
🤣😂 2:13 Aaron and Claire are hilarious! And the recipes look mmmm delicious - I subscribed!
Maureen Ackerley
Maureen Ackerley Yıl önce
That all looked so delicious! I'm going to make them. Well done Aaron and Claire! 👏😋🇦🇺
defectiveshark 2 yıl önce
Claire always shows up enthusiastic but dignified. I could never be the taster on a channel like this because I'd always come running like a cat hearing a can opener for the first time in a week.
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire 2 yıl önce
vonlipi 11 aylar önce
Claire is waiting for me like a baby bird! So hilarious!
peecheng Chen
peecheng Chen 10 aylar önce
Both the chef and taster are too cute. Totally enjoyable video. The recipes also look simple and inspiring. Two thumbs up.
Tee Lee
Tee Lee Yıl önce
Love your recipes and love Claire enjoying eating 😁
Deanna Quinn
Deanna Quinn Yıl önce
Yes ill admit I have a pack of rice paper gaining dust and yes this video is making me hungry 😅 on a side note I love your energy, humor, and easy instructions/recipes. I'm looking forward tl trying them!
Gretchen Campbell
Gretchen Campbell Yıl önce
Thank you so much for your videos, I love your personality and sence of humor and Claire is absolutely precious🤗❤ I just recently saw a video for beef spring rolls (not the rice paper kind tho) and it reminded me of when I was a child and one of my aunts made these delicious beef spring rolls so I bought some stuff to make them and I also bout some rice paper because I had seen this video and every single recipe you did in it looked sooo yummy and I have most of the stuff to make them so wish me luck!! I'll be cooking up some of this stuff in the next few days!! Thanks again for your videos!
Gretchen Campbell
Gretchen Campbell Yıl önce
@Aaron and Claire thank you so much for the link, I saved it in my recipe folder!! This will be alot easier to reference to rather than going to the video and pausing it and rewinding it a bunch of times lol
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire Yıl önce
Yay! That's exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you~~! 🤞😉 Check this out if you need more details about that! aaronandclaire.com/4-ways-to-enjoy-rice-paper-recipe/
Leanna Lonsdale
Leanna Lonsdale 2 yıl önce
I need Aaron following me around saying "don't worry 'bout it!" every day in my real life! 😂
Ruminating Raptor
Ruminating Raptor 3 aylar önce
I really appreciate the options you give. Makes me feel like I can actually cook the recipes.
Katelynn Doran
Katelynn Doran Yıl önce
I made some spring rolls recently and they turned out so delicious! ☺️ new fave and fun to make!
ASMR Ancient
ASMR Ancient Yıl önce
I really love hearing about all of the reassurances that substitutions or leaving stuff out is okay! Sometimes I just refuse to go to the store for one ingredient 😅
Pamela Hawn
Pamela Hawn 9 aylar önce
You are so delightful to listen to. I love how your wife speaks your native Lanaguage. I like your sense of humor... I like how you treasure your listener. I love how you explain the easy way...You are a great example of simplicity and how nice things can taste and look!
Deb Yıl önce
Love the humour in this video! Glad I stumbled upon you both 🥰 and I’m definitely going to try some of these recipes! 🤤 😋
White Hot Glory
White Hot Glory 2 yıl önce
You guys are so likable! I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of a cooking show before but I enjoyed this beginning to end. May God bless you!
8th House Alchemist
8th House Alchemist 5 aylar önce
This was great and immediately started cooking these recipes 👌
Bev Hart
Bev Hart Yıl önce
"Claire is waiting for me like a baby bird." 😄🤣😄
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez Yıl önce
That gave me a good chuckle 😂
ᄀᄉᄅ Yıl önce
Rice paper pizza is literally that Vietnamese street food everyone should know and try it. It tastes good as how it looks and super simple to make. The ingredients are cheap and easy to find. If frying your own shallots seems like too much work, you can buy pre-made ones from any asian stores or substitute it with spring onion (in Vietnam you can find a lot of places selling this pizza w spring onion). In terms of protein toppings, the best version for me is the one with stir-fried minced pork. Just put minced pork in a pan fry with some oil, stir fry until it's cooked with some seasonings, add in some tiny scrimps if you have, then mixing them with the egg mixture. The taste is rich and super delicious.
Carol Hill
Carol Hill Yıl önce
Too bad I didn't see this video before I made Vietnamese Sping rolls for a company lunch. There is definitely a knack to making them. If the rice paper is too wet it's hard to stuff and roll. Since I still have rice paper, I'm going to try your method soon, BYW I agree with Clair, Peanut sauce is so delicious.
Quantina Beck-Jones
Quantina Beck-Jones Yıl önce
“Claire is waiting for me like a baby bird🐥 so I’m going to skip it “ sir I have the biggest smile right now after a big gut laugh. My husband and kids wait around like baby birds too when I’m in the kitchen. ☺️😆
A B 2 yıl önce
But Aaron, I'm allergic to shrimp. Don't worry about it, the scallops in your freezer, or even grilled fish will be delicious. - The conversation I just head in my head, all in Aaron's voice
Ocharaka U
Ocharaka U 2 yıl önce
"'But Aaron, I am allergic to peanuts!' Don't worry about it, I got you! Use fish oil--" Dammit I'm allergic to fish too!! (Also vegetarian, I learned about the fish by accident~)
Tracie Scott
Tracie Scott 2 yıl önce
🐔 🐖 🐄 🐟
XIA 2 yıl önce
@Vincent or you can also use leftover fried meat, spring rolls are a great way to reuse leftover food.
Vincent 2 yıl önce
try pork belly (boiled or roasted) and sliced thinly. it is the traditional vietnamese protein in cold rolls at households.
이자나 2 yıl önce
iron q.
iron q. Yıl önce
I bought a huge pack thinking I would probably barely use it for spring rolls but these all look so easy and delicious!! im about to go crazy
ohsohappy62 Yıl önce
Very entertaining, you two! Laughed many times. And such yummy food to try. Going to make the “pizza” tonite. Anxious to use rice paper in place of a tortilla which I usually use. Fingers crossed!
Tanya M
Tanya M 4 aylar önce
I was saving watching this video for when I really needed to relax, and Aaron’s “don’t worry ‘bout it” never lets me down!
Shwimpy Yıl önce
I like how he forgets some stuff and actually admits it and says it okay 😂 unlike where other ppl have like these other ingredients that are not so easy to find 😂
Sabrina Sugar
Sabrina Sugar 3 aylar önce
I hate to admit all the times I bought rice paper to make spring rolls… that I never made. 😅 But I’m really excited to try these now!! 💕
SerenityxPeace 2 yıl önce
You have an amazing way of explaining things! Also how you explain alternative ingredients is great. Great job!
SCSilk Yıl önce
I saw another video of the chips and had to buy the paper. I also used leftover ramen packets to season them after frying. Then I found your video to see if I could fry the rolls (I’d already made filling). Yes! So good.
Brandi_O Yıl önce
I am going to try out all the recipes. Great video! Not only learning new recipes, this video kept me laughing all the way. Good job Aaron! SUBSCRIBED!
Silvia Berg
Silvia Berg Yıl önce
😂😂 I’m Italian and I’m preparing this rice pizza right now. Looks amazing 🤤
emperors smile🍶
emperors smile🍶 Yıl önce
I just made the Bulgogi Spring Rolls and it taste so good!!!! Thank you once again Aaron!
AmyOf TheWood
AmyOf TheWood Yıl önce
Aaron, I use Gochujang on my Vietnamese pizza all the time and it seems to work great for me!
simoneandtj 2 yıl önce
Claire is so cute! I love watching her eat! She always describes the food so well! ❤
Aaron and Claire
Aaron and Claire 2 yıl önce
Nina Yıl önce
This video has inspired me to make these! Looks so yummy 🤤😋
Barbara Pebley
Barbara Pebley Yıl önce
I watched this video about 4 times yesterday- you are so great together; I love you guys! Now, I tried the egg thing this morning using scallions, Chinese sausage and cream cheese, Kewpie mayo and some crunchy garlic-chili stuff I always have in the fridge. It was good, but I'll try again when I have shallots. I made two and both of them cracked when I folded them in half- so how can I avoid this problem? ps -the hubby loved it
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