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An expert in global pandemics with a background in computer science, Khaliya sees mental health as among the most crucial social issues of the coming century. Together with her partner Thomas Ermacora she co-founded Falkora, a not for profit mental health and neurotech initiative to help put cross disciplinary approaches to mental health at the top of the political agenda in the United States and internationally.
Khaliya Aga Khan is a philanthropist, venture capitalist, public health specialist and active advocate for social change. Both her professional and philanthropic work focus on the intersection of design, technology and social entrepreneurship.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

@LoreleiWakefield 9 aylar önce
I was a psych major and can't believe we didn't have the concept of 'mental injury', just trauma and assault and abuse that lead to mental disease. The concept of injury implies a capacity to heal. Thank you for putting that out there.
@christopherheule540 9 aylar önce
@annamyob4624 8 aylar önce
There was no real expectation of healing. In fact, we were explicitly taught "some patients don't want to heal." That's a direct quote from the introductory first course required for an MSW degree in early 80's. No therapeutic method had shown an efficacy rate above about 33%. Yet if a patient didn't heal, it was never because we had inadequate methods. The patient was "resistant" or "intractable" or "a chronic." Thank goodness for brave people today who are speaking out to change it.
@YasminMeadowflower Yıl önce
I love this woman's courage. Going against medical industry is like going against oil industry. Impossible to win, but more fighters we get, more possible it becomes.
@agaobi573 11 aylar önce
The best way to heal somebody's so called mental illness or disorder is to fix the environment not the person Usually absolute safety and rest do the job. I went through a major break down because doctors and superiors refused to give me a leave when I absolutely needed it, being exhausted after covid and just going out of trauma caused by an accident and two suicides in the family The problem in our society is the overvalidation of work and efficency - "you're injured? - fix yourself and go back to work" - if the healing takes you more than 2 weeks you're considered a parasite to society
@monicab8176 11 aylar önce
You are 100000000000% spot on here. Makes my blood BOIL. 🌋
@sherrym5556 11 aylar önce
So true n I'm exausted
@austincurtis636 11 aylar önce
You nailed it. I have the exact same opinion but didn't know how to put it into words. In the last 2 years I've seen my wife sustain her own mental injuries that has left her broken and changed her into a unrecognizable person. It's bad enough to go through this yourself but terrible to see someone you love become so unraveled due to mostly work stress and even abuse. She was the strongest person I ever knew and now I don't even recognize her. Thank you for this presentation.
@agaobi573 11 aylar önce
@@austincurtis636 I'm very sorry for what happened to your wife. I wish her full recovery, and peace and happiness to both of you
@juneelle370 11 aylar önce
Take her to a safe spiritual group to take plant medicine with you… San Pedro is very gentle and heart opening… Ayauasca should only be done if called to it ❤️
@daviddooley7458 11 aylar önce
Here’s a quote from John Briere, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Psychiatry and the Behavioral Science, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. “If we could somehow end child abuse and neglect, the eight hundred pages of the DSM…would be shrunk to a pamphlet in two generations.” Parenting education must be part of the solution. Not conventional parenting education, but an entirely new kind that reaches everyone, everywhere.
@blessed6477 10 aylar önce
@franceslynch8815 9 aylar önce
You missed biology and genetics.
@borninvincible 9 aylar önce
End capitalism
@annamyob4624 8 aylar önce
Yes! And support services for parents. It takes a village, we need to BE the village
@livelearngrow4160 11 aylar önce
I am a licensed therapist. I worked at a state run psychiatric facility for 5 years. It was awful. Everyone I worked with who was a client wasn’t getting good quality treatment. When clients vocalized this, clients were made out to be too crazy to know what treatment should look like. My concerns about carr was evident in how I practiced psychotherapy and care management in a more sensitive, kind, way. They tried to get me in trouble - expelled entirely - because of this. They made evidence where there wasn’t any. They contacted my licensing board and that terrified me how far they went to get me out of there. It payed well, but I will never go back. Clients were very much not treated well and it was normalized. Clients were terrified they would never get discharged and I understand why. I pray that place closes. I believe Allah will exact justice. Those that were mistreated and had their minds cracked, I pray they feel better now or in the hereafter. ❤
@reneedwards1082 10 aylar önce
Excuse spell check
@holliejohnson1031 9 aylar önce
I empathise with you and pray for those patients as well.
@nurantastan9190 Aylar önce
❤ mental health is down the drain, no real help out there..
@themorningmist99 10 aylar önce
She's right! There's a lot of misunderstanding surrounding mental health or even mental illness. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, treatment resistant and so was recommended for a long-term care facility in my mid 20's. Yet I went on to recovery, and I mean cured, with no longer taking meds. What they don't teach you is how schizophrenia works, how your mind works and how schizophrenia uses the workings of the mind to entrench itself. You don't need psychedelics either, though they are better than the harsh chemical laden antipsychotics. But greater than psychedelics is understanding the mental plane. Understanding how to have your mind be your ally instead of working against itself. Psychedelics can make things easier, but there things you need to learn that doesn't come by walking the easier route. There are understandings that come from struggling and persevering. There's so much wisdom to be found in this way. But, it might not be everybody. Still, I definitely appreciate her message. Psychiatry had favored big pharma over truly helping patients with therapy that leads to understanding and a more meaningful and sustainable recovery. It's not just a brain thing either, there's also spiritual component to this, and only looking at the brain creates another blindspot to the other, greater parts of our being.
@Danie6309 9 aylar önce
I resonate very much with what you have shared. There certainly are profound understandings that emerge from persevering and struggling. For myself, it came from learning the tools and mindset to be able to stay in those prickly spaces without freaking out, remember impermanence and the power of “holding the charge”, and using breathwork to soften the edges so I could see beneath the next layer. To realize that there is an entire universe that exists with each and every one of us dramatically changed the way I approach life and healing, and helped set me on the journey to explore the mental plane. I honour your courage to walk this life with your eyes open and heart forward. Thank you for sharing ❤
@themorningmist99 9 aylar önce
@@Danie6309 Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate hearing others who've learned to steady the ship within because there's a misconception that it isn't possible. We're sailing through the seas of life, and we hit those rough waters so there's a necessity to have this understanding. And I'm glad my words resonated with you. Thank you again
@girlintheback5482 9 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this view. As she was speaking about her findings on psychedelics I kept thinking, "Yes, psychedelics help but we also don't need them" Having taken an unnecessarily large dose of shrooms last year, I felt like a part of me died during the trip and I took a lift straight to the penthouse level of my consciousness. In the weeks following that trip, I began to realise that when I remained present in the moment and honest about what I was seeing and witnessing , what used to be ordinary life (that we often try to escape) was in fact similar to the shroom trip. It's only because we've been conditioned for so many years through schooling and parenting that we're so used to not seeing things for what they are and, as you said, "persevering" through the things that previously made us uncomfortable that we think we need psychedelics, but simply breathing through it and practicing emotional gymnastic, having difficult conversations and remaining present (among other things of course, we are not the same) goes a long way in helping us to finally be of our nature, which is far from the "idea of normal" that was sold to us. whenever I try to articulate this it sounds like nonsense but I hope that made sense... lol
@themorningmist99 9 aylar önce
@Girl In The Back Hi! I definitely agree with your words. I am curious about the "be of our nature," and I do think "normal" is over-rated. But try me! I talk a lot of "nonsense," too, so no judgment here 😉
@edwardpayne1314 8 aylar önce
That is very well said. There is more to it than just the brain, the mental plane and how we interact with it ( i.e via mental telepathy ) is part of it too.
@denise2534 11 aylar önce
Thank you for bravely telling your story. I am a nurse and worked in the mental health field for many years in the past. It is just a revolving door. The system definitely needs an overhaul.
@cliffjamesmusic 11 aylar önce
In the 1980s the Campaign against Psychiatric Oppression (CAPO) met for regular music and poetry meetings in the Troubadour Café, London, to express their response to how people had been treated. I find it absurd that instead of learning from people who are classified as mentally ill and thereby changing society to avoid making people ill, we continue to support a socio-economic system built on cooperative abuse and exploitation, resulting in the adverse consequences for millions of people.
@monicab8176 11 aylar önce
@sherrym5556 11 aylar önce
@annetterohla8932 11 aylar önce
Sorry,my message was altered.Where do the anti psychiatry meet in America ?I am not willing to become a church of scientology,I believe it is them who are against the psychiatric cult/racket.
@parisiansparkle 11 aylar önce
time to change; it's up to you !! yes, the new revolution mode is individual; awakening is a process happy new year
@cammybrasenose2135 10 aylar önce
I'm a young woman who's benefited from Falkora's research. I'm grateful to you for your work and the sterling insight into mental health that you do. Great talk.
@Sundayjean 11 aylar önce
I love that reframe! Mentally injured. I took SSRIs and it ruined my career and life. It’s taken years for me to rebuild. In September of this year I started an at home low dose ketamine treatment. The first thing I began to realize - I didn’t understand how deeply depressed I had been; it was as if an oppression was being lifted.
@janetstauffer9138 11 aylar önce
I’ve heard really good things! Congratulations!!
@debbiedebbie9473 11 aylar önce
How do you get it ? I've heard it really helps fix PTSD etc.
@janetstauffer9138 11 aylar önce
@@debbiedebbie9473 They are clinics that provide it along with integration. Also, MindBloom and others will send it to you and work with you over zoom.
@rubytuesday7653 10 aylar önce
Thank you, for commenting. I have Cptsd its smothering my spirit. I'm staring at the medication. Haven't started them. I'm not in the mood to do drugs ....ssri.
@janetstauffer9138 10 aylar önce
@@rubytuesday7653 Do ketamine instead?
@lauraoli9627 10 aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic presentation. Clinically credible and peer reviewed research based. Thankyou for this.
@Caroljoyebrey Yıl önce
Thank you for your courage to speak out. You have put a voice on a very dark place of humanity that needs to come out. You have said we all might have got it wrong. We need a new language for it., new concepts. Perhaps with Covid it will finally be addressed and like you say given the time and respect it deserves. We need to face the fact this is a very human condition.
@TinaMatula 10 aylar önce
I healed myself microdosing for .30days at bed time. I can't even try to fall in to depression like I use to feel. I fell sad but not like it use to be... I'm on year 3 healed thanks to mushroo.s. thank you for bringing awareness to this 🙏
@jaynedenny7759 9 aylar önce
Awesome! As for me, I'm so angry and frustrated that studies have shown excellent results for psychedelics to treat C-PTSD, PTSD, Alcoholism, drug addiction and more yet we have to wait and suffer or maybe take our own lives because we simply can't wait for relief any longer. My crisis is critical but I'm a loner with casual acquaintances and I don't know how to get mushrooms or MDMA and the ketamine infusions are way out of my reach financially because my brain is on a constant loop, I'm brain injured. I worked 42 years prior to a cancer diagnosis and had followed the rules all my life. I'm isolated, alone and need love and there's no one. I get by, ONLY and I pray an effective treatment like psychedelics is approved much more quickly. My life is almost over. I certainly should have a right to seek relief and my pursuit of happiness. 💞🌟🙏
@christinebean7932 9 aylar önce
@@jaynedenny7759 I love you , God loves you best . I'm told the universe loves us . I did a Chi Gong meditation yesterday instructor had us call on Chi the life force of the universe (I call Him God ((life force of the universe )) as it flows in and around us allways). Instructor has us clap hands, different parts of our body the harness the energy through our stretch out fingers then do it with love , smile then do it with heart by closing or eyes , and I could feel the love. Another thing is visualizing what you want, the law of attraction. Visualize some body to love that will love you back. God bless you and me as well I want and need some one to love and care for me to . Happy day
@macoeur1122 10 aylar önce
I've been watching Ted talks since they began and have enjoyed so many of them...but the message here is by far the best one I've heard. Everything about Khaliya's delivery of this message indicates the depth of her commitment to it, and I applaud the courage it took for her to do so. Everything about it is "SO TRUE". We MUST stop thinking of brain altering substances as "the fix" for mental "injury". Human beings deserve so much more....even when their suffering is inconvenient to society....and even though it takes real work and real pain and real time to recover....and even though pursuing "real" health does not directly serve our economy....and may even, in the short term, my be an economic burden. The state of our world will ultimately benefit exponentially if and when we correct this "wrong turn". I don't have any first-hand knowledge of the statistics and/or viability of psychedelic science so won't weigh in on that, other than to say..."If" these alternative treatments are shown to encourage neuroplasticity in a way that facilitates healing, these DO need to be seriously considered". It sounds like they may even be the thing that bridges the gap between what "real humans" need for "true" healing, and the existing economic challenges that have led us down this "wrong path" of medicating symptoms away at the expense of true health. THANK YOU KHALIYA!!!👏👏👏👏👏!!!
@richhorsley8434 Yıl önce
What an amazing women, I have a mental 'injury' on and off fir 30 years but slowly and surely I'm healing, videos like this help my healing Thank you very much🙏
@sakuraayurveda5559 6 yıl önce
Outstanding and brave TEDx and not a moment too soon. I hope this kind of work can continue!!!
@hollyrussell6599 8 aylar önce
I've heard amazing things about the use of psycidelics (idk how to spell it) and I really hope that becomes an option for me. I've lived with mental health issues for over half my life and it's killing me. The meds they put me on which have changed time and time again don't fix me. Therapy isn't fixing me. I wish this was a legal option to try. I hope it becomes an option one day for not just me, but everyone, because we are all dying from this
@kimlec3592 10 aylar önce
Thank you for having the courage to talk about concerns of those who use services. Shrinks & nurses do the best they can to put people back together after or during personally devastating circumstances.
@retribution999 4 yıl önce
This is wonderful and true. There are over 400 psychological methods but only one, CBT has been proved to be any better than talking to a good friend. Read Richard Bentall's book Madness Explained. God provides for all our needs.
@henkverhaeren3759 4 yıl önce
Absolutely true! This is groundbreaking knowledge. And Khaliya is the perfect messenger to bring it to the world. And believe me, Mother Earth needs people like Khaliya to take care of her. The world has given us everything, we have to give the world our care and love back.Starting from here. Let us take that responsibility together to make the force of creation unstoppable. Tell me whatever to do to that can help. I am in. 🙏
@sandyallen1523 11 aylar önce
We only have one mother earth. If you are thinking about hopping on a rocket to the space station forget it, it's all booked
@aaronmaloney8282 4 yıl önce
Great talk ! i keep hearing more about psychedelics all the time , society is definitely waking up .. magic mushrooms have quite possibly saved my life & i will continue to use them 2 maybe 3 times a year !
@GermanGameAdviser 2 yıl önce
where would you send a friend who wants to inform/prepare for a possible event of shrooming :?
@aaronmaloney8282 2 yıl önce
@@GermanGameAdviser which part of the world are you from ? . Practice meditation before the trip & if first time go small . Enjoy & Trip safe ✌️ a good mindset & good setting is important & be hydrated
@GermanGameAdviser 2 yıl önce
@@aaronmaloney8282 Im from Germany. Thanks for the tips, will look for forums to get some information. Meditation will be interesting!
@fractally 9 aylar önce
@@GermanGameAdviser There is a book called THE LAZY MAN'S GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT which gives a nice little talk about how to approach psychedelics.
@luisareyes1988 4 aylar önce
The Lazy's man manual to enlightment was writen in the 60's by Thadeus Golas, was a big mind opener for me, is really one of the ones had the most impact in my life.
@moonglow6639 4 yıl önce
She is right. People aren't healed in psychiatries, they are being executed. Sad but true. I barely survived a withdrawal from "clozapine", a deadly neuroleptic which was prescribed to me for social anxiety.
@mariehatton6268 3 yıl önce
Big pharma.
@AlexDiesTrying Yıl önce
I wonder if simple training would have helped you. Would certainly help me.
@LmBaynham Yıl önce
Oh I know what that's like big time
@LmBaynham Yıl önce
@@julie5844 thats not fact. That's some people's experience.
@judy3turn 9 aylar önce
We speak of physical fitness, not just physical health or physical illness. Just like physical fitness requires working to keep strong and stay strong, mental fitness requires working to keep strong and stay strong. When asthmatics (physically ill) can win Olympics then isn't it time we realize that people can manage their weaknesses and their strengths can be championship levels in mental fitness as well as in physical fitness.
@fancynancylucille 11 aylar önce
The fork in the road she refers to is Alchemy! It split into chemistry and real psychotherapy. Only the chemical part survived. When she talks about psychedelics, that’s great, but she is STILL on the chemical side. I think the psychedelic approach is great, but the understanding of the PSYCHE, as defined by Jung, has been lost from the study and practice of PSYCHology. She missed it.
@andrewwabik5125 9 aylar önce
Psychiatry is an industry, like any other industry. There is a profit motive. I went from being on a few medications (for over a decade) to absolutely none. I still deal with depression and anxiety. But I have grown far more through taking on challenges and messing up (learning). I am far beyond where I would be if I was still on medication. This isn't to say that I don't think medication is necessary for some people, but it goes to show that it isn't necessarily there be all end all.
@NarcissismDebunked 8 aylar önce
What a role model, beauty both inside and out.
@robinazevedo8812 Yıl önce
Wow thank you for your speech I wish they were helping us with this new drug I knew there was a way we could get over it thank you 🌸
@stephanyhalo592 10 aylar önce
A beautiful message from a beautiful woman!
@guesswho5790 11 aylar önce
And so many other treatments are proven to be beneficial for emotional dysregulation. Like DBT. It does WONDERS. EFT, EMDR, those have helped me heal for real from trauma. And move on. On the other hand, I believe there is a time and place for benzos or SSRIs, just like for some there could be a time for psychedelics. But the potential dangers of developing something like schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions should be very clearly stated. Even weed can have that side effect. Please be careful if it is in your family history.
@rashkehof2458 9 aylar önce
Thank you Khaliya for your beautiful human, intelligent and important contribution!!!!
@earthdancing 9 aylar önce
Thank you. Well done!
@moonglow6639 4 yıl önce
Talking against big pharma is indeed courageous. I would fear for my life. They don't want us to be healthy..
@moonglow6639 4 yıl önce
@@gammaraygem she doesn´t?
@mariehatton6268 3 yıl önce
Actually they longer do phases like they used to for safety.snd effectiveness...1phase and it's out there, the public is it.
@karenbryan7100 11 aylar önce
@trentp151 4 yıl önce
Dear Society: Please vote for politicians who recognize that the drug war is the single most damaging policy ever to be forced upon a free country.
@and__lam1152 2 yıl önce
There are recordings of Nixon saying it's all lies as he signed the papers for the war on drugs .... mind blowing
@bryandraughn9830 Yıl önce
I'm afraid people have adopted the "vote and complain" method for interacting with the government. If I'm not mistaken, it's written somewhere that our duty as citizens is to communicate with our elected and appointed officials. Petition, attend meetings and gather with other citizens to discuss problems and insist on change. Like our freedom depends on it. Because it does. Dear citizens. Get involved. Peace friend.
@liz45431 10 aylar önce
Write your politicians. This isn't the venue
@oliviagates4499 10 aylar önce
You're such a brave soul, thank you for everything ❄⭐
@lisabastiaansen7858 11 aylar önce
Wonderfull!!! Thank you for this talk. I'd like to add using professional EFT. Perhaps less cumbersome? EFT is very effective for neurological change. For mental and physical healing
@mlhamiltonanderson5940 11 aylar önce
EFT is the most effective treatment for erasure of trauma. After a traumatic childhood I still have work to do but I am 90% healed.
@singingwindrider9881 10 aylar önce
What is eft?
@SandiChristoff 10 aylar önce
Emotional Freedom Technique. There are great videos on TRshow by Jessica Ortner and Nick Ortner, sister and brother. You tap on parts of your face and body while repeating phrases that help you work through an issue. It’s been very helpful to me.
@notbaltic280 9 aylar önce
Gosh - at last someone is articulating what it's like to have a mental injury. My point was always, that if after a mental trauma you have no trauma then you are mentally sick. If you break your leg ' you see the injury, you recover and maybe it leaves a few scars, but usually the body still functions. So if you are abused. Suffer violent crime etc it would be abnormal not to incur injury. She is right and those who have suffered this know it. They know they are otherwise healthy - many parts of their brain and lives carry on normally. I know thousands if not millions of people hide their mental injuries if they can, so they're not further injured by mental health practitioners. You know after the first couple of consultations it ain't going to work, few have empathy or understanding and most don't have a clue. So you try to recover on your own and every now and again this does work, but it's a case of trial.and error.
@jackbailey7037 4 yıl önce
I hope this helps to change the mental health paradigm.
@NoOneDied 11 aylar önce
"Keeping them alive, but not healing them" so true, so sad
@paulwyleciol3459 10 aylar önce
what a wonderful lady!!!
@Lospesitoss 5 yıl önce
Hello. This is a great talk. It's a shame it's not translated to spanish, or any other language. I'd like to translate it to spanish myself, but the video is not allowed to have community contributions.
@hobocode Yıl önce
@electrochrist1046 10 aylar önce
BRAVO! that's how to change people's opinions... Thank You
@djbond-ic5rb 8 aylar önce
Thanks 🙏👍👍👍 FOR THE VIDEO 📸 I AGREE 💯👍💯👍💯
@rigultru 3 yıl önce
"Waiting for the moment when the scientific community and public at large will lift up its head and acknowledge its blind spots"
@slickkkkk 3 yıl önce
Allah be praised, science needs to keep up with magic.
@nicechoice4u Yıl önce
How about the blind spots of youtube logarithms? This 5 year old video only has 52 comments. It will be shown more if more comment. How many comments have you made? If you don't make many comments, you also have a blind spot.
@interqward1 Yıl önce
What this lady is saying has powerful applications with the Autism condition, in my view. It's very positive.
@lllllsuzlllll 11 aylar önce
Could it change the neuroplasticity of an autistic or adhd person etc if it is not a trauma nor a condition, but rather their brain's way of self being?
@ninaromm5491 9 aylar önce
@ John Ward . Could you expand on your point please - am interested to hear a bit more about what you are thinking... Thanks, N
@AlexDiesTrying Yıl önce
Annie: "I've heard you help people with horse problems." Tom: "Truth is, I help horses with people problems." 8:20 An injured soul. It's actually easy to diagnose with me: Take away the reason for my despair and boom, I stop being "mentally" ill. I just need hope. But I don't get any.
@knowledgeispower295 3 yıl önce
thanks for this. this rings true. mental injury. God bless you for telling the truth
@sizzla123 Yıl önce
There are two kinds of perfect people: those who are dead, and those who have not been born yet. ~Chinese Proverb
@buddhaneosiddhananda8499 Yıl önce
Real mental health is spiritual in nature... true spirituality has all the answers...
@Sugarsugar1 Yıl önce
Exactly true for me!
@nicechoice4u Yıl önce
Everybody is not the same. Try going into a psych ward and tech everyone there what "real mental health" is.
@buddhaneosiddhananda8499 Yıl önce
@@nicechoice4u Psych patients are amongst the most intelligent people of all...
@nicechoice4u Yıl önce
@@buddhaneosiddhananda8499 - Your generalization is insane.
@buddhaneosiddhananda8499 Yıl önce
@@nicechoice4u I'll admit that there is definitely a wide variety of psych patients but they are treated as being 'less human'... and it's a form of abuse... that shouldn't be tolerated in modern society...😰😰
@NadiaStAmand Yıl önce
" we keep people alive but dont heal them"
@markfomenko8873 10 aylar önce
Obviously, there's big money being earned treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Using relatively brief low-cost treatments that effectively manage and even cure disease meets resistance. The use of psychedelics, fasting, and neurolinguistic programming for treating mental health disorders effectively and relatively quickly has been known for many years.
@ramiboy_y2049 10 aylar önce
Ayahuasca, for real, saved my life. It should be used clinically, in a safe environment.
@benjamindsouza6736 11 aylar önce
@tictoc5443 10 aylar önce
Brilliant Thankyou
@thinhinaneanseur7615 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much
@Kobe29261 Yıl önce
The real challenge is you can't have an army or perhaps accountants 😛with free acces to psychedlics - Psilocybin, MDMA, 'toad' - bring on the shrooms but let's prepare for a near complete overhaul of what normal life is going to look and feel like. Psychedelics mediate fear - amygdala, hypochampus, if you reduced fear by 10% in the world you'd have to gut the military budget and completely redesign 'deathcare' and thats only the beginning
@tudorrenegade7052 11 aylar önce
She is so sweet !
@mchlle94 2 yıl önce
I think she missed out on other forms of therapy that focus more on the healing, like schema therapy
@thedonwesley5279 6 yıl önce
What if Aldous Huxley was right ? and his novel ISLAND was a potential working model for the future of humanity !
@PeterOzanne 11 aylar önce
Yes, it's an amazing and inspiring book, been reading it these 50 years!
@sallyisabel 10 aylar önce
Min 8:05 is where it really starts , sort of.
@marymargaretkillmeyer7024 Yıl önce
I just want to hug her!!!!❤❤❤
@hugoanson2135 10 aylar önce
A vital teaching. However time limitation, & money, undeveloped truth in the medical world, & lack of care/ devotion to true care research, & beaurocracy, all hinder these breakthroughs in knowledge. Who will help this lady spread this descovery? Has it been said before & it has been kept quiet? Listen to the interview with Carolyn Bramhall. Also the Testimony of Dr. David Wood, diagnosed as a sociopath.
@TheRealBina 10 aylar önce
This needs more views
@andrewmass1414 10 aylar önce
She is so pretty. Love her clothes too. Great talk.
@anentpsguidetothegalaxy9132 9 aylar önce
One out of one men become a victim of violence. Lest we forget as tragic as it is the violence happens to anyone. Men are faced with the vast majority of societal challenges.
@lovelyenglishnature3277 8 aylar önce
We do actually care about that you know. Especially those of us with sons. It isn’t a competition🙂
@LS-ii3fy 11 aylar önce
praying for your salvation in JESUS CHRIST YOUR LORD AND YOUR GOD❤
@DevilJammer 4 aylar önce
The best way to heal your mental health is to believe in God and nothing else will come close. Read the Bible and trust in God. A ticket to ethernal life. This life is just a short journey…
@jessicamcwilliams4933 4 yıl önce
@walterschaefer5065 Yıl önce
No. They will do whatever they can to keep and grab, the truth out of our presence.
@normamcnaughton4699 9 aylar önce
At the age of 72 ,I want to know where I can get involved with the trials ….Canadian eh !
@markstaniforth2877 11 aylar önce
One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small
@toniwood6490 10 aylar önce
And the ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all….
@martinmcgimpsey9750 10 aylar önce
And the one that mother gives you don’t do nothing at all!
@waterkingdavid 9 aylar önce
Why is it like this? Because of money! (and politics. But that's also mostly about money)
@bikrampradhan7525 3 yıl önce
Make a drug that completes neuroplasticity.I’m a schizophrenic.
@ryanbailey5984 Yıl önce
What truck did you fall from? You just repeated word for word what I have been writing about love to know how you got that content
@glennwatson3313 11 aylar önce
What if most of what we knew about Mental Health is correct?
@toniwood6490 10 aylar önce
Such as??
@PeterMatuz 2 yıl önce
What a beautiful woman omg :)
@conversationswiththeuniverse 3 yıl önce
You are beautiful, thank you 🌟❤
@christinebean7932 9 aylar önce
Sometimes I feel like the fly , in the movie "help me"! 😱😰😶
@BeesWaxMinder 11 aylar önce
This is a tantalising glimpse, but nothing more. Are there any follow-up to this? Did the 72% effective drug ever get released onto the market? In short… What happens next?!
@tammy3138 11 aylar önce
Who do I contact about these trials,my ex boyfriend swears on LSD clearing the mind...any advice for me 🙏🙏 Thank You 🙏
@pardasiali7775 6 yıl önce
@V.Hansen. 2 yıl önce
@betaneptune 11 aylar önce
Everything you know is wrong! Did you know that everything you know is wrong?
@MrTryphodemos Yıl önce
360 for a full circle!
@pegeenwhite3957 11 aylar önce
Meanwhile, Prozac, etc. measurable in our drinking water.
@MrSchweppes 2 yıl önce
Legalize LSD and other psydelics.
@fancynancylucille 11 aylar önce
If she hadn’t suffered, would she have cared? Sorry that her suffering lasted so long.
@user-gb4hl5qj2x Yıl önce
What do you have to say about the Towers that conveniently went up when the world was irder to isolate at home inder lick down mandates of COVID?
@lauramcclain8651 10 aylar önce
Can you spell ?
@hannacarter1352 Yıl önce
Can't hear.. volume to low.
@MrNickdino 4 yıl önce
what if? well is it or isn't it so??
@yoganature3598 11 aylar önce
Love love TRshow however it may have blind spots (?) to reference the speaker of this video My response post was removed & no indication? Safety to feel .. 🤔 A symptom to be silenced &or other patterns ..
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