This Trade Would Be a MISTAKE...

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Hello Guys Welcome Back! I'm Nathan, and Today I'm Discussing the New York Rangers Interest in Trading for PATRICK KANE At the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline From the Chicago Blackhawks... And Why the Rangers Should Look ELSEWHERE For Their Trade Deadline Deals...
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@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
Patrick Kane Would be INSANE On NYR, But Is it the Trade They SHOULD Make? Probably Not. What Are YOUR Thoughts On the Kane to NYR Rumors? Would YOU Give What Chicago Wants? And Where Do YOU See Kane Ending Up? I'd LOVE to Hear YOUR Thoughts! #GravGang #RoadTo65kSUBS
@shahidbutt 10 aylar önce
Hi my name is Shahid & this is my case, can I ask you something very important for sure definitely ? Yeah of course actually at this stand point, well I don't own why specifically, Actually I want to ask you question ? I don't think Patrick kane would not be perfect solution & accept it his term agree on but unfortunately is not be insane but also is not official trade by detail conversation mischief , they should Not make ? Probably not in our thought on this kane to NYR rumors if you want to believe it that rumored is true official not predictable they don't have my improvel , would you give your expectation Chicago wanted to make new change especially Toronto were do you see kane involvement ending up just for example if I would put kane & discuss with his General Manager is their decision base on his interest in & which team is Available . I think Toronto is perfect fit solution to make new highs different Logical level that's what I believe in this situation.
@gocharules 10 aylar önce
Rangers are known for goaltending and Power play he does not improve the team in my opinion because who are you taking off the PP and I am not giving Chicago Filip or Kakko or Alexai Rangers need a Tyler Mott type of player they have plenty of those. Looks like getting Vincent Trocheck was a total waste b/c Filip (has more goals than Vincent) and Ke'Andre probably can not be resigned. Hindsight should have resigned Copp (cheaper and was awesome chemistry wise with breadman)
@BrazzersJordi 10 aylar önce
I get everyone brings up Kanes age but didn’t Giroux get traded for a 1st rounder and prospect as well at the same age of 34 just last year? We see it happen a lot but top rentals are always 1st rounders no matter what, it’s a risk but so many teams have success making those risks so I don’t see how offering a 1st round pick plus a top prospect for easily one of the most clutch players I mean he’s won 3 cups for a reason. Everyone also talks about offensive players being a defensive liability I mean yeah I don’t think Kane would be on a penalty kill but what happens if a team in the playoffs takes a penalty against NYR when they have Kane and Panarin on opposite wings lol they can literally steal games.
@kurtisweber8649 10 aylar önce
Look how that trade exhausted panthers prospect pool and made it hard to hold on to all assets on the team in that year. The team has no defensive depth and had average forward depth after losing pieces brought in at deadline. Giroux walks and they’re left with nothing after that deal. These deals are 8/10 times a mistake. Sometimes the gamble is worth it, but I’m not sure it would be a good idea for the rangers to persue this trade. I’m not 100% correct, do you have any ideas where a huge trade like this has worked out for a team and got them a cup?
@r212019 10 aylar önce
To be fair, Zib is pretty solid defensively and that line would be so fun to watch. Breadman, Zib and Kane WOW
@HarrisonHollers 10 aylar önce
I think the Rangers would aim to maximize Panarin’s potential for a playoff run this season and since the Top 6 is less effective than last year, as is the Power Play, adding Kane with Mika and Artemi could be the most reliable addition.
@michaelfishman5681 10 aylar önce
Kane has a full NMC, he picks where he will go, which will dim down the cost to acquire him. No way Rangers move Othmann.
@charlies4068 10 aylar önce
I love the O'Riely pick for the Rangers, never thought Kane would be a great fit for this team....
@HarrisonHollers 10 aylar önce
He’s been brutal defensively according to the numbers which is not what is needed. Plus he’s a Center? The Rangers need a RW
@meatmanmagoo 10 aylar önce
It makes sense to reunite Kane with Breadman but I personally think they can get him in Free Agency, I don't know if any teams want to take Kane's money on a rental.
@devdev5392 10 aylar önce
It’s likely that Kane resigns with Chicago in the off-season. He wants to break records in the hawks franchise book. But he also wants another cup run soon. He can have both if he moves on and returns next year. Which lots of people inside the hawks organization feel both Toews and Kane will do. Chicago’s home. They’ve already got 3 rings. I think they’re leaning more towards staying instead of leaving at this point.
@devdev5392 10 aylar önce
I don’t really want Kane to leave Chicago, but I’d only like him to go to New York. Him and Panarin are too great of friends for me to not want that. Plus, when you have 2 4th liners in your top6, and you’re a team pushing for the playoffs, Kane, despite his defensive issues, is a no brainer to me. Plus, I’ve seen him in Chicago for years now, and when he’s motivated on a good hawks team, he picks up his defense. He knows how to do it, he just cheats a little because he’s really good at turning turnovers his line mates create into offense. He’s still got the magic. He’s just not got the line mates right now.
@supersenpaizyt 10 aylar önce
Rangers would be amazing fit with Panarin with the Rangers because if he's locked in, the Rangers would be a tough out
@HighKage97 10 aylar önce
Rangers going after aging stars and trading away young talent sounds about right for them. It's been the same story for the past 30 years
@alexandergustafsson4245 10 aylar önce
Exactly, and the result speaks for itself
@HarrisonHollers 10 aylar önce
@@alexandergustafsson4245Horrible take by Isles/Devils fans here. Messier won them a Cup. St Louis got them to a Cup. Besides, no young player is being moved this deadline. Whine a bit more! If the Rangers matchup against the Devils in Round 1, they need speed and additional scoring threats. And Kane is a Rental. He would be a young player on the Bruins, Caps, Pens…
@samwilson308 10 aylar önce
As a Hawks fan, the only team I'd be okay with Kane getting traded to is the Sabres. I just think it would be nice for him to potentially bring a Stanley Cup to his hometown team before he retires.
@scottlaboch4534 10 aylar önce
Amen bro! I'd love to see it too. Kane/Cozens/Oloffson on the 2nd line.
@TheLebowski5 10 aylar önce
Yes trade Kane for Owen Power plus a 1st rd pick.
@scottlaboch4534 10 aylar önce
@@TheLebowski5 Haha!! 🤣 not even!! 😅
@jonah.donohue 10 aylar önce
@@scottlaboch4534 You're not putting Patrick Kane on a 2nd line 😭😭😭😭
@scottlaboch4534 10 aylar önce
@@jonah.donohue at his age...why not? Skinner/Thompson/Tuch Kane/Cozens/Oloffson... That would be 2 top scoring lines for Buffalo
@mariovaccarella6854 10 aylar önce
I think that Chicago will keep Both Kane & Toews. They're Fan Favorites In Chicago. And, Chicago needs at least 2 or so Big Name Players in the Rebuild.
@scottlaboch4534 10 aylar önce
I'd like to see Patrick Kane go home to Buffalo & play on a line with Cozens & Oloffsson. But only if Kane was a free agent...
@Jabberwok28 10 aylar önce
Exactly. Buffalo is going to sign Cozens and Dahlin to their extensions and then Kane is going to see their plan and say, “Heck yeah, I like the cut of your jib,” and then sign for cheap for a year or two. They will also sign Okposo for cheaps. So you have two strong mentors. Lastly, by hook or by crook, the Sabres will pry Xhekaj from Da ‘Abs and >bam< there you go.
@jahimjauh-hey5653 10 aylar önce
Kane is too old to be on Buffalo.
@scottlaboch4534 10 aylar önce
@Jahim Jauh-hey He may be old...but he can still play...& he has won multiple Cups. He could be a good mentor to the guys... not a bad thing.
@jahimjauh-hey5653 10 aylar önce
@@scottlaboch4534 nahhh I say pass. His numbers this season arent very impressive and Sabres have enough leadership on the team already. They have too many young guys that need nhl experience already at the position Kane plays so it would be a waste of a roster spot. Only way I'd be okay with Kane on the team is if he took a generous hometown discount.
@b-ry3545 10 aylar önce
The Rangers may get Kane..but I guarantee Othmann won’t be a part of the package.
@Jabberwok28 10 aylar önce
Do you think that the Blackhawks are so naive to accept scraps and a bag of pucks for him?
@b-ry3545 10 aylar önce
@@Jabberwok28 You were able to decipher a trade proposal by simply stating Othmann wouldn’t be included? Impressive.
@morganknox6642 10 aylar önce
I think Connor Garland would be awesome addition
@nyrangersfan1009 10 aylar önce
I am a Rangers fan and We NEED him for the playoffs
@jasonarokiaraj9817 10 aylar önce
I couldn’t agree more. We should’ve gotten him in the 2021 offseason, even though I wouldn’t mind if we signed Ryan O’Reilly, as well.
@michaelnevins8820 10 aylar önce
We SUCK every night and are in 3rd place. If we don’t have give up our young studs I’ll take Kane. Would even suck to see Laf go.
@jasonarokiaraj9817 10 aylar önce
@@michaelnevins8820 I don’t want to get rid of Lafreniere or Kakko. We might not even have to trade our young studs. Let’s just trade Kravtsov.
@alexandergustafsson4245 10 aylar önce
no we do not! Awful
@theomega311 10 aylar önce
Call me crazy but I have a different dark horse for Patrick Kane. I think he’s going to end up being a Buffalo Sabre. Yes they are in the thick of the race currently and could easily miss the playoffs, but the way I look at it and the way I see things Chicago is going to want to take the most assets they can possibly take for Patrick Kane and I think Buffalo is one of the few markets that can afford to get Kane and afford to get Kane. Pair Kane with Tuch and having Power and Dahlin on that backend would be a lot tougher to handle than people think. I think the Rangers are gonna target Meier if they go for anybody
@zachcarey4497 10 aylar önce
that would be insane and I'm all for it
@jessepressler208 10 aylar önce
Kane is from Buffalo. The teams in on Timo Meier are the Devils, Rangers, and Sabres. Imagine if both end up in Buffalo.
@Jabberwok28 10 aylar önce
@@jessepressler208 As “shoot for the moon” as that is, I am not sure Adams is ready to mess with the chemistry this team has, especially with the results they are getting. They can wait for July.
@jessepressler208 10 aylar önce
@@Jabberwok28 that's kind of where I was going. The Sabres acquire Timo via trade and Kane as a UFA. Of course, Kane would have to take some sort of pay cut. However, it is Kane's hometown.
@jahimjauh-hey5653 10 aylar önce
Terrible idea. Tuch Skinner Thompson line is so dominant why would you change that? Kane is too old to be a 1st line player and it's only going to get worse every passing year. If Kane goes to Buffalo it would have to be at a discount price.
@edroberts8405 10 aylar önce
I always like Kane but the Rangers will be stupid to give up too much for any rental.
@LFC-mr6yb 10 aylar önce
Need a scoring winger. Would love Kane for the right price. Othmann and 1st for me is too much for a rental. Would be interested to see how much Tarasenko would be as a rental.
@Rangerandjetfan 10 aylar önce
Why not the 2 1st round picks we have
@HarrisonHollers 10 aylar önce
I think it costs only one 1st this year and maybe a 2nd if the Rangers make the ECF like the Copp deal last year.
@brendanhurley3358 10 aylar önce
Rangers could go after anyone. They have the picks and prospects to do ot
@alexprocaccino3828 10 aylar önce
Definitely not on O'Reilly. I trust he can be a good player in the playoffs but I think the Rangers are keen to move with Chytil Trocheck and Zibanejad as their center depth
@rangers11ization 10 aylar önce
Fair point.I still want kane and maybe tyler motte if we can get him to sure up the bottom six
@CDalonzo 10 aylar önce
Should’ve never gotten rid of motte, I liked him he brought the effort every night
@TheLebowski5 10 aylar önce
The Rangers should trade for Jake McCabe if they need to strengthen their d core. He is signed for 2 years after this year with a cap hit of 4 mil. The Blackhawks could eat 1/2 his salary, so a cap hit of 2 mil to the Rangers, very reasonable. This would take a 1st rd pick.
@bijanravanbakhsh3530 10 aylar önce
plus some shady rays, meat sticks, and cornhole
@daveizdebski 10 aylar önce
I've been saying this would be a mistake from the beginning.
@nightrain9288 10 aylar önce
Has Panarin declined so much defensively? I remember his first season in NY, imo he should have won the hart, but finished 3rd. He also received Selke votes and ended up 15th, that would be a huge step back if he now is a purely offensive player
@chrisfrost73 10 aylar önce
He has been lazy and pathetic defensively last 2 years. Hasn't been scoring 5on5 which is what made him so strong playing with fast and strome a few years back.
@enricolongobardi5673 10 aylar önce
Kane has a no move clause. He has say in where he goes. If he wants to go to the Rangers, Chicago has no leverage. Rangers will never trade Oathman. You might see Krastov, Hijaek, or Zac Jones.
@mariovaccarella6854 10 aylar önce
I think that you're Right, Nathan. I'd prefer Timo Meire, given their Ages.
@marcussorensen5549 10 aylar önce
Timo Meier*
@WeWiLLRefuse 10 aylar önce
If we have to give away Othmann for Kane, I would have to pass on that
@OttawaNow 10 aylar önce
Patrick Kane needs to score 500 before retiring. He's got five more seasons.
@edpottinger849 10 aylar önce
He sure doesnt look happy.What about Toews and Kane to either Winnipeg or Edmonton.The only other connection I see is Ottawa with Debrincat they liked playing together.
@larslan1975 10 aylar önce
Kane on Crosby’s line would look nice !
@HarrisonHollers 10 aylar önce
Don’t think Pens have cap space. Also, they have greater needs on D. If they make the playoffs.
@filipohman7277 10 aylar önce
Awesome Work Buddy, Thanks 👍👍👍😎 Greetings from Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮🇺🇸🇫🇮🇺🇸🇫🇮🇺🇸
@BrownKnee666 10 aylar önce
Rangers should get a bigger winger...I wouldn't call them a high powered offense, more like a well balanced well oiled machine... panrian can play on top line or pilot the second... should find a place holder RW like a meier, Taransanko(funny not buch), or a subtle move like a nyquist, or an bosser... They should go hard like Florida last year because this could be their year. I think their defense is fine actually and no holes... trouba and Lindgren are physical and their bottom pair is fine(most teams don't have a seller bottom pair...maybe CAR and NYI but rare...NSH does but look at the standings).... They should trade Ottoman,kakko,a 1st....they gunna have to decide between kakko and point in keeping them both...and the team is young enough that Otto is expandable
@kaydenshepherd510 10 aylar önce
Imagine Rangers bag Toews or something instead
@midyewest6219 10 aylar önce
Kane for Ben Harpur and a 2003 9th, who says no?
@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
NYR, Ben Harpur is too elite!!!
@JayLewisNYR1994 10 aylar önce
The trade will end up being Jones Kravtsov and 1st for Kane
@canofcake648 10 aylar önce
Traded to the coyotes along with 4 1sts for Kassian deal done
@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
Common Coyotes W
@TheLebowski5 10 aylar önce
You have to look at who Kane is playing with this year. This is unquestionably the worst (talent wise) NHL team Kane has ever been on. His line mates are 3rd liners on most teams and 4th liners on championship contenders (if even cracking the lineup). It's understandable that his point production would take a dip. If Kane was on Edmonton or Colorado he'd have 100 assists.
@lucaslindquist7515 10 aylar önce
I love these vids keep it up
@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
Thanks Lucas! Appreciate the support my man!
@Nick-qy5ze 10 aylar önce
They need a goal scorer they have panrion Kane is another playmaker
@spencerspavin6325 10 aylar önce
You’ll eat your words. Kane is a top 15 player easily
@babykeemfan16 10 aylar önce
as someone who will cry when he’s traded, that is an atrocious statement to make. especially this year
@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
He's just not a great fit for NYR, they need a guy who can play in all three zones, Kane just isn't that.
@dalluxe4971 10 aylar önce
Stop living in the past
@iCoolaxe 10 aylar önce
Lol. Kane isn't even a top 15 winger at this point.
@senatorsal1126 10 aylar önce
It’s not he’d be great for New York it’s actually perfect…. Also the hair..
@restasmutes9470 10 aylar önce
Terrible, terrible trade. They should get strong depth like last trade deadline. They're insane if they make that trade.
@tomslick2058 10 aylar önce
A first and third would do it. NY has 3 first round picks to give. So why the hell not.
@Justme77400 10 aylar önce
Rangers feel like catering to Panarin to get him out of his funk. They need to stop it. NO to Patrick Kane.
@mikenyr4life491 10 aylar önce
I think the ask for a Rental Kane is way too rich and not worth it, their are much better gets that will cost less
@moshesalzman9115 10 aylar önce
If Drury makes that trade he should get fired. I agree 100% either O’reilly or Terasenko
@moshesalzman9115 10 aylar önce
I’d trade for Terasenko
@thomascapellini1306 10 aylar önce
If the Rangers trade Laf or Kakko for Kane I’m done being a fan front office fucked us. Not trading Kreider signing him to a long term high Aav with a NMC, Trochecks aweful signing when you have chytil budding into a super star, signing Panarin in the middle of a rebuild, trading Buchnevich for nothing now we have a void in his position, same could be said about Zuccarello, not playing our 1st and 2nd overall in positions to succeed, Trouba contract when do we fire Drury and run Dolan out of NY
@rodchester3 10 aylar önce
Mika Zibanejad is one of the better 200 foot star players in the game.
@paltoos5077 10 aylar önce
if you want to win the cup - there is no "to much" price . Kakko.Kravtsov + 2 x1rnd = Oreilly + Meier
@celluloidtherapy5003 10 aylar önce
Kane is THIRTY-FOUR. First-rounder, top prospect, AND more? Yeah, no thanks.
@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
Yuuup, NYR have so many options, they can afford to not submit to that price
@trevorzegras46 10 aylar önce
Hi Grav hopefully your doing well
@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
I am brother! Hopefully you are too!
@joshualayfield2294 10 aylar önce
Laf, Cuylle, Goodrow, and a 1st for Patty Kane and a 2nd
@alexandergustafsson4245 10 aylar önce
Dream on
@joshualayfield2294 10 aylar önce
@@dombiondi27 Laf is a bust, Cuylle is unproven, Goodrow makes the money work and a 1st to make it happen. If you think your getting Kane for less you're crazy.
@VanMichael21 10 aylar önce
Rangers should try n get JT Miller back from Vancouver
@SFLET-up9ll 10 aylar önce
Rags need another Ryan, down to one.
@chrisdugan5555 10 aylar önce
I feel like they really can’t go wrong with Kane or Meier, obviously Meier would be the guy to go for if you could resign him. However I feel like the rags should prioritize trying to trade Kakko or Laf in the deal, unless the jig is up already on those guys across the league that they are, dare i say, *busts* 😓. Definitely more so Laf than Kakko. There’s just no way that I’d part ways with Othmann for a guy that will potentially be on your team for a handful of months, this guys gonna be Marchand 2.0 but bigger and stronger.
@brettkozak3479 10 aylar önce
He is not doing great offensively but I mean hes playing with Max Domi and like Tingus Pingus?
@joejoejoe0121 10 aylar önce
NYR may as well try trading for Karlsson in SJ. Not worth the trade either way
@bobweiser3134 10 aylar önce
That's an idiotic suggestion.
@jessepressler208 10 aylar önce
@@bobweiser3134 not really. Since Fox is a RD, it could help having another Norris candidate as his top line LD partner.
@bobweiser3134 10 aylar önce
@@jessepressler208 first of all, the salary cap still exists. Second of all, Karlsson is a right D. Literally the dumbest suggestion anyone could make.
@joejoejoe0121 10 aylar önce
@@bobweiser3134 It's a comparison, not a suggestion. I'm saying going for Kane would be the equivalent of trying to get Karlsson from SJ. There would be some gains, but not at all worth the loss. My hope was for this to hit more as a joke, but I apologize for the bad execution.
@bobweiser3134 10 aylar önce
@@joejoejoe0121 bad comparison.
@OlinKreutzRules 9 aylar önce
Forgive me for my ignorance BUT……don’t hockey players retire from the NHL after their 47th season?
@franklulatowskijr.6974 10 aylar önce
The Rangers chances of winning a Stanley Cup before, say, 2045 are about as good as mine getting to the moon.
@alexandergustafsson4245 10 aylar önce
Especially if they keep making trades like this...
@franklulatowskijr.6974 10 aylar önce
@@alexandergustafsson4245 This has been their history for decades. That’s why they’ve only won one cup in my DAD’s lifetime, let alone my lifetime.
@alexandergustafsson4245 10 aylar önce
@Frank L Ulatowski Jr. so many generations of NYR fans that seem unable to learn from this, not to mention GMs and owners. Very sad actually. But I think you are 100 % right
@franklulatowskijr.6974 10 aylar önce
@@alexandergustafsson4245 3/4 of their Cups came before the US joined WWII. You figure the organization would have noticed this.
@covyvaccin9098 10 aylar önce
Kane might go to Seattle
@jessepressler208 10 aylar önce
I would like to see Seattle potentially go after a Horvat, ROR, or Toews. The Kraken need help up the middle. Top 6 center?
@ChimpokoBro 10 aylar önce
Gotta get Kane. Kakko and Laf are 🗑️, Othmann will be decent but hes not gonna help them win now
@stevebuck828 10 aylar önce
What about Horvat
@shuaschwartz5215 10 aylar önce
This aged well
@jessieferris7459 10 aylar önce
kane should go to nyr.
@rossrangerfan11 9 aylar önce
What are you talking about? Chris Kreider still killing penalties! His scoring is down
@aidan30_ 10 aylar önce
Timo Meier for me
@Justme77400 10 aylar önce
I agree. Lock him up right away and say screw the cap. Other teams need to get together and say screw the cap too. It's only a matter of time.
@obibaddad1991 10 aylar önce
@alexandergustafsson4245 10 aylar önce
Kane is not a Gallant type of a player. And no trade package that would bring him in makes sense at all. I am all for a NO for Kane. No Kane no Pain.
@eat_6429 10 aylar önce
Ryan O Reilly is a better fit
@bxbigshot1809 10 aylar önce
You haven’t been watching ranger games we need are shooter
@johnhoward9638 10 aylar önce
Hi NATHAN How ya doin Bud?
@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
Very solid John, hbu?
@klax001 10 aylar önce
I refuse to like this video. In fact, I will dislike it to show that you should do a video on Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey on the N64.
@GravitehHockey 10 aylar önce
Honestly a W, can't even lie
@bobbydimes6316 10 aylar önce
Doesn't matter, the Rangers can't develop prospects...
@odeszaa 10 aylar önce
garland and bo for laffy and a pick pls. maybe even just laffy and kakko, its clear neither of them will reach their potential with the rangers awful forward development history. hopefully their management is desperate or something.
@valentinorocket5202 9 aylar önce
Patrick Kane join Montreal Canadiens yes or no @Graviteh
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