Lionel Messi - All 30 Goals & Assists - 2021/22 Full Season

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Lionel Messi - All 30 Goals & Assists - 2021/22



All 16 goals and 14 assists of Lionel Messi for PSG and Argentina in 2021/22 season so far.

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Fad3nHD Aylar önce
Video about Full Season 2021/22 of Leo Messi (dribbling, goals, playmaking) is almost done. Now I'm fighting with copyright claims. Stay tuned!
Praveen VM
Praveen VM Aylar önce
I think you can even make a video on hitting the woodwork. Lol, he has hit the woodwork more than 10 times.
MessiCompsDB Aylar önce
Thank you so much for all the videos, you are such a legend. Would it be possible for you to share that full video about season 21-22 without having to cut the copyright content on Google Drive or similar? Thank you so much again.
alessandro del piero
alessandro del piero Aylar önce
even without scoring a huge number of goals, Leo will still remain the best real magician. people should learn to watch football more deeply
midget 420
midget 420 27 gün önce
Bro those haters don’t even watch matches. They’re highlight fans
9 9 9 私帝 🕊👑
9 9 9 私帝 🕊👑 Aylar önce
@Noval exactly
Noval Aylar önce
People nowadays just look at from the goals
Daniel San
Daniel San Aylar önce
Still the most capable player in the world to make smart, complex and impossible plays. The greatest genius in football history!
MessiGOAT Aylar önce
Still has that magic touch.
Sam_ Aylar önce
And we have to remember that he hits the post 15 times in ligue 1...unlucky he coule have done a very good season
Aldo Ringo
Aldo Ringo Aylar önce
I think he's regained the form that he had last season, after not a great start to this season.
Willian Guimaraes
Willian Guimaraes Aylar önce
No Número De Gols Não Foi Uma Grande Temporada Do Messi Mais Nas Assistências Em Compensação
Nata Li
Nata Li Aylar önce
¡Solo los ciegos no ven el esfuerzo de Messi! como no torcer señores ¡Messi es el mejor de los mejores! Y, por supuesto, los jóvenes talentos le pisan los talones. (no puedes huir de esto) 🤷🏼‍♀️
Сергей Сергеевича
Сергей Сергеевича Aylar önce
Eres un ídolo mikujava.Monster siempre en mi corazón,hermosa,amore,elecciones,culturales.❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos.
Nicola Cirillo
Nicola Cirillo Aylar önce
Ci si aspettava di più da lui questa stagione indubbiamente, ma nella storia non c’é stato nessun giocatore continuo come lui apparte CR7 ma una singola stagione non cambia nulla, Messi é sempre il GOAT🐐
Nata Li
Nata Li Aylar önce
¡Gracias al autor por este maravilloso video!🌹
fikwik Aylar önce
amazing work in this video!
S710 Aylar önce
True goat ❤
BarcaaaChampions Aylar önce
The worst Messi season is better than best seasons 99% players.
Nguyen Quang
Nguyen Quang Aylar önce
Lmao no he is a genius and gonna be a legend when he retired but saying 99% of players is a bit much
Cici Brandt
Cici Brandt Aylar önce
Messi you are amazing and the best and the king of king in soccer ball player⚽ always watching you from USA 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 you are on 🔥🔥🔥 God bless you Messi 🙏❣️❣️❣️🐐👍👌😊
edge Aylar önce
Nice work!
Reden Salh
Reden Salh Aylar önce
Best Of History 👑💙🇦🇷
M Sohaib yousaf M yousaf
M Sohaib yousaf M yousaf Aylar önce
Not the best season for Leo Messi according to his standard but people who know football very well understand this is not bad because it was transition season
@CFCMoi11 Aylar önce
That is unreal for a guy that in people eyes that flopped this season
ViscaElLeo Aylar önce
Good job!
Sujay chatterjee
Sujay chatterjee Aylar önce
Call them who told Messi's Era is over🧐
Romhay Negash DRe
Romhay Negash DRe Aylar önce
bro Marquinhos😂 the timing is immaculate 1:16
Messi always gonna be Messi
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico Aylar önce
This was Messi's slump year bro imagine full form
Willian Guimaraes
Willian Guimaraes Aylar önce
O Psg Nessa Temporada Foi Um Fiasco Coletivo
Salman Boss
Salman Boss Aylar önce
The Greatest
leogamer Aylar önce
The best creation of God ....Leo
Debmalya Ray
Debmalya Ray Aylar önce
Grt video as always Can u make a vid of all the times messi hit the post and crossbar this session Thank u
supratim biswas
supratim biswas Aylar önce
@Fad3nHD 16 + crossbars this season i beleive, and how many in his career ?
Volt Aylar önce
@Fad3nHD make a video for Messi's whole career Crossbar hits
Debmalya Ray
Debmalya Ray Aylar önce
@Fad3nHD thnx man Always looking forward to ur vids
Fad3nHD Aylar önce
I will make a full review of Messi this season and the crossbars will be included :)
Ansu214 Aylar önce
Alexander Terence
Alexander Terence Aylar önce
Obviously not the season we hoped for but I think we saw towards the end an indication of what’s to come. He is bedded into the team now. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he got 45 goals next season
Muhammad Farid
Muhammad Farid Aylar önce
people say messi is finished just don't understand football..
Leo messi
Leo messi Aylar önce
Zevs Aylar önce
African Lion
African Lion Aylar önce
Outside the box🥵
Rômulo Andrade
Rômulo Andrade Aylar önce
Sua temporada "horrível" fez 30part. E só Mbappe e Muller c mais Assistências
datboidiego Aylar önce
What would he do without Saint Etienne and Clermont Foot😂
Fad3nHD Aylar önce
are you blind?
Messi _ 2024
Messi _ 2024 Aylar önce
King messi
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi Aylar önce
I am still the best!
Edgar Aylar önce
He hit the wood 15 times! At the begging I thought it was bad luck, but now I think he’s loosing his technique
Edgar 25 gün önce
@Felipe Mathews he better play better next season or he ain’t winning the ucl or wc
Felipe Mathews
Felipe Mathews 25 gün önce
@Edgar I believe he's going to do better. In fact, he's already doing better, especially with Argentina. That doesn't mean 40 goals a year. Forget about that. It's not going to happen. He's 35 years old. You expect him to perform the same as when he was 20. And by now, you're just trolling me, so I'm done here.
Edgar 25 gün önce
@Felipe Mathews mmm.. maybe you’re just blindly trying to believe he is still doing great, but we all know that if he doesn’t play better he will be winning just ligue 1
Felipe Mathews
Felipe Mathews 25 gün önce
@Edgar Clearly, you don't get. Do you even watch football, or just the highlights? GET IT STRAIGHT: THERE IS MORE TO FOOTBALL THAN SCORING GOALS. If it weren't so, it would just be strikers against goalkeepers. I can't believe you have such a reductionist and simplistic view of the sport.
Edgar 25 gün önce
@Felipe Mathews because when he used to score more than 40 or 50 goals per season his team won titles, now he will be just winning the ligue 1 if he continues the same.
M10Z10 Zakk
M10Z10 Zakk Aylar önce
30 /30
Mohammad Labib
Mohammad Labib 29 gün önce
People needs to understand football is not only about goals
rage ariel
rage ariel Aylar önce
israel israeli
israel israeli Aylar önce
Longei Jesuhu
Longei Jesuhu Aylar önce
Messi is football.
John Abraham
John Abraham Aylar önce
So poor for his standards
John Abraham
John Abraham 25 gün önce
@Felipe Mathews nah, they’ve been horrendous in the Serie A for the past 2 seasons, they only played well in the euros and not internationally since
Felipe Mathews
Felipe Mathews 25 gün önce
@John Abraham They are now, because he gave them a good scrub down.
John Abraham
John Abraham 26 gün önce
@Felipe Mathews Fair point but chiellini and bonucci are washed
Felipe Mathews
Felipe Mathews 26 gün önce
@John Abraham What do you expect? For the guy to perform at the same level as when he was 20? What do you mean, he's not that old. The guy is now 35. Most players at that age are finished. He's changed teams and systems, He's carried injuries and had a bad case of covid. BTW, do you think he underperformed with Argentina in the Finalissima match? He was facing legendary defenders who are more or less his age, and he ran circles around them. Just because he's not scoring as much doesn't mean he's underperforming. Does it dawn on you that he plays a different role at PSG? Just watch the freaking video. If you think that is underperforming, you don't know anything about football.
John Abraham
John Abraham Aylar önce
@Joseph ali I’m just saying he’s underperforming especially because of his ability
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