BTS Shares Details About Their New Album BE (Deluxe Edition)

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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BTS talks about their dream of winning a Grammy, breaking records with their song "Dynamite" and their new album.
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BTS Shares Details About Their New Album BE (Deluxe Edition)

Melissa Bascoe
Melissa Bascoe 19 saatler önce
Hobi he spoke so good. My baby so proud
Angelo Mercado
Angelo Mercado 19 saatler önce
Me waiting for blackpink and bts interview together ❤️😍
fk fk
fk fk 20 saatler önce
Faiza Abedin
Faiza Abedin Gün önce
Did #Taekook just communicate with their eyes from 3:00
galaxy 24
galaxy 24 Gün önce
jimmy is so sweet he looks so proud of bts and he gives me the proud dad vibes its so cute
Free soul
Free soul Gün önce
The best thing about this video that all of them spoke in english ..literally they english just for international fans
Topaz Nightengale
Topaz Nightengale Gün önce
I love Jimmy. One of the few people who I feel doesn’t use them and actually likes them💖
Lalit rajput
Lalit rajput Gün önce
BTS deserve soo many grammys
Roguespartan119 Gün önce
My favorite moment was when V thought Jimmy said his name. 😄 Timestamp- 4:33.
fanny cordova
fanny cordova 2 gün önce
pffff v : meeee todos : nooooo tu
imurhope 218
imurhope 218 2 gün önce
ARMYs BTS is nominated in this year 2020 MAMA: Artist of the Year Song of the Year Worldwide Fans Choice Best Male Group Best Dance Performance Male Group Collaboration(EIGHT-IU ft. Suga) Go VOTE now!!💜
Mara Jacobs
Mara Jacobs 3 gün önce
BTS be lookin ombré
Rolando Agrazal
Rolando Agrazal 3 gün önce
1. 0:28 2. 2:39 3. 3:29 4. 4:23
Hiku yabbadaabado
Hiku yabbadaabado 3 gün önce
Suga's englishhhhh in this video all of them improveddd a lot🥺❣️❣️
fatema sithi
fatema sithi 3 gün önce
5:25 smooth
common sense
common sense 4 gün önce
OMG I loooooove BTS I never expected to love them but they are better than anything that has come along since the year 2000! Honestly talented, hard working and humble. I know MJ would have loved them!
Archana Gandham
Archana Gandham 4 gün önce
The movie called Break The Silence From three words the first letters spell 'BTS' 😮
Zuhry Zuhry
Zuhry Zuhry 4 gün önce
Jimin . I hope BE will hit 100 Me : as an army : telling dont owrry jimin ill vote as much as i can haha
koyukiny 4 gün önce Armys, BTS is nominated for 2 categories on AMAS 2020: Favorite Social Artist Favorite Duo or Group- pop/rock Voting period is from Oct.26 to November 16, 2020. Plz vote for BTS everyday. You can vote up to10 times per day. Thank you armys💜
Dulce Tovar Robles
Dulce Tovar Robles 5 gün önce
Y donde están los subtitulos en español también hay ARMYS LATINAS 😩😩
K BTS 5 gün önce
4:34 Jimmy: You just announced the next album BE! Jungkook: I'm in a box
Sach Manhas
Sach Manhas 5 gün önce
Jemmi and Gen is very handsome 😍 💖 💕 💕
Laina Luiza Pitombeira Rocha
Laina Luiza Pitombeira Rocha 5 gün önce
I like them speaking in korean. They can express themselves better
Nilima Gour
Nilima Gour 6 gün önce
Suga and Jhope: Speaking perfect English Meanwhile V: mixing English with Korean😂😂 3:47
Anvesha Modi
Anvesha Modi 6 gün önce
RM and Taehyung are wearing the same clothes!
Natalie Dang
Natalie Dang 7 gün önce
screw the grammys. i hope bts gets one but they're overrated as hell
Mahfuza Ali
Mahfuza Ali 7 gün önce
4:35 Jungkook 😂😂😂😂
• Jungkook Ackerman •
• Jungkook Ackerman • 7 gün önce
Suga seems so proud when he is sawing go Grammy 🥺😊
tae x gc
tae x gc 8 gün önce
jungkook’s face at 3:00 😭 he’s definitely jungshook
lethal 13
lethal 13 8 gün önce
#BTS_BE new album out november 20th! pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music: and stream #BTS_Dynamite!
Ainin Sofia
Ainin Sofia 8 gün önce
Wait, is the album called BE or Be?
Abigail Maynite
Abigail Maynite 8 gün önce
Seokjinie's suggestion of "s" why I think of someone's name.... :(
Rebecca N
Rebecca N 8 gün önce
0:45 I love yoongi's gummy smile its adorable🥺💜
pichankun 9 gün önce
After watching several interviews, I personally think that, excluding RM, Yoongi and J-Hope have the highest level of english comprehension compared to the rest of the group. But since Jimin and Jungkook are good vocalists, they sound clearer and better especially when they know what they are saying. And this isn't to discredit V & Jin or anything. Just an observation. No shade.
Bee Nee Sha
Bee Nee Sha 9 gün önce
Can't believed they learnt English
ARMY GIRL 9 gün önce
ladies and gentle man pls stream dynamite
Rebekka Cervantes
Rebekka Cervantes 9 gün önce
The fact that jin is better at english than me
Karen Sy
Karen Sy 10 gün önce
please Pre save BE-- new BTS album. Out on November 20.
CAS Computer
CAS Computer 10 gün önce
OMG 😃😃 hobi your English is perfect than mine 💜💜💜💜❤️❤️
Radhwa Ashraf
Radhwa Ashraf 10 gün önce
wait, Jungkook started miming right when Jimmy mentioned their new album BE...... i wonder if that's a clue to what is in their new album. holy shit.
Radhwa Ashraf
Radhwa Ashraf 10 gün önce
ARMYs while watching them speak in fluent english: So proud of you, man! Your possible english! I was so impressed! (if you get the reference) 😂😂😂
Katherine Play’s
Katherine Play’s 11 gün önce
Sose Magdalasova
Sose Magdalasova 11 gün önce
i laughed so hard when V said everybody 모여서 drinking 하고.. 😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤baby TaeTae u r so funny and cute i'm dying 🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰
purple tannies
purple tannies 11 gün önce
Pre-save BE album here
Samhita Prabhu
Samhita Prabhu 11 gün önce
The thumbnail is just click bait for me!♥️
Sabrina Yao
Sabrina Yao 11 gün önce
Mindful Tae: ~holds up RM's jaw so it doesn't drop~
J. Andrea
J. Andrea 11 gün önce
Jin's english is so cute
Carolina Jey
Carolina Jey 12 gün önce
Can you write the lyrics? Namjoon realy make me laugh with that
I'm allergic to ppl who don't like park jimin
I'm allergic to ppl who don't like park jimin 12 gün önce
Not how Joon went cAn yOu wRiTe tHe lYrIcS-
Shandra Shilva
Shandra Shilva 12 gün önce
4:32 our president doesn't even know that announcement 🤣💜
peachymilkteas 13 gün önce
nvnjvslkbvjslfdbkjlw YOOONGI
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 13 gün önce
These beautiful crackheads💜😌
Jacqueline 13 gün önce
Omg Jhope's English getting very better.He is so talented
Yahya Shaikh
Yahya Shaikh 13 gün önce
Oh my god when I saw Jin speaking english so amazingly I felt proud so of him great job Jin.
Aishwarya Arun
Aishwarya Arun 13 gün önce
BTS have 7 nominations in the grammys... it's the freakin 7 again!!! i for a fact know that we gonna win all 7 :)))
Super Girl
Super Girl 13 gün önce
Jungkook was playing cute bunny
Mari Chu
Mari Chu 13 gün önce
Hobi's speaking english is so damm cool 💜💜💜💜 They all trying to learn how to speak English for Army around the world 💜💜💜💜 Borahae 💜💜💜 #BTS
Star Lights Echo
Star Lights Echo 13 gün önce
Love it💜
Tiffu 13 gün önce
Tatum Nelson
Tatum Nelson 13 gün önce
bye- i just got second hand embarrassment when v thought jimmy said his name 😖.
Rainbow ChimChim
Rainbow ChimChim 14 gün önce
They are so sweet and adorable and funny. I enjoy their silliness but when they get serious, I feel even more entranced. I cant wait for BE!
Yeon Taegyu
Yeon Taegyu 14 gün önce
Jimin wants BE hit 1 on hot 100 billboard so army we all know what we doing in next 👀
Вера Верова
Вера Верова 14 gün önce
Перевооооод где???
KOOKIE BUNNY 14 gün önce
They should BE mine
Don't read my name but I know you did.
Don't read my name but I know you did. 14 gün önce
Jimmy - I have a feeling this year you (BTS) are gonna be nominated (for Grammy) Army's - Yes they will
mehak singh
mehak singh 14 gün önce
Jimmy : Are there going to be any more english songs? Rm: Can you write the lyrics? Haha lol
Kat 14 gün önce
JK, you alright? xD
SorChorDer 14 gün önce
Suga Jhope Jin English accent is no joke 🥺
Swanneck 22
Swanneck 22 14 gün önce
Bless J Hope. His English was so fluent.
dacringeyfangirl 15 gün önce
What I need in BE - A song with just Jimin and Jin - A song with the Hyung Line. - A song with the Kim Line. - A song with Jimin, Jin, and RM. - I want Tae’s solo song to be like that one KTH1 teaser. - I want Jin’s solo song to kinda have House of Cards vibes to it(the sexy parts not the sad parts) - I want Jimin’s song to be kinda like Filter or Lie. - I want Jungkook’s solo song to be like the Decalcomania demo. - And finally Expensive Girl Pt. 2.
JYOTI BANIYA 13 gün önce
No doubt bout' that..I want those too. And especially from Jin I mean I ain't a Jin Stan but his voice is too sweet
Terri 15 gün önce
3:00 So it's been scientifically concluded that Jungkook had been *Jungshook*
Kashish Kumari
Kashish Kumari 15 gün önce
Ingo 15 gün önce
Akl Samaan
Akl Samaan 15 gün önce
I'm imagining BTS drinking on their 7th anniversary and singing Dionysus at the same time 😅
Akl Samaan
Akl Samaan 15 gün önce
AllThingsTrishy 16 gün önce
Is no one gonna talk about how Jhope was killing this English
vheymoon 16 gün önce
everyday i fall more in love with these men 🥺💜
Lia Adams
Lia Adams 16 gün önce
jins english has me swooning😂😍
Lia Adams
Lia Adams 16 gün önce
jimin and jk are matching, tae and rm are matching, jhope and jin are matching then we got Suga wit all the colors
J. AiNEE , 아이니
J. AiNEE , 아이니 16 gün önce
Since yall are here, GO PREORDER 'BE' NOW! 👆 Watch this to know how, And pls preorder now, we got records to break 😭😭
MEOW LAND 16 gün önce
Hey Armies💜 Hope you all are doing good. Please do check out this video👇🏻Hope You like it 🤗Need your support💜
Kim Tae hyung 1995
Kim Tae hyung 1995 16 gün önce
2:22 V 4:31 Jimmy: The new album BE V: me Jimmy :😂😂
Ayushi Meena
Ayushi Meena 16 gün önce
R.m. & V : let's wear same color dress don't tell to others. Jin & J-Hope : let's wear the same color top don't tell to others. Jungkook & Jimin : let's wear something like white color shirt don't tell to others. Savage Suga : I don't care 😏 I'll wear something different and I'll not tell anyone 😎
Nina Dai
Nina Dai 17 gün önce
what was Jungkook thinking about at 2:58 🤣🤣🤣
namgikook 17 gün önce
Sanshi Rana
Sanshi Rana 17 gün önce
I love bts & specialy V. They are so amazing fans love.....😍😍😍😍
Kyoko Nguyen
Kyoko Nguyen 17 gün önce
I’m bout to cry their English omg 🥺🥺💜💜
Shanta Islam
Shanta Islam 17 gün önce
Shanta Islam
Shanta Islam 17 gün önce
My love TAEYUNG and RM They both are really amazing ❣️❤️❤️💓💓💞💗🤩💗🥰
Zetsuke4 17 gün önce
Summer C
Summer C 18 gün önce
*BTS new album will be releasing on the 20th of November at 2pm kst/12am est!*
Poppy Jayne Moorcroft
Poppy Jayne Moorcroft 18 gün önce
Am I the only person who thinks that Jimmy kinda looked a bit like a bum in this episode?! Dude needs a shower, shave and suit!
APURVA JHA 18 gün önce
3:01 And... A wild Jungshook appears
Tiffany Chang
Tiffany Chang 18 gün önce
Jungkook is HELLA zoning out at 3:00 LOL and he snaps back to reality 3:10
KUN DALIN 18 gün önce
Jungkook 💜💜💜
Jayatri Das
Jayatri Das 19 gün önce
First james corden then jimmy fallon☺
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen 19 gün önce
Nerella Pramodhini
Nerella Pramodhini 19 gün önce
Y'all their English has improved soooooo much right?
Navy Blue
Navy Blue 19 gün önce
At 1:28, the subtitles say "kind of like awesome" but I think he actually said, "kind of like our ultimate goal". Just a little correction :)
Ayeshun Shukoor
Ayeshun Shukoor 19 gün önce
Jimine don't worry i'm certain that "BE" would on HOT 100 👍🏾😉💜 And we armies would make it for you BTS 💜
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