Jordan Peterson Q&A at Cambridge's Caius College

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Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B Peterson

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Watch the lecture preceding this Q&A here - • Why Free Speech i...
Recorded at Caius College on November 22, 2021.
Dr. Peterson recently traveled to the UK for a series of lectures at the highly esteemed Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. This was the Q&A after the first of said lectures.
After some remarks on Cambridge’s beauty and rich history, Dr. Peterson examines the significance and history of clinical psychology. Drawing from the likes of Carl Rogers, Freud, Maslow, and Jung, this lecture investigates free speech, the value of structure, ways to approach mental illness, Jordan’s clinical experience, active listening, relationships, and the golden rule for conflict management.
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LightOwl Yıl önce
I think the quality of the audience's questions combined with their civility made this Q & A session especially enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Peterson and Cambridge.
Aristotle 7 gün önce
​@Kai Vogel Including you. Spell out where he's wrong smart guy.
Kai Vogel
Kai Vogel Aylar önce
@NeonXXP sorry which question again?
NeonXXP Aylar önce
@Kai Vogel A more constructive comment would be "I would have liked to hear his answer to [insert question]" Maybe someone could direct you to that answer if it exists elsewhere.
Linda Qualls
Linda Qualls 2 aylar önce
Listening is not something you've mastered or even practiced, it seems.
Canoe Doc
Canoe Doc 11 aylar önce
Dr Peterson is one of the few people who can combine evolutionary biology, philosophy, literature, clinical psychology, religion, and spirituality in a meaningful way that preserves and honors the contributions of each. Profoundly beautiful talk at the deepest level.
justliftit001 Aylar önce
Well said I appreciate your comment, it made me think more deeply about Jordan Peterson if that was even possible LOL
Golden Boy
Golden Boy 2 aylar önce
Excellent observation.
Jack Millward
Jack Millward 27 gün önce
I'm a carpenter from Barnsley 😅 and I never imagined I would watch something like this at Cambridge University, nevermind understand and enjoy it. Thank you Dr Peterson for inspiring me to expand my understanding of the world.
Jose Serratos
Jose Serratos 3 aylar önce
“Your actions are guided by love and your words are guided by truth”. Simply remarkable
UK 2 aylar önce
@Roundtable Details shutup karen
Ileanna 3 aylar önce
unbiasyoutuber 3 aylar önce
So beautifully said...❤
Artisan Shrew
Artisan Shrew 8 aylar önce
❤️ *Never in a million years did I ever think I could be so enthralled by someone so much, I'm often moved to tears every time I hear his voice begin to shake - when he's expressing genuine emotion over the lives he has changed.* 💜 ❤️ *If there is ANYONE in this world I should be so honored to meet before my days are over, Jordan Peterson will always be at the top of my list!* 💜
hugo anson
hugo anson 22 gün önce
Listen more carefully to Jordan Peterson in his latest lectures. Your days will not end. But he hasnt explained the irrationality of the big bang.
Soul Pure
Soul Pure 27 gün önce
Count me in!
Robert Chesko
Robert Chesko Aylar önce
Well he is trying to give (I believe) everyone the tools to happiness. I have always Well sometimes been a good listener. But when he stated just listen it really is that simple I was very happy. It doesn't take much. Yet you do get so much out of it. If a person is willing to share their personal feelings/thoughts with you they obviously respect your opinions. That is such a compliment.
Derek H
Derek H Aylar önce
Me too thank you
Pauline Woods
Pauline Woods 2 aylar önce
I totally agree
Kai Dyno
Kai Dyno 11 aylar önce
“Your actions are guided by love and your words are guided by truth” perfect ending. Well done! JP
allen alasio
allen alasio 6 aylar önce
My next tattoo right here
Rafe Zetter
Rafe Zetter 10 aylar önce
@Joseph Gold sorry but I think you're wrong, he didn't continue because he was clearly choked up by that simple but unsaid thought "wouldn't it be amazing if everyone's actions were guided by love and thier words guided by truth" - because this simple phrase is what Jordan has been striving for for most of his life, and now in recent years striving to get that message out to others before it's too late.
Andriod Cellphone
Andriod Cellphone 11 aylar önce
I choked up too listening to his concluding remarks
Nick Coker
Nick Coker Yıl önce
Not only does he answer a question, but he gives an answer that is more than we knew that we were asking for.
Life Solutions
Life Solutions 11 aylar önce
I want to express my deep gratitude to Jordon Peterson for his kindness and generosity in sharing his podcast for free. I feel so very encouraged and I'm learning so very much how to be a better version of myself. I want to further express my gratitude for sharing his life's work which is helping to evolve the world. Sharing your brave thoughts reveals a depth of great courage and truth and we are so lucky to have you available on the world stage. You come for a place of goodness and love and I send you my heartfelt kindness to you and your family.
Amy L
Amy L 5 aylar önce
I love how the Petersons travel as a whole family. It totally warms my heart.
Jose Ornelas
Jose Ornelas Aylar önce
@mamiluisamia Dude, they all had serious health problems. Except the son. Tammy's cancer was so serious JBP was affected mentally. Mikhalia could have died in her teens from overmedication regarding her athritis, and SHE is the reason JBP survived the benzo episode.
mamiluisamia Aylar önce
@Jose Ornelas mh...what do you mean.with that?
mamiluisamia Aylar önce
@Josh I true.
mamiluisamia Aylar önce
@xill cy Ah yes, must be so, thanks. And yeah, good for him if he gets deserved compensation.
Jose Ornelas
Jose Ornelas 2 aylar önce
By just a few turns they would all be dead. I think they would rather just hang out for a few years.
unbiasyoutuber 3 aylar önce
I feel the troubled whole world is receiving free healing clinical sessions given by Jordan Peterson. God bless this man !
UK Aylar önce
@Roundtable Details if you have to hate jordan on his own videos then there is something more strange about you.
UK Aylar önce
@Roundtable Details yep. Unlike you.
Ruza Ruzica
Ruza Ruzica Aylar önce
Agree wholeheartedly 💜
Ruby Brentlinger
Ruby Brentlinger 2 aylar önce
UK 2 aylar önce
@Roundtable Details keep quiet karen
Sergi 11 aylar önce
Nothing to say other than that this was brilliant. I was educated to be a militant atheist but I am trying to find some flexibility and understanding for religious belief. I understand, in great part thanks to you, how complicated of a subject it is and I don't simplify it anymore. Thanks to how articulate your explanations are, my own understanding and thoughts on this subject and others are becoming also more articulate.
tatt4music 19 gün önce
You don’t need organized religion. We often make the mistake of thing of religion in that confine. Ones personal religion is about belief on something bigger than our everyday lives. So don’t start with Jesus or any type of god. Just start with something better than yourself. And go from there.
The Dude
The Dude 2 aylar önce
All religions and beliefs are an attempt to explain what the invisible aspects of reality are. There is a big problem with how we have been attempting to do so. Majority of human kind only experience 1% or less of actual reality. With the 1% that is understood, we have "language" to describe it. Here is where the problem lies. There isn't a human language to describe the other 99%... for those that do experience more than the average 1% they attempt to use human language to explain more, which ultimately turns into mythology or religion for the average mind...
robert mccully
robert mccully 3 aylar önce
Very strong statement (I was educated to be a militant atheist). Now you're finally starting to educate yourself.
Maria Luisa Cruz
Maria Luisa Cruz 11 aylar önce
LOVE IS THE CREATIVE POWER. God is LOVE. JESUS ULTIMATE PURPOSE WAS FUELED, based on LOVE. Fallen creation was Tasting of The tree of Kowledge Was and hadto be offered. True LOVE IS NEVER FORCED IT IS AND HAS TO BE BASED ON FREEWILL.
Y. Sapphire Group
Y. Sapphire Group 11 aylar önce
You can’t believe the benefit you’ve brought to me and my husband, our kids, 15 and 16! We speak about you and your work at dinner, they mention you, they hear your TRshow sessions in the background and say, Oh, Jordan Peterson! I thank you as many many many others do, and will meet you one day! Hopefully you come to Israel soon. Let me know if we can help somehow! Much love from Israel to you, Tammy and the kids! PS - Please!!!!! A book for teens!!! They NEED your wisdom!
Gamdan Yunizar
Gamdan Yunizar 5 aylar önce
You have brilliant children!
Jordan B Peterson
Jordan B Peterson 6 aylar önce
DoubleTapThatDotty 10 aylar önce
Free the Palestinians
A Digital Conscience
A Digital Conscience 10 aylar önce
That’s a job for me !
Antidote to Doublespeak
Antidote to Doublespeak 11 aylar önce
Another wonderful lecture. And how moving it is to see JP’s wife and daughter in the front row just fixated on his every word and move. And how many times must they’ve seen his talks… and still they’re at full attention. So beautiful to see that love and support.
Tara Mcgavan
Tara Mcgavan 2 aylar önce
He has no script ...every time is different, he says that it keeps him sharp! So obviously they like I; am interested in every single answer!!
Shadowland Studios
Shadowland Studios 6 aylar önce
@Stewart Anderson The fact that crossed your mind, makes me wonder about your family.
RAHZulia 6 aylar önce
This is called spontaneous speech style, which is by far the most engaging and convincing style of discourse/talk/lecture/speech , even speaking on the same subject multiple times, no two talks will be the same
melodykeogh 8 aylar önce
isn't that his daughter's 'new' husband sitting beside her? he seems a tad miffed 'body language' but I might be wrong.
David Tuer
David Tuer 10 aylar önce
@Stewart Anderson Very funny.
yohenson 11 aylar önce
this guy is like the phoenix bird. he continues to develop and perfect his skills and knowledge. even after catastrophies in his life. definitely one of the influential people of the 21st century.
james buddell
james buddell Aylar önce
@Jay Z Exactly right. If they had just left him alone. He would still be an unknown Canadian professor. By trying to bully and make an example out of him. They created a monster. They do more to hurt their own causes, than anyone who opposes them could ever do.
Jay Z
Jay Z 6 aylar önce
Ironically they knew he was dangerous to the great reset and tried to cancel him by firing him, thrusting him into popularity.
Viper84 11 aylar önce
It only takes one brilliant man like this to finally make people stop and actually think about how they view others and the world around them. The most important lesson I take from his talks is listening to others to understand their view points even if you don’t agree with them. I never went to university and if someone like myself can take such a key idea from his talks why is it so many with higher education refuse to do so also or even entertain the idea. I wonder at times whos more educated in the world
Brian Peters
Brian Peters 11 aylar önce
I'll have to listen to this carefully at least 3 or 4 time before I can truly grasp and appreciate the depth of thought that Jordan Peterson displays for all of us all. He is 100% one of the greatest intellectual minds that I have ever heard and his lessons have changed my life dramatically and in the most positive ways.
Margaret Hanrahan
Margaret Hanrahan 2 aylar önce
Am most grateful to have found this podcast such amasing guidance and wishing to share as have found it realy helpful just love listening to JP. Wish had come across when I was younger, as my life could have possibly worked out much differently.
SFCnut911 11 aylar önce
Unbelievable Q and A. Jordan Peterson is one of the greatest minds in human history. I feel blessed to be alive in these times to hear and see him speak about such profound topics. Thank you. ❤️
RR 11 aylar önce
not really, pls read more
Andre Small
Andre Small 11 aylar önce
JP was on fire in this Q&A. I expected a stand ovation, I had to perform one by myself after watching this!
zulfikar haidar
zulfikar haidar 11 aylar önce
I believe people actually forget to do that out of awe. Thats rellay heppened here.
William 11 aylar önce
It's incredible right? The lecture followed by this Q&A is just a joy. So satisfying.
Geoff M
Geoff M Yıl önce
Jordan Peterson is never glib in his answers, but always gives a careful and thoughtfully constructed response. He’s an individual who makes us think deeply about ourselves and our role in life. His analysis of human behaviour opens a door for all us in understanding social, domestic and work relationships.
DieFlabbergast 5 aylar önce
@Josh Bridges Not really: people have been saying that sort of thing about the "younger generation" since time began. I'm a boomer, and I can remember, when I was young, people of my parents' and my grandparents' generations saying the same thing. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
Danny Tran
Danny Tran 9 aylar önce
@Robbie Anderson honestly, you should leave your house more. when you leave comments like that, it really tells everyone that you don’t talk to people a lot.
brad besco
brad besco 10 aylar önce
Except unfortunately on Twitter…😬
Svetlanathehammer 11 aylar önce
@kantraxo ikol you're pretty well articulated yourself too man, that was a pleasant comment to read.
Barbara Vice
Barbara Vice 11 aylar önce
@Josh Bridges, I’m an actual boomer who thinks Robbie Anderson is obviously trolling.
Landon Vermillion
Landon Vermillion 11 aylar önce
It's amazing how wonderful discourse can be when both sides are allowed to speak and both respect one another.
Brax 11 aylar önce
36:52 "Your rights are not a social construct" ombodies everything this man fights for. Great Q&A by the students and Dr. Peterson.
Free Spirit 56
Free Spirit 56 11 aylar önce
Cannot say just how interesting and enlightening that Q & A was. So much to listen to again and to think about. JP is a remarkable man and I count myself lucky to be able to view and engage in his lectures and public exchanges through the medium of TRshow.
marie Lina Nudo
marie Lina Nudo Aylar önce
true. Good point.
luxury 11 aylar önce
What a Q&A. It's such a crazy opportunity to tune into these levels of discussion. It really was a treat to see the utilization of abstract concepts - but I guess decades of dialectic discourse gets you there. Great audience as well. This is peak competency and judicious qualification. Hats off to Dr. Peterson.
JoeKarizmaBlue 11 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson will be quoted by society for many decades. A true intellect and a pleasure to listen to as he makes us all more self aware of our own insecurities and issues that need addressing.
Zander Morkel
Zander Morkel Yıl önce
Tomorrow I begin with my first job. Thank you for your teachings Doc. Once you opened my eyes to your understanding of hell and heaven, I have found honesty within myself to navigate life and that has seeped into my daily interactions with everyone I meet and know. I listen carefully and I pay attention to the actions of both myself and others. As I practice it more, I experience an increasing sense of profound appreciation for life during the good and the bad times. I used to lack presence in my own life and now I am more present than ever. It has led me to this moment. I am truly grateful. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.
Junior von Claire
Junior von Claire 11 aylar önce
@Zander Morkel Yw …go get em! 💰🥳
Zander Morkel
Zander Morkel 11 aylar önce
@Junior von Claire Thank you! I have no problem being the fool. To climb a mountain one must start at the bottom. Time to aim single-mindedly at who I could be. Take care von Claire. I appreciate your input tremendously.
07feb2008 11 aylar önce
@Junior von Claire All the best and congratulations!
EX 11 aylar önce
Good luck brother i wish you well on bettering yourself
Little wigglemonster
Little wigglemonster Yıl önce
Congratulations bro :)
Globetrotter 🌐
Globetrotter 🌐 11 aylar önce
Cannot get enough of his wisdom ✨️ 👑
James Chapman
James Chapman 11 aylar önce
This is as insightful and instructive as anything I could imagine as a practical guide to approaching life....What a treasure he is.
David'sFunTimes 5 aylar önce
"Your actions are guided by love and your words are guided by truth", his spirit manifest's in emotion. What a closing statement!!! 🥰
MrMongoose221 5 aylar önce
He is right about serving others to come out of depression. As someone who was feeling lost and depressed and doing cocaine every other day I found a lot of happiness and fulfillment out of volunteering at a local food shelter and helping others. That helped me more than anything.
Isabella 21 gün önce
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Leah & Lilly
Leah & Lilly 21 gün önce
I think have Listened to a podcast about Mr Gary Mason Brooks and they were talking about his trading skills, I think he's extremely brilliant and lucrative at same time.
Susan Haynes
Susan Haynes 21 gün önce
@Ben Davis I’m sure his services is available outside the US, but you gotta ask him first. I'm positive because I have a friend who stays in Australia and she’s using his service too. You should ask him though to know if he offers his services to your country.
Isabella 21 gün önce
@Olivia Jane You're welcome, he will respond.
Olivia Jane
Olivia Jane 21 gün önce
@Isabella Thanks for this tip. His website popped up on the first page immediately I searched him, I read through his resume and it seems pretty tight. I dropped a message, hopefully he replies soon.
Ben Davis
Ben Davis 21 gün önce
@Susan Haynes That’s impressive, I'm new to crypto and I've been looking to invest for a while now,I think I have to try it out with him right now. I’m from Canada how do I go about this?
Anita Paulus
Anita Paulus Yıl önce
I don’t know why this made me so emotional. I think because it was so profound. Dr Peterson is such a deep thinker and his ability to communicate those thoughts is immeasurable. Thank you so much for this.
RR 11 aylar önce
@Anita Paulus Its common sense if you read books
Anita Paulus
Anita Paulus 11 aylar önce
@RR And, that is your opinion. If you were actually listening, you would realize these are life questions and answers he speaks about.
Twn Twrs
Twn Twrs 11 aylar önce
@Richard Shortall I provided you with an article which is a comprehensive compilation and explication of Peterson's claptrap which delivers an abundance of the "examples or evidence and supporting arguments" that you pretend interest you. Furthermore I provided two debates where Peterson's absurdities are laid bare. Finally, I gave an assessment of the likelihood that you would even look at that material as slim. Turned out I was right - you won't even acknowledge I provided it. Anyone following our exchange here will recognize your inability to act in good faith.
E.Z Namini
E.Z Namini 11 aylar önce
I have watched this Q&A three times over the two days that it has been published and I’m very grateful that it’s available to me to watch many more times 🙏
Skylark Ravenslark
Skylark Ravenslark 6 aylar önce
It's amazing to watch the dynamic between Dr Peterson & the audience that was filled with people who actually wanted to LEARN & have a REAL Q&A session. The attentive eyes just shows the distinction between intellectuals of high academic caliber & the sort of crowd that regularly attends his events just to lash out (mostly unreasonably). I honestly learnt a lot just from this Q&A session alone. Thank you as always Dr Peterson & Cambridge for organizing this!
PJ Mike
PJ Mike 11 aylar önce
“Your actions are guided bye love and your words are guided by truth”. A statement like this is why you’re revered. Amazingly succinct, profound, helpful, loving, and wise. I wish I had the words to show my appreciation for what you said.
Christophor Hill
Christophor Hill 11 aylar önce
All I could think, as you ended the session was, "Someone please give this man a decent hug!" Thank you for being your authentic self. 🙏
Marie Just Me
Marie Just Me 11 aylar önce
Thank you, Dr. Peterson. Your brilliant speech and Q&A session was most definitely revelatory for me. What a gift! I can’t wait to apply your positive communication techniques to my interactions with my husband.
Kelvin Ndeti
Kelvin Ndeti Yıl önce
Thank you for all you are doing Dr. Peterson, I am 24 years old and I have learned a lot from you especially on meaning and responsibility as an antidote to the Nihilist world view which I have been at some point. Thank you. Your words are really powerful.
Jordan B Peterson
Jordan B Peterson 6 aylar önce
:) so glad to hear this
Cass 11 aylar önce
You can do better. Try Karl Marx.
Rob Miller
Rob Miller 11 aylar önce
@J F its the only combination of words that seem to fit him. I had a dad but he never taught me anything other than his own ignorance.
J F 11 aylar önce
@Rob Miller well said Rob, he is indeed, a father figure to a lost generation which has been sold a string of lies by a deluded society.
Rob Miller
Rob Miller 11 aylar önce
He is like a father for the fatherless.
heikki valtonen
heikki valtonen 2 aylar önce
Every time I listen this man I learn more. Even as I listen his same lecture time after time again. His speeches and thoughts are so deep and wise I need to take lots of time to actually digest it all. And I know I still don't get it all. He has made me a better man and my daughter and wife are happy for that like myself.
ReadOasis 3 aylar önce
Stunning. Profound. Brilliant. Helpful. Practical. Wise. THANK YOU.
james buddell
james buddell Aylar önce
@Roundtable Details Did he not use your self proclaimed pronouns? Where did the bad man hurt you, LOL 😂
ItsSanj 11 aylar önce
An absolute joy to listen to and thank you for transforming the lives so many, never taken for granted!
G. Ozare
G. Ozare 11 aylar önce
I’ve listened to Jordan for years. This was beautiful. Well done Doc.
James Benjamin
James Benjamin 11 aylar önce
All of these talks and conversations have been some of the most profound work of words I have ever heard from Jordan Peterson and what a great audience. In my opinion this has been one of the most important conversations of our time.
Gonçalo Veiga
Gonçalo Veiga 11 aylar önce
The only problem with this video is that I can only press the like button once. What an extraordinary q&a session. Bravo!
CrabbyCDN tucktoyuktuck
CrabbyCDN tucktoyuktuck 6 aylar önce
The Truth only!
The Truth only! 11 aylar önce
🤣 I know right!!!
WhtsApp.➕➀❺➎⑼⓹➋⑴⓷(o)⑻➃. 11 aylar önce
📩📩👆 thanks for watching and supporting!! I have somthing huge for you feel free to send a DM..,..
Brian Trafford
Brian Trafford 11 aylar önce
One of the most insightful, and inspirational exchanges I have ever seen from Dr. Peterson. And he has given a great deal of insightful and inspirational talks.
Blessy Thomas
Blessy Thomas Aylar önce
Thank you for this speech This helps to have so much clarity in my life Keep doing it sir Love from India
Ach Ham
Ach Ham 5 aylar önce
The stream of thoughts, the ability to remember so many terms and concepts and merge them with life experiences and different aspects of knowledge while being so focused and in touch with your emotions and feeling everything you say and plus delivering it in such eloquent way is a just a work of God. I am amazed at the way Dr Peterson's brain work. If you could see those neurons working together in harmony as he speaks it would be like the best firework you would ever see. I am amazed and I feel so stupid at the same time
Blessy Thomas
Blessy Thomas Aylar önce
Wow you articulated so we'll what I thought about him
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams Aylar önce
Truly wonderful to watch. Thank you Dr. Peterson, Cambridge, and the audience.
Grim 11 aylar önce
My God what a lovely crowd. I wish I could meet more people like this, it's increasingly hard for me to find anyone pursuing truth.
Kai Vogel
Kai Vogel 11 aylar önce
buncha bootlickers, nobody challenged him
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim Yıl önce
I just have to admit, his thought to words, and delivering speech are flawless.
Tara Mcgavan
Tara Mcgavan 2 aylar önce
@Kai Vogel Jordan is neither of those things EVER...which is WHY he is landed as one of the most brilliant minds to bless humanity....I have to lol at the audacity of your BS😣
Tommy Tombstone
Tommy Tombstone 7 aylar önce
@Kai Vogel follow your ancestry until you find a colonizer. It won't take long. Pillaging, suffering, and tribal wars were the definition of human existence for hundreds of thousands of years.
KunuMcGruder 11 aylar önce
@Kai Vogel first of all, prove what YOU say is "rambling", is just that, rambling. You make the claim, so back it up. Secondly, you claim it's "incoherent"...seriously? You are saying that you don't understand what he is saying or the point he is making, whether you agree or not? He articulates his messages, thoughts, and studies, in a way that a high school kid with average intellect can easily understand. Most of Petersons haters hate him because of how the MSM has spun his arguments (or Books written about him by the non expert) as if they are his personal opinions. His opinions are not based on his feelings (because he is emotionally disciplined). His opinions are based on decades of very thorough research, allowing them to be educated opinions. However, much of what he says, is factual and backed up with empirical and tangible data/proof...not just from his personal studies, but the entire clinical psychology community. You do realize that Petersons expertise, is in fact the studies of historical, current, and future predicted social psychological behaviors right? In other words, Peterson, as well as the others in his particular field of study, are the ones who people look to for help in that area, can testify in a court of law as an expert, etc... Many on the left don't like him because the expert analysis shows more often than not, to support most of the Right side of politics...if you will. Those who criticize him do not realize that they are no different than...a fan sitting in the stands at a pro baseball game who is constantly yelling at the pro ball player things like..."your stance is wrong!", "you need to choke up more!", "you suck!", etc... as if they know better than the PRO, while you paid to go see the PRO. When Peterson engages in debate or discussion, you will never see him interrupt, respond with personal attacks, lose his temper, show disrespect, etc...because he is actually emotionally disciplined and listening instead of pretending to listen while formulating a rebuttal like most people do.
MatlockMoto 11 aylar önce
@Kai Vogel what’s a colonizer?
deejayimm 5 aylar önce
6 minutes into the conversation and he throws out one of the greatest pieces of wisdom of all time. "The greatest enemy that you ever fight with is within your own heart"
DW 11 aylar önce
I just saw JBP in Grand Rapids, Michigan and can say unequivocally this man has changed my life for the better… not just for me, but a fighting spirit to preserve what is good in our world. And we are in a war. I am armed now, no longer oblivious and just getting on with life. This fight is real, for the future of humanity.
Kai Vogel
Kai Vogel 11 aylar önce
sorry smelling your own farts must have made you delirious. 3 Questions: 1. You are an American, yes? 2. Why is it a war? 3. What happens to your critics?
Jared Wilkerson
Jared Wilkerson 10 aylar önce
“Your actions are guided by love, and your words are guided by truth.” Excellent.
Shlepp TV
Shlepp TV 11 aylar önce
Wow this man. I watch him and listen like a great film. Spellbound and in awe. Learning, growing and becoming wiser with every word. He is a true gift to mankind although to those who do not love the truth he is a curse. My week is unfulfilled without at least 4 hours spent with Jordan and now even his daughter and wife step up to the plate and I listen to them also. A true vessel of Jehovah whether he knows it or not. A true blessing to us all whether we know it or not. There are not many truly great men. But he is for sure one and he will have a high seat in the kingdom of God that is for sure.
NFTbandit 2 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson is a national treasure. Very rarely is a generation blessed with such a bright and powerful force for good. I just know that he has and will continue to touch and change so many lives in a positive way for years and years to come.
rareword 11 aylar önce
What a beautiful line. "You should be afraid of contaminating your soul with deceit."
Fred Flint stone
Fred Flint stone Aylar önce
Hear the message thank the messenger 😊
Fred Flint stone
Fred Flint stone Aylar önce
Wisdom like this comes from above
Umm Abdullah
Umm Abdullah 2 aylar önce
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “When a slave commits a sin, a black spot appears on his heart. But if he give it up, seeks forgiveness and repents, his heart will be cleansed, but if he repeats it, (the blackness) will increase until it overwhelms his heart.
Totes Magotes
Totes Magotes 2 aylar önce
A very true quote. I’ve found that even when I tell a small lie for the sake of keeping the peace, it feels like a piece of myself has crumbled away. It’s an awful feeling.
Tara Mcgavan
Tara Mcgavan 2 aylar önce
A plaque w this quote should be given to every politician or person in a position of power...unfortunately most who are consistently deceitful even lie to themselves about the fact that the care for nothing but money & outward image of success 😖
Ian Paul Saligumba
Ian Paul Saligumba 5 aylar önce
Amazing q and a 🤩👏👏👏 Thank you Dr. Jordan 🥰 More conversations like this please 🙏 Kudos also to those who asked intelligent questions 😀
Midlander NC
Midlander NC 10 aylar önce
As always, a journey to rational paths of thought and analysis leading to the logic of mutual truths. Outstanding.
more is coming easy
more is coming easy 11 aylar önce
Thank you so much Dr Peterson. For another lesson for life. And thank you to the Cambridge students for the deep and wise questions.
fs 11 aylar önce
I really love these Q&As! I have listened to so many of his speeches, that I often get bored nowadays since there are a lot of subjects that he already formulated. Those "random" questions make it more unpredictable and give me something new, even tho Peterson's main subjects get back in his answers quite a lot. Since I like to listen to him from time to time because it, simply put, gives me positive energy, this is a great deal for me.
Joao Dolabella
Joao Dolabella 11 aylar önce
Just watched the whole talk. This is absolutely incredible. Thank you, Mrs Peterson.
TandemDawgBMG Yıl önce
The one thing I truly appreciate above all else is that what Dr. Peterson is providing in these lectures, q&a's, and podcasts, is essentially information/knowledge gathered not just during his own life experience but others as well, many thousands if not trillions of other lives lived during the totality of human existence. That is something to be truly appreciated and learned. The fact that he is providing this information"free of charge" by his own means is what used to be an exclusivity to those that seeked knowledge in these realms of tuition that would otherwise be unavailable to the masses is very special. I only wish more of the world could see, hear and appreciate the knowledge he has to share the same way I do.
Zam Kam
Zam Kam 11 aylar önce
The majority of those "trillions of other lives" came and went without leaving any trace.
FoxtrotJuliet Bravo55
FoxtrotJuliet Bravo55 11 aylar önce
@MikeH3853 - You made me laugh out loud...for real!
MikeH3853 11 aylar önce
@Sawyer Atkinson he's just adding in the extra dimensions.
Belleza Vudd
Belleza Vudd Yıl önce
Maybe scale back on the trillions. Theres a lot of us buggers, but we don't multiply like insects.
Dug Deeply
Dug Deeply 11 aylar önce
The answer to the question about the protection of freedom of speech and conservatism at 50:12 is one of the best answers I've ever heard. Bloody good job explaining the importance of protection with the implementation of change using the stories of Egyptian Gods. Pure brilliance.
Joe Beaudette
Joe Beaudette 11 aylar önce
I had to listen to that last answer 4-5 times cause it was so juicy. I’m glad I was alone on the highway cause after the 3rd time my brain and heart exploded and I couldn’t help but shout in rapture. You have such an elegant way of bridging the gap between the intellectual, the philosophical and the spiritual. Thank you for all you do Dr. Peterson.
tom kiwi
tom kiwi 11 aylar önce
Peterson is an absolute legend, and deserves to be treated as one.
Jmac's Barber school videos
Jmac's Barber school videos 3 aylar önce
Firstly, show me what exactly has he stated is an absolute fact. Secondly, show me the evidence that supports a different conclusion
Kai Vogel
Kai Vogel 11 aylar önce
a legendary liar. I mean I don't know anyone who has been wrong on so many things and still plows on through like he has no self-awareness of shame of any kind. That's truly impressive. Totally with you on that one, Tom ;)
Cass 11 aylar önce
A legendary clown.
Luz Anderfelt
Luz Anderfelt 6 aylar önce
What a reciprocal moment of truth. So hopeful to see you Dr Jordan Peterson again here in the UK and at Cambridge University.
kidkat1979 11 aylar önce
Man, this Q&A is a step above the rest, especially with the ability to read the audience’s faces. 👍🏾 👍🏾
Marcos Jara
Marcos Jara 11 aylar önce
You can feel the love and hope this man is willing to give to humanity leaving his body coming through the T.V. straight to my heart.
Boris Timchishin
Boris Timchishin 5 aylar önce
Wow! The fact that this man is often super busy, travels from a to b and do much more than that. Yet he takes his time to scroll down the comments and even answers/helps you in the best way possible..I'm speechless man! Such a huge person and yet so humble (to me at least, because he really helped me in so many ways! I was REALLY going down for good and somehow it was ok for me, until I once saw his lecture about responsibility etc. I really tried and did not give up, as he said. I can't express the way I'm looking at the life right now and thinking about it.) Mr. Peterson I will be always thankful for what you're doing and especially how you're doing it. Stay blessed and may you and your family stay healthy for good! PS: my mom always lights up a candle for you every time she's at church, as a sign of gratitude 🙏 thank YOU
Q Quick
Q Quick Aylar önce
Excellent topics as usual, Dr. Peterson. I've used (and taught) the performance summary you described as a management technique in business, and as you indicated, it works brilliantly to not only facilitate behavior change but also to create advocates on a team. Manager attentiveness (watching and listening) is of course critical, but the specificity with which you give feedback is even more so. Saying, "You really did a great job," is not nearly as impactful as saying, "When you picked up on that client's objection and asked her for more information, you changed the entire dynamic of the conversation. That was excellent work - do more of that!"
Meaning Crafter
Meaning Crafter 11 aylar önce
Grateful for your existence professor Peterson, you're a magnificent human. Keep doing you 🔥
Ruby Brentlinger
Ruby Brentlinger 2 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson is not only brilliant he is fun to watch ! I love this great man I smile just knowing this man is in our world today, and pray others are watching!
Jakub Kuzmicki
Jakub Kuzmicki 11 aylar önce
Your actions are guided by love and your words are guided by truth. What an emotional moment that was.. Thank you Jordan, what else is there to say.
moebiusart888 11 aylar önce
A lot of people are able to articulate complex ideas but only the words of someone truly engaged in a conscious and sincere effort to liberate his or her soul have weight..God bless you Dr Peterson..
ThePMantis 11 aylar önce
Such brilliant, fabulous, wonderful insights from Jordan Peterson.... deep thinking, knowledgeable, practical, kind, rooted in core values ....I continue to have so much admiration for this man. Jordan thank you so much for doing the hard yards in study, learning and hard work over the years and for sharing your knowledge freely with all of us is to our enormous benefit!!!!!
Jz nS
Jz nS 8 aylar önce
He is just absolutely incredible. His wealth of knowledge, thought process is astounding.
BeFaithful00 11 aylar önce
I’m repeatedly struck by my own stupidity when I listen to the great JP. My eyes are being opened more and more with every video, and I’m extremely grateful.
Wielbiciel Staroci
Wielbiciel Staroci 2 aylar önce
On jest super. 150 lat życia życzę
danielseip 11 aylar önce
Not sure I will ever get tired of watching/listening to Mr Peterson. The way he describes his thoughts through his words is truly mesmerising and also a huge motivation for everyone. There is no doubt that he is inspiring the next generations of intellectuals to carry on his great work.
Eddy Moussallem
Eddy Moussallem Yıl önce
So much wisdom has been shared in this session!
Eric George
Eric George 11 aylar önce
No matter what I’m going through, this guy delivers a clearer vision. 👍🙏
Hayman Hughes
Hayman Hughes 11 aylar önce
Great to hear JBP on top form again. The 10 min intro is a perfect summary of the necessity of free speech from a psychological perspective. The Q&A is excellent and great to see Cambridge apologising for their illiberal and anti-academic treatment of this once in a generation mind.
Event Hʘriךּon
Event Hʘriךּon 11 aylar önce
jordan peterson saved my life,not from suicide, which im phisically incapable to do. But from Life itself. From the despair that is only possible in life. And that, to me, is even more valuable than preventing death. Cause like he said, death is nothing compared to the absolute despair of life. Thats something saving people from. He gave me the tools of real empowerment, not that bland nonsense that 'feminism' promised me. He made me realize, although he did say it himself once, but i came to it indipendently too (exactly like he said in this q&a! it works best if you come to it by yourself, sticks better), that "responsability = power". We often hear it the other way around "power= responsability" but never its way forward "responsability = power", which is MUCH more powerful. Because one power gives you many responsabilities, and thats a burden, but even just one responsability gives you all the power you psychologically need to face life (and to take on more responsabilities), and thats FREEDOM, from the shackles of helplessness and despair. It literally gives in your hand a wrench, and now you can turn every bolt you come across until the end of time. And now you can, and feel the respnsability to (after all youre the guy with the wrench!) tighten or untighten all the bolts you come across, depending on whats needed. Thats real power, thats real difference. And now, you have the freedom to tighten your own bolts, and maybe fix that damn car you need to go around. And now youre free to go around! And that gives you the freedom to buy more groceries with one trip, and you can offer to bring the kids to soccer every week, and voilà! now you have a clique of people you can call friends, even if its just the soccermoms you helped. It only snowballs from there. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Jordan B Peterson
Jordan B Peterson 6 aylar önce
Steven Lyons
Steven Lyons 11 aylar önce
I can understand that people would disagree with him but how any one could dislike or even hate him is simply beyond my comprehension. I will never tire of listing to him, I don't always fully understand and occasionally don't agree but his manner and delivery are an absolute joy to behold.
Steven Lyons
Steven Lyons 8 aylar önce
@Link0304 This 👆
Link0304 8 aylar önce
@Cass you're miss reading the comment. They didn't say the enjoyed being befuddled or confused. They said they enjoyed listening to Peterson "even if they can't ALWAYS understand". That doesn't imply they enjoy being confused. It implies that they're occupying the right place of learning. If you're at a spot where you understand let's say 80% but 20% is too hard for you, then you're at the edge of your ability. That's good. That's how you advance your ability. You're in a place where you can still push yourself and grow.
Steven Lyons
Steven Lyons 11 aylar önce
@Cass Again you show your lack of comprehension with that post, but I am not surprised by that.
Cass 11 aylar önce
@Steven Lyons I've read it. You profess that listening to someone whose talks are incomprehensible to you bring you joy. Your poor brains are totally befuddled. 😢
Steven Lyons
Steven Lyons 11 aylar önce
The fact you ask that shows that you haven’t read my opening post. No more really needs saying does it.
Maambo Mumba
Maambo Mumba 11 aylar önce
His grasp of clinical and development psychology is vast and impressive. He is able to access specific information on a germane topic from his mind and apply it to the question at hand with such swift facility.
Nathaniel 11 aylar önce
Watching content like this gives me hope for us, and the internet. Thank you JP
WhtsApp.➕➀❺➎⑼⓹➋⑴⓷(o)⑻➃. 11 aylar önce
📩📩👆 thanks for watching and supporting!! I have somthing huge for you feel free to send a DM..,..
Lincoln Chops
Lincoln Chops 11 aylar önce
I really enjoy these Q&A videos as they touch on topics people actually care about versus what narrative the media is trying to spin.
bonzo5545 7 aylar önce
I continue to be amazed by Mr Peterson and truly believe he is a gift from God for these trying times our world finds itself toiling in. Thank you Jordan for all the clarity you bring to this complex world, God bless you 🙏 😊
Draken 11 aylar önce
Wow first time I see a Q&A more interesting than the beginning speech itself, specially when it's Peterson speaking. Great job again English people ! You show that the importance of the question is equal or even more valuable than a good answer.
Renata Stec
Renata Stec 11 aylar önce
The host's words at the end of the Q&A are true, humble and heartfelt. Dr Peterson is indeed a man above all men, a soul above all souls. Welcome back, Dr Peterson!!!
tyler burns
tyler burns 11 aylar önce
Loved this. The "spirit" is most definitely with this man.
Alexander Lintott
Alexander Lintott Yıl önce
It’s always great to listen to Jordan transform a Q and A into a lecture.
Kai Vogel
Kai Vogel 11 aylar önce
imagine Peterson ordering a pizza over the phone. The poor cashier... xD
Twn Twrs
Twn Twrs 11 aylar önce
@Richard Shortall You haven't bothered doing any research on your own initiative but now you're going to follow up on the material I provide you? I estimate the probability of that happening as slim but I'm always open to the unexpected so here we go: Read the article: The Intellectual We Deserve by Nathan J. Robinson; listen to the Sam Harris podcast with Peterson: "#62 - WHAT IS TRUE?" and Peterson's debate with Matt Dillahunty on TRshow. All is a freely available on the web. Sorry TRshow doesn't seem to let me post links.
Twn Twrs
Twn Twrs 11 aylar önce
@Richard Shortall 1. Quoting someone else's claim as if it were mine and demanding from me to provide evidence for is not a harbinger of an honest exchange. 2. A true intellectual (not claiming you are one or that you claim you are - that would be preposterous judging by the content of your posts) would have long since availed himself of our wonderful worldwide web to learn a little more about Peterson to see if his slavish sycophancy to him is in fact fully justified.
Twn Twrs
Twn Twrs 11 aylar önce
@Richard Shortall That's funny because in this thread I'm not making any claim beyond describing Ozmun's reply to Lintott. And the nature of that response can be gleaned from reading it right on this page. Not clear what more evidence it is you need. Lol.
John Foreman
John Foreman 6 aylar önce
I’m always amazed by someone who can get up in front of so many people, especially learned people, and speak with such confidence. Just the thought of it I find terrifying. I once had to make a speach at a wedding and as soon as I got up there and looked at everyone, I could barely speak. That was about twenty five years ago and it remains the single most embarrassing moment of my life by a huge margin.
Jordan B Peterson
Jordan B Peterson 6 aylar önce
Don't look at everyone. Look at one person at a time. Then your tongue will be freed.
Jeremy Laurence
Jeremy Laurence 11 aylar önce
It happens that 5 minutes into every one of his answers, I have completely forgotten what the question was. I love answers like this.
Kai Vogel
Kai Vogel 11 aylar önce
you mean the meandering babble escaping his lips? Yeah i keep forgetting what he was rambling about too, bro.
Mewfsmarf 2 aylar önce
Delightful Q and A. Classy questions and eloquent responses. Well done.
Igg 11 aylar önce
I actually enjoyed this Q&A more than the main lecture. Fantastic stuff.
Hugh Marshall
Hugh Marshall 5 aylar önce
So happy to see an institution like Cambridge having Dr. Peterson on their campus. Gives me hope!
Eliza Goodytwoshoes
Eliza Goodytwoshoes 11 aylar önce
Love this guy and his openess, intelligence and authenticity. Very cool, this is how free speech should be for us all🙏
Stephen McGrane
Stephen McGrane 11 aylar önce
This guy has gone onto a completely different level. We can't take people like this for granted in todays world
Alex Fox
Alex Fox 11 aylar önce
Always insightful Dr. Peterson, thank you
Alex May
Alex May 3 aylar önce
Genuinely articulated acknowledgement of someone's positive qualities works wonders, really. I think I learned that from Chris Voss, and have implemented it into my habits, to an incredible effect.
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