This Huge Trade Is Just GROSS..

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Johnny Hawkey

Johnny Hawkey

9 aylar önce

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@JohnnyHawkey 9 aylar önce
Is Ottawa Making The Playoffs??
@failcomp9915 9 aylar önce
If he plays like he did in Arizona yeah but he might need time
@nineiq6386 9 aylar önce
As a sens fan I can only hope we make the wildcard
@Kingdennissinned 9 aylar önce
They might go all the way.
@TH1RDP3RSON 9 aylar önce
nah aint no way
@ry4nx 9 aylar önce
if ottawa can keep rolling and take advantage of rangers playing a back to back on thursday then take out columbus and chicago on the weekend it is possible
@ChrisJones-pi5mh 9 aylar önce
I'm a Sens fan, and can't believe they didn't have to give up a top prospect or even a roster player. Great trade.
@andrewscullion267 9 aylar önce
I was dreading this trade all year for fear of losing pinto or greig or both, I'm so releived we were able to snag him without selling the farm
@btgkg9639 9 aylar önce
It makes Kings fans wonder what the Kings were really offering? The Kings have picks, players and prospects and they couldn’t get Chychrun?
@ghostwhite1648 9 aylar önce
@@btgkg9639 armstrong waited too long to get more and more
@cormorant_on_arock7934 9 aylar önce
Does this make up for losing Karlsson? :P
@cormorant_on_arock7934 9 aylar önce
Coyotes GM didn't want to trade him to a division rival. Especially not LA - where chyuchrin, or however it's spelled, would LOVE to be
@spearmintmedia 9 aylar önce
Dorion is a great GM, Senators are improving quickly
@dragroch5536 9 aylar önce
When Melnyk isn't getting his hands tied, indeed he is.
@neilsunstrum933 9 aylar önce
Would've liked for him to address the defence years ago but it's hard to be mad about this. Better late than never
@imamoo4412 9 aylar önce
@@neilsunstrum933 he wasn’t aloud to do anything if melnyk was around still stutzle wouldn’t have his contract norris wouldn’t have his contract we probably wouldn’t of even had debrincat
@jobemi2422 9 aylar önce
I’m a Sens fans and have had mixed feelings on Dorion in the past, but this past year it’s really looked like Melnyk was calling the shots behind the scenes. He went out and signed Giroux, and traded for DeBrincat and Chychrun in the same year. Talbot trade looks like a loss at the moment since Gustavsson has been unreal, but there was logic behind it. Also, the Atheltix did a write up on the canned Ceci for Hall deal. All the ground work was done and just needed Melnyk’s approval, but he canned the trade cuz he didn’t want to pay Hall.
@MistaZULE 9 aylar önce
@@neilsunstrum933 I actually kind of liked his method for defense. He drafted a bunch of defenseman in the first few rounds and waited to see who would develop. THis got him his #1 dman in Chabot and a few nice pieces to build around. Now he waits for good trades to appear to shore up the holes. Chycrun is playing in that top 4 making it a solid d corps that is all quite young. Now the Sens can push out their atrocious veteran d-man (is Hamonic still there?) and next season maybe ice an under 28 top 10 d corps. Sens are looking gooooood.
@Wayf4rer 9 aylar önce
Even with an Ottawa miss this year, this is a huge trade. Chycrun is only 24, and a very good RHD who is likely good enough to be a #1 pairing guy for a long time. The conditions on the picks basically ensure they stay a 2nd and 1st, very good business from the Sens.
@cameroncraig3913 9 aylar önce
He's left handed but yeah he should be a good player on that right side
@Wayf4rer 9 aylar önce
@@cameroncraig3913 You right, I was sure he was a righty too. Still, good trade.
@marcussorensen5549 9 aylar önce
Yeah.. Sanderson Chabot and Chuchryn all LHD
@pavlovshouse77 9 aylar önce
So glad to see the Sens be a buyer at this time of the season. Instead of a seller. Show’s confidence in the boys already in the room.
@JGencher98 9 aylar önce
This is exactly what the Sens needed. I wonder if they will pair him up with Chabot, or Sanderson?
@DavetheNESGuy 9 aylar önce
Probably Sanderson. Zub should stay put.
@malcolm4422 9 aylar önce
They’re all left shot
@go4sens600 9 aylar önce
They’ll probably star him with Sandy on pair 2
@neilsunstrum933 9 aylar önce
@@malcolm4422 Chychrun plays the right side as well
@OJentertainment 9 aylar önce
kinda surprised by this deal, didn't expect the Sens to end up with Chychrun, great ass deal
@AliDez613 9 aylar önce
As a Sens fan, I’m ecstatic we landed this man. As a hockey fan, I’m happy I don’t have to read about Chychrun rumours anymore, or at least for the next few years.
@robertstanford1778 9 aylar önce
I am stunned that the Leafs, Bruins, TB, NJ, Rangers etc didn't or couldn't have offered something as good or better than this deal to the Coyotes. He would have been the No.1 Dman on Toronto right off the hop. Well done Ottawa.
@bogeybichon7000 9 aylar önce
no cap room and Arizona would not take any contracts back to free up cap space
@sailor_moonjj 9 aylar önce
I also dont agree with this statement, he's definitely an amazing rebuild guy/ growth guy, not a guy you add in unless you are on the cusp. you would want to keep this guy long term and none of those teams had a way to do that.
@kode-man23 9 aylar önce
Also, those teams' 1st round picks are going to in the low 20s for years to come. Maaaaybe Boston might fall off hard this year, but if I'm Arizona, I would rather have a potential top 10 pick in this year's draft than take the chance on any of those teams being "bad" within the next couple years. I actually think that this was a great trade for Arizona.
@Copyrighttt_ 9 aylar önce
It's not that they couldn't pay this price, they all probably could've moved a few pieces to fit him in. My thoughts are just that the league just got tired of trying to deal with Arizona and this saga's been going on for a while, so they simply lost leverage and they bit on probably the last serious offer they got containing a relatively high 2023 1st round pick
@sailor_moonjj 9 aylar önce
@@Copyrighttt_ that and his contract becomes a modified no trade in the last two years which would have really hurt their leverage as well... but they also didnt raise his value because hes been off the ice a ton!
@-phenom- 9 aylar önce
completely agree....good for Sens! They been playing well lately...players and great fans deserve some positive news. I hope new owners do them right as well.
@teamsaunz 9 aylar önce
Fast forward a couple,weeks and he’s already been amazing. He has 2 goals and a few assists. Definitely the top 4 we been looking for. Now we just need a proven goaltender because Sogaard is good but not NHL caliber yet. He consistently allows 4+ goals a game which means the Sens have to score 5+ goals a game…and they were but have cooled out a bit. If Stützle or Tkatchuj aren’t scoring, the Sens have a hard time getting goals. If we can land a top 10 goalie for next season…may not win the Cup but definitely a Cup contender. Also depends on what happens with DeBrincat.
@thehawk05 9 aylar önce
What’s even more impressive that so many folks are missing (especially ‘yotes fans) is the 2023 1st rounder is conditionally protected: If the pick ends up being a Top 5 Ottawa keeps it and Arizona gets their 2024 1st instead. And to think that I had an Arizona fan today on Facebook trying to convince me that “Ottawa got absolutely fleeced” on this deal 🤣
@louiscypher4186 9 aylar önce
In fairness from their perspective the deal is overs at this stage. Az had already pissed off L.A and Edmonton with outrageous demands, They both flat out moved on from even considering talks as they thought it a waste of time. Chychrun's contract is up on November 1st 2024. If Az didn't secure him a deal by this years trade deadline they would have zero trade power in 2024. When you look at it in that context the conditional first rounder is a sympathy pick. Of course the truly hilarious part is if it turns into picks 6-10, Armstrong will be viewed as "savvy" and be retained as GM.
@thehawk05 9 aylar önce
@@louiscypher4186 Chychrun’s contract doesn’t expire until June 30, 2025 actually. The fact he signed his current deal in November of 2018 is irrelevant. Now that all the COVID concerns & delays are essentially gone the NHL is finally returning to the longstanding traditional July 1st as the start of free agency for 2023 (it was July 13 in ‘22, July 28 in ‘21 & October 31 in ‘20)
@sailor_moonjj 9 aylar önce
@@louiscypher4186 yea they have 2 more years on his contract and it wont run out mid season ...
@kaz6854 9 aylar önce
Imagine they get the 6th pick 💀
@steve8803 9 aylar önce
@@louiscypher4186 Nov 1st, 2024? No. Contracts don't expire during the season. He has two more full seasons left under contract after this one.
@sidetrak85 9 aylar önce
My guess is that Armstrong didn't expect trades to happen this early and that he thought there would be a bidding war and some one would get desperate. The minute Horvat got traded it forced other teams to move. In the last month I've sincerely believed that 4 different teams are unbeatable. I don't remember the last time 6 team's have had this much of a chance. I kind of don't really think NJ will win it. I got sidetracked, teams in the run had already traded their assets so Armstrong went for the best picks he could get I imagine. His mistake is to have assumed the deadline would be like every other. Burn.
@LlamasEatHotdogs 9 aylar önce
I love how Dorion is a living meme but also good at his job. That opening clip had me dying.
@Sam-2468 9 aylar önce
As a Canucks fan I’m jealous. I’ve been considering quitting as a fan for a while ngl. Good for the senators an up and coming team. I also heard Ryan Reynolds’s is interested in buying part of the team and that would be awesome. Good time to be a Sens fan
@Furmas 9 aylar önce
Senators fan went through pretty much the same period Vancouver is facing today before we arrived here. Just be a little bit patient and I'm sure the same will happen to the Canucks.
@sandman5504 9 aylar önce
you should change teams. take your twitter friends too.. bye
@Sam-2468 9 aylar önce
@@sandman5504 I don’t use twitter
@Sam-2468 9 aylar önce
@@Furmas I probably will. Not sure I can ever fully quit being a Canucks fan. Most people I know quit after 2011 so I’ve already been pretty patient in comparison lol
@ellyx_xx 9 aylar önce
Damn, good deal! I’d didn’t know sens could land such an awesome deal!
@primroselane1 9 aylar önce
It's not as great of a trade as you make it out to be. I have a feeling that the Sens are going to regret it over time. Injury-prone defencemen are a real handicap to any team, especially one like the Sens that's are not a top tier team. This one's a gamble that MIGHT pay off.
@benjaminfaulknor9588 9 aylar önce
As a Sens fan I couldn’t be happier
@Kingdennissinned 9 aylar önce
As a Habs fan, you guys are set. Might be the next canadian cup Champs
@calcifer948 9 aylar önce
Heck yes! This is awesome for the Sens.
@Smolder09 9 aylar önce
You and me both!
@ryant3922 9 aylar önce
Holy shit sens fans do exist?!
@zombowner3717 9 aylar önce
LOL sens are garbage
@placidpaddler 9 aylar önce
This was such a bad move for the Coyotes I’m surprised Gary Bettman didn’t step in to try and block it.
@jamesmcgowan5933 9 aylar önce
Ottawa is for sale . Not in nhl best interest
@Adam-mu6cx 9 aylar önce
Too bad we couldn't have landed him in the off-season, probably be in a much better position for our first round matchup
@Vdoom777 9 aylar önce
I remember when Sakic was holding on to Duchene forever and when he finally made a move he got more than anyone expected and showed his fortitude. I think that may be what the thinking was with the Yotes, hold on until someone pays far beyond what the players actual worth is. The problem seemed to be that no one wanted Chycrun that bad and he is overrated; like, he is good but he is not physical enough and his defensive prowess is not equal to what it should be for a top minutes dman, along with his extensive injury history, so nobody was willing to go there and risk it.
@sailor_moonjj 9 aylar önce
thank you, I agree completely. I also think this deal isn't as much of an Ottawa fleece as its made out to be. can he bring them into the top 4 in their division? possibly, but that would rely on a super team to fall apart basically. Sabres and wings both are hunting with Ottawa and look like they may be doing so faster, while the bruins, lightning, and leafs are aiming to be top 5 teams in the nhl. the problem I see is the sens look like the leafs 6-7 years ago, but the leafs weren't up against an insane eastern conference. fast forward a year or two and now its been 5 straight of those three super teams dominating the division. If i'm the Sens, Id be aiming at 2-3 years from now as my push for success because right now your pushing into a brick wall.
@aralornwolf3140 9 aylar önce
@@sailor_moonjj , At least the Sens sold the Arizona on the _hope_ of 2 first round draft picks. :D
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
@@sailor_moonjj I suspect that in two years Ottawa , leafs, Buffalo , and Detroit will make up the leadership of the Atlantic as teams only stay on top for four to five years in today's climate. By then these teams will also be actively preparing for age to come around as an issue and TO will lead that parade. Time rules all.
@mikesantos7434 9 aylar önce
I love this for Ottawa. The battle of Ontario is going to be great again very soon.
@Annexation_ 9 aylar önce
Absolutely ridiculous how the Sens managed to fleece for both DeBrincat AND Chychrun from their teams with just draft picks and no prospects. Excellent work done by Dorion.
@juural5808 9 aylar önce
As one of the few yotes fans. I am extremely unhappy especially, our defense is absolutely garbage and giving up a first line defenseman like for PICKS hurts
@user-iz3gv5vo6b 9 aylar önce
AZ overplayed their hand. They messed up the deal to LA somehow and then they insisted that the Oilers give them 2 Firsts + 1 Second + a prospect without taking a contract back. They just lost a minute munching a top pairing Dman. The Sens just got better even if they don't make the playoffs this season, their future is bright and might become a contender as soon as next season. I can see the franchise selling for a really good price.
@ToaastyKoyote 9 aylar önce
It's not a fleece. Jacob could easily get injured. I love him but those knee injuries are gonna be a real problem. He's an ace on the ice. The injuries are really concerning. Also it just bugs me how people right off a trade as a "fleecing" when it's one of the deepest drafts we have seen and the Yotes have some decent prospects that would make them much better.
@neilsunstrum933 9 aylar önce
People are saying that because Arizona was asking for the moon for two years… And the price wasn't half that. Likely a good deal for both clubs.
@nah656 9 aylar önce
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhya got fleeced
@ToaastyKoyote 9 aylar önce
@@neilsunstrum933 I believe I trade might have been in the works but I wish they played him. I will gladly watch his career and always will cheer for #6
@alexjones6190 9 aylar önce
'23 draft picks are going for HUGE value
@connorcoldrey9212 9 aylar önce
Pierre the goat, now the Sens have to make the playoffs which is still a really hard task but we pray
@maximecourchesnedeslaurier8027 9 aylar önce
At the same time... korpisalo would have been a dream for their goaltending situation
@willweisgerber245 9 aylar önce
Arizona refused to retain any salary or take any cap dumps in return. That’s why he went for so little.
@Imhimmmmmm 9 aylar önce
Love the content, keep it up Johnny
@bunglesthemonkey 9 aylar önce
as a coyotes fan the one thing that frustrates me the most is other coyotes fans trying to make this deal sound good. yeah in the context of a rebuild it’s fine getting picks but holy shit we got absolutely no notable value out of this very valuable player.
@giff74 9 aylar önce
I'm mad as heck he didn't end up in Buffalo for such a decent price!
@connorhauss6044 9 aylar önce
Man that wouldve been sweet
@robertstanford1778 9 aylar önce
Ottawa will be a real player next season this is a young, talented group that is on the rise.
@howardcraigiv518 9 aylar önce
for that trade only to bring in what it did. I can’t believe no other team jumped on it. Az really f$cking their team this season. Some of these moves are mind boggling. Hopefully he doesn’t continue to have a injury prone career, he is what only 24 and has been hurt a lot. I seen he had a scary moment with the boards in his first game as a Sen
@nashclapp1864 9 aylar önce
3 picks! I'd hardly call that a bad deal. A rebuild with 3 picks is better than going nowhere with JC!
@aralornwolf3140 9 aylar önce
Did you look at Arizona's draft picks? They have 10 picks in this years draft...
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
Ottawa needs none of these picks and need to be concerned about third and fourth liners only for the next couple of years . A fortunate position to be in for now .
@Hushoo 9 aylar önce
Chychrun's been on the trade block longer than many marriages
@Catman580 9 aylar önce
As a Senators fan, this is exciting!
@simonlomas2126 9 aylar önce
Hilarious commentary, man! Dorion is a beast.
@user-nq9gz4xf7f 9 aylar önce
it seems like a good trade but Jacob does have a history of a lot of injuries, and is he a team player or why has he been on the market for 2 years, the talent is there, what is first round pick top 5 protected mean... the good thing is that they didnt give what Arizona had been asking, last year they traded their top 7 pick, and now again first round, so I hope its worth it, Debrinkt and Jacob probably only be here 2 years, so they are going short term, but its exciting.
@sailor_moonjj 9 aylar önce
top-5 protection means if they get a 1-5 pick, ottawa retains the pick and they forfeit their next year first round draft pick to arizona. basically protects ottawa if they somehow get a really good pick slot
@aralornwolf3140 9 aylar önce
@@sailor_moonjj , The only way that happens is if Ottawa somehow crashes and fails to win more than a handful of their remaining games... They Sold Arizona _hope_ they could get 2 First Round Picks.
@deathmetaldownhiller7874 9 aylar önce
Honestly they aren't that bad. Ottawa has a few good years coming
@christophercharles3169 9 aylar önce
Great trade and about time. Even if they don't make the playoffs this year or make it and don't go far, they will be locked and loaded for next year.
@eggcorns9422 9 aylar önce
damn really wanted him on the leafs, grats sens
@InsomniaDave 9 aylar önce
he is a liability... he is injury prone. So the deal makes sense
@neilsunstrum933 9 aylar önce
Sens finally address the defence and land a whopper on cheap bait. Huuuge win for Ottawa. Their defence completely changes and guys slot properly. This is a perfect add at a bargin. Sens fans must be over the moon. Also a shot in the arm for their playoff hopes. Going to be powerhouse in the near future.
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
didn't expect the Sens would have been able to draw such on the free agent market till next year. This eliminates that need . Hopefully the young tenders continue to shine
@ducharmegaetan2612 9 aylar önce
Dorion is a genius. As a fan Thank You.
@ry4nx 9 aylar önce
This is so amazing lmao. reminds me of when ottawa fleeced chicago for debrincat
@Cbasszu 9 aylar önce
The Yotes probably wanted to wait until the last minute to see who was more towards the bottom of the standings so they could have a better chance at a top 5 pick. Al
@MGTV1 9 aylar önce
chycrun wanted to go to ottawa. the yotes were shopping him around the moon. eventually pierre moved the right pieces to have room and money for him. the yotes weren't getting any takers on their moon proposals and the suitors gave up trying and went elsewhere for the pieces they need. now there was just pierre with the spot and the yotes were now in desperation mode. whether it was the best propsal in the last two years is irrelevant. this was now the only offer with a day left until the deadline. they were not going to hold him another year. in the end, everyone got mostly what they wanted. chychrun wanted to be in ottawa, ottawa wanted a puck moving D, and arizona wanted a bunch of picks, and chychrun off the books... did arizona get all they wanted? no. but that's not ottawa's fault.
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
well said!
@edited1325 9 aylar önce
Coyotes are that one team in franchise mode that always has the top 5 pick and never improves
@IBegToDiffer200 9 aylar önce
Yotes fans will always love Chych. He will be missed.
@empire0 9 aylar önce
I'm sure they'll be ok, all 6 of em
@brandonnykyforak 9 aylar önce
@@empire0 watch a sens game. Games have been 90% sold out
@empire0 9 aylar önce
@@brandonnykyforak i was talkin about the Coyotes
@brandonnykyforak 9 aylar önce
@@empire0 lol my bad dude
@mopsandmuscles7855 9 aylar önce
Arizona having a fire sale. Perpetually in rebuild mode. 🙄
@zackthorogood_7 9 aylar önce
Dorion just saved his job with new ownership
@rogerpartington9413 9 aylar önce
I wanna see the Sens make the playoffs and take out Boston
@sandman5504 9 aylar önce
How did the Canucks pay more BTW? Chychrun is a good player, but unfortunately he is a left handed shot which is pretty common .
@melanisticmandalorian8909 9 aylar önce
ottawa needs more defence trades to improve their lineup
@neilsunstrum933 9 aylar önce
They have JBD, Thomson, Kleven and a well stocked cupboard. This is all they need imo.
@melanisticmandalorian8909 9 aylar önce
@@neilsunstrum933 cant win games with kids, until they are mature enough to handle themselves, otherwise the team will be struggling to stay north of .500
@limogesfarmer6326 9 aylar önce
That goal of his on Saturday night was sick!!!
@hortiez 9 aylar önce
Oilers should have added him too for that
@canadianbehaviour8280 9 aylar önce
The most fleeciest fleece I've ever seen. As a Sens fan, I am happy.
@tuttifrutti2229 9 aylar önce
Chychrun miss 17 to 25 games every year…
@abrahamhorowitz8374 9 aylar önce
Seeing the deal, all I have is one thought. The F*ck is wrong with Rob Blake? He very clearly hit the panic button and traded for Vladislav Gavrikov. They probably could've done a much smaller trade for Joonas Korpisalo and still been able to get Chychrun, especially for this steal of a deal. He definitively lost the game of chicken with Arizona's GM, and this deal tells me that it was a game both GMs lost in the end. Arizona could have gotten much better from the Kings, and Blake just needed to wait another day to get Chychrun to LA. What a shanda.
@Jjgreat9 9 aylar önce
Good trade if he can stay healthy.
@timothycassidy7484 9 aylar önce
The Race for the bottom is more interesting than the playoff races.
@sean3125 9 aylar önce
Great VIDEO. Keep it UP.
@tysheinin8733 9 aylar önce
Ottawa is taking on 100% of the cap hit, that's why they got him.
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
yup but had the room others did not
@humblelad 9 aylar önce
The Sens are still in it, fed us poor Wings our lunch two nights in a row. Wish you guys the best even if I would really like to punch Tkachuck in the face.
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
and that is why he does what he does ,
@eyetineetee 9 aylar önce
What about Kadri?
@glaxko2 9 aylar önce
This is actually a terrible trade that will haunt the Sens.
@philc824 9 aylar önce
Comment section only for hockey fans,
@AlwayzFresh 9 aylar önce
Arizona got fleeced on this trade, terrible GM. They got worse immediately, and not much chance at even getting better in the future.
@webbdelasteve 9 aylar önce
Only like to see the Sens lose when they play my team. Great deal!
@Sw4ggB055 9 aylar önce
You're telling me Chychrun is only worth 3 picks? Bruh what a steal
@matthewmadden7455 9 aylar önce
@markwilkins9048 9 aylar önce
The ONLY reason the Sens got Chychrun is because AZ overestimated his worth and none of the legit teams took the bait on the high price. Sens will take the deal and run for sure, but don’t get overly excited. While he is a good puck moving defensemen,,,,he is made out of balsa wood.
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
worried huh!?
@markwilkins9048 9 aylar önce
@@alpearson9158 LMAO
@tomtalley2192 9 aylar önce
Arizona was running out of trade partners.
@callme_astro2111 9 aylar önce
Huge spite trade imo, Yotes couldn't get their high priced package from LA so they send him east
@averagejojofan8649 9 aylar önce
Hopefully they can extend him and he is not just a rental
@neilsunstrum933 9 aylar önce
He signed for two more years at 4.5… Not a rental!
@averagejojofan8649 9 aylar önce
@@neilsunstrum933 good because that would be an ass trade if it was a rental
@neilsunstrum933 9 aylar önce
@@averagejojofan8649 agreed, it would make zero sense. He's a Ottawa valley lad so I see him resigning here in 2026
@CreativeGoatFN 9 aylar önce
sens 4 pt back of nyi with 3 g in hand
@evanferris5035 9 aylar önce
@edpottinger849 9 aylar önce
Cool,cool.Ottawa does still need another right shot d man that's young.With the Sens only having 2 right shots in the line up doesnt help matters.Zub and Hamonic are the only right shots now if one goes down it makes it difficult. There is Dumba in Minny,Klingberg in Annaheim and Myers in Vancouver. A move with Norris included. Shane Pinto can be the second line center,Tim Stuzle Brady and Alex Debrincat top line.
@pilonpatrick573 9 aylar önce
You'd trade Norris for Dumba, Myers, or Klingberg ??? Man, that would be ...NUTS
@pilonpatrick573 9 aylar önce
Plus, Chychrun can play RD. Norris ain't goin' nowhere
@edpottinger849 9 aylar önce
@@pilonpatrick573 They have enough firepower up top that play more minutes.Norris is going to be elite but he is built a little slight.Pinto as a second line center makes sense.He is a top six now with an expiring contract. This should be their structure . Tim Stuzle top line center,Brady left wing,Debrincat right side. Second line Pinto center,Giroux left wing, and Batherson right wing. Third line Gambrell or Kastellic with Austen Watson. It doesnt matter if Chychrun can play the right side,he isnt a right shot and in order for it to work he has to be. Zub a Right shot with Thomas Chabot who is a left.Hamonic and Jake Sanderson,Hamonic right Sanderson left. Try passing the puck on the rush to another left shot,it doesnt work and they make mistakes and get scored on like that.
@edpottinger849 9 aylar önce
@@pilonpatrick573 Hey I have another solution.What about making a move for Justin Barron in Montreal.With Savard definately staying and another good right shot staying,Barron could be traded. The price in this case would be Jacob B. Docker and 2 prospects from 2021 of reasonable choice. Barron is a right shot that's 21
@edpottinger849 9 aylar önce
@@pilonpatrick573 Those are available right shot d men.I have a better plan.Justin Barron from Montreal considering David Savard is staying and they have another 2and pairing right shot.Justin Barron would make a good pairing partner for Chychrun.JBD and a couple reasonable prospects,not real high end prospects. I say this to make Ottawa realise that they need one more right shot. And with the emergence of Shane Pinto as a second line center Norris is further ahead to move to a team where he could be captain.Youre not hurting Norris you're helping him because he gets getting injured
@zzii0327 9 aylar önce
I still don't understand why would Coyotes trade Chychrun, wouldn't his contract be perfect for rebuild?
@ryancrafer6714 9 aylar önce
It didn’t want to stay
@zzii0327 9 aylar önce
@@ryancrafer6714 tired of losing
@jfg6092 9 aylar önce
I am speechless...
@eggsbruhnadict4298 9 aylar önce
I am jealous
@nikshill8767 9 aylar önce
they should have picked KK instead of Tkachuk. imagine where they would be now!!
@pilonpatrick573 9 aylar önce
Ah ah ah ah ah !
@aralornwolf3140 9 aylar önce
You mean Montreal should have picked Brady, lol. Ottawa drafted _behind_ them.
@chuckd8902 9 aylar önce
ahahaha... he said "if your a fan of the yotes" 🤣
@davwes8594 9 aylar önce
Sabres gm failed horribly, this is so much less than what buff could of easily offered
@MetalCharlo 9 aylar önce
So I guess nobody wanted Chychrun? This is weird.
@thevindicator6649 9 aylar önce
I remember hearing he was injury prone somewhere. Thought that was a big reason why nobody wanted to take the risk.
@aralornwolf3140 9 aylar önce
Not that no one wanted him... His Manager wanted a minimum of 2 first round draft picks or the equivalent. The contending teams didn't have the cap space to pick him up, and they refused to give Arizona players. Thus, those deals never happened... so now that Arizona is getting desperate, Dorion comes by and offers Arizona the _hope_ of 2 first round draft picks.
@macrobizle8 9 aylar önce
Go Sens!!
@CKeys6 9 aylar önce
Can not belive that a first round, and two 2nd round pick for Chychrun. LA couldve done that and kept Quick. Any other team couldve done that easily with more value. Arizona is horrible
@Stuka_Ace 9 aylar önce
They got debrincat for less than free.
@aspalovin 9 aylar önce
Jacob finally gets to eject out of that pathetic excuse for a franchise in AZ... Good Luck in AZ Bedard!
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
bet he ends up in MTL funny but when they or TO finish on the bottom they get the drafts , other teams not so much
@aidenstrang7403 9 aylar önce
Playoff bound!
@UrbanRally 9 aylar önce
a yotes blunder? you dont say!
@nfbuckeye 9 aylar önce
All 18 Coyotes fans are furious.
@johnelsliger6796 9 aylar önce
AWESOME - WHAM >>>>>>>>>>>>>> THIS IS UNREAL ............ If they make the Playoffs .. watch out ..... What a 'steal of a pickup.....A lot of Team missed the BOAT ?
@Jean_Maurice 9 aylar önce
Go Canada teams!
@johnbrowne3950 9 aylar önce
I'm Canadian and I hate all the Canadian teams.
@thevindicator6649 9 aylar önce
@@johnbrowne3950 imposter! I hate how poor our performances are though
@gtibro6799 9 aylar önce
​@@thevindicator6649 that's because we have all our Canadian players playing for American teams.
@graham5961 9 aylar önce
that shit at the start was so funny lmao "were a team"
@alpearson9158 9 aylar önce
guess you just haven't a clue
@go4sens600 9 aylar önce
Arizona got frickin Sensd
@go4sens600 9 aylar önce
@@alexjones6190 still a fleece imo
@alexjones6190 9 aylar önce
@@go4sens600 I'm still gay also
@go4sens600 9 aylar önce
@@alexjones6190 neat
@Jean_Maurice 9 aylar önce
Les costly than Ekholm’s one.
@Sam-2468 9 aylar önce
They had to trade out Barrie anyways
@FHL-Devils 9 aylar önce
There MUST have been naked pictures involved. This is utter lunacy.
@ayashin19 9 aylar önce
I'm a sens fan very disappointed what a waste time to get excited for next year I suppose
@notfastenough1726 9 aylar önce
What? I don’t understand you’re thought process as to why you’re saying that when we have a great chance at making the playoffs
@cantControlLife 9 aylar önce
We're a team.
You've gotta be joking
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