Why Europe Doesn't Build Skyscrapers

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Why have many major European cities not embraced the skyscraper? We explain. For more by The B1M subscribe now - ow.ly/GxW7y
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Additional images courtesy of IIP Photo Archive, John Charlton, Ullstein Bild, Frank Rust, and David Skinner. Narrated by Fred Mills.
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Rashid Kasirye
Rashid Kasirye 4 yıl önce
am a simple guy, I get notification from B1M I stop all and watch
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 4 yıl önce
B1M > I think you missed an important point....Paris and London are so old they have 15 levels underground of sewage, catacombes, old subway systems and pipelines built a long...long time ago....and they wouldn't support the weight of a 80 story Skyscraper
Luxus Häuser
Luxus Häuser 4 yıl önce
That's great! What do you think about the question raised? We think that Classical and Gothic architecture has more character than modular skyscrapers.
Cobie French
Cobie French 4 yıl önce
Africa does not build skyscrapers either
Endra Ruhendri
Endra Ruhendri 4 yıl önce
I see you man of culture as well
Starlord Stavanger
Starlord Stavanger 4 yıl önce
comments like these are so unoriginal now, it's infuriating...
leonard london
leonard london Yıl önce
Europe not having skyscrapers is actually one of the reasons why is beautiful.
Walter Roux
Walter Roux Yıl önce
And certain places being mainly skyscrapers makes me wish to visit much less. I wish instead of the glass towers of Dubai they had built a city filled with traditionalist Islamic architecture, it would actually make want to visit.
Salman’s Blog
Salman’s Blog Yıl önce
@Walter Roux skyscraper are boring tbh.
MRobocop Yıl önce
@Walter Roux Arabic architecture you mean? There is no particular Islamic architecture, Muslim peoples build in style of their ethnicities, like mosques of Chinese Hui Muslims look like traditional Chinese buildings, Tatars in Russia in 18-19 centuries built their mosques in classial European style, African Muslims have African style etc.
Walter Roux
Walter Roux Yıl önce
@MRobocop yes! Geography and Religious Studies just happened to be my two worst subjects in school aha. Thanks for the education. I would love to see a whole city filled with traditional Arabic architecture, especially taken to the same degree they have taken their skyscrapers and reclamation islands. I've seen in Morocco in parts of the old cities that are mostly like this, but I've never seen a whole city with architecture like this, but if someone were to build it I would imagine it a far sight more beautiful than Dubai.
MRobocop Yıl önce
@Walter Roux I agree, enough soulless modern architecture
Damien Short
Damien Short Yıl önce
I'm from the USA, and had no idea Europe doesn't do many skyscrapers. It honestly makes me happy knowing there are cities out there that are still classically beautiful, not soullessly modern.
BICI e COMPUTER con Gabriele
BICI e COMPUTER con Gabriele Yıl önce
Yes. And did you also notice that roads are narrow and people walk on the roads, and shops and commercial activities are mixed to apartments in mid sized buildings? Like, let's say, 4 floors, the ground floor you have shops just close to the road, where you can walk, and 1st, 2nd,3rd floor, 3 floors of apartments. I think you don't see this in America (except some old building in the East coast or in the cities in the great lakes area). What you would never find in Euorope is the "US style neighborhood" where only single houses are allowed, and you have to take the car and drive for 10km (6,5miles) on a wide ugly road, very dangerous for pedestrians, and stop at 10 traffic lights, then park in a giant park, just to buy a bottle of milk...
constantnipples Yıl önce
Uk does
Vanitas -
Vanitas - Yıl önce
I'm from Europe and I love skyscrapers + full cities + neon signs. Tokyo or New York is basically a dream place for me. But I live in oldest city in my country, where you won't meet a single soul outside after 6pm. Not to mention there is nowhere to go and nothing to do.
Abdishakur Mukhtar
Abdishakur Mukhtar Yıl önce
not really is good they kept their historical sites but Europe looks like a third world place compared to new York, Dubai and etc.
Abdishakur Mukhtar
Abdishakur Mukhtar Yıl önce
Smorl I have been to europe and the street are dirty and poor
Silvia Yıl önce
Because we love our buildings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always amazed when I see a beautiful skyscraper (not a soulless one), but European cities just hit different. The charm, the architecture, everything about them is just breathtaking.
tina Yıl önce
@Ofis Blagoevgrad why u so pressed 💀
Cajun Seasoning
Cajun Seasoning Yıl önce
@Ofis Blagoevgrad the passive aggressiveness in this comment
almond tovfu
almond tovfu Yıl önce
@Ofis Blagoevgrad Bro what
chrisxplore Yıl önce
London has loads of skyscrapers so you've clearly never been
tina Yıl önce
@chrisxplore we europeans dont rlly acknowledge england
Sushibae Yıl önce
After visiting Europe, I realized how valuable those old buildings that witnessed different historical events. They are phenomenal!
Jan Kees
Jan Kees 11 aylar önce
American cities are very boring compared to European cities. Those are amazing and every countries capital has unique design. Like Munich is a lot different than Rome or Amsterdam.
Onai 11 aylar önce
@Jan Kees You must be 40 years old or something... I live in Germany and I am so fucking bored, there is nothing to do and even if there is something to do its expensive as hell so you just get drunk and thats it. As a student I would love to live outside of Europe or at least Spain or something were its more exciting to live.
pjn95 11 aylar önce
@Onai What are you on about? There is so much stuff to do. Cinemas, theatres, operas, museums, art gallerys, concerts, clubs, parks, restaurants, whatever. It's not Europe's fault, you don't know what to do with yourself. Plus, it's not going to change if there are more skyscrapers in an area.
Onai 11 aylar önce
@pjn95 Yeah but all of the things you named are expensive as fuck. You can't go outside and do these things regularly, in the US its a whole different story. And I never said skyscreapers would change anything where did you read that?
pjn95 11 aylar önce
@Onai That's not true. Prices for living in the US are higher than in Germany. Every statistic says the same.
Crashfinger X
Crashfinger X Yıl önce
The history makes the difference here. When I visited my brother in L.A., some neighborhoods and buildings were said to have history because they were almost 100-150 years old. Here in Europe, I don't know of any village, no matter how small, that doesn't have a history going back at least 1000 years. This is in no way an accusation against the Americans, but Europe has a long history and I am glad that we preserve it. Apart from that, I find the European city centers with their sun-drenched sidewalk cafes much cozier.
for why
for why Yıl önce
America probably had 1000 year old villages before the Europeans came
Juan Castellote Requena
Juan Castellote Requena Yıl önce
@for why villages built with sticks and 3 poorly placed stones. Cabins and shacks do not count
pduffy4 Yıl önce
@for why another person who doesn't know that Europeans lived in North America BEFORE the Indians!!!
Kevin McCabe
Kevin McCabe Yıl önce
@for why depends which parts. Mesoamerica and the Andes: absolutely yes! The southern half of the US (California, SW, Mississippi delta, Dixie, Appalachia): sort of in some places. In Canada and the northern US where most of the development is we had the Iroquois, Algonquin, Sioux, and Huron peoples but they didn't really have any major population centers and only date back less than 1000 years. Also they were largely nomadic (though not the Iroquois, they were sedentary) so no old villages. We still shouldn't have stolen their land, obviously, but their societies were closer in development to what Europe had around the time of Greek colonization across the mediterranean 3,000 years ago. It's not their fault though, Homo Sapiens reached Europe some 50,000 years ago and have been evolving cultures there ever since. Homo Sapiens only reach the Americas 15,000 years ago so they were starting with a 35,000 year disadvantage...
catling 10 aylar önce
I think people are forgetting what the world looks like. This determination to cover everything in concrete has led to entire swathes of people not even knowing what the night sky looks like. I lived in a city with only "mid-rise" buildings for two years and I missed the stars every night. I couldn't imagine having to be trapped between skyscrapers like that. We don't even know what we've lost.
Hayden Carn
Hayden Carn 9 aylar önce
You nailed it down pretty well here. We should be careful, because if we don't watch out we might well end up destroying our own history, culture and so much more. Sometimes when I meet city folks it makes me sad, they often have no connection or appreciation toward nature or anything of the sort. We are heading down a gloomy road, I want to live in a human society, not a storage unit that is part of what feels more and more like a huge messed up cooperation that has no values to speak of.
Arshiya Amreen
Arshiya Amreen 7 aylar önce
I don't understand people who phrase things like the way you've done now. We aren't 'determined' to 'cover everything in concrete' for like the funsies lol. It's not a recreational indulgence. It's the effect of capitalism and urbanization. Unless you have solutions to multiple different crises including unemployment, urban migration and housing crisis, this what is to be done for the thousands of people migrating to cities for jobs. And sadly you can't increase land area magically so we must build upwards. It's necessity for almost complete part. You are lucky if you live in a place where you can afford house and land and enjoy your night sky and stars, it is a true privilege.
catling 7 aylar önce
@Arshiya Amreen I don't understand people who willfully misunderstand strangers for funsies. Pointing out that we are facing these issues we created wholesale and therefore we have no choice but to make our world worse isn't the hot take you seem to think it is. I WAS lucky to grow up in the hills, yes, and that's how I know what is being lost. Capitalism, among other things, is wrecking our world, and our societies and some people specifically+personally are invested in keeping it that way. We should fight against it, not accept it as inevitable. But first we have to remember what we stand to lose, or we have no reason to resist. As I'm neither a politician nor a billionaire and have exactly 0 power to implement solutions myself, I'm not sure what your point is. I do have ideas, but I very much doubt you'd like them. Would you be rude like this to someone you disagreed with irl? I doubt it.
Arshiya Amreen
Arshiya Amreen 7 aylar önce
Again, I'll reiterate, I agree with your 2nd message. Your main one is what annoys me. We don't do these things for pleasure, it's our increasingly bad choices that has put us in this position. Your first message implies there is a sort of pleasure humans derive from building skyscrapers. We must fight all what capitalism stands for but for many cities is all they have to survive and in return, more cities will be built to accommodate them. It's anything but pleasing, to be forced to live in concrete swathes to ensure food goes into your stomach and roof stays above your head consistently. People haven't lost touch with nature yet, there are still plants grown on 14th floor tall building's balconies. These are necessary for current people's current needs.
Rob 51
Rob 51 7 aylar önce
That's what I've been saying for years : open your window and what you see another window - - lucky to see the blue sky, never hearing a bird and , hardly knowing which season is
Hika 2 yıl önce
In short: America had basically no historically or culturally relevant architecture tradition so they could build whatever they wanted without spoiling the cityscape
Lord Milchreis
Lord Milchreis 2 yıl önce
@Tech But its true, the USA has no Historicaly relevant buildings before 1500 because... THERE WERE NO HISTORICAL BUILDINGS???
Ranjit N
Ranjit N 2 yıl önce
@Tech Well, that's the truth even if you don't wanna agree .
Lucie Lehoux
Lucie Lehoux 2 yıl önce
@Tech it’s just the truth, admit it
Bálint Brizs
Bálint Brizs 2 yıl önce
@Tech why are you so offended by that? Its the truth and there is nothing wrong with it
BuffLambo Yıl önce
As someone who has lived their whole life in Finland, when I visited New York in 2018 for the first time I was blown away by the sheer size of the buildings. It was just like from the movies and for the first few days I kinda forgot I was in New York :D But after that I kind of forgot how they were there. I got used to them. I visited Budapest in 2019 which was still way bigger city than any in Finland, but having those older buildings felt more like home, even though I was nowhere near home.
Phiyedough Yıl önce
Yes, although there are no English speaking countries in mainland Europe I always feel I can identify far more culturally with European countries than with USA (I'm from UK).
BuffLambo Yıl önce
@Phiyedough Like even tho there are very distinct styles of buildings and architecture it all feels familiar :D
Vick Mortensen
Vick Mortensen Yıl önce
how close to understand hungarian language did you get? I heard your languages are remotely related, but I guess very different todays. The only hungarian world i know is isten (god), that will stay forever in my mind because of the movie eXistenZ. I know the finnish world is very different for example, I checked at the time, but I forgot, lol
BuffLambo Yıl önce
@Vick Mortensen Absolutely nothing :D The spoken languages are completely different, but the way the sentences and words are structured are almost the same. It's a weird kind of thing, since Estonian is almost completely Finnish, but apparently they aren't related? In a way for me, listening to Hungarian, it sounds Finnish, but none of the words are even remotely close to it.
-Pepsimäyn- Yıl önce
@BuffLambo wut? Estonian and Finnish are absolutely related
ScarletEmber Yıl önce
I've visited la défence in Paris recently, and I must say I like the fact that the whole skyscraper-based architecture has its own designated area. It keeps the old cultural sites feeling old, while having the newer, high-rising segments have their own little space to grow. I wouldn't say I dislike the style, as long as there's some originality, I kinda like it, but It doesn't fit well with the older parts, which I'm also quite fond of So yeah, having designated areas for higher, more modern buildings is definitely nice imo
Marcelo S. Coelho
Marcelo S. Coelho Yıl önce
It's weird the that video tries to sell skyscrapers as modernity, when the general perception of La Défense in Paris is that it's an undesirable zone, home of only old school outdated companies. Most startups are in the historic center of the city, fighting for the most charming and ancient low-rise buildings and the proximity with small restaurants and shops (not global chains).
Mathieu Mercier
Mathieu Mercier 11 aylar önce
By the way, La Défense is not in Paris ;)
Hans Capon
Hans Capon 10 aylar önce
Melbourne obviously doesn’t have buildings as old as Paris, but many parts of the city have the kinda traditional old style of buildings combined with modern skyscrapers. Brisbane too, to a lesser extent.
Charles M.
Charles M. 10 aylar önce
What's fascinating is that "modern" startups are avoiding setting up in these "modern" areas (La Defense, EuroLille, etc...). Public transport servings are bad, you share floors with competition, there isn't a lot of restaurants in the area, it's far from your employees houses, etc... As we transition our old ways of thinking into a more practical and productive approach, we'll see less and less need for offices anyway. So many startups are adopting "online offices" where employees can work remotely, and the solutions for those startups are getting better by the day, it's just bound to happen. Why would companies refuse cheaper activities, more productive employees and why would employees refuse more practical lives ?
floordred 11 aylar önce
i lived in czech republic for many years, walking home from school, i loved the feel of the historical buildings and the cobble roads. the trams and the gaps of sunlight made it such a core memory. how something so simple could be a dream for others
Onai 11 aylar önce
I mean Prague is just incredible. There a re not much similar cities like that in Europe
keeshand 😵‍💫
keeshand 😵‍💫 Yıl önce
I never realised why I admired Europe’s architecture and, for a lack of a better word, vibes so much- until this video. Never noticed how big a difference the lack of skyscrapers in the skyline makes. This is probably extremely idealistic of me, but I genuinely hope they decide never to adopt them significantly.
Brando Vitali
Brando Vitali Yıl önce
In Italia ci sono i centri storici dove viene mantenuta l'architettura classica mentre le periferie adottano palazzi di massimo 10 piani. Io che abito in Italia centrale ho una bellissima vista sulle colline coltivate.
Victor Portable
Victor Portable Yıl önce
They probably wont. Its not idealistic. Skyscrapers are idealistic. For the price of a skyscraper that provides space for 5000 people you could build a midriser-block for twice the amount of people and still have resources left to put into nice green areas.
Onai 11 aylar önce
Some day they will, otherwise no one can pay rent some day
Nikki 9 aylar önce
I’ve lived all my life in Europe. This video made me realize only now that we don’t have skyscrapers and that i’ve never actually seen one.
JugglingSword 8 aylar önce
And never missed one
Rob 51
Rob 51 7 aylar önce
Some people must go out a bit more, a lot bit more
Nahoule Deb
Nahoule Deb 5 aylar önce
@Rob 51I ho out everyday and I don’t see any skyscrapers in my city in southern France😢
Daniela 4 aylar önce
@Rob 51 that’s not the point lol the person probably is just used to these buildings so they didn’t notice
Spy 3 yıl önce
Just imagine how horrible a skyscraper would look next to the Acropolis or the colloseum.
Gabriel Nascimento
Gabriel Nascimento 3 yıl önce
Yes, and also Europe makes a lot of money with tourism, so it's better to leave it the way it is
K ORA 3 yıl önce
Oh god no, I’m not even used to the louvre pyramid yet 😭
Apostolis Pouliakis
Apostolis Pouliakis 3 yıl önce
Actually there are laws limiting building height around the Acropolis and I assume there are similar policies in other EU countries
Loïc Blanc
Loïc Blanc 3 yıl önce
@Apostolis Pouliakis And since when law has ever been a problem in Greece? Laws here are for poor people, not for the rich...
Γιώργος Αλμπακρής
Γιώργος Αλμπακρής 3 yıl önce
Eventually skyscrapers will build in both Italy and Greece. Just not near acropolis or collosum
PhoenixAura81 3 aylar önce
I used to be one of those people who thought old-looking cities should replace their buildings with modern skyscrapers to look more like a true city. Now I really admire and appreciate European cities preserving their architectural heritages and cultural identity within the architecture. And let's not forget that some European cities are among the best in the world in terms of urban planning.
CM Sim
CM Sim 7 aylar önce
European architectures are beautiful and no modern countries will ever beat Europe's beauty and charm. It's just stunning!
Kennedy Xhulu
Kennedy Xhulu 6 aylar önce
Regicidal Militia
Regicidal Militia 22 gün önce
😂 it's mostly a backwater dump
StarPiercerAwl - Music
StarPiercerAwl - Music Yıl önce
A lot of European cities nowadays have historical and financial districts that have laws regulating what you can and cannot build in certain areas. I think a good example is Bratislava, Slovakia. While the "skyscrapers" are only 100 meters tall, they are built appart from the historical center and they look very good as their own skyline.
Michele Belfiore
Michele Belfiore 11 aylar önce
I live in Italy and I have to say that I love how our capitals are being treated, our continent is really old and so our cities have to be preserved but, even in that spirit, there's space for skyscrapers to rise between historical structures and it is that unique blending of history and progress that makes our cities unique; of course Rome is far behind London and Paris given how difficult it is to build between roman ruins but eventually we'll get there.
MrDoctor22 Yıl önce
Cities are museums; history is imprinted in buildings. It is necessary to preserve buildings of all eras so that descendants can touch history and feel how their ancestors lived, what they experienced, what influenced (what events) the style of architecture and the appearance of buildings.
UlliStein 5 aylar önce
That's what Paris did. They left the center unchanged and made a really beautiful skyline in the suburbs. The best of both worlds together.
J C 4 yıl önce
I like the concept of Paris for example, where skyscrapers have their own district away from historical sites and the direct city center.
Polytechnika 4 yıl önce
That really is the only acceptable way to make skyscrapers happen in europe.
Alf 4 yıl önce
Wish they had done this is London rather then just having them everywhere
AnBe 4 yıl önce
Agree, alot of European cities are doing it wrong by allowing taller buildings spread out and it looks wierd and out of place.
Disney em pt-pt
Disney em pt-pt 4 yıl önce
Meanwhile in Montparnasse...
李相逸 4 yıl önce
Disney em pt-pt lol
Elle Riley
Elle Riley Yıl önce
when i was younger, as a canadian, i thought it was so bizarre, and a little behind the 'times', that europe was still so 'flat', but now i really appreciate and envy it. not to mention, the pandemic has caused so many of my city's skyscrapers to sit empty (now if only they'd fill them with affordable housing/community resources but 🙃) and with the uptick of people working from home, which hopefully continues, huge office buildings really seem like such a waste of money and resources
My AUTObiography
My AUTObiography 6 aylar önce
I come from a country which had the most dramatic change within the last 50 years. My hometown was created on what used to be farmlands about 45 years ago and recently the buildings originally there are getting old so all the buildings surrounding my home recently got demolished for a redevelopment. Yes, a very active redevelopment means that real estate value is skyrocketing and could mean something good financially but having grown up in the town it is very sad now I will have to solely rely on my memories of how surroundings used to look. Almost all friends of mine moved far away due to the place now priced too expensive for young people to afford or either their parents got sick and tired of the overcrowded city and moved suburb. This is a tragedy man. Of course I also think modern skyscrapers are part of our history and some people might admire their surroundings evolving, leaving the old buildings behind. But in my opinion, it is the best to leave residential areas with traditional homes which would last for centuries so people with preference like me could be born and raised and die in the same surrounding, at my home town. Well, which is not happening in my life this time.
Nalexie Yıl önce
Personally, as a person who was born in Scandinavia and now lives in Southeast Asia, I love seeing the history and the architecture from the past. I honestly love the very rustic and old-timey feel, it's so nostalgic when I see those buildings along with the nature and forests that still thrive in some areas. I hope they don't build any skyscrapers any time soon.
🔴RedRocket🚀 11 aylar önce
Bro lives in asia 💀
egg 10 aylar önce
How did you get to south east asia, I think I wanna move there too
goalfever007 Yıl önce
Great content , I’ve learnt a lot watching this channel. Living in NYC skyscrapers are apart of norm but European cities are truly beautiful and historical I feel the blend of old and new works well.
Damascus Yıl önce
when the world said "it's skyscraperin' time" and skyscrapered all over the place, I cried. truly one of the moments of all time
Michaelzz 5 aylar önce
Such an emotional moment
BerserkFury89 2 yıl önce
I like seeing modern skyscrapers in US cities, however I also love seeing the amazing historic architecture in European cities. I've lived in the US most my life, and getting to spend a few years in Germany, and traveling through other EU countries, these "old" cities can absolutely take your breath away. I certainly hope that this won't change just because more people want to live there.
Marianaツ 2 yıl önce
Tbh I have a secret admiration for US architecture
Nobiles Novus homo
Nobiles Novus homo 2 yıl önce
People like to say the skyscraper is ugly, but when it first hit NYC, and Chicago, the facades of buildings like the Woolworth Building, Knickerbocker hotel, and the plaza hotel, adorned the skyline (and the prior examples still exist), yet many more were torn down rather beautiful buildings like Hotel Astor and the Singer Building, 1910 NYC photos are gorgeous, when skyscrapers were first introduced, they looked like magnificent monuments. It's just regulations and market values, as well as challenges of restarting mass facade crafting with stone, plaster, brick, and marble are expensive, and large ballrooms, 2-3 story high ceilings, take up a lot of market space if not given tax exemptions, rather than cities looking at, and us plebs wanting more services, and not wanting to pay too much for them, so maximum efficiency is the norm, rather than beautiful, intricate, enriching textures, colors, and architectural symbolism that are now relegated to the rich.
Nobiles Novus homo
Nobiles Novus homo 2 yıl önce
Raffel greener look up the plaza hotel, when it was first introduced, by disposable income it was the modern equivalent of $60 a night to stay in the hotel, even with it’s ornate interior and exterior
Thefatbob37 2 yıl önce
Raffel greener there ain’t no such thing as stolen land if so we should all be in Ethiopia
Thefatbob37 2 yıl önce
Raffel greener They stole what someone else stole also what do you think the natives would’ve done to the Europeans if they came over to Europe?
Tanker Yıl önce
I love how Europe is and how simple and how beautiful it is
Garics Péter
Garics Péter Yıl önce
Europe is the opposite of simple. The beauty is in its organic complexity. The US grid system. Now that is simple in the dullest way.
Lydia Dunbar
Lydia Dunbar Yıl önce
Same here. Im European and love being it. My continent is just so beautiful and i hope it stays this way 😊😊
pls 4 aylar önce
America is simple
axuria Yıl önce
i live in ypres, one of the most famous tourist post war cities in belgium, the whole city was bombed down, a few ruins left, but everything got rebuilt, even the 3/4 churches. its insane, they even suggested to make a more evident and usable road structure when rebuilding it but the city declined and kept the old middle age road structure
Ace Lightning
Ace Lightning 5 aylar önce
The skyscraper was the embodiment of the spirit of America - based on notions of progress, invention, and expansion. A lot of the most famous American skyscrapers were built by business tycoons, looking to create a tangible center for their wealth. "Oh, how American of them!" Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, the insurance, banking, and publishing headquarters buildings downtown. They remain as iconic monuments to a different economic era.
Gotah Gemini
Gotah Gemini Yıl önce
Problems with skyscrapers are the huge shadows they cast on nearby buildings, the road and nature blocking the sun and concentrating other phenomenon like smog.. Too many of them would just feel claustrophobic like it does in some places in China.
Jan Kees
Jan Kees 11 aylar önce
I have been to Hong Kong, the average residential tower is 57 floors. 57 floors, ridiculous to live in.
Tereza Tomková
Tereza Tomková Yıl önce
As someone who lives near Prague and goes to school there I can say that seeing a skyscraper there would be a nightmare...like we have some tall buildings but it still isn't that big I think
M.brk5577 2 yıl önce
I'm from Poland and I feel like a lot of people think that a country without skyscrapers is underdeveloped and "behind" but I actually see it as something to be proud of as it shows the history and beauty of the culture. Not to say that other places don't have that pride because they have lots of skyscrapers, it works the other way too. Wether there are lots of skyscrapers or not a country's architecture paints a story which can be shared with anyone who visits.
Riny C
Riny C 2 yıl önce
Paul O'Rourke bc it got completely destroyed 😂
MetalheadBuser 2 yıl önce
I'm from Germany and it's the same thing here. Most cities here don't have skyscrapers as well, and if they do, they are not in the center / historic parts. Wich is great. Europe is old and civiliced for a pretty damn long time. Wich makes our cities look way nicer in general. There is history everywhere and those buildings who aren't historic don't cover the view. For the same reason our cities can be a real pain to drive trough, wich should be avoided, wich isn't that bad either because the Public Transport in Cities works really well most of the times and more Bike Lanes are built. Since big chunks of cities were built way before cares were invented, they aren't built with them in mind. And those cities grew "naturally", they just builded houses were they somewhat fitted. Defenetly no boring (tough easy) grid structure here.
theCosmicQueen 2 yıl önce
as an american , i am disgusted that we will blight our skylines so badly. I've been t o europe, and the beautiful and higher quality stone buildings are so much better in just about every way. A skyscraper is built to rival other stupid rich moguls and companies, it isn't built for humans to admire. it's just a very temporary and destructible piece of huge ego. That i have NO use for . They are not safe to build or to stay in, and i hope they stop building them soon. Nobody is impressed any more. They are junk littering the landscape.
Margarida Frade
Margarida Frade 2 yıl önce
I would love to visit Poland, I've actually made some friends from there along my academical path because of erasmus. I hope the pandemic will soon be controled so I get to travel and explore this beautifull country of yours. love from portugal
M.brk5577 2 yıl önce
terry riley Unfortunately yes it is which is sad to see. A big reason for the decrease in quality of life in the recent years especially, is the government (which is being opposed by many people living there). As a country it has a lot of potential and I would gladly live there in the future if not for this. It now is quite "behind" when it has great chances not be be 😔.
TchShade Yıl önce
I'm a Melbournian from Australia. Our inner city is filled with a weird combination of our renaissance style traditional architecture and our tall modern glass buildings, all side by side and coinciding in the strangest ways. Some days I love it, but most days I'm upset by the giant commercial buildings and wish they weren't so tall and blocking the view of our best architecture.
Jan Kees
Jan Kees 11 aylar önce
Yeah, I have been in Melbourne several times, it is strange to see a church or old government building next to a tall skyscraper. Also the old trams running Melbourne doesn't fit with the glass skyscrapers. Somehow it is a weird city center.
TchShade 11 aylar önce
@Jan Kees yeah, so strange but filled with such personality. I love it
What Comes Around™
What Comes Around™ Yıl önce
I feel like it also helps with traffic. I moved to the Netherlands from Malaysia and let me tell you its a huge difference. In Malaysia, the residential areas are packed with HUGE 30-50+ story condos but all the roads are 2 lane or sometimes 1 lane roads. Pedestrian walk ways are also not optimized for... pedestrians, honestly I don't know if they count as pedestrian walkways. In the Netherlands the homes are much less dense and so are the commercial buildings. Plenty of space for people to walk or cycle and public transport connects everything very well. It would take me longer to talk across the street in Malaysia to a local restaurant than it takes me to get to the city center from my apartment by bike in the Netherlands.
Mizuki 11 aylar önce
Welcome to our little froggy country. Have a bike and a apple and enjoy the rainy weather in your small cozy apartment
What Comes Around™
What Comes Around™ 11 aylar önce
@Mizuki It's legit a vibe. But takes 3 years to warm up to it hahaha 😂
Mizuki 11 aylar önce
@What Comes Around™ true true 😭🙌
Maximus Augustus Orthodox☦️
Maximus Augustus Orthodox☦️ 9 aylar önce
Hundred of years later and the architecture of our churches and cities still hit different🙏❤️ I am not sure if you can say the same thing about American/Asian skylines in one hundred years…
Caleb waller
Caleb waller Yıl önce
I don’t think skyscraper cities are “bland” and “soulless”. I’ve visited many very huge cities in the USA like NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, etc., and they are usually breathtaking to walk through. The nickname “urban jungle” really does describe it quite well. The United States does well at preserving its breathtaking landscapes with the hundreds of nation, state and local parks. In my opinion, as long as a city remains green, it has a good chance at remaining beautiful. I think in hundreds of years from now, another continent will take on another architecture form and they will look back at the United States and say how simple times were back then.
S I 10 aylar önce
I personally don’t think it’s the old buildings but the fact that all the buildings seem to follow a theme and although are different in their own ways, build upon each other’s architecture. Modern cities can do this when their buildings aren’t just glass blocks that look like what a child would design. And yes it is harder and perhaps less efficient in the short term to actually design than to make every single building similar but also unique, but if you wanna build a box then you shouldn’t be allowed to build at all, and if you actually live in a place that’s beautiful you can feel the difference.
Tybaun22 4 yıl önce
I like how in big European cities skyscrapers have their own district in a far-away corner. I love the older architecture of Europe. Keep it up Europe. You're doing great! Greetings from Colombia.
Marissa Lanza
Marissa Lanza 4 yıl önce
Drmcx hi Columbia ☺️☺️☺️☺️
MISH prv
MISH prv 4 yıl önce
Buena Colombianito! Here in Frankfurt the skyscrapers occupy large parts of the centre, but I like it.
Plazmica 032
Plazmica 032 4 yıl önce
Drmcx I hate communism that built commie blocks in my Belgrade, they are atrocius... i too love european style, dutch especialy.
bobduvar 4 yıl önce
La Défense... Paris business district.
Heidi Bird Music
Heidi Bird Music Yıl önce
I love historic city centres. They are the soul of Europe. That said, I think London is actually doing a marvellous job at choosing skyscraper designs that somehow integrate into the city and the old maze of streets and lanes, complimenting the historic substance that is already there instead of defacing it.
Jan Kees
Jan Kees 11 aylar önce
As a Dutch viewing London, I think London is a chaotic city with no structure. New next to old. Like Brussels it is all messed up. Cities like Paris or Amsterdam (or others) are way more planned and organised where skyscrapers go.
Gonçalo Dias
Gonçalo Dias 10 aylar önce
london is doing a good job integrating skyscrapers into the city. have you seen the kind of nonsensical buildings in london. some of the silliest structures in the world.
Gonçalo Dias
Gonçalo Dias 10 aylar önce
@Jan Kees that just means that the uglyness is concentrated far away from the good parts of the city, wich leads to a great part of the population living in those awfull places like la defence when they should just have expanded paris using the same planning that old paris has, since its the most efficient in the world, if we notice that the old paris is more populated than manhattan and only has 6-8 floor high buildings
Frans S
Frans S Yıl önce
It’s great for us to be able to choose between the two when we go on vacation. To go to a country where skyscrapers are everywhere, and another where buildings have cultural significance and long history
Sara Sprocati
Sara Sprocati Yıl önce
I'm European but gotta say, I never thought about that. It was just normal for me to look up only for churches or some random and rare buildings in Berlin, London or any other city I visited. This blew my mind lol
Erwann Thietart
Erwann Thietart Yıl önce
I live in a small town in Western France, oldest building happens to come from Charlemagne before even the church (though its another Christian building). Still not in ruin over 1200 years after it was made, hope it stays that way, technically older than France itself since it was made as it is now by the Capet
Daniela Yıl önce
Great video! You could take a closer look at the city of Bratislava. Over past 10 years, a whole new area has been (re)built. Most of the industrial area has been torn down and high-rise buildings built from scratch create a new "downtown". It is a huge tranformation. Sadly, people only realise the value and originality of the old industry buildings now that they are gone. The problem of a zombie district is also present. Due to city regulation of not building above 200 metres, there is many buildings of exactly 200 metres that create this funny wall when you see this zone from afar. Infrastructure might not be able to bear 100 000 people coming to this zone every day, it is not really designed for pedestrains and cyclists...but maybe I´m just biased. A few good architects made some of the buildings. It will bring more money to the city. I would love to see your take on it.
Solongastoria 3 yıl önce
I live in Sicily, my home town, Palermo , has been “founded” thousands years before Christ. Just imagine how badly a skyscraper would look in the middle of the historic center...
Manuel Grossi
Manuel Grossi 3 yıl önce
Immagina che schifo i grattacieli a Roma
Federico Baccinetti
Federico Baccinetti 3 yıl önce
Io penso che dovremmo integrare anche questa fase dell'urbanizzazione nelle nostre città. Ci vuole gusto nel farlo ed integrare qualcosa non vuol dire farlo diventare predominante né stonato.
Demogorgon 3 yıl önce
Love ur city and whole Sicily 😄👍
Simone Ulissi
Simone Ulissi 3 yıl önce
A Roma ci potrebbero stare grattacieli in periferia ma nel centro storico sarebbero orribili
V.305 3 yıl önce
Concordo con tutti voi
OK 2 yıl önce
Also: a grid of large needle-like skyscrapers has an enormous surface area. Which means it's much worse in terms of heating/cooling energy usage compared to compact cube-shaped city blocks. I think for the future it might make more sense to build dense, well-insulated mini-cities -- less high than skyscrapers, but taking up more space in all dimensions.
SoupyMittens 11 aylar önce
But think about how little space each skyscraper takes up. With a block houses or small apartments you could probably fit around 1/20th of the amount of people a skyscraper can hold. You need to think about how much land we've demolished and turned into towns.
Ackerfuck Yıl önce
i live in the western coast of Finland. my little hometown has its first signs of human population from 6000 B.C, though hunter-gatherers and not living there the whole year. the first town (and the side village i live in) were established in the 14th century. other villages a tad later. although almost no buildings that old have survived, there's still a rich cultural history behind our town - a centuries old community that thrives next to a powerful river, that offers fish more than the people could eat, thus earning itself the name _Holy River._ (Pyhäjoki, if anyone is interested.) it might sound silly, but I have formed a deep affection and connection to the people who lived here before me, next to the eternally old sea. (i won't even start about my mom's roots in Lapland and her relation to Finnish aboriginals, the mystical and mythical Sami people. that's a story of its own :3) ((hehe I even like to think a long ago a few vikings set foot on our shore and deemed our land incompetent :b))
Steve G
Steve G Yıl önce
I grew up in the Netherlands and Germany and whenever I had internships and corporate jobs, they usually where in old town homes turned into offices. It had a certain charm to it.
Carlitox b
Carlitox b 2 aylar önce
I find beauty in the mixture between the modern and the classic, I love skyscrapers right beside classic historial buildings and beautiful green spaces
جبهة الدفاع الوطني
جبهة الدفاع الوطني Yıl önce
The European style I like more than the American style, as the cities of Denmark are very wonderful, and there is harmony with nature, the environment and the trees, and it gives a beautiful look to the cities
Rizad Is My pet
Rizad Is My pet Yıl önce
🔴RedRocket🚀 11 aylar önce
Danish cities are awful
Zalazar 3 yıl önce
You forgot to mention that the highest point of European towns and cities were reserved for churches and cathedrals. Back on the day it would be considered sacrilege to construct a taller building.
Frollein Anika
Frollein Anika 3 yıl önce
I was about to comment the same thing :D
Thomas McBride
Thomas McBride 3 yıl önce
Yeah! This is one of the most important points. Only young cities established after 1800 have buildings taller than the central church/cathedral. London is an exception because it’s original cathedral burnt down and the new one was not designed to me tall... still, it’s still significant in the skyline.
Rededed 3 yıl önce
Thomas McBride what about Portsmouth?
Thomas McBride
Thomas McBride 3 yıl önce
Rededed Portsmouth was only granted city status in 1923. It was primarily a port so it’s infrastructure will differ from inland cities and towns anyway
Roman Brushko
Roman Brushko 11 aylar önce
Good video! I am Ukrainian, I would suggest seeing Kyiv as authentic place here in row with other European cities. It really has a lot to see 🎉
Kalash 11 aylar önce
Ok but not now
Youtube Hodol
Youtube Hodol 4 aylar önce
There are several reasons why Europe has significantly fewer skyscrapers than Asia and America. One reason is that many European cities have strict zoning laws and building regulations that restrict the height of buildings in historic and densely populated areas. Additionally, many European cities have a rich architectural heritage and a desire to preserve their historic skyline, which has led to resistance to high-rise development. Furthermore, the cost of constructing tall buildings is often higher in Europe due to stricter safety and environmental regulations. Finally, the availability of land for development is often more limited in European cities compared to those in Asia and America, making it more difficult to build tall buildings.
Mael Le Campion
Mael Le Campion 7 aylar önce
I've lived in Europe my whole life. I've been to 18 countries in total in Europe (as of the time I'm writing this) and yeah I never really experience skyscrapers here. I've been to New York before however and yeah everything felt wayyyyy different there than in Europe in terms of buildings. I was 11 the first time I was in New York and at times I was scared of standing next to extremely tall buildings. I've gotten over it since then. Although the last time I was in New York was not long ago in July 2022 and this time I stood right next to the One World Trade Centre (the tallest building in the USA and also the 6th tallest building in the world) and yeah that felt very scary ngl. The tallest man-made structure I've ever stood next to in Europe is the Eiffel Tower but even that is only 60% of the height of the One World Trade Centre. Edit: I had to fix a spelling error.
Timestatic Yıl önce
I feel like much of the skyscraper problem could be solved by making a walkable highline near the top of the skyscrapers so they don’t take up the entire sky and let public translators and cars traverse the bottom while having nature, biking, walking and public spaces at the top
Karlsson Wall
Karlsson Wall Yıl önce
It's interesting to see how fast this video aged with the pandemic, it's economic and social ramification. It's hard to see a future in Europe (or anywhere for that matter) where, with a new mindset and declining population, we'd want to live in a concrete, steel and glass tomb 500 meters in the air. I shudder at the idea.
Diego Iovinella
Diego Iovinella 3 yıl önce
I live in a small Village in a House that was build in 1710. It's older than the US. Still standing strong!💪 -Germany
Eggcellence 3 yıl önce
Light Yagami that’s really cool
The red hatchback
The red hatchback 3 yıl önce
I live in a double storeyed house that was completed 2 years back. -India
BigMala 64
BigMala 64 3 yıl önce
Happy Dude Germany has got the biggest art heritage with France in Europe after Italy and Spain... The history of Germany started with Roman times (Treviri has got cool romans monuments)
Schwarzes Eis
Schwarzes Eis 3 yıl önce
Happy Dude Einstein, Goethe, Schiller etc. etc.
Simone Cociancich
Simone Cociancich 5 gün önce
We used to build towers in the middle ages competing for the tallest one to show off the power or the wealth of each family/corporation/institution, but we've largely grown out of it during the Renaissance
Grumblesnake Yıl önce
Skyscrapers can obviously be sustainable and nice to live in, but they are like tall tress, blocking out the sun and choking the life below. I also think there are limits to how many people can live in a city, as they require massive amounts of resources, such as water, that often needs to be transported from the surrounding area, drastically reducing sustainability.
Kevin Rayon Flores
Kevin Rayon Flores 11 aylar önce
I always loved the way it is cause I feel it’s a bridge between the new and old world style of architecture.
joao.v Yıl önce
Amazing urban planning and development. Europe is truly different
fictional minds
fictional minds 7 aylar önce
i love how they preserve historical things
Nash xD
Nash xD 4 yıl önce
The fact that the Europe doesn’t have “modern” generic skyscrapers but rather preserve historic buildings and city structures from its past is what makes this continent stand out from the rest of the world. There is a certain atmosphere of elegance when you walk old streets of some old European city that modern cities, with all the tall glass buildings and newest technologies will never have. You can argue all you want, but it’s true.
FrogLover420 4 yıl önce
@Boom Do And New York has a large majority of actually good looking skyscrapers rather than big glass objects with weird shapes.
Boom Do
Boom Do 4 yıl önce
@FrogLover420 Yea, it's as if alot of these cities are arbitrarily building glass buildings. New York just seems more natural.
Hekate 4 yıl önce
@Boom Do The Population per square km in Dubai and definitely Shanghai, isn't that different from New York's when it first started building skyscrapers.
Shashank .K
Shashank .K 4 yıl önce
And that mentality right there is what's wrong with humanity. The fact that we're more concerned about protecting the past than the future. Your past achievements are irrelevant and you are unnecessary. What you do now is what will determine your fate.Sure look at your past. Admire it for the good. Condemn it for the bad. Learn from it and move on. Don't stick with it. There's a reason why time only moves forward.If you look any kind of close you'll find that more people would rather conserve the eiffel tower, the colloseum, the Taj mahal, the London Bridge and the Buckingham palace just to name a few over 50% of the rainforests on the surface of the planet. People(especially in Europe) tend to bask in their past history and are woefully ignorant of the atrocities committed. Let me ask you a question. What do you think of when someone says Winston Churchill? I am not blaming or degrading you. I'm just pointing out the way you think. The way most humans incline to. Europe was the king of the hill once. It sure af isn't now. So either you keep bragging about how you preserve your amazing cultural history or you preserve the future. The choice is up to you.
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 6 aylar önce
Living in the suburbs of Copenhagen, I see new and old skyscrapers and mid-rise buildings between me and the historic center, which has few such buildings. I note the construction scandals affecting some of the tall buildings, with some having to be completely evacuated for safety in strong winds, and others hit by scandals of sloppy construction etc. etc. Yet it's coming along and I pass brand new mid rise towers every day.
Mic Esserono
Mic Esserono Yıl önce
Contrary to what people often believe skyscapers don't offer more floor space than lower buildings due to the huge free space required around the skyscraper. Except in a very few places skyscrapers don't make much economical sense.
Mic Esserono
Mic Esserono Yıl önce
@Vinicius You must substract utilities like lifts, but you cannot limit the area of the skyscraper to the land directly below. You must take into account the large streets surrounding the skyscraper and the height limits that the skyscraper imposes on sourounding buildings. To get the real density do you math on a larger area containing multiple buildings.
Gonçalo Dias
Gonçalo Dias 10 aylar önce
@Vinicius just the fact that paris is denser than manhattan tells you you're wrong
SoupyMittens 10 aylar önce
@Gonçalo Dias well yeah only rich people live in Manhattan, they take up like a whole floor with one apartment and arent efficient at all. But when you move to the poor/middle class areas the skyscrapers become lot denser and more efficient.
Rand0m Yıl önce
I actually really love the look and aesthetic of skyscrapers, which is one reason why Europe has never really appealed to me as a travel destination... That's just me though, I'm well aware that I'm vastly in the minority.
egg 10 aylar önce
Same. Also the weather is too cold and dreary for my taste
SoupyMittens 10 aylar önce
Yeah and Europe never gets any sun
Burger King 8 Deluxe
Burger King 8 Deluxe Yıl önce
I like the vibe of a city with lots of skyscrapers, but I also believe in preserving historical sites, so I'm not suggesting European cities need to throw away their history and their aesthetic to suit my personal preferences. However, just speaking on what I personally like, I am from a small/medium city in the American South and have always liked big cities with tall buildings like Miami, Atlanta, and Dallas, and when I see pictures of major European cities, it just feels a little disappointing that they don't have a grand, breathtaking skyline like big American cities do.
jeanne sandner
jeanne sandner 11 aylar önce
oui, mais nous, on en veut pas de ces trucs là!
Sarge084 Yıl önce
Planning regulations and an efficient rapid transit system are the principle reason why Central London doesn't have skyscrapers. Most people working in Central London travel in from the suburbs. The Docklands area to the east of Central London is where the skyscrapers are, it was a redevelopment area when the old Docks could no longer accommodate the huge ships, it was run down for many years.
marsa74 2 yıl önce
I live in a small village in Germany. The church was built in 974 and we had to replace some foundation stones. Each stone was carved from the original source as 1000 years ago and did cost the same as a medium sized car. However, there was a 100% approval from the residents to do it exactly that way.
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 2 yıl önce
good! i hope we all learn from it!
Bella20 2 yıl önce
That’s wonderful! Glad to see history being preserved well!
rumu dinc
rumu dinc 2 yıl önce
You're living my dream 😊 Do you like living in a small village in Germany?
marsa74 2 yıl önce
@rumu dinc Yes, I absolutely do. We are part of the district town that has a population of only 20.000 but it has almost everything. Multiple hospitals, education and care facilities, train connections, all roads accompanied by cycle paths, lakes etc.. Also, the unemployment rate is near 0% but, now comes the drawback, the wages are low and the jobs are rather uninteresting for someone with a higher education. So, I worked abroad most of the time and just came back in 2015 to care for my parents. I took over the house but continued working for a car manufacturer 400 km south in Germany. Thanks to Corona, I work now entirely remote like my team that comes from all parts of Germany as well.
rumu dinc
rumu dinc 2 yıl önce
@marsa74 Wow, it sounds amazing! I would love to live in a rural area in a self-sufficient county. Coronavirus has been awful but I actually enjoyed working from home most of the time. And if i had a cute cottage house and green areas to go on walks or have a picnic, that would be the goal 😄 The only thing I wouldn't like is that Germany doesn't have seaside cities and I'm in love with the sea. But I bet you guys travel a lot 😄
Novae Yıl önce
I think Europe not having skyscrapers is an amazing thing. Their current architecture is both stylish and practical, and skyscrapers are just a waste of time
Cosmic Star
Cosmic Star Yıl önce
England has a fair share of skyscrapers, but it has them in a way that isn't ugly and doesn't feel like over-modernization
One Punch Man
One Punch Man Yıl önce
I like Europe preserving their heritage. It's also nice looking up at an unobstructed view of the sky.
Brad Raleigh
Brad Raleigh Yıl önce
Residential skyscrapers were uncommon in Melbourne before the year 2000.. Depending on your exact definition of what a skyscraper is, the past 20 years has seen between 20 to 50 residential towers built in the city centre. Although the skyline can look impressive only a small number of these buildings actually look good close up. The majority of designs are architecturally average or poor with many diminishing the character and charm of the city.
Siimad Yıl önce
I think it would be cool if european cities built 5-6 storey high buildings in the style of normal houses or churches, and have them in their own district. these could be a distance apart as to not block the sunrise, or have them in order of shortest to tallest facing the sunrise. access to sunlight is a big player in happiness.
Lukasz11 4 yıl önce
Honestly as a kid I was always so jelous of Americans for the huge skyscrapers they had. But now I realize the awesome historical beauty the cities here in Europe have. I couldnt imagine it any other way.
Johnny Bigbones
Johnny Bigbones 4 yıl önce
Yeah, same here. I used to read super hero comics set in these cities with huge skyscrapers and incredible urban landscapes and think my rural village was boring. Now I travel home and appreciate how lovely it is.
crazyhomer777 4 yıl önce
Lukasz Perzyna right!
R. Nyffenegger
R. Nyffenegger 4 yıl önce
I like both, historical buildings and skyscrappers. In zurich (where i live) you have historical buildings in the center of zurich and some skyscrapper and modern buildings outside the center
Megan Axelía Ráðvarðardóttir
Megan Axelía Ráðvarðardóttir 4 yıl önce
Preserve the identity of your nation, without it, it collapses.
Kolas 4 yıl önce
It goes from taste really, both are really beautiful, though I prefer cities
s Yıl önce
i love skyscrapers but i also like the more historical buildings of the cities here
SpruceLogs Yıl önce
in sweden we have quite a few ”towers” as we call them. Which means that they’re shorter or more private which means that theyre not made fully of glass. Though there is one very iconic one in stockholm ”kista tower” i think its called. That one is quite huge
🔴RedRocket🚀 11 aylar önce
How is everyone here from sweden? Tf...m
C Aylar önce
Can you also do a video on how in Europe builders are not allowed to block the view. For example in Seattle builders can build high and block your view of the water or mountain but in Italy they can not block your view of the water
Marco 11 aylar önce
I'm from Spain and I've been in 4 other European countries, our architecture is beautiful and unique, I'd hate to live in a city full of the same tall grey buildings and skyscapes
Nameless Care?
Nameless Care? 8 aylar önce
Europe is a land of art, culture, and history. They don't need fancy tallest building+structures in their cities. A continent of deepest roots from the past and cradle of modern human civilization.
Taiki Saruwatari
Taiki Saruwatari 3 yıl önce
My history teacher once told me something: The best view of Paris is from Montparnasse (a big skycraper). Why? Because you can't see the Montparnasse skycraper from it P.S.: I'm French
Don Givani
Don Givani 3 yıl önce
You're right !!!! Paris made a big mistake with that ugly one. But on top of Tour Montparnasse you got a nice view on Tour Eiffel
Dionisius Kusuma
Dionisius Kusuma 3 yıl önce
French who speaks English?! What is this? a miracle?! LoL, but I have to agree though, that building is an eyesore to all people living or visiting Paris
waleed ziad
waleed ziad 3 yıl önce
Some say Montparnasse is the box the Eiffel tower was delivered in :D
Lois 3 yıl önce
yes, I agree, I say the same.
General R
General R 3 yıl önce
waleed ziad I wonder if the the montparnasse will ever be seen in the same light as the Eiffel Tower, since the Eiffel Tower was also once seen as an eyesore.
vonn Yıl önce
I've always love those low-rise buildings in Europe. They may be old-fashioned but they never lose elegance.
Crixstreet777 4 aylar önce
As a Italian the reason Europe doesn’t have skyscrapers because Europe has a lot of ancient sites and castles and historical sites can you imagine how ugly will it look to put a skyscraper next to the colosseum.
NATIK ? 23 gün önce
Live in a Scandinavian city dating back at least 1300 years. We just got our first skyscraper, it had a lot of contention around it during planning and early construction, but due to the unique situation around placement and such it honestly isn't terrible. However I wouldn't want anything like it placed in the city center. It has been placed on what is basically reclaimed land out in the sea in front of the old city, rather than in the old downtown itself. Everything around it is new and modern, so it doesn't clash with anything nearby. The city itself is also placed in a valley which equalizes the height between the sea level skyscraper and the city behind it, so the skyscraper doesn't noticeably jut above the city skyline and clash with it. It is mainly visible looking out towards the ocean or coming in from the ocean. After it has been built I have noticed some of the biggest detractors turning around and going "it's actually not bad." I personally never cared either way given the place it was being built, but I would still be against something like it built in the ancient parts of the city itself. From my residence I have basically full view of the city skyline from the southern side of the valley, can see all of the city and even the ocean from my windows, and honestly the new skyscraper looks much better than the industrial harbor beyond it currently, or the old industrial harbor it replaced.
none Yıl önce
Good explanation, but skyscrapers should definitely not spread. You neglected to explore the geological influence, that the solid rock of Manhattan enables its tall buildings, but a city on soil would not.
Rachel Carre
Rachel Carre Yıl önce
As someone who travels the World through work, I definitely prefer the environment of low/mid rise cities. I find cities that are dominated by new skyscrapers to be visually dull and uninspiring. I would hate to see beautiful cities ruined unnecessarily. Paris is a brilliant balance. London, I think is starting to lose its charm.
220volt-u 2 yıl önce
The world does not travel to Europe to look at skyscrapers
Cc Cc
Cc Cc 2 yıl önce
Joe Biden gaming
Joe Biden gaming 2 yıl önce
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cyberia 2 yıl önce
Nuno Ramos
Nuno Ramos 2 yıl önce
@Joe Biden gaming goddam emojis
Will 824
Will 824 2 yıl önce
Birmingham, The beautiful historic city
nupur Yıl önce
Love Europe as it is ...have not visited but it's very beautiful
heyoka Ikaggen
heyoka Ikaggen Yıl önce
Because a legacy of 2,000 years of architectural heritage is actually worth protecting. No-one has ever looked at Florence and thought: 'I know what this place needs, some glass and steel buildings.' It cannot possibly take 7 minutes to explain this.
Charbel Sayegh
Charbel Sayegh 6 aylar önce
Burj Khalifa > everything in Europe
Jayden Yıl önce
Europe attempts to protect its historical buildings and to maintain their culture and way of life. They cannot immediately embrace the new trend of skyscrapers as it might demolish all of it's history. Progress and economic growth means that Europe might have to meet the demand for residence quarters, in urban areas, by building skyscrapers.
Bipolar Mind Droppings
Bipolar Mind Droppings Yıl önce
Here's the reason: They are actually highly inefficient in virtually every way, don't actually hold more people (they usually hold much less people) than mid-sized apartment blocks or office blocks and ridiculously expensive.
Sam 11 aylar önce
Salem Oregon bans buildings over 3 stories tall. It's one of my favorite US capitals, the place feels so charming and well-connected. People in a top floor can call down and have a chat with someone on the sidewalk. Buildings that are too tall tend to be imposing and create alienating spaces. They have their place in society, but are currently overused, and usually ugly.
Pistl Yıl önce
And that is the cool thing here in Germany. Those who want skyscrapers and modern architecture go to Frankfurt or the Ruhrgebiet, those who want old buildings go to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or basically all the other cities.
C. W.
C. W. Yıl önce
I think in Vienna there's a height limit for buildings to preserve the historic city, we live in an open air museum that's meant to look pretty for tourists.
Kappa Yıl önce
Fact: in Rome is against the law to build something taller than St.Peter (it's 136 meters) so luckly we'll never see the skyscrapers penomen. Amazing video man!
Jeff Tomasello
Jeff Tomasello 2 yıl önce
Would think this the trend of Building Skyscrapers and cramming millions of people into a small geographic area is hopefully going to come to an end with the improvements in internet access. Hopefully more people will work from home!
Mz Zr
Mz Zr 11 aylar önce
I love our old buildings. They have a character, a heart.
hunnerdayEDT 4 yıl önce
As a North American, I think that Europe's lack of skyscrapers is beautiful.
Engine vs Engine
Engine vs Engine 4 yıl önce
Go to small town USA, there you go, no skyscrapers..
mari Maria
mari Maria 4 yıl önce
@Engine vs Engine i think they say it's beautiful because instead of skyscrapers there are old and beautiful buildings. The lack of skyscrapers doesn't represent beauty in itself. But i think rural usa has it's own charm, as modern developed cities. I would love to visit and see both.
Co-conspirator Khaz
Co-conspirator Khaz 4 yıl önce
​@mari Maria another 100 years and the oldest surviving skyscrapers will get the same historic value
Carl Norway
Carl Norway 4 yıl önce
mari Maria no they wont
Daniel Blue
Daniel Blue 4 yıl önce
@Co-conspirator Khaz lol. Buildings here are sometimes 1000 years old. You guys are nowhere with history that long. Wait a fer more hundred years :)
Reggie Yıl önce
It would be cool to see skyscrapers following the old architectural styles, even though it would take a lot of material and way too expensive
Mr. HQ
Mr. HQ Yıl önce
There is only one reason. Europe has history and these skyskrapers not only distroys historical ensamble of arcitecture but also adversely influence and destroys the climate in cities and the natural conditions.
the motan
the motan Yıl önce
here in poland, the capital has some skyscrapers but that's only because it was bombed HARD in ww2 and there was barely any old architecture to preserve after that
Luso Yıl önce
I love my little european town. People can build as much giant concrete blocks as they want but they'll never replace the charm of a small village.
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