How To List Your Home On The MLS Without A Realtor - 5 FSBO Tips

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I Sold My House

I Sold My House

Yıl önce

Check out how to list your house on the MLS without a Realtor and our other 2 home selling options below.

Are you thinking about selling your house and saving a WHOLE bunch of money by NOT using a real estate agent?

Selling as a For Sale By Owner (or fsbo as those of us in the real estate biz call them) certainly has it’s advantages.

But did you know… that the BEST real estate marketing a for sale by owner can do is to list their house on the local MLS?

Thats right, the MLS is a POWERFUL marketing tool that ALL the local real estate agents use to find homes for sale, get property information, download disclosures and most importantly setup showings for their buyer clients.

So you can get a whole bunch of offers to buy your home and you can pick the BEST one!

The MLS will get your listing MAXIMUM exposure to buyers who are searching for homes like yours.

And the buyers that come from the MLS are the serious type that will pay TOP dollar for your home.

Not the type of buyers that will just waste your time.

However, in order to use this tool correctly, there is some key information you need to know so you don’t get yourself into trouble.

Here are 5 tips you need to know about listing on the MLS without a realtor.

So you can SUCCESSFULLY sell your house!

#1 the MLS is for Realtors ONLY
#2 - A Listing Agreement is Required
#3 - Offering Buyers Agent’s Commission
#4 - You Will Get Listed On, Zillow, Trulia and Everywhere Else
#5 - You Need To Be Listed On The Correct Local MLS

Florida Living
Florida Living 29 gün önce
FSBO owners take 7 risks too--->
Joe Varga
Joe Varga 5 aylar önce
The PROBLEM with using a flat fee broker is that the seller is not allowed to list their contact information in the MLS. Only the listing agent's contact info. is listed, so all leads go to the listing agent, not to the seller. Since the commission is all earned up front, once the listing fee is paid the listing broker has NO incentive to pass on any leads. The seller cannot be sure that the listing agent is passing on any leads. In fact, the listing broker actually has an incentive NOT to pass on leads: The prospect of earning another renewal fee when the listing expires.
John Wayne Helm
John Wayne Helm 4 aylar önce
Totally FALSE STATEMENT: "Since the commission is all earned up front." Real Estate Commissions ARE NOT PAID► UNTIL THE HOUSE HAS BEEN SOLD AND CLOSED! Sorry Joe Varga, but you really don't know what you're talking about.
I Sold My House
I Sold My House 5 aylar önce
Hi Joe. Thanks for dropping a comment here, I just wanted to reply quickly to clear some things up for you. First, your contact information IS in the MLS under the "Showing Instructions" section, so anyone looking in the MLS will see your email and phone number there in order to set up a showing. I think what you are referring to is the "Description" which is what is shown on real estate websites and you are correct, all MLS's do not allow contact information there for any listing. Unfortunately that is how it works for ALL listings, including all the houses that sell, so this is not a problem. Lastly, I can't comment on other brokers that we don't work with but our team 100% sends any contacts to the sellers to work with the buyers directly. We want our sellers to sell their home, get the best results, save a bunch of money and tell everyone about our service. Let us know if you have anything else we can clear up for you.
orange and clown
orange and clown 9 aylar önce
This should say how to get sued by the buyer
I Sold My House
I Sold My House 9 aylar önce
Your comment doesn't provide any context or real-world information to support it. Seems like a scare tactic. Please provide some details on how this would result in getting sued by the buyer?
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